Thursday, September 1, 2016

Encounters: Abuse of Power 2

*Story is a commission for a reader*

"Sean. It's Raven. He just left. Packed up all his stuff and just turned the corner. I'm going to wait, make sure he didn't forget anything then I'll move."

Sean tells me, "Perfect. Listen, Jack - sorry, I mean Raven. Fuck, sorry. His gig runs until late, so you have hours to -"

"Hours? No. I'm doing this as a simple cleaning job. You didn't pay me for -"

"Right, right. I'm just saying be thorough. You can't just ... work on the computer and leave. You need to make sure you ... clean everything."

I sigh, "Gimme some credit. I know what my customer needs."

"Okay, okay. I just -"


Whatever this Seth guy has on Sean, it must be bad. He needs the guy's tech destroyed, house searched and any hard drives, memory sticks, whatever, taken. By the time I'm done, they'll be gone and it'll look like a robbery. If he has any cameras, it'll look legit.

Sean and me work out at the same gym. We flirted for a while, both young, hot and gay. He's a huge white muscle guy, while I'm a hard and tight Asian. He's a huge 230-lbs bodybuilder type. I'm a ripped 185-lbs of muscle that looks over 200, thanks to broad shoulders and a narrow midsection. I'm like a 6' tall acrobat. In my line of work, I have to stay strong, but agile.

Me, Raven

We flirted, but Sean is a cop. I'm not. The reason Sean and me never got serious is that one of his buddy's warned him. I'm a thief. And a damn good one. I haven't been caught since I was a kid, but the cops always suspect me first. No real proof, just suspicion. They keep trying to build a good circumstantial case, but it's never enough and never will be.

Yeah, the guy's taking a huge risk, hiring a guy like me to do a job like this for him. He could get fired for even knowing me. Or at least looked into. It took me a while to get convinced he wasn't setting me up, but I'm sure he's not. He really is a cop who's under this punk's thumb.

I'm still waiting. No point in rushing. This Seth guy is in a band. They got a gig across town all night. He left, but sometimes guys come back. I keep waiting, running through things in my head, but it's still quiet. Looks like I'm good to go.

Sean gave me the layout, plus I staked out the place. The garage is in back, hidden from the street. No alarm system. And there's a door into the house. It's all too perfect for a guy like me. I just pry open the garage window, slip right in and do what I need to do. Sean says the guy is into cameras, but I'm masked and suited up in head to toe tight black spandex with black cross trainers. Even my thong under my tights is black.

I take three deep breaths then pull my gloves and mask on. Damn, I feel good. I rub my body, feeling the spandex. My shoulders are big and broad. My chest, arms and legs are bulging. My abs are tight, popping in the tight black spandex bodysuit. I fluff my bulge, resisting the urge to pound one out right now. Damn, I love the thrill of doing this.

Okay, show time.

Robbing Seth

I get in easy, just like I knew I would. In the garage, I click on my night vision goggles then move right into the house. There's the computer. External hard drive. Now I just gotta look for drives and shit while I'm covering my intentions and making this look like a real burglary. If Seth is filming, I'm just a guy looking for cash, drugs or whatever, before I take his tech.

Me, suited up and ready to do this

Suddenly, a light clicks on behind me. I scream, the light amplified by my night vision goggles. Fuck, I'm blinded. I move to tear them off, but I get grabbed from behind, my right arm locked in a chicken wing. A hard kick to the back of my knee drops me. My attacker chops my traps over and over. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! My shoulders tense up.

A punch to the back of my head stuns me. CRACK! My attacker puts tape around my masked head. Sounds like duct tape. Not that that matters. I reach up in desperation, but it's too late. The fucker has taped the goggles to my head and covered the switch, locking it in the on position. I have to keep my eyes closed.

"Stupid fuck. Stealing from me? I don't think so." As I kneel, clawing desperately at my head, the guy says, "The name is Seth, but you're gonna call me Master Seth. Get ready for some pain."

Escaping Seth

I try to scramble to my feet, but I get tripped down. WHAM! Unable to see, I can't brace right. I land on my knee. Then jam my wrist. Then hit the wall. The fourth time it's a chair into my side. Every fucking fall hurts more and more. I finally stay down. Seth is obviously playing with me.

Seth taunts me, "Nice looking body. Too bad I gotta fuck it up. Who am I kidding? I can't wait to fuck it up."

I try to crawl away from his voice, but he grabs my ankle, pulling my leg up and back. I kick, but he's got me locked up. He rips my shoe off then drives my knee down onto the floor. WHAM. Seth grabs my other leg, tears my other shoe off then puts me into a single leg crab. I moan as my back seizes up.

My leg is locked under his armpit, my chest driven into the floor. I try to power out, but he put his hand on my bulge and squeezes. I cry out and struggle, but it's no use. When I go limp, he lets go of my junk. Fuck. I hear him chuckling before he stands up. I feel relief in my back, but I'm still scared shitless.

"Looks like you're packing in there. What about in back?" I feel Seth grab my ass. He fondles my cheeks while I writhe on the floor. Oh fuck, he's tearing at the back. The spandex opens up, exposing my ass. Seth whistles, "Sweet. And you came prepared. Nice thong."

Seth pulls the thong strap from between my cheeks. I feel his finger press against my hole. When I breathe in sharply, he laughs. "Looks like I got me a really tight one to play with. You like this?" The punk's finger works in and out. I moan and my cock involuntarily grows under me. Somehow, he can tell. "Yeah, you like it."

I feel his finger slide out of me. My fear is changing to confusion. As an intruder, I know that I have no rights. He could do pretty much anything and get away with it. However, he's going way beyond self-defense. The fact that he's being so cocky and playful tells me that he knew I was coming. Did Sean set me up?

