Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Camp Grapple 1: Glacier vs. Stone

"What'd you just say, Surge?"

I start to answer Glacier's question, but I freeze as he quickly rolls off my cot. Of course the minute he entered my private quarters, he plopped himself down on my bed like he owns the place. Now he's aggressively moving up to me. We bump chests and I'm thrown back a step. The rugged-looking soldier is 6'1"/239-lbs of solid muscle. With his size, shaved head and raw animal intensity, Glacier can be intimidating. I'm a strong guy, but he has 50-lbs on me. Still, I step right back up into him. He doesn't move.


Stone turns his head from checking himself out in the full-length mirror. He stripped down his briefs as soon as he entered and hasn't stopped flexing since. I get it. Young Stone is only a Private and they don't get full length mirrors or privacy in the barracks, so he's taking advantage of the opportunity to check out his 6'/228-lbs bodybuilder physique. However, the unexpected tension in the room has distracted him from his posing routine.


I asked them here to my quarters since they're the most private and as a base doctor, I have the ability to move people around at my will. This way, neither guy will get in trouble for shirking their duties. I just wanted to give both guys some news about our little secret wrestling club, it's proving harder than I thought.

The 18-year old Private warns, "Whoa, back off Glacier." He moves in behind me, clearly warning the senior officer to calm down. Rank doesn't apply when we're talking wrestling.

I repeat calmly, "It's just what I said. Squatch gave me the title belt -"

The swarthy Glacier grabs me by the front of my t-shirt and roughly pulls me in close. Stone moves in, but I put my hand back, stopping him. I'm not having this enlisted kid save my ass. Especially when it doesn't need saving. At least, I hope not.

Glacier says, "Squatch gave you the title belt? YOU? He can't pull that shit. I don't fucking believe for one second that you beat him! I wanna match right -"

I keep my composure, hoping it will calm the muscle monster before he attacks me for a championship title that I don't even hold. This is most emotion I've ever seen from the normally stoic Glacier. I mean, he got his nickname by being huge and as cold as ice. It's kind of terrifying, even knowing Stone is ready to throw down for me. The iceman doesn't even get worked up in life and death situations, but now he's freaking out over a fun title belt in a recreational wrestling league.

I interrupt him, "Wait, wait, wait! Calm down, Glacier. Nobody made me champ. He just vacated the title and handed me the belt for safe keeping. Well, he didn't exactly hand it to me. He threw it at me. Look, it's part of my job as record keeper and organizer. Anyway, Squatch said he lost when he was on leave and he didn't deserve to be called champ."

Glacier lets me go as he bursts out laughing, "He lost? To fucking Echo? Ha ha ha ha ha!" Wow, the big man is just all kinds of emotional today.

Stone says, "Whoa, I crushed Echo in my first match. Remember? He was tough, but no way could he beat Squatch if Squatch was trying. Right, Surge?"

I explain, "Guys, I don't know if it was to Echo or what. He wasn't in a talking mood. We almost got into it just by me asking about it. The reason we're here is because now your match tomorrow is going to be for the belt."

Glacier goes cold again. He just nods then lies back down on my cot. Stone stays quiet, too, but he clearly goes into deep thought. With both guys thinking about being the new champ, I ask, "Now, the match is only one fall. Do you want to add more?"

Glacier puts his arms behind his head, "From what I hear, the kid doesn't give easy." Stone smiles at the compliment. The older muscleman continues, "And you know I don't. Just keep it the way it is or it'll take all night."

For his part, young Stone just nods in agreement then starts to get dressed again. He thanks me for the use of my mirror then salutes us both as superior officers before sliding out with a note from me explaining his absence. Glacier doesn't move, so I excuse myself from my own quarters, heading back to work at the medical supply room.

Obviously, my name's Surge. I could tell you why, but then I'd have to kill you. Just kidding. It's nothing so mysterious. Like I said, I'm one of the doctors on this military base, just a few years out of medical school. Doc was taken by my boss, so I started as The Surgeon, but it got shortened. However, that's not the point of this. I'm the current secretary of a little wrestling club here on base. That's what matters.

Me, Surge

Life can be really stressful around here and we need a release. Lots of us wrestle and do it for exercise and training. A smaller group of us discovered we like to fuck after we wrestle. One thing led to another and a little network of stakes wrestlers formed within the bigger base. That's where our stakes wrestling crew comes in. Gay, bi, straight, whatever, it doesn't matter as long as you're willing to fight and put your ass on the line.

Personally, I'd say that the stakes are better than the belt, but perhaps that's because I have no shot at the belt. I usually stick to guys my size and skill, except when I'm feeling like I want to get fucked hard.

Anyway, it was just fooling around until a few guys got everyone organized and now we have a belt. It's amazing how competitive guys get over nothing, but we do. After I grab the supplies, I detour back to my quarters. Glacier is gone. I check my foot locker and look in on the belt. Sure is nice having it, even if it's not really mine. Either Glacier or Stone will make a good champ.

