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Heroes: Hercules Unbound

Inspired by Lucky Stallion's "Hercules Bound"

Prologue: Hercules Bound
(written by Lucky Stallion)

The Slave King approached the bound Hercules. He pressed their big, sweat-laced pecs together. He grabbed hold of the demigod's ebony locks and pulled his head back to face him. The sun glowed from around the muscle stud's auburn hair, giving him a godly appearance. But Nicandro the slaver was nothing like an Olympian.

The weary Hercules had been sexually tortured for so long that he could not resist. He looked into the Slave King's hard eyes. There was something incredibly powerful in those eyes. They were the eyes of a man who was truly an alpha. They were the eyes of a man who knew what he wanted and stopped at nothing to obtain it. Hercules' loins quivered wildly as he became intoxicated by that stare.

The Slave King

"ON YOUR KNEES!!" he bellowed at Hercules, who dropped without question. An evil smirk flashed across the slaver's mouth. His cock throbbed hotly before Hercules' face, a clear symbol of his virility and masculinity. The scent of this man's groin aroused Hercules like nothing had ever before.

Hercules kneels

"Do you know what surrender to me means, son of Zeus? It means that you will be mine until the day I tire of you. Your body, your mind, and your spirit will belong to me and only to me. You will do as I say without question. And my will shall become your own. Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes, Master." Hercules spoke quietly, eyes fixated on the Slave King's erection. It throbbed with such power and the precum that formed from its slit made his mouth water with anticipation.

"Then suck me, slave. Suck me and welcome your new life under the might of the man who has finally defeated Hercules!"

Hercules opened his mouth and willingly allowed his new master to enter him. With that act, he sealed his fate as the newest and most prized member of the Slave King's harem ...

Hercules submits

Chapter 1: Somewhere in Greece. Somewhere around 1300 BC.
(written by Alex Miller)

Hermes delivers a message

"You will release my brother, mortal. My father commands it."

"I think not, Hermes. Hercules is mine."

The messenger god raised an eyebrow, "You dare oppose the will of Zeus?"

"I do."

The Slave King rose from his throne confidently. He walked right up to the fastest being in the universe, staring into his otherworldly eyes and placing his hand on the immortal's heaving pec. Hermes refused to react. He would never show emotion to a mere human. The long-haired mortal moved in close until their cocks touched, separated only by two thin pieces of cloth.

The human leaned in and whispered seductively into Hermes' ear, "If you are worried about Hercules being my slave, don't be. I will take good care of him." He added, "If you doubt me, you are welcome to drop to your knees and join him. You can learn for yourself what a wonderful master I am."

Hermes tensed with surprise at the brazen defiance from the human. The handsome immortal was offended, but also transfixed. He could see why this human was such a powerful man. Yes, he was physically and mentally stunning, but he also had an aura that was almost hypnotic. Almost godly. Still, he was just a man. And no human could defy the gods.

The Slave King stared intently into Hermes' eyes and caressed the messenger's godly physique. The god's confusion and attraction was obvious. The Slave King smiled. His act was convincing. Unknown to the messenger god, the Slave King was struggling to keep his fear under control and massive muscular body relaxed in his small dark red toga.

While the powerful mortal controlled a large area of land, expertly defended by his army of mighty, yet submissive, men, he knew that he was nothing next to the King of Olympus. He would need to play his hand carefully. The Slave King was born a peasant. Now he was a King. He had spent his entire life getting what he wanted through the sheer force of his will. Men wanted to obey a man like this. The next few minutes would either be his greatest triumph or his doom.

Hermes gathered himself. He said, "What should I tell Lord Zeus?"

The mighty mortal said, "Tell your father that his son submitted to me. Completely and in perpetuity. As Hercules knelt before me as his master, he knowingly and willingly accepted this fate when he engulfed my cock. I own him for as long as I choose. Tell Zeus that I expect this oath to be honored. He may have his son back when I tire of him and no sooner."

The handsome Hermes feared telling Zeus the news. Suddenly, thunder boomed outside the mighty Slave King's palace. The messenger god realized he didn't need to tell the King of Olympus anything. He must have been watching the scene in his scrying pool from his throne room.

Zeus' anger was clearly high. The tempest grew, blowing the doors open. Screams from the slaves outside rose as they sought shelter from the furious sudden storm.

The mortal spoke quickly, but confidently, quieting his fear, "Hermes, please inform Lord Zeus that if he slays me, Hercules shall accompany me to Hades. And he shall enter as a slave male."

Hermes' eyes narrowed and the weather eased to a thunderstorm. The human was mere seconds away from his temple being destroyed, but the King of Olympus held back, confused by the mortal's bold statement. The Slave King sensed his advantage as the storm calmed. He spoke to Hermes, but knew he was really speaking with Zeus himself.

The human said, "Allow me to be very clear, Hermes. Zeus' son agreed to be mine until I grow tired of him. My death will only relocate his servitude, not end it. He will accompany me to Hades. And allow me to repeat, he will enter as a slave, not a warrior."

In Olympus, Zeus roared with fury. This could not happen. It would not happen. The roar drew the attention of other gods who quickly became aware of Hercules' current predicament. Some were horrified, most were apathetic, while a few were amused and saw this as an opportunity, rather than a problem. Ares was one of them.

With the scene calmed, the Slave King returned to his throne and summoned Hercules, who obediently knelt before his new master. The arrogant mortal king pushed the skirt of his toga aside, exposing his manhood. With only the slightest gesture, the impossibly-strong demigod engulfed it with his mouth.

As Zeus watched his son, a demigod and the strongest being on Earth, worship a mere mortal, his muscles tensed and his skin turned red with rage. The Earth shook. The air in the Slave King's royal chamber moved, gaining speed. But the muscular human merely waited, his hand wrapped in Hercules' dark, curly hair as he forced his cock deeper down his servant's throat.

Zeus watched with disgust as his powerful son obediently serviced the so-called Slave King. Hermes realized his task was over. The message was delivered and the response received. He raced away with his unmatched speed, wisely opting to escape this confrontation. The skies filled with dark clouds. Thunderstorms bombarded the entire region for days, stretching into weeks. Crops exploded into flames as they were struck by lightning over and over again. Flooding overwhelmed the region and earthquakes shook the ground.

It took a month, but Zeus appeared in the Slave King's throne room. The Slave King was overwhelmed at having the King of Olympus come in person, but he still refused to release Hercules, in spite of the devastation. Instead, he had a demand of his own. Immortality. Zeus laughed, but he stopped when he was once again reminded of Hercules ultimate fate, should his mortal master perish.

For the first time in history, Zeus felt powerless. The mortal held real leverage. Hercules was Zeus' favorite child. He could not condemn him to an eternity in the underworld as anything other than a hero. His son belonged in the Elysian Fields with the other great warriors. If he entered Hades as a slave, anything could happen to him. He would be at the mercy of Zeus' brother and that could mean anything.

Zeus realized he needed time. Humans were a fickle lot. The King of Olympus knew that eventually, this mortal would grow tired of his son. If time was needed, perhaps immortality should be granted. Or offered in exchange for Hercules' freedom. However, that would mean admitting defeat. And to a human no less. No, that is something Zeus would not do.

The King of Olympus left abruptly. This time, though, the rains, lightning and thunder ceased. The Slave King waited for Zeus' next move. It came as a tribute. A magnificent muscular man named Menos arrived as a trade for Hercules. The Slave King brought the stud to his bed chamber. He roughly fucked the handsome muscleman for hours then discarded him as unsatisfactory.

Menos was followed by another then another. For a week, the most beautiful men in Greece and beyond appeared, mindlessly offering themselves to the Slave King. The long-haired muscular slaver used them all before declaring them unfit to replace Hercules.

After a week, the offerings stopped. Zeus realized they were playing a game. And he was losing. He had wasted precious time and energy providing the world's most beautiful men to a man who would never accept them. All he had done was give the Slave King a week of pleasure without helping Hercules at all.

Their next exchange also started with a beautiful young man. He rode up to the castle on a powerful white steed. He presented the Slave King with a vial of glowing red liquid on behalf of Zeus. The human did not hesitate. He opened the vial to drink the liquid, confident that he had bested the God King.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed an unnatural smirk cross the white horse's lips. The Slave King suddenly handed the vial to Hercules, ordering him to drink it instead. As the obedient demigod moved to comply, lightning shot out of the horse's eyes, smashing the vial and spilling the liquid.

