Sunday, November 1, 2015

Encounters: Denim Duel

"Oh fu-!" I blurt out sharply.

I stop myself, before finishing, but my outburst has attracted the attention of the handsome white frat boy in the seat next to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice he's eying my screen as I fumble for the home button on my iPad. Finally, the screen leaves the frozen image of The Cave's Bane dominating The Bat shining big and bright on the retina display.

Damn, damn, damn.

Fuck I feel stupid!

All I did was open my tablet without looking as I lowered the window shade. At least it wasn't at the porn part, yet. Just two hot men in skimpy superhero-inspired costumes locked in combat. Still, my love of gay wrestling videos isn't anything I wanted to share with the First Class cabin on the flight from Chicago to Atlanta. Now I realize that I must've closed the iPad without exiting the video after I ... well, you can guess what I was doing this morning.

My face is red as I give a side-glance at my neighbor, wondering what he saw and what he thinks about it. It was only a few seconds at most, but apparently it was enough. The raised eyebrow and cocky smirk on his face tells me everything I need to know. My cheeks get even redder as I focus back on my home screen.

The guy leans toward me, whispering in a cocky tone, "That a good one?"

I hear a slight and sexy Southern drawl in his voice. His hot breath on my skin gives me a chill. I look at him, responding in a neutral tone, "Pardon?"

We're dressed alike, both wearing ties, dress shirts with rolled up sleeves (mine white and his pale blue, like his eyes) and dark dress jeans. When he leans in closer, his bare smooth forearm rubs against mine. The hair on my arm stands on end as he whispers, "The video. I've only seen a couple of Cave matches. Is that a good one?"

I let out a slow, "Yeah."

Frat boy smiles and leans back, looking pleased with himself. He smirks and casually rubs against my denim-covered leg with his own, "Nothing wrong with having some entertainment for the road. I prefer the real thing, but that's cool too."

I look at him with a friendly smile, whispering, "Phew. I'm glad I'm sitting next to you." I extend my hand, "I'm Steve."

"Tyson." Hm, nice firm grip. He smirks, "Now, let's see if I'm glad I'm sitting next to you."

Tyson lets that hang as we check each other out. I'm surprised to learn he's 27, as he could pass for as young as 21. I'm sure he still gets carded all the time. I initially called him a frat boy, because he's a boyishly handsome, clean cut, all-American type, with a mop of thick blond hair. He has an air of playful cockiness that suggests he knows he's hot.

Tyson clearly has a good body under his fitted business casual attire. He's right around 5'8" and 165-lbs. His pecs look meaty and stomach flat under his shirt. I can see his bicep curve as the fabric tightens when he bends his arm. He has gorgeous blue eyes and a perfect smile. Tyson's skin is tanned and I'm imagining that there's not much hair on him, other than his stylish mop of hair and eyebrows.

Imagining Tyson ...
As for me, I'm older (35), bigger (6' and 190-lbs), with dark brown hair and a hairy body. I've got a neatly trimmed full beard and dark body hair everywhere except my back, butt and balls. I work out hard. I've got a flat stomach and good pecs, but I'm sure he has a chiseled six-pack.

I've been called handsome, but he looks like a model. I'm proud of my thick matte of manly fur, but I can still appreciate a stud with a smooth, ripped body and youthful hotness. Fuck, I want him, but he's almost too hot. Fortunately, he's bolder than me. He comes right out and asks if I wrestle for real. I do.

My fur
The flight is way too fast and the plane way too small to really get serious with our conversation. As we taxi in to the gate, I get up the courage to ask him if he's in a hurry. He's not, so we find a secluded spot and talk. We're on the same wavelength. When he finds out I'm in a suite hotel on the airport tramline, Tyson asks, "What the fuck are we waiting for?"

Wow, my evening has just gone from a lonely night of TV and room service to something much more interesting.

The Hotel

We barrel into my hotel room, tossing our suitcases into the kitchen area. My cock is threatening to tear through my jeans. From the visible bulge under Tyson's denim, he's in the same boat. Tyson starts pushing things out of the way in the living area. I move into the bedroom, bringing my suitcase with me.

I quickly strip out of my jeans, pulling off my boxer briefs. I grab the jock I brought to work out in, but it now has a better use. I put my jeans and shoes back on and adjust my bulge so it sticks out as much as possible. I rip the covers off the bed then drag the mattress into the main room. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice his suitcase has moved.