Not that it matters. It's Seth I've gotta worry about. He's toying with me. This is his game and I'm going to lose. I just don't know how badly.

Suffering for Seth

Seth drags me by my leg. In my spandex, I slide easily across the floor. After maybe 20 feet, I feel the floor change. Smooth. Squishy. A mat? Yeah, some kind of exercise mat. Oh shit. What the fuck is happening?

The punk stomps my body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I bounce with every shot, but I can't do anything else. I move away and try to block, but he can see me and I can't see him. There's no Jedi tricks here. I feel my tight, hard muscles breaking down. He's especially focused on my pecs and abs.

Seth's feet break me down. No matter how much I tense up my chest and stomach, I feel the blows more and more. I finally curl into the fetal position, but Seth is relentless. When I'm nothing but a whimpering mess, I feel him grab me. He drags me up. I flail away, but it's no use. However, when I stop, Seth punches me in the gut.

My attacker warns me, "You better keep fighting back. It makes me laugh and you want to keep me laughing. Got it?"

In response, I throw my right fist out for a haymaker. I hit nothing but air. I spin all the way around, stumble then drop to my knees. Seth chops the back of my neck. CHOP! I fall forward, face first. As I lie on the mat, he grabs my masked head, pulling it up, "Nice try. I guess this means you're trainable. Good."

I spit out, "Fuck you! I'm blind. If I wasn't, I'd -"

CHOP! Seth slams his hand into the side of my neck. I feel it seize up then he chops me again. CHOP! "You're pathetic, but I like that you don't wanna admit it. Yet."

Seth drags me to my knees. He hammers between my shoulders and neck. THUD! THUD! THUD! I get dragged up then whipped into the wall, right shoulder first. WHAM! When I bounce off, I get whipped across the room into the opposite wall left shoulder first. WHAM! I stumble then collapse to the mat.

I feel the punk's shin on the back of my neck as he grabs my arms. They get pulled up until they're pointing at the ceiling. He taunts me, "In your line of work, I bet you gotta be flexible. Let's test that theory."

Seth pulls my arms forward. I cry out as my shoulders are torn up. He keeps it up until I'm begging him to stop. He lets go, but immediately puts on an arm bar. I fight to escape, but I'm losing feeling in my arm. When he switches arms, I barely notice. My arms feel like wet noodles from the abuse. Even if I hit him, I doubt I could do much damage.

The punk drags me up again. He slams my back into the wall. WHAM! I bounce off, stumbling. I get a knee lift to the abs then a double axe handle slams onto my back. I drop to one knee. When I hear him moving in, I throw an elbow out. WHACK! It hits softly, but he actually moves back. Maybe - CRACK! A foot slams into the side of my head and I collapse down.

Seth is trash talking me, but I can't focus enough to listen. I get rolled over onto my back. He's its on my legs, pinning them down. My hands rest on his thighs. I try to push him, but I can't. The punk unzips the front of my spandex bodysuit. Oh fuck. He starts massaging my pecs, kneading and squeezing them.

I writhe under him. Fuck, his hands are so strong. Sean said that he's a mechanic and it shows. The guy manhandles my chest with his calloused paws. I bring my hands to his forearms, but I can't stop him. I moan throwing my head back as he claws at my muscles.

"These are strong. You really like to work your chest, don't you? Bench press. Flys. Push ups. Yeah, you got 'em just right. That's something we have in common. I like to work chests, too."

Seth pushes my arms to my side. He slides up to sit on my pouch, pinning them down. As he rests his ass on my bulge, he laughs, "Damn, boy, you're getting hard under there."

I groan. He's not wrong. My cock is swelling from the pec work. It's kind of a thing with me. He switches to pec punches as I struggle under him. THUD! THUD! THUD! I tighten my chest, but it doesn't stop him from pounding the crap out of the slabs of muscles I worked so hard to build. The guy knows what he's doing. I realize that I'm not the first guy he's broken down.

Seth slides forward and I feel him press his weight down on my masked face. From the smell of his musk, I realize that it's his bulge. He grinds it down, rubbing it on my mouth. The force pushes my night vision goggles into my face, causing me to cry out and turn my face. Seth gets off me and I breathe deeply.

I feel my bodysuit being pulled down my sides, exposing my torso and trapping my arms. The punk grabs my head, forcing me to my feet. He bends me backwards into a standing dragon sleeper. Luckily, Seth is right that I am flexible as I lean back, my arms limp at my side in the spandex bindings. My back starts to tense, but that's not the point of this.

As soon as I feel his rough hand rubbing pecs, I know I'm in trouble. Sure enough, Seth starts in, clubbing my pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! My hips drop down, but he wrenches on my neck and I'm forced back up to standing. He works claws and punches as I hang there helplessly. Im his plaything and we both know it.

Seth drops me to the floor. I land on my ass, leaning forward and breathing deep, trying to regain my focus. My arms and chest are wrecked. I hope he's not working his way around my whole body. I feel him grab the legs of my bodysuit then I get pulled as he roughly strips me of my black spandex covering. I flop on the mat until I'm down to my thong, along with my duct-taped mask and goggles.

Seth admires my body, "Damn, you're hot and ripped. Just like I like 'em. I bet you think you're tough. Body like that. Professional burglar. A real fucking badass." He kicks me onto my stomach. I feel him put his foot on my ass, pushing down on it and working it. "Yeah, that's a sweet ass. You ever been fucked?"

I moan, "Don't." SLAP! I get spanked hard. It's only a warning, but I get it. I answer, "Yeah, okay! Okay! I've been fucked."