The horse transformed into Zeus. The Slave King smiled at the naked King of Olympus, "Enough games, Zeus. Immortality. Or perhaps I should go to war. Hades has promised me a lovely afterlife if I die in a war. I cannot promise the same for your slave son, however."

Zeus sneered. The potion had been a simple and clever solution. It would have put the Slave King in an undying sleep, allowing Hercules to roam free while his master slept for eternity. As the King of Olympus debated what else to do, he disappeared once more.

It was then that the decision was taken out of his hands. Immediately, Ares, half-brother of Hercules, emerged from the shadows with a wicked smile on his face. He approached. The God of War touched Hercules cheek. He smiled, "Foolish, brother. A slave to a mortal. How humiliating for you and for father."

Hercules moved to attack, but the Slave King stopped him. Ares turned, "Human, you have played a good game, but it is time for it to end. You believe you can beat my father. You cannot. At least not alone. I will grant you your wish. Immortality that even Zeus cannot undo. However, this offer is not in exchange for Hercules' freedom. Instead, I grant you this immortality in exchange for your promise that you will never release this one for as long as Olympus rules."

The Slave King grinned, "You have my word, Lord Ares."

Ares handed him a new potion, glowing gold. The Slave King drank it down. He felt invigorated. Strong. Powerful. Before the Slave King could say or do anything, Ares ran the mortal through with his sword. The shocked Slave King asked, "Why?"

The Slave King gets his wish

Without answering, Ares withdrew his sword. The wound healed immediately. The Slave King looked down. He was alive. Uninjured. No pain. Not even a scar. He was as flawless as ever. The God of War had done it. He was now an immortal.

Ares grabbed his helpless half-brother. He pulled out another vial and forced it down the enslaved hero's throat. "Now you, little half-godling are also immortal. No death shall ever save you from your fate."

Hercules made into an immortal slave

Hercules mouth was agape in horror. The God of War hugged him, "Poor Hercules. Every time you kneel, I want you to remember that it was I that condemned you to this fate for all eternity. Every time you suckle at this human's cock, listen for my laughter. And every time he seeds your ample ass, curse my name. Goodbye, brother."

Ares evaporated into nothingness, leaving the Slave King and his slaves alone. Hercules bowed his head. Nothing could save him now.

Chapter 2: Undisclosed Location in Greece. 2016 AD.

"Do you want your freedom?" Hercules froze. He didn't know what to say. His master said, "I asked you question, slave. Perhaps over the millennia of servitude you have forgotten what freedom even means."

The demigod said, "I have not forgotten, master. My answer is the same as it has been for three thousand years. Yes. Yes, I want my freedom. This world is not the place for me any more. I want nothing more than to rejoin my family and leave these selfish, uncaring mortals to their inevitable destruction."

The Slave King smiled. His slave's bitter assessment of the modern world amused him. He said, "I agree that your time has come and gone, slave. Ares stopped visiting this world long ago. My debt is paid. There are new heroes now. Heroes more handsome than you. Stronger than you. More worthy of my seed. More in need of my firm hand."

Hercules balked at the very thought that a mortal could be stronger than him. He said, "Mortals are weak, master."

The Slave King manipulated Hercules as he had done for three thousand years. They went back and forth until the demigod's ego overwhelmed his common sense. Instead of accepting his master's assessment and pushing for his freedom, he grabbed one of the attendants. His name was Sven, a wonderful conquest from the King's recent trip to Sweden. The long-haired bodybuilder was nearly as big as Hercules himself, with massive muscles and beautiful symmetry.

Hercules vs. Sven

The Swede had a handsome face with straight blond hair past his shoulders. He smiled as Hercules grabbed him, hoping that the Greek God would honor him by taking him. His smiled quickly turned to fear when Hercules roughly threw the blond bodybuilder into the middle of the room. The human slave tried to rise, but Hercules was on him fast.

The powerful human was no match for the godly strength of his dominator. Hercules used only a fraction of his might, but he controlled the slave easily. They grappled on the floor, Hercules merely toying with his fellow slave. He bent the muscleman into all kinds of humiliating and painful positions. Sven was a helpless plaything to the demigod.

Hercules finally lifted the human up into a reverse bearhug, squeezing. The blond bodybuilder struggled, but it was no use. He was nothing compared to the power of the demigod. He moaned as Hercules proved his vastly superior strength. The mighty Greek presented the helpless hunk to his master. The Slave King smirked as Sven's blond hair whipped around as he writhed.

The assembled slaves were confused and aroused at the same time. All the slaves loved Hercules as he supported and defended them, often taking their punishment. They knew that he was as powerless as they were to escape, but he was the alpha slave and their rock. Now, he was mercilessly manhandling one of their own.

Sven cried out his submission, begging Hercules to release him. The pressure eased, but the hold was not released. The handsome bodybuilder felt the demigod's cock rise and press between his legs. He moaned as his fear changed to anticipation. He threw his head back into Hercules' shoulder, "Oh yes, mighty Hercules. You have defeated me. Take me."

The mighty demigod needed no encouragement. He forced the handsome blond against a pillar then proceeded to breed him as brutally as he had beat him in their makeshift match. Sven's moans filled the cavernous chamber as his ass was pounded. He gripped the massive column with all his strength until he felt the warmth of Hercules seed inside him.

Hercules stepped back. Sven turned then collapsed with his back against the marble column. With the alpha slave's cum leaking from his hole, he slid down until he landed on his ass. The studly Swede looked at his cock. It was hard and leaking. He longed to play with it, but it was against the rules. He looked at his master longingly, but the Slave King's attention was on Hercules.

The demigod walked towards the assembled throng of slaves. He grabbed another one, a black muscleman from America named Michael who was a powerful MMA fighter before being captured. Seeing what happened to the blond bodybuilder, the fighter attacked first. He pummeled Hercules' mighty body with fists and kicks, pounding the godly torso relentlessly.

Michael began to sweat as he worked Hercules over. He launched a cross-jab-kick combination that won him the belt two years prior. It didn't even faze the demigod. Hercules pushed through the assault then grabbed Michael in a bearhug. The big black muscleman moaned as he was crushed as easily as Sven had been. He tried everything he could to break free, but he could do nothing.

Hercules dropped the muscular fighter to his knees. He slapped his handsome face with his hard cock, taunting the mortal. Michael had never been humiliated before. He got angry, slamming his fist below the demigod's hard cock into his bull balls. SQUISH! The swarthy Greek warrior grunted and stepped back. Michael reached between his legs then scooped him up. He bodyslammed Hercules to the floor. WHAM!

The assembled slaves cheered, so Michael flexed for them. Hercules admired the black man's muscles, but asked, "Is that the best you can do, human?"

Michael looked down just as Hercules swept his arm out, tripping the black muscleman to the floor. The demigod leapt on top of his prey, pinning him. Michael was too new to know that the immortal immediately healed any damage thanks to Ares' potion, but he knew he'd been played. He knew that Hercules had allowed him to get the upper hand just to humiliate him.

Michael is helpless

Hercules pulled Michael's handsome face into a head scissors that almost caused him to pass out. The Greek warrior edged his opponent close to unconsciousness, but opened his legs slightly before knocking Michael out. He wanted the mortal awake. The demigod rose then rolled his victim over. He immediately folded his legs over his shoulder. With Michael's ass up high, Hercules bred him. He jackhammered the tight ass of the muscular fighter until he seeded him.

The demigod exploded inside Michael with a load as big as the first. A side effect of Ares' potion was that neither he nor the Slave King could ever be drained. His stores were replenished as soon as he finished shooting.

Michael had gone down as easily as Sven. As did Ming, a powerful bodybuilder from China. Gino, Marcel and Anton offered no challenge, either. As the crowd dwindled, the best wrestlers, Marcus and Graham, launched an attack together. The two black musclemen used all their skills, but they could do nothing against the mighty demigod.

When Hercules was finished seeding the last human bodybuilder slave, he rose triumphantly. He walked back to the amused Slave King and knelt, "Do you still believe in mortals more than me, master?"

The Slave King replied, "An impressive display, but it proves nothing. Mortals are no longer just humans, slave. There are new mortals. Mighty ones who are nothing like these men. You would not defeat them so easily."

In the afterglow of wrestling and sex, Hercules realized his stupidity. He redirected the conversation, "Master. We were speaking of freedom."

"Yes, yes, we were. In order to earn yours, you need only accomplish one task. You must battle, defeat then bring to me a hero named Superman. I will give you the magic you need as he must be bound with magic. When the hero is lying here before me, you will be free."