The Men

So Stone is a hot and huge 18-year old Private. The kid arrived 9 months ago right out of basic training. He's got a bodybuilder body, so he was immediately scoped out for our little group. An invitation for a fun wrestling match was issued. A big teen hard-on was exploited during the match. That's all it took for him to become our newest and youngest member.

At 6'/228-lbs, the dark-haired hunk has a fighter's nose and soulful eyes. He's really eager and I like that no matter how much older, bigger or higher ranked his opponent is, Stone never shows any fear. He just steps on the mat and tries his best.

So far, the young muscleman hasn't lost, so his best is clearly damn good. Everyone thinks they can take him, but he always puts them down. I lost to him early, before anyone really knew how tough he is. It wasn't humiliating for me to lose to a teenage enlisted muscleman, because of his size, but I was surprised. On the plus side, he's a young and hung top, easily one of the best fucks I've had here. We've wrestled and fucked many times since then, just for fun.

Stone looks so hot on the mat stripped down to a pair of tiny army-green posers I bought for him. They're not exactly regulation, but who cares? The dark-haired hunk's big package sags in front and his ass is amazing. His pale body is mostly smooth, mostly unmarked by ink, but freckled and he has big stretch marks on his shoulders from gaining so much muscle at such an early age.

Opposite him, Glacier is twice his age at 37. He helped found the club and has only lost a couple of times. Once to Squatch and the other to Bull, which he later avenged. He's a good wrestler, but it's more his demeanor. He has an incredible level of pain tolerance and he's great at hiding how he feels, so guys often give up on holds when maybe they could've gotten a submission. Or maybe not. You can never know with Glacier.

Glacier is pacing in his underwear and dog tags. He's got olive-skin from distant Mediterranean ancestors, dark hair and a dusting of fur on his powerful body. I've never had the pleasure of a match, but I'd hit the mats with Glacier any time. He's a beast from head to toe with a cock that can split a man in two. The muscleman strips off his tags, does a little prayer then turns.

The two musclemen move to the middle of the mats. They smash bodies and get into a staring contest. Whoever wins today could hold the belt for a long time. Knowing these two, pins will be impossible and submissions rare. Stone has never lost and Glacier only by knockout. I'm betting it'll be the same with these two. The champ will be the guy who puts the other one out.

Okay, the guys are ready. I walk to the center of the mat in front of them. I hold out the belt, letting them both touch it. I give a few rules, reminding them this match is only one fall then lift the belt up high. I parade it around the mat, drawing whistles from the four spectators. I smirk then officially announce the match is on. When I step off the mat, it's time to crown a new champ.

The Battle Begins

The two big men bend forward, hands on knees then just stare at each other. They extend their arms and move in, looking to lock up. They slaps hands, searching for an opening. After one full circle of the mat, it's time.

Stone charges in. Glacier goes high, catching the diving young muscleman's head and arm. He wraps him up then a fast flip plants the teen powerhouse on the mat. WHAM! The bigger bruiser mounts his young opponent. As Stone rises to push the older muscle beast off, Glacier turns and drives his forearm to the head. CRACK! The smaller, younger hunk slams backwards, but shrugs it off. He bounces up then pushes the bald behemoth off him.

Both musclemen rise to their knees. They waste no time, immediately diving into one another with a collar and elbow lock up. They struggle for control. This time, the younger stud wins out, powering Glacier into a side headlock. The bigger bruiser unleashes a forearm shot to the back, but all he gets in response is a tighter squeeze.

Glacier plants a foot then forces them both to their feet. Stone keeps the punishing hold, but the older muscle beast grabs between his legs. With a sudden burst, Glacier lifts the 228-lbs teen into the air then drops him with a side suplex. WHAM! The bigger bruiser rolls on top of the young hunk, their massive bodies pressed together.

The bald behemoth locks on a front facelock and squeezes tightly. His ass clenches in his tiny briefs as he crushes Stone's head. I wonder if Glacier is already going for a knockout sleeper, but it doesn't matter. Stone pounds the bigger bruiser with fists and throws the two of them over. He pulls free of the facelock then unleashes fists onto the mighty pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Glacier doesn't even grunt as he takes the shots then brings up his knee, knocking the younger stud onto his side.

Glacier rolls over fast, forcing Stone onto his stomach. A chinlock gets locked on fast then he rolls them over. With Stone on top, the older muscleman wraps his legs around his thick waist with a body scissors. Stone tries to pry the thick arms off his head as he plants his feet wide. The two men are barely moving, but they're already sweating from the struggle - Stone to escape and Glacier to control.

Stone growls then swings all his power to the left. They roll over, the young stud on the bottom, face down. It breaks the scissors, but leaves him open for a rear naked choke. This could be over fast. Glacier seizes the chance, shifting his grip. However, the teen powerhouse isn't that careless. He presses up to hands and knees then throws both of them backwards.

They fly back, Glacier landing hard on the mat with 228-lbs of teen muscle on top. WHAM! Even a beast like Glacier is going to feel that. Momentarily stunned, the older muscleman loses his grip and Stone escapes. They both get to knees and lock up again. It's an all out muscle battle as we shift from the 'feeling out' phase to the main event.

