Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Heroes: Bane of My Existence

Chapter One: A New Challenge


Batman landed carefully, with the skill and precision of an Olympic gymnast half his size. As the masked muscleman perched on the roof of the Gotham Garden Inn, the caped crusader paused and took a moment to breathe. Despite being a man of near perfection, he was still capable of being tired. Actually, exhausted was the better term for how he currently felt. Physically and mentally, he had been from going non-stop for months. Still, even as fatigued as he was, he would never give into it. He clamped his grappling hook to the roofs edge and worked his way down the wall.

Batman descended four stories to the eighth floor balcony below with remarkable precision. Despite being a large man, 6'2" and 230-lbs of solid muscle, the cowled crimefighter barely made a sound. He stayed to the side, out of view, as he disconnected the rope line and carefully inserted it back into his famous utility belt.

Gotham City's mighty champion finally entered the suites brightly lit living room cautiously, but confidently. Of course, the caped crusader entered every room with confidence. He had supreme faith in his abilities to handle any situation, built over his seven-year career challenging and defeating Gotham City's most diabolical and dangerous villains. From powerful beasts to geniuses to seductresses to insane madmen, he had faced them all and won.

Three months ago, there was a massive simultaneous escape at Arkham Asylum. Batman had been fighting non-stop, day and night, to re-capture his greatest foes. He had outlasted the Penguin, out-focused the Joker, outmuscled the Riddler, out-thought Killer Croc, outmaneuvered Two-Face and outwitted Mr. Freeze. He had even successfully resisted the charms of Catwoman and the chemicals of Poison Ivy. The list went on, but every villain was finally tucked away, safe and sound, in his or her cell.

Yes, the hero had proven once again that he was Gotham Citys ultimate man brains, brawn and skill. So when he entered this non-descript hotel room and discovered that he had walked into a trap, it hardly made an impact. All of his greatest enemies and most dangerous foes were in Arkham. And whoever set this up would be joining them.

Batman was there to meet a reporter from Metropolis, Lois Lane, who claimed she had information on the recent breakout at Arkham. The hero had been so focused on the immediate problem, recapturing the criminals, he had not been able to stop to uncover who was actually behind the event. The plan was so perfectly executed and brilliant that he suspected Ra's al Ghul, but had not yet had time to follow up on it.

Lois Lane said she had evidence about who was behind the event at Arkham, but could not piece the puzzle together. As both Gothams champion and the worlds greatest detective, Lane turned to Batman for help. The hero knew Lane was an ally of Superman, Metropolis' defender, so he agreed to meet with her. When he entered the room, though, it was torn apart, the furniture cleared to the edges of the room and the reporter was nowhere to be seen. The worlds greatest detective had not even started looking for clues when he heard a man clear his throat.

Batman quickly looked towards the sound. Emerging from the dark entrance hall, the caped crusader saw a large, bare-chested muscleman wearing a mask. Obviously, he had just been in the hotel rooms bathroom, out of view. For the first time tonight, the hero was surprised. There werent many people who could get so close without him realizing it. Batman remained confident, though. Confident and even a little excited. In many ways, he enjoyed facing a new challenge, a new villain in Gotham. It gave him purpose. However, in this case, Gothams mighty protector wasnt impressed.

Yes, the man was bigger than Batman, 6'4" and easily 270-lbs of power, but Batman had defeated bigger men many times. He was obviously strong, but size was all that this guy had going for him. So far, everything else the caped crusaders keen mind had discerned about the big man screamed amateur.

The mans dime-store wrestling costume hardly inspired fear. The villain wore a black and white wrestler's mask, a tight black singlet, black weightlifting belt and black wrestling boots. He had no obvious weapons in his small outfit, which little to the imagination. Batman saw no help behind him and the room was too small for group melee anyway.

As Batman took it all in, the villain didnt move or say anything. Despite the simple costume, Batman had to admit that the man had an aura - powerful, masculine and defiant. The new villain was clearly arrogant, from his entrance to the way he stood so relaxed, with his arms crossed over his barrel chest, wearing just the brief spandex costume. Even though his face was covered, Batman could almost detect a smirk under the mask.

The caped crusader spoke first. Let me guess. Youre called The Wrestler and youre not here to help me.

The villain replied in a deep, sexy voice, My name is Bane. And you are right. I am not here to help you. However, I am the man for whom you are looking. In more ways than one. The man reached down and adjusted his sizable package in the black singlet.

Under his cowl, Batman arched an eyebrow. He said, Ah, I see. I dont suppose you want to make this easy on both of us and just tell me what you did with Ms. Lane.

The villain thought a moment, bringing his hand to his chin. After a few seconds, he replied with a slight laugh, Miss Lane is safely tied up in the bedroom through that door. She is alive and safe. However, to get to her, you must get through me.

Batman shrugged. If thats the way you want it, Bane.

Chapter Two: The Fight Begins

The hero decided that he believed Bane when the villain said that Miss Lane was safe and on the other side of the door, but Batman didnt bother making a move to save her. He knew that, given the size and layout of the room, he would have to incapacitate Bane before rescuing Miss Lane or risk leaving himself wide open to attack.

The two men circled the room cautiously, ready for anything. Batman guessed that this man favored wrestling, based on the costume. He didnt care. The hero was an expert in all forms of combat, so he could wrestle, box, jiu jitsu, whatever was needed. Batman could have attacked fast, but he wanted to gain the measure of his opponent. Bane might not look like a serious threat, but then again, neither did the clownish Joker or the short, rotund Penguin.

Batman moved to his left slowly. Bane followed with his eyes, but not his body. The hero crouched slightly. He spread his arms and opened his cape, draping it back over his shoulders. The hero was sizing the villain up carefully, looking for any tell of his style, strength level and especially any weakness.

Bane continued to remain still, but he did drop his arms from across his thick chest. Batman began to close in. With speed that belied his size, Bane charged first. WHOA! Batman barely dodged the move, but Bane stopped on a dime, turned quickly and moved in behind him. Before Batman could react, the villain reached over the hero's shoulders and, with a simple move, unhooked his cape. Bane backed up, holding the long cloak up like a trophy.

"This will only get in the way, Batman. I will give it back to you when I am done."

Bane tossed the cape aside and the hero looked at him with a new attitude. This Bane guy was arrogant, but also fast and smart. Batman was surprised that Bane figured out how to unhook his cape, as the fastening was hidden, but he couldn't waste mind space following that line of thought. He had to concentrate on this fight.

Batman moved in first this time. Bane dodged him with surprising agility and speed. As the Dark Knight turned to follow up, Bane was already facing him, with his boot rising. Banes boot landed deep in the heros midsection, driving the air from Batman. The villain clubbed his huge arm across Batmans back, driving him to one knee.

