Monday, August 10, 2015

Encounters: The Exit Strategy

Story done by request and based on synopsis by Alex R.

Encounters: The Exit Strategy

"Time to put this bitch down for good!"

Amid a chorus of boos from the assembled throng, Damien circles the ring, carrying their handsome hero across his chest. The 6’3”/215-lbs heel has no trouble supporting his victim’s 6’/195-lbs of muscle. He turns and leaps, slamming the battered body of Steve Houston down. KA-BOOM! It's been a long, grueling fifteen minutes, but Damien has finally gained the clear upper hand. He sits up and back then fires fists into Steve's body. Damien grabs Steve's arm, drags him to his feet then whips him into the corner turnbuckle. CLANG!

Steve bounces off from the impact, right into Damien's waiting arms. The vicious heel wraps him up then spins for a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! The sound of impact echoes through the chamber. Damien rises again as Steve rolls onto his side, reaching for his back. The cocky heel grabs the waistband of his opponent's simple black trunks and uses them to yank him to his feet. They wedge up, exposing half of his smooth right butt cheek then down, showing off an inch of butt crack.

Damien has to admire the view. Steve Houston is a magnificently handsome man, even now. It doesn’t stop him from peppering the muscle stud’s body with hard body shots until Steve is forced into the corner. Again the heel grabs his arm then whips the staggering Houston into the opposite corner. CLANG! When Steve ricochets off, Damien grabs his arm and whips him across the entire ring, sending Steve back to his original corner. CLANG! Damien follows in with a clothesline across the chest that has the fan favorite slumping against the turnbuckles, held up by his armpits as his arms drape over the top rope.

With the first sustained advantage of the match for either man, Damien backs off and raises his fist in the air. He bounces his hairy pec as he taunts the audience. They jeer and boo the cocky bastard. Damien feeds off their contempt. It energizes him as he ignores the pain Houston inflicted on him earlier. The cruel heel moves towards the corner where his opponent still hangs limp, his body powerless and his head down.

The crowd starts cheering encouragement for Steve to come out of the corner fighting, their love of him unwavering, even now. Steve isn't really a face or a heel. He's just a man who wrestles. He certainly never asked for fans to like him, but his combination of looks, body and toughness on top of his no-nonsense attitude put him over the top almost immediately. Nothing is cooler than a guy who doesn’t give a crap about being cool.

Damien laughs at their naïveté. He knows Steve’s a tough son-of-a-bitch, but this fight is over. Both men's bodies show the effects of the long, grueling struggle – bruises, welts and sweat-covered muscles. Guys always know when they’ve been in a fight with Steve and Damien is no exception. Each man gave and took a lot of abuse over this long struggle for dominance, but it's Damien that's in control now.

Damien loves to put his opponents out with his front choke hold. Over his 18-2 record, the front-facing sleeper move has earned him 14 of those 18 wins. Still, this time it's special. The crushed stud in the corner is special. Handsome and hard-bodied, he's the number one bad-ass hero in every fan’s eyes. And while he has 7 losses against 31 impressive wins, Steve has never been knocked out. That's why Damien wanted to fight him so badly. He wanted to be the first man to put the great Steve Houston to sleep then be the first man to strip him and fuck him. Fuck his rules about no stripping and no stakes. After all, if the guy’s out cold, what’s he going to do about it?

Damien saunters to the corner, strutting as he comes closer, but also measuring his foe. He would love to do this slowly, but he knows other guys have made that mistake. With Steve, it’s going to have to be quick and painful, but at least it’s public, in front of all these jerks. After this, he'll be able to write his own ticket – bigger share of gate and video sales, top dollar private matches, gifts from fans. And it’s all thanks to every man before him failing to deal with the weak, defeated slab of beef hanging helplessly in the corner.

The heel moves in close, making sure he knows exactly where to attack. Suddenly, Steve summons the strength to stand up straight and kick out, but Damien dodges, diving forward. He slams his torso against Steve's, pinning his ripped body against the turnbuckle. They stand there, pecs against pecs, abs against abs, and bulge against bulge. It’s only for a moment, but it’s an incredible moment that will be frozen on screens everywhere when this match is released.

Like lightning, Damien whips his arms around the handsome stud's head, locking in the devastating choke. CRACK! URGH! AWW! Cries of pain and shock echo in the small arena as the crowd goes silent. But the cries aren't from Steve, they're from Damien. Before he can cinch in the sleeper, Steve drives his head forward, smashing his forehead against Damien's nose. The head butt staggers the heel. Simultaneously, Steve whips his legs up, wrapping them around the heel's waist. He locks his ankles and extends, constricting into a devastating body scissors.

Steve squeezes the scissors tightly while hanging on the top ropes. Damien is forced away and out of position. The crowd explodes as their unwilling hero proves his bad-assery once again. Damien arches back, his battered midsection being crushed. All the pain he had suppressed from fighting Houston's hard slamming style comes flooding back. The heel fires down with forearms into Steve's washboard 8-pack, but it's no use. The muscles are unbreakable. In desperation, Damien eyes Steve's bulge as a point of attack, but is stopped in his tracks by an added shot of intensity to the killer squeeze that drops Damien to his knees.

Damien kneels facing the corner as Steve releases the scissors. The bad-ass hero extends his boot forward, kicking Damien in the face, toppling the heel onto his back. The popular stud rises up to his full height, looking rejuvenated. He wags his finger at Damien, saying, "No one puts me out. And no one touches this." Steve cups his bulging manhood, which gets the crowd hooting and hollering.

Steve steps forward and grabs Damien's legs, lifting them up. Within a second, he has the boots folded over his thigh, wedging the heel's ankle under his shoulder. He steps over his opponent, flipping him face down and locking in the sharpshooter, his signature submission hold. Steve sits back and cranks on the pressure.

Damien screams in pain. His arms flail back, looking for any advantage. He throws his fists back, but the punches are weak. He pushes upward, trying to topple them, but it doesn't work. He claws at the stud on top of him. Nothing works. The pain in his back is crippling.

The crowd cheers, knowing the match is over and their reluctant hero has once again won. No one escapes from this hold. Damien slaps the mat, crying out his submission. TAP! TAP! TAP!


Steve releases the hold immediately. He stands up and adjusts his trunks down to cover his right cheek and up an inch to cover his crack. With his trunks back into position, Steve plants his foot on the middle of Damien's back and poses for the crowd. He never wanted their accolades, but now that he has them, he knows this means more matches and more money. For every man in the small audience, there's a hundred more that’ll spend $20 this to watch at home. It's all part of the business.

When Damien starts to stir under him, Steve roughly grabs the heel's shaved head and drags the defeated stud up. As he always does, Steve lifts the loser over his shoulder, carrying him all the way to the back. The crowd begs him to fuck Damien in the ring, but Steve just smirks, leaving every man in the arena to imagine what he does to his victims in the back.


As soon as he crosses into the privacy of backstage, Steve drops Damien like a sack of potatoes onto a folding chair. In the chair, Damien reaches around and rubs his aching back, furious at having lost. Steve steps forward and straddles the seated heel. He drops his ass onto Damien's lap and grabs Damien's head, forcing the loser's face up.

Steve looks Damien in the eye. The intensity of the stare makes the heel feel fear. Steve says, "I saw you eying my crotch. That's against my rules and you know it. You were gonna go low on me?"

"No, I didn't touch -"

"You yanked on my trunks."

