Friday, December 25, 2015

Encounters: Elite League of Fighting (Part 2)

"And here is your winner, at 28 minutes and 12 seconds, by submission ... IARDOR!"

The crowd of tall, muscular and beautiful elves cheered loudly. Calemirdir rose off his champion's throne, adjusted his bulge in his black trunks. grabbed his belt from the floor and entered the ring. He rubbed his belt as he looked Iardor up and down. The mighty Calemirdir extended his hand. Iardor accepted with a smile.

Champion Calemirdir

The champion said, "Congratulations on winning the tournament, Iardor. Very impressive finisher. Not as impressive as mine, but I will have to avoid it. In one year's time, you shall have your chance to take this belt from me. Train hard, for I shall be ready."

The challenger smiled, "And congratulations to you, Calemirdir, for winning this year and holding onto your belt during the event. I shall be honored to be the one to take the championship belt from around the waist of so worthy a champion."

Before Calemirdir could respond, a bellowing voice echoed through the workshop. "WORTHY? AND JUST WHAT THE FUCK MAKES CALEMIRDIR SO WORTHY? HE LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING NAUGHTY JOBBER TO ME!"

The mighty wizard Santa Claus

The elves all turned and gasped. Standing at the entrance, decked out in his complete red velvet regalia was their master, the wizard Santa Claus. The massive monster of a human stomped forward as the elves moved from his path. Although the elves towered over him, his wide body stood in direct contrast to their lean physiques.

Contrary to his reputation as a jolly fat man, the real Santa Claus was a tough-talking, muscular taskmaster. The workshop required strict rules to meet the December 25th deadline every year. That meant tough love sometimes. And he was solid. No fat man could accomplish the physical demands of delivering millions of gifts in one night.

While he could be kind and was well-liked by his elven helpers, he didn't take any crap, ever. This was, after all, a man who judged children's behavior. His naughty and nice list was real and ruthless. All this made him a force to be feared when crossed.

The behemoth plopped down on Calemirdir's championship throne and spread his massive legs wide. He surveyed the crowd of confused and nervous elves. Santa smirked as he looked over the sea of scantily clad elves with a lustful eye. Their chiseled, muscular physiques were beautiful as they glowed under the lights.

Calemirdir moved to the ring ropes. He broke the silence, "We are sorry, Master Claus. We did not realize that you would finish early this year. We shall tidy up immediately."

The wizard held up his hand, "NOBODY FUCKING MOVE!" Santa paused then looked at the ELF champion, "Look at you, Calemirdir. You're pretty proud of yourself, wearing your underwear and that golden belt. Now you think you're in charge, Calemirdir? Do you think that piece of metal makes you the boss?"

The champion said, "No, of course not, Master Claus. I was merely -"

Santa interrupted, "No excuses! I was wondering what the fuck my elves were up to these days. I used to come home to a celebration. Food. Drink. Music. Then it just stopped. You had excuses, but it never sat right with me. So this year, I cast a spell on you fuckers. Time moved slower here than in the rest of the world."

The elves gasped then muttered. They realized how they had been caught, in spite of watching the clock so carefully.

Santa laughed his hearty belly laugh, "Ho, Ho, Ho. Now I fucking understand. You're a pack of liars. My loyal helpers have been playing a new game and not including me."

Calemirdir bowed his head, "Master Claus, we meant no offense. We did not think you would be interested in this particular event. You see, we learned of professional wrestling from the toys. It seemed -"

Santa interrupted, "You didn't think I WOULD want to wrestle any of you? Or you didn't think that I COULD wrestle with you?" They bowed their heads and avoided his gaze. The wizard nodded, "So that's it. I am old. And heavy. And human. You're all tall and beautiful magical creatures, with chiseled muscular bodies. What kind of challenge could I possibly be?"

Calemirdir, as champion, felt an obligation to apologize for the elves. He said, "It was merely a game, Master Claus. Something to look forward to. It renews our energy, as the feast once did. Only it is much, much better. The wrestling. These costumes. It has enabled us to keep up with the ever-increasing demands. We were not trying to offend or deceive you."

Santa rose from the throne. He marched to the ring, "Well, if wrestling energizes you fuckers then you won't mind one more match." The elves, eager to appease their master, all nodded and affirmed their agreement.

Calemirdir said, "If it pleases you, it would please us to show you how wonderful this professional wrestling can be. Iardor, would you be willing to have our championship match now? To entertain Santa Claus?"

Iardor nodded quickly, "Of course, Calemirdir. Consider yourself challenged."

Before the challenger could move, Santa clotheslined him to the mat. WHAM! The wizard lifted the elf into the air then tossed him over the top rope into the crowd. The tall muscle elves caught their tribemate then just watched, even more confused than ever.