The hero swung his right fist up, but Bane caught it in his larger left paw. The villain started to squeeze, but the heros punch was only a distraction! THUD! Batman drove his left fist into Banes right side then followed up by using his trapped right hand to pull the villain forward into a hard forearm to the chest. Bane stepped back, his grip loosening. The hero pulled his hand free and still from one knee, thrust both his fists into Banes bare midsection!

OOF! Bane expelled air as the fists landed. Batman grimaced as his hands felt as if he slammed them into a concrete wall! Batman was learning a lot, little of it good this villain was fast, strong and tough, but the Caped Crusader stayed focused. He knew that Banes undeserved arrogance had given him this opening and he planned to take advantage!

Batman rose and drove Bane into the wall hard. He lifted his knee into Bane's midsection. The villain doubled over from the impact, leaving him open to an elbow to the back of the head. Bane staggered forward, so the hero moved in behind him. He grabbed the back of the villain's mask and wrenched him up into a full nelson. The hero cranked the hold hard, binding the villain's arms, forcing his head forward and applying pressure to Bane's thick neck and shoulders.

Batman shook Bane in the hold, increasing the pressure and the pain. The hero knew he could safely put Bane out and then move to help Miss Lane. The villain grunted in frustration as Batman controlled him. The hero could feel Bane's muscles tighten as he tried to break free. Suddenly, it seemed as though the villain's muscles actually grew! With one quick move, Bane drove his arms down and broke open the hero's hold.

Batman was surprised as Bane grabbed his wrists and drove back, slamming the hero into the wall back first. Bane crushed the hero by driving his body on top of the heros. Bane stepped forward and turned slowly as Batman fell to one knee, trying to catch his breath. When the hero looked up, he was met with a fist to his jaw. The hero was sent reeling to the floor. He shook his head and looked up.

To his surprise, Bane did not follow up. The villain was just staring down at the hero. If Batman didn't know better, he could swear Banes muscles had grown even larger, looking more like 280 or 290, but that was impossible, wasn't it?

From his kneeling position, Batman swept the standing Banes feet out from under him. The villain toppled over onto his back. The hero wasted no time. He vaulted onto the villain, but as he moved, Bane lifted his knees to catch Batman. However, the hero countered Banes counter. Batman displayed his vaunted physical prowess, flipping in mid-air so that he landed with his knees over Banes shoulders and his ass in Banes face. POW! POW! Two more fists into Banes gut. This time, they landed in soft flesh, as the surprised villain had no time to react. Batman was satisfied as he heard grunts from Bane, muffled by the heros tight ass pressed over his mouth.

Batman pounded his right fist again, but this time, it was the hero who cried out! AGH! The villain had tightened and flexed his rock hard midsection. As the hero shook out his hand, the villain moved his arms and grabbed a tight grip on Batmans ankles. He started to lift the 230-lb hero up. Batman felt himself moving forward. He instinctively put his left hand down to brace himself, landing it right on Banes huge spandex-covered package!

The villain grunted in surprise, losing his grip on the heros ankles. Batman fell back to his knees, straddling the villain's chest. He delivered two quick hits to the villain's lower abdomen then pushed up and swung his legs up and to the left. The hero backed up into a crouch as the villain rose to a seated position. Batman charged forward, clotheslining the villain down. Bane toppled back and the hero pressed his advantage.

Batman again mounted Bane. He punched Bane across the chin then pinned the villains arms down with a tight grip on his wrists. The hero leapt up and thrust down, driving his knees down into Banes abs! WHOMPH! Instinctively, Bane tried to curl up as he felt the pain of 230 pounds of hero muscle landing entirely on his stomach!

ARGH! Bane yelled.

Batman smiled. Bane was turning out to be just another muscleman who thought that made him a match for Gothams greatest hero.

Chapter Three: A Secret Revealed

Batman straddled the villains thick waist. The hero decided to end this now. The Caped Crusader cocked his right arm back and drove another right fist at Banes chin for a knockout punch, but the villain managed to deflect it with his left forearm. As the heros momentum carried him left, Bane pushed up and rolled on top of the hero. From his back, Batman wrapped his legs around the villains waist. He squeezed, but Bane just laughed.

Sorry, little hero, that wont work on me. Bane appeared to be getting even larger and more powerful. Was he over 300-lbs now? The hero had no time to determine what was happening, as Bane planted his hands around the heros throat and squeezed. Batman lost his body scissors as Bane tried to choke the life from him. The armor around the heros neck kept him from being immediately strangled, but both men could feel it giving way.

The hero pounded on Banes arms, but they were unmoved. Batman couldnt seem to move the villain, so he forced his forearms inside Banes arms and pushed out fast and hard. Bane lost his grip as the Caped Crusader followed up with a double heart punch into the villains massive chest. Bane lost his balance and fell back, sitting between the heros legs. Batman lifted his right leg and kicked Bane's chest then his face. The villain fell back, turning and clutching his head.

The hero scrambled up and grabbed Bane around the neck, applying a tight sleeper hold. The choke should have put Bane out in seconds, but the villain moved and kept the hero from locking it on tightly. The kneeling men struggled as Bane got weaker under the pressure, but not unconscious. As the hero kept trying, Bane summoned his strength and actually growled.

The caped crusader kept up the pressure, but now Bane seemed unaffected. The villain rose up, with Batman on his back, still trying to knock him out. Bane flexed his neck, chest and arms then pushed around back, slamming Batman's back into the wall. The hero lost the ineffective choke. Bane turned and grabbed Batman around the throat. The villain lifted Batman off the ground by his neck, turned and slammed him down on his back.

The hero felt the impact throughout his body, but he did not stop fighting. Batman slammed both fists into either side of Bane's arm, hammering his huge muscles with all the force he could muster. Bane grunted, losing his grip on the hero's throat.

With Bane distracted for the moment, Batman rolled to the side, gathered his breath and climbed to his feet. The villain didn't pause - he charged forward tackling Batman, again slamming his back hard against the immovable wall. Bane rose up, grabbing Batmans wrists and holding them over the winded heros cowl against the wall. Pinned by the weight of the villains muscular body, the Caped Crusader couldnt move.

Bane leaned in, his face right in front of Batmans. The villain was in so close, the hero could feel hot breath through the villains mask on his lips. Banes massive chest pressed against Batmans and his thighs kept Batmans legs spread, and unable to kick up. The villains strength was more than impressive it was inhuman.

Bane whispered, Youre doing very well, Hero. Im so glad youre not making this too easy.

