Monday, May 25, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 1

"Psst. Hey, Cody. Over here."

My boyfriend Jae is leaning through the curtain, signaling to me. I stop cleaning the ring and head over to him. When I get into the hall, I'm shocked as he asks, "Uh, yeah, do you have any spare clothes I can borrow?"

It's not the question that shocks me, it's Jae. I just stare at the 21-year old stud for a second, trying to grasp what's going on. We're in the hallway at the pro wrestling facility we rent for tapings of The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company that my best friend Ryan and I co-own and operate.

Jae is wearing only his blue shirt, which is torn, almost shredded and his white briefs. Nothing else. He looks hot, his 5'11"/215-lbs of smooth muscle exposed and his manhood clearly visible in the low-slung, tighty whities. However, he also looks a little worse for wear.

What happened? He just went to the locker room ... 20 minutes ago. I only realize now that he was gone so long. I've been too busy cleaning the wrestling ring to notice.

I ask him, "Are you okay? What the fuck happened to you?" When I grab his shoulder, he winces. Jae says he's fine, but I can tell he's not. I bring him into the arena area where he sits down on a chair, slumping forward. He clearly been in a fight, which is bizarre. I ask again, "What happened? Who did this?"

"It's no big deal. Xaq and me just got into it." Jae stretches out his neck and shoulder.

All I can think to say is, "What?"

I'm confused. Xaq is a wrestler, goes by Spartan. He just finished losing a match to a military stud named Camo. He's 5'11" and 190-lbs of the most ripped muscle I've ever seen. I ask Jae a few questions, getting mumbles for answers. By this time. Ryan and his friend Pete are over with us. I can tell Pete's drooling at the sight of the mostly exposed muscleman and his barely covered package, while Ryan just looks confused and concerned.

It's a little chaotic as I'm firing questions at Jae, he's trying to change the subject and Pete is mindlessly going on about how he wished he had been there to see Jae fight Xaq. Such an ass.

Finally, the ever-calm Ryan takes charge. He says in a commanding voice, backed up by his big physical presence (6'4"/250-lbs of muscle), "Look, enough. Only way to figure this out is for Jae to tell us exactly what happened." He turns to Jae, "I don't give a shit if it's embarrassing or what. We need to hear everything."

Jae doesn't say anything, so Ryan looks him in the eye with a glare, "Start talking."

Jae's Locker Room Adventure

Jae sighs, "Yeah. Okay. So here's what happened. You know I thought the match with Spartan and Camo was so hot, right? Well, when I went to the locker room, Xaq is just out of the shower. He's checking himself out in the mirror. Camo is already gone and Xaq looks kinda down, right? So I introduce myself. He doesn't say much, just kinda looks at me.

"So I think it might be because he's naked and I'm a stranger and he just got his ass kicked. It's kinda weird, you know? Maybe he wants to be left alone. I don't know. But I decide to be nice and chock up his attitude to all that.

"I tell him it was a great match, so awesome, you know, all the normal crap. Point out some of his moves and you know, pump him up. Everything's cool. He still doesn't care about me, but whatever. Then I say it."

I ask, "Say what?"

Jae continues, "I tell him that he makes one helluva hot heel jobber."


"I know, right? Well, I say it. Xaq goes quiet. He doesn't say anything at first, but when I start looking for my phone in my locker, the guy comes in right behind me. Like so close I can feel his breath on my neck. The guy starts screaming, 'I'm not a fucking jobber! Don't fucking call me that you fucking meathead! I'll show you who's the fucking jobber!' You know, shit like that."

"Well, the guy's lost it. I turn. I'm ready for anything. He's so close we could kiss. I tell him to back off. He doesn't. He just keeps demanding I take it back. So I push him back off me. He steps back and I think he's calming down. No, he pushes me back into the lockers. I push him hard enough, he stumbles back, falling on his ass. He lands on the mats you've set up in there for warmup, so it's not like he's hurt.