"I was just lifting -"

SMACK! "You don't mess with my trunks. No one messes with my trunks. I got three rules. Win or lose. Just three. No stakes. No stripping. And no fucking low blows. Did you forget?"

Damien ignores the burning in his cheek, pleading, "No! I didn't break your precious fucking rules!"

SMACK! Steve hits Damien again then rises. "You're right, I stopped you. That's why you get to walk away with nothing broken. But you thought about it. That’s why you walk away with this." CRACK! Steve slugs Damien across the chin, knocking the heel out. Damien’s limp body falls to the concrete floor as Steve confidently walks to the face locker room. He leaves Damien sprawled on the floor, an example for other guys about the importance of following his rules.

Steve strips off his sweaty gear, tossing it aside. He smirks at Damien’s arrogance. Steve never wavers on his rules. Ever. He wraps a towel around his waist and heads to the back for a much-deserved shower.

Steve’s refusal to budge, despite offers of more and more money, frustrates John, the promoter, who sees thousands of dollars slipping out his fingers with every PG match Steve wrestles. Men want X-rated. That's where the money is. The lack of sex in Steve’s matches has become the longest tease going in the UWO (Underground Wrestling Organization). But eventually, there has to be a payout. Eventually guys need to see Steve fuck or be fucked. It’s a simple reality.

Based on fan comments, if not sales, John believes that time is now.

John’s Plan

Two days later, John joins an old friend on his boat. He makes a toast as they relax on the deck, “Congratulations on your retirement, Cesar. I can’t believe you’re hanging up the trunks. You’re still a young man.”

“Believe it, John. I am done. I will still wrestle privately, of course, but my public appearances are over. I want to relax, enjoy my weekends. Spend more time on this boat.” The man speaks politely, but firmly, with a slight Spanish accent. He has wrestled for many years, being a popular draw for most of them. After his last match, a surprising loss to a young rookie half his age, the forty-four-year old bear decided his heart and mind weren’t in it any longer. And so, he’s done.

John asks, “Well, I’ll miss you. Have you checked out the other guys? What do you think about our future?”

“It looks promising. I see some potential.”

“Have you seen Steve Houston? What about him?”

“He looks good. And very skilled. But he bores me.”

“Bores you? You’re not impressed by a guy who’s never been put out. His opponents say it’s impossible. Like the minute you try, something clicks in him. Actually, he’s never been broken at all, even in his losses. Amazing specimen, with muscles tougher than steel. No matter how much you slam him, punch him, stomp him or any other attack, he manages to endure. The fans love it – the bad-ass good guy.”

Cesar says, “Meh. Crowds are fickle. They loved me once, too. He needs to fuck already. Or be fucked. Whichever.”

“My thoughts exactly, but he says no.” John explains Steve’s three unbreakable rules. Cesar snorts with contempt, pounding back another vodka.

After another ten minutes talking about Steve Houston, Cesar smiles. He casually says, “It looks like I’m not the only one fishing today, John.”

John smirks at having his ulterior motive being discovered. He replies, “True. Question is, did I catch anything?”

“Oh yes, my friend. You reeled in a big one today. The biggest.” With that, Cesar pounds back another shot and the two men start back for shore.

Steve’s Plan

“So this is legally binding?” Steve asks the lawyer for the third time.

“It is. Steve, stop worrying. If you get him to sign, it’ll hold up. Even with an underground organization like you’re looking at. We’ve checked and it’s a legally registered enterprise and he is the sole owner, so he will be bound by this contract. Now, may I ask you a question?”


“Why? Why would you want to own half of a business like that? It's basically violent porn.”

Steve replies seriously, “It makes money. I like money. I’m making good coin fighting, but John is pressuring me more and more to do something I don’t want to do. I know I may be forced to do it, but if I’m going to break my rules, I want to do it on my terms.”

A New Offer

“Why do you waste my time with this shit?” Steve laughs at John as he sits in the promoter’s office. Across the desk, John looks frustrated. Steve says, "No. Same as always. You really thought I'd give a shit that it's some guy's last match? That I'd break my rules for that?" Steve turns to Cesar, who has joined them for the discussion, “No disrespect, sir. You’re great. I’ve jerked off to your matches many times.”

“I wish I could say the same."

"Excuse me?" asks a surprised Steve.

"Don't get me wrong, Mr. Houston. You’re an attractive and talented man, but as I explained to John just the other day, I find your matches ... tedious.” Steve gets rankled, so Cesar explains his attitude. By the end of the explanation, Steve is visibly upset. John smiles at his friend’s casual ability to get into the younger stud’s mind.

Steve replies, “Sorry if that’s your opinion. But rules are still rules.”

Cesar leans forward with a big smile, “Rules, like handsome men, are meant to be broken.”

Steve’s face turns hard, “Not mine. And not me.”

Cesar leans back, “I see. Well, I will agree to wrestle you with your rules intact.” John moves to interrupt – this was not the plan – but Cesar holds up a hand. “Let me finish. I will agree to wrestle you and I will obey your rules. Unless and until you cannot stop me.”

Steve laughs, “What does that mean? You think you can put me out? No one has. No one will. And even if you did somehow manage it, using chloroform or some shit, I’m not agreeing to get stripped and fucked while I’m unconscious.”

Cesar laughs, “Of course not. What would be the fun in that? I am speaking about this only if you are awake and aware. There may simply come a time in our match when you cannot, or do not wish to, stop me from breaking your rules. In that event, I should be free to do as I see fit, don’t you think? To the victor go the spoils. Survival of the fittest. Any of countless other clichés.”

Now it’s Steve’s turn to laugh. He replies, “You're gonna do that? With me awake? Dude, if I'm conscious, I'm fighting." Cesar sits calmly, staring at Steve with a small smile on his face. This goes on until Steve breaks the uncomfortable silence. "Maybe you should watch my matches. Then you’d know better.”

Cesar asks, “Have you ever been fucked, Mr. Houston? Not in the ring. I mean ever.”

“That’s none of your fucking business.”

“I see. A virgin ass. Now I understand your fear a little better.”

“Listen, I’m not afraid of you. Or anything.”

The older wrestler interrupts, “If that is true and if my suggestion is so ridiculous then what’s the harm in agreeing?”

Steve says resolutely, “No.”

John says, “C’mon Steve. That sounds fair.”

A frustrated Steve says, “Tell you what. You think it’s so easy to get fucked in the ring, you put your ass on the line.”

John goes pale, asking, “What?”

“That’s what I thought. But I’ll agree to this bullshit on one condition. If I win, I don’t want his ass. I want your company. Give me half of this place. Make me a partner.” Steve pulls out his own contract, sliding it in front of John. The younger wrestler smirks as John flips through the pages. Just as Steve suspected, the time has arrived when John is finally desperate enough where Steve could execute his exit strategy. Stop working for someone and start owning the product.

John goes crazy at the notion of risking his equity, but Cesar agrees for him. John thinks about it. He insists that Steve put up multiple stakes matches, not just the one, to make the risk even. To his surprise, Steve agrees wholeheartedly. As they shake and sign, both men realize that this is one hell of a gamble.

Interestingly, while Steve is betting on himself, John needs Cesar to come through for him. He prays that can happen.

The Match 

Cesar struts out first, confidently passing the excited fans as they jeer him for daring to challenge Steve Houston. Over his 5’11”/230-lbs of bulk, he wears his simple black gear – trunks, boots and pads – plus a pair of dark sunglasses. His thick, muscled body is covered in black and grey fur, while he sports a tattoo dead center on his chest, like a superhero symbol. Or supervillain, based on the crowd’s reaction.