Batman didn't respond, instead he pushed his arms forward. They lifted off less than an inch before they were slammed back against the wall. The villain had leverage and superior strength. The hero realized that he couldn't power his way out, so he drove his head forward, head butting the villain with his cowl. Bane was surprised and staggered backwards. Batman lifted his black boot and kicked the villain's thick midsection. As Bane bent forward, Batman slammed a fist into the side of his head then another. Bane wobbled, but didnt fall. The hero grabbed him in a front face lock and cranked it.

Batman squeezed hard on the hold then brought down his forearm across Bane's broad back. He repeated the move and the villain staggered to one knee. The hero used the opportunity to reach for his utility belt, but Bane had stamina in addition to strength. Before the hero could reach into a pouch, Bane drove him back into the wall again.

The air left Batman's lungs as Bane once again pinned him against the wall. The villain kept one hand free this time. He brought it under the heros belt buckle and unlatched it, letting the utility belt fall open, suspended in the space between the heros lower back and the wall.

Bane said, "No belt, Batman. Let us keep this mano-a-mano for now. The only tool you will need is the one down here." The villain forced his hand into Batmans trunks. He felt wetness from sweat, but also pre-cum. Bane massaged Batmans semi-hard cock, rubbing it aggressively. Batman involuntarily moaned with pleasure as Banes rough hand manipulated his throbbing manhood.

Bane whispered, Oh, you like this, do you? Trapped and helpless. It has made you wet, hero. Wet for your master, Bane. The villain lifted his hand and rubbed Batmans lips with the sticky pre-cum that coated the inside of the heros black trunks, letting him taste the truth of Bane's words.

While it was true that he was excited, Batman would never admit it. In response to the hero's silence, Bane said, Do not be embarrassed, Batman, I have watched you carefully over the past three months. It is the reason I released the criminals from Arkham. Batmans eyes went wide. This was the mastermind he had been searching for? The one who had him running around, fighting his entire rogues gallery night after night to the point of exhaustion?

Bane continued, I have figured out how you fight, how you think and how you defeat all your villains. I am taking over the Gotham crime scene, so I needed to understand their weaknesses as much as yours. Most interesting to me was how easily you captured Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Two beautiful women, but they had no chance against you. Even Poison Ivys pheromones did not affect you. A beautiful woman like that, with the enhancement of chemicals, but not even a wiggle down there.

Bane playfully swatted the trapped Caped Crusaders cock. Batman shuddered at the villains touch. He struggled to push Bane off him, but it was no use. The villain was the strongest he had ever faced. Suddenly, Bane grabbed a tight grip on the heros cock and balls. Batmans face was racked with pain as the villain squeezed.

Bane said, Tell me why her pheromones did not work or I will crush your very impressive manhood, hero.

Batman realized he better play along. He replied, It did affect me at first, but I developed an antidote long ago. She is beautiful, but evil, which is an easy combination to resist.

Bane squeezed the heros cock again. He said, Liar. It never affected your willpower. You only pretended that it did to hide your secret. What she did not realize is that her pheromones could never work on you. Mine, however, will.

Batman froze, halting his struggle for only a moment then he laughed. Never.

Bane said, Yes, Batman, my pheromones will work, especially given what I have put you through. I know that you are a man with a serious spandex and bondage fetish. Admit it ... you find my body and this predicament very, very stimulating.

Youre insane.

Time will tell, Hero. I do have my own version of Ivys spray. After I defeat you, I will test it on you and we will see who is lying, the villain taunted.

Bane released then swatted the heros throbbing cock. The heros manhood was betraying him as his excitement increased. Batman knew that if Bane was telling the truth and he couldnt figure a way out of this, he might be done.

Chapter Four: The Battle Won

Batman was trapped, but not beaten. The hero squirmed, finally freeing one hand from Banes paw. In one smooth move, he brought his elbow down fast and hard on Bane's thick shoulder. The hero turned his arm and slammed a fist into the side of the villains head. Bane backed up and Batman moved in with two karate chops to the neck. His utility belt fell to the floor behind him, but he couldn't worry about that.

Batman thrust his fist into Bane's wide-open stomach then his other fist across the villain's jaw! The caped crusader unleashed a series of punches into the villain's stomach. The hero grabbed Bane's arm and flipped him over his hip. Bane crashed down hard. Batman mounted the villain and locked on an arm lock. He forced Bane's arm up his back.

Instead of moaning, he heard laughter. Batman was shocked as Bane powered his arm free and lifted up, with the hero straddling his back. Batman toppled off Bane, falling to the side. The villain moved fast and climbed on top of the hero, pinning him to the floor.

Bane arrogantly sat on the hero's chest, his knees pinning the hero's shoulders down. Batman knew it wasn't his imagination Bane was bigger, definitely over 300-lbs of muscle now. Somehow, the villain was only getting stronger. Not that it mattered. The dominant villain was in complete control at the moment. Bane took a minute to reach behind him and squeeze the hero's thick cock again through his trunks. Batman's eyes rolled back in his head as Bane fondled him. The villain released the hero's manhood and leaned forward, repositioning his pouch over Batman's mouth. He rubbed his big package all over Batman's face, humiliating the hero. Batman managed to throw Bane off him, but not before tasting the sweat-drenched spandex trunks that the villain wore.

The two men rose and faced off again. Bane moved back as Batman charged in, fists ready. As the hero came in close, he swung his fists, but the blows bounced off Bane as though they had no impact! The villain responded by reaching under Batman's arms and pulling him into a vicious bearhug!

Bane cinched in the hold and squeezed Batman mercilessly! He shook the hero until Batman couldn't hold in the moans of pain in his back. The hero's head fell back as he struggled to regain his composure and fight his way out of the deadly hold. He braced his hands on Bane's thick pecs then his shoulders. Just when the hero thought it couldn't get any worse, Bane lifted him off the ground!

The mighty Caped Crusader was desperate for escape. He threw his arms out wildly, trying to connect with some as yet undiscovered soft spot. The villain had to have one, didn't he? Bane crushed the hero, as Batman's head fell forward over Bane's shoulder. Never before had the hero been manhandled like this. With no utility belt, he had to rely on his strength, which was rapidly evaporating and his brains. For the first time since he was a novice hero, he actually wasn't sure he could escape.

Batman focused his mind and reached up with a hand on Bane's face. He raked across the villain's covered eyes, hoping that would do something. It did. Bane was momentarily disoriented. He threw the hero to the ground and shook out his head. Batman crawled on his stomach, trying to will himself to his feet.

Unfortunately for the hero, the villain recovered faster. Bane marched up and kicked the rising Batman back to the floor. He stomped the hero's back again and again. The villain stepped over the small of Batman's back, planting all his weight on the battered muscles. As Batman struggled to rise, Bane sat down hard on his back. He grabbed the hero's arms. Batman cried out, "No, no, no," in anticipation of what was to come. Bane ignored his protests and powered Batman's thick shoulders over his knees, pulling his broad chest off the floor. The hero's body was painfully bent backwards and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Batman cried out as Bane forced his torso up into the camel clutch. The villain's fingers were locked under the Caped Crusader's chin. What was now 300-lbs of muscle was firmly sitting on the small of the hero's back. Batman had no escape this time, no trick he could pull.