Their incredible muscles tense and flex, pumping up bigger and bigger as they battle. Glacier is strong, but Stone has unbelievable instincts. He never stops moving, shifting and countering. When the bald behemoth topples them over, the young muscle stud's feet keep going and roll Glacier onto his back. Stone gets in body shots whenever he can, while Glacier tries for controlling holds to wear his young opponent down.

Glacier gets on top, but a quick burst sends him down onto his stomach. Stone goes for a rear naked choke, but he gets thrown over. The bigger musclebeast powers the young stud into a small package, but Stone rolls with it. The teen powerhouse gets an armbar, but it's quickly broken, as is a leglock by Glacier. Neither guy can control or hold his opponent.

The two sweaty muscle beasts kneel across from each other. They stare each other down, their chests and stomachs expanding and contracting with every breath. Neither stud moves as they focus on each other. The older muscleman just looks his undefeated opponent up and down, evaluating the 18-year old Private. It's one thing to hear about him, but another to face him.

Glacier says, “You’re as good as I’ve heard, kid. Strong. Smart. Uncanny senses. Probably the toughest I’ve faced.”

Stone grins, “Thank you, sir. Same back at you.”

Glacier stands up then casually moves to Stone. The young muscleman rises to meet him. Glacier extends a hand for a shake. Stone accepts. The two men nod then move back to the middle of the mat. This is nice and all, showing respect, but one of these monsters will be champ. They know it. You can see their expressions change as they get focused again. Only one of them can be champ and the other will be the champ’s prize.

The two muscle beasts move in for real this time, hunched over, eyes focused on winning. They smack hands, looking for opening, any opening. With surprising speed for two big men, they dive in at the time, locking up. They shift and test, each trying to overpower the other. Glacier proves stronger this time, whipping them down as he throws Stone to the mat. WHAM!

They land hard with Glacier on top, but Stone keeps hold and rolls with the momentum of the throw. They roll another half-turn and come to a stop with the older muscleman on his back. The teen powerhouse has Glacier's thick left arm. He spins on his ass and wraps his legs around the thick arm. Stone leans back and pulls on the armbar, his calves on the bigger bruiser's chest.

Glacier groans as his arm is tortured. The mighty limb is bent against the shoulder and elbow as it stretches up Stone's smooth bodybuilder torso. The younger stud is really working it, but the older muscleman seems mostly unfazed. How much pain he's feeling only he knows. The teen powerhouse must not think it's working, because he changes the hold.

Stone eases up then smoothly rolls them over. Glacier's arm is twisted by 228-lbs of teen muscle power. The bigger muscle beast has no choice but to roll with the move, doing a full somersault onto his stomach. When they stop, Glacier is face down, Stone's shin on his neck holding him down. The tortured arm points at the ceiling, pulled back, punishing the shoulder.

Glacier's feet rise and fall as his arm and shoulder are attacked. He plants his free hand then suddenly turns, whipping his legs around. The older hunk twists onto his side and the pressure is gone. As he lifts his feet to kick Stone off, but the young muscle monster is already falling back and locking on the original armbar again. Good move for him.

Once again, the bigger bruiser shows no emotion as his arm is punished. It stretches past the younger stud's pouch and up to his chest. Stone has a firm grip on the wrist, twisting as his legs keep the 239-lbs muscleman in place. Glacier throws his body towards the teen powerhouse, managing to twist the pressure off again.

With Glacier's wrist in his grasp and arm still between his legs, Stone shows great tenacity. Instead of abandoning the hold, he uses his incredible power to roll, throwing Glacier face first to the mat. SPLAT! The 239-lbs lands hard as the teen muscle monster rolls to sit on his back. Stone maintains his grip on the wrist.

Stone slides onto Glacier's ass then powers him into a hammerlock. He really uses the hold then dives forward, using his body weight to keep the arm in the hold. The younger stud forces his arm under the bigger bruiser's chin. He's going for a choke, which Glacier recognizes. His one arm is pinned between their rock hard bodies, but he's far from helpless. With a sudden burst, Glacier pushes up with his legs and free arm, throwing Stone off him.

Glacier spins onto his ass then his knees, looking to rise. As he reaches his knees, the older muscle beast is surprised to see a foot coming right at his left pec. KA-THUD! The kick slams into the big man's chest at full force, sending him flying backwards. It acts like some kind of heart-kick as Glacier clutches his chest and falls back from the sudden shock.

Stone seizes the advantage, going for a pin. ONE! Glacier convulses under the teen powerhouse, Stone hooks the leg then slaps the mat, TWO! We hold our collective breath as the hand rises and starts to come down, but Glacier gets enough focus to throw his shoulder up just in time.

The young muscleman is fast. He immediately brings his feet under him. Stone's powerful legs flex and he pushes up, launching himself straight up then coming down with a huge splash on the still recovering Glacier. SPLAT! The older muscleman grunts and his legs come up as all the air is driven from his body.