Santa Claus began stripping his red suit off. He peeled the layers until he stood naked in the ring. He was massive for a human, 6' and 350-lbs of bulk. The white-haired beast was not fat, just large. Carrying tons of presents for a century had built his body. The magically-enhanced, muscular body was rock hard. The wizard's chest, arms and legs were bulging with powerful muscles.

Still, he was just a human. Calemirdir smiled and nodded respectfully, having no doubt his elven speed, skill and resilience were far beyond any normal man. He signaled to Lenchon to begin the announcements.

The announcer elf said, "Our final match ... an unexpected match, is for the ELF Heavyweight Championship title! One fall ... NO time limit! Introducing first ... the NEW number ONE challenger for the belt ... standing 6' and weighing 350-pounds ... from the North Pole ... it's the one, the only, SANTA CLAUS!"

Santa Claus paraded around the ring, stark naked. He was a mountain of a man. His cock was rock hard, pointing right at crowd. The human wizard flexed for the crowd of elves. He spun and showed off his naked body. Beneath his white beard, he sported a confident smirk. The beast made a motion around his waist for the title belt, letting them know that they were about to see history.


Calemirdir re-focused. He had not expected to wrestle again, and yet here he was. He did not want the wizard to sense any insecurity of uncertainty on his part. Confidence was one of his greatest assets. Yes, Santa was large, but in the end, he was only human.

Calemirdir showed off for the crowd and made a big production with the pointing at the belt. Inside his tight black trunks, everyone saw that his cock had grown as he thought about owning his master. The elf was a heel and his swagger was on full display.

The elven champion thought, "I will truly be the greatest elf ever when Santa kneels and accepts my cock!"

They met in the middle of the ring. Lenchon confirmed that Santa understood the rules and format. He gave a wry smile. With a twinkle in his eye, he said, "Oh yes, I understand pro wrestling quite well."

Calemirdir (Champion) vs. Santa Claus (Challenger)

The wrestlers circled the ring. They stared each other down then moved in for a lock up. Santa used his bulk to power the taller, leaner elf into the corner. It was not a big surprise, given Santa's size. The beast let Calemirdir go then swatted his cock in the front of his black trunks, taunting him.

"Damn, I can't wait to strip those off you, Calemirdir."

The elf just nodded. He thrust his hips out, challenging the wizard to do it again. Santa took the bait, but Calemirdir was much faster. He grabbed the wizard's wrist, holding it firmly. The wrestlers locked eyes in silent challenge before the mighty muscle-elf twisted and spun, bending down to elegantly slide under the big limb.

Calemirdir locked on a chicken wing. He forced Santa into the corner hard. WHAM! He held him tight, wrenching his arm up his back. The big beast moaned as the elf used his weight and strength to sandwich the beefy human between the turnbuckles and his tall, muscular body. Calemirdir pressed his spandex wrapped cock against Santa's ass.

The elf enjoyed the feeling of dominance. He never dreamed he would ever have the opportunity to do anything like this. He humped the big wizard a few times, drawing chuckles from the throng of elves. Santa struggled, but when Calemirdir engaged in some raunchy whispers, the big beast moaned.

Taking his cue from the reaction, the mighty muscle-elf reached around and grabbed Santa's big hard cock. Calemirdir squeezed the cock. The big wizard moaned again. The taller wrestler pumped the cock a few times, milking out some pre-cum until the human grunted and pushed back. Calemirdir was thrown back, but he easily kept his feet.

The elf said, "I understand why you challenged me now, Claus. How long have you wished to be dominated by a beautiful elf?"

Santa grinned and grabbed his fat, leaking dick, "Yeah, you're fucking beautiful, Calemirdir. You'll look great hanging off my cock!"

The big behemoth shook out his arm, re-focusing. Calemirdir smiled, knowing Santa was thinking with his cock. Elven beauty was unmatched. Many humans would fall madly in love at first sight. As a wizard, Santa was better equipped than most, but the champion knew now that Santa must have been harboring these longings for decades.

Well, if Santa wanted to get dominated and fucked, Calemirdir knew that he was just the elf to do it. As they moved in, the beautiful muscle-elf felt confident, but careful. He figured the wizard would not just roll over for him. He would have to earn the beast's subservience. Santa was clearly a methodical man.

The two wrestlers lock up. Calemirdir didn't give Santa time to overpower him. One twist and he powered the heavier man into a side headlock. The human grunted as the elf worked on his head. Santa grabbed around the muscle-elf's lean waist, his hands searching the perfect body for a weak point.

Calemirdir moved his opponent around the ring, controlling him. He knew that he couldn't easily hip toss the 350-lbs bowl of muscle. Instead, the muscle-elf just kept moving around the ring to keep him off-balance. When the champ felt Santa wobble, he twisted and pulled, letting gravity do the work for him. The beefy wizard toppled down onto his back, while Calemirdir maintained the headlock.

