Thursday, November 26, 2015

Encounters: Thanksgiving 2015

"So, you're back."

"What was your first clue?" Brody says sarcastically as he stands in my barn, wearing just a white undershirt and a pair of white briefs.


As I strip off my shirt, I tell him, "Don't be an asshole."

"Don't be so sensitive."

I try to make nice, "How's life in LA?"

"It's great. How's life in the closet?"

I tense up at the accusation. "Go fuck yourself. See you in another five years."

As I storm out of my barn, Brody calls out to me, "Buck! Wait! Where the fuck are you going? It was just a joke."

Buck (me)

I turn back, "I'm not laughing. Look, I get it. You hate this town and everyone in it. Including me, I reckon. We're a bunch of ignorant hicks. You're living the life in LA and wish you didn't have to come back this year for Thanksgiving. Go treat your family like crap. I'm not taking shit from you."

Brody strips off his shirt and challenges me, "C’mon, Buck. Let's just wrestle. Like we used to."

I just stare at my former best friend. "I'm surprised you want to. I'm just a big old country boy. Scruffy. Never been in a gym. Out there, you got the hottest guys in the world to pick from. Bodybuilders and models and shit. Boys a lot hotter than me."

Brody says softly, "There's no one hotter to me than you. Not in LA, not anywhere." I just look at him. He says, "I'm sorry. It's just my - never mind. I took my shit out on you and I shouldn't have. You're the only thing I look forward to when I come home. Please don't go."

I smile. There's my buddy. It's stressful for him, coming home to a family that doesn't understand him or accept him. He used to come up every year, but this time, it's been five long years. It always takes him a little while to calm down. This year is worse than I've seen him, but I figured a little tough love would bring him back. Must've had one helluva dust-up with the kin last night. I don't bother asking.

Brody and me grew up thick as thieves. Handsome. Muscular. Star athletes. Football. Wrestling. Hottest studs in school. We hung out and worked out, never apart. We ran the fucking school. No one knew we were gay and fucking each other every chance we got. No one knew we'd drive 150 miles just to get to the nearest bar where we could hang out as just a couple of underage party boys. If anyone had ever figured it out, we'd have been done for.

After high school, I stayed to help out on my family's farm, deferring college for a year. I never made it. My parents died that next summer in a car accident and well, I just needed a home. Brody helped me through it that summer, but he couldn't stay. He tried to get me to come with him, but I couldn't do it. I was too scared to leave everything and everyone I ever knew.

Just for the record, I'm not in the closet anymore and haven't been for years. I just don't put my business out for the world. Everyone in town knows my deal. We just don't talk about it.

Anyway, I still miss him. I'm too busy to go to LA, what with my farm and helping out some of the older folks around the area. We gotta settle for a day of wrestling and fucking when he comes home for Thanksgiving. Otherwise, it's just social media. There are other guys in my life now, but nothing serious. I know he's the same.

I tell him, "You look the best I've ever seen you. Tanned. Ripped. Like a champion bodybuilder. And you've really grown into that broken nose I gave you."

Shit, Brody looks better than ever

Brody laughs, "Yeah, I still owe you for that. But seriously, it's so much easier to stay in shape out there. Guys live at the gyms. One of my buddies actually lives over his own gym. Food is healthier. I'm already feeling gross after one day back here."

I smirk, "How many helpings of your mom's fried chicken have you had?"

Brody drops his head, "Three. Last night along with a hundred pounds of carbs. Plus with the biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Then again for lunch with more fucking carbs."

I grab his shoulder, "That's a good country boy diet."

Brody grins, "Speaking of country boys, you're sure as fuck not living on fried foods. You look great. Bigger and better than ever. Still the sexiest man alive. Too bad you're hidden away, living alone in this back -"

Yeah, I'm a big boy

I interrupt, "Careful. Don't be putting down my home. But thanks."

"I mean it." We just stare at each other, admiring the view. Brody says, "So, we doing this, country boy?"

"You know it, city boy."

The Match

We face off in our white briefs, just like we did back in high school. I'm taller and heavier, 6'2"/240-lbs of muscle and bulk. Brody is 5'10" and a ripped 210-lbs. I've never lost to him, earning the right to fuck his ass every time, even though we end up going both ways during the day and night. I only get around 20 hours with my buddy, so I make the most of it.