As soon as the mattress is down, Tyson tackles me to the mattress. He schoolboy pins me down, putting his shins on my shoulders. The frat boy flexes both arms over me. I smirk as I notice his bulge. Dude is now going commando in his button flys. Nice.

As I lie under him, I kick off my shoes. The cocky stud slides off me, grabbing my tie and using it to lead me up to my feet. He kicks off his shoes, keeping the tie held out like a leash. I move in, wrapping my arms around his trim waist. I squeeze and lift, pulling him into a hard bearhug. He grunts, but doesn't try to get loose.

I feel him press his denim-covered bulge into mine, smashing our meat together. He grinds as he suffers, asking, "Fuck, that all you got?" I squeeze harder and he lets out a pained groan. He grips my shoulders, grimacing. However, he says, "Uhn! Fuck. That's it? The seatbelt on the plane was tighter than this! Uhn! Fuck!"

I toss him to the side, letting the prettyboy punk collapse on the mattress. I hop on his back, sitting on his meaty round ass. I pull his arms up, locking on a camel clutch. He grunts, "Oh fuck. Shit, I thought we were gonna wrestle. This is nothing!"

I reach forward and grab his dangling tie. I tell him, "You've got a lot to say, don't you?" I shove the end of the tie into his mouth. He lets out a muffled, but clear, 'fuck you' and I just laugh. Tyson continues to curse at me in the camel, his words gagged by his tie, but the intent very clear.

I tease, "Damn, you're so pretty." I rub his head, messing up the perfectly shaped hairstyle.

Tyson spits out the tie. He warns me, "Don't fuck with my hair!"

I lightly slap his cheek, "How're you going to stop me? Boy." I run my hand through his thick hair, "Shit, that's a lot of product." I reach back to wipe my hand off on his jeans, running my hand up and down his leg before bringing it back to his chin.

Tyson groans, trying to break free, but he can't. I punish him for another minute before I push him down to the mattress. I slide back and smack his denim-covered ass. SLAP! Fuck, it's firm, wrapped tight in the form-fitting 501's. He starts to rise, so I grab his ankles. I fold them around my leg, locking one of his ankles on my shin. He groans.

"Damn, that's quite an ass you've got there. Can't wait to see it for real!" I grab the cheeks, squeezing and kneading them.

Tyson moans, "Fuck you!" He tries to break the hold, but I've got him locked up.

I reach into the leg of his jeans, finding the top of his sock. I peel it off, casually tossing it onto his hair. He reaches up and whips it off. I do the same to the other one. Shit, even his bare feet are perfect. I ask, "How often do you get pedicures? Look at these! Smooth like a baby's butt!" I run my hand on his smooth soles. Tyson jumps a little; obviously he's slightly ticklish.

Tyson reaches back to smack me, but I grab his wrist. He swings the other arm, so I grab that wrist, too. I pull back, bending him up and lifting his chest off the mattress. He groans in pain as I bend him. I can lean, using my weight to keep him up without a ton of effort.

The handsome hunk moans, "You're gonna pay for this!"

I laugh, "Yeah, keep talking. I like pretty boy jobbers, but I love ones who're cocky, too."

"ARGH! Fuck you! I'm not giving!"

"Who asked you to? I'm not near done with you, boy."

I give him one more hard yank then release his wrists. I unwrap our legs and stand up. Tyson writhes on the mat and his ass comes up. The jeans stretch across his cheeks even more and I'm even more excited. I step beside him, reaching into the waistband. I pull him up by his belt and jeans then grab the dangling tie under his neck.

I push the prettyboy jobber against the wall face first. I press my cock against his ass, grinding on him as I breathe on his ear. I whisper, "Just two layers of denim between you and heaven, boy."

Tyson growls as I spin him around. I pin his arms over his head with one hand then use my hips to keep his body tight to the wall. Once again, our denim-covered cocks meet. This time, it's mine that dominates. I use my free hand to undo his tie, sliding it out of the collar before tossing it aside.

I undo the top button of his collar then lean in for a kiss. I grind on his cock hard as I control his mouth. He reciprocates, but only to distract me. The frat boy stud yanks his hands free then he pushes me back. He's got his leg behind mine, so I trip onto my butt on the mattress.