I hear a chuckle, "Good boy. Sean sent me a real winner." I hold my tongue, but I must visibly react, because he says, "Oh yeah, I know who you are, Raven, and why you're here. Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you. We're just having some fun."

My mind races. This was a setup, but not for the cops. Now that it's all out in the open, it changes everything. I hear a zipper sliding down. Oh fuck, he's stripping. I try to claw at my mask, but a foot smashes into my gut, so I stop. I get dragged up to my feet. Seth works over my torso. Every punch stings as I stand there, eyes clenched shut in my mask.

After a series of more punches, Seth lets me fall to the mat. I feel his hands at my head then I feel him unwrapping the tape. I let him work until he finally yanks my mask and goggles off. I blink and gasp, getting my breath and vision back in focus. Fuck, that's better. When I can see again, I turn to see Seth standing across the mat, arms folded over his hairy chest. He's down to a pair of black wrestling trunks, just smirking at me.

Seth comes into focus

The punk is hairy and trim, but he doesn't have quite as much muscle mass as me. He's handsome in a rugged, masculine way, but it's not like he's a model or anything. Still, I'm the one aching on the mat. I rise up slowly. He lets me and I sense our changing dynamic. With the truth out in the open, everything is different.

Seth invites me to attack him, "C'mon hot stuff. Show me what you got."

Wrestling Seth

I shake out my arms. There's a mirror behind Seth and I can see my pecs. They're red and soft. Fuck. Still, I'm bigger and stronger. And I know how to wrestle, too. This punk thinks he's got me beat? He's got another thing coming. I'm going to use his arrogance against him.

Seth is still just standing, arms crossed. He asks, "What're you waiting for? This is your big chance. You beat me and you can walk right outta here."

I move in. He kicks out his foot, but I catch it. I lift high, my arms screaming as I do. Seth falls onto his ass. I kick him in the chest, sending him backwards. He scrambles up, so I barrel into him, using my 185-lbs of muscle to tackle him down. I force him onto his stomach then lock on a rear naked choke. He squirms under me, trying to block me.

I tell him, "I can knock you out in two seconds. Give up and give me want I came for or I'm knocking you out then fucking your sorry ass, you piece of shit punk! And then I'll start destroying shit while you're sleeping, bitch!"

Seth just laughs under me, so I tighten my hold. As I do it, he twists fast while forcing his arm into mine. The scrawny punk breaks my hold easily. My arms are too fucking weak to stop him. He bucks up, throwing me off. We both scramble up, but he runs me into the paneled wall, back first. WHACK!

Before I can do anything, Seth lays into me with body punches. POW! POW! POW! He works me like a heavy bag and there's nothing I can do to stop him. He swats away my hands when I try to block. He gives me a knee lift then pushes me back into the wall when I try to lunge forward. POW! POW! POW! The abuse is relentless and my abs start to break down, just like my pecs.

Seth steps back. Only the wall holds me up as I lie against it, sweaty, bruised and breathing hard. He playfully slaps my face, daring me to fight back. I try, but he bats my arms to the side. The hairy punk slams his body on top of mine. I feel his coarse body hair scrape my smooth skin as he leans against me.

I try to summon my strength when he attacks my neck. I let out a gasp as he kisses and bites my neck. Seth pins my arms over my head as he ravages me. I beg him to stop, but my cock swells from the erotic torture. Oh fuck. It's too much. It's all just too much. When the hairy stud steps back, I slide down the wall onto my ass, weak and drained.

Seth paces in front of me, surveying my wrecked carcass. I force myself forward, moving to my hands and knees. I refuse to just give up. Not to this guy. As soon as I'm in position, he moves in front of me and locks on a standing head scissors. I feel his legs wrap around my head and I cry out. How can he be this strong?

I feel like my head is being crushed. It's all I can do to stay up as he squeezes. Seth reaches forward and grabs the back of my black thong. He pulls on it hard. My balls are crushed as its stretched until it actually slides off my cock and balls in front. The thin fabric extends, but I hear the seams cracking. Seth keeps pulling and the thin back strap tears off, leaving me wearing an elastic belt with torn black fabric hanging down in front.

Seth releases the head scissors. I collapse down to the mat. He pulls the remnants of my ruined thong up my torso, actually stripping it off me over top. It stretches over my arms, finally coming off. The punk whips my bare ass with the thong, mocking me. I crawl to the wall, but I can't escape the whipping.

The hairy punk grabs my black hair then forces me up again. He slaps my cock and balls, playing with my exposed manhood. I beg him to stop, telling him I submit. He shoves the torn thong into my mouth, "Shut up. I'll tell you when you give."

Seth forces me forward then lifts me up and drops me over his extended leg with a gutbuster. I almost throw up into the thong gag, but I keep it together. The hairy punk starts spanking my ass, making sure I understand that I'm his bitch. I just take it, my ass stings with every hard smack.

Finally, Seth pushes me off his leg. I roll onto my stomach. He sits on my back then pulls me into a camel clutch. I cry out. He pulls the thong from my mouth, "I wanna hear you scream." I oblige, moaning loudly as my back is punished. The hairy punk says, "Yeah, that's my robber bitch. Yeah, tell me how much it hurts!"

As Seth pulls back harder and harder. I cry out in pain, eventually screaming in agony. He lets up, but it takes me a few moments to realize it. Seth releases the camel clutch, letting me collapse under him. He rises then drags me to my feet. I want to collapse, but he locks on a full nelson. It hurts, as my aching shoulders are crushed, my arms held over my head.

