Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Review: Butch.J vs. Muscle Beast (Wrestlingmale)

It's hard to buy from a new wrestling video company. You don't know the wrestlers. The vibe. The quality. And when the company is also the priciest player out there, it's doubly as difficult to decide. I'd been looking at Wrestlingmale for a little while. They have some familiar faces, but I'd decided I wanted to start with new guys. I immediately fixated on Muscle Beast and Buffalo B, but I just couldn't convince myself to pull the trigger.

Until now. I saw a tweet then just went ahead and bought Butch.J vs. Muscle Beast. From what I could tell, it looked like a good first video to try. Hot hunks. Lots of wrestling. No gimmicks. And I was right. Yay!

It's younger muscle vs. mature muscle
in my first purchase from

Muscle Beast definitely drove my purchase. The size (6'3"/231-lbs). The fur. The ripped body. Yes, the big German is properly named. I was immediately interested in him. He fills out his red speedo beautifully. And he's a cocky stud, too. Why wouldn't he be? He's a magnificent looking MAN. He's also a great contrast for the MAN he's facing.

Opposite the Beast, American Butch.J brings a grizzled veteran vibe. Yes, he's listed at only 45 years old, but the hunk has the weathered feeling of a MAN who's seen and done some things. You just get the feeling that Butch is packing a lot of experience and power in those muscles. He's certainly not intimidated by the mountain of MAN in front of him. In fact, he seems to relish the over-sized challenge before him. Butch fills out his shiny lavender trunks beautifully. Even though I didn't buy the video for him, he made me a fan right away.

There's the muscle. And there's the beast.

I could see big Butch in a very sexy Dos Equis ad.

Muscle Beast looks great from any angle.

The first video can be make or break for a company. This one gets off to a good start. The guys look amazing in the intro, which is acceptably short. And there's stuff happening right away. I liked the small detail where Muscle Beast uses the stairs to get into the ring, but Butch J casually leaps from floor to apron. Woof. Gauntlet thrown down. There's some disrespectful trash talk from the 29-year old German, but these guys mostly talk with their massive muscles.

Note: I've been trying to only use the French version of the website to test my lost fluency, but the video is in English. With a German and an American wrestler, it's not a huge surprise, but in case you were wondering about the dialogue.

The guys are quickly shoving and the match is on. The opening bearhug sequence is a thing of beauty and any anxiety I had was gone. I was all-in on this Millennial vs. Boomer GenX battle. Both guys perform very well. They sell pain and strut when on top. This is a multiple submission match. For the first half, it feels fairly even, but the actual score is very one-sided. One guy (the right one for me) is proven to be the MAN and wins decisively. The loser gets left unconscious and destroyed in the ring.

The single leg crab. A classic.

Butch goes for a ride.

Muscle Beast is going nowhere.

Action-wise, it's a lot of the standards that I like. Camel Clutch. Sleeper. Camel clutch with sleeper. Crab. Scissors. Standing head scissors. You get the idea. Everything is well-done, helped by loud and enthusiastic selling, especially from the younger buck. When he's trapped or down, he's letting you feel it.

There is a unique production element here. They do immediate slow-motion replays of the submission holds. At first, I thought it was an editing break, like they stopped then resumed, but it's a replay. Other than that, things are fairly standard. A lot of the camerawork is very close, zooming in on pained expressions. That's neither good nor bad, but you might have a preference for or against it. Certainly everything felt professional.

Sell it, Beast. Sell it!

Big men means big power.

Can experience tame the Beast?

In the end, this was a great video for me to start with. It features new guys who are smoking hot. The action is solid. And the storyline is perfect for me. A simple test of MANhood between two alpha hunks. It's a squash that doesn't feel squashy until the end. I'll definitely watch this again sometime soon.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Butch J is my favourite of the new wrestlers on the site so far. I was drawn to the site because of Beauxregard but was pleasantly surprised when I saw Butch. His profile says he plays jobber as well as heel, so I'm interested in seeing more of that side of him.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Good point on the profile. It would be interesting to see if Butch goes back and forth between dominant and jobber. I could see this video going the other way around, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

  2. Muscle Beast is delicious and a sweetheart as well.

    1. Hm, do you have some inside info? He seems like a cool dude, but maybe you can confirm?

  3. Alex, your reviews are much appreciated. Thanks for posting them!

    1. You're welcome, Ray! And I appreciate comments. :)

  4. You should try BULLDOG VS ETIENNE ERIK- FLORIDA RAGE 4. Erik is a matured wrestler but he is broken , bashed and humiliated by American wrestler BullDog in this hot and steamy match. It has some moderate wrestling moves not too much but the setting is perfect. BullDog is a hot, cocky Heel who stops at nothing to break Erik. The action shifts from outdoor ring to an indoor mat where BullDog ruins Erik in every possible way maintaining his Heel Status not giving in to the eroticism. Try this, you might like it!

  5. thanks to all for all your comments enthusiasm and support:) Etienne