I spread my legs and relax, looking up at his hotness. He reaches into the front of his jeans to adjust himself then starts to unbutton his shirt. Tyson strips it off to reveal his body, which is just as smooth and ripped as I hoped. Fan-fucking-tastic. The handsome hunk says, "Get that shirt off. Let's get serious."

I smirk. He grabs one of the complimentary bottles of water then tosses me one. He turns his back, ignoring me as I undo my tie and remove my socks. I admire him as he guzzles down water, shirtless in jeans, his tanned skin literally flawless. Tyson is so fucking sexy, like the stud in a diet pop commercial or music video.

Even better than I imagined!
Without his shirt, the trifecta of his round firm ass, the bulge of his balls and the outline of his hard cock are all even more impressive. He's wearing a brown leather belt, but he doesn't need it. The heaving mounds of flesh in the front and back would hold up the tight jeans. Damn, his backside is spectacular, especially as the low-hanging waist of his jeans lets me see the top of his butt cleavage.

Shirt off, let's get serious!
Tyson doesn't acknowledge me as I peel off my shirt. However, I see him watching me in the mirror, even though he keeps pretending like he doesn't care. Knowing he's watching, I casually fluff up the fur on my chest, rubbing my beefy pecs seductively. I do the same to my flat stomach then stretch out, letting him take it all in. The frat boy finally turns back to me. He nods, giving me the only compliment I'm going to get.

Yeah, I see you checking me out
With both of us shirtless, wearing nothing but our jeans, it's time to keep wrestling.

The Next Round

Tyson says, "I hope y'all packed another pair of jeans. 'Cause those are coming with me. Nice little souvenir for my collection."

I smirk, "You win, you can have 'em. I'm more interested in that ass of yours, boy."

The frat boy fighter smirks, "Spin around." I humor him, thrusting my butt back at him and jokingly twerking my denim-covered ass at him. He smiles a little more, "Okay. You're not a bad looking guy. I could handle a ride on that ass of yours. So, it's ass AND jeans for the winner."

I rub my paws together, "Very cool."

Ready for action
We circle the mattress then step on to lock up. I power him sideways into a standing side headlock. He grunts and tries to get free, but I'm able to keep him trapped. I easily flip him over onto our makeshift mat, keeping my grip on his head tight as I lie on his bare chest. I look down to see his forehead turning red as he continues to grunt loudly.

Tyson pushes on my neck and head with his forearm, but it's not a big deal. The smaller stud is quick and flexible, though. He swings his leg up and gets it on my neck and shoulder. With a hard thrust, he's able to free his head and pull me into a scissors hold around my head. The denim rubs on my ears and cheeks as he extends his legs and squeezes harder.

Now I'm the one grunting as I twist to get free. I manage to move, but not escape. Damn, now his legs are around my neck. Not an improvement. As I struggle, the feisty frat boy reaches out to rub my hairy pec. He says, "I'm not normally into furry guys, but fuck you're working it, man. After I beat you, can I shave you?"

I grunt, "No! Fuck!"

Tyson switches from rubbing my pec to pounding it. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! I bridge up, thrusting my hips into the air. From there, I manage to twist and slip free, falling on my ass on the mattress. The younger buck spins on his butt then springs at me. He forces me onto my back, with him on top, but I've end up in the better position.

I grab his wrists and lock my legs around his waist. I squeeze and he moans. He leans over me, but I have him locked up tight. He groans. Tyson's denim-covered bulge is positioned at my ass. Even though he's moaning, the handsome hunk says, "This is just how you're gonna end up, man. On your back with my cock at your ass."

I simply say, "Uh huh." I extend my legs, squeezing as hard as I can. It's enough to get him crying out and throwing his head up with a grimace on his face. I taunt him, "Careful, your face might freeze that way!"

"UNH! It'd still be better than yours!"

I laugh then roll to my left. He falls to the mattress, my scissors remaining tight as we lie on our side. I release his wrists then move forward, grabbing around his neck and under his arm. I lock my hands and he's tied up. Tyson swears and grunts. He's got one free hand, but it's pinned under his body, so there's not much he can do with it.