Seth makes me look at my battered body in the mirror. He points out every bruise, mark and pain point that he's inflicted on me. I look a wreck and being forced to look at it is humiliating. He shakes me, telling me to watch my cock dance. I don't know why, but it gets hard. And I mean rock hard, as I'm manhandled. Fuck.

The hairy punk lets go of the nelson then reaches around from behind. He locks on a pec claw as he rests his head on my shoulder. I cry out when Seth squeezes. He orders me to play with myself. When I don't move, he crushes my pecs. I grab my cock. He tells me to look in the mirror as I am forced to start jerking my cock to my devastation.

I work my cock as he whispers humiliating trash talk into my ear, telling me how pathetic I am. I moan and bite my bottom lip as he grinds his bulge against my bare ass. I just stare at my powerful gym-built physique, battered and useless against this scrawny muscleman destroyer. I know how it happened. How he set me up to break me down. It's not like he won a fair fight, but it's still embarrassing.

"Beg me not to hurt you any more."

I keep jerking, "Please, don't hurt me any more. I can't take it. Please, let me go!" I remember how he called himself master Seth, so I add that, "Please, Master Seth. Please have mercy."

Seth laughs in my ear, "Admit you're nothing."

"I'm nothing."

"Admit you're my bitch."

"I'm your bitch."

"Cum and I let go."

I gasp. I work my cock harder, desperately trying to shoot my load. I gasp and shudder against his grip, fighting against the pain. Suddenly, I tense up and explode, erupting onto the wrestling mat, shooting my load for Master Seth as I watch myself do it in the mirror.

Seth lets me go, allowing me to collapse in a heap on the mat. The hairy punk puts his foot on my ruined pecs then flexes over me. I hope that he's a man of his word then I realize how stupid that sounds. I broke into his home. He's destroyed me. I'm not going anywhere.

As if reading my mind, the hairy punk says, "You're mine for the rest of the night. Don't even think about fighting me or trying to escape. It won't end well for you. Promise your loyalty to me."

"I promise, Master Seth. I'm all yours."

Serving Seth

I actually feel like a weight has been lifted off me. By giving up the fight, I can focus on riding this out. He's wrecked me, but from the tent in his briefs, I think he's done beating on me. All I need to do is be an obedient sex slave for a little while and I'll finally be out of this hellhole.

Seth circles around my naked body as I just lie there, awaiting instructions. My master is nodding and walking. He's in no hurry as he knows I'm not going anywhere. He steps over my body, straddling my waist. He strips down his briefs, revealing his semi-hard cock. His body is hairy, but his pubes are nice and trimmed.

Seth is still laughing at me

I lick my lips as I stare at his cock and balls. It might be the pain or the situation, but Seth is a sexy man. Let's be honest, I've done worse. My cock swells up a little as he casually tosses his briefs aside. Seth steps up, straddling my head. He squats down, his sweaty balls landing on my lips. I open up a little, kissing them.

Seth slaps his cock head on my forehead as I engulf his shaved balls. I polish them up, doing my best to worship my master. He sounds pleased and when he pulls away, I can see his cock is rock hard. The hairy punk stretches out over me, his cock head hovering over my lips. He lowers himself, planking over me as I accept his cock head into my mouth.

I bathe his head with my tongue and lips until he starts doing push-ups, driving his cock deeper into my mouth. He rises and drops, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I gag and he thankfully backs off. Seth rises off me and shifts to a schoolboy pin. He's a lightweight, but his 185-lbs feels like it's crushing on my tender pecs.

I lie under him, trying to be as subservient as I can be. Seth flexes on me, his lean muscles just reinforcing how humiliating this is. He slaps my face with his cock then stands up. I lie there, taking it like a bitch until he rolls off me. He gets up and I wait. When he comes back, I see he's hard and his dick is covered. Okay, this is it.

Seth lifts my legs then forces them down, folding me in half. He grips my calves then positions his sheathed cock at my hole. I moan in anticipation. The lean stud slides in and out, going deeper with every thrust. I'm really moaning by the time I feel his pelvis hit my ass. He holds position and I'm cool. The hairy punk starts riding me for real and it feels good.

I grunt, folded in half. He goes harder, jackhammering my ass with fast, forceful thrusts. I gasp as he savagely pounds me, tearing up my hole hard. Fuck, I almost felt like this was fun, but I'm uncomfortable and my ass is being split in two. Seth's sweat drips down onto my face. I look up and see his determined face. He smiles as we lock eyes.

I need this to be over, so I scream, "Oh, Master Seth. Please, Master Seth! You're too big! You're too much man! Please Master Seth, please! I'm your bitch! Oh god, Master!"

My submissive admissions get him breathing faster until they push him over the edge. He slides out and steps back, letting me roll flat on my back. Seth rips off the condom, straddles me then shoots, coating my face with his load. I open my mouth, giving him a target. I see his face, red and contorted as he drains every last drop onto me.

When he's done. Seth steps away. I close my eyes. I feel my cock bouncing over my waist. It's hard and crying for release, but I dare not touch it. At this point, I just don't want to anger him. I just want to leave.

As I lie there, Seth sits above me. He pulls me back. I don't know what he's up to until he wraps his legs around my head. I instinctively start to struggle, which gets him laughing again. He tightens the figure-four headlock and I get close to blacking out. He slaps my head, saying something like, "You're gonna love what's next, boy. We're gonna have some real fun."

I can't process any more before I'm knocked out completely.

Sean to the Rescue?

I get slapped awake. Seth is back in his black briefs. He gives me a bottle of water, which I happily accept. We sit in silence. I hear the doorbell and the hairy punk smirks at me, "Get ready, boy. Put that thong back on. It's showtime."