The beefy muscle beast rubs his hairy chest, posing for the men in the crowd, letting them get a taste of his unique physique. In a federation that is overrun with ripped young studs, he remains the last bear standing. That is a fact that both wins and costs him fans, but all he cares about is the match. He climbs into the ring, awaiting his opponent. Cesar is eager to get going, if the bulge in his skimpy black trunks is any indication.

John lingers at the back, nervously pacing as he regrets ever agreeing to this. It’s not worth it. He wonders why he let Cesar force him to agree. John hates the fact that his company's fate is completely out of his control. John’s reflection is interrupted by the crowd erupting as Steve gets announced.

The handsome stud emerges from the back, also wearing basic black.

With his hair freshly cropped and his muscles tanned, Steve Houston is a vision of muscle and the power of hard work. You don’t get a ripped body like that without doing everything right. His wide, muscular shoulders sit above his defined chest and ripped 8-pack. His sculpted back narrows down to his trim waist. The definition on his hips runs deep into the packed black trunks that bulge with an as yet unseen treasure. In the back, Steve’s ass cheeks form a perfect dome of tight hard flesh. Steve’s legs look cut from granite as they run down to short boots that come up just above the ankle, leaving the leg exposed.

The smooth stud moves determinedly to the ring, leaping up onto the ring apron with a single bound. Cesar wastes no time, immediately charging in. The younger wrestler vaults himself over the top rope, leaping over the surprised hairy muscleman. When Cesar turns, he’s met by three hard forearms across his head. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Cesar is staggered as Steve backs him up into the ropes.

Steve lifts his knee up into his beefy opponent’s gut, driving his knee into the surprisingly hard stomach. The smooth muscleman flings Cesar across the ring, into the opposite ropes. When Cesar bounces off, he’s met with a stiff flying shoulder block that levels him flat. Steve mounts Cesar’s legs then lays in with fists into his big, hairy gut. The fists bounce off, as Cesar grunts softly. WHAP! Unh! WHAP! Unh! WHAP! Unh! Steve rolls to the side, off the mature musclebear, immediately coming down with a hard elbow to the round stomach. OOF! Cesar grunts as his stomach is again pummeled by fists.

With Cesar winded, Steve grabs his wrist. He drags the beefy bear to his feet, keeping the pace fast and furious. He’s seen a lot of Cesar’s matches and the smooth hunk knows that his opponent prefers the action to be slow and methodical. Well, not today. Steve drops his shoulder and reaches between Cesar’s thick legs. He lifts, carrying the big man on his shoulders before he flips him over, dropping him on his back from five feet in the air. SLAM!

Without hesitation, Steve drops his knee into Cesar’s gut then does it again. THUD! THUD! The big bear lashes out, pushing Steve off. He rolls to the ring apron and down to the floor below. Cesar bends over, rubbing his aching gut, then starts walking around the ring, composing himself. Steve has other ideas. The handsome hunk runs at Cesar, sliding under the bottom rope and driving his boots into the big man’s shoulder. THWAK! Cesar flies five feet, his back colliding with the barricades that keep the audience clear.

Immediately, Steve slides out onto the floor. When the smooth muscle stud gets close, Cesar fires a fist, slamming it into Steve’s impressive 8-pack. THUD! The chiseled wrestler is pushed back by the force, but unfazed. He quickly moves in again. Cesar fires away again, but Steve blocks the punch, driving in with a hard knee into Cesar’s stomach. OOF! The ab abuse is apparent as Cesar’s stomach is bright red under his thick matted fur. He’s already working up a sweat as the ripped muscleman fires a forearm across his head. WHACK!

Cesar bends over from the blow, only to be lifted up across Steve’s chest. The younger stud easily holds the musclebear’s weight up, showing off his impressive strength. Steve rolls his opponent under the bottom rope then climbs onto the ring apron. Cesar has rolled a few feet from the ropes. Steve smiles and leans back. He propels himself over the top rope, aiming for a splash on Cesar’s softening stomach. WHOMP! ARGH!

At the last second, Cesar lifts his knees, letting Steve crash down onto his hard shins. The smooth muscle stud rolls off, holding his ripped midsection as Cesar climbs to his feet. He stretches out, moving in carefully on his rising foe. When Cesar gets close, Steve twists, whipping his forearm across Cesar’s barrel chest. THUD! Cesar is knocked back only one step, but it’s enough.

Steve reaches between Cesar’s legs again and hoists the big man up. It takes a little more effort with his abs still recovering, but he manages to hold the big bear aloft. Steve lifts and flips Cesar, slamming him to the canvas so hard the ring shakes. Steve runs back into the ropes, coming off and hopping over the toppled bear. The sculpted muscleman leaps up onto the second rope then uses the tension to propel himself backwards. He flips over aiming for another splash. WHOMP! FUCK!

Again, Cesar brings his knees up and Steve crashes down hard on his abs. The beefy bear reaches out, grabbing the younger stud’s leg and arm. He keeps Steve from bouncing off, pulling him down into the hard shins. With surprising agility, Cesar rocks then rolls forward, rolling them over 180-degrees onto Steve’s back. Cesar kneels on top of the ripped 8-pack, bouncing to add pressure as he drives his weight into the rock hard flesh. Cesar rolls back onto his feet, springs up then splashes down on top of Steve’s washboard midsection. OOF!

Cesar taunts, “That’s how you do it!”

The bigger man reaches to his left and grabs the back of Steve’s neck. Cesar tightens his hand, applying a hard claw at the base. His fingers dig into the flesh, giving him enough control to force Steve up to his feet. The handsome hunk grimaces as pain shoots through his neck Cesar fires his free hand into Steve’s iron stomach, testing John’s claim that they’re tougher than steel. Steve’s abs hold through the hard shots. He summons his will and slams his elbow sideways, right into Cesar’s stomach. OOF!

Steve pulls free from Cesar’s grip on his neck. He backs all the way across the ring, rolling his shoulders and stretching up, feeling tightness in his shoulders, neck and abs. Cesar moves in, closing the distance. The two men circle, each feeling the effects of the match already. Cesar keeps moving closer, until he finally springs at the handsome hunk, using his weight to drive him back first into the corner. ARGH!

Cesar grabs Steve by the wrist and whips him across the ring. The smooth stud stops short, reversing the whip and sending Cesar into the corner hard! CLANG! Steve follows up, charging in with a clothesline across the hairy barrel chest. Steve backs up and slams three fists into the wide open stomach. POW! POW! POW! Cesar sags slightly as Steve reaches in to grab his wrist.

Suddenly, Cesar’s hands shoot out, grabbing Steve on the side of his chiseled pecs. ARGH! The powerful muscle beast tightens his grip, crushing the perfectly sculpted chest muscles with his tight claw. The smooth muscleman grimaces as he grabs Cesar’s thick wrists and tries to pry the hands off his heaving chest. It's no use as Cesar's hands are too large and too strong. Steve has never felt this kind of pressure before.

Cesar spins them around, slamming Steve's back into the corner. BANG! The impact only increases the pain he feels. The mighty muscle beast squeezes harder and harder until he feels Steve go weak in the knees from the tearing pain. Cesar releases the claw, immediately delivering a series of hard chops across the broad, tanned chest of his younger opponent. SMACK! The chops echo through the arena and red stripes are obvious across the bulging pecs.