We circle, both grinning like we did in high school. We're both tenting our white briefs. We lock up and struggle for control. It's pretty close for a minute, but I power him down. He's real muscular, but still quicker than me. It's enough to frustrate my strength. We grapple on the mat, trying lots of holds, but none of them stick. It gets pretty intense, but that's how we like it.

Headlocks, chinlocks, armlocks, leglocks ... if you can lock it up, we try. Scissors, pins, throws ... none of it lasts, but it's fun to try. We do anything we can, except for low blows. Yeah, we can get a little fresh with that type of stuff, but never this early.

By the time we break, we're breathing hard, sweating, pumped and neither of us accomplished jack shit. Our smiles are bigger and our cocks are even harder in our white briefs. We both get a drink of water then move in again.

We circle again. This time, I power him into a side headlock. I squeeze his head against my side, crushing him into my beef. He moans and I feel his hands running around my leg then my waist. I keep cranking, enjoying the moment before I hip toss him to the mat. I never get my chance.

Brody holds tight then lifts me up. Before I know it, I'm crashing back onto my shoulders in a side suplex. WHAM! I lose the headlock, letting him escape. My buddy sits on my right leg as he grabs behind my left knee. He lifts my leg then pushes it forward. It's okay, until he puts his shoulder into it. My knee comes close to my face - a lot closer than it should on a big guy like me.

I grunt and moan as he stretches my groin and hamstring. Oh fuck. I reach up to push him off, but he swats my hands away. Still, I bug him enough that he backs up on the hold, relieving the pressure. I try to roll over, but Brody sits back and wraps my left leg up in a leglock. With my ankle in his armpit and his legs holding me down, the stretching puts pressure between my ankle and knee. Fuck!

I try to kick out, but his muscles are tough and I'm having trouble focusing. I manage to use my weight advantage to roll us over and remove the pressure, but it was too easy. I find out why real fast. As soon as we're over, he squats and lifts my leg, maneuvering me into a single leg crab. Fuck! I grunt and groan, my leg and back both tensing up.

Brody sits back, making sure I'm feeling the hold. Damn, I ain't as young as I used to be and I'm out of practice. I fight to kick out, but his hand slides down onto my bulge. Oh shit, he's starting this shit early. It's real soft and sexy. Any other time, I'd be loving the feeling of his big hand playing with my junk in my briefs. Doing it now is just distracting me and keeping me in the hold.

My back is seizing up, but I don’t give. I try to press up and kick back, but it doesn’t work. I groan from the pain in my back, but I moan from Brody’s big paw teasing my package. Fuck, my thick cock is leaking and throbbing. My buddy could get me to shoot right now, I’m so horny for him.

I twist hard to the side, finally toppling him over and off me. While Brody stands up, I reach down and adjust my hard cock in my briefs. Yeah, that’s better. I check out his chiseled body as he towers over me, happy to see he’s hard, too. We exchange smiles, but while I’m taking a break, he’s sizing me up.

The tanned bodybuilder leaps up and splashes down on top of me. SPLAT! I’m surprised, so his weight really drives all the air out of my body. Brody pushes me onto my stomach then mounts my back. He locks on a full nelson then rolls us over. My chin is forced between my pecs as my neck and shoulders are tortured. Fuck.

We’re both sweating and breathing hard. I can’t power out. Brody really has gained a lot of strength since the last time we wrestled. When he wraps his legs around my waist and squeezes on the scissors, I’m really grunting in pain. I struggle to roll us, but my buddy has me held tight. I go limp, focusing on getting free.

Brody crushes me with the scissors, but his nelson lightens up. I put everything I’ve got into a fast, powerful burst, driving my arms down. The force breaks his hands apart, getting me out of the nelson. I sit up and away as he goes for a chinlock. I pull free of his legs and we roll up to our feet. My chest is heaving as I fight to focus.

I stare at his powerful body. My old size and strength advantage has diminished, plus, it seems like he’s a better wrestler. I haven’t wrestled any real competition in five years. I gotta take this more seriously or It’s not gonna be pretty.

We move in and lock up. I power him into a side headlock then immediately hip toss him down, not giving him time to counter. While I lie on top of his chest, pressing my weight down, I keep the headlock on and squeeze. I really crank hard and I hear him grunting. I feel his face on his side, his hot breath hitting my flesh.