I've had better days

When Seth comes back, I'm standing in my black thong. My mouth drops open. Sean walks in behind him, looking calm. He's a huge guy, but he looks really huge now. He's shirtless in tight dark blue short-shorts. He's got his cop utility belt around his waist and his badge on a chain around his neck.


Sean looks at me and I see his eyes flare. He says, "Thanks for calling me, Seth. I'll take care of this guy." The cop moves towards me, but Seth stops him.

The punk says, "Not so fast, big man. I should be the one who thanks you."

Sean freezes, "No problem. It's my job."

Seth laughs, "Look at him. We had a helluva time. He's fucking hot, right?" Sean nods, clearly being careful. Seth says, "Yeah, smoking hot. And a great fuck. That ass is tight. Like yours was. I wanna see you two wrestle and fuck."

Sean gulps, "I think it's better if I just -"

Seth doesn't wait for an answer, "It wasn't a request. I mean, I appreciate you sending him to me. He was fun and all, but I gotta teach you a lesson."

"What? I don't know -"

"You lie to me and I'll make it bad. Real bad."

Don't lie to Seth

Sean shuts up. His mind must be racing, trying to figure out what's going on. Seth walks up then drives his knee into Sean's unprotected bulge. He drops to his knees. The punk slaps him across the face, obviously enraged. He lays onto Sean for trying to rob him. Seth warns that he'll destroy the cop if even so much questions an order ever again.

Sean cowers on the floor. I'm shocked to see the big man like this. Seth strips him of his badge and belt, putting them on. He tells the cop that he's the law and no one fucks with him. Seth makes the big bodybuilding cop admit everything for the camera. Whatever Seth had on him, this is even worse. Yeah, it's coerced, but it wouldn't matter. Sean would be done if anyone saw this.

Seth tells him to take his shorts and shoes off. Sean obediently kicks off his shoes then peels off his shorts. He's wearing a tiny orange thong. Wow, he's got a huge package. Fuck, I think he's getting off on this domination. Seth stomps him in the gut then orders him onto all fours.

As we exchange looks, Sean looks at me with hate in his eyes. He obviously thinks I ratted him out and there's no way to tell him otherwise.

Sean is pissed that his plan failed

Wrestling Sean

Seth says, "Now, since you two like games so much. Here's a new one. You two assholes are gonna wrestle. You're gonna put on a fucking show for your master." He warns us, "You two fuckers better fucking really go at it. You ain't got any more strikes left, so don't be pulling any punches or faking any shit. The loser is getting fucked by me and the winner. And maybe something worse."

We don't need any more incentive. I'm not going to hold back and I can tell Sean won't either. It's not like we were friends. I'm pissed at Sean for getting me into this. He's pissed at me for getting caught. He stares me down, "I thought you were supposed to be the best. Useless fuck. And then you rat me out?"

I snarl, "Fuck you. He knew I was coming. He knew."

"That's impossible!"

I respond, "I never should've trusted a cop. Especially not a little bitch cop like you."

Sean surprises me with a vicious kick to my red and tender abs. His foot sinks deep and I fly back against the wall. Fuck, I'm not ready for this. I realize I'm in trouble as the muscleman moves in on me. Sean is fresh and I've been wrecked by the hairy punk who's controlling us both.

When Sean gets close, I kick out, but I'm too slow. He grabs my foot then spins, putting me on the mat with a leg drag takedown. The musclecop mounts me then pins my arms over my head. He wraps our legs and splits me wide with a grapevine. His weight presses down on my battered torso and I can only stare up at his smirking face.

"I'm going to enjoy this!"

I struggle, but he spreads my legs wider and all I can do is cry out. Sean grabs both my wrists in one of his big hands then turns slightly, exposing my left pec. He drives his free fist into the side of my chest, hammering it with hard. THUD! THUD! THUD! I buck under him, but there's nothing I can do to stop the abuse.

Sean laughs, "You're not even worth the effort."

The musclecop releases my wrists and lets my legs close. He easily forces me into a triangle choke. Fuck, I'm done. Fortunately, Seth intervenes. Our hairy punk master says, "I know you're not stupid enough to end this match too fast. I wanna see my monkeys dance."

Sean gets the message. He lets up, rolling off me. As I slowly rise, the musclecop grabs my hair and thong. He drags me up then whips me against the wall. When he gets close, I grab him and reverse our positions. I fire away with body blows, but the big muscleman just laughs them off. He pushes me back and I tumble onto my ass.

Before I can react, Sean dives on top of me. His weight crushes me down. He locks on a headlock, pinning my right arm up beside my head. I punch him with my left, but again, all he does is laugh at my feeble attempts. I shift my aim, blindly firing up into his armpit. THUD! THUD! POW! I hit him just right on the third try and I hear him cry out.

I throw Sean off me, breaking the hold. I roll to rise, but he jumps on my back and I'm flattened to the mat. The musclecop locks me into a body scissors. I writhe and moan in the tight hold. His legs are thick and powerful. My wrecked midsection collapses from the force and I'm crying out in pain. Sean flexes his bicep for Seth, who just watches impassively.

Sean squeezes me as hard as he can and its all I can do not to give. I'm whimpering in the hold until he opens his legs. I gasp for air as he tells me that he could've ended me. I can't deny that. I'd be thankful for the relief, except I know it's only a precursor to more pain. I get dragged up again then scooped across his chest. Oh shit.

I can't do anything as Sean holds me up like I weigh nothing. He slams me at Seth's feet. I arch my back into the air to relieve the pain only to get a hard stomp to the gut. WHOMP! I writhe on the mat as I suffer a series of stomps to my pecs and abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The musclecop is enjoying his domination, feeling confident.