We're both sweating. The frat boy's smooth tanned back looks amazing with the sheen of his perspiration. His grunting has intensified. Under us, I feel his hand sliding. It feels nice on my abs, but he's shifting and wedging it down between us. Suddenly, I feel it clamp down on the front of my jeans. Tyson squeezes on my denim-covered bulge and I moan. Worse, I lose focus. The handsome hunk pulls back and his upper body is free.

With more freedom, Tyson is able to really claw my bulge. Fuck, when I put on my jock and adjusted my package to show my meat off in my jeans, I didn't think how it'd make it easier to attack. My scissors goes limp, giving the handsome hunk the chance to reach behind my leg. He grabs the fabric and uses my jeans to pull my leg up.

I fight to pull his hand off my pouch, which I do, but only because Tyson lets go. He pushes to his left, dragging my leg with him. I'm rolled onto my stomach and quickly trapped in a single leg crab. I groan as our denim-clad butts meet again, this time with me on the bottom. ARGH! I groan as he bends me back, holding me down with his weight.

I try to push him off, but the mattress is fighting me. I can't plant my hands very well, so I'm stuck for too long. I can tell Tyson is resting, getting his plan together, but I can only suffer. The handsome hunk reaches down and grabs my bulge again. He rubs the front of my jeans, kneading my balls. My cock is uncomfortably hard inside the denim prison, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Tyson releases the hold, smoothly rising as I fall. I start to move, but he's already grabbing my wrist and ankle. With his foot in my side, he pulls up, stretching me out painfully. After the long crab, I'm definitely feeling this more than I should. The bow and arrow has me groaning in his grip, but not giving. The handsome hunk lets go then drags me up by the waistband of my jeans.

I rise and am immediately pulled into a reverse bearhug. I feel his hard cock against my ass. He taunts me the same way I did him, by talking about how there's just two layers of denim between my ass and heaven. I squirm in his grip, but he's got me locked in tight. I can't help but rub and writhe against his smooth muscles as he crushes my midsection.

As I start to break free, Tyson kisses my neck. I stop fighting, distracted by the erotic move. The feisty frat boy throws me down to the mattress. I collapse at his feet, rolling onto my back. I'm unprepared as he leaps up and splashes down on top of me. SPLAT! I let out a grunt as his smooth torso drives the air out of my hairy body.

The handsome hunk skillfully turns and works his legs into mine while pinning my wrists beside my head. He splits his legs, opening me up with a killer grapevine. I groan loudly as I feel my groin stretched. My jeans cut into my flesh as my legs are spread impossibly wide. Tyson grinds into me, emphasizing his dominant position. I'd like to say I fought back, but I liked it. The frat boy feels my cock swelling, mocking my submissiveness.

Tyson holds both wrists over my head with one hand. He leans to his left then unleashes with fists of fury into my hairy stomach. I grunt with every shot, tensing my midsection, but feeling the blows. My legs are still useless in the grapevine and his weight and the softness of the mattress are paralyzing my arms. The handsome hunk has his way with my abs and left pec until I can finally throw him off.

I roll away, rubbing my pec. Tyson isn't waiting. He dives into me, tackling me down. He pins me with his denim-wrapped butt on my face and shins on my shoulders. I bridge up, but that's what he wanted. Tyson reaches forward, driving his hand into the front of my jeans. He grabs the pouch of my jock, keeping my hips up as he unbuckles my belt with his other hand.

Tyson strips my belt off, releasing my manhood so I can finally drop my hips. I bring my legs up to throw him off, but once again, the handsome hunk is one step ahead of me. He grabs behind my knee and folds me up. I sink deeper into the mattress as his butt presses onto my face.

Next thing I know, my ass is being spanked. My jeans protect me from most of it, but that just gives Tyson the idea that he can slap my butt as hard as he wants. He really lays into my ass, mocking me for my inability to escape. The term hairy muscle bottom gets thrown out, as does jobber bear. Fuck, it's humiliating. I so wish I was on a real mat right now.

Tyson finally lets go and rolls off me. I play a little possum, letting him monologue about how hot he is and how I'm not the first guy to just lie down for him. I let him talk then spring up as fast and suddenly as I can. I catch the frat boy off guard, tackling him to the mattress. I get on his back with a chicken wing. I control him with my forearm wrapped across his throat.

I hold firm as he struggles. Tyson quickly learns what I did. It's tough to push off or do much when the ground beneath you sinks and moves. He curses, which makes me happy. I grind my cock into his ass, reminding him of what's coming. He relaxes and gets into it, so I roll us over, wrapping my legs around his waist. I squeeze the scissors as I shift my arms into a full nelson.