Brody reaches between my legs. He flips me onto my shoulders, rolling me up as he slides his head free. I thrust my legs out and throw him off. We roll onto our knees then dive into each other. I power him down, but he uses our momentum to get me onto my back. Fuck. He locks my legs as he pins my wrists to the mat. I fight, but he strikes fast, splitting my legs open wide.

I cry out in the grapevine, my groin stretched. I’ve never been real flexible and definitely not now. Brody leans in and kisses me, smothering my mouth. It feels so good to kiss my buddy, but it’s a domination move. He’s in control and making sure I know I’m his bitch. I free my hands and push his lips off me.

Brody lets the grapevine go then sits up, mounting my hips. He pounds my stomach, breaking down my abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I buck my hips and topple him off. I rub my red stomach as he smirks at me. We get up, but the tanned bodybuilder surprises me. He dives in before I’m set. I feel his shoulder collapse my abs. I lose my air even before I’m driven into the mat. OOF!

I’m kinda stunned, giving Brody time to grab my legs then flip my over into a Boston crab. Oh fuck, my back tightens up again. I feel his ass sit down on mine as he really bends me in half. I barely made it through the single leg crab. I got no chance this time.

I tap the mat, blurting out, “Okay, okay! I give! I Give!”

Brody lets me go immediately. He pats my ass, “Good fall.”

“Yeah, yeah. We’re not done, yet.”

Between Rounds

As we sit drinking water and chilling between falls, I tell him, “Gotta say, I’m kinda surprised how strong you are now. I thought I was doing good, but maybe the farm's not enough. Maybe I need to hit the weights or something.”

Brody smiles, “Buddy, you’re stronger than ever. Stronger than me. I can feel it.”

I shake my head, “Didn’t stop you from kicking my ass.”

My buddy jokes, “I can go easier if you want, old man.”

I shoot him the finger, “We’re still the same fucking age. And don’t do me any favors. Better to go down hard than be handed a pity win.”

The tanned muscleman shrugs, “Okay, cool. You can go down hard then I get to go down hard … on your ass.”

Brody offers me his hand to help me to my feet, but I swat it away. I rise on my own, ready for the next round.

Round Two

We circle the mat, hunched over and swatting hands. As we do, our fingers keep hitting and curling. One thing leads to another and we're grabbing hands. With big smiles on our faces and no words exchanged, we naturally work into a test of strength. As soon as our fingers are locked in position, we start battling.

Our chests smash together as we strain. THUD! We strain against each other, our muscles pumping. We're back sweating in seconds as we fight for domination. Brody is a fucking gym-built powerhouse now, but my work on the farm has kept me strong. I use my height advantage to rise up. I feel his face bury against my shoulder. He's breathing hard, grunting loud.

My paws are big, rough and strong as hell. I get his hands going backwards and with a hard shove, he drops to a knee. My tanned musclebuddy moans as I torture his wrists. I look down at him, kneeling in front of my bulge like he used to. It gives me a burst of adrenaline to hold him there, even though he's trying real hard to power up.

I draw my hips back then thrust forward, slamming his face with my hard cock in my white cotton briefs. He swears then admits, "Okay, you win. You're still crazy strong." I feel him kiss my cock head through the thin fabric then engulf it. I moan as he worships my cock. Oh shit, it feels so good. Brody pulls off then says, "Time to wrestle."

Before I can react, he twists his arms and stops fighting me. I fall forward, right into him. He shifts me over his shoulder and squats up. My feet leave the mat then he dives forward, driving me onto my back. WHAM! I'm winded, giving him the time to pound my abs some more. POW! POW! POW! Fuck!

Brody hops onto my chest, pinning my shoulders with his shins. He flexes over me as his balls rest on my chin. I enjoy the view then thrust my arm up and topple him off. I climb onto his back, driving him down. He pushes up and I fall to the side. I lock on a half nelson. He struggles, but I control him enough to lift my knee up into his side. THUD! OOF! THUD! THUD!

As he shakes off the nelson, I pull him into me and lock on a body scissors from behind. He groans as I tighten my legs around his sides. I adjust them until he whimpers, telling me I've got them cinched in just right. I love his whimper when he's really feeling it. He tries to pry my feet apart, but I hammer his back then force his arms behind him. THUD! ARGH!