As Sean lifts his foot for another stomp, I lash out and roll towards him. I'm manage to trip him and he falls forward onto Seth. The two of them go down hard. The musclecop scrambles up, apologizing. I use the distraction to jump on his back with a sleeper. I hold it tight, but he runs me back into the wall. WHAM! The impact is too much and I lose my hold.

Sean spins around to pepper my body with more punches. POW! POW! POW! He backs up then runs in, splashing on top of me with all his weight. I cough and sputter as I'm crushed between the wall and his 230-lbs of muscle. When he steps back, I collapse to the mat. The musclecop kicks me onto my back then splashes down on top of me. SPLASH!

I sputter under him as he counts the pin. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. THR -! No, Sean drags me up before he counts three. I get dragged to my feet only to get locked in a bearhug. Oh fuck. The massive muscleman crushes me against his body. It's all I can do not to puke on his shoulder.

Sean shakes me and I go limp in his crushing hold. I moan and try to free myself, but it's no use. The musclecop is huge and powerful. I'm helpless as my body is squeezed. I struggle to even breathe and I worry about blacking out. I've never felt a hold like this and in my condition, I know that this is the end.

Suddenly, Sean cries out, his arms go limp and I drop to the mat, free. I rub my waist as I lie on my side. The big cop is kneeling beside me, his face contorted, his hands on his bright orange pouch. That's when Seth steps into view. He kicks out, slamming his foot into Sean's head. The bodybuilder flies to the side, collapsing on the mat.

Seth says, "Fuck, I gotta do everything around here." He looks at me then points at Sean. "He's down. Now fucking finish him or I'll finish you."

I know what that means, so I fight through the pain and get moving. I kick the musclecop's hands from his aching bulge. I leap up, coming down with a knee drop into Sean's abs. THUD! Fuck, they're solid. I dig my knee in, twisting it with all my 185-lbs of muscle behind me.

I notice that he's trying to reach for his tender bulge, but I'm in the way. I laugh, "Here, let me." I grab the big orange spandex pouch and squeeze. Sean convulses under me, but my weight holds him down. I manhandle his package as Seth eggs me on. Good. Pleasing the punk is just as important as breaking the cop at this point. I've got to keep Seth on my side.

Sean manages to buck me off. I rise to my feet, watching as he tries to rise. When he's on his hands and knees, I step in and kick him in the abs as hard as I can. WHUMP! The musclecop flies to the side, rolling onto his back. I mount his head, putting my shins on his shoulders and bare ass on his face. I reach down and spread my cheeks, burying his face in my crack.

I start pounding his pecs and upper abs, firing fists into the meaty muscles. THUD! POW! THUD! I can feel his hot breath on my hole with every shot as he gasps in pain. I keep going until his muscles are red and soft. POW! THUD! POW! Seth starts calling out shots and I oblige. Whenever the musclecop tries to throw me off, I lean forward and smash his bulge.

By the time I'm done, my hands are red, but his torso is worse. I slide off the musclecop then roll him onto his stomach. I climb on his back then drag him up into a camel clutch. He's fucking heavy, especially since my arms are still weak thanks to Seth. I struggle, but my adrenaline is enough to get him up.

Sean moans under me as I pull him back. I fire a punch to the back of his head, stunning him. He goes limp, enabling me to really pull him up and back. The big bad musclecop moans, crying out in pain as I bend his inflexible bulk up and back. I smile as I realize exactly how to beat this guy. I keep up the pressure until Seth calls out, "Boring!"

I release Sean, but I don't just let him go. I grab his wrists and pull his arms back then use them to push him off my knees with force. He can't brace himself as his face and pecs hit the mat hard. SMACK! I feel his arms go limp in my hands and when I drop them, they just fall to mat. I stomp his back, ass and legs, again letting Seth call his shots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

The musclecop suffers at my feet, bouncing and flopping as I break him down, piece by piece. I'm sweating from the effort, but it's strangely cathartic. After the beating I've taken tonight thanks to this guy, it feels good to work out my frustrations. I drag Sean's weak body up by his head then run him into the wall, back first. WHAM! I drive my knee up into his bulge and he screams.

With Sean hunched over, holding his manhood, I step over his head, locking it between my thighs. I grab him around the waist then lift. As soon as his feet are in the air, I fall back, piledriving his head into the mat. CRACK! The musclecop goes limp and I pause to flex for Seth with my shin on Sean's red, battered chest.

Seth moves in as I flex, rubbing his bulge. He kneels beside us then fires a fist to my abs. I'm too tired to brace. It sinks deep. I double over. The punk grabs my hair, "You don't get to flex, boy. Got it?"

I nod, "Yes, Master Seth. I'm sorry."

Seth smiles at my subservience then backs away. He waves his hand and I get back to to work. I pull Sean into a bow and arrow, stretching out his powerful body. He moans loudly as I bend him. I know flexibility is his weakness and I can get him to give in these submission holds. I get close but Seth says, "Not yet." I let go of the hold.

I try to focus. Sean is done whenever I want, but I try to think like Seth. I remember how he beat on my torso and how excited he got when I beat on Sean's. I drag the musclecop to his knees then bend him back into a dragon sleeper. With his torso stretched and nipples aimed at the ceiling, I club his red pecs. He shifts with every shot, but I hold him steady.

I say, "Master Seth. May I present this pathetic muscleman to you as an offering? I know you can have his body, and mine, whenever you want, but I want to show my appreciation to you. Master Seth." Fuck, I hope I didn't lay that on too thick.

Seth just nods, "Not bad, boy."