Tyson grunts and groans, but I've got him locked up tight. I enjoy the feeling of his denim-covered ass grinding on my bulge in my jeans as he suffers. We're sweating a lot now, our bodies slick as they rub together. I toss him out of the hold, realizing I'm not going to get a submissions. My fur is matted from the sweat, clinging to my pecs and abs.

I climb on Tyson's back, sitting on his ass. I reach forward for a camel clutch, but the handsome hunk surprises me by managing to buck me off. He leaps behind me. I sit on the mattress, getting ready to roll around, but I pick the wrong time for a break. Suddenly my leather belt comes over head and around my body. Tyson tightens it, cutting under my pecs and above my elbows.

My arms are pinned to my body as he secures the belt. It cuts into my flesh, so tight I can't easily slip free. Since the buckle is in the back, I can't free myself. I protest that this is cheating, but then his lips hit my neck and his hands grip my bulging pecs. I moan and go with it, my cock overruling my head as this stunning stud molests me. He reaches down, cupping my manhood and I sink against his body, lost in my lust.

Tyson whispers in my ear, telling me what a slut I am. I just murmur in agreement. The smooth stud drops me onto my back. I tell him that was fun, but it's time to free me so we can keep wrestling. My request is answered by him putting his tightly wrapped ass on my face again. I feel his hands slide down my body. They feel great, caressing my torso.

As I lie under him, the smooth stud reaches the waistband of my jeans. He undoes the top of my denim then slowly pops each of the buttons down my fly. POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! He spreads the jeans wide, pulling my pouch up and out, wedging the jeans under my balls. Tyson rubs my manhood in the jock, causing me to moan into his denim-wrapped ass.

I buck up and twist, catching him by surprise and actually throwing him off. I scramble up, my jeans sliding down off my ass. I squirm and struggle, freeing one arm. That's as far as I get before I'm tackled back down. Tyson locks on a half nelson, tying up my free arm. He pushes me face down onto the mattress then grinds his pouch against my bare ass.

Tyson points out that there's only one layer of denim between us now. I grunt in response, helpless in the half nelson, as I'm still one-armed. The handsome hunk releases me then slides down my body. He grabs the waistband of my jeans, pulling them down to my knees. That's enough to stop me from being able to use my legs as he squeezes my bare butt cheeks.

I squirm to free my other arm as he plays with my ample mounds, commenting about how smooth my ass is. I get free, but Tyson is rising, pulling my jeans off me the rest of the way. My legs slide free and now I'm left bare-assed in my jock. The smooth stud whips my butt with the leg of my jeans. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I jump at the stinging shot, scrambling to the edge of the mattress.

Tyson runs me around the mattress, using my jeans as a prod to keep me crawling away from him. He takes it a step further, wrapping them around my neck and leading me around the mattress. I'm too disoriented to counter, as he wears me down just by moving me around faster than I can think.

The smooth stud jumps onto my back. He pulls the waistband of my jeans down over my head, wedging my head down the leg. I'm blinded and really helpless now. Tyson grabs under my armpits and hauls me up. My belt slides to my hips, resting around my jock, held up by my heaving ass and tented bulge. I'm pushed into the wall where the handsome hunk presses into me, once again grinding his pouch into my bare ass and gyrating.

Tyson spins me around then starts gut punching me. I try to protect my stomach, but he easily swats away my arms. I can't see the incoming shots, so all I can do is flex my hairy abs. I lose count of how many shots I take before he stops. When he's done, the frat boy pulls the jeans off my head then pushes me back onto the mattress. I collapse in a heap, moaning in pain.

I lie there, sweaty and exhausted. I roll onto my back, breathing hard and happy for a moment to regroup. Meanwhile, Tyson is putting my feet in my jeans. He wraps the legs around my ankles, binding my feet together. The smooth stud mounts and pins me. He flexes and suggests I give to his superior skill and power. I won't just give, even though he's clearly in better shape than me at this point.

Tyson moves up my body. He pins my arms to my side with his legs then grinds the front of his jeans into my face, smashing his bulge into my mouth. I open wide and suck on the denim, breathing in his musk. He laughs that I'm basically submitting by accepting his bulge. I can't disagree, as I have a mouth full of button fly, but he's not wrong.