Brody moans as I crush his body and lift his arms against his shoulders. He's really feeling the pain, but he won't give. Still a tough son of a bitch. I let go of one arm as I use the scissors to roll him face down onto the mat. I work the shoulder some more, using my 240-lbs of muscle to hold him down. He pounds the mat in frustration with his free hand, but won't give.

I stand up and use his arm to drag him up. I pull him into me. When we crash bodies, I wrap my arms around his waist and squeeze him against me with a bearhug. Brody moans, his sides softened up from the scissors. I work it hard, enjoying the feeling of his tanned muscles trapped against me. He sags in my grip, trying to re-focus. I gotta make sure he can't.

I put my lips on his neck and suck. He moans, distracted as I ramp up the force of the bearhug. He tries to push me back, but that's useless. I feel him getting weak, but then he brings his arms up for a front-facing sleeper. Shit. I try to shake him, but he's trying to wrap me up. Fuck. I lift him up, spin and drop him with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM!

The tanned bodybuilder goes limp under me. I pin his arms over his head then slide up and press my bulge into his face. He grunts. It's fun, but I gotta stay focused. I use his arms to roll us over, keeping his face against my package. I hold his head then maneuver my legs around his head.

Brody shouts into my balls, "No, no, no!"

Too late. I extend my legs and and he's trapped in a head scissors. He convulses as I crush his head in my thick thighs. I'll put my farm life against his squats any day. Brody moans loud. I just keep squeezing. I see him getting his knees under him. Fuck! I try to squeeze even harder and push down on his back. Too late, he's got my legs rising.

I grab his head, holding him in place, but he pushes forward, rolling me up on my shoulders. The tanned muscleman grabs my wrists and rises, actually pulling my 240-lbs off the mat. He drops me onto my back. The impact loosens my legs enough that he can slip out. Brody stumbles backwards, falling on his ass. He shakes out his head, his face bright red.

I spin on my ass and get to my feet. I move in, hoping to catch him while he's still dazed. Brody kicks out, catching my left leg. I topple down and he springs up. The tanned muscleman grabs my legs then lifts them up. He bends one as he steps over then falls back. Before I know it, he's got me in a figure-four leglock. ARGH!

I thrash around on the mat, my leg feeling like it's gonna break. I moan loud, but it doesn't take long before I'm submitting.


It takes Brody a couple of seconds to unwrap our legs. They feel like a fucking eternity. Once I'm free, I roll onto my side into the fetal position. Fuck, my knee is killing me. My buddy kneels beside me. I feel his hand on me, tenderly rubbing me.

"You okay? Sorry if -"

I interrupt, "It's cool, it's cool. Just gotta walk it off."

Brody offers me his hand and this time, I take it. The tanned muscleman helps me up then supports me as I stretch out my leg. I feel better, working it out fast. I think I just panicked. When I'm walking on my own, I notice my buddy looks worried. I come in and hug him. I grind my bulge into his, letting him know we're cool.

I tell him, "Shit, you're damn good. Let's try one more."

"One more won't change anything. I'm up by two."

I just shrug, "I know, but I just wanna wrestle you at least one more. That okay?"

Brody smiles, "Hell yeah. Damn I've missed you, Buck."

Round Three

I pace on my side of the mat. I adjust the front of my white briefs as I try to work out a plan to get a win. If I can come back here, maybe we can keep going. I feel like I did pretty good last fall, controlling him for a lot of the time, I just didn't put him away when I had the chance.

Brody just stands across the mat, hands on hips, waiting for me. If I was close to a submission or weakened any part of his amazing bodybuilder physique, he's not showing it. At least he's still tenting as much as me. Glad he's as hot for me as I am for him.

My adrenaline builds. I start bouncing and shaking my muscles out then slap my hands. I move in, letting him know I'm ready. My buddy looks up at me with a calm, but determined look. Even though he's up two, he looks determined and focused. The tanned muscleman isn't taking anything for granted, even though he could.

I walk in close, thrusting my package out. Brody just watches until I'm pressing my junk into his. I put his hands on my shoulders then start grinding on him. He smiles, holding steady. I reach my long arms out under his, gripping his back. We start really going at it, grinding and humping as we mash the front of our white briefs together.