Bane ordered Batman to submit, but the hero steadfastly refused. Bane wrenched back harder and harder, but still the hero's willpower won and no submission was given. When Bane repositioned his arms into a sleeper hold, Batman shook his head in defense, but he couldn't stop the villain.

Within seconds, Bane sleepered Batman into oblivion.

Chapter Five: Asleep

Bane pushed the hero's shoulders off his knees with disgust. The villain knew he could destroy Batman, but he had hoped for a submission, a willing admission from the hero that he was defeated. As Batman slept, Bane walked over and grabbed the hero's famed utility belt. Bane looked through each compartment. He had to admit, it was an impressive piece of engineering. During his thorough search, he found quite a few things that interested him.

Bane unfastened his big black belt and strapped the utility belt around his own waist. The villain admired himself in the mirror for a moment, but he couldnt stop glancing down at the defeated hero. Banes defeat of Batman had gone exactly as planned, but the villain wasnt yet satisfied. The diabolical fiend reached into the belt and pulled out smelling salts.

Bane grabbed Batmans cowl and pulled the heros head off the floor. The mask stretched, but Bane didnt bother pulling it off. He knew the heros identity. It was a much better idea for Batmans eventual unmasking to be done in public at a time when he was fully awake and aware. For now, Bane wanted to continue punishing Batman, the great hero of Gotham, not his alter ego.

Bane forced Batman into a seated position. He stood behind the hero then opened the pungent concoction. He pulled the heros head back and ran it under the sleeping heros nose.

Bane said, Wake up, hero. Time for round 2.

Chapter Six: Awake

Batman woke with a start, coughing from the potent smell that had forced him into consciousness. The hero shook out the cobwebs, momentarily confused and dazed. He was seated and sore, his back aching. The hero quickly assessed the situation Bane was behind him, just standing.

The villain stood over Batman, not attacking. The heros instincts took over. He reached back and grabbed Banes ankles. Batman pulled forward, toppling the giant villain. Bane crashed back, falling on his ass, surprised at the hero's resilience. Batman spun around and leapt at the villain.

As Batman moved forward, between the villains thick legs, Bane wrapped his legs around the hero, locking his waist in a tight scissors. Batmans forward momentum came to a halt as the villain squeezed tightly. In response, the hero drove his fists into Banes bare stomach, just above the stolen utility belt. Bane grunted, but kept the pressure up.

How do you like the belt, Hero? It looks good on me, right? Consider it a souvenir from round one.

Batman ignored the villain, but seized the opportunity. He reached down to open a pouch on the belt. Before he could grab the sleep spray, though, Bane grabbed his wrist and twisted it hard. Bane used his free arm to drive a hard forearm into the heros big chest.

Batman grunted. The villains scissors was taking its toll and his arm was trapped in the muscular monsters unbreakable grip. Batman pounded on Banes thick chest with his free hand, but it seemed to have no effect. Bane just laughed off the blows. The hero didnt know that Banes unnatural strength was exactly that, unnatural. The villain was chemically enhanced with a steroid called Venom running through his system. His strength and invulnerability only increased as he wrestled and the powerful Venom ran through his mighty muscles.

Bane grabbed Batmans free wrist and locked it down, too. The hero kicked in frustration, trying to withstand having his ribs crushed by the thick vice-like grip of the strongest villain he had ever faced. It became harder and harder for the hero to breathe as banes legs squeezed the life from him.

Suddenly, Bane pulled Batmans hands to the floor then released the scissors. Batmans wrists were still trapped, but at least the pressure was off for a moment. Before the exhausted hero could react, the villain swung his legs up and over the heros shoulders. He pushed down, forcing Batman to slide backwards onto his stomach as Bane's legs tightened.

Bane used his grip on the heros wrists to pull his arms up as he closed his legs around the heros head. Batman was trapped again, this time in a head scissors. Bane was only applying half pressure, but he knew it would be enough. His thick, muscular legs could knock a man out in seconds. The villain's ankles were locked and secure, resting on the hero's lower back, holding him down. Bane kept his tight grip on Batman's wrists, immobilizing the hero.

The heros face was wedged up near the villains bulging pouch, the ears of his mask pointing up. All Batman could see, smell and taste was Banes massive spandex-covered bulge. Under his black cowl, the hero's head was red from the pressure. These powerful thighs had nearly crushed his ribs, only the reinforcements in the mask saved him from being overcome by the pain. Still, the caped crusader could feel the mask tightening. Batman felt like his head would pop if this continued. The humiliating position was having another effect on the hero. As Batman stretched out on his stomach, his cock grew to full mast under him. It throbbed for attention and release as Bane dominated him.

Bane watched the hero's hips squirm as he held the scissors tightly. He knew what was going on. He knew the hero was feeling helpless and horny. Bane laughed as he watched the hero, in dire peril, still rub his crotch on the floor, trying to get off.

The villain had no intention of letting Batman succeed. He would decide when the hero would get release and it would be later, much, much later. Bane upped the pressure on the scissors until Batman's cowl cracked and the hero cried out in agony. The villain released the scissors and the hero's wrists. He rolled them over and sat on the hero's face. Bane rubbed Batman's mouth and nose with his pouch, forcing the hero to breathe nothing but his scent.

Batman could do nothing but moan and writhe under his dominator's monstrous package. His own cock was swollen and begging for attention, but the hero had to focus on Bane. Somehow he had to turn the tables. Again he slid his hands up Bane's thick legs and over his hard round ass towards the utility belt that was trapped around a villain's waist for the first time. If he could only find one weapon ...

Bane enjoyed the feeling of the hero's hands sliding up his bare legs and over his spandex-covered ass. As Batman reached the belt, though, Bane rolled away, taking the hero's only hope with him. Bane rose to his feet as Batman struggled to do the same. When the hero reached a seated position, Bane moved up behind him.

Batman shook his head out. He knew Bane was behind him, but he couldn't react fast enough as Bane stepped over his shoulders, forcing his head down. The villain reached forward and grabbed the hero's right boot. He pulled the mighty hero's legs up, folding the hero in half. Batman cried out as Bane stretched him into a position that wrestlers called a stump puller, or more ominously an "Al Capone cradle".

As he sat on the floor, helpless once again under Bane's superior strength and skill, Bane stretched him painfully. The malevolent muscle man swatted his cowl with his free hand, taunting the hero to fight back. Batman wanted nothing more than to take control and be the dominator, but wanting and doing are two different things. The hero tried to pull his leg down, but it was no use. The villain's power was just too much for him. Batman moaned, but did not beg for freedom. He would not do that.