Hercules did not flinch, but he did not respond. He had been loyal and submissive in his time as a slave, but he had never once successfully captured another man for his master. The Slave King had been vexed by his slave's stubbornness in this area, but no amount of physical, mental or magical persuasion or punishment had been able to force Hercules to comply.

Every time, the beautiful Greek hero went out as commanded, but he always returned empty handed. The intended target always outsmarted or somehow outfought the demigod. It was impossible, but consistently the result. This was the first time in over a thousand years the Slave King even bothered to give his prized slave the task.

Hercules simply would not and could not subject another man to his fate. Instead, he helped the slaves who were captured to adjust, functioning as a kind and protective alpha slave for them. But now, freedom was the prize. Even a man as willful as Hercules had to consider it.

The magnificent Greek warrior knew that the Slave King would get this Superman anyway. He always got his way. Would it be so bad to capture ONE man if it meant the end to thousands of years of enslavement? Had he not earned one transgression after so long?

Chapter 3: Metropolis, USA.

Superboy meets Hercules

Superboy floated down to the roof of the Daily Planet. He watched the nearly-naked muscleman carefully. The 19-year old raven-haired hero studied the huge man with a mixture of curiosity, amusement and yes, arousal. The dark-haired bearded musclehunk wore only sandals and a tight, white shiny skirt with gold trim that was too short, his large cock head and balls nearly dangling below the hem. He had a small pouch on his side.

The hero confidently moved in. He asked, "And just who are you supposed to be?"

The demigod stood proudly with his hands on his hips and humongous chest out. He looked Superboy over, his meaty manhood expanding. Hercules thought the young man was beautiful, but he hid his obvious physical perfection. Hercules didn't understand it. The man covered himself head-to-toe in tight, colorful fabric and a leather jacket. To the Greek, this showed an inner lack of confidence. A truly proud warrior needed no such cover. A confident man displayed his muscles for all to see.

As he was examined, Superboy thought to himself, "Oh boy, Superman leaves me in charge while he's away and the crazies come out." He floated up to the silent muscleman, uncomfortable by the obvious lust behind his visual examination as evidenced by the stretching skirt. He asked again, "Who are you? What do you want?"

With his heavy Greek accent, the demigod proudly stated in English, "I am Hercules. I am here for you."

Superboy nodded, "Hercules? Okay, I can see it. Well, you've chosen an appropriate name, at least. Samson might've worked, too."

The demigod flexed both his arms, "I am not a man named Hercules. I am THE Hercules."

The young hero rolled his eyes, "Right, you're THE Hercules. Okay, it's like that, is it? Look, buddy, you can't be up here. Let's go somewhere and talk this out."

Superboy reached out to grab Hercules' massive bicep and lead him off the roof. Instead, the demigod grabbed his wrist. He squeezed. The teen muscle hero cried out, dropping to one knee from the pain. He was face-to-face with the giant manhood as he tried to re-focus. "Fuck," he thought. "This guy isn't just crazy, he's got powers to back up the crazy. Great."

The hero flew upwards, lifting the surprised Hercules into the air with him. The massive legend's opened his hand, but Superboy grabbed his wrist, keeping him aloft. He warned, "Be a good boy and I won't drop you."

The teen hero flew over the city, the demigod hanging by the grip on his wrist. He watched the city pass by under him as they covered many miles before reaching open land. Superboy moved lower now that they were away from civilization and unlikely to cause massive property damage or endanger any innocent lives if they ended up fighting.

Superboy contemplated just dropping Hercules to take the fight out of him, but he couldn't be sure of his durability. As he debated, the demigod took matters into his own hand. Hercules swung his legs up, wrapping them around the shocked hero's waist. He squeezed on the scissors and Superboy felt pain. He released Hercules's wrist, but the demigod hung by the scissors.

The studs floated lower and lower as the ancient muscleman crushed the young hero's sides. Hercules lifted his torso up then wrapped his hands around Superboy's neck. The handsome young hero gagged. He couldn't pry the mighty warrior's hands from his throat. Superboy fought to maintain control as he was crushed and choked, but they plummeted lower and lower.

Superboy wasn't a true strong man, but a clone with tactile telekinetic powers that mimicked Superman's abilities of flight, invulnerability and super-strength. By losing focus, he couldn't keep them going. The two men plummeted to earth, crashing hard. Superboy's powers protected him just enough, but he was stunned. Hercules' magical immortality repaired the damage immediately. He rose while Superboy lay at his feet, moaning as he struggled.

Hercules hoisted the young hero to his feet by his leather jacket. He picked Superboy up then slammed him down to the ground. When the hero rolled onto his stomach to rise, Hercules grabbed the back of his jacket. With his godly strength, he tore the jacket off the hero, revealing his spandex-clad back. Hercules forced Superboy to his feet then grabbed him around the throat.

The demigod said, "I am sorry for this. I see that you are a hero and more than a normal mortal, but I am a god. The son of Zeus. You must come with me if I am to be free."

The handsome young clone asked, "Yeah?" He delivered a surprise uppercut to Hercules' jaw, sending the mighty muscleman backwards onto his bare ass. "You're not looking so godly now, Herc. Now, just tell me why you want me to come with you. If you're in trouble, I might agree to help."

Hercules rose then charged at Superboy. The young hero swung for a punch, but the demigod caught his fist. He flipped Superboy onto his back then stomped his thick muscles. The teen muscleman rolled away, but he was caught from behind. Hercules lifted him up then body slammed him to the ground. WHAM! More stomps kept the hero down.

Superboy writhed on the ground. Hercules was aroused at the sight. He peeled his skirt off, wanting to wrestle as men should - naked. The nude muscleman lifted Superboy up in a gorilla press. The teen muscleman looked down at the mighty villain holding him. Hercules' rock hard cock was stretched out beyond his massive chest, fully erect and leaking. Superboy thought the cock was beautiful and under different circumstances, he'd be all over the mighty muscleman, but not like this.

Hercules paraded his conquest around. Superboy decided flight was smarter than fight at this point. The young hero started to rise up, but Hercules felt his feet leaving the ground. He squeezed the bulge in his hand, distracting the young hero. Before Superboy could get any more lift, the Greek god pulled down on the teen muscleman's bulge and neck, pulling him down across his knee. CRACK! The backbreaker sent shockwaves of pain through Superboy's body.

The demigod dragged Superboy up across his chest then bodyslammed the hero into the ground. WHAM! He said, "No, mortal, I will not allow you to escape. You must come with me. After three thousand years, I must be free."

The hero struggled to rise, but Hercules moved in. He locked on a full nelson, dragging the young hero up to his feet. The demigod crushed Superboy's shoulders together as he forced his head down. The hero weakened, his muscles unable to withstand the force of the Greek giant. He focused his powers, but it was no use. The insane bearded muscleman was just too much for him.

Superboy knew that he had to think fast or he was finished!

Chapter 4: Just Outside Metropolis USA.

Hercules felt Superboy going limp in the full nelson. His cock grew as he drained the energy from the young hero. He had not faced anyone who could handle his strength since he became a slave. Hercules still held back, knowing this teen muscleman was a hero. He tossed Superboy to the ground then flexed over him.

Superboy struggled to rise. His tactile telekinesis was stretched beyond its limits by the Greek warrior's godly strength. However, it also gave him unique abilities, like his disintegration touch. The hero reached for the ground under Hercules' feet. He focused his tactile telekinesis, turning the rock to powder. Hercules was caught off-guard. He lost his footing, slipping down onto his ass. PLOP!

The young hero started to rise. He saw Hercules coming at him and knew he couldn't fly away in time. Superboy turned then dove into the mighty muscleman, slamming his shoulder into the demigod's abs. THUD! OOF! They tumbled to the ground with the teen muscleman on top. He slammed his fist across Hercules' handsome bearded face. WHACK! He kept pounding, trying to knock out the impossibly resilient muscleman. WHACK! CRACK! THWAK!

Superboy couldn't believe that every blow was just shrugged off. He couldn't hurt the mighty muscleman for more than a split second. Maybe if he had Superman's speed, but that was one ability he hadn't been given. Hercules reached up then grabbed the hero by the front of his suit. He easily tore the front of the suit open, symbolically ripping the famous shield in half.

The Greek god flipped Superboy off him. He mounted the teen muscleman from behind, stunning him with a rabbit punch. WHACK! Hercules rose, putting his sandal on the back of his prey's head. He pushed Superboy's handsome face into the dirt as he tore at the costume. The demigod pulled the tights until he tore every bit of spandex right off the hero.

