Sunday, January 15, 2017

BIGBeast: The New Guy 1

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At the Home for BIGBeast Wrestling

"WHAT? Where the fuck is Erik?"

I shrug nervously, "I don't know where Mr. Flynn went, but he's supposed to show this new guy around and I can't find him anywhere. The guy is gonna arrive any minute. You and me are the only ones here and I didn't think I should be the one to check him out." Uh oh, one of the toughest guys around is giving me a death stare. I start talking fast, "I mean, Mr. Wildfire, sir, I can 'check him out', if you know what I mean, but not the way -"

Jimmy Wildfire gives me an exasperated glare and I shut up. He's pissed, which makes me nervous and when I'm nervous, I ramble. BIGBeast Wrestling lists Jimmy at a generous 5'5" and 150-lbs, while I'm a real 6'4"/200-lbs, but he still intimidates me. I shuffle back and forth as I stand there wearing nothing but the yellow squarecuts, white pads and black sneakers that make up my uniform.

'Camera-boy' (me) and Jimmy Wildfire

The famous heel spits out, "Shit. I've got to get this place ready for non-stop action all weekend. I haven't even touched outside yet. Fucking Erik always disappearing when there's work to be done. The last fucking thing I need right now is a fucking rookie tour. Send him home."

"He flew in from Toronto."

"Fuck. Then tell him to chill at his hotel."

I gulp, "Uh, he's staying here for the weekend. Five matches, two days." Jimmy gives me a hard stare. I reluctantly add, "The Boss really, really wants him to work out, so it's not just a tour. Mr. Flynn was supposed to test, train and acclimate him, too."

Jimmy balls up his fists and his face goes red. I tense my abs, just in case he feels the need to punch something. He asks, "You got anything good to tell me, Camera-boy?"

It's literally my second day at BIGBeast, but I feel like I should step up. I say, "I know I'm just a videographer and more of a wrestling fan than a real wrestler, but -"

Jimmy grabs hold of my thick brown hair. He pulls me down to his height, "You tryin' to get me fired?" I shake my head in his hand. He says, "Want me to clean the mats using this fucking mop you call hair?" I shake my head. "Then shut the fuck up. You just hold the camera. That's what you were hired to do. I'll deal with this new guy."

BING BONG. When the doorbell chimes, Jimmy lets go of me. I rise and he notices my tenting trunks with a smirk. Okay, the rough stuff gets me excited, I admit it. He nods, "Looks like there's hope for you, kid. Fuck Erik, I'm gonna train YOU myself. But first, this guy. You ready?" He smacks the front of my trunks, clipping my dick. I gasp then nod like a good boy.

I like my Camera-boy uniform

I'm only 18, but this is my dream job. I'm the new part-time videographer for BIGBeast Wrestling at their famous house outside Boston. I think they're the best wrestling promotion in the world. I love wrestling, so I don't give a shit that it's less than minimum wage with no benefits. I'll be a freshman in film school in September, so I'm calling this an internship to hone my skills. I plan to shoot everything, including matches, behind the scenes, practice, guys hanging out ... everything. It'll give me experience with action, drama, comedy ... it's perfect.

BING BONG. I'm hoping to wrestle in front of the camera at some point, but I've never really wrestled in my life. Never anything like this, just fooling around with friends. I took drama and band instead of gym in high school. I'm in good shape and pretty strong, but that's thanks to genetics and working my family's farm since I could walk. When I interviewed, Erik Flynn said he'd teach me, but in my two days here. I've seen him twice for a total of two minutes. If a superstar pro like Jimmy will take me on instead, I'm all in.

Jimmy Wildfire

I follow Jimmy to the door with my camera on. I pan up his back as he storms down the stairs. He's a compact muscleman wearing tight purple trunks and beat up white sneakers. Jimmy's been working all morning on odd jobs to get ready for this weekend. Like he said, there's a lot of big stars coming to town, so he's been cleaning, fixing the ring, changing lights, hauling mats around and more. It's given him a great pump and a nice sheen on his pale white skin.

KNOCK, KNOCK. Jimmy screams, "HOLD YOUR FUCKING HORSES!" He turns to me and looks right in the camera, "This asshole is already working my last nerve, kid." He flings the door open and there's the new guy.

The New Guy

The new guy looks like he's in his late 20's. He's 6'1” and a hard looking 200-lbs. He's ripped, just standing there shirtless in shorts and a baseball cap. The newbie is blond and blue eyed with a beard. I get why they hired him. He's pretty hot.

Hot new guy

Hot new guy says, "Hi, I'm Steve." He extends his hand for a shake. Jimmy accepts as he makes a big show of checking him out.