Steve tries to push Cesar back, but the bear is immovable. When the handsome hunk tries to shove him again, Cesar grabs Steve’s left wrist and forces the thick arm back behind the younger stud’s head. The hairy muscle beast drives his fist into Steve's left pec, putting his entire weight behind it. AAAHHHHH! The pain is intense. But worse is the perfect position of the strikes, right over Steve's heart. The shockwaves of the heart punch blast through the muscle and deep inside Steve's ripped body. The younger wrestler's knees go weak as the seasoned wrestler releases his wrist and backs off.

Cesar looks Steve up and down then fires his thick hands back around the weakened pecs. He feels his fingers sink deeper into the flesh and smiles. Steve summons his strength and pushes out of the corner. He pushes back, sending them all the way across the ring, Cesar maintaining the chest claw the entire way. CLANG! Steve slams Cesar's back into the opposite corner, but the musclebear won't release the claw. Instead, he steps onto the bottom rope then the middle rope.

The move confuses Steve as he looks up at his opponent towering above him while still holding onto his chest. He's never seen Cesar climb the ropes or corner before. Before Steve can execute a counter, the beefy musclebear leaps forward off the middle turnbuckle. Steve is driven back as Cesar positions his knee in the center of the muscle stud's 8-pack. ZABOOM! UUNNNHHHH! Steve cries out as he's sandwiched between the unforgiving canvas and his opponent. The 230-lbs of bear lands on top of him, the weight concentrated on his “indestructible" abs.

Cesar rolls off, slowly rising and looking down at Steve, who is considerably less well. The musclebear bends down to pull his opponent up, only to receive a hard fist to his abs. UNGH! Steve follows up with a shot across Cesar's face, sending the bear staggering backwards. Steve rolls to his side and slowly climbs to his feet. He feels the effects of the punishment, but his amazing muscles are holding.

Cesar charges in, trying to regain the advantage, but Steve is resilient and ready. He leaps up and lifts his leg, letting Cesar run face first right into this hard knee. SMACK! The big bear staggers back as Steve lands and springs forward with a double fist to the hairy gut. OOF! Steve drops to one knee then grabs Cesar's thick thighs, yanking his feet out from under him. The hairy beast topples backwards, landing hard. WHAM!

Steve keeps hold of one leg, lifting it up as he rises. The smooth stud steps over the fallen Cesar, flipping him onto his chest then sitting back, applying a single leg crab that draws groans of pain from the bear. With his free hand, Steve reaches up and rubs his own pecs and abs. They don't look too bad, other than the redness, but the heart punch and knee from the second rope have his heart and stomach doing cartwheels.

Cesar tries to power out of the crab, pressing up and kicking forward, but Steve knows how to use leverage to maintain an advantage. He rolls his head, stretching out his neck, which is starting to tighten from the earlier claw. He ignores his own pain, instead focusing on the pain he's inflicted. Steve knows he's weakened Cesar's back and abs. He just has to keep it up and not make any more stupid mistakes. Two missed splashes are the only thing that's gotten him into any trouble.

Steve releases the crab, stomping on the back of Cesar's leg. Nothing slows a big man down faster than weakening a leg. With Cesar face down, Steve takes another risk. He loves the splash and his pride refuses to accept he can't execute it. The smooth muscleman runs to the ropes again, hitting the second rope with his boots and bouncing off. He flips his over, landing directly across Cesar's thick back. SPLAT! Steve lands it perfectly this time.

The hairy stud cries out, as he couldn't counter this splash. Steve rises to his knees. He clutches his pecs and abs, as the impact reinforced the damage from the claws and knee shots. The smooth wrestler gathers his wits as he tries to shake it off, willing himself to suppress the pain. He punches Cesar's back then rises and comes down with a double axe handle on the soft flesh just above the tiny black trunks.

Steve rises to his feet then stomps his boots down hard all over the broad back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Cesar can only moan as he's abused by the younger hunk. Steve grabs Cesar by the head, forcing him to his feet. He pushes the big bear into the ropes, lifting a knee into the bulging stomach before whipping Cesar across the ring. When Cesar ricochets off, he's leveled by a hard shoulder block. He crashes down hard, but Steve doesn't follow up as he takes a moment to rub his pec, which aches after the impact.

With his chest muscle tamed for the moment, Steve moves in and gives Cesar a hard stomp to the gut. He bends over and forces the hairy muscle beast to his feet again. He whips Cesar across the ring again. This time, he goes for a clothesline, but Cesar ducks. Steve's momentum causes him to stumble forward, while the older wrestler shows his savvy by stopping short, right behind the wobbly muscle hunk.

Cesar comes in behind Steve as he steadies himself. The bigger bear reaches out with his right hand and grabs hold of the back of Steve's neck again. He applies a tight nerve hold that causes Steve's entire body to go rigid. With his left hand, Cesar fires fists all the way down Steve's spine. The blows are hard, fast and carefully placed for maximum damage. The handsome hunk can only moan as he feels the pain shoot through his body.

As Steve reaches his arms back to try to pry the hand off his neck, Cesar feels just above the waistband of Steve's small black trunks. He finds the spot then slams his fist against the hard flesh. Steve's hips thrust forward from the repeated hits. The bad-ass muscleman still can't get his arms high enough to reach Cesar’s neck claw before the bear clamps down, applying a second claw, this time over the left kidney, his fingers digging into the flesh he was just punching.

Steve moans as his opponent stays behind, out of reach, squeezing his neck and side. The handsome hunk grimaces as he suffers in the claws. He breathes in deeply then starts pushing back; planning to ram Cesar's back into the corner. The wily musclebear feels the force then counters it. He pushes back, using his weight and position advantage to run the two of them directly towards the corner. When they get close enough, Cesar trips Steve and releases the claws. The muscleman falls, connecting pecs first as Cesar saunters in behind, measuring the muscleman up.

Steve hangs on the top turnbuckle for a moment, just breathing hard. The bigger man's relentless claws are actually taking a toll on him. He doesn't have time to even rise before Cesar is on him again with a shoulder claw. The hairy muscle beast digs his fingers into each of Steve's large traps close to the neck. Steve feels the power leaving his cut arms as he's tortured by the thick fingers yet again.

The older man grows confident, as his slow, methodical punishments are clearly working. He moves in close, pinning the smooth muscleman against the corner. Steve moans as he feels Cesar's body against him. He notices that he feels Cesar's hard cock against his ass. The musclebear even dry humps the handsome stud's perfect ass. Unfortunately for Cesar, that's all the focus Steve needs.

Steve grits his teeth, ignoring the pain. He rises up and takes a page from Cesar. He leaps up then pushes off the middle turnbuckle. The two men crash back, with all Steve's weight slamming down on Cesar's chest and stomach. He loses the shoulder claw as Steve rolls over. The smooth muscleman slams furious fists into the big man's stomach. Every blow sinks deep as Cesar's stomach has softened from all the abuse.

Cesar rolls to the side, away from the adrenaline-pumped muscleman, but Steve follows. He moves up to a crouch then comes down with a knee into Cesar's exposed back. Steve grabs Cesar’s left leg and pulls it up, keeping his knee against the musclebear's back. Cesar's thigh lifts off the mat as he's stretched out by the younger wrestler. Pain shoots through his back as Steve punishes his core again.