Glacier is stunned by the abuse. Stone turns into position for a head scissors. He pulls the bald behemoth's head towards him, but Glacier pulls free and rolls. The young muscleman doesn't want to lose his advantage. He rises and pursues immediately, but his youthful impatience blinds him to the fact that Glacier is recovering. A sudden kick to the knee of the charging teen sends him down hard. CRACK!

Stone collapses like a ton of bricks when his knee is taken out. His face is etched with pain and he grabs his leg. Glacier is on him immediately. The tide has turned and the mature muscleman is too good to miss the opening. He grabs the damaged leg, pulling hard to hyperextend the ailing knee. ARGH! Stone cries out as Glacier flips him over onto his stomach using his bum leg.

Glacier sits on Stone's ass then pulls up on the leg. It's kind of a crab, but entirely focused on the leg. The bigger muscle beast pulls up hard. Stone pushes on the mat, raising his chest. A great counter to topple your opponent out of a crab, but not for this hold. Glacier is sitting and pulling up even harder. The pain is obvious on the teen powerhouse's face as he tries to withstand the pressure on his knee.

Stone grimaces then roars. He gets his good knee planted and pushes up, lifting his body and Glacier. With a quick thrust, he throws them sideways, freeing himself enough to roll away. Glacier spins to follow, but holds up when he sees how far away Stone is and that the young muscleman is staring right at him while kicking out his knee.

The two big muscleman slowly rise together, neither taking their eyes off the other. Glacier subtly bounces his pecs while Stone rolls his big shoulders. No handshakes or chit chat now. This is getting real. Both guys did some damage, but they need to do a lot more to win the belt. They bend forward and immediately move into a tight collar-and-elbow.

As they struggle, Glacier kicks out, slamming his foot into the young stud's injured knee. WHACK! Stone lifts his leg, making it easy for the bigger bruiser to power him down to one knee. The older muscleman roughly shoves Stone into a standing head scissors. He flexes his legs, squeezing Stone's head between the big muscle.

Stone gets his feet under him and rises, actually lifting the 239-lbs of muscle beast off the mat. Glacier bends forward, driving his forearms into the teen powerhouse's back. WHOMP! The double axehandle drops the younger stud back down to his knees. The older muscleman immediately grabs his opponent around the waist then lifts him up.

The teen muscle beast flies upside down, his head still held between Glacier's legs, his body squeezed in an upside down reverse bearhug. The bald behemoth easily holds Stone's 228-lbs of muscle aloft. There's not much the young stud can do before Glacier falls back, piledriving the top of Stone's head into the mat. CRACK! When the bigger bruiser lets go, the young stud collapses to the side.

I figured it would take a knockout to win and here we are. No way Stone gets up from that. Glacier slides his sweaty body on top of the young muscleman. He slithers into a kneeling position, his shins resting on the unconscious stud's shoulders. The bigger bruiser's bulge rests on Stone's chin as he begins to count.

ONE! Glacier flexes for us during the pause.

TWO! I see Stone's legs rise.

THR- NO! The young muscleman kicks up wildly, just twisting enough to move his left shoulder.

Glacier's surprise is obvious on his face, but he just nods. He pushes Stone down again, re-mounting him. This time, the big bruiser reaches back and grabs the young muscle hunk's good leg. He pulls to work it up, pulling it straight up. No flexing this time, the older stud starts his count again.

ONE! Stone squirms.

TWO! Glacier struggles to control the teen powerhouse.

THR- NOPE! As he kicks his leg free, Stone pulls Glacier with him enough to get a shoulder up. For the second time in a row, Stone escapes just in time.

Glacier slides back then sits on Stone's big bulge. He furiously pounds on the ripped abs and heaving pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! The teen muscle hunk tries to block the shots, but his arms get swatted away. The bigger bruiser looks possessed as he work the torso until it's red from the power of his fists. Stone finally manages to buck his hips and throw Glacier off him.

Stone rolls away then rises. He's still favoring his knee, but he doesn't even look at his punished pecs or abs. Glacier moves in fast. The younger stud launches from his good leg right into a surprised Glacier, slamming his fist into the meaty left pec. THUD! The bigger bruiser topples backwards onto his ass. He clutches his chest again, this time from the heart punch.

As Glacier gasps, Stone reaches done for his wrist. The older stud whips his leg right into the teen powerhouse's wrecked knee. WHACK! The 228-lbs teen muscleman crashes onto his side as his thick leg is taken out from under him. Glacier leaps on top, forcing Stone onto his back. Stone whips his fist into Glacier's left pec again. WHAP! Pinned on the mat, he can't draw his arm back, so he can't get much behind it. The bald behemoth ignores the shot.

Glacier grabs Stone's wrists then powers them down. He stretches out and wraps up the teen powerhouse's legs. With a sudden thrust, the older muscle beast opens the young stud up with a grapevine, spreading his legs and stretching his groin. Stone grimaces and groans, unable to move the 239-lbs of beef on top of him.