Jimmy finally nods, "You don't sound Canadian."

Steve raises an eyebrow, "How does a Canadian sound?"

Jimmy ignores the question, "Come on in."

Steve grabs his bag then enters, "I'm excited to be here. I've been a huge fan of BIGBeast for so long." He looks at me, the mostly naked teenager holding a camera. He asks, "I - uh - is that thing on?" I nod behind the camera. The new guy asks Jimmy, "Why is there a camera going?"

Jimmy smiles, trying to be nice, "We like to get everything from the minute guys arrive. You never know when lightning will strike. Plus, since The Boss is running matches in Florida, this'll help him get to know you. We're pretty full up this weekend, so just put your shit down, get changed and I'll show you around."

Steve questions, "Changed?" Jimmy lets out a frustrated grunt. He points at me in my gear then at himself in his trunks. Steve nods, "Oh, okay. Sure. I've got some underwear that I could -"

Jimmy interrupts, "You didn't bring any real gear?"

Steve shakes his head, "I was told you guys would supply that. See, I'm not really a wrestler. I'm athletic and pretty coordinated, but I haven't really wrestled in a formal way. For my 40th birthday, a buddy submitted pics of me as kind of a present. He knew I liked ..."

40? I tilt my head from behind the camera. Huh, hot new guy doesn't look 40. My dad is 42 and he doesn't look anything like this guy. Jimmy doesn't seem to care. I admire the guy as he keeps explaining how he got here. Man, he's hot. I adjust my cock and try to focus on filming the guy. Lucky for me, they're not paying any attention to me. Steve must be sharing his life story.

I tune back in as Steve is still explaining, "... and so, a few emails later and I've signed on for five matches in exchange for you guys are flying me here for a weekend. Crazy, eh?"

Jimmy says, "Hold your horses, sport. We still gotta test you out. Boss thought you were worth the risk, but I gotta see if you're trainable enough to be ready for action."

Steve nods, "Right. I know it's not guaranteed and you have an out if I'm not good enough. Still, you flew me down here, so I figure it'll probably happen, eh? I'm sure I can pick up enough to make it worth the time and investment. I mean, as a fan, I get the basics. I understand plotting of matches and the importance of selling."

The BIGBeast veteran looks skeptical, but he leads Steve to a storage room off the living area. He starts pulling gear out of a dresser, tossing it at the rookie. Steve looks skeptically at the tiny pink posers. Jimmy looks pissed at this guy questioning his first choice. Next, he tosses American flag trunks at the Canadian, who immediately tosses them aside.

Jimmy snarls, "Maybe I'll stick you in a mask."

The hot new guy smirks, "What is this, The Cave? Hey, do you have those satin white trunks with the pale blue trim? Jason Pearson, Vince Primo and Matthew Cameron have all worn them. You know the ones?"

Jimmy says, "So you think you're gonna be in their league?"

I see the rookie's muscles subtly flex as he stands there. Steve smirks confidently, but answers modestly, "I'm not saying that. I just think they're hot."

Jimmy might be the smallest guy in the room, but he's clearly in charge. He says, "I'm done playin'. Wear these or go nude." He hands the hot new guy a pair of tiny silver posers. He folds his arms across his chest and waits, daring Steve to question the choice.

The older Canadian hunk just nods. He's confident, not letting Jimmy intimidate him, but he knows he's still interviewing. He asks, "Where do I change?" The BIGBeast veteran looks at him like he's stupid. Steve smirks, "Right. No need to be shy."

The hot new guys strips right there. Wow, he's got a great lower half to match the awesome upper half. No wonder they flew him down here. He's probably the hottest mature guy since Colby Mitchell. Hot new guy has a sweet bubble butt. So smooth and round, I wanna reach out and grab it. I spin around him, making sure I get his pecs, abs and junk. Mm, shaved smooth all over. Nice. All of him is fucking awesome. He slips the silver posers on, tucking his cock and balls in the front pouch, pointing down.

Steve in silver

Jimmy wags his finger in a circle. Steve does a spin, proudly flexing his biceps for the smaller wrestler. The hot new guy asks with a smirk, "So? Do I pass the first test?" The BIGBeast veteran just shrugs then pushes past us out of the room. Steve looks at me, "What do you think?" I give him a thumbs up and a smile, not wanting my response on camera. I get a smile and a flexed bicep kiss in return.