Bane savored his complete control, but he still wanted more. He released the hero's leg and stepped back. The villain pulled the hero up by his trunks and cowl, giving him a wedgie in the process. Batman could only obey. He swung his arms, hoping to hit some part of Bane, but with the villain behind him, it was no use. The next thing the hero knew, he was falling back.

Bane had yanked the hero up and now he brought him down, pulling on the back of his cowl. Batman crashed onto the villain's knee, the impact sending shock waves of pain through his entire body. Batman cried out as Bane held him there, across his knee and bent his head down, folding him the wrong way. The hero was helpless in the backbreaker. Bane used one hand to steady the hero's legs and the other to force his head back. When the hero was positioned, Bane slid his hand up from the hero's leg to his bulging crotch.

Batman cried out as Bane grabbed his hard hero cock and started toying with it. Not enough to allow release, but enough to keep it at the edge. The hero was the villain's plaything as the combination of pleasure and pain drove the hero towards madness. Bane was nowhere near done. He stretched the leg opening of the trunks over the hero's cock and balls, exposing them. The villain jerked the hero slowly, teasing him.

Batman was in agony from the pain shooting through his already weakened back, but he was also so close to cumming that his breath grew short and shallow. The muscle monster heard the change and released the hero's cock.

Bane demanded, "Give in, Batman. Admit defeat!" The hero refused. Bane increased the pressure. The hero moaned. It had been long minutes of pain and torment, but Bane kept demanding Batman give into his power.

"I will break your back, Hero! Say it!"

"I ... I ... I submit!"

Months of tiring effort re-capturing villains combined with Bane's Venom-enhanced power had done it. For the first time ever, Batman had submitted to another man. Bane laughed. He had done it. Batman had admitted defeat. To him. He pushed Batman off his knee and onto the floor where the hero writhed in pain, trying to crawl to freedom.

Bane again used the hero's cowl and trunks to drag him up. Bane lifted his mask up exposing his mouth. He turned the hero towards him, grabbing the hero into a powerful embrace around his chest. Batman lacked the strength to fight back any longer as Bane planted his lips over the hero's. Batman tried to escape, but it was no use.

With the kiss delivered, Bane pulled his mask back down and positioned his arms around the heros head in a front face sleeper. Bane teased Batman before tightening his grip. Within seconds, the hero was unconscious totally and completely defeated once again.

Chapter Seven: Asleep (Again)

With the hero having admitted defeat and now asleep again, Bane moved to his next step - complete subjugation. The villain got himself ready. He started by removing the utility belt from around his waist. Then came his black wrestling boots. Finally, the villain slowly peeling off his singlet, revealing a tiny silver thong underneath.

The villain stretched. He savored the feeling of being almost completely free, dressed only in the skimpiest of thongs. Bane then stood over Batman. He planted a foot on his chest and flexed in victory. The villain put on a show, posing over his conquest.

It might have seemed odd, but Bane wasnt only doing this for himself. No, the villain walked across the room and picked up a hidden camera that had filmed the entire encounter. He filmed the hero's defeated carcass, getting close ups of the broken body. Bane knelt down and fondled the hero's sloppy cock, playing with it for the camera. When he was done, he set the camera back up.

Bane knelt beside Batmans head. He turned it towards him and pulled down the front of his silver thong. Bane slipped his cock into the heros mouth, leaned forward and fucked the heros face. Instinctively, Batman responded by sucking on the large piece of meat that invaded his mouth. Bane worked his cock back and forth, making sure that the hero would wake up with the taste of his cock fresh inside his mouth.

Bane pulled out, slapped the heros face with his cock, further humiliating him. Bane tucked his cock back inside his thong then caressed the heros magnificent body. Bane had planned and waited a long time for this moment. Batman was his, once and for always. But there was more to do.

Bane rose to his feet and stood over Batman. He bent down and stripped the hero of his trunks. The villain smelled them, taking in his musk. Batmans tights had a zipper at the crotch that enabled him to relieve himself. Bane carefully exposed the heros manhood and ass. Another round with the camera then it was time to wake the hero again.

Bane laughed. He was really going to enjoy this next phase in the hero's training.

Chapter Eight: Awake (Again)

Batman awoke, groggy from the beating and sleeper. He quickly realized that his trunks were gone. Bane was standing across the room, holding them. He said, "These are my souvenir from round two."

Batman couldn't really move very well, but he tried. He saw that Bane was stripped to only a small silver thong and feared what was next. The villain looked ridiculously powerful and supremely confident in victory. Batman struggled to rise, to fight back, anything that would help him regain control.

Bane sauntered across the room. When he got close, Batman summoned his strength and slugged him in the gut, but the villain just laughed. Batman had no idea, of course that the Venom in Bane's veins was at its peak by this point. He got a clue as the evil wrestler mocked the hero, "Batman, you would need a sledgehammer to even make a dent. You get weaker, but I only get stronger."

Bane grabbed the hero by the cowl and forced Batman to look him in the eyes. Bane said, "You were barely a challenge at the start. Now, you are nothing. You gave me what I wanted - a submission. So it is time to move from the fight to the spoils."

Bane lifted a small spray bottle in front of the heros face. He said, I call this my Bat-phrodisiac. The essence of my masculinity condensed into a concentrated spray. I told you that my pheromones would work on you. Let us now prove that theory.

No! The hero cried out and squirmed, but it was no use.

Bane sprayed the clear liquid into Batmans face. The hero tried not to breathe it in, but it was no use.  Within seconds, the mighty heros demeanor changed. Suddenly, the caped crusader stopped struggling and started moaning. It was Banes turn to laugh as his plan took fruition. The villain forced open Batmans mouth and sprayed another dose directly down the heros throat. Batman moaned helplessly, as he lost his will to fight and his natural sexual attraction to the villainous, but powerful and muscular wrestler was enhanced to irrational levels.

You see, Batman, I told you I have been watching you. I know you are Bruce Wayne. I know what you like. I have been in your manor. In your bedroom. In your bathroom. I have seen your porn collection. I have hacked your searches. I know what turns you on. And it is men like me and situations like this. I realized that I do not need to kill you. I can easily enslave you. First, with the help of these enhanced pheromones, but eventually, I will break the Batman and you will willingly submit to my every desire without any chemical help. You will live as my henchman. As my slave. With you as my front man, Gotham will fall so very easily. No one will dare defy me.

Bane rubbed the heros growing cock. Where once the hero was defiant, now Batman was eager. He gyrated his hips, hoping to increase the pressure on his manhood, hoping for release from this mighty, sexy man who had him under control. Everything Bane said was true the combination of spandex, bondage and wrestling was exactly what got him off. With Banes powerful pheromone cocktail now in his blood stream, the hero was mentally helpless to resist.