The smooth stud sits back, keeping my arms pinned. He reaches back and grabs my bulging jock. I groan as he manipulates my manhood. Once again, Tyson mocks my submissive side, saying my earlier bragging was just a front. I just moan as he works my junk. The jock is uncomfortable as it restrains my swelling cock.

Tyson slides off me. He unties my legs then drags me up. The cocky frat boy scoops me up then drops me over his leg in an over-the-backbreaker. He bends me back, making sure I feel the pain. As I hang on his leg, my pouch is thrust up. The handsome hunk doesn't miss the opportunity to manhandle my cock and balls again.

I hang helplessly as he grabs my meat and pulls it out the side of my jock, exposing my cock and balls. It's humiliating, but also a relief as my cock can stand at attention. Tyson jerks me as the pain in my back becomes too much. I whimper for him to stop jerking me. He stops, but squeezes hard. I moan loudly.

Tyson demands, "Call me master or I make you shoot right now!"

"Oh fuck! C'mon man!"

"Man? So I'm not a boy any more?"

"Oh, shit. Yeah, you're a man."


I can't handle the pain. I admit, "Okay, okay. You're my master."

Satisfied, Tyson pushes me off his leg. I drop onto my back, moaning. The smooth stud strips my jock off me completely then wipes his pits with it then puts it down the front of his jeans. Tyson moves his hips, rubbing his balls with my jock. He moves close then shoves it in my mouth. I taste his sweat, sucking it in and swallowing.

I feel embarrassed, being completely naked while he's still clothed in his jeans. I've lost two articles of clothing while he still has his only one. Tyson drags me up then pushes me against the wall. He molests my whole body, getting me to cry out muffled moans into my sweaty jock.

Tyson says, "Let's get one more submission outta you then get to the good stuff."

The smooth stud slaps on a pec claw and tightens until I cry out. I grab his forearms and shift my feet as he crushes my chest muscles. My cock goes soft as I'm forcefully abused. Tyson uses his grip to toss me onto the mattress. I land on my back then get kicked onto my stomach.

Tyson sits on me, planting his denim-wrapped ass on my bare butt. He drags me up into a camel clutch. I groan, my back seizing up again. The handsome hunk pulls the jock out of my mouth, telling me he wants to make it easy for me to give. I quickly submit, but he says it's not good enough.

"Okay, I give, master. You're my master. I give. Oh fuck. My back's killing me. Please, master."

Tyson lightly slaps my face, telling me I'm a good boy then he lets me drop.

The Stakes

I'm stiff, but moving okay. Damn he put the hurt on me. I feel stupid for calling him a prettyboy jobber earlier. He totally made me pay for my arrogance. The boy can wrestle. Or should I say, the MAN can wrestle. I took him way too lightly, thinking this was a fun squash. Instead, I'm naked and on my knees, calling him 'master' while he's still wearing his jeans and in possession of mine.

Tyson moves in close, commanding me to worship my master. I run my hands up his tightly wrapped legs, feeling the hard, crushing muscles under the thick fabric. I lean in and kiss his bulge. I use my fingers to trace the outline of his cock in the jeans then use my tongue. I lick and suck the front of his 501's, worshipping the large manhood inside. My hands never stop working as I soak the front with my saliva.

I grip his denim-wrapped ass, pulling his hips forward as I engulf his manhood. With permission, I open the button fly. I bite my bottom lip as I stare at the smooth flesh inside. I gulp then reach in, feeling for his cock. I pull it out through the fly. Oh wow, it's beautiful. I hold it at the base then slide my lips over the growing head mad down the long, cut shaft.

I get the whole thing in my mouth, sliding up and down. My nose hits the open fly as I suck the winner. The dick quickly swells, filling my mouth and pushing me back. When Tyson is full hard, I can't handle it all, but I make a concerted effort to please him. I work the 8" dick as best I can, bobbing and using my hand to compensate for my inability to deep throat him.

Tyson takes my jeans and wraps them behind my head. He uses them to pull me forward where he holds me on his cock. He slides deeper inside my mouth, making me gag on his meat. He's verbal throughout, dominating me physically and mentally. It works, as I adjust and learn to accept his dick down my throat. My former jeans pull me forward, keeping me in control.