Steve saunters out of the room, proudly wearing his skimpy silver posers. Jimmy leads him around, showing him everything. We check out the living room and kitchen then head down to the weight room. Steve tries out a few machines, getting a sweet pump going. I get a ton of good shots of him and he obliges by flexing for me. We enter our first of the wrestling areas. The rookie circles the mat room, "So cool. It looks bigger on video. I remember when -- "

Jimmy walks away, not interested in Steve's trip down memory lane. We head outside. The lawn is lush and mowed, ready for a mat to be laid down. The hot new guy jumps into the gazebo, amazed at being there. When we hit the wrestleshack, I see his posers twitching. I zoom in as he asks Jimmy if he'll be in here. The veteran says, "You don't know you'll be anywhere yet."

Steve nods, "Yeah, I know. I just meant if I pass your test."

Our tour guide moves us along. We reach the dock. Steve says, "I remember Brad Roberts coming out of this water, pulling himself out, water dripping off. Man that was hot. You guys don't use it much, but I think it's so cool. Wet, tight trunks. Glistening bodies. On a sunny day like today, it's perfect for a - WHOA!"

Jimmy shoves Steve into the lake. He splashes in then comes up fast. He looks pissed for a split second then laughs as he swims around, enjoying the crisp, cool water. He swims back then hauls himself up. The silver posers cling to his junk and I get a great shot as he shakes off the water. Damn, he looks good wet, too. Jimmy must think so, too, but he doesn't acknowledge it.

The hot new guy smirks as his tour guide turns away. With the BIGBeast veteran's back to him, he grabs Jimmy in a reverse bearhug. The smaller stud is caught off guard as the Steve lifts then throws him into the water. Jimmy comes up sputtering. He gives Steve a death stare then swims in. He pulls himself out and his purple trunks slip down, exposing half his cock and ass. He pulls them up then silently marches us off the dock, his soaking wet runners sloshing the whole way.

Steve looks at the camera with a cocky wink as he flexes for me again. I like this guy. The two studs walk back to the house. On the patio, they hose off any grass while I run in and grab towels. I get back quickly and the tension is still high. Steve is trying to lighten the mood, but I know Jimmy doesn't like being shown up. Especially by a rookie.

In the Ring

When they're dried off, we head to the final area. The famous ring. Steve is in awe. Everything else pales in comparison to this room. He looks at the posters. Grabs the stuffed toys. Falls on the sofa. The 40-year old stud looks like a kid in a candy store. He says, "I can't believe I'm here. You have no idea how many times I've imagined myself right here."

While Steve is basking in the moment, Jimmy is pulling on white boots. He laces them up, telling the rookie it's time for his tryout. The hot new guy snaps back to reality. He slips into the ring, bouncing and circling. He tests the ropes then flexes in front of the mirror. As a BIGBeast fan, he's seen a lot of guys enter this squared circle. He mimics their moves, acting like he owns the ring.

Jimmy slides in behind him. Steve sees him in the big mirror. He stops flexing and turns. "Should I get boots?"

The BIGBeast veteran ignores the question. He says, "You've never wrestled."

Steve confirms, "Nothing more than fooling around. I've been on the personals sites and a couple of local guys showed me some stuff. They said I was a natural." Jimmy nods and checks out the 40-year old stud. Steve says, "Like I said, I work out a lot and I get the concept. Maybe you can show me some basic moves. My size will be a good balance for your experience advantage. Level playing field."

A look of anger flashes across Jimmy's face right before he lifts his boot into Steve's abs. OOF! The rookie bends forward. Jimmy locks on a front facelock then suplexes the bigger man over. WHAM! The hot new guy rolls onto his side, reaching for his back. He moans in pain. The smaller stud grabs him by the hair. He angrily says, "Level playing field? You're not even good enough to clean this ring, rookie!"

Jimmy drags Steve up by his hair. The hot new guy starts asking for time, but the veteran is having none of it. He runs the blond hunk into the corner. CLANG! The smaller stud runs in behind him, leaping at the last minute to splash across Steve's broad chest. THUD! Jimmy bounces back, landing softly as the newbie sags in the corner.

The BIGBeast stud kicks Steve in the gut. THUD! OOF! Hot new guy bends forward, so Jimmy pushes his head down between the veteran's legs. Jimmy locks on a standing head scissors. Steve moans as his head is crushed. Jimmy reaches forward then grabs the silver trunks. He pulls them up, wedging them up Steve's crack. ARGH!

The heel smacks the smooth round bubble butt, turning the white flesh red. It's humiliating and I know it's revenge. Jimmy is pissed and this rookie is paying for it. The smaller stud releases the scissors, letting the rookie collapse to the mat. He rolls onto his side shaking out his head. I zoom in on his bare ass then pan out to take in the whole scene of the small heel and his big blond muscle-bitch victim.