Steve feels his grip on the smooth leather boot slipping, a combination of the material, sweat and his weakened arms, so he lets go willingly before losing the hold. He rises to his feet, leveling stomps at the musclebear's back. Steve's signature move, the sharpshooter, attacks the back, so destroying the core makes it just that much more effective. With a burst of energy, Cesar fights against the stomps, trying to rise. Steve backs off, stalking him from behind.

When Cesar gets to his feet, Steve launches in with a shoulder block to the back that sends Cesar flying into the ropes and Steve to his knees, pain shooting through his shoulder and back. FUCK! The top rope cuts across Cesar's broad chest and propels him back into a rising Steve's waiting arms. The smooth stud drops his right shoulder, bends his knees and catches Cesar over the shoulder and inside his thigh. Steve ignores the pain and lifts, pressing up with his legs and hoisting the big bear in an across-the-shoulder backbreaker.

Cesar moans as he's carried around the ring, stretched out. His back feels like shit and he knows he’s in trouble. UNH! The big bear moans as he hangs across the broad shoulders. He tries to kick his legs, but it doesn’t help. Cesar swings his arm, managing to slam his fist into Steve’s pec. AH! Steve grunts as Cesar lashes out again, hammering the muscle again. It’s enough to cause Steve to stumble and lose balance. He is forced to drop the musclebear to regain his balance.

Free of the hold, Cesar climbs to his feet, stretching out his back. He turns to see Steve crouching. Before the big man can react, the smooth muscleman launches himself, springing out of his crouch like a jungle cat. WHAM! ARGH! Steve slams his shoulder into Cesar’s damaged gut. Both men fall, Cesar landing hard on his back and Steve on hands and knees. Needles of pain shoot through Steve’s shoulder as the effects of the nerve attacks continue to build. It didn’t hurt that much at first, but the muscles keep tightening.

Cesar rolls to his feet. Steve sees an opening and jumps up. He forces his arms under Cesar’s, lifting them up and slapping on a full nelson. Cesar moans, but Steve knows he hasn’t attacked Cesar’s shoulders. This move is for control more than submission. With the musclebear’s arms trapped, Steve charges them forward, slamming Cesar’s stomach and chest into the corner. CLANG! The big man slumps in the nelson, his hairy torso aching from the impact.

Steve pulls Cesar out and drives forward again, UNH! This time, Cesar lifts his boot and blocks the charge then brings his arms down fast. He powers out of the nelson, shocking Steve who realizes he’s losing power in his arms, because he should’ve been able to hold it. Steve fires fists at Cesar’s back, sending the hairy musclebear stumbling forward in pain.

Steve stays behind Cesar, wrapping his arms around the hairy wrestler’s ample midsection. He pulls Cesar tight against him, crushing the weakened core. Cesar’s head falls back as he suffers, his stomach and back having been relentlessly targeted during this long, grueling match. The big man moans, even losing his balance as he’s squeezed mercilessly. The musclebear summons his reserves and grabs Steve’s arms. He can’t pull them apart, but he locks onto the smooth, pumped forearms. Cesar squeezes, locking his thumbs and fingers into the soft spot between muscles, digging in deep.

Cesar’s forearm claw works as Steve’s hands cramp and open, his arms losing all their power in the nerve hold. The big man lifts the powerless arms apart as easily as you’d open a robe, all the way feeling the labored breathing of Steve on his neck and listening to the younger stud’s soft, high-pitched grunting. Cesar releases the left arm, but keeps hold of the right. He lifts and ducks under it, twisting and slapping on a tight armbar. Steve hunches in the hold as Cesar alternates punches and claws to the bicep then the tricep.

Steve suffers for minutes in the hold, unable to free himself as his right arm is torn apart. He swears audibly now, showing pain and frustration. When Cesar moves to switch his hold again, Steve times it perfectly, pulling his wrist free then kicking out right into Cesar’s stomach. The big man bends over, almost puking as the boot pushes past the fat and muscle. Steve is shaking out his right arm, working off the effects of the abuse. Both men are sweaty and breathing hard, but they know they need to keep going.

With his upper body ravaged, Steve decides he needs time to recuperate. He kicks out again, slamming his boot into the side of Cesar’s head. The musclebear drops to a knee only to receive a hard kick to his back that puts him face down on the mat. As Cesar struggles to rise, he keeps getting stomped back to the mat. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Steve moves to deliver yet another stomp when Cesar twists, kicking his foot out from under him. The move topples the younger stud down onto his magnificent ass. PLOP!

Cesar rolls forward, kneeling between Steve’s legs. He lifts the right leg, digging his fingers into the flesh hard. The musclebear starts punching the back of Steve’s calf above the short boot. He sees the huge muscle tense then keeps going. Steve moans as he feels the calf tightening. This long match has him dehydrating and building up lactic acid. With this claw and these punches, he knows the feeling … Cesar is inducing a fucking Charley Horse. The calf suddenly goes rock hard as it tenses. Steve tries to flex his ankle, but in the wrestling boots, it’s hard.

Satisfied, the big musclebear moves in closer to Steve’s crotch then grabs the younger stud’s legs, bending them at the knee. Cesar folds the smooth hunk’s ankles behind him, wedging them tightly and holding them down by sitting on them. Steve moans as his Cesar sits on his calves, his legs as split around the big musclebear. He squirms, but his feet are locked and trapped. Steve looks down his battered torso as he feels Cesar hands on his knees, pushing them down towards the mat, stretching his groin uncomfortably.

With Steve momentarily immobilized, Cesar takes advantage. He releases one knee then stands pounding on the right groin muscle, targeting the soft spot on the leg just below where Steve’s trunks stop. After the punches, he feels the muscle, almost tenderly, but it’s only to find the exact right spot for his next nerve pinch. The musclebear digs his fingers into the flesh of the inner leg, applying enough pressure to get Steve to cry out. Cesar loves this position, as he can watch the suffering on the face of the young stud as his leg is weakened.

Cesar alternates, repeating the abuse on the left leg and getting even better results. Steve’s shoulders roll back-and-forth; he slaps the mat in frustration and pain. Cesar looks down at the smooth inner leg. He licks his lips.

“So, Mr. Houston, in this position, I simply cannot resist. I am going to claw your spectacularly large bulge.” The hairy dominator reaches his hand out, gently caressing the shapely balls as Steve processes what’s being said.

“NO!” Steve swings his shoulders up, smacking the bear’s paw away from his bulge with his left hand and slamming a hard right across Cesar’s cheek. CRACK!

Cesar moans and rises, wiping a trickle of blood from his mouth. He says, “So it is not time, fair enough.”

An angry Steve rises up. In the back, John is anxious. This is what Steve always does. His opponent goes too far and he finds a second or third or fiftieth wind. Steve climbs to his feet, staggering and walking funny as he tries to walk off this latest round of abuse. His neck is stiffening again; he just can’t seem to shake the effects. It’s like he’s been damaged inside more than outside from all the nerve holds and claws. They have not just a lasting impact, but also a growing one.

Cesar wipes the blood on his hand across his chest tattoo, wearing it like a marker. He sees Steve trying recover, so he moves in. This match is the longest he’s had in a long time and he knows it needs to end soon. He’s not as young as he used to be. Cesar charges in, aiming for a face claw that will put the young stud out for good, but Steve dodges him, coming in behind, standing back-to-back with his beefy opponent. The handsome hunk grabs Cesar by the head and drops fast, slamming the back of Cesar’s head into his shoulder for an impressive neckbreaker.