The bigger bruiser releases the left wrist. He quickly leans down, wrapping his arm under the right armpit and head. The teen powerhouse's right arm and head are locked in a tight headlock. Glacier pulls Stone's face into his meaty pecs, smothering him. The young muscleman squirms, but he's helpless to escape. He won't give and is able to keep his left shoulder up to avoid a pin.

Glacier keeps the hold, determined to break the young muscleman. We don't mind the long-held struggle as those of us watching have a great view up their wide open tree-trunk legs, staring right at their taints. Stone's big bulge stands high, while Glacier's is sexily squashed onto the teen's chiseled abs. The bigger bruiser's amazing ass is flexed and looking huge.

With only one arm free, Stone pushes on the mountain of beef on top of him. He doesn't even come close to moving it, so he swings his fist into Glacier's side. POW! POW! POW! The mighty blows don't faze the older bruiser, but they do shift and distract him. With the hard punches raining down and no submission coming, Glacier decides to change tactics.

Glacier lets go of the hold then slides back between Stone's legs. He grabs them, then smoothly rises, lifting the big legs up. The bigger muscle beast steps and flips Stone over into a Boston crab. He sits, but not for long. The teen powerhouse pushes up, escaping the hold before Glacier can get set. The older muscleman stumbles forward as Stone rises to hands and knees.

As the younger muscleman rises, Glacier dives back, slamming his elbow into the back of his head. CRACK! Stone drops flat onto his stomach, clearly stunned as he writhes on the mat. Glacier grabs Stone by his aching leg then rolls him over onto his back. The bald behemoth lifts then wraps the targeted leg around his own. He bends it, pushing on the ankles to strain the knee.

Stone thrashes on the mat. His arms are stretched to the side as his fists pound the mat. The teen powerhouse's thick chest rises as he writhes in the hold. The younger stud tries to lift his good leg to kick Glacier off, but he can't move the 239-lbs of mass. The bigger bruiser cranks harder and harder, trying to force a submission, but Stone is resilient.

Glacier works it as much as he can, but Stone resists the pain. The young muscleman sits up, swinging his arms. They miss by a good six inches, but they're enough of a distraction. When the older muscle beast leans back to avoid them, it gives Stone's good leg all the momentum it needs to push and topple the big man back.

Stone flips onto his stomach and tries to crawl away. Glacier is too quick. He reaches out then grabs the younger stud's ankle. The bald bruiser lifts the leg then slams the tortured knee down into the mat. WHACK! The teen powerhouse flips onto his back and flops around, grabbing his leg. The young superman is really feeling the pain now.

The older muscleman moves in. He grabs the ankle, ready for more abuse, but the younger muscleman isn't done yet. He kicks out fast, slamming his heel into Glacier's chin. CRACK! The bigger bruiser shoots up then staggers, clearly dazed. He stumbles back, falling into the wall. He rubs his chin as the teen powerhouse crawls away, working out his leg.

Both guys rest for a good minute, trying to re-focus. Stone rises to one knee as Glacier moves back in. The older hunk looks determined and powerful, while the young stud is sweaty and looks tired. It's a ton of muscle to move and with a bad knee, Stone will be really limited. On the plus side, a certain teen bodybuilder and I will be spending some time together on "physical therapy" for the knee he mysteriously twisted while on duty.

Just as I think that, the teen powerhouse launches himself forward. He slams into Glacier's abs with a shoulder block that drives him back into the wall. WHAM! The older hunk bends forward over Stone's shoulder. I'm amazed as he pushes up with only one good leg, actually lifting 239-lbs over his shoulder. Glacier hangs there as the young stud hobbles back to the mat

Stone takes three hops then whips Glacier forward, slamming his back to the mat. BOOM! The sound of the impact echoes through the room and the force stuns the older hunk. The teen muscleman leaps up, crashing down with his butt on Glacier's chest. THUD! The bald behemoth's eyes nearly pop out of his head and he lets out a huge gasp of air.

The young stud leans back and grabs a leg, hooking it and lifting it up. He starts to count a pin, but the bigger bruiser kicks his legs free and lifts his shoulder at the one-count. Stone doesn't seem fazed, smoothly rolling sideways and positioning Glacier's head into a head scissors. He squeezes hard and the big man is moaning.

Glacier pounds on the top leg, but those leg muscles are unbreakable. Glacier would need a real Glacierhammer to make any kind of impact. The older hunk feels for the knee he worked on, but the young stud is a step ahead. Smartly, he's positioned his bad knee on the bottom, out of easy reach. Stone flexes his granite thighs, a simple move, but one that has actually put me out.

Stone squeezes, but the bald behemoth is more resilient than me. He resists the incredible power. The young stud folds his bad leg, grimacing while he does it. He brings his ankle behind Glacier's head and behind his good knee. One second later, he's locked on a perfect figure-four headlock. The bigger muscleman realizes what's happening, but I think it's too late.