With Superboy down to his boots and Hercules in his sandals, the demigod said, "That's better. Now, we fight as real men, our bodies naked as Zeus intended."

Hercules dragged Superboy to his feet. The young hero suddenly reached out, locking on his own bearhug. The demigod enjoyed the feeling of being crushed against the hard body. He had not felt anything like it for thousands of years. This heroic teen muscleman was a worthy warrior. The Greek god writhed in the bearhug, rubbing their sweaty bodies together. His immortality repaired any damage immediately, but the demigod willingly stayed trapped, savoring the sensation.

Superboy kept up the pressure, fooled by the demigod's moans. He finally realized he wasn't winning when he felt himself being pushed back by the demigod's hard cock in between them. It swelled up, running between their abs. The young hero looked up to see Hercules smiling. Before he could react, the Greek god slammed his head forward, headbutting the hero. The teen muscleman lost his hold, staggering backwards.

Hercules moved in, grabbing Superboy in an embrace from behind. He gently caressed the teen muscleman's smooth, hard body with admiration. In spite of himself, the young hero got hard. As a 19-year old stud, he was at his sexual peak. It didn't take much to arouse him at the best of times, so being fondled by an attractive, Greek muscleman easily overwhelmed his self-control.

Superboy sank against Hercules. He went with the seduction, tilting his head to allow Hercules access to his neck. The demigod kissed just below the young hero's ear, as he whispered how beautiful the raven-haired teen was. As the Greek warrior tasted his prey, Superboy suddenly reached back. He grabbed Hercules' thick curly hair then flipped him over with a snapmare.

Hercules landed on his ass, surprised by the move. Superboy stumbled backwards then turned. He focused his telekinesis and rose into the air to escape. The demigod panicked as the young hero quickly moved out of reach. Suddenly, a lightning bolt came out of the clear sky, striking the escaping teen muscleman. He cried out as it tore through his weakened shields. He dropped to the ground, his smooth muscles pulsating.

No escape for Superboy

The demigod paused. He stood confused, looking at the sky and muttering, "Father?"

Hercules quickly snapped out of it. He took the strike as a sign that he was doing the right thing. He knew that he needed to subdue the young hero and earn his freedom. The Greek warrior leapt onto Superboy's back. He locked on a sleeper hold. The teen muscleman struggled, but he was still stunned. It took mere seconds before his consciousness was fading.

As he passed out, Superboy thought he heard Hercules whisper, "I am sorry."

Chapter 5: Still Outside Metropolis USA.

Hercules reached for the small pouch he had brought with him. He withdrew a thin metal loop. As per his instructions, he wrapped it around the base of Superboy's manhood, working it below the balls then fastening it over the cock. The teen muscleman convulsed and moaned as it was secured, but he didn't wake up. The ring glowed purple for a moment then returned to normal.

The demigod heard the van pull up behind him. Michael and Ming approached to collect the fallen hero. Michael said, "Damn. Poor Superboy."

Ming warned Michael, "It is unwise to express such feelings. You should be honored that master has invited us to assist him in the taming."

Michael nodded and suppressed his feelings. He was still new in the harem, but he had been punished for resisting the will of the Slave King many times already. The cruelest part of their slavery was having the illusion of free will. Once he mastered the ancient magic, the Slave King got bored with volunteers. With the power to control any man, he only wanted free men who would fight him. He fed off breaking their spirit.

The Slave King wanted the men to maintain the essence of who they were - their strength, their fire and their personalities. Most of the time, they even felt normal. However, they could not resist his instructions. Nor could they harm him. Their greatest joy was pleasing their master. When they did, an unmatched feeling of euphoria overwhelmed them. And their greatest fear was that the Slave King could instantaneously control their minds completely at any moment if they got out of line. Being turned into a nearly mindless drone was a horrific experience that could break even the strongest man.

The Chinese bodybuilder had been captured many years ago. He knew the score. Ming had seen the Slave King's scrying pool. He knew that they were always being observed. The two musclemen offered to carry Superboy to the van, but Hercules refused. The demigod lifted Superboy's unmoving body over his shoulder. The three servants quietly left the scene with their prize.

The Throne Room, The Slave King's Estate, Near Metropolis USA.

In the large hall in the center of the secret American home of the Slave King, located just outside Metropolis, Hercules dropped Superboy at the Slave King's feet. He knelt and held out the ripped spandex. "I have brought the one you call Superman to you, master. I defeated this great mortal, just as you demanded."

Hercules delivers the prize

The Slave King said, "Do not act so proud, slave. If not for my intervention he might have escaped."

Hercules looked up at his master in shock, "YOUR intervention?"

"Who else is a master of the old magic? Who else can send lightning bolts?" Hercules' head dropped and his shoulders slumped. He knew that his owner had long ago mastered the ancient power, but the demigod had hoped it was somehow a sign from Zeus. The amused Slave King patted his slave's head, "In three thousand years, your master has learned everything, while you still know nothing."

The Slave King knelt beside Superboy. He examined the unconscious hero carefully, caressing his naked body. The slaver rose and nodded, "Beautiful."

Hercules rose, "Then I am finally free."

The master smirked, "Why would you be free?"

Hercules was shocked. "WHAT?!? We had an agreement! I am free of my oath. Do not think to betray me, Slave King."

The Slave King became enraged, "YOU DARE? KNEEL AND KISS MY FEET!" Hercules felt compelled to obey. He knelt then fell forward, his ass rising. He tenderly kissed his master's feet like the slave he was. The demigod remained with his head down and ass high as his master calmed down. "Do not test me, slave. We both know that my control over you is absolute."

With calm restored, The Slave King explained, "This is Superboy, not Superman. He might be a wonderful slave, but he is not the one that we agreed you would retrieve. Once again, you have failed me. And yourself."

Hercules overheard Michael whisper to Ming, "Damn right that's Superboy. You ask me? That cocky punk hero is ten times hotter than boring old Superman. Look at that ass. Slave King got a sweet deal."

Ming growled at Michael to be quiet, even though he had to admit that Superboy was a wonderful prize.

The Slave King ordered Michael and Ming to carry Superboy to his initiation room and prepare him. They nodded and carried the unconscious muscleman and the remains of his torn costume away. The diabolical master summoned all the remaining slaves to the large chamber. They obediently circled the still crouched demigod and his master.

The Slave King announced, "Slaves, Hercules has displeased me. He is no longer alpha. He is the lowest of you all. I expect you to treat him accordingly." The slaves got excited. Their master added, "And remember, he is an immortal and therefore there is nothing you can do to him that will permanently harm or change him. You will need to be firm in your punishment of this one."

A murmur rose among the assembled musclemen as they realized what they were being presented. The mighty Hercules was theirs and literally nothing was off-limits.

Chapter 6: The Slave Chamber, The Slave King's Estate, Near Metropolis USA.

Hercules' punishment

In the slave chamber, a helpless Hercules knelt before the assembled throng of his peers. They smiled at the former alpha slave. Marcus, a pro wrestler before his capture, took the lead. He said. "The mighty Hercules. You know we love you, man, but we got our orders from the big boss man." The naked demigod nodded then hung his head in submission. "And we figure we owe you a little payback for that scene last week. You was crazy, going off on all of us."

The broken-hearted Hercules simply said, "I am yours, Marcus. Do with me what you will. I neither deserve nor expect any mercy from any of you."

Marcus stripped off his toga, letting it fall to the floor as he walked up. His massive cock rested in front of Hercules' head. The new alpha grabbed hold of the Greek's thick curly hair, forcing his head up. They locked eyes and the demigod opened his mouth to accept the dark rod. Marcus shook his head. "Sorry, bro, but it ain't gonna be that easy. You beat on us. It was hot, but it fucking hurt."

Hercules nodded. If Marcus or any of the others wanted to play wrestle, he would comply. It wasn't like he could be hurt by these mortals. His confidence was high until Sven jogged up and handed Marcus two glowing vials. Another result of the Slave King's mastery of the magic of Olympus and the demigod felt fear. This would make things much more difficult for him.

One was blue liquid. Hercules knew exactly what it was. A strength potion. The other was a brown milky substance. Oh no. The Slave King used this on Hercules to suppress his immunity. He would still heal as normal - even his master could not counter Ares' potion - but it would create an illusion of vulnerability for the demigod. Hercules gulped as he realized that for the next 24 hours, he would experience the sensation of pain again.

