Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: Royce Perry vs. Zip Zarella (BGEast)

On the Arena, BGEast is out with catalogue 117.1, the first of the year. They're starting the year off right with Ringwars 26, which features two matches I definitely wanted to see, one I was open to seeing, and one I still have no interest in at all. With 3 potential winners, I decided to OTA it, spending the extra $20 instead of waiting for the matches I want to make it to VOD a month or more from now.

I'm covering the two matches I really wanted to see, one today and one on Friday. Both turned out great, so no regrets on my part. This first one features two hot new rookies and they really deliver on all counts, including looks, chemistry, and skill.

Hunky Royce vs Bad Boy Zip



You know that I don't like to spoil matches, but I feel like it's relevant in this case. I say this because this is more of a squash than the Ringwars banner might suggest. One guy dominates to start, but after the 6-minute mark, it's all one-sided domination. If this was under a banner like Demolition or Hunkbash, it wouldn't be worthy of note, but here I feel like it is here.

So on with the review ...

First up is Royce Perry. He's the adorable one, with frat boy good looks and a tight, hard body. In his big yellow pro trunks, I'm impressed immediately. The best part is that he knows how to use what he's got. I found his cocky personality engaging and his skills right on point. I will definitely be checking out Royce's future matches.

Royce takes over early then takes advantage

Classic headlock with a punishing twist

Royce is facing fellow rookie Zip Zarella. He's taller and tattooed, but he still feels like a young pretty boy with his floppy hair and purple trunks. The gear plays a part, as the entire story of this squash is that the taller bad boy is proud of his purple trunks. Trust me, it works in context. Zip's goofy name doesn't scream star, but he sure acts like one. I love how he takes control of the ring with his attitude. He shows an unexpected level of arrogance then backs it up with a big beatdown.

Love the use of old school holds in this match

Yeah, Zip's a bad boy

Both guys are cocky young studs, so there's no heel-face dynamic here. They both have the attitude, but only Zip can back it up. So there is a heel-jobber dynamic, it's just that the jobber is a cocky punk, too.

These two seem like they should be indie pro wrestlers, but I have no idea if they are. What I do know is that if Royce and Zip aren't buddies, they should be. They have a great rapport and work really well together. They remind me of a Beau Nasty/Shane Styles kind of thing. Not that I'm saying Zip can reach Beau's level of short-lived awesomeness, but it's just a vibe I got while watching.

Zip owns the frat boy

Back you go, Royce isn't done flexing

Royce started the hair pulling, but Zip's finishing it

The action is fast and classic. There's a smoothness to the transitions and a logic to the progression. This is why I think they're pro trained. It's all really crisp. Starting with the opening sequence, Royce is a wrestler right out of the past with moves like a collar-and-elbow, armbar, headlock, etc. It's great to see these kind of guys put out this kind of match.

Not that this is all old school. It feels modern and exciting, with moves that 'wow', like Zip's jawbreaker (think RKO or Stone Cold Stunner). There's fresh and cocky chatter throughout. Zip's angry mocking is heel-perfect and Royce sells the abuse well. Both guys are sexy as they work the ring.

Zip strangles his smaller opponent

Big boots = big pain

Swinging neckbreaker? Nope ... stunner!

In the end, I loved seeing new talented guys show up and show out with a great match. I can see myself checking both guys out again, especially Royce, and I can see myself watching this match again, too.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Hmmm, I think the blond hottie is indie wrestler Tyler Nitro.

    1. Thanks for the info. I figured they both were indie pros or at least trained. It shows in how well they wrestle.

  2. Zip Zarella indi pro nick?

    1. I'm not sure, but he certainly seems like an indie pro.

    2. Stevie Fierce, I think

  3. Yes, "Zip" is indy pro wrestler Stevie Fierce from the Chicago area. He travels around the eastern US a lot, and he regularly posts his wrestling schedule on Facebook and Twitter. Several indy matches of him are available on YouTube. Tyler Nitro is based in the Northeast and wrestles mostly in that area.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Tyler is also in action as Tyler Royce over at Wrestler4Hire against Ty Alexander, Cam Zagucci and maybe more ... I remember those two matches for sure.