The hairy punk walks up then starts in with fists to the already softened pecs. POW! POW! POW!Poor Sean. He grunts into my armpit, moaning in pain. He even gives a few times as Seth works his body with feet and fists from neck to balls. THUD! WHUMP! THUD! The guy is a master and I have to admire him, even though I'm his victim.

I lose count of the blows. By the time Seth is done, Sean has passed out from the hold. I let his carcass drop beside me. Seth tosses me a bottle of water. I go to take a drink, but I see the look on his face. I stop myself then dump it on Sean. My hairy punk master nods and I know I dodged a bullet with that one.

Sean sputters awake. I drag him up then force him to look in the mirror at his ravaged body. It's much worse off than mine at this point. I force him to his knees then drag him to Seth. I order him to beg for this to end. I make him kiss Seth's feet then his black spandex package. The musclecop begs our master to end this. He swears he's learned his lesson and begs for forgiveness.

The hairy punk who broke us both just nods slowly then looks at me. He gives me instructions and I nod. I force Sean to his feet with a full nelson. I parade him around the ring for Seth's amusement before I let him go. The whole time, the big musclecop is whimpering. When I let go, Sean wants to collapse, but I force him to stay on his feet.

I whip Sean into the paneled wall. WHACK! He bounces back, stumbling into my arms. I pull him back, dropping him over my extended leg. CRACK! I hold him in the over-the-knee backbreaker. Sean moans as he's bent back. He's a big muscleman and not nearly flexible enough to handle this.

Sean keeps trying to sit up, but I force him back down. I grab hold of his huge orange bulge. He starts begging, but I don't give a shit. I squeeze and he goes wild, thrashing on my leg. It takes all I've got to keep him in the backbreaker, but I manage. The guy is convulsing and crying out, screaming and begging.

I make him submit. He does. I make him admit he's a bigger bitch than me. He does. And I make him beg to be double-fucked. By this point, I don't know if he even gets what I'm saying, but he agrees, crying out his total submission.

I look at Seth who nods. I push the big muscleman off my leg onto the mat. I stand up and pose over him. It hurts to flex my arms, but I push through the pain. I feel energized, knowing I'm on top this time.

Fucking Sean

Sean writhes at my feet. I just wait until Seth moves in. He ignores me, concentrating on our victim. The hairy punk motions for me to strip, so I peel down my black thong. He points at Sean's orange poser and I know what to do. I bend over then strip the musclecop, exposing his impressive manhood. Fuck, he's so hot.

Seth takes both thongs then uses them to bind Sean's wrists behind his back. We drag the bound muscleman to his knees. I kneel behind him and hold him with my arms locked under his. The hairy punk starts in on Sean's body with more punches. The big musclecop moans, begging for Seth to stop. He calls him master, telling me that he knows the drill.

"What the fuck were you thinking?"

Sean moans, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"I should fucking just release everything, expose you. I should just fucking ruin you." Sean begs him not to, but Seth is seething mad. He's talking to himself more than us. He locks on a pec claw, digging his bony fingers into the meaty, red chest. "You and me? This ain't over. I'm gonna fuck you, but this time, you don't get to go back to your life. You're gonna get trained right."

Sean can't do anything but agree. He's got no power. Seth brings a small footstool into the mat room. He forces the musclecop's chest onto it then moves behind him. As we pass, the hairy punk grabs my cock, "Think you can gag the bitch? He's a screamer."

I nod, "As you wish, Master Seth."

I move in front of Sean. I force his head up then lightly slap his face. I wait until Seth is sheathed and in position. We penetrate the musclecop in unison, filling his ass and hole with our meat. Seth isn't gentle. He drives his cock inside with one hard thrust. Huh, it turns out that Sean is a screamer and my cock muffles it only slightly.

Seth and I fuck Sean hard at both ends, using and abusing the handsome hunk like the bitch he is. Fuck, this feels good. I've wanted Sean for a long time and this is fantastic. Now that I'm not being beaten and destroyed, I can enjoy the scene. Seth is a lot less gentle with Sean than he was with me. It's a rough fuck that is way more about domination than sex.

I just ride it out. The whole scene has me hot and I'm ready to cum again. Master Seth allows me to shoot, ordering me to fill the bitch's belly. I oblige, firing my load down the musclecop's waiting throat. I keep pounding, even as my cock softens, making sure he swallows every drop then cleans my rod.

Behind Sean, it's show time. Seth pulls out, rips off his condom then explodes on the cop's ass, marking it with his seed. You'd never know it's his second time tonight as he unleashes a massive load. The hairy punk rises then kicks Sean off the stool onto the mat. As ordered, I untie his hands then move to kneel before Master Seth.

The dominant stud pats my head as he just admires his handiwork. The guy has wrecked two musclestuds in one night. In spite of our physical advantages, he owned us both like we were nothing.

As Sean lies on the mat, a wrecked mass of muscle, I get dragged to my feet. Seth grabs me and forces me into a deep kiss. I go with it. When he breaks, the hairy punk grabs my ass, "Good job, boy."

I just nod as I watch Seth knock Sean out with a sleeper. He circles behind me and I tense up. Oh fuck, not again. Seth wraps his arms around me. I don't resist as he squeezes, instead, I go limp. He lets me fall, assuming I'm out. He never even checks. I don't move, just watch his back as he spins his computer. I just hope this finally over.

Leaving the Scene

Seth opens FaceTime and I see the face of a cute big bear appear. They exchange greetings and I learn the bear's name is Rick. Seth thanks him for the heads up then asks if he enjoyed the show. Rick the Bear grins and says it was great. Fuck, my humiliation wasn't just recorded. It was broadcast!