Jimmy circles his prey. Steve moans as he finally reaches to fix his trunks. The heel kicks him in the shoulder before he can do it. THUD! The message is clear and the wedgie stays untouched. The blond muscleman struggles to rise, but surprisingly Jimmy helps him up. The Canadian hunk asks for a timeout, but gets a knee to the abs instead. THUD! OOF! Steve drops to a knee then falls forward, bracing with his hand on the mat.

As the jobber tries to focus, Jimmy moves in behind. He grabs Steve around the waist then forces him to his feet. The heel squats then lifts, throwing 200-lbs of hot new muscle up and over with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! The rookie muscleman struggles to rise, showing some nice determination. When Jimmy moves in, Steve gives him a fist to the gut, OOF!

The rookie rises and stretches out. The two guys circle, both looking determined. Steve's face is red. He's obviously embarrassed at being manhandled by a smaller guy. The hot new guy really meant the level playing field comment. Jimmy asks if he knows how to lock up. Steve nods and they move in for collar-and-elbow.

The two guys push and shove in the hold. Steve smiles, "Yeah, this is more like it." He pushes the smaller wrestler to the corner. CLANG! The rookie lifts his knee into Jimmy then turns. He locks on a side headlock, dragging the BIGBeast veteran out of the corner. Steve has a big smile on his face as he controls the famous heel. Or at least he thinks he controls him.

Jimmy says, "Hip toss me down with the headlock."

Steve is surprised as it's clear Jimmy is just going along. He says, "How do I do that?"

The veteran sighs then explains, the whole time "trapped" in the side headlock. On the count of three, the hot new guy bends, Jimmy jumps and they go down perfectly. Steve lies on Jimmy's chest, squeezing the headlock. The rookie really tries, going harder to prove his power. The heel legitimately moans, but he swings his legs up, wrapping them around the surprised newbie's head.

In one smooth move. Jimmy pulls down and slips his head free. The rookie is trapped in a leg scissors. He slaps the powerful thighs as he tries to power out. Steve pushes on the legs. Typical new guy, thinking his big biceps on his gym-cut arms can actually overpower another guy's legs.

As Steve writhes in the hold, he bucks his hips up. I zoom in on his twitching bulge as it shakes in the silver posers. Jimmy tightens the scissors and the hot new guy thrashes. Fuck, he's a natural as he shifts and turns. I think he's really trying to escape, but he's perfectly playing a helpless muscle-jobber. I can tell the heel is liking it as he keeps alternating the pressure, watching the show.

Jimmy reaches down and grabs Steve's blond hair. He says, "Are you even trying, jobber?"

The big muscleman moans and starts thrashing even harder, but he's got no idea what to do. Jimmy lets go of the hair then rubs the muscle-dude’s heaving chest. He lightly pounds the pecs, checking out the merchandise. The heel smirks. "I bet these tits took some time to build." Steve just grunts. Jimmy asks, "How long will they take to wreck?"

Jimmy releases the scissors. Steve rolls onto his side coughing and choking. His face is bright red as he struggles to rise again. When he's up on his hands and knees, the heel steps over his back, straddling him. The smaller wrestler jumps up, slamming his ass into the rookie's back. WHACK! The big muscleman drops like a sack of potatoes.

The heel sits on Steve's back, "You gym guys are all the same. You think these muscles mean something in the ring."

Jimmy pulls Steve up into a camel clutch. The hot new guy moans as his back is punished. He doesn’t know what to do, letting the heel have his way with him in the deadly hold. The smaller wrestler slaps his head, mocking him. He grabs the thick blond hair and pulls his head up. He reaches over and squeezes the meaty pecs. It’s all too easy for Jimmy.

The rookie jobber is sweating as he suffers. The hold goes on and on. When the BIGBeast veteran reaches around and pulls up on his chin, Steve starts moaning louder. When Jimmy forces his fingers into Steve’s mouth and pulls, the moans turn to cries. The smaller stud pull on the fish hooks hard. The blond hunk’s face is etched with pain.

I don’t think he even remembers he can submit, because it sure sounds like he should. The heel finally reminds him. Jimmy says, “Submit, rook! SUBMIT!”

Steve immediately grunts through his stretched out lips, “SUBMIT! SUBMIT!”

Jimmy pushes him down, face first then rises. He flexes over the ailing rookie. The heel leans over then grabs a handful of blond hair. He forces Steve’s head up so he can see the mirror. The smaller stud resumes flexing, making sure the rookie sees him posing over his wrecked carcass. Ouch.

Jimmy triumphant

The heel backs up. he reaches down then grabs Steve’s ankles. He bends them up to his victim’s bare ass, folding them across each other. Jimmy drops to a knee and locks his leg inside the ankles, securing the legs against the smooth bubble butt. The veteran lightly slaps the bare cheeks, which gets the rookie to instinctively and foolishly draw his hands back.