The black muscleman said. "Yeah, you get it. Time to even the odds, man." He gulped the potion and his muscles suddenly pulsated with new power. It would last a day, exactly the time of his punishment. Hercules noticed all the men had their own vials. Marcus forced Hercules to drink the brown liquid. He felt sensations all over his body once more. It felt good when it was done for sex, but the Greek warrior was sure there would be painful retribution first.

Before Hercules could move, Marcus swung his knee up, driving it into the massive chest of the kneeling muscleman. The demigod toppled backwards, clutching his pecs. He clenched his fists, but held back as he lie on the hard marble floor. He would not resist. The men had earned this. He would not try to deny them.

A cocky Marcus circled with his arms spread, "Looks like you're doin' the job, big man. Just a big old jobber bitch for the next 24 hours. Nice."

Hercules understood the words and attitude. Marcus had taught him all about modern day wrestling. The Greek god rose to his feet. He raised his arms for a lock up, only to get a kick to the balls. SQUISH! He bent forward, right into a front facelock that turned into a DDT. CRACK! The force put a dent in the floor as Hercules rolled onto his back. Ares immortality potion repaired the damage immediately, but he felt the pain as if it didn't.

Marcus dragged a dazed Hercules up by his hair. He picked him up then pressed the massive muscle god into the air. Hercules hovered in the gorilla press until the black wrestler threw him forward. He plummeted down, helpless as he saw Anton, a brown-haired Parisian kickboxer leaping at him. As Hercules fell, he was met by a perfectly timed foot that slammed into his side. WHOMP!

The demigod grunted as he slammed into the wall before crumpling to the marble floor. The pain subsided, but he noticed Sven towering over him. Hercules was immediately lifted then slammed across the blond bodybuilder's leg in an over-the-knee backbreaker. To make matters worse, Graham, a world-class heavyweight MMA fighter from Britain moved in. The red-haired, freckle-faced muscleman was known for his striking, so the stretched out body of Hercules was a perfect target.

Graham hammered the abs, pounding them relentlessly. Hercules groaned with every shot. Sven got a wicked smile as he looked at the Greek's massive cock standing straight up. The demigod was turned on by the experience, the sensations he hadn't felt for a long time. Sven pushed the big meat down over the demigod's ripped abs then nodded at Graham.

The ginger stud resumed his assault, but every shot crushed Hercules' cock between his immovable abs and the irresistible force of the rapid fire strikes. Hercules cried out from the pain of each strike, but his cock remained hard. The pain grew and even though his body remained flawless, the demigod felt as though he was being battered.

Hercules cried out, "I SUBMIT! NO MORE! NO MORE!"

Graham stood up as Sven dumped the demigod to the marble floor. The two musclemen posed over their victim, celebrating getting Hercules to submit. When they moved off, Gino, a swarthy Italian world-class strongman competitor, moved in. He dragged Hercules up then pulled him into a bearhug. He squeezed and the assembled studs laughed and mocked the Greek warrior. Everyone knew that the bearhug was a favorite for him, so seeing him moaning and writhing in Gino's arms had them all hard and a couple of them were even leaking.

Hercules thrashed in the hold as he was squeezed. Marcel, a handsome Belgian and former private security guard, came in from behind. Marcel locked on a full nelson as Gino continued to crush Hercules. The demigod was forced to look down at Gino crushing him in the bearhug as his shoulders and neck felt like they were breaking from Marcel's power. The double submission hold worked, forcing Hercules to submit again.

Hercules cried out, "STOP! PLEASE! ARGH! YOU WIN! I SUBMIT!"

Marcel released the nelson then Gino threw the demigod to the floor as though he was garbage.The remaining musclemen cheered and congratulated the winners. For the next hour, they took turns forcing Hercules to give into their magically-enhanced strength. His body remained perfect, but his mind processed all the pain of the torturous moves. It was more than he could bear and his submissions came fast as he was bent, twisted and smashed over and over.

When they were bored with physically dominating the massive muscle god, Marcus and Sven dragged him to the stockades. They locked Hercules in tightly then proceeded to spank him, each assaulting a cheek as Graham and Gino stood in front verbally assaulting him by mocking his predicament. They slapped their huge cocks across his face and the demigod was soon begging for mercy again.

With Hercules broken again, they began the final phase. Marcus and Graham simultaneously penetrated the mighty Greek warrior from front and back. They pounded his mouth and ass mercilessly in the stockade. Chris, a handsome and muscular farmer from New Zealand, got an idea as he watched Hercules' throbbing cock hanging down. He began milking the trapped warrior, tugging on his rock hard cock. The demigod felt his load building only to have Chris stop.

As soon as Marcus and Graham came, the demigod's holes were filled by the next eager studs. The musclemen kept Hercules filled for hours, emptying load after load inside him. Meanwhile, he continued to be milked, with the musclemen being careful to not go too hard or too fast. When they took a break from his cock, the men would assault his nipples by standing on either side and playing with them.

By the time they were done with him, Hercules was delirious, even as he remained physically pristine. The slaves released him from the stockade only to force him into a sling where they repeated the sexual torment. During the seconds where his mouth wasn't filled, he pleaded with them to let him cum, but they all just laughed.

As the clock wore down on their game, the men felt the potions wearing off. They lamented the loss of strength, but it was worse than that. The Slave King broke his boys quickly, so none of them had enjoyed this kind of freedom since they had arrived. It stirred feelings and emotions in them that they thought destroyed, but were actually just suppressed. This was 24 hours of freedom where they felt powerful again.

As they sat there, staring at the cum-filled Hercules hanging in the sling, the group was silent with remorse for what they had lost.

Chapter 7: The Initiation Room, The Slave King's Estate, Near Metropolis USA. 24 Hours Earlier.

When the Slave King entered the chamber, he immediately grinned. Michael and Ming had shackled the unconscious Superboy up to the metal frame, his arms and legs spread wide. The long-haired muscle master caressed the smooth, powerful body of his newest acquisition. He searched for flaws, but he could find none. He looked at the torn spandex and smiled. These modern day heroes. So powerful. So beautiful. And soon, they would all be under his control.

Behind the Slave King's inspection, Ming prepared bowls of lotions and gels. With every step, he wanted to make a mistake, to trick his master and deny him his goal, but he could not. Michael retrieved the implements of slavery, laying them on the long marble dais. Like Ming, he hated contributing to another man's enslavement, but he knew that could not resist. Still, he held out a faint hope that Superboy would be different. Maybe the hero would save them.

The Slave King roughly grabbed the hero's hair, pulling his head up. He admired the handsome, flawless face of the 19-year old clone. The villain mused, "If I had the power to create men like this, I would not have them wear tights. Once I have a few heroes under my control, perhaps the scientists at Cadmus should be my next target."

Superboy moaned as the magic metal cock ring was removed. He slowly opened his eyes. The hero immediately struggled in his bonds, but his tactile telekinesis was depleted. He was nothing more than a normal teen muscleman. With no shield, the young hero could not respond as Michael began to work over his body, pounding the smooth flesh with his huge fists. THUD! THUD! THUD!

The skilled black fighter savagely hammered away at the hero's pecs and abs, breaking down the undefended muscles. THUD! THUD! THUD! Superboy thrashed in his bonds as pain ran through his body. He cried out with every perfectly aimed strike. The hero's powers made him virtually invulnerable. Now that he was depowered, he had no resistance to actual physical pain.

The relentless physical assault was only interrupted for Ming to sensually work the softened muscles. The gentle touch felt so good as Ming coated the red flesh with a soothing balm. When the Chinese muscleman reached for his cock, Superboy moaned. The lotion quickly acted as a lube, bringing his mighty cock to full mast.

Michael moved behind Superboy. He started pummeling the broad, muscular back. THUD! THUD! THUD! The younger hero flew forward then ricocheted back into another fist. His wrists and shoulders ached as he pulled against the bonds with every punch. The relentless assault continued until Michael felt the muscles giving way.

Ming moved in. He whipped the hero with a black leather cat o' nine tails. The straps sliced the tender red flesh. The teen muscleman cried out as he was tortured. He let out a loud squeal as he was lashed on his ass. Superboy threw his head back, desperately trying to hold on against the cruel torment.

This time, it was Michael who moved in with lotion for his ravaged flesh. He coated the hero with the balm, easing the pain. Superboy's head hung forward. He continued to moan as his back and ass were soothed. Suddenly, he felt hands part his ass cheeks. He felt a finger applying the lotion to his hole. The hero thrashed again, but he couldn't escape being penetrated. He moaned loudly as he was finger fucked. When they pulled out, the slaves forced a metal plug into his ass.