Seth says, "Good. You deserve it for warning me about this little plan. Shit, you must really hate Sean to rat him out like this."

Rick shakes his head, "Hate? You got it wrong, man. I love Sean. He's my soulmate."


Rick says, "You don't get it. Whatever you did to him the first time, it helped Sean. It made him a better man. He was an arrogant asshole before he met you. You broke down his barriers and opened him up to who he really is. That night when I brought his naked, bruised body into my house, he was perfect. The man of my dreams. Unfortunately, he's been sliding back into asshole territory. He just needed a reminder of how good it feels to be submissive to a real man. So when I overheard his plan to rob you, I knew what to do. Now, he's broken down again and you get to strengthen your hold on him. And with your ongoing training, I know we won't have any more problems."

Seth shakes his head, "You sound like a sick fucker, dude, but you helped me, so it's all good. I'll break him down real good for you. He's a total bitch so it won't take long."

"Perfect. Hey, can you drop Sean off naked at home again? Just toss him onto his lawn. I'll be there to pick him up. It'll be like the first night we made love all over again." Rick sighs wistfully, like he's recalling some wonderful romantic evening.

"Uh huh. Sure, lover boy."

Rick objects to the tone, "Look, I'm just protecting Sean from himself. Now we can go back to how things should be. When Sean gets home, I'll be here to be the kind of strong, caring man he needs in his life. The boy just needs a firm hand."

After a little more back and forth, they drop off. Seth turns around, "What a fucking freak." He looks at me, "You can stop pretending now. I know you're not out. Your breathing gave you away. Too fast and deep for an unconscious guy."

I sit up then Seth helps me to my feet. He says, "Go. And take the cop with you. You heard that freak. Use your car and just drop him on his lawn. He can come back for his car tomorrow. We gotta work some shit out anyway.” I get a chill imagining what more Seth will do to Sean for this. The punk adds, “Don't even think about helping him out or telling him about the freak's role in this."

"No worries about that." I suddenly remember to add, "Master Seth."

Seth smirks then leaves the room. When he returns, he says, "I want to see you again, boy. Break in, same way, next Wednesday, 11pm. Wear this." He tosses me a bag. I look in and see a Spider-Man unitard with separate mask, boots and gloves. No support, just a spandex body suit. I just look at him. He raises an eyebrow, "Question?"

I shake my head, “No, sir. Master Seth.”

"You'll like it, boy. Trust me."

I feel my cock stirring at the thought of a superhero-villain session with Seth. I surprise myself by responding, "I do, Master Seth. I do trust you."

Seth smirks then waves his hand. I get to work. I move my car from the street to behind his house. Seth and I drag Sean up. Even with his help, I struggle to put the naked musclecop's dead weight on my shoulder. As I drive away, my cock is rock hard. I have to pull over and pound one out with Sean sleeping in the back.

Fuck, what a night. I'll tell you one thing - no more fucking private jobs. Ever.

The End


  1. Loved it! Raven is a great new character, and diversity in wrestlers is always hot. The three in this story are all so distinct from each other, so every moment you can be getting turned on by something different. :) But when it pivoted into suddenly being about Sean's beatdown instead of Raven's, it got REALLY hot. I love that so far, it hasn't been from Seth's point of view, which keeps him more mysterious. And I love that, at the center of it all, it feels like the ongoing saga of Seth and Sean. Definitely Sean is one sexy-ass character; I was happy for him getting some offense in, but I was STILL happy when things turned against him! And with Dylan and Kyle subdued for now, someone like Seth can shine--someone who feels maybe less random and chaotic, and more personal in his evil approach than Kyle. Here's hoping for more in the Seth/Sean saga in the future! P.S. I loved Seth (of all people) thinking of Rick as a sick fucker--a sure sign of Rick's less-obvious scariness. P.P.S. Poor Sean! ;)

    1. Crap! All that, and I forgot to mention how hot and inventive that whole first "fighting blinded" section was!

    2. Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the action.

      Your perspective on the characters is interesting. Sean is very sexy. However, one could also say that "poor Sean" has caused all of his own pain through arrogance and poor decisions, while Seth has merely defended his home in both stories. :)

  2. Damn you Alex! Why does every story you pump out have to be so damn good that I find my self wanting more of the series and characters! This sequel was amazing and left me wanting more! A huge thank you to whoever commissioned this! Raven was perfect from his personality to his Thief costume that slowly got stripped from him. The blind fight was great to read and then reading Raven get dominated in and out of his attite before being broken down further into a submissive slave was Hot! I love how quick he caught on with how not to piss off seth and ways to get on his good side when he was fighting sean. And Sean! That modified cop costume! Only down sides to this story (very small downsides too) was that he wasnt wearing that for a longer period of time. Also I wanted to see sean dominate raven a little longer but him getting jobbed was just as fun to read. While reading this I was wondering what Mark and Rick were up to since I had a feeling Rick might be involved and ny suspicions were correct! He was involved and I kind of liked how he told seth his plan so seans ego steps back down. To bad we didnt see what happened after he got dropped off onto ricks lawn! Then Raven and Seth. After there match im hoping raven went back in the Spiderman costumr but thrn I hope he doesnt so Seth will just have to find him amd re-Train him! Again another top quality story Alex! Is thid a series your thinking of continuing? Or just a commision because if its the latter il commision you today if you have a free slot haha!

    1. Sorry, I'll try to write some less engaging stories and characters. ;)

      Thanks for the comment. I would not have re-visited these characters if not for the commission, but it ended up as fun to write and I thought it turned out pretty well. A third AoP story isn't on my 2017 schedule, but email me and we can discuss. :)