Cesar kicks the mat as he holds his head. Steve sits up, but pauses to summon the strength. Together, they start to rise, facing away from one another. When they reach their feet, they turn to face each other. Steve acts first, his left boot coming up into Cesar’s hairy stomach. The big man bends over as his ravaged midsection is punished yet again. OOF! Steve grabs his head, lifts and twists, executing a perfect spinning neckbreaker. CRASH!

Steve rolls across Cesar’s broad best, slapping the mat. ONE! TWO! Cesar kicks out by lifting his shoulder. Steve rolls off him as Cesar is back onto his back, trying to gather his wits. He drags Cesar up to his feet. The smooth musclestud reaches down and lifts for another bodyslam, but he can’t even get the big man off the canvas. Steve realizes there’s no more time. He just keeps getting weaker.

The ripped muscleman rises to his feet and hammers the still recuperating Cesar across the head. The musclebear falls onto his back. The handsome hunk moves into position at Cesar’s feet Cesar. He grabs hold of the big man’s ankles and lifts them up. Steve steps through and crosses them over his thigh. The crowd screams as Steve sets up his finisher. In the back, John can’t believe it – the fucking sharpshooter! Why did he trust Cesar?

Steve steps over, flipping Cesar onto his chest. He locks the big bear’s boot under his armpit then cranks back, folding Cesar’s spine the wrong way. Immediately, the hairy stud cries out, as all the back and core punishment comes to the fore. He moans helplessly as he is tortured in the hold. Steve leans back, really applying the pressure. Cesar moans, trying to press up, but it’s no use.

No man can withstand the pain of the sharpshooter for long and Cesar is no exception. He knows he will have to submit to its power soon.

While Steve is capitalizing on his plan to weaken Cesar’s back and stomach, setting him up for this move, Cesar also has been working a plan. He reaches his hand back and finds Steve’s ankle. With only seconds to go before he has no choice but to give in, he slides his hand up to the calf. To the calf with the Charley Horse. Steve can ignore it, but it’s there. Cesar open his hand and clamps down on the tightened muscle, clawing at it. Suddenly, Steve feels as though his calf muscle is being torn off. He cries out as Cesar twists his body. Steve can’t hold the finisher, toppling to the side.

The crowd and John gasp, as Cesar is the first man to ever escape Steve’s sharpshooter!

Steve kneels in the middle of the ring, clutching his calf. He feels crippled as his energy drains from him. Cesar rises slowly, but seeing the handsome hunk crumpled in a heap gives him the boost he needs. He walks over, behind Steve, and reaches down, grabbing the younger muscleman’s shoulders. He pulls Steve up until his back rests against Cesar’s thick thighs. Steve’s head falls back against the bulging trunks as he’s still clutching his calf. Cesar raises his hands, locks them together then brings them forward and over Steve’s left shoulder, smashing them into the battered left pec.

URK! Steve feels as though his heart stops for a moment as the impact shoots through his body. Cesar follows up with another shoulder claw, this time shaking Steve’s torso as the younger stud kneels in front of him. Almost immediately the handsome hunk’s arms go limp and fly back and forth like pieces of cooked spaghetti. Steve’s head droops, his chin resting on his chest.

Cesar kneels down behind Steve. He reaches under the limp arms and grabs tight hold of the pecs from behind. He stands, dragging the limp body of the smooth muscle stud up by the pec claw. Steve can barely stand as Cesar lets go and circles in front. He slaps Steve’s face, testing whether the stud has another miraculous comeback in him. When Steve doesn’t react, Cesar smiles.

Now it is time.

The claws and nerve holds have destroyed the younger wrestler’s amazing body from the inside out. Yes, the damage to Steve extends below the surface, damaging him inside and out. Every time Steve executed a move using the damaged body part, he only increased his pain and weakness. The shoulder blocks, punches, lifts, kicks … everything just kept building and building. Cesar can’t help but smile at the wobbly muscleman whose head is bowed as he stands in the middle of the ring in defeat.

Cesar circles behind Steve. He runs his hand up the younger stud’s rippled back to his shoulders. The bear puts one finger on top of Steve’s head and pushes down. The smooth muscleman drops to his knees immediately. As Cesar towers behind him, the handsome younger stud slouches, looking entirely beaten and pathetic. The crowd is electric as the buzz goes through, is this really it?

Rules and Handsome Men 

Steve kneels in the center of the ring, his knees spread wide, his ass resting on the heels of his short cloth wrestling boots. He's hunched over, the only movement is his labored breathing. The muscled wrestler's shoulders slouch forward, arms hanging limp, palms out as his wrists rest inside his thighs. Steve's head hangs down, his chin rests just above his heaving chest. Sweat runs down his handsome face, as droplets hang for a moment on his nose, before they fall onto the black spandex trunks that cover his pronounced bulge.

As Steve tries to gather himself, he can only look down and watch the sweat drops fall onto his manhood and tortured torso over and over again. He is forced to see his tight 8-pack sag forward, red and distended from all the abuse it has taken. The mighty muscle stud wills himself to rise, but nothing happens. He's exhausted, but it's so much worse than that. He's in agony. His muscles simply won't work anymore. They've been methodically broken down and destroyed by an expert.

Steve gulps as he sees the boots of that expert, Cesar, move into his line of sight. He feels fear, for the first time in his wrestling career. This man has destroyed his body, but he knows that's not enough. He knows he won’t be pinned or submitted. The burly man before him intends to break him and his rules. Steve has to hold out and prevent that from happening until he can figure out how to use Cesar’s arrogance against him and steal the win.

Cesar circles his victim. He stretches out and rolls his shoulders. He's feeling the effects of the match, but he knows that he's won. The hairy wrestler idly rubs his belly, savoring the sight of the defeated mega-stud. He smiles as he hears the crowd cheering. Cesar can hear voices begging the younger muscleman to rise, but most of the cries are for him, echoing out instructions on what to do next.

Not that he cares what they want. This match is about Cesar. He has a plan developed before he ever entered the ring with the great Steve Houston.

Cesar kneels down behind Steve’s broken body. He reaches his arms over the younger stud’s left shoulder and under his right arm. Even though he’s in the perfect position to put Steve out, he doesn’t even try. Instead, he leans in close, bringing his mouth up to his victim’s ear.

Cesar whispers, “Time to break your ridiculous rules. You know that those rules are the reason I wanted this match. Of course, I won’t, if you can stop me.”

The hairy beast slides his right hand onto Steve’s bulging pec then down his ravaged abs. He moves excruciatingly slowly as he works his hand lower and lower. Steve moans and tries to will his arms to move. He desperately tries to escape, but he cannot. When Cesar reaches the waistband of the younger stud’s trunks, Steve whimpers softly.

Cesar laughs at the muscleboy’s helplessness. The poor man has never felt powerless before, even when he’s lost a match. Now, he can’t manage the simple task of pushing away this older man’s hand from his trunks. Cesar slides his hand onto the massive pouch, carefully kneading it through the spandex.

“Uh oh, I’m breaking one of your precious rules! Go ahead, boy, stop me.”

In response, Steve moans as his manhood is molested by his beefy conqueror. Cesar has his left arm around the smooth muscleman’s throat, hugging him tightly against the mighty bear’s coarse and matted body hair. The soft chuckles from Cesar fill Steve’s head as he’s held and felt up against his will for the first time in his career.