"I hold up my hands and tell him to calm down. He gets up then he charges at me. Like running at me, full speed. He runs me back into the lockers. Hard. I take the hit then club him across the head. He steps back and we stare each other down.

"I lunge for him, grab him and flip him over. Again, I throw him onto the warmup mat there in the corner of the locker room. Soft landing, but I want him to know I'm fucking serious. We wrestle around. It's weird, because he's naked and all, but he's fighting me hard. He's on top, I'm on top. It's real back-and-forth, but he just wrestled, so I get control.

"I try all sorts of shit, but he won't settle down. I finally I get him in a rear naked choke. I'm on top of him, head wrapped up. He keeps squirming and fighting under me, but I got him locked up tight. I tell him to calm down or I'll put him out. That gets him quiet. Finally.

"I apologize and let him go. He doesn't try anything more, so I think we're done. I go take a piss, wash my hands, check myself out after the fight.

"Anyway, so I come back into the locker area and then the next thing I know, I see this naked punk flying at me. Like literally flying. I'm being slammed into the wall again then getting tossed around and stomped by this naked 19-year old with an attitude problem! Fucker is all over me again. That's when he grabs my shirt, ripping it open. Buttons go flying and he tears it, pulling it off me. He grabs my shorts and tears the pocket as he strips them off.

"So now I'm in these white briefs and sneakers, but I'm more with it. Y'know, thanks to him wasting time stripping me. When he goes for my shoes, I kick him back. He takes one with him, so I pull off the other. The guy actually points at my briefs and orders me to lose them. Says 'Let's do this Greek-style. Man-to-man.' I'm pumped and pissed and in the zone. Like an idiot, I strip them down.

"Soon as I drop them, he charges me again. My knees are locked up in my briefs, so I go down, him on top of me. We fight for top again, my briefs are on my ankles, so my feet are tangled up still. He's like crazy strong. He powers me into a half nelson. He's riding me, pushing my face into the mat. Then he lets go and drops his knee into my shoulder. Does it like a half dozen times before I can get away. I roll up to my feet, kick my briefs off my ankles. I'm ready to face him again.

"I guess I was taking too long, because before I can turn, he's flying at me again.

"Xaq's so fucking strong, so when he jumps on you, you feel it. He must've launched from the bench, because he comes down on me, clubbing my neck and shoulders from behind with his forearms. I'm not expecting it, so I stagger forward. Then he puts his hands on my back and runs me into the fucking wall! Face first. That's how I got this bump. He slams his elbow into the back of my head. Then he locks on an armbar and rams me into the wall three more times. I'm almost out cold right there.

"The punk finally backs off, but I'm holding onto the wall, trying to figure out what to do. He starts pounding on my back. I know this asshole means business, so I spin around with a fist, but he blocks it. Then he grabs my pecs and slams me back against the wall again. I try to push him back, but he's pounding my body with hard shots. I mean, holding nothing back type shit.

"I'm really feeling it. I'm not gonna lie, I'm hurting at this point. But I manage to push him off and swing to punch him, but he grabs my arm and flips me over. I land hard on the mat then roll onto the tile floor. He gives me a fucking rabbit punch, back to yelling that he's no jobber. Guy grabs my head and starts twisting my neck. I'm trying to push back, but the floor's too slippery, right? So instead I grab behind his ankles and trip him.

"So Xaq's on his bare ass on the floor. I scramble up, trying to shake it off. I get back onto the mat. He gets to his feet. I fucking charge in and grab him around the waist. You know, I ain't just gonna lie there. I slam him back into the lockers. Sorry about the damage, guys. Now it's my turn. I start pounding on him and he's flip flopping around against the lockers not doing jack shit about it.

"Xaq's putting up no resistance, so I grab him and throw him across the locker room back to the mat. I ask him if he's had enough. He's breathing hard, just staring at me. Staring. I close in. He gets up. I keep my fists up, ready for anything. I tell him 'Look man, enough's enough.' Well, he acts calm and I want outta there. Find you or Ryan or Pete or whatever.