The elf rested with his 320-lbs of tight muscle pressing down on Santa's massive chest. The human grunted and groaned, but Calemirdir kept the pressure on and pressed his weight down as much as possible. The powerful wizard reached between his opponent's legs, fishing for his bulge. With it bound by the tight pro trunks, it was wrapped up perfectly. Before Santa could close his hand, though, the elf broke the headlock and rolled away.

"A clever attempt, Santa, but I am an elf. You cannot surprise me."

The big beast shrugged, "Got free, didn't I, bitch?"

In response, Calemirdir kicked up, slamming his foot into Santa's gut. The big beast tensed and the elf's foot just bounced off. The beefy human smacked his stomach, daring the champ to try again. Calemirdir moved to do it, but then went lower, swiping the wizard's knee. Santa let out a grunt of pain as he collapsed to the mat. The muscle-elf was on him fast, wrapping his legs around his opponent's head. Santa was huge, but the champ knew that you can't build up your head.

Calemirdir cinched on the head scissors, lying behind him with his white-haired head resting just below the elf's bulging elfhood. The cocky champ could not help but admire the look of his pouch against the background of Santa's white hair as he struggled. The elf's legs were strong and the wizard's face was turning red as a beat under his mask.

Santa rolled and writhed, trying to pry the elf's legs apart. Suddenly, he let out a roar and a forceful push. With his weight, Calemirdir's legs were pushed back. The elf knew he was headed for trouble, so he released the massive monster on his own then rolled around to a crouch. The big man rose slowly, giving the muscular elf the chance to dive in under his arms. Calemirdir locked on a bearhug, wrapping his arms around the massive body.

Calemirdir locked his hands and squeezed, his arms barely reaching around Santa's thick body. As the champ squeezed, he also thrust his cock into the massive white-haired monster, letting him know what was coming after the elf crushed the human. The big man grunted, but he couldn't counter the crushing hold. Both wrestlers were sweating, their big bodies pressed together tightly. Calemirdir put everything he had behind the hold until he heard the heavyweight human moan.

As the muscle-elf was tightening the Python-like squeeze, the massive wizard used his legs to barrel forward. Both wrestlers were pushed backwards and Calemirdir lost the power of his hold. Santa was driving the elf into the corner, but the champ managed to release and spin, letting the human bulldozer run front first into the turnbuckles. SPLAT! The entire ring shook from the impact as Calemirdir moved in behind and slapped on a full nelson.

The elf taunted, "My speed is unmatched, Santa! As is my power!"

Calemirdir pumped his cock against the bigger man's ass, pressing the massive body into the corner as he dry humped Santa's huge butt.

The elf said, "This is a mere taste of what is to come! I know this is what you have been craving - my elven cock inside you!"

The human grunted and struggled, but the elf knew that his full nelson was unbreakable. Many elves had tried, but none had ever succeeded. In fact, the champ had submitted many elves just with this hold alone. Santa moaned, but was not giving. Calemirdir was content, know that he could continue to wear the big man down.

Santa finally answered the challenge by flexing his thick shoulders and thrusting his arms down. The unbreakable nelson was torn open for the first time ever. Calemirdir stood unmoving, stunned. The human spun quickly with a clothesline, but the elf managed to lean back, sliding under the thick arm as though it was a limbo pole.

Calemirdir came up behind Santa and locked on a sleeper. The heavyweight human waved his arms, but the elf tightened fast. The wizard went limp, his breathing became labored and he was shrinking under the champ's power. Calemirdir worked the hold, as the human's thick neck protected him. Still, the muscle-elf knew he was clearly overpowering the big man.

Santa stumbled forward to escape, but the elf held him firmly in place. He pushed backwards, trying to run the champ back into the corner, but again, the elf kept control.

The massive man was losing consciousness. He couldn't keep standing and Calemirdir couldn't support the incredible bulk. The wizard dropped to his knees, which only increased the muscle-elf's advantage. The champ called to the ref, asking him to check. Lenchon lifted the human's thick arm. It fell down, limp.

ONE! The ref waited then checked it again. Again, the gigantic limb fell limp.

TWO! Lenchon waited then moved to check for the third and final time.

Calemirdir surprised everyone by releasing the sleeper and letting the massive monster topple forward, like a giant redwood. The champ grabbed one of Santa's arms and rolled him onto his back.

The champ spoke, "My brothers, a Santa-sized squash such as this deserves a memorable finish. Long have we served this man, but it is clear that in his heart, he has always wished to serve us. Count very slowly, Lenchon, so we all may bask in my glory as I claim victory for all of us. I shall enjoy seeding the helpless human."

Calemirdir put his foot on the white-haired face then flexed for the crowd. As Lenchon began to count, the champ counted along, his muscular right arm raised high.