Bane lifted his hand off Batmans cock. He ordered his slave, Call me master.

Yes, Master. Bane brought his hand down again. Batman moaned, Unh, unh, unh, as he gyrated his hips, desperate to get off. The hero perverted himself under Banes soft touch, but no release was coming.

Bane stopped rubbing and walked across the room. He no longer needed to watch the hero. When he ordered the hero to his knees, Batman complied without question. The hero knelt, head bowed in total submission. But Bane wasnt done. Even though Batman was powerless against his chemical and physical charms, the villain wanted to savor his brilliant triumph. He was the only man that had both outfought and outwitted the hero so completely. Bane reached for a collar and fastened around the kneeling heros neck. He clamped on a leash and gave it a tug.

Bane walked Batman around the room, as a human would a dog. The caped crusader followed helplessly, but more importantly, he followed willingly. Bane stopped back in the center of the room. Batman knelt, head bowed, cock sticking straight out and leaking in excitement.

The villain gave the Caped Crusader an order. Immediately, Batman obeyed, kissing and licking his masters foot. Bane watched the once-mighty hero clean his foot with his tongue. Another order and the hero was kissing the villains cock through the thong.

Bane ordered the hero to rise. After another order, Batman stripped his gray bodysuit off, pulling his boots and gloves back on when he was done. Bane handed the hero his cape, letting him wear it again. The hero stood before Bane wearing only his cowl, cape, gloves and boots. Bane rubbed the heros bare chest and stomach. He toyed with his Bat slaves free cock and balls. The hero did nothing but moan under his conquerors touch.

Bane walked behind the hero. When he came back, he was holding the heros utility belt. The villain said, Put this on. Batman complied. Bane stood back and admired his handiwork Batman, wearing his utility belt, but unable and unwilling to use it. In all his years of crimefighting, never had the Caped Crusader been so helpless and enslaved. The Bat-phrodiasac was working like magic, warping the heros once-powerful mind.

Bane was just too smart and Batman too weak from the months of re-capturing his entire rogues gallery and the fight with Bane. With Batman dressed appropriately, Bane moved on to his next phase of breaking Batman.

Chapter Nine: Bane and his Bat Toy

Bane pushed Batman back to the wall. The villain felt the hero's body, running his hands all over Batman's beef. Batman squirmed under the villain's touch, the chemicals increasing his sensitivity. As Bane reached his nipples, Batman involuntarily lifted his hands to stop him, unable to take the physical contact. Bane smiled. His chemicals were working perfectly, as evidenced by the hero's leaking hard on and heightened arousal, but he wasn't willing to allow Batman to do anything but suffer.

Bane grabbed some rope and lifted the king-size metal bed frame in the corner of the room, braced by two walls and furniture. The muscular monster grabbed the hero's cock and brought the obedient hero forward. The villain bound Batman's wrists then tied the ropes around the top corners of the frame. He then did the same with the hero's ankles, spreading his feet slightly. The defeated crimefighter didn't resist as Bane slipped into the corner behind him to lift his cape over his shoulder and wrap it around his arm.  With 360* access, Bane was ready to torment the helpless hero and assault his pleasure centers. Bane knew that Batman had built up a great resistance to pain, but his solitary, driven life gave him no resistance to pleasure.

The villain rubbed the hero's wide open body, stimulating his slave. Batman moaned his enjoyment of Bane's touch, but he also shifted and squirmed helplessly. He couldn't free himself from the bonds that held him, so he twisted his body, trying to move away from the tender touch. Bane laughed as he watched Batman's body shudder as he caressed it. He knew that it was driving the hero crazy.

Batman's breathing was heavy and his he let out small squeals as Bane rubbed under his arms. The villain stopped and grabbed an electric clipper from the top of the dresser. He had planned for this and had everything he needed in close reach. He ran the trimmer up and down the Caped Crusader's armpits, clearing out the hair. Bane ran his fingers over the smooth flesh and was rewarded with heightened squeals.

The villain moved to the nipples. He played with the Hero's pecs, slapping them then caressing them. Slap, caress, over and over again. When the bulging muscles were red and tender, sensitive to the slightest touch, Bane stuck his hand into the hotel room ice bucket, which was filled with melting ice cubes. He brought his cold, wet hand out, holding a couple of the cubes that remained.

The drugged hero pleaded with the villain to stop, "Please, no. No. I ... I ... ooh, AHHH." He cried out as Bane teased Batman's left hard nipple with the cube. The studly hero was reduced to a quivering wimp under Bane's cold touch. Ice water ran down the hero's torso as his nipple was frozen and tortured. Bane repeated the torture on his right nipple to even greater success.

Bane ran an ice cube down the center of the hero's torso. The villain iced the hero's muscles gently, savoring the hero's contortions, squeals and begging. Batman was desperate to get free, but he couldn't focus. His weakened mind was assaulted by the thrill of his fantasies and the power of Bane's masculinity that coursed through his veins.

Bane knelt down. He moved his hands between the Caped Crusader's thick legs. Bane started just above the boots and ran his fingers up between the hero's spread legs. Batman threw his head back. This was one of his most powerful erogenous zones. The former Dark Knight screamed as Bane's hands, one warm, one cold, ran up the inside.

Bane kept this up until Batman was nearly crying, begging for freedom. The hero's cock was at full mast, leaking pre-cum, head purple. The hero's balls were contracted as he pumped himself, trying to shoot. In response, Bane dipped his hand into the ice again. He cupped the hero's balls with his icy hand, the cubes and freezing water sending the hero into shock.

The Caped Crusader was pulled back from the brink of ecstasy by his frozen balls. He looked down, his glassy eyes trying to focus. Batman lost his hard on, his cum retreating from the brink, back into his balls. Bane started playing with his hero slave's balls, pulling and teasing them. The villain fondled the hero's softening cock and it rose up again. Bane smiled, as he had averted the hero's release, frustrating the once-powerful hero.

Bane stood up and moved behind Batman, into the corner. He rubbed the submissive superstud's mighty pecs again, moving in and pressing his hard cock against the hero's ass. Batman could only moan, overwhelmed by what was happening. He felt his will breaking, even in the deepest parts of his mind that were free of the drug. Bane was turning defeat into delight for the hero and, drugged or not, Batman was losing himself.

When he was done, Bane released the hero's arms, letting them fall limply to his side. The villain released the hero's ankles and allowed his slave to stand up straight for only a second before punching the hero's stomach and forcing him to his hands and knees. Bane grabbed the leash again and pulled Batman's head up, positioning the hero on his knees.