The teen muscleman grunted as he hung in the metal trap. He writhed to adjust to the object wedged inside him. The teen muscleman looked down at his cock, which was rock hard. He tried to will it down, but it wouldn't listen. Ming knelt before him then engulfed the cock in his mouth. Superboy groaned. The Chinese muscleman expertly worked him until the hero was gasping, ready to shoot. Ming pulled away.

The hero looked at his tormentor with confusion. The process was repeated. Physical abuse followed by sexual torture. He was pounded and whipped front and back, his pecs and abs showing signs of the lashes. Each time, his wounds were treated with the magic lotion before he was ruthlessly toyed with. Each time, Superboy was brought closer to the edge, only to be denied. The plug in his ass began to vibrate. It felt so good, but still it was not enough to relieve the pressure in his loins. The younger hero hung limp, his mouth agape.

After a dozen rounds, Superboy pleaded with Michael and Ming to finish him off. He begged them to have mercy. The young hero didn't feel very heroic as he gave into his tormentors. He was sweating and weak, his powers still denied to him. The slaves stood back as the teen muscleman thrust his hips, obviously squeezing his erection in an attempt to shoot on his own. It didn't work.

Satisfied that the hero was ready, the Slave King moved in. He ran his finger over the ravaged body of the teen muscleman. Even the slightest touch caused Superboy to flinch. Perfect. The slaver slapped the hard cock, watching it bounce back and forth. He snapped his fingers and Ming brought forward a bowl of purple gel while Michael held a towel.

The Slave King coated Superboy's manhood with the purple gel. The young hero's head sagged from exhaustion. All he could do is watch as his cock and balls were manhandled. The gel was absorbed quickly, disappearing into the flesh. Superboy moaned softly as a strange feeling swept over him.

The Slave King in control

"I learned this magic on a trip to Africa just 80 years ago. I was there to capture a beautiful jungle man when I discovered this treat. The power of the Talon is remarkably powerful." The slaver held out his hand. Michael cleansed it of the remaining gel then stepped back. He looked directly at the dangling cock as he simply said, "Harder."

The teen muscleman's already hard cock immediately stiffened even more, stretching out beyond its full mast. The young hero's eyes went wide as he watched, completely unable to control his response. He'd never been so big. The Slave King commanded, "Dance." Superboy's oversized cock started to throb and pulsate. Involuntarily, his erection tightened and relaxed, bouncing and bobbing as if dancing.

Superboy moaned as he felt his cock working, once again trying to draw a load forward. He tried to stop it, but he couldn't. The Slave King stopped the dance, his point proven. He kept the young hero super-hard as he ordered Michael and Ming back to work. The teen muscleman begged them to stop, but they had no choice. They worked him over again, breaking down his defenses.

The two slaves were very talented. They continued to alternate between pain and pleasure. It didn't take long before Superboy broke down again and begged to cum. He tried to force himself to release his white seed, but he was powerless to do so. The teen muscleman moaned as the load remained right at the edge. The pain from his engorged member was more intense than he could handle.

The Slave King stepped out of the room. Michael moved in behind, caressing the hard muscles of the trapped hero. He whispered, "We don't wanna hurt you, man. Maybe you should give in." Superboy shook his head. The black muscleman smiled as he whispered, "Okay, you keep fighting then. All I can say is good luck, man. Maybe you were brought here to finally save us. I'll try to take care of you as much as I can, but the Slave King is one powerful dude."

The trussed up teen suddenly felt empowered by the muscleman's encouraging words. They reminded him that he was a hero. Superboy realized that these men needed one badly. It gave him resolve. He focused his powers on the bondage device. Digging into his deepest reserves, ones he didn't know existed, the hero actually disintegrated the shackles. Michael and Ming jumped back in shock as the young hero collapsed to the floor.

They helped the hero to his feet. He thanked them then looked at the two shocked musclemen with a smile. He said, "Come with me if you want to live."

The Slave King immediately re-appeared. Superboy spun around, fists raised. The villain calmly said, "Shoot." The teen muscleman suddenly felt tension in his rock hard shaft. Cum erupted from his cock, firing out across the floor. The orgasm was so intense that he collapsed to the floor in ecstasy. Load after load exploded forth. It shot out high, turning into drips. It took awhile, but the hero was drained.

Unfortunately for Superboy, he didn't stop shooting. His body convulsed on the floor as his manhood struggled to keep shooting, even though empty. He writhed on the ground, moaning as the ultimate pleasure turned to frustration and pain. Slave King knelt beside the helpless hero. He placed his hand over the hero's heart. It was covered in purple gel. He coated the massive pecs. The gel glowed then vanished.

The Slave King said, "Did you think you would escape? Foolish slave. In order to own your heart, it is best if it is filled with hope. All you did was make my control more complete. My will is your will now, hero. You only want what I want." Superboy was losing his mind as he gyrated on the floor. The slaver looked at the throbbing cock, "Stop."

Superboy relaxed, his cock staying hard, but not trying to shoot any more. He sighed in relief. The teen muscleman looked at the villain. He thought about attacking him, but he suddenly didn't feel like it. The young hero couldn't force himself to move. His heart just wasn't in it. The teen muscleman's mind screamed fight, but he was unable to will himself to move.

Michael and Ming dragged Superboy to his knees. The Slave King said, "I own your manhood. Now I own your heart. How does it feel? To give control of every part of you to me?"

Superboy's left brain screamed for him to drive his fist into the arrogant villain's balls. He logically knew that he could easily throw the slaves aside and defeat this villain, but he still could not summon the will. He bowed his head, amazed at the size and hardness of his out-of-control erection. The teen muscleman focused on fighting back.

The Slave King lifted his head. He said, "You want to suck my cock, don't you, boy?"

Superboy said, "NEVER!" However, even as he said it, he leaned in with his mouth open. All he wanted was to suck that cock. The young hero wondered if this was what addicts felt like. You know it's wrong, but you feel compelled to do it anyway. The glory of the Slave King's cock was too strong. He had no willpower as he leaned forward.

The teen muscleman grimaced as he fought against himself. Still, he took the ancient villain's shaft into his mouth. The Slave King laughed, "Your defiance is high, isn't it, hero? It is the perfect time to take your mind, as well!" Superboy felt the purple gel pour onto his head. Oozing over his black hair, running down his forehead, ears and neck as it soaked through his hair, skin and skull. It was magically absorbed into his brain and he felt the change.

Superboy opened his eyes. He continued to work the cock. It was all he thought about. The Slave King stood, arms folded as he was worshipped by the teen muscleman. The villain smirked as he savored his ultimate power over one of the planet's most powerful men. It was so easy. And it was just the start. Soon all the heroes would kneel before the Slave King.

Chapter 8: Outside the Slave King's Palace, Undisclosed Location, Greece.

Superman meets Hercules

Superman was miles away when he first saw the nearly-naked muscleman. It was the same guy, all right. The one who last saw the missing Superboy. Dozens of cameras had caught the initial meeting between Superboy and this massive muscleman, but had missed the actual battle when they flew out of the city.

The Kryptonian muscleman had been searching for Superboy for a week when he got the message to come here. He was summoned to this location for information about his protege. He knew that this man had to be responsible for the younger hero's disappearance. Conner had become like a brother to him, even adopting the Kent name and spending time with Martha and Jonathan at their Smallville farm. If this beast hurt Conner, there would be hell to pay.

The hero knew this guy was strong, having seen him drop Superboy to his knees before the younger hero had flown off with him. Superman didn't bother with introductions. He tackled Hercules down hard, driving him into the dirt. The Greek's skirt was shredded by the impact and Hercules was stunned by the unexpected blow.

The Kryptonian muscleman dragged Hercules out of the hole by his hair, tossing him to the ground. He was impressed as he watched the villain's body recover from the impact. To a human eye, it was instantaneous, but his enhanced vision and super-speed caught the process in action. Superman flexed and scowled, hoping to send a message to the villainous muscleman.

Superman said angrily, "Where is Superboy?"

The naked Hercules rose. He admired his foe. Superboy was impressive, but he immediately saw the difference between boy and man. Still, he wanted confirmation. The demigod said, "I am Hercules. Are you the real Superman? I must be sure this time. I cannot afford another mistake."