ONE! The champ flexed his left arm and tightened his abs.

TWO! Calemirdir wiped the sweat off his heaving chest then flicked it down onto the massive carcass below him.

Suddenly, Santa showed some life. He whipped his arms up, not only breaking the count, but grabbing the elf's foot and ankle as they rested on his face. He lifted and twisted, tripping the muscle-elf off him.

The normally graceful elf fell onto his spectacular behind. The big wizard still had his leg. He punched the champ's knee. Calemirdir cried out, as shockwaves of pain radiated through his muscular body. However, that was just a distraction as Santa rolled around, pulling the elf's leg up. The huge human pushed, forcing the knee to Calemirdir's face.

Using his massive bulk, Santa had Calemirdir rolled up, his ass in the air. The wizard had a wicked smile, "Guess who's earned a spot on my naughty list?"

Santa delivered a stiff chop to Calemirdir's taint. THWAK! The elf cried out in pain as the heavyweight human attacked one of the most vulnerable points on an elf's body. It wasn't by accident. Santa knew elf physiology better than the elves themselves. He did it two more times in rapid succession. THWAK! THWAK! Pain shot through the champ's groin and up his spine, paralyzing him with pain.

The big behemoth released Calemirdir's leg. The muscle-elf curled into a fetal position whimpering. The massive man rolled up to his feet. The elf could see the large feet pass by as Santa circled him. The wizard said, "Look at you now, champ. You can't even take some chops. I'm gonna like teaching you a lesson."

Santa grabbed hold of Calemirdir's trunks. He stripped them off, letting the muscle-elf's oversized elven cock flop free. The massive monster dragged the champ up by his long hair. When he reached the wizard's knees, the elf fired a hard fist into the large gut. It bounced off. Santa laughed then raked Calemirdir's eyes.

Calemirdir was momentarily blinded as he knelt before the suddenly dominant beast. Hard chops came down onto his thick traps. THWAK! The muscle-elf grunted as his shoulders tensed up. The shocked champ looked up to see Santa lifting his arms. He couldn't move in time before more chops slammed down into his traps again. THWAK!

The muscle-elf fell forward, his face resting in the giant human's crotch as Calemirdir knelt in pain before him. The wizard grabbed a handful of long brown hair and pulled his victim's face back. Calemirdir's vision finally cleared as he was forced to look up at the heavyweight human.

Santa said with a smirk, "Fuck, Calemirdir, you're a hungry pussy jobber, aren't you? It's not time for you to suck my cock yet."

Santa kept the muscle-elf's head back with a tight grip on his hair then he brought his other hand down, chopping Calemirdir's forehead. THWAK! The champ saw stars as Santa casually pushed him onto his stomach. The big man leapt up and splashed down on top of his prey with 350-lbs of power. He spun on the champ's back, continuing to crush him under his weight.

"Yeah, who's seeding who, pussy jobber?" The heavyweight human humped Calemirdir's bare ass, emphasizing his dominance. The muscle-elf struggled to throw him off, but he couldn't budge the massive monster. Santa laughed, "So fucking weak! You can't move this mountain, pussy! Look at me ... I've been working for 26 hours and I'm still going strong!"

Calemirdir foolishly gave into his pride. He kept trying to power the bulk off him, but all could do was tire himself out until he collapsed helplessly under the heavyweight human. Santa rolled off his victims, pulling the taller stud into a body scissors. The wizard sat behind him, his thick legs wrapped around the trim waist. As the huge legs tightened, the champ struggled to pry them apart, but he couldn't even budge them.

The pain escalated quickly as Santa extended his legs. Calemirdir faced his elf brothers, his face etched with pain and theirs with shock. The human wizard was large and powerful, but no one expected him to be able to withstand a full assault from Calemirdir and yet here he was, dominating their champion.

Calemirdir tried to hammer behind him, but the big man grabbed his wrists. The massive monster pulled them back then lifted. The muscle-elf's shoulders tightened, still suffering from the hard chops. The champ could only moan as he was punished mercilessly.

Santa said, "I could get you to submit to this. It'd be easy, 'champ'. But I won't. I'm gonna play with you. You've all been naughty and you know I don't like naughty boys. I'll teach you not to mess with me. And by the end, you're gonna be admitting you're nothing but a little bitch!"

Calemirdir moaned in pain as his body was wracked with pain. The elf's hard-muscled body was drenched in sweat, the powerful muscles pumped, but useless. The champ noticed a couple of the other elves rubbing their crotches, getting off on his pain. He felt a little betrayed, but he understood. The champ had satisfied his lust on their suffering, too.

The muscle-elf tried to block out those thoughts, even as his cock grew as he moaned in pain. Calemirdir tried to focus on figuring a way out, but he couldn't. Every time he tried to power out or twist free, the heavyweight human countered the hold. True to his word, Santa didn't even bother trying to submit his opponent.