I interrupt, "You turned your back on him?"

Jae shakes his head, "No, you kidding? I backed away. But it didn't matter, because he wasn't done.

"Dude charges me, but of course, I'm ready. Problem is, I'm still a little woozy. I mean he slammed me into a wall, like a million times. Anyway, we lock up and he manages to knee my abs. When I bend over, he starts lifting his knee into my head and slamming fists across my back.

"Fuck, I try to back away, but he has me real good, you know? I'm still dazed from hitting the wall and the rabbit punch, so I'm not reacting real fast. He grabs my shirt off the floor and wraps it around my neck. He chokes me then whips me around. I fly down to the floor again, my head hitting the bench. That's how I got this bump. So I'm dizzy from the spin and now my head's taken more abuse.

"So as I'm lying there on the floor, Xaq is standing over me. His cock is rock hard and every vein in those ripped muscles is popping. Meanwhile, I'm totally out of it. I'm at the mercy of some psycho who doesn't like to be called a jobber. Anyway, he grabs my ankles and flips me over into a Boston fucking crab. Oh fuck, little bastard cinched it in good.

"I'm pressed into the floor. Look, I think you can still see the tile marks on my chest. My back is killing me by this point. He tells me to admit I'm the jobber. I don't know why I didn't, but instead I said, 'Fuck you, jobber!' I'm an idiot, but I held out. Well, he's so fucking pissed. He lets go of the crab then stomps my back. I'm crawling under the bench to try and get away.

"Next thing I know, he's grabbing my ankles. He drags me back, out from under the bench along the tiles. The guy flips me over and stomps my abs between my legs. He wraps my legs around his then steps over. I'm flipped into a sharpshooter. After all the abuse, I don't have much left in me. I can't get any traction on the tile floor to press out of it.

"He's back to telling me to admit I'm the jobber. This time, I do it. I moan, 'I'm the jobber! Let go! I give!' You know, everything. I can think of. He just keeps telling me that I'm a jobber. Finally he lets go. The guy stomps my back again then drags me up. He turns me around and we're face-to-face. His hard cock is pressing into my abs and he wraps his arms around my head.

"I try to push him off me, but he just says, 'nighty night, jobber.' Then everything goes black.

"Next thing I know, I feel water splashing down on my face. Xaq's towering over me. He's dressed. He grabs my face, squeezes my cheeks and says, 'next time keep your mouth shut in the presence of your betters.'

"Guy empties my shorts pockets, calls them a trophy then just walks out with them. I grab what's left of my shirt and pull my briefs back on then get back here to find you guys."

What Now?

I'm like, "Let's call the cops."

Jae argues with me, saying no cops, he can handle it. Ryan says nothing. Pete just rubs Jae's thick shoulders, because he 'knows massage'. Ugh. Anyway, we have a long debate about what to do. Ryan finally speaks up. He points out that Jae started the physical confrontation. Damn. That's right.

Ryan says he has to call Xaq and see where his head is. He's worried about lawsuits and shit. Jae asks Ryan if he'll issue a legit challenge to the punk. He wants a re-match bad. Ryan pauses then refuses. More debate. Ryan only promises to think about it.

Two days later, Ryan and I are hanging out. He leaves to take a call. When he comes back, he explains he just connected with Xaq. According to the punk, everything's fine and it was no big deal. It was just guys dealing with an issue like men. Xaq's not hurt at all and he is open to a re-match with Jae. Only it has to be in The Cave. Promoted on the website beforehand. Broadcast on the live feed.

I ask, "Why?"

Ryan tells me, "He said that he's already kicked Jae's ass in private. If he's going to do it again, he wants it to be public, where everyone can see he's not a jobber. And he knows you and Jae are together. I offered to film it, but he says we won't release the match."

I admit, "He's right. I know Jae's not going to wrestle for our site and honestly, I don't want him to, anyway. Okay, well thanks for trying, buddy, but I won't ask Jae to wrestle for The Cave. Just know that I never want to see Xaq again."