The villain circled his helpless Batslave, admiring his handiwork. When he came around front again, the villain lifted his foot and pushed Batman onto his back. The helpless hero toppled over, falling onto his back. Bane planted a foot on his chest. He took a moment to look down at his slave, who looked back with glassy, submissive eyes.

As the hero laid there, Bane stripped off his thong. He grabbed Batmans spandex-kevlar unitard and pulled it on, stretching the fabric to its limits over his muscles. Banes cock and balls hung out the front. The evil monster savored the feeling of the suit, knowing that it was a symbol of his complete dominance.

Now suited up, Bane looked down at the pathetic creature on the floor. He realized that this was fun, but for his next step, he wanted the real Batman, not the pheromone-enslaved Batman. Bane grabbed another spray and coated the hero's face with it.

Seconds later, Batman blinked and Bane saw the horror in his eyes. The hero saw Banes masked face then the bodysuit the villain was defiling his costume by wearing it. The former Dark Knight was coming back to his right mind, remembering everything. He remembered being walked like a dog. He remembered stripping and calling Bane master. As Batman regained control, he instinctively reached for his utility belt.

Bane grabbed the hero's wrist and pulled it away from the belt. He stood and pulled Batman up with him. Batman struggled, but even at full strength he was outclassed. After the beating, it was no contest. Bane wrapped the hero's cape around his head, smothering and blinding him. The muscular monster locked on a hard full nelson, forcing Batman into the wall. The villain pressed his cock against the Caped Crusader's ass. Bane moved his hips, taunting the helpless hero.

When he was done, Bane maneuvered the hero across the room, holding onto the full nelson tightly. He let go, unwrapped the cape then forced Batman over the table. He pushed the cape out of the way and slapped the hero's ass until it was red. The hero moaned from the spanking, but when he tried to resist, Bane slammed him back over the table. To his credit, Batman never gave up the futile struggle, which is exactly what Bane wanted.

After tenderizing the hero's ass, the villain was ready to mount his conquest. The villain's thick cock was hard and lubed. Bane grabbed Batman's arms and folded them up his back to keep the hero helpless. Using his grip to steady himself, Bane shoved his cock into Batman's ass, hard and fast. The hero was no virgin, but he was still tight. The Caped Crusader moaned as Bane forced his cock inside, splitting his ass.

Bane knew that fucking Batman while wearing his suit was the ultimate corruption of this once proud man and symbol. The muscleman laughed at Batmans gyrations and attempts to rise. He planted his hands on the heros back, pinning him over the table for good.

Bane stood behind the hero and pounded his cock back-and-forth into Batman's hole. He raped the defeated hero without mercy, adding to the long list of crimes he had committed. Bane loved dominating other men, especially strong, confident men, like Batman. The hero of Gotham, a member of the Justice League, was his fuck toy, his total bitch. Batman's moans were like music to the villain's ears.

Bane was right - domination, spandex, wrestling and bondage were all fantasies for the hero. Now he was actually being topped by a superior man - bigger, stronger, smarter and a wrestler. But that didn't mean Batman stopped struggling. He kept trying to break free the entire time, but there was just no hope.

Bane pulled out of the heros ass and grabbed Batmans cowl. He pulled him up and threw the helpless hunk of beef to the ground. Batman tried to crawl away, but Bane was on top of him in seconds. He lifted the heros boots up over his shoulders and mounted him again. In this position, Batman was forced to look at Bane on top of him, wearing his Batsuit, while fucking him like the bitch he had become. It was beyond humiliating; it was a step towards breaking the heros will.

The defeated Dark Knights eyes betrayed the depth of the impact this had on his psyche. Bane was a brilliant criminal mastermind and he saw the heros confidence and willpower evaporate. When the hero stopped struggling and accepted the fucking, Bane knew that Batman was a step closer to being his property permanently.

With Batmans surrender, Bane finally gave in and let his load blast into the hero's ass, filling it with his cum. He shot again and again, seeding the hero and filling him with his man-juice. Batman felt the cum inside him and shook. Only when Bane was drained and soft did he withdraw. When he pulled back and released Batman's legs, the hero tried to move away, only to receive another face full of pheromones. Within seconds the hero fell back into his submissive, drug-induced stupor.

Chapter Ten: Bane Triumphant

After finishing his brutal fucking of the once-mighty Batman, Bane stood over his drugged out victim, laughing at the heros delirious gyrations. Bane wiped his cock off on Batmans cape and admired the view of the muscular hero, drenched in sweat, cock hard, legs spread, ass leaking his over-sized load of cum.

Bane towered over his victim, looking down at the writhing and horny hero. Gothams champion was nothing now. Bane couldnt resist the desire to flex, the Venom coursing through his veins was still giving him heightened strength and size. The heros humiliation was complete.

For now.

Bane reached down and took back the hero's utility belt. He checked the settings and secured it around his own waist again. Bane knew that it would come in handy. He tucked his cock and balls into the heros unitard and zipped up. He put his boots back on and admired himself in the mirror.

Bane grabbed the end of the leash and dragged the hero to his hands and knees. Batman crawled beside his master, head bowed, cock still hard and throbbing. At this point, he was nothing more than an obedient dog.

Bane opened the door to the adjoining room, entering it. In the middle sat Lois Lane, unconscious, bound and gagged. Behind her, sat a fit man wearing all black. Bane said, Clean up. The man nodded and ran into the room. He paused to look at Batman as he passed, smiling broadly. The man knew he bet on the right horse this time, working with Bane. Batman on his knees! Amazing.

Alone with Lois, Bane walked up to her and slapped her awake. Lois stirred then awoke fully. Now conscious, she just stared at Bane with hard eyes. It took her a moment, but she realized that he was wearing Batmans suit and utility belt. She realized that Batman must have arrived for their meeting, been ambushed and lost a battle.

Through her gag, she blurted a muffled, What have you done with Batman?

Bane yanked on the leash and Batman crawled into view. Lois shouted, BATMAN! Her heart sank as she saw the naked, defiled hero. She struggled for freedom, but Bane saved her the trouble. He walked up to her, loosened her bindings, but didnt undo them.

Bane said, Thank you, Ms. Lane, for leading the hero into my trap. I could not have succeeded without you. If you are as resourceful as I have heard, you will be able to escape those ropes within 15 minutes.

Still gagged, an angry Lois clearly shouted, FUCK YOU!

With that, Bane pulled Batman to his feet. He walked the hero hound by his leash down the hall to the elevator and into the lobby. There was an odd odor throughout the hotel and when they reached the lobby, Batman saw guests and employees all unconscious. Had he been more aware, he would have realized that Bane had flooded the hotels ventilation system with knockout gas. Without help, these people wouldnt wake for hours.