Brody grunts and starts to moan. I feel my cock uncomfortably straining in my briefs. Oh fuck. We stare into each other's eyes and just go at it, pumping our hips, getting harder and harder. My uncut 7" starts leaking. I know what he's packing and just from the feeling I can tell his 8" cut monster is reaching its max.

I lean and kiss him deeply, pulling him into me. Just as he sinks, I tighten up, making it another bearhug. He gasps into my mouth, his tongue retreating. Brody's head falls back and he moans to the sky. He tries to pull his hips back as his cock is painfully wedged under mine. Fuck that. I shift my arms lower and lift his 210-lbs off the mat.

Brody cries out as he hangs in my arms. His rock hard cock is crushed against my stomach, painfully to the side. He won't give, but I didn't expect him to. I lower him to the mat then let go. I lift my knee into his abs hard. THUD! He bends over. I use his hair to force him up again then drive my knee up again. THUD!

I grab the tanned bodybuilder around the waist. I lift and flip him, slamming him down onto his back. WHAM! I drop down, putting my knee into his gut. I grab his head and pull him into a figure four head scissors, his face resting at my throbbing package. I squeeze tight, enjoying his struggle. Maybe I can keep this going after all.

Brody ain't giving up, though. He swings his forearm around fast, slamming it into my stomach. WHAM! I grunt. He does it again. WHAM! It doesn't hurt that much, but I grunt again. When he goes for a third try I reach out and stop him. Too bad for me that my legs loosen up as I focus on his arm. The distraction is just enough for him to slip out and pull free.

I roll up while my buddy sits on his ass. He's got one hand on his head and the other adjusting his pouch. Brody is trying to get right, so I dive forward and clothesline him flat to the mat. WHACK! I wrap my arm under his head then try to bend his arm up for a submission hold, but he knows exactly what I'm up to and starts fighting me.

We start grappling on the mat, fighting for control. Damn, he's got a lot of energy. The quick bursts and having to move him around has me sweating so much my briefs are soaked. I'm breathing hard as we keep going, neither one of us getting much traction for five minutes that feels like 50.

When we break, we're both panting like dogs on a summer day, our muscles pumped and shiny, white briefs transparent from sweat and smiles across our face. We move in on our knees and lock up. I power Brody into a front facelock, but he blocks me from doing much more. My buddy drives forward, getting free and landing on top of me.

Brody sits up and pounds my abs. POW! POW! POW! I roll over to get away, but exposing my back to him is a stupid move. The tanned bodybuilder leaps on my back. I try to press up to throw him off, but he sweeps my arms out and we crash down. SPLAT! I try two more times, but both times, the same counter. SPLAT! SPLAT!

My buddy shifts and sits on my back. He grabs under my chin and pulls up. I moan, trying to press up, but he squats then slams his butt onto my back. Two more times and I'm done. I just lie there, unable to move as my neck is tortured. I realize too late that I played right into his hands. I did all the work, basically six push-ups with 210-lbs on my back, while he got to rest.

Brody lets go of my chin. He grabs my hair then drags me up. When we're standing, he locks on a tight standing full nelson. Damn! My chin buries between my pecs and my neck aches as my broad shoulders are forced together. I know that his cock is still huge and hard, because I feel it against my ass. My buddy humps me while he tortures me.

I moan, trying to break out. I get close, but he presses his knee behind mine and I drop down. Now he has the angle as he towers over me. He presses forward, forcing me to support more of his weight on my screaming neck and shoulders. I'm gasping fast and shallow as I struggle not to give.

Brody lets the nelson go then pulls me back onto my ass. He steps over my shoulders then reaches for my leg. The tanned muscleman lifts my leg and squats, applying a stump puller. As he sits on my neck, he keeps pulling my leg , bringing my knee to my head. Okay, not built for this, especially so many holds that target my neck.

My hamstring is tightening and I feel lucky to not give. Brody lets go then grabs my hair and under my armpit from behind. He forces me to my feet then puts us butt to butt. My buddy grabs under my chin and leans forward, pulling me onto his back in a hangman. I hang on his back, my big body limp as my neck and back stretch out.

Brody bounces a little, making sure I feel it. My feet dangle helplessly and there's nothing for me to grab or hit as my arms hang to the side. I'm close to calling it quits when he drops me. Shit. I writhe on the mat at his feet, holding my neck. I feel as pathetic as I probably look. Once again, I'm dragged up to my feet by my hair and armpit.