Cesar slides his hand up. He forces a finger into the front of Steve’s tight black trunks, fishing until he finds the white knotted lace that secures the trunks around the muscle stud’s hips. The hairy beast pulls it out then slowly unknots the string, leaving the two ends hanging down the front. He stretches out the waistband then works his big paw inside the spandex briefs. He stretches the fabric out, but is careful not to expose Steve to the crowd. Not yet, anyway.

Cesar grabs Steve’s cock, crushing it until his victim moans. Steve’s head lifts then falls right back down as his dick is worked by the rough, calloused hand that controls his manhood. In spite of his predicament, Steve reacts instinctively, his cock stiffening under the cruel manipulation. With Steve’s member hardening, Cesar forces it down until it rests over the golf-ball-sized orbs. It’s painful as his hard cock wants to rise, not be driven down, but Cesar cannot be denied. Steve’s cock is as powerless against the bear as the rest of the man is.

Cesar slides his hand out of the trunks after checking to make sure everything is in place. He slides to the left of his helpless opponent, grabbing Steve’s chin and turning his head. The younger muscle hunk looks at him with dead eyes, mouth hanging open as he helplessly kneels, still unable to mount even the smallest of resistance. Cesar smiles then slides his right hand down the back of Steve’s trunks. He parts the tight crack with his hand, locating the smooth stud’s hole. Cesar fingers it seductively until he hears a soft “please” exit from Steve’s mouth.

“I warned you that handsome men are like rules. Now I’ve broken you, just like your useless rules.”

Steve doesn’t respond as Cesar releases his chin. The hairy stud moves to his right, forcing his hand further into the trunks, moving past the hole. The audience in front of Steve starts to see the musclebear’s fingers as they move up the front of the inside of the trunks. The hand slides over the balls, grabbing the tip of the semi-hard cock that hangs down. Cesar opens his hand then engulfs Steve’s balls and cock in the cruel grip!

Cesar laughs as he tightens his hand, “Because you never let men attack you here, you have no resistance. Now you will feel what you’ve been avoiding!”

AARRGGHHHH! The smooth muscle stud lets out a blood-curdling scream as his cock and balls are cruelly crushed by the power of Cesar’s mighty hand. His destroyed body convulses in pain, shaking uncontrollably, only held up by Cesar’s left hand, which cups Steve’s pec. The smooth muscleman still can’t move his muscles to defend himself. All Steve can do is suffer, moan … and cry. The pain is so intense that tears actually form in the eyes of this man’s man for the first-time since he was a child. Cesar sees them and runs his left index finger under the watering eyes. The bear captures a drop of tear and tastes it, savoring the salty discharge. Steve is humiliated as his eyes keep watering and Cesar keeps taking and tasting his tears.

With Cesar’s hand off his pec, Steve falls forward, his devastated body unable to stay up. THUD! He lands face first, his knees under him and his ass in the air as Cesar’s arm sticks out of the back of his trunks. Steve doesn’t stop convulsing, uttering constant moans of pain. Cesar eases up the pressure, his mission accomplished, but he doesn’t let go. Instead, he rises, dragging Steve’s hips and ass up into the air by his manhood. Steve’s magnificent body hangs limply down to the mat.

Cesar leans over and wraps his hands around Steve’s neck. He clamps his hand down in a claw then forces the younger stud up, literally dragging the limp body up. Cesar slides his hand out of the trunks, pulling them back up Steve’s bulging ass. With Cesar’s grip off his groin, Steve can’t support himself. The grip on his neck isn’t enough to keep him on his feet, his neck slipping free. Steve falls to the canvas like a sack of potatoes. He’s still moaning in pain as he writhes at the feet of the musclebear.

Cesar looks down at the former stud with contempt. He thinks for a moment then scans the perimeter. He smiles when he sees the two hot bodybuilders standing at the perimeter. Their tanned skin and lime green posing trunks are beacons through the darkness. The men serve as bouncers and crowd control for UWO, but tonight Cesar has another job for them.

Cesar dramatically summons them forward into the ring. They eagerly hop the barrier and come into the ring, having waited for their chance ever since the UWO veteran came to them days ago with his plan.

Cesar orders them, “Pick him up!”

The two hunks eagerly comply, grabbing the ruined arms and dragging Steve up. They drape his arms over their shoulders, easily able to support the 195-lbs of softened muscle. They can’t resist the chance to caress the defeated stud’s body. Even in this shape, it’s still too amazing to resist. When one of them reaches for Steve’s bulge, Cesar smacks the hand away. The beefy musclebear wags his finger, letting them know that it is off limits. Cesar makes them spin, giving the entire arena a good look at their once-and-former hero’s ruined body. When they make a 360, Cesar moves in again. He rubs Steve’s torso then forces the stud’s head up.

“Time to break another rule. Unless you want to stop me.” Steve lets out an unintelligible moan, eliciting a laugh from his tormentor. “I’m waiting … no? I didn’t think so.”

Cesar slides his fingers into the waistband of Steve’s black trunks. He slowly works them down, first off Steve’s ass, forcing them over the large mounds of flesh. The musclebear is careful to keep the trunks resting high in front, exposing an inch of trimmed pubes, but none of Steve’s cock. Another spin gives the crowd their first good view of Steve’s magnificent ass. Cesar spanks the flesh, quickly turning the untanned white skin red as Steve’s body shakes between the studs that hold him aloft. When Steve’s ass is sufficiently tanned, it’s time for the main event.

The cocky brute positions himself in front of Steve. He grabs the waistband again, wasting no time. He roughly tears the trunks down to the knees then rises up. Steve’s limp cock and bull balls hang down in front, exposed in public for the first time ever. With the second of Steve’s rules broken, Cesar moves behind Steve. He comes in close, sliding his arms between Steve and the men keeping him on his feet.

Cesar roughly grabs the cock, jerking it back-and-forth for the amusement of the audience and the cameras. Steve’s cock quickly grows to a stacked nine-inches, the only part of his body that’s still hard. The still fully conscious Steve feels humiliated as the diabolical muscle beast molests him. He tries to resist, but can’t. Steve feels akin to waking up, but not being able to move. He can only mutter and moan.

With the second rule hopelessly violated, Cesar circles around again. He orders the beefy bodybuilders to lower Steve to his knees. Cesar grabs the handsome hunk’s chin and lifts his head. He makes sure to catch Steve’s eyes as he uses his other hand to pull down the front of his own trunks. The bear’s thick, stubby cock powers up. He forces it against Steve’s mouth, but the smooth stud won’t open his mouth.

“Oh, still a bit of resistance? It won’t last.”

Cesar delivers a swift kick to the broken abs. Steve’s mouth opens and Cesar shoves his cock inside. He pumps his hips, face fucking the handsome stud mercilessly. With Steve on his knees, the bodybuilders reach out and caress Cesar’s hairy physique. They admire the body of the man who destroyed the great Steve Houston. It’s all Cesar can do not to cum, so he withdraws, slapping Steve’s face with his hard dick. Again he grabs Steve’s chin, forcing his head up.

“Last chance, boy. I’m going to break your pathetic rule number three. And break you, once and for all.”

Once again, Steve can’t muster any physical resistance. Cesar orders Steve to be lifted to his feet. When Steve is up, Cesar tears the trunks off the rest of the way, leaving the smooth muscleman naked, except for his boots. The bear orders the bodybuilders to lift Steve’s legs into the air. The two musclebound assistants hoist Steve’s legs up until they are cradling the smooth muscle wrestler between them. They maneuver him as though he were in a sling, his legs elevated and spread. Cesar admires the view as his victim is lifted into the perfect position.