Jimmy grabs Steve’s wrists then pulls, lifting his chest and head off the mat. The hot new guy immediately starts moaning. After the extended camel, this move is especially hard to handle. This time, the rookie can’t hold out nearly as long before saying, “SUBMIT!” The heel lets him go.

Steve moans on the mat. He struggles to get to his feet. He’s hurting, but at least he’s trying. Meanwhile, Jimmy is circling like a vulture. He’s counting on his fingers and muttering, “suplex, stomps, corner, camel …” The heel nods as he finishes his checklist.

The rookie continues to rise with the help of the ropes closest to the mirror. Jimmy moves in, forcing Steve’s head through the top and middle top. He grab another handful of blond hair, forcing him up and out. The BIGBeast veteran locks on a full nelson. The blond muscleman grunts as he’s dragged back, the top rope cutting into his back while the middle rope presses down on his prominent silver-spandex pouch.

Jimmy says, “C’mon, ya big muscle-bitch! You gotta have some kind of fight in ya!”

Steve groans then flexes. I can tell he’s straining to power out of the nelson. His chin digs between his pecs, but he’s got size and height on his side. Jimmy fights to keep the nelson as the jobber answers the call. He thrusts his arms down hard, breaking the nelson. The top rope flings him forward and his face smashes into the mirror. Fortunately, nothing breaks, but Steve hangs against the mirror trying to re-focus.

Jimmy grabs Steve around the waist. He pulls him back into the ring, locking on a reverse bearhug, He squeezes hard as the sweaty blond muscleman grunts in pain.The big muscle-hunk tries to power out, but he can’t. Once again, his inexperience hurts him as he stands there, getting crushed while trying to pry Jimmy’s hands apart. He gyrates sensually as he's crushed, moaning and throwing his head back.

The heel lets go of the hold himself, dropping his right hand onto Steve’s pouch. He rakes his hand across the jobber’s big bulge. ARGH! The rookie staggers forward, holding his manhood. Jimmy moves in behind him then kicks his leg out. WHACK! WHOA! The blond muscleman lands on his ass, sending a shockwave up his spine.

Jimmy moves in with a knee to the back. WHACK! The heel drops down behind the jobber, smoothly leaning back and locking on a leg nelson. Steve moans as his shoulders collapse against the power of Jimmy’s legs. The smaller stud has his boots folded behind the rookie’s head and a firm hold on both wrists. Steve cries out in pain as he’s tortured.

The heel challenges, "Try powering outta this one, rook!"

The hot new guy impresses with his resilience and flexibility as he hangs on. He tries to get out of the hold, but it's no use. He's Jimmy's plaything right now. Sweat drips from his head onto his silver pouch as he sits, legs spread out wide and Jimmy’s legs forcing his head forward and arms back. The leg nelson can be crippling and Steve is finding that out first hand.

The rookie has no choice but to admit defeat again. “SUBMIT! SUBMIT!”

Jimmy unwraps his legs then rolls away. He verbally checks off, “Two different nelsons. Bearhug. Low blow.”

Steve kneels down, leaning forward with his head on the mat as he shakes out his shoulders. The blond muscleman looks tired as he breathes slowly. He asks for a break, but instead, Jimmy steps over the rookie’s right shoulder then forces his arm upward. The hot new guy can barely get out a “No, no, no!” before he’s trapped again.

Jimmy sits on Steve’s shoulder, wrenching his arm up and back. The rookie groans as the heel brings him close to having his shoulder dislocate before easing up. He keeps edging the jobber, testing his resolve. For a newbie, Steve does good, holding out as he’s tortured over and over again. Satisfied, Jimmy stands up and releases the arm. He gives it a boot before backing off. STOMP!

“Get up, rook.”

Steve obeys, slowly rolling up to his feet. He throws his head back and finally adjusts the back of his silver posing trunks. He stumbles a bit and looks tired, but he doesn’t ask for another break. I guess he knows better now. Jimmy lifts his arms for another lockup. Steve moves in cautiously.

The two men lock up. A frustrated Steve uses his size advantage to immediately drive Jimmy back into the corner. CLANG! The impact is hard, but Steve just holds the heel there. The BIGBeast veteran taunts, “Okay, ya put me here, what’re ya gonna do with me?”

In response, Steve lifts his knee into Jimmy’s abs. OOF! He lets go of Jimmy’s arms then does it again. WHOMP! OOF! A little success has the blond muscleman feeling good. He tries for a third knee lift, but the heel has seen enough. He grabs the leg under the thigh then lifts and trips the hot new guy to the mat. WHAM! Steve falls onto his back with his legs in the air.