Glacier only gets time for one push on the legs, but against the power of Stone's hold it's no use. Maybe with time he could get to the bum knee, but the younger stud roars and flexes. With just one squeeze of teen power, the older hunk is out cold in a second. With simply no time to react or counter, Glacier's big body goes soft as his consciousness is robbed from him. His massive muscles are limp and powerless as he lies there, unaware of anything.

The teen muscleman opens his legs then kicks the bigger bruiser's lifeless carcass onto his back. Stone smoothly rolls into a schoolboy pin, his pouch resting comfortably on Glacier's chin, his majestic ass on the older hunk's chest. It's just a formality, but the younger muscleman chooses to go for a ten-count to seal his victory.

ONE! Stone raises his huge arms and looks at the ceiling.

TWO! The teen hunk counts on his fingers as he slowly shouts the numbers.



FIVE! Stone's confidence sets in and his raised arms lower into a double bicep pose.

SIX! We admire the power of those incredible peaks as Glacier sleeps.

SEVEN! At my request, Stone kisses his right bicep.

EIGHT! The younger hunk kisses his left bicep with a smile, as Glacier hasn't stirred even a bit.

NINE! Stone adjusts his pouch, the thrill of victory making his manhood much too large for that small pouch.

TEN! It's done and official. I figured it'd be a knockout to end it and it was. Neither of these studs will ever give, even if their opponent broke something. And pinning these muscle monsters? Yeah, right. Nope, my strategy is focus on the knockout. It hasn't worked in my play matches with Stone, but maybe it could if I was his size. And if I wanted to win. Anyway, back to this.

We have a new champ and he's a fucking 18-year old freak.

The New Champ

Stone rises then puts his foot on Glacier's massive chest. He flexes over the loser as I approach with the belt. I extend a hand and we shake. I congratulate him as I officially declare the young muscle-beast the winner and new champion. I hand the belt to him, but he doesn't take it. Stone smiles at me as he opens his arms wide and slides his foot so he's straddling Glacier's carcass.

I nod and smile, "Of course. You deserve it, champ."

I move behind him, bringing the belt around his waist. I secure it tight, but not too tight. I like how it rests on his ass in back. In front, the bottom of the front plate rests on his bulge, making it look even more prominent. It's all I can do not to grab hold and start sucking, but that's not my job right now.

As if reading my mind, Stone whispers, "I'll need a doctor to look at my knee, you know." He winks and I smile knowing the young stud will be presenting himself to me for a thorough examination very soon. My cock twitches at the thought of riding the new champ's big dick.

The other guys are stunned at the site of the 18-year old Private wearing the belt. After a series of mature muscle-beast champs like Squatch, Glacier, Bull and Red, we now have a boy ruling over men. I start to move off, but Stone reaches out and puts his hand on my shoulder. He pushes me down and gives me a raised eyebrow. I think for a moment about our fuck sessions then realize what he wants.

The champ turns around then flexes his back for the crowd. I slide my hands up his thick legs to his trunks. I put my fingers inside the waistband the lower the small green briefs, exposing his mountainous ass. He steps out of the briefs as I rise, sliding my hands over his beautiful ass and back. He turns around, revealing his semi-hard cock and big balls.

Stone waves his hand with a smirk, signaling that I can go. I nod and wink. The kid is definitely feeling like the king and he deserves it. Naked save for the belt, he flexes for us, letting us savor his young champion's body. His magnificent cock is half-full and rising as he basks in our applause. The initial shock is gone and there's nothing but respect for the kid.

Glacier is finally stirring. He rolls onto his side and shakes out his head. The older muscleman knows he lost, but you can still see his disappointment when it's confirmed. He looks at Stone in the belt then rolls onto his back, his hands covering his face. You can tell he can't believe it. He reaches down and strips off his trunks then rolls over onto his knees.

Stone turns to see Glacier naked and kneeling with his legs open wide and his head bowed. Subservience doesn't suit the bald behemoth, but I give him credit for being a man about losing. He's clearly ready and willing to fulfill stakes. The teen powerhouse is impressed, too. He circles the loser, admiring him as he inspects his prize. The young stud's cock bounces with excitement.

Stone settles in front of Glacier. He palms the bald head like a basketball, his huge paw wrapping it up tightly. With an easy pull, the older hunk is forced forward. He opens his mouth and is impaled on enormous member. The bigger man sucks on the new champ's cock, his nose hitting the shiny belt as the huge shaft slides down his throat.

Size, age, rank, none of it matters. Here, we work off a primal hierarchy. Stone is now the boss and we all get it. We signed up for this when we joined this secret inner circle of wrestling here on the base. It'll just take time to get used to it. Every other champ was a senior, mature man. The other guys watching are loving it now. Pants are off and cocks are out. Let's get going.

Stone has found his rhythm, gyrating his hips and working the loser's mouth. His ass is tight as he slides in and out. Glacier isn't used to being the bottom, but he does okay with the big teen cock. The big bruiser gags on the deep thrusts. He grips Stone's powerful legs, ironically now using them for support after they're what knocked him and put him on his knees.