Finally, the frat boy eases up. He pulls out of my mouth and slings my jeans over his shoulder. Tyson smacks my face with his hard cock, mocking me. This smooth prettyboy is clearly loving having this hairy musclestud on his knees and at his mercy. Tyson moves behind me and pushes me onto my stomach.

I fall forward, but I brace myself, keeping my hips up to avoid smashing my hard cock. Tyson mocks me for 'presenting myself', which is the result, even if it's not the intent. I hear him undoing his belt, so I turn to look back. He opens the top button of his jeans, fishes out his balls then does the top button and belt up again. I admire his manhood as the jeans thrust it out, making it look even more imposing.

The handsome hunk whips my raised ass with the legs of my former jeans. I whimper with every shot. In the mirror across the room, I can see my ass is red from the abuse. Tyson drops to his knees then sheathes his cock with a condom. I grit my teeth as he presses against my hole. Tyson lubes me up, but his cock is still a lot to take.

Tyson mounts me then rides my ass with his jeans on. Fuck it feels great, having him inside me, filling me up with his meat. Fuck, it hurts so good. When he starts pounding me, I moan loudly, begging for more. The handsome hunk obliges, giving me all I can take and more. Damn, this denim-clad frat boy has me right where he wants me. I'm just his naked hairy whore.

I let out a sad groan when he slides out of me. Tyson laughs, telling me not to worry, that he's not done with my hole yet. I realize I've given him another victory, but I don't really care. I get rolled onto my back. The handsome hunk slides back inside me, fucking me hard. I can't help looking up at him. His smooth, tanned pecs heave, looking huge and perfectly shaped. His tight abs tense with every thrust. And his face looks so hot as he moans while taking my ass.

Tyson orders me to pump my hard cock. I don't need to be asked twice. I start jerking myself, getting into the rhythm. Not surprisingly, he outlasts me. I'm shooting fast, firing my load, hitting my chest on the first explosion then coating my hairy stomach and trimmed pubes. With my dick drained, the frat boy is ready to explode.

I watch in anticipation as Tyson withdraws then adds his huge load on top of mine. I'm amazed by the size of the load as it lines my torso. His smooth tanned body shudders as he drains his meat. Fuck, I feel my cock growing as I watch him spread his seed on top of me.

Tyson tells me not to move as he rises. I don't mind, as I admire the view of his hard, sweaty body in his tight jeans with his cock and balls hanging out the front. I wish I had my phone, because that's a picture I never want to forget. The handsome hunk comes out of the bedroom holding my good jeans, the ones I'm planning on wearing tomorrow for my meeting.

The handsome hunk pulls them inside out then kneels beside me. Before I realize what's happening, Tyson starts cleaning the cum using my jeans. Fuck, I've lost one pair and now my only other pair are stained with two loads of cum. He smirks as he smears the front and right leg with our seed until my body hair is matted and my good jeans are coated.

Tyson holds them up, telling me that I need to wear them tomorrow, exactly like this. I protest, but the frat boy points at my growing cock. It's painfully hard at the thought, so he knows I'm excited by the idea. The handsome hunk inserts himself into his jeans, throws on a t-shirt and runners as he packs up his stuff. I offer him use of the shower, but he says he'd rather keep the musk going. His car is in the airport parking lot, so he just has to take the tram one more stop.

I get another kiss before he strolls out with my jeans and a more than a little bit of my pride.

The Jeans

After a few minutes, I get up to put the room back together, I stay naked, because my cock is hard. It doesn't go down the entire time I'm moving stuff. I keep staring at the soiled jeans. I'm debating whether to clean them or not. Instead, I toss them onto the floor, kneel down and jerk my cock. I work my dick, fantasizing about Tyson. It's not long before I'm adding a third load of cum onto the leg and crotch area.

I shower and get dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt then order in dinner. Just a guy, hanging out in his hotel room on a lonely night. Before I go to bed, I check on the drying jeans. From the outside, they look fine. The dark denim doesn't show any sign of what's lining the inside.

The next morning, I workout then shower. I look at the jeans. They look fine in the daylight. They don't smell. I breathe in deeply and slide them on. My cock grows, knowing the story of these jeans. My jeans. My cum-lined jeans. I'm going commando and I can feel the dried cum against my flesh as I move.