The big behemoth simply released the hold. When he rolled away, Santa viciously kicked Calemirdir in the back. WHACK! The muscle-elf moaned as the wizard rose to his feet. The champ rubbed his shoulders, not realizing that Santa was right behind him. The beast stepped over Calemirdir's shoulders, forcing his feet between the long-haired elf's legs.

Calemirdir squirmed, but it was too late. Santa locked his opponent's head between his massive legs. The champ couldn't budge him as he crushed the handsome elf's head in his legs. UNH! The combination of the weight on Calemirdir's neck and the pressure squeezing his head was almost too much.

Santa arrogantly announced, "Yeah, I could break you in half, naughty boy. Nothing you can do about it."

Again, the heavyweight human backed off on his own. Calemirdir collapsed at his feet as the big beast flexed for the stunned (and aroused) crowd. Santa grabbed hold of the elf's long hair and applied a claw to his bubble ass. Calemirdir moaned as his spectacular behind was squeezed and spread. The elf moaned as he was mocked.

The big man used the grip to force Calemirdir to his feet. Santa wrapped his huge arms around the leaner muscle-elf for a bearhug. Calemirdir moaned as the huge arms began to crush his ripped body. When the wizard lifted the 320-lbs of useless beef off the mat, the muscle-elf feltback spasms. ARGH!

The champ tried to push Santa off him to escape. The behemoth was not budging. Meanwhile, the muscle-elf continued to get crushed in the killer bearhug. Calemirdir suffered beautifully, his long hair whipping back-and-forth as he was thrown from side-to-side. The heavyweight human laughed as the elf gripped his opponent's thick biceps, trying and failing to open the vice-like grip.

Calemirdir drew his forearm back to punch Santa in the head. The man-mountain gave him a hard shake and the elf lost focus, his arms flopping to the side. The champ's whimpering told everyone that he couldn't take much more. The bearhug was draining his life. Calemirdir was actually sweating and gasping for air.

Remarkably, the elf's magnificent cock was still hard, pinned between their melding bodies. In desperation, Calemirdir moved to box his dominator's ears, but another shake left him as nothing more than a limp ragdoll.

The champ's feet dropped down to the mattress. He hung limp in Santa's arms. Calemirdir's head fell forward onto the massive shoulder. If he had been asked to submit, he would have, but Lenchon was too enthralled by the action. And so, the torture continued. The big beast casually dropped his victim. The muscle-elf collapsed, his 320-lbs carcass hitting the ground like a sack of wet cement. SPLAT!

The helpless Calemirdir lay on his side, unmoving when Santa grabbed him from behind. He dragged the wrecked elf into a reverse bearhug. The champ felt the wizard's hard cock press against his bare ass. The giant squeezed, pulling him into his hard, massive muscled body. Calemirdir grabbed Santa's thick wrists, as though he could actually pry them apart. Needless to say, he couldn't.

The heavyweight human humped his prey, thrusting his cock against the beautiful elven behind, letting the champ feel real dominance.

As Santa shook the limp muscle-elf, his hard cock flopped back and forth. The crowd of elves were getting more aroused as they saw their champion manhandled. Calemirdir's elfhood remained engorged and prominent in spite of the blinding pain. This second bearhug worked even faster than the first, turning the champ into 320-lbs of jelly. The 350-lbs monster laughed at his opponent's weakness, making sure everyone saw him for the pathetic jobber he was.

Again, the big man dropped Calemirdir without asking for a submission. He fell onto his forearms and knees, almost praying as he tried to focus. The elf's bulbous ass was up, giving Santa the perfect chance to grab it again. The wizard pulled one cheek, exposing the smooth crack. The heavyweight human chopped the champ's crack. CHOP! Calemirdir flies forward, writhing in pain on the mat.

Knowing he had attacked the elf where it counted, Santa moved in slowly, surveying his prey. Calemirdir would have loved to turn the match around. He tried to will himself to make the wizard pay for his arrogance as he was now paying for his own, but he couldn't. The champ's arms were weak. His back was wrecked. And his mind was blurry. When he got dragged up to his feet, the muscle-elf managed two weak punches that the heavyweight human didn't even notice.

The 350-lbs beast lifted Calemirdir onto his shoulder, his handsome face resting on Santa's stomach. The elf's legs dangled behind the behemoth, his arms hanging limp, and the long brown hair parted by Santa's engorged cock. The wizard lowered him just enough, moving him into position. He squeezed him in an upside-down bearhug. ARGH!

Calemirdir cried out as he was squeezed in the third different type of crushing vice. The powerful monster suspended his carcass for what felt like an eternity. There was nothing he could do, but fight not to blackout from the bearhug.