Jimmy folds Steve’s legs over his then steps over and around, locking on a sharpshooter. ARGH! A regular Boston crab is bad enough, but a sharpshooter is even worse. The heel mocks his victim, “You should like this, it was made popular by a guy from Canada.”

Steve pounds the mat in frustration as his back is tested again. He tries pushing up, which is the right counter for a crab, but he can’t get the leverage in this hold. The devastating hold goes on and on as the muscleman moans into the mat. Finally, he has to admit he’s done again. “OKAY! I SUBMIT! SUBMIT!”

Jimmy says, “TAP THE MAT! It’s sexier to see a muscle-bitch like you tapping while he gives.”

The hot new guy furiously taps the mat while groaning his submission again. Jimmy drops him. He kneels down and grabs a handful of blond hair. He forces his victim’s head off the mat, looks him in the eye and asks, “Still think this is a level playing field, rook?”

The handsome muscle-hunk moans a soft, “No.”

In spite of the domination, Steve tries to rise again as Jimmy hops out of the ring for water. He guzzles it down as the rookie stretches out. I get a lot of great shots of his ripped body as he tries to work out his big muscles. The silver trunks are soaked again and clinging tight, leaving nothing to the imagination. The jobber paces the ring, controlling his breathing and trying some yoga moves.

Jimmy slides back in. He smirks, “You’re pretty tough. Guess you really do workout.” Steve doesn’t verbally respond, he just nods acknowledgement. “Tell ya what. For being a good sport, I’ll give ya a free shot to my abs.”

The hot new guy looks suspicious, but Jimmy puts his hands behind his head and flexes his stomach. Steve paces, looking from the abs to Jimmy’s smirking face. He’s seen the heel in action and knows his reputation. The veteran grows impatient, “C’mon, c’mon. I’ll give you to the count of five. ONE. TWO.”

The rookie braces himself then fires his fist into the smaller stud’s stomach. WHOMP! It connects and Jimmy is driven back. The smaller stud bends over, but he grabs Steve’s forearm. He pulls the rookie forward, driving his elbow into the side of his head. WHACK! The hot new guy staggers back. When he gets his feet under him, he’s met by a dropkick to his pecs. THUD!

Steve stumbles back then falls through the ropes to the floor below. He lands hard on the floor, rolling all the way to the sofa. The rookie rolls himself up to his knees using the couch. Problem is, he turns his back to the ring. Dude, never turn your back on Jimmy Wildfire.

I might be a newbie myself, but I called it. Jimmy comes out of the ring and drives his boot between Steve’s shoulder blades. The rookie flies face first into the couch. It probably doesn’t hurt, but the heel puts his ass on the back of the muscleman’s neck, forcing his face into the cushion. He grabs the big strong arms then lifts them up high, punishing the shoulders.

Steve cries out in pain, his tortured moans muffled by the plush sofa. Jimmy enjoys his perch on the blond muscleman’s broad back. The rookie’s hands wave then he claps his fingertips on his palms. The heel laughs, “You tapping, rook?” The hot new guy forms a thumbs up signal, but it points sideways. Jimmy gets it and lets the arms go.

Before he gets off the muscle-hunk, Jimmy reaches down, grabs a handful of silver poser and pulls it up the back, wedging it up higher and deeper into the handsome newbie’s crack. The heel rolls off. He grabs Steve’s blond hair and the back of the silver posers, dragging him from the couch then whipping him into the ring.

The hot new guy shows some athleticism, smoothly rolling and rising to his feet. As soon as Jimmy climbs in the ring, Steve actually tackles him down. He schoolboy pins the veteran down, pinning his shoulders down with his shins. The muscleman is still 200-lbs, even after the beating he’s received, so his weight holds Jimmy down. Steve wipes the sweat from his forehead and flips it down on the heel. He breathes hard and gathers himself.

Jimmy asks, “So cool, you’re on top. Now what?”

Steve freezes for a second. He bends forward then slaps the mat. He says, “ONE!”

Suddenly, the heel thrusts his arms up, pulling it free. He brings his hand onto the blond muscleman’s bulge. Steve’s eyes go wide, but he can’t do anything as Jimmy slaps his pouch hard. The hot new guy cries out and loses focus. He falls forward, holding his crotch. The smaller stud rolls them over then mounts Steve, planting his ass on his handsome face as he faces down his ripped body.

Jimmy starts pounding the rock hard abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Steve bucks under the heel with every shot. He manages to throw the smaller stud off and roll away, but the tanned stomach has some red on it. The rookie rises, but he’s hunched over, his abs and balls aching. The BIGBeast veteran grabs Steve by the head and rolls him over into a split leg cradle.