My buddy is relentless. He stays behind me, holding my black hair tight. He bends me to the side, forcing my arm behind him as he steps over my hip. I feel pain tearing at my side as he locks on the ab stretch. I let out a long, loud moan, everything tensing up from my armpit to my knee as I'm forced to the side.

Brody really cranks on the ab stretch, punishing me long and slow. I try to power out, but he counters me perfectly. He's got the leverage and strength, meaning I can't budge his rock hard muscles. I groan, cursing my lack of flexibility once again. I'm sweating as I strain. He adds in a few punches to my side and I grunt helplessly with every shot. POW! POW! POW!

Once again, I'm on a position where I'm doing all the work, fighting to get free. Worse, in this case, I'm two-thirds of the support that's keeping us up. With him being shorter, I'm balancing to support my weight and a lot of his. I suffer for a long time before I realize what that means. Stupid me, I really am out of practice.

I bend my knees a little then reach my free hand between my legs. I find his leg then quickly grab and pull on it as I push up with my legs. I lift him off the mat completely then fall backwards. We topple down, him on his back and my 240-lbs of muscle on top of him. BOOM! Brody is winded, unmoving as I roll off him to catch my breath.

Fuck, I'm drained. I rest on hands and knees, breathing hard, head hanging down. I work hard all day, every day. I have a lot of stamina. Still, fighting Brody is wearing me down. I tell myself, "C'mon, Buck, suck it up. One last go."

I see my buddy rising. I plant one foot then tense up. As soon as he's close enough, I spring forward, driving my shoulder into his waist. OOF! I spear him backwards. As I tackle him down, he rolls with it, grabbing me in a front facelock. Shit, our momentum carries us over and he grabs me behind my left leg.

Brody manages to roll me up into a small package. My shoulders are on the mat, the back of my head against his body. It's propped up uncomfortably as he has my legs up. I'm not the kind of guy who can put his knees to his face very easily, but there it is - my left knee. He whips his leg behind right leg and suddenly, this cradle is a spladle.

I moan as I'm trapped, curled up and spread wide open. Oh damn, my groin is tearing as I'm forced to do the splits. My bulge is too close to my face, my body contorted unnaturally. I fight to power out, but he's got me locked up tight. Brody has the position, with my legs held firm, my shoulders pinned and my neck stretched with all my weight bearing down on it.

My buddy holds me in place. His tanned muscles are pumped and powerful, able to withstand my attempts to break free. Shit, my weight advantage means nothing. Actually, it means something. It means my neck is killing me. Oh fuck. I barely notice the pain in my legs as my groin muscles scream.

I fight not to give to this humiliating hold, but it's no use. I'm helpless and can't take it.


Brody releases my legs and I roll out flat. I reach down and rub the inside of my legs as I lie flat in front of him. I feel his hand caressing my hair and it feels good. My childhood best friend has successfully reversed our dynamic completely, taking three straight falls. We relax in silence for a while before I feel him pat my right cheek with two gentle taps.

My buddy gets up, grabs towels and water. "That it?"

I stare up at the gorgeous bodybuilder. We lock eyes and I confirm it, "Yeah. I'm good."

The Stakes

Fuck. That was an ass-whoopin'. I'm out of practice and it shows. I've never lost to Brody before, much less been dominated by him. I don't know how he's gonna handle it. He's fucked me before, but only for fun when I let him. I sit and rub my neck. I'm too big and inflexible to be rolled up on it like that, so it's sore. He moves in and starts massaging me. Damn, that feels good.

Brody lowers me onto the mat, face down. He works on me, stretching me out and hitting every pain point. I'm like putty in his hands as he gives me one helluva a massage. I've never had more than a shoulder rub before. This feels awesome.

When he's done, I'm totally loose and relaxed. I thank him and he lies down on top of me. We enjoy a moment until he whispers in my ear, "Feeling good?" I moan my agreement. He says, "You lost, you know."

I realize what he's saying. I say with a laugh, "So you were just loosening me up for a fucking?"

Brody rolls off me and slaps my butt. He teases, "You know it. Didn't want you cramping up on me."

I smile and roll over. I strip off my sweaty white briefs while he grabs protection. I sit up and move to my knees. My bodybuilder buddy nods his approval as I wait for him, kneeling and naked. My cock is powering up in anticipation. It's been five years since we've fucked, so my big challenge will be not shooting too fast. Shit, he's just too hot.