As if answering the challenge, the hero flew at Hercules, his speed making it impossible for Hercules to react fast enough. He punched the muscleman, driving him to the dirt. WHACK! Superman said, "I asked you a question."

Hercules smiled, "By Zeus, you must be Superman. You are even mightier than I imagined. Not only are you stronger than me, but you have the ferocity of Ares, the grace of Apollo and the speed of Hermes. I see why the Slave King wants you more than me."

Superman grabbed Hercules by his massive pecs. He squeezed on them, using them to pull the demigod up, "I can see your body repairing itself. You can obviously take a lot of punishment, but that just means I get to go all out. Don't test me. Tell me what you did with Superboy."

"After I defeat you, I will take you to him. You will join him."

Using the pec claw, Superman lifted Hercules into the sky then drove him down onto his back. He pounded the pecs at super-speed, accelerating as he tested the limits of the demigod's durability. The hero realized that he was faster than the magic, able to create sustained damage, but it would all repair as soon as he stopped.

Hercules laid pinned under the hero. He moaned in pain, but his cock pushed the white skirt aside. The Greek warrior accepted the abuse. When Superman paused, Hercules groaned as he said, "I have not felt real pain in a long time. The Slave King's potions are a pale imitation to what you just did to me, Superman. Thank you. I feel alive again."

The hero felt a poke in his back. He turned. The Kryptonian muscleman was shocked to see Hercules' cock was hard and dripping onto the hero's spandex-covered ass. Superman got up, frustrated and confused. The demigod rose and approached. He tore off his skirt and kicked off his sandals. He spread his arms, inviting the Man of Steel to assault his naked body.

When Superman hesitated, Hercules pressed the issue. He charged in with fists to the abs of steel and the hero's famous 'S' shield. POW! THUD! THUD! The hero was staggered as he was pounded by the magically strong blows. A hard upper cut sent him onto his ass. WHACK! The Greek warrior moved in. He lifted Superman up then brought him down onto his knee. CRACK!

Hercules tossed the Kryptonian muscleman onto the ground. He lifted his foot then drive it down. WHAM! The Greek warrior let out a surprised cry as his foot slammed into the hard stone ground, buried up to his ankle. Superman had moved out of the way at super-speed. The hero came back at the demigod hard.

With Hercules' foot trapped, he was powerless as Superman unleashed a super-speed assault on his muscles. The Man of Steel moved faster than the Greek warrior's healing ability, destroying the oversized pecs then crushing the massive biceps. Pain ran through the demigod's body, overwhelming him. He cried out then collapsed. Even though his body healed, the sensations of pain actually remained.

The hero said confidently, "So you can be hurt."

Superman pulled Hercules up, ripping his foot out of the ground. He slammed the demigod down then scooped him up for another. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! Over a hundred body slams in the blink of an eye as the Kryptonian muscleman pushed his powers to the limit to stay ahead of the Greek god's magical healing powers. Once again, Hercules groaned, moving slowly.

For Hercules, this assault happened in fraction of a second. He couldn't even process what was being done to him. Still, he tried to rise when Superman stopped. The Man of Steel dragged the demigod up into position for a piledriver. He drove the Greek muscleman's head onto the stones then flew up before coming down again. CRACK! Up and down they went as Superman jackhammered Hercules into the rocky ground. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The force created a crater as the repeated punishment happened in the blink of an eye.

Superman paused, tossing the unmoving carcass out of the hole onto solid ground. Hercules moaned, the pain lingering even after his body magically healed. The Man of Steel said, "Tell me where Superboy is or else."

Hercules moaned as he lifted his arm and pointed behind the Man of Steel. Superman turned and immediately froze as he looked at the teen muscleman who stood behind him.


Chapter 9: Outside the Slave King's Palace, Undisclosed Location, Greece.

Superboy's new look

Superman turned and froze. He was excited to see the young hero, but shocked at his appearance. The teen muscleman stood before him wearing a black spandex outfit that wrapped around the base of his rock hard cock and dangling balls, but left them hanging out. The thin straps stretched up his torso in a 'V' pattern, spreading under his arms and around his shoulders. The straps were joined by a patch of fabric that stretched above his magnificent pecs. He wore short black boots and nothing else.

The Man of Steel zipped beside his young protege. He asked what had happened and why Superboy was wearing an outfit like this. The young hero replied, "It's awesome, Superman. The Slave King is so cool. He fucks me all the time and even lets me kiss his feet. He's an awesome master. You'll like being his slave. The guys are great. It just sex and servitude all the time."

"Oh no! I don't know what they've done to you, but I'll fix it." Superman grabbed Superboy by the wrist, "Come on, we need to get to STAR Labs."

Superboy touched Superman's abs and smiled. Suddenly, he used his tactile telekinesis and the spandex from Superman's abs to feet turned to dust. The Kryptonian muscleman looked down in shock as he was left wearing the equivalent a crop top, cape and boots. Superboy smiled then he lifted his knee into Superman's bulge. SQUISH! OOF!

The stunned Superman grabbed his manhood and bent over. The teen muscleman slammed his fist into the side of Superman's temple. The Man of Steel collapsed to the ground. Superboy stomped the muscular body of his mentor. Any affection he felt was suppressed too deeply to matter. The younger hero was completely under the focused totality of the Slave King's power.

A fully recovered Hercules rose and watched the scene. He regretted that it had come to this. The demigod ignored his guilt and moved in. He joined in on the stomping. Between the two of them, they managed to break Superman down as they drove him into the ground. Hercules dragged Superman up. He told Superboy to hold the Kryptonian muscleman in a full nelson.

The Man of Steel sagged as his body struggled to recover. Hercules started pounding the ripped abs. THUD! POW! WHOMP! Superman squirmed but the teen muscleman somehow held him firmly in place. The demigod knew the trapped stud could take everything he had, so he held nothing back. Hercules punched so hard that the two heroes were shoved back by the force.

Superboy said, "The Slave King made me stronger than you! Just give in and he'll make you stronger, too. Serving is empowering. Being owned is being free."

Superman realized he couldn't reason with his protege. As he tried to break free, he couldn't believe the teen muscleman could hold him, but he was doing it. Hercules grabbed Superman's cock and balls. He tugged them, admiring the size and shape of the beautiful manhood. The older hero fought harder as he was molested. Suddenly, he felt Superboy's hard cock rising between his thighs. The shocked Kryptonian muscleman moaned as his possessed protege rubbed his shaft on the Man of Steel's taint.

Trapped between two horny strongmen intent on capturing him, Superman focused his power. He thrust his arms down, finally breaking free. As he did, Hercules wrapped a metal ring around his manhood. Superman no sooner broke free from the nelson than he cried out in pain. The metal ring glowed with magical, energy-depleting power. The Man of Steel dropped to his knees between his assailants.

Superboy looked down and smiled. This Superman was like a modern day god, but he was still helpless under the power of the all-powerful Slave King. Hercules lifted Superman's head then shoved his cock into the Man of Steel's mouth. He face fucked the kneeling Kryptonian muscleman, humiliating the older hero.

Superman gagged on the large cock. Suddenly, he felt pain as Superboy impaled him by shoving his dick into his ass. The teen muscleman rode Superman hard, pounding his teen muscle cock in deep. The Man of Steel moaned as he was taken from both ends. He felt powerless as they assaulted him.

The Greek warrior exploded down Superman's throat, filling his stomach with his Olympian seed. He withdrew and the Kryptonian muscleman coughed up cum from the giant load. Superboy moaned as he bred his former mentor. He cried out as he erupted inside Superman's tight ass. When he was done, he pushed the violated hero to the ground.

The two dominant muscle slaves circled the struggling hero, cum dripping from his lips and hole. Their loins stirred again as they watched the mighty mortal writhe on the ground at their feet. Superman's ass clenched and his muscles tensed as he fought to rise. Superboy said, "All will bow before the Slave King, Superman. You will understand the liberating feeling of his power."

Hercules knelt beside Superman. He grabbed the hero's thick black hair, "I am sorry for this. I have been a slave for three thousand years. Have I not earned my freedom for one mistake? If you are truly a hero worthy of legends, you will find your way out of the grip of the Slave King."

Superman didn't understand what Hercules was talking about, but he sensed the demigod was conflicted. Maybe Superboy was fully converted, but this Hercules seemed to have his own mind. The Kryptonian muscleman hoped to play on the demigod's good side. The Man of Steel moaned, "Please. Don't. Do. This. I can help you."

Hercules grabbed the hero around the neck in a sleeper hold. He said, "I'm sorry, Superman, but the only way you can help me is by going to sleep."