Steve’s legs are opened wide as he’s wrapped up by the expert. This is one of Jimmy’s signature moves and there’s nothing the blond muscle-hunk can do about it. The heel explores the trapped rookie’s amazing body. When he reaches the bulge, Steve starts begging him to stop. He submits, but Jimmy isn’t interested.

“You wanted to take this up a level, rook. You wanted to try to pin me? You’re pinned. You’re giving. This is how a wrestler does it.”

Steve says, “Okay, okay. I get it. You’re a wrestler. I’m not! C’mon, man. I just came for fun!”

Jimmy laughs, “This isn’t fun? Then why's your dick hard?”

True enough, Steve is tenting his pouch. The rookie moans as his semi gets toyed with by the heel. He moans then whimpers his submission again. Steve tells the heel that his groin, shoulder and neck are killing him. He begs to be let go, swearing he won’t try anything again. The smaller stud takes mercy on the blond muscleman, releasing him. Steve rolls into the fetal position, one hand on the back of his neck and the other between his legs.

Jimmy gives the big man time to recuperate, but he get impatient as the rookie tries to stretch out. The heel says, “You wanna stretch? I’ll give you a stretch.”

Steve gets dragged up his hair. Jimmy kneels and drags the rookie over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, but with Jimmy a simple move is not always simple. As the blond muscleman is thrown over, the heel extends his leg. The hot new guy’s head falls in front of the extended leg and his shoulders land on Jimmy’s thigh, stopping his momentum cold.

With the rookie upside down, Jimmy keeps him from toppling down by grabbing hold of the big man’s leg and keeping it over the heel’s shoulders. He reaches his other hand out, grabbing Steve’s other ankle and the blond muscle-hunk’s legs are locked in tight. The hot new guy hangs upside down on Jimmy’s leg, his legs spread open wide.

Steve moans and grunts as all his weight presses down on his neck and shoulders while his groin is stretched out. The heel manages to keep the 200-lb muscleman balanced as the pressure on his body mounts. It doesn’t take long before the rookie is submitting, unable to take the pain of the devastating hold. Jimmy drops the hot blond muscleman down in a heap.

After he stands up, Jimmy flexes over the bigger stud, savoring his dominance. As the heel circles, Steve tries to rise again. This time, the BIGBeast veteran extends a hand. The rookie takes it, rising with help. The smaller stud says, “Hug it out, rook.” As they hug, the big blond muscleman slides a hand down. Intentional or not, he cops a feel of Jimmy’s butt. I zoom in on the heel’s eyes. Uh oh.

The heel growls then grabs the hot new guy around the waist. He lifts and flips Steve around, slamming him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! Jimmy mounts the rookie’s waist, pinning his arms at his side. He admires the meaty pecs then starts in, pounding the thick chest muscles. The hot new guy bucks under the smaller stud, but he can’t do much.

Jimmy switches to a pec claw, crushing both slabs of beef in his hands. Steve moans as he suffers. The heel applies a ton of pressure, leaning into the hold as he wears the muscles down. The blond muscleman rolls his head back and forth as he tries to deal with the pain. It’s cruel and intense to see this incredible physical specimen broken down by an expert like his muscles were nothing.

Steve gives again, “I GIVE! I GIVE!”

Jimmy rolls off. He pulls the rookie up into a seated position by his hair. He steps over the shoulders then reaches down and grabs Steve’s leg. When he lifts, the rookie is trapped in a stump puller. Jimmy’s stature works for him as the bigger stud is folded in half, his face driven towards his bulge.

I zoom in on the suffering stud. He gasps for breath as his muscles are weakened and unable to hold up under the pressure. Steve taps Jimmy’s feet as he submits yet again. The heel steps off, but he immediately comes back in and forces the blond muscleman to his feet. The rookie hops a little, his hamstring stretched out in the leg hold.

“You can take some punishment, rook. Now, let’s see. I’ve bent you every which way. Neck. Arms. Chest. Back. Abs. Low blows. Leg. Pretty good.”

Steve nods, “Please, can we be done? I admit it. I’m no BIGBeast wrestler.”

Jimmy smiles, “Sure we can be done. You look like you need a break anyway.” The hot new guy relaxes, grateful for the end. As the blond muscleman turns, the heel suddenly leaps on his back. He locks on a sleeper. Steve struggles, but drops to one knee. His arms go limp at his side. The heel toys with him, edging him closer to unconsciousness. It takes a minute, but Jimmy finally puts him out.

The heel drops the sleeping stud down then poses for my camera one more time. Jimmy says, "Get in here, Camera-boy. Flex with me."