Brody's back and standing in front of me. I just admire his tanned, sweaty muscles for a moment. Fuck he's gorgeous. And his package. His big cock is sagging in his white briefs, stretching them out. I lean in and start sucking him through the thin cotton. He rests a hand on my head and everything feels right with the world. I rub his legs and ass, worshipping the winner.

After some good bulge and body worship, I finally pull his briefs off then grab his cock with my lips. He moans while I work his balls with my right hand and hold the base of his dick with my left. I bob my head up and down, twisting and turning like I know he used to like. And he still does, based on how hard he is and the sounds he's making.

Brody pulls away then lies down. He waves me over and I go back to work. My buddy sits up on his elbows, just watching me work. He cries out, swearing and telling me how awesome I am. I lose myself in the moment and it's like we're back in the old days, sucking and fucking, no cares in the world.

I've got him shaking when my buddy begs me to stop. He wants to save it for my ass. I reluctantly pull off and sit back on my knees, looking down at the tanned bodybuilder. Fuck he's smoking hot. The muscleman sits up then has me go on all fours. I stick my ass back at him and go down onto my forearms as I wait. He moves in behind me and grabs my hips firmly.

I gasp when I feel his sheathed cock press against my hole. Oh fuck, here it comes. It feels so good as he drives his big meat into me. I groan. It's been way too long and nobody around here can fuck me like Brody. My bodybuilder buddy pushes in all the way until his hips are against my ass. Damn, he's such a fucking man.

Brody starts pumping, pounding my ass. I moan out encouragement, letting him know how good he is. In response, the musclestud picks up the pace, riding me like a champ. He pulls and pushes on my hips, slapping his pelvis into my butt every time. He's going really fast, but still powerful. I can't even form words now, I just moan and gasp as he works my hole.

My bodybuilder buddy pulls out and roughly flips me onto my back. I go with it, lifting my legs immediately to give him easy access. He drives back into my open hole immediately and he's back in rhythm. We lock eyes as he breeds me. He orders me to jerk my cock and I happily obey my dominator, pulling on my rock hard meat for him.

I'm overwhelmed by everything. The wrestling and the massage. His awesome body and handsome face, contorted as he owns my ass. The thrill of his massive cock inside me and the dominance and power of this fuck. It's got me too hot and I warn him I'm about to explode. He orders me to do it, so I release, spraying my beefy muscles with my seed.

Ropes of my cum erupt, shooting from my chin to my navel. I keep pumping until I'm soft and drained, the last drop leaking out onto my thumb. Seconds after I finish, Brody pulls out. He uncovers his monster dick then fires his load on top of mine. I open my mouth, catching the first shot then watching as his cum mixes with mine on my sweaty torso.

When he's finally done, Brody sits back, sweaty and exhausted. We just sit in silence, catching our breath. I finally get up and grab the towels I left in here. I toss one to him then clean myself off. I head to the cooler. "I got bottled water or beer." He surprises me by taking a beer. It's a small thing, but it makes me smile.

We chill out, knowing we've got all night together. I find I can't take my eyes off him.

Heart to Heart

"Shit, you learned some new tricks."

My buddy smirks, "Yeah, I got in with some guys who wrestle a lot."

"Sounds cool."

Brody says in a serious tone, "It is. Why don't you ever come to LA? I mean, for real. Don't give me crap about too much work around here. You're always doing for others. They can do for you for a week." When I don't respond right away, Brody says, "It kinda hurts that you don't wanna visit."

"You know me. I'm just a country boy. LA just isn't my kinda place."

"How do you know? You've never even left the area. You might like it."

I bow my head. I breathe in deeply, deciding to be honest. Brody deserves it. I answer, "That's what I'm afraid of."


I sigh, "What if I like it?"

Brody looks confused, "You're supposed to like vacations. Maybe you're just confused because I have a miserable time here. Except for my time with you, of course. This isn't a vacation. Most vacations are fun. You're free. No worries. No stress. You'd love LA."

"I love it here. I love the farm. The challenge. The work. The people." Brody raises an eyebrow. I admit, "Well, most of the people."

"So? You can love two places. The harvest is done. There's nothing to do until March. Winter with me then come back."