I notice Glacier moving one of his hands down to his meat. It’s sticking straight out, hard and ready for action. He plays with himself, which surprises me. I’m surprised that he’s hard right now, but also that he’d do this without permission. The losers are supposed to be 100% submissive. It’s how we ensure order. Very naughty, but the young muscleman either doesn’t notice or he doesn’t care.

When the young champ is breathing faster, he pulls out. Stone grabs Glacier by the throat. He lifts him up then pushes the obedient muscle monster to the wall. The teen powerhouse manhandles Glacier, feeling him up, establishing his dominance. He pounds the meaty pecs and six-pack abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Glacier tenses his muscles, but has to let the champ have his way with him.

Stone examines the abused torso. He says, “That’s for playing with yourself.” Glacier’s eyes go wide as he realizes he was caught. Guess I was wrong, the teen champ did notice and does care. He looks at Justice, a member of the Military Police. He asks if the MP has anything to control guys who break the laws.

Justice smiles and nods. He turns to his neatly hanging uniform behind us then tosses a pair of handcuffs to the young champ. Stone nods then snaps on the cuffs, binding Glacier’s wrists in front of him. The teen powerhouse hands Glacier a towel with the order to clean off his pre-cum. With his wrists bound and junk dry, Stone smacks his face, “Be a good boy from now on.”

Stone roughly turns Glacier around to face the wall. He rubs and squeezes the large shoulders and traps then rubs the loser's powerful back. The champ is making sure the older muscle monster knows he's nothing but a piece of meat. He's also sending a message to the other wrestlers that he's the man. Respect needs to be earned and the teen muscleman is racking up the points.

The new champ forces Glacier to raise his cuffed hands and put them against the wall. He kicks Glacier’s feet apart then makes him thrust his ass back. Stone reaches under the big bruiser then smacks his cock. He tells Glacier, “This is mine. Got it?” The older muscle beast acknowledges the champ, asking for forgiveness. Stone simply replies, “Better.”

The young champ kneads Glacier's meaty ass cheeks spreading them and toying with them. He turns then unleashes hard spanks that get the bigger muscleman grunting as his smooth ass is tanned. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! It's humiliating, but necessary given Glacier’s offense of pleasuring himself. The teen smiles as he stops then puts his finger against Glacier's hole.

Stone finger fucks the loser, prepping him for his thick cock. I bottom a lot and I struggle with the teen's thick rod. I can only imagine what it'll be like for a dom top like Glacier. The bald behemoth is clearly trying to relax, but even the finger inside him has him moaning. The young stud slides out then signals for a condom. I hand it to him, but also grab Glacier's sweaty briefs. I ask if he wants to bite down on something, but I get a stern "fuck you" look.

Glacier hangs his head and looks down, so I walk away. Stone asks, “Wanna loosen him up for me, buddy?”

I smile, but shake my head, “Thanks Champ, but I didn’t earn that ass. It’s all yours.”

Stone nods, “Champ. I like that.”

I say, “Get used to it. I think you’re going to be hearing it for a while.”

The young muscleman proudly smiles then strips off the belt. He hands it to me. The teen powerhouse turns to the loser as I walk back to the crowd. Stone grips Glacier by the hips and digs his fingers into the meaty flesh. The younger stud puts his cock against the big bruiser’s hole then forces his way in.

Glacier moans loudly from just the huge head entering him. He fights to take the champ’s thick organ, tensing his whole body while trying to relax at the same time. Stone is respectful of the loser, taking his time, but nothing is going to make the pain go away. The teen muscleman finally starts pumping in earnest, riding his conquest hard.

Stone pounds Glacier’s ass like the champion stud that he is. The loser has to brace hard just to withstand every powerful thrust from his teen dominator. The champ breeds Glacier for a long time, making it last. His hips power in and out as he ravages the whimpering bruiser. Stone’s stamina is incredible as he just keeps hammering away, riding his victim’s mountainous ass.

Hearing the cries of a stud like Glacier being bred by the 18-year old muscleman is too much. Half the guys start to shoot, unable to hold out as the brutal pounding continues. The sight, sound and smell of them unloading has the rest of us losing our loads, as well. None of us have Stone’s stamina and focus, I guess. We continue to watch and work our drained cocks, enjoying the show.

The new champ is really slamming his cock into Glacier’s hole now. He grunts and groans then pushes in all the way and holds it. Stone reaches around and grabs the older muscleman’s cock. He milks Glacier, holding his position deep inside the loser’s ass. “I told you, this is mine. Feel me inside you? If you want me out, you better give up your load to the new champ!”

The bigger bruiser moans as he’s jerked. He nods his head, gasping, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING, CHAMP!”

Glacier’s seed sprays out, his load taken from him while impaled on the monster cock of the new teen champ. Stone pumps and pumps until Glacier goes soft in his powerful grip. With the older muscleman drained, Stone smears the loser’s cum down his back then resumes the pounding. Within a minute, he’s gasping, his face contorted as he gets close.