It only got worse as Santa started walking around the ring. With every bounce as Calemirdir was paraded around the ring, the heavyweight human's cock slapped his face, like a special humiliation and taunt. The champ wasn't even moaning any more, numb to the pain as the blood settled in his head, his back crippled from the force of a third powerful bearhug. A python couldn't crush the elf any worse.

When Santa was bored with his prey, he adjusted the muscle-elf's body then dropped to his knees. The piledriver shot pain through Calemirdir's body. The champ actually blacked out for a moment on impact. The wizard held him up, savoring the twitches against his body before he finally let go.

Calemirdir collapsed, his head resting between the behemoth's spread legs. Santa slapped his forehead with his hard cock. TAP! TAP! TAP! The muscle-elf wished for the punishment to end, but his elven resilience was enough to keep him awake for more suffering.

The heavyweight human left his cock head resting on Calemirdir's forehead as he let Lenchon count a pin.

ONE! One of the elves cried out, "Move, Calemirdir! He only has his organ holding you down. It cannot be too much for you to move!"

TWO! Calemirdir attempted to will his shoulder up.

The pin was broken. Unfortunately for the champ, not by his own power, but by Santa's cruel streak. The behemoth merely tensed his cock, thrusting it up, thereby breaking the pin.

Calemirdir heard a voice checking on him as the challenger's complete destruction of him was probably scaring the other elves. In response, the champ manages to roll onto his side. He refused to give. The muscle-elf vowed to fight to very end. Maybe he could find some store of strength that so far had eluded him. Maybe the big wizard would get tired and make a mistake. Both wrestlers were sweating profusely.

Calemirdir thought, 'He is so huge. And human. And has spent the past 26 hours flying around the earth, hauling gifts. He cannot go on forever."

As if reading the champ's mind, Santa said, "It's almost over. Just one more move then my finisher. Naughty boys always have to submit to my finisher."

The champ was dragged up by his hair. He was wobbly on his feet as the huge human whipped him into the corner. CLANG! He slammed into it, back first. The exhausted muscle-elf leaned back, using it for support. He heard the footsteps, but could do nothing but look out. That was when he saw the big man charging.

Oh no. Calemirdir had no time. Santa leapt into the air then splashed his 350-lbs of massive bulk into the champ. SPLAT! The muscle-elf spasmed as Santa rested against him, the ripped elven body crushed between the wall and the wizard's mighty body.

"Ho, Ho, Ho!" Calemirdir could hear Santa laughing. As the wizard laid against him, the champ could feel the hot breath on his lips as Santa whispered, "I'm about to show you what happens to naughty boys. I won't lie. It's going to hurt."

Santa backed away then grabbed Calemirdir's hair. He pulls the muscle-elf forward, throwing him to the canvas. The champ fell to his hands and knees, exhausted and ashamed by his performance. Calemirdir struggled to rise, fighting to summon some kind of second wind from his magical endurance.

The big man knelt behind him. He reached between the elf's legs, past his balls and grabbed the dangling cock. Calemirdir groaned as his hard cock was suddenly crushed in Santa's steel grip.

Calemirdir cried out, "OH NO! OH! OH! OH!"

The wizard laughed, "You like my COCK LOCK, naughty boy? I haven't even started to work my finisher, yet "

Calemirdir's magnificent body collapsed, his face landing on the mat. The muscle-elf's hips and ass stayed up as Santa manhandled his dick. The champ was blinded by pain, but also by pleasure, moaning loudly into the blue canvas of the ring floor. He tried to fight it, but he was somehow paralyzed by the powerful hold.

As bad as the crushing grip was, it was nothing compared to what came next. The wizard pulled back, forcing Calemirdir’s hard cock up between his chiseled thighs. The elf moaned into the mat as his cock was crushed and yanked the wrong way.

The muscle-elf whimpered and begged, "Please, please. Oh god, please. Oh. Oh. UNH!"

With his free hand, Santa slapped his bare ass, mocking his opponent's helplessness. SLAP! He taunted, "C'mon, naughty boy! What you got, champ?"

Calemirdir cried out, unable to focus. The giant human controlled his cock completely and with it, his entire body. The muscle-elf felt like nothing as the wizard used just the power of his hand to dominate. The champ was weakening in the body, but he stayed rock hard, even as his elfhood was overpowered, crushed and bent against his will.

"Yeah, look at you, ass up, face down, crying into the mat. Just like all the other naughty boys who get a lump of coal in their stocking." Calemirdir kept moaning, whimpering and pleading for him to release the hold. He won't. "Admit you're a naughty boy!"

The champ had no choice, "Oh! I'm a naughty boy!"

"Call me Daddy Claus!"

"Yes Daddy Claus! Oh please, Daddy! Oh no!"