Bane pulled the hero to his feet. He moved in behind him and wrapped his arms around the heros head and neck. He tightened his grip and the sleeper knocked Batman out immediately. Bane's men had shut down the video monitoring system, so no one would see what had happened. Now, he somewhat regretted that his domination of Batman would not be seen more broadly. Still, he had bigger plans and secrecy was important.

The villain lifted Batman over his shoulder in a fireman's carry, walking out to the Batmobile. They passed more of Banes henchmen, who had secured the front entrance, sending people to wait in the back of the hotel for security reasons. The caped cumdumpster didnt even react to the brisk night air as it hit his naked body. Bane loaded the hero into the passenger seat and started the car. He knew how to drive it, having learned as part of his surveillance.

The villain drove them towards the Batcave, under Wayne Manor, although it would now be called Bane Manor, for all intents and purposes. Yes, Banes plan was going perfectly. Batman was defeated and on his way to being completely broken. Gothams villains were locked away in Arkham with new, tighter protocols. It wouldn’t take long for Bane and his trained Bat-henchman to conquer the Gotham underworld.

As Bane drove down the deserted highway towards the Batcave, he saw Gotham downtown in his rearview mirror. Soon, it would all be his. The villain smiled and stepped on the gas.

The End


  1. Man, this story. It's pretty special to me, not just because it's unbelievably hot, but because it's how I I found your stories. :)

    I'm glad that you're able to share it with a wider range of people now that it's available here. And, I know it's probably selfish of me to suggest, but I'd love to see another superhero tale in this style from you again.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don't think I knew this was how you found the other stories.

      There's definitely the desire to write more on my part, it's a matter of finding the will and the idea.

  2. Alex R:

    I really liked this superhero story. From my analytical point of view it really showcases your writing range. Its very different than anything else you have written. A little darker which I personally like! I think they would be a hit. The whole phermones aspect is quite hot. Bondage, slave etc. But it was not presented in a raunchy way. Very well done. Looking forward to more stories like this.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think a lot of guys like darker stories, but this is about the limit of darkness for me. It's just not what I like to write most of the time. Depends on my mood, I guess.

  3. Damn i finally finished reading this and after seeing this and the latest Cave chapter im excited to see you write another Superhero story in the future. My favorite part is when bane had total control over batman and put him on a leash hopefully more villians hear about banes triumph and take on there own heroes! As always great story Alex keep them coming!

    1. Thanks. I'd like to write more superhero stories. I just have to think of an idea that I feel isn't just the same thing over and over again (hero falls into trap, gets defeated, enslaved, etc.). I've thought about a series about some recurring characters, that way readers can get more involved in their lives and I can put them in different situations.

  4. A recurring character sounds like a good idea would it be a villian taking down heroes to make a collection or a hero trying to figure out whats going on and tries to help his fellow heroes? Or maybe both perspectives? Either way im excited to see if anything comes up down the road.

    1. It would be a hero. I've started a couple of different options, but I can't quite get it done. Maybe one day.

  5. Ricky, here. -- Really hot story, and nicely written.
    Love the idea of macho super heroes taken down -- but not totally, or forever overcome. Give the tease of their possible escape and restoration. After all, that's why we love them, they are super. And desirable.

    This one I didn't care for how the Venom made the guy too much, increasingly stronger. Maybe it could be he just somehow managed to overcome mighty muscle with his own skill, and without drugging sprays. Surprising both himself and Batman that he was better than what he had thought he could be. Sort of like he almost had a inner desire to be like one of these heroes himself, but to prove himself to himself he decides he has to be as powerful as them, first, and take them down. Then he can be king of the whole group... after he's had his way with them..... Turning these macho men into hungry servants for his pleasure.

    Also don't care for Batman having a silly fetish (why make it warpy queer?).
    Rather, have Batman just plain being overcome by being overcome, always having had a hard-on for magnificent muscle, and finding it triggers something in him he never expected... and thus, almost falling in love with his captor, wanting to please him... and in process finds he does. Oh, maybe a little drugging, and humiliating domination, yeah. But then the captor also rather falling for his victim, too. Finding it is mutally rewarding, and gets him hotter than he ever expected... the element of "caring" he never expected, either. One can still dominate the other, okay, keep Batman on a leash for his playboy... but learning to cherish him in the process. Maybe holding him hostage to lure in the big gun: Superman. Who can take down Superman?
    Batman was a real prize!! But Superman is top of the line. And then, somehow he does, no Kryptonite needed. He somehow does something Superman falls for, and ensnares him with Superman's own abilities -- surprising them both. And enslaving the Man of Steel... until somehow, there is a rescue, but it may be awhile... heh, heh.

    Yea, a lot of these stories run on the same thread over and over, from site to site. Big man downed, turned into a willing slave, and fucked forever after, and loving it. Think we all have a desire to have our own big muscle man for our toy convenience; but really, I'd rather have an equal give and take, whether he's massively built or more realistically real.

    (I have a story of my own in mind; Superman taken down in a very unique way, one incredible weakness no one's dreamed of. But I'm already hot on my own erotic novel, and don't have the time.)

    Yea, I like the collector idea. Rounding up these superheroes one by one, and they disappear... finding by each other that the others have been captured, and it is now the current one being taken down, and he has no resistance... and discovers to his own shock his fate will be as theirs. Who can possibly set them free? (And... do they finally want to be?)

    Ahh, but some unsuspected hero must appear. And the evil villain must at last be conquered, though he has had his way with these hunks, until they are almost mindless, and it will take a lot to restore them. Or it could be, they have been so impressed with him, they try to persuade him to be one of their own. And they all.... live happily ever after. Never forgetting the joy their master gave them, and eager to keep on enjoying each other, with a super strong bonding. Not a free-for-all. But learning they need each other in a way not expected, and don't want it to end... with some of them pairing up, and aching to do so. What he's taught them. One big fraternity of lovers. Cool!

    1. Ricky, thanks for the comment. I appreciate you taking the time to go into such detail.

      You've given this a lot of thought. You should write your ideas into a story series and share it. They sound cool.

  6. Thank you, Alex, for this masterpiece! Batman and Bane's fight scenes are done superbly, one of my favorite fan fiction in the net. I hope you find another intriguing idea to put Batman on. (And Tarzan,too, hehe)

    1. A masterpiece? Wow, thanks for that!

      No new plans for Batman right now, but I do have a new Tarzan story coming in March. It's very different, more like a traditional Tarzan movie. Hopefully guys still like it.

    2. Awesome, Alex! Looking forward to it, especially, since I extremely enjoyed your Tarzan and the twins of Tibor

  7. amazing story line. nice build up. i like the details leading up to batman vs bane. the unfolding and details showcase your writing abilities. the fetishes of bruce wayne very hot and believable. really enjoyed your story.