From the stairway, Jae says, "You'll have to see him at least one more time, because I'll fucking do it. I'll do the live match and kick his fucking ass."

Ryan and I are surprised. Jae and I share keys and he's welcome at my place any time. I just didn't know this was one of those times. He works out in the gym I've got set up downstairs a lot, preferring the privacy and lack of crowds. Just our luck, Jae was coming up to change and heard everything. We have a long, circular discussion, but Jae insists that he wants to do it. That it's worth going public to get his hands on Xaq again.

We have to let him do it. He seems so sure and he's a grown man. I tell him, "Okay, then let's figure out who you're going to be and how we're going to disguise you."

Jae seems cool now, but it hope he doesn't regret the decision.

Introducing SuperStar

For Jae's Cave identity, we go with a Superman analog named SuperStar. Jae wears a pair of blue squarecuts with a red panel in front and a yellow belt. He wears red patent leather tall pro boots and comes to the ring with red pads over his forearms and across his back in place of a cape. We hide his identity with a blue full-face mask. For the character, we apply a huge temporary tattoo of the famous 'S' symbol to his thick chest.

SuperStar emerges and confidently strides to the ring. He leaps onto the ring apron and moves into the ring. He slides the red pads off his arms, hanging them up on the corner. Next comes the flexing and posing. Jae looks great, his muscles pumped and shining, his trunks tight and his pouch bulging.

I'm monitoring the feeds while Ryan and Pete film. Jae's getting an immediate positive reaction. We only posted the 'S' symbol as a tease, so fans had no idea what to expect from our first-ever "super" character. They're definitely engaged and it seems like Jae's worthy of the name. Of course, most still want to see the hero get beaten up, but that's typical.

Yes, Jae looks amazing. I hate to admit it, but he looks positively beefy compared to the ripped body of Spartan. He comes out of the back and the comments explode. Xaq's even bigger than ever, somehow adding ten pounds of muscle to his body while maintaining the definition. He's impossibly ripped for a man of any age. The fact that he's only 19 is unbelievable.

Spartan strolls to the ring with his customary arrogance, his long red cape flowing. He removes the Spartan helmet and unhooks his cape, revealing the back of the tiny leather briefs that showcase his ridiculous ass. I notice he pulls something out of his trunks and places it in the corner, but I can't make it out.

Xaq is one of the only guys in The Cave who doesn't hide his identity, refusing to wear a mask. I admire his confidence and obvious dedication, but he's still an asshole. I hope Jae destroys him, but I'm definitely nervous for my guy. Xaq's 15-lbs lighter, but he just looks more powerful. Every muscle is outlined, veins are popping and he looks determined.

Xaq's arrogance has been his undoing so far, but both Mako and Camo, Spartan's previous losses, had more experience and skill than Jae. SuperStar can't expect to overpower the teen muscleman, so I hope he's got his moves down pat.

The Match

The men circle. Spartan has a contemptuous sneer on his face. He points at the hero, "You ready to go down again, jobber?"

SuperStar says, "You sandbagged me last time. This time, I'm ready for you."

Spartan laughs, "You think you're ready for this?" He strikes a huge double bicep pose, spreading his lats. The lights bounce off his tanned skin, every muscle popping. He says, "Last time I'd just finished a match and I still knocked you out."

As the trashtalking continues, several viewers pick up on the fact these two have a history. They start asking about this being a re-match, asking where they can see the first one, etc. I decide to add some fuel to the fire, revealing that they fought behind the scenes in the locker room. Guys start furiously posting, thinking it's a tease. They start asking how Spartan won and demanding I reveal the video. They're crushed when I explain that no video exists.

The hero and villain have kept bantering, but now it's time for action. They charge in, locking up tight. Jae powers Xaq into the corner. CLANG! The teen powerhouse lifts his hands, so SuperStar lifts his, backing up for a clean break. Spartan launches a sneak attack, kicking up, aiming for his opponent's abs, but the hero is ready. He grabs the leather boot and drags the ripped villain from the corner.