I look at him, "And what if I don't wanna come back? What if I love it out there more than here?"

"Then sell the farm and find a place in LA. I can help you until you're settled."

I shake my head, "This is my family's place."

"They're dead. You're not." Brody's eyes go wide as he realizes what he just said. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said it like that. It's true, though." Brody braces for me to go off on him, but I don't. We stay silent for a few minutes.

I finally tell him, "I feel comfortable here. Safe. I'm scared to try something new."

Suddenly, Brody moves behind me and hugs me. He just holds me, "I think that's the first time you've ever admitted that. Look, I'm not trying to pressure you. I just hate seeing you stagnate here. We're not kids any more, buddy."

"Ain't that the truth. Shit. I don't know."

Brody squeezes me, "Do what you want. If you wanna talk or ever need anything, know that I will always care about you, buddy. I am so thankful that you are still in my life after all these years."

I lie back, sinking into his embrace. "I'm thankful for you, too. And you're making me think. Maybe it took you finally kicking my ass to realize what I'm missing out on."

We sit in silence, cuddling. We stay there until we watch the sun set from the loft in my barn. Finally, our stomachs growl and we have to get up. We walk naked back to the house, where I grab a couple of huge steaks for the grill and Brody makes a salad.

By the time Brody leaves, it's dawn. I'm exhausted and drained, with us having wrestled and fucked over and over again. I finally crawl into bed and stare at my ceiling. I suddenly feel like I'm missing out on life. Fuck.

I finally fall asleep, drifting off to dreams of sun, surf and wrestling.

The End


  1. Totally awesome story to start Thanksgiving Day, man!! Thanks! I was a Buck fan to start, but totally into Brody by the end. Made me do some thinking too!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, Brody might seem like an asshole at the start, but there are at least two sides to this story. :)

  2. Alex R:

    This story. It has some elements of Route 69 in it. The relationship aspect. The emotional element. Its very raw in that sense. You can actually feel the tension between the two characters hiding in the form of city vs country. You can feel the pain and anguish. And oh yeah, there is absolutely hot hot wrestling action. You know Im happy that Brody won. But you know, I feel for Buck, I relate to him. So to say this story hit home? trust me it did. Specially that it was released on Thanksgiving. It made me think. So yeah it was a fun match, but for me more emotional and personal than anything. so perhaps there is some life experience behind this one Miller :). Good Job and Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to hear it did so much for you.

      The relationship element is common to many of my stories, but unlike Ben/Jeff and Cody/Ryan, these are two that didn't stick together at all. I think that probably makes it more emotional and more real.

  3. One hell of a tussle and one hell of a read :) :)

  4. Excellent!

    Glad Brody won. I hope there's a sequel in LA. Another singles match would be fine. But I'd really love to see them as a tag team, taking on some of the CA dudes and showing that corn-fed is also bad-ass.

    Buck should commute. Too many leaving family farms. But having best friends is special, too!

    1. Thanks for the comment. No immediate plans for a return, but it's always a possibility. I do like the idea of a country boy tag team.

  5. Alex R:

    Read the comment above...and curiosity got the best of me.

    Can this story be in the same Universe as the Cave...and if so could Brody have me some of our friends at the Cave and that is how he got good?
    Just asking lol

    1. Good question. Brody lives in LA where he has friends who wrestle all the time, one of whom lives over his own gym ... that sure sounds like some guys we know, doesn't it? :)

    2. Alex R:

      Hmm So these two Buff Hunks....combined with the country tag team idea you wrote about above...and one of them that "might" be "connected" with certain fellas....hmmm interesting.

  6. The story was so good, the action was so good (my personal favorite being the sneaky bearhug), both character models SO HOT, and in a flash of genius you've opened the possibility of them joining the main cast...! I warn you now that if they do, I'll be rooting for them every time! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I consider myself warned. :)

  7. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I was wondering if we were going to get a chance to see Brody or Buck again? With Brody living in L.A., it would be awesome if he made an appearance in a Cave match!

    1. I actually had TWO good Thanksgivings ... in October (Canada) and November (US). Thanks for asking. :)

      Odds of seeing Brody/Buck again and in a Cave-branded story are roughly 100%. Odds of seeing Brody in an official Cave match as a hero or villain? Well, that's less than 100%. He's got a little something else going on at the moment.