"Yeah, you're learning to be good, boy. But look at you, showing me your ass like this. You're a fucking whore! Are you a dirty whore?"

"Yes, yes, yes! I'm a dirty whore! Oh please, Daddy Claus!"


The big man squeezed harder, amping up the pressure beyond anything Calemirdir had ever felt. The powerful paw overwhelmed the elf's cock. When he added a hard yank backwards, the champ feared his hard cock might break from the force. The proud muscle-elf had no choice but to scream his submission.


The new champ eased up, allowing the cock to move forward, but he didn't let go. The huge human started pumping and squeezing. Calemirdir cried out as he was milked like a cow. He fought to resist, but the wizard was proving to be the real master of his cock. The muscle-elf was helpless as his elfhood was manhandled.

The former champ was quickly brought to orgasm. He moaned as he was drained, shooting his load out as he continued to mutter his submission.

When Calemirdir was dry, Santa finally released him from the painful hold. The new champ grabbed the long brown hair on the back of the elf's head. He dragged him over until his face was hovering over the puddle of elven seed.

The muscle-elf's conqueror said, "Cum is very naughty, boy. Lick that up. All of it!"

The former champ had no choice, but to obey. He extended his tongue and lapped it up like a dog. Calemirdir heard the other elves snickering at what a jobber he turned out to be. One lamented losing a side bet on the 'loser's sorry ass', only to have another comment that the loser's ass is about to be a lot sorrier.

Santa posed over his victim for the assembled throngs of elves. He never stopped talking about how the others better stay off the naughty list. The big man said, "This one took the punishment for all of you! Don't think I won't do it to next one of you who thinks he can lie to me!"

"Kiss my feet, boy."

The new champ put his foot over Calemirdir's face. The muscle-elf opened his lips then sensually kissed the bottom of it. The wizard shoved his big toe into the loser's mouth, forcing his to suck on it. Once he finished with one, it was time for the other. This time, Calemirdir sucked the toe like a cock, working it with his lips and tongue.

The big man laughed, "Ho, Ho, Ho. You suck well. You are a dirty little whore, aren't you?"

Calemirdir just nodded and moaned agreement, his mouth full of foot. When the new champ pulled out, Santa took a seat on the top turnbuckle. Lenchon tried to raise his arm and hand him his belt, but the huge human stared him down. The referee backed away sheepishly. The wizard spread his thick legs then beckoned Calemirdir to come over.

"Get your whore ass over here." The exhausted muscle-elf rolled onto hands and knees and crawled towards him. "Ho, Ho, Ho! Look at you. Crawling like a dog. And I didn't even have to tell you to do it. That's how I can tell you were born to be trained. It's your instinct. We'll make a nice boy out of you, yet."

Calemirdir reached him. He rose onto his knees and waited. Santa ordered, "Lick my balls, boy."

The muscle-elf went to work, servicing his daddy. He felt the huge human grab the hair on the back of his head, using it to control him. He forced the loser to his feet, keeping the tall elf bent at the waist.

"Good boy. That's right, show me what you got." Calemirdir shifted from his balls to his cock. "Stick that ass out, hips down." The muscle-elf shifted, giving his new daddy a better view of his round bubble butt. "Nice. Fondle your hole."

Calemirdir reached back and fingered his hole, all the while trying to focus on sucking the thick cock. "Yeah, that's it, naughty boy. Show Daddy Claus what you've got. C'mon, you can go deeper than that." The muscle-elf drove his mouth down until his nose was buried in the thick white bush. At the same time, he slid his finger as far as he could up his own ass.

"You like this, don't you?" Calemirdir moaned in agreement. "You wish that was me up your hole, instead of your skinny little finger, don't you?" Again, the former champ agreed. "Yeah, what a whore you are." The muscle-elf just kept working. Finally, the new champ said, "Time to fulfill your proper role in life as the champ's nice boy!"

The big beast grabbed Calemirdir's head. Santa thrust his hips up, ramming his cock down the loser's throat. The new champ used Calemirdir, taking full control. The elf couldn't move, he realized he was just a hole for the new champ's mighty cock to pound. Calemirdir realized that he was rock hard, thanks to the big muscleman ravaging his mouth and his own finger working his ass.

Without warning, Santa unleashed his mammoth load down Calemirdir's throat. The muscle-elf struggled to swallow it, slurping it down his throat as the big man held his hair. When the new champ was done, he ordered the loser off. Before Calemirdir pulled away, Santa used his grip on long hair. He squeezed out another few drops of cum, wiping them off with the loser's long brown hair.

The big man rose majestically then dropped to the mat. He ushered Lenchon over, making him drop the belt in front of Calemirdir. Santa demanded the elf put it on him. The muscular loser reached around Santa's ample waist and secured his former belt. It was a final and complete surrender to the wizard.