Jimmy lets me flex with him

I put my camera down and climb in. I tell him what a great job he did and how I'm so glad he'll be training me. I tell him I'd love to be able to crush studs like Steve. The superstar turns around and looks me up and down. He smirks, "Yeah, I'll show you a lot of shit. You sure you wanna be the crusher, Camera-boy? Sure you don't wanna be like that jobber there?"

I say, "I guess it'd depend on the opponent, sir." Jimmy just nods as he looks me up and down again before exiting the ring. I follow, leaving his victim alone and unconscious on the mat.

Steve's Final Assessment

The rookie wakes up, moaning. He pulls himself up to his feet, holding his head. He looks out of the ring at Jimmy, who's changed into a small lime green poser while the blond muscleman was napping. The heel is lounging on the sofa, rubbing his bulging pouch. Steve sees Jimmy holding his silver posers. He looks down, realizing he's naked. The hot new guy mutters a simple, "Shit." He moves around and starts stretching out his aching muscles.

Steve gets down on all fours, adjusting his spine with a cat-dog tilt. I get great footage of his bare ass rising and falling. I move to get his dangling junk. Fuck, he is too hot. Too bad he doesn't have more wrestling experience. Jimmy gets up and moves into the ring. The rookie stops stretching, spinning around onto his ass. He holds up his hands, "No more, I'm done. I get it. I'm not a wrestler."

Jimmy agrees, "You're fuckin' useless. There ain't a guy on our roster who couldn't beat your ass. Even when I let you get on top, you didn’t have a clue what to do with it.”

"Okay, okay. Point proven. I'm sorry I wasted your time. I'll get a motel room out by the airport and pay the change fee to fly back tomorrow morning."

Jimmy laughs, "You got a contract, rook."

Steve looks confused, "But the out-clause?"

"We got an out. You don't. I'm passin' your sorry ass."


"Why? 'Cause Camera-boy got hard watching you suffer. Other guys will, too. I wanna watch you wrestle five times over the next two days. And get your ass kicked five times over the next two days. You're hot, have good instincts and can take a bump and that's what matters. You can take a shitload of abuse, so I'll make sure you're paired with guys who can carry and bury your ass in a match."

The hot new guy is stunned. He doesn't know what to say. Jimmy throws the original pair of pink posers at him, "Put those on and get the fuck up. We got work to do to get ready. You wasted too much of my time, so now you're my new helper monkey." He looks at me, "Download that video and send a couple of choice clips to The Boss. Oh, and send them to Erik, too. I want him to see what he missed. Damn, I got some guys for you, rook. Some real nice guys who might just make you a big star. Happy fuckin' birthday."

Jimmy looks so devilish that I cringe for the poor hot new guy. I bet he's gonna put Steve against the five baddest guys who show up this weekend. The Canadian hunk is going to be lucky if he can even stand by Sunday night.

Steve gets it, too. He pulls on the pink poser and leaves the ring, head bowed. He knows he's in trouble, so he follows Jimmy to start his work. He doesn't need Jimmy to get any madder. The 40-year old muscle-stud looks back at the ring one more time then closes the door behind him.

When I'm alone, I shut off the camera with a smile. I can't help climbing in the ring and pounding one out as I watch the replay on the viewer. I explode fast, but I stay hard. I pound out another load right away then I hold out until as Steve gets sleepered out when I unleash for the third time. It's going to be a great weekend.

The End


  1. Two thoughts: 1. Love it; 2. More Steve! So fucking hot, and unquestionably a jobber, I love it.

    1. Thanks!

      Good news, since you like Steve. You'll see him six more times over the next two years as our Camera-boy narrator documents his wild weekend.

  2. Loved it. Poor Steve, incredibly hot!

  3. Great new series! Steve is a hot new jobner that didnt know what he was getting into but im sure i'll at least love seeing him job in his 5 other matches haha! It was hot seeing Firest-er Triumphant break down the cocky newbie and show him who is really in control. Curious about Cameraboys future if Johnny does train him i wonder if hes going to be the final heel to dominate hot steve! Thanks for the great start to a promising series alex! And thank you to the mystery commisioner too!

    1. Thanks! One of the best parts of commissions is that a lot of folks have such interesting ideas.

    2. That's a hot idea. Younger guy beating on an older guy. Promising series!

    3. Thanks! Glad you find it promising.

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    1. Meh, Jimmy's just gotta show the rookies who's boss. LOL. Thanks for the comment!

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    1. Thanks for always providing a comment. I really appreciate it. I love hearing readers are interested in the characters. It's much tougher to create them than to write more wrestling.

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    1. Thanks! You're in luck. "Camera-boy" is the POV for all these "New Guy" stories in the BIGBeast series.