SuperStar drops and rolls, flipping Spartan over top. The villain flies across the ring. He holds his knee as he rises, the scowl etched on his handsome face. The hero points, "I knew you couldn't break clean. Sneak attacks. That's your only strategy." He motions for the teen powerhouse to come at him again.

The two young musclestuds move in, locking up again. SuperStar gets the upper hand, but Spartan manages to use their momentum to turn them around as they move. Jae takes the brunt of the impact in the corner. Spartan lifts his knee into the hero's abs. OOF! He arrogantly backs off, spreading his arms.

Spartan runs his fingers along the side of his eight-pack. He taunts, "This is what abs should look like, jobber." The villain pounds his own abs. THUD! "That's what they're supposed to feel like. You're soft, jobber."

SuperStar suddenly charges forward. The villain is shocked and can't move in time. Jae's football background comes through as he tackles the teen powerhouse to the canvas. BOOM! He rises up and pounds his fists into Xaq's abs until they're red. The villain pushes his opponent off then rolls to safety. He kneels in his corner, hand on his abs.

The hero asks, "What's the matter? Abs can't take a little abuse?"

An angry Spartan rises, his face as red as his midsection. He marches right up to SuperStar then challenges Jae to trade ab shots, even offering the stud the first shot. Naturally, the hero accepts the challenge.

Spartan raises his arms and puts his hands behind his head. "Go ahead, jobber hero! Show me what you got!" The muscle teen flexes his incredible abs. SuperStar draws back and fires a fist into the tight 8-pack. THUD! Xaq barely moves back, showing no ill effects from the punch.

"My turn," the villain says with a cocky smirk. SuperStar assumes the position, putting his hands behind his head. Spartan kisses his fist then slams it into the hero's hard midsection. THUD! UH! The hero bends forward a little on impact, letting out a small grunt. He rises and balls his fist.

SuperStar moves to go again, looking over Spartan's abs. I see the teen musclehunk flex his abs again. The hero fires, but the punch doesn't even faze his opponent. THUD! HA! The hero actually shakes out his hand as he lifts his arms behind his head and tenses his stomach, waiting for the next shot.

Spartan runs his hand over the smooth flesh of the hero's abs. SuperStar shifts at the smooth touch caressing his stomach. When the teen powerhouse finds his spot, he steps back and launches forward, putting all his weight behind the shot. POW! UNH! The hero flies back, the punch sending him falling into the corner, clutching his abs. Before he can move, Xaq is on top of him.

Spartan taunts, "I win, jobber hero!"

The villain moves in fast and hard. He slams his knee into SuperStar's abs, lifting into the flesh three times. When he steps back, he drives the sole of his boot into the weakened midsection. The hero bends over, coughing. Spartan grabs the laces on the back of the hero's blue mask and pulls him out of the corner. Jae has no choice but to follow as he's led by his mask, bent over at the waist.

Spartan delivers a hard fist to the side of SuperStar's head. WHACK! The hero's legs go weak as he staggers under the muscle teen's control. The teen heel hammers in with an elbow to the side of the head, letting go of the mask. SuperStar spins around from the impact, rising and shaking out the cobwebs. From behind, the villain moves in.

Spartan says, "Remember how I stole your shorts last time? Yeah, I think I want another trophy."

The teen muscleman grabs SuperStar's blue squarecuts and yanks them down fast, exposing the red thong underneath. Jae's round ass cheeks are visible, giving Spartan the chance to spank him five times, leaving red hand marks on his smooth flesh. The hero staggers forward from the blows, but his ankles are bound by his tight blue trunks. He nearly falls, unable to pull his boot out of the leg hole.

"I can't believe you fell for that shit again, jobber. Fuck, you're such a loser. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost."

While the hero struggles with his gear, Spartan has climbed to the top rope