Santa laughed, "Know this, Calemirdir ... that's the closest you'll ever get to a championship belt ever again."

Santa scooped Calemirdir up. He carried him to the edge of the ring. The powerful wizard slammed the elf down beside the ropes. SLAM! The muscle-elf moaned as he writhed there, his naked carcass broken and battered. At the new champ's command, the elves at ringside felt Calemirdir up, caressing his majestic, muscular body.

Calemirdir could feel their hands groping him. Several of them punched his abs and chest, testing what he had left. The former champ's cock and balls were elfhandled as he was pinned by the new champ's foot on the side of his face.

When they'd had enough, the new champ kicked Calemirdir over onto his stomach. He rested his foot on the back of his victim's head. The elf was helpless as the group of elves took turns fondling his ass. One of them slid his finger into the former champ's hole, causing him to instinctively moan. They all giggled, while Santa remarked about what a pathetic whore Calemirdir was.

With the domination and humiliation complete, the wizard champ posed with his foot on Calemirdir's chest one last time. He surveyed the crowd, daring any to challenge him. None did.

The new champ strolled out of the ring, belt slung over his broad shoulder. He confidently walked to Calemirdir's throne and sat down, legs spread. The message was clear. The obese wizard had bested the elven champion. Not with magic, but with sheer power. The elves bowed their heads in silent submission. Santa had not only beaten Calemirdir, but in many ways he had defeated them all.

Santa beckoned the elves forward one-by-one. When called, an elf approached and stripped nude. The bemused and arrogant Santa asked him about wrestling. He shared his win-loss record, in-ring persona, favorites holds while the fat man idly played with his manhood. The process then repeated.

Without fail, each and every one of them got hard during the questioning. Santa often commented on their erections, praising or mocking, depending on his mood. He forced them to swivel their hips and play with themselves while speaking with him. They obeyed, accepting their complete subservience to the master of the North Pole and new champion of the ELF.

At the end of the questioning, Santa forced each elf to kneel. He made the elf kiss his feet as Calemirdir had done then ordered the elf to suckle at the master's swollen cock as an admission of their inferiority.

The process repeated. On three occasions, when Santa sensed the elf was especially prideful, he swung his legs up. He applied a leg scissors. The elves fought, but it was no use. Each of the three was put out then Santa had him carried to the wizard's bed chamber.

This procession of elves went on for hours, but no one minded. The wizard had earned it. And many of the elves actually enjoyed this new element of domination. It was exciting and stirred something in them. Eventually, the line ended with a recovered Calemirdir. He did as all the other elves did. As he moved to rise after worshipping Santa's cock, the beefy champion grabbed him by the hair, keeping him on hands and knees in front of the throne.

Santa ordered the elves to clean up the workshop then to their barracks. However, he led Calemirdir by his long black hair towards his bed chambers where he would continue the subjugation of the younger, mighty elf.

Just before he left the room, Santa said, "You are all naughty in my eyes. You need to redeem yourselves. From now on, you will spend an hour every day watching and practicing pro wrestling. You will study it. You will learn it. And when I return after next year's deliveries, I expect a better challenge for MY belt than this one gave me."

For emphasis, Santa yanked up hard on Calemirdir's hair, causing the former champion to cry out. As they passed the threshold, they overheard the wizard tell the former champ, "Now, Santa's going to train you on how to stay on daddy's 'Nice List', boy."

The elves waited, quiet and solemn, but as soon as the door closed, they cheered. The ELF would continue. They could immerse themselves in wrestling even more so. And now they had even more of a purpose. The dominant wizard was the real heel. He had thrown down the gauntlet and every elf would spend the entire year dreaming of beating on Santa.

The End


  1. cigamc:

    what an amazing Christmas gift u gave to us today, thanks so much and have wonderful Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas, Mr. Alex!

    Thanks for the amazing story as usual. And, if that is Santa, I'm so going to be a naughty boy in 2016..

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I can definitely see some guys not minding a little punishment from this Santa!

  3. Alex R:

    Damn Miller. What a hot follow up to the other Christmas story. That's one Hot Santa.The art work looks super great. Top notch. Merry Christmas and thanks for another great story. Looking forward for next year's matchups. I wonder who can they be????

    1. Thanks! Next year? I'll have to think about that. I probably could make this an annual thing.

  4. Yay! Oh, and LOL @ "elfhandled." :)

    1. Appreciate it! And you always notice the details. I went through and tried to change "man" to "elf", so I'm glad you liked it.

  5. That looks like Caylan Hughes as the "jolly old Elf." He looks hot even when he's not ginger. He can stuff my stocking with whatever he wants!

  6. Replies
    1. It is Caylen Hughes. He'll also return as a ginger Thor in 2016, which I teased in my 2015 review/2016 preview.