Chapter 10: Inside The Slave King's Palace, Undisclosed Location, Greece.

Hercules' freedom

The Slave King's laughter filled the chamber. Hercules was on his knees on the marble floor as he was mocked by his former master. The Slave King had granted him his freedom as promised, but the demigod quickly realized that it meant nothing. He was alone in this strange time with no purpose.

The Greek gods were gone. Hercules called to them, but there was no answer. He tried to transport himself, but there was no Mt. Olympus to go to any more. In the end, the demigod might be free, but he was just as trapped as ever. His former master moved in beside him then grabbed his thick black curly hair. He lifted hard and fast, treating the Greek warrior like an animal as he exerted his dominance over the ancient muscleman again.

The slaver said, "Foolish Hercules. You realize now that have nothing in this world but your servitude to me. Your gods abandoned you long ago. You cannot die, but you have no life. I am still your everything."

Hercules moaned, "No, no, no."

The Slave King ordered, "Submit to me again. I will rule this world and you can return to being my alpha slave. With the most powerful men on the planet at my command, my power will dwarf anything Zeus ever dreamed of. More men under my spell. More heroes serving me. More wealth. More of everything! Otherwise, you will have nothing."

The demigod didn't reply. His muscles sagged as the Slave King moved in front of him. Recalling their first meeting, the evil muscleman positioned his cock in front of the devastated Hercules. He said, "Suck me, slave. Suck me and return your life under the might of the man who defeated and owned you. Return to where you belong."

Hercules looked at the dangling cock. He had nothing in this world beyond servitude. He parted his lips, but instead of sucking, he replied, "No." Before the Slave King could react, the demigod powered up and lifted his former master in a gorilla press. He hurled the powerful tyrant through the doors to the slave chamber. CRASH!

The demigod turned to Superman. He broke the magic-infused metal bonds, throwing them across the room. Hercules helped the naked, booted hero to his feet. His power slowly returning, the Kryptonian muscleman was confused. The Greek warrior said, "I am sorry, Superman, but you are free. Fly away quickly while I save the slaves."

Superman said, "We can free all the slaves together. We - ARGH!"

A blast of purple magic slammed into the hero, sending him across the room. The Slave King emerged. He was angry as he marched into the room. He glowed as he tapped into his magical abilities. Hercules moved at him, only to get blasted back beside Superman.

Hercules said, "Superman, rise! We must fight together! Use your mighty powers to help me smite him. Use the speed of Hermes to circle behind him!"

The hero admitted, "I'm still too weak. Magic ... is a problem for me."

The demigod cursed then said, "Use my body as a shield until you recover. I cannot die."

Superman resisted the idea, but Hercules dove over his body as another blast of dark purple magic smashed into them. It worked, as the indestructible Greek god protected his new ally. The Man of Steel rose, lifting the demigod in front of him. He blasted his heat vision, burning the Slave King. SSZZZZT! The villain cursed, but he healed immediately.

Meanwhile, back in the slave chamber, Superboy awoke from his possession. The slaves immediately saw the opportunity. With their master distracted by the battle, they could act independently again. The young hero ushered the slaves to the far wall. He calmed them down as the palace shook from the battle that raged in the next room. The teen muscleman said, "Stand back, but be ready to run."

Superboy used his powers to disintegrate the outer wall. The slaves eagerly raced outside. The young hero ordered the naked studs to escape. Instead of following them, the teen muscleman flew to the main chamber. He saw the Slave King, glowing with purple energy, fighting off Superman and Hercules. Superboy wanted to help, but he already felt the pull of the Slave King's magic hold over him. He couldn't attack his master without risking being used as a weapon against Superman again.

The young hero flew behind a support column and hid. He mapped out the room and his strategy. As long as his master was distracted, he would be okay. And while he couldn't attack the evil slaver directly, the teen muscleman had an idea. He gripped the column from behind. The young hero focused his tactile telekinesis. The back of the column began to crumble. He moved to the next, repeating the process, ensuring he left the facade so the Slave King would not see or suspect anything. Once he had secretly done several, he heard the ceiling creak. The teen muscleman knew it was time. He went all out, breaking the next few columns completely.

Across the chamber, a shocked Slave King froze. He moved to command Superboy to stop, but it was too late. A huge piece of the massive stone ceiling collapsed on him. His magic dissipated, dropping Hercules and Superman. The entire building began to collapse. Behind them, they heard Superboy calling them. Superman grabbed Hercules and flew him and Superboy out at super-speed.

The heroes escape

The Greek warrior struggled to return to the collapsing palace. He said, "I must get in there! I cannot be hurt and neither can the Slave King. We must -"

Just then, the entire building imploded. When the dust settled, Superman flew over the rubble, using his X-Ray vision to search the ruins. He saw no sign of the Slave King. Somehow he had escaped. The throng of naked slaves moved out of their hiding spots towards the heroes and Hercules. They were stunned and confused.

Superboy punched Hercules, knocking him to the ground. He said, "YOU! You're gonna pay for this! You'll never kidnap another guy for your master ever again!"

Marcus said, "No! You got it all wrong, man! Hercules was a prisoner, too. And he protected us. He's the only reason I didn't lose my mind completely."

The other slaves agreed. They circled around Hercules, daring the two superheroes to try to take the demigod. Superboy made a move towards them, knowing he could easily push them aside, but Superman stopped him. He told the teen muscleman to wait until he returned.

In a blink of the eye, Superman zoomed into the sky. Within a minute, he returned, in his full costume. He tossed a pair of black spandex shorts to Superboy. Suddenly, a crew of people teleported to the scene. As promised, the crew included the Justice League's best magic users and some of the human support staff. They worked with Superboy and the slaves to get them clothed and assessed for treatment.

With the slaves being taken care of, Superman moved towards Hercules. The heroic icon helped the demigod to his feet. He said, "Hercules, I appreciate your change of heart. Without it, we might have been enslaved for who knows how long. However, while you might not have kidnapped these men, you didn't free them, either. You did capture Superboy and me. You were willing to turn us into slaves for your own selfish desire. You have to make amends for what you've done. I understand you were also enslaved by the Slave King, but you're powerful and smart. You could've done something. Superboy freed these men the first chance he had."

Hercules hung his head in shame. He replied, "You are right, Superman. I have been weak. And after three thousand years, I was manipulated into sacrificing my last remaining dignity by attacking you both. I deserve punishment." The naked demigod dropped to his knees in front of Superman, submitting to his will. "I will accept your judgment."

Superman pulled Hercules to his feet, "You are from a very different time and civilization. I'm probably not in any position to judge you, but I will try. I'm certainly not sure that we should hold you to today's standards. You were enslaved for 3,000 years. That's bound to warp anyone's perspective. It certainly creates mitigating circumstances that give me pause."

Hercules replied, "You truly are a great hero, but I do not deserve your mercy, Superman.

Superman put his hand on Hercules' shoulder, "You are strong, brave and indestructible. You do have a sense of justice buried in there, we just need to help nurture it. If you are willing, we have a league of heroes that I want you to join."

"You want me to join you?"

"On a provisional and probationary basis. I don't want you to feel like you've traded one kind of slavery for another, but you will be closely monitored. It's the perfect way for you to integrate into modern society. I can't see how any good that is served by locking you up compares to the good you could do as a member of the League. You'll be under the watchful eye of real heroes and trained in our modern system of justice."

The naked demigod smiled, "I am in your debt, Superman. I give myself to you."

Superman smiled, "No, Hercules. You're your own man now. First thing we need to do is get you an outfit." Hercules pushed the Kryptonian muscleman behind some rubble, out of sight. He rubbed the hero's muscles then knelt before him. The Man of Steel said, "You don't have to do this. Like I said - oh."

Hercules thanks his savior

The demigod interrupted as he leaned in and kissed Superman's bulge. The hero moaned as his pouch was worked by the expert. Three thousand years of training in pleasing men paid off as Hercules worshipped the mighty muscleman's manhood. The Greek warrior backed off then reached up for Superman's red briefs. He looked up with a questioning look.

The hero simply nodded. As Hercules eagerly peeled down the red spandex, Superman laughed, "Well, maybe clothes will be the second thing we need to do."

The End

The Slave King is property of Lucky Stallion (see Hercules Bound (Remaster)).
Superman and Superboy are property of DC Comics.
Hercules is in the public domain.
All other characters are my own creation.
This is a work of parody. No copyright infringement is intended.


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