“Let us make sure this is captured for all to see.” Cesar invites one of the cameramen into the ring to really zoom in on Steve’s virgin hole. He pans up and down the helpless stud’s destroyed body settling on the virgin hole. When he has the footage, he lies on the mat underneath, ready to capture the penetration in all its glory.

Cesar moves in close, jerking his cock iron hard. Cesar moves forward until his cock head is resting against the defeated musclehunk’s ass. Even knowing his victim is a virgin, it doesn’t make the hairy beefcake any more gentle. With a powerful thrust, he drives his cock into the tight hole until his hips slap against Steve’s bubble butt. AH! Steve cries out as he’s split in two by Cesar’s thick member. The younger muscleman has never been fucked and Cesar’s dick is not a good one to start with, especially when it’s shoved in without regard. Cesar fucks Steve hard, ravaging the muscle stud’s ass. Every thrust is rewarded with another moan. In spite of the tremendous pain, Steve’s cock remains hard as he’s fucked.

Cesar reaches around and grabs Steve’s big dick. He starts jerking it. Cesar yells at Steve, “Cum for me, bitch! Cum for your master!”

Steve moans “… oh god …” as the last bit of his self-respect is milked from him. Blood has rushed to his head. He’s physically and now mentally drained. He can’t resist the aura of the ring master. "... oh god! AHHHH!" Steve’s cock explodes, hot white cum streams out of his dick, splashing onto his face, lines running up and down his broken pecs and abs. The bodybuilders struggle to keep the convulsing wrestler up, but manage to maintain their tight grip.

With Steve drained and broken, Cesar lets go of Houston's dick. The beefy stud looks at his victim. The contempt he feels for him comes to a boil. The arrogance of this young buck, thinking he’s above everyone. Cesar spits, his saliva flying over Steve’s broken torso and smacking into his face. Rules in underground wrestling. Ridiculous. Satisfied, Cesar rubs his hairy belly then lifts his arms, flexing them in victory. Seconds later, he unleashes his load into the stud’s ass. Cesar’s hot cum fills the destroyed muscleman as the bear savors his moment. Seeding the man is the last humiliation

Or make that the second last.

Cesar pulls out his cock and orders the bodybuilders to lower Steve's feet. The hairy beast moves in tight, positioning himself against the broken stud. He grabs Steve's chin and lifts his head. Cesar puts his lips on Steve's mouth, filling the destroyed muscleman's mouth with his hot breath and thick tongue. When he pulls out, he slaps Steve to get his attention.

"You're done, but you need to admit it to me in front of all these witnesses. I broke your rules. I stripped you. I fucked you. Is that right?”

“… yes …”

“Did I fulfill the contract? Are you broken?”

“… yes … it’s yours … please ...”

Cesar covers Steve’s mouth, smothering his words. The musclebear smiles then falls back onto the mat. He puts his hands behind his head then orders the bouncers to lay Steve’s shattered body on top of his. Strangely, in this position, it looks like Steve is pinning Cesar. A loud buzz runs through the crowd as they wonder what the hairy wrestler is up to. The bodybuilders start counting, slapping the mat slowly. A confused John moves from his position behind the crowd.

ONE! John moves forward, but he can’t get past the closing throng. He runs back and around as he realizes the horror of what’s happening.

TWO! John yells for this to stop as he reaches the aisle. The crowd is screaming, shocked and just as confused as John.

THREE! John reaches the ring apron as the bodybuilders hoist Steve’s broken body up, lifting his arms in victory.

Cesar rolls over and shouts, “In an amazing upset, Steve Houston has pinned me and won the match.” The crowd grows restless, unsure what this means. They just watched Steve be demolished, but now he’s the winner? Cesar congratulates them for being the first to witness Steve Houston stripped, fucked and broken. They realize he’s right. Who cares about the pin? They just witnessed the hottest and most complete takedown of Steve Houston ever. It’s what they’ve been waiting for. Cheers erupt.

Cesar exits the ring, followed by the bouncers carrying Steve’s body. The crowd fights to touch and molest the muscular wrestlers as they pass. John gets swallowed up, unable to confront Cesar about his betrayal!

Cesar’s Exit Strategy

John finally gets to the back. He storms into the locker room, where Cesar is stripping off his boots. Steve has been dumped on the hard tile floor. The bodybuilders are taking off his boots and feeling up his smooth legs. He’s conscious, but unmoving.

When John starts ranting, Steve starts laughing as he’s molested by the massive muscle monsters. After a long-winded tirade by John, Steve stops laughing. He manages to say, “Shut up, John. You lost half? Well, I lost half of my half. We’re both down a half. Or something. Half. Half. HA!” The punch-drunk wrestler starts laughing again.

John ignores Steve’s rambling. He turns to Cesar, “Why the fuck would you give this punk 50% of my company?”

Cesar says calmly, “Actually, I gave him 24.9% of your company.”


Cesar explains that he made a side deal with Steve. In the original deal, if Steve won, he would get 50% of John’s federation. But if Cesar won, Steve would get nothing and be forced into a life of degrading sex stakes matches. So Cesar offered a third option. If Cesar could indeed strip, fuck and break Steve, as he said he would, then the younger stud would surrender 25.1% of the company to Cesar in exchange for Cesar never officially pinning or submitting him. Of course Steve agreed, partly because he never believed he would lose and partly because it meant the worst that would happen was one humiliating loss and a 24.9% stake in the federation.

John’s head was spinning as he looked for some sort of loophole. The contracts were signed and witnessed. The result was on tape with a hundred witnesses. Steve technically won, so John owes him 50% of the company. Cesar stripped, fucked and broke Steve, so now Steve owes Cesar just over half of that stake.

John mutters, “I can’t believe it.”

Cesar puts his arm around John’s shoulder, “Believe it, partner. Now my friends and I are going to take laughing boy here to the shower and fuck his brains out. Again. Care to join us?”

John looks down at Steve’s battered body. Still smoking hot. He could worry about the deals tomorrow. This is too good an opportunity to pass up.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Exit Strategy was an idea that came to me and I wrote it in like 15 minutes and Alex Miller liked it and was nice enough to put a body to it and make it great. I still wonder what people think of it since when it was posted in Bards old blog it did not receive much comments!

    I have other stories on the works that I would love to finish and share one day. So maybe this post can motivate me!!

    Thank you Miller for writing and sharing it on your blog!

    1. Well, what really matters is that you like it. :)

  2. It's really nice! Hot, intense, damn nice ideas and brilliantly written! :)

  3. SUPER hot! Brutal domination, I loved it. I loved the variety too; I thought Cesar was just as hot as Steve and the bodybuilders. And Steve being played by Steve Kuchinsky who we're used to seeing as Jeff really worked. With the great story and hot images, I could totally see Steve without thinking of Route 69. (So I guess that means he's a good actor?) Other than the action, the plot was great too, with twists and turns right up to the end. Thanks, guys! :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I think this is why Alex sent me Steve Kuchinsky. I just co-opted him for Jeff when Alex Pirolozzi didn't work out. Maybe Jeff has an identical cousin* he doesn't know about ...

      *pop culture reference from the 60's (Patty Duke Show) and 90's (Twin Peaks).