Stone finally withdraws. He sprays his seed all over the mountainous ass of the older hunk. The teen powerhouse’s load is massive as it shoots up Glacier’s back, from his head to his hole. He squeezes every last drop out, wiping the final drops on the side of the big bruiser’s left cheek.

With his job done, Stone signals to me for the belt. I move in and re-attach it around his waist. He takes a victory lap while Glacier collapses to his knees. It’s all done now. We have a new champ and what a champ he is.

The Old Champ


I ask, "So what do you think, Squatch?"

"About what?"

"Stone, of course. I know guys thought the leg attack was smart strategy, but I knew Glacier wouldn't be able to put him away. He should've gone for a knockout instead of a submission. I even told Stone that last night."

Squatch shrugs, "Wouldn't know. Wasn't there."

"Uh huh." He stares at me from his cot, daring me to call him a liar. I don't, because we both know he partnered with Recon to watch remotely. And now he knows I know. I say, "Guys can't believe some super-teen came in and basically took over. Be interesting to see if he's still Champ when you get your next shot."

"Yep, sure will."

"You ever gonna tell me what happened in LA, buddy?" Squatch thinks long and hard. I think he wants to, but he's holding back. Must be really embarrassing. More embarrassing than losing to Echo, since I know he's let that happen before. To put him at ease, I move in. He doesn't stop me as I climb on top and put my hands on his bare chest.

We lock eyes as I caress his hairy torso. I lean forward and kiss his neck. I move to his nipples, suckling them as I worship his body. He just lies there, letting me have my way with his sculpted torso. No matter what happened in LA, he's a muscleman who deserves respect. Squatch finally moans as I rub his bulge. He pushes me off then rises to his feet. I go down to my knees.

I unfasten his belt then lower his camouflage pants to the top of his black combat boots. I pause, giving him a chance to stop me. He doesn't, so I reach for his briefs then pull them down onto his thighs. As I engulf his cock in my mouth, it hardens. I slowly move up and down his shaft until he grabs my head. Squatch starts pounding my face, slamming his cock down my throat until I'm gagging on it.

Squatch owns my mouth then abruptly peels me off. He points at his cock and I know what's coming. I sheathe his beautiful shaft then he stands me up. He spins me around then forces me to brace against the wall. I obey as he kneels behind me. I feel his bearded face part my ass cheeks and he eats me out, his tongue teasing my hole. I moan as he preps me.

The hairy hunk finger fucks me, opening up my tight hole, I tense up as he drives two thick digits deeper and deeper. I beg him to keep going then beg him to fuck me. Squatch spins me around and I fall against the wall. He reaches behind my legs then stands, lifting me with him. I grab behind his head for support as he lifts me up like I weighed nothing.

The big man presses my back against the wall then lowers me down onto his shaft. I whimper as his cock head slides inside. We lock eyes and I again beg him to fuck me. He lowers me even more and I close my eyes as he fills me up. Squatch thrusts his hips back and forth, relentlessly hammering my hole. I feel so helpless in this position, but it feels so good.

I bounce up and down before being thrown onto Squatch's cot. I lift my legs and grab behind my knees, inviting him to finish the job. The angry bear grabs my ankles then towers over me as he drives into my ass again. He slams my ass. I encourage him to go harder as I sense his rage building. The pain feels so good and my own cock is hard as steel.

Squatch pulls out then lowers my legs. He orders me to start jerking as he frees his cock. We work our shafts then unleash our loads simultaneously exploding all over my abs and chest. I'm quickly coated in two massive loads. When we're done, Squatch pulls me up to sitting then moves behind me at the head of the cot. I lean back against his furry torso and he holds me.

"Thanks for the medicine, Surge. I needed that. I owe you one."

I smile, thinking about how and when to collect. Suddenly, Squatch starts telling me about Los Angeles. About seeing Echo and meeting a guy named Bane. Oh fuck. My cock is hard as he explains getting dominated by some civilian porn wrestler who likes to play superhero dress up. I realize that I know the guy. I've seen GIFs of him destroying a guy dressed up as Batman. Fuck, Echo's in with THAT guy? Nice. But I get why Squatch isn't happy.

It takes all my strength not to pound one out over Squatch's humiliation, but instead I just listen. I'll handle my needs when I'm alone, but for now, I'm just here for him. I know he loved Echo in his own way. We relax for a long while, but when it's done, it's done. The hairy hunk gets up then heads to the shower. Alone on his bed, I pound out another load fast then go join him.

The End


  1. This series (as with all of your work) looks so promising! Both guys are so hot and I loved the mid-match mutual show of respect. Cocky domination is great but it was interesting to see both competitors so into the match with level minds. Stone is super sexy and makes a great champ but I'd love to see Glacier dominate somebody. Excited to see where this goes, keep up the amazing work!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the thoughts. As this series opens up, you could easily see Glacier dominate. He's pretty tough.

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    1. Awesome. For a first story, that's the best reaction I can get. Yes, Squatch is our initial tether to The Cave world, so I felt like he needed to be brought in. Thanks for seeing that. Now that the series is established, I have a little more freedom.

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