I take a pic on my phone. I pause. I open the jeans, pulling them down to show the stains on the lighter inside. I email both to Tyson. I grab a t-shirt and throw it on then head down for the complimentary hot breakfast. 20 minutes later, I'm back. No one seemed to look twice at my pants. No one but me can tell. Fuck, this is so hot.

My phone buzzes and it's an email back from Tyson. He's impressed, which gets me hard again. He asks for one of me at my meeting. I follow instructions, discreetly snapping a pic of my bulge under the conference table. I'm loving this game. My phone buzzes immediately and I know it's a response to my pic.

At break, I let him know that since I went through with it, he owes me a rematch. Double or nothing. Tyson agrees, but says next time, if I lose, he gets to shave me anywhere he wants. I tell him that if agrees to below the neck, he's got a deal. Jeans, ass and shave if I lose. I get his ass and my jeans back if I win. Deal.

Time passes so slowly for the rest of the day and it's tough to focus. I think about my next trip down here. Luckily, I'm in Atlanta once a month, but then I realize, it's still a fucking month. I want to rub my denim-covered bulge in his face right now. I want to feel his ass wrapped tight in those 501's again. I want to rip and strip him the hell out of them. And I want to fuck that prettyboy so hard.

I'm so worked up that I have to pound one out in the airplane lavatory, hoping no one notices how I'm hunched over as I walk there. Fortunately, I shoot fast, so no one comes banging on the door. I clean up a couple of stray shots and hope the smell isn't too strong before returning to my seat.

I make it home, where I finally strip off my cum-stained jeans. I smell them, getting a hint of cum and musk, which makes me just decide to add a fourth load. Man, these are going to be some crusty jeans by the time Tyson and meet again. I try to go to sleep, but my mind is still focused on my next trip. Who knew 30 days could sound like an eternity? Instead of sleeping, I grab my iPad and start checking fares to Atlanta. I sure hope Tyson has some free time this weekend.

The End


  1. That was a great story with two incredibly hot guys. I love the idea of a rematch and hope we get to see it!

    1. Glad you liked it! No plans for a sequel right now, but you never know.

  2. Amazing amazing fight with two hot studs, you've got to do the rematch now :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! With two requests, I will consider a rematch for sure!

  3. Make that three! Tyson is okay, but our narrator should reverse the results of this match. He's far sexier.

    1. Oh wow, how can I refuse? I'll have to think on how to make it different. I haven't done many rematches.

      And I agree that Steve, the narrator, is a very sexy man. We'll have to wait and see if he can turn things around next time.

  4. I guess im Number 4! There dfinitely has to be sequel. Though i might be the only one who wants to see tyson back more haha i like steve to hut dam tysons body and how he wrestles and binds steve made him my favorite in this story.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm definitely hearing the message loud and clear. And I doubt you're the only one who wants to see Tyson back more.

  5. Alex R:

    First. Damn that Encounters is one hot logo.Man on man...i mean, Man oh Man. Then the whole concept of meeting a Hot hunk on an airplane? Insane. Hot. But that they end up wrestling each other afterwards? Must Read. I thought Steve was going to win based on both guys "looks" but that was a great twist. Sequel? I could say that maybe they individually find other guys "accidentally" in an airport or office settings :)

    1. Glad you liked it. I like a surprise sometimes, so I'm glad that worked for you.

  6. Speaking about the encounters Logo/Icon i see Renato and bernardo any chance of seeing them in a story? Or are they just put in the pic and thats that?

    1. In this case, the banner is just a banner with some random images meant to convey the overall feeling of the series. I didn't even know who those guys were. Renato and Bernardo? I'll google them and think on it for you, though.

  7. Like everyone else, I love how the door seems propped open for a possible sequel. And like Anonymous, I totally (foolishly?) thought the match would go a certain way, based on age and appearance...loved the surprise! Two beautiful guys in different ways, great stuff!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad it surprised you in a good way. I have to keep you experts on your toes. :)

  8. Man, talk about every wrestler's fantasy. An ad hoc encounter with another (safe and sane) wrestler. IRL probably not the best idea given the crazies out there, but it hasn't stopped me from wearing a wrestling tee a time or two when flying. Sadly, never with this result. This encounter played out perfectly, hitting all the fantasy buttons.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, this type of thing is pretty much fantasy, but it's still fun for me to imagine. Glad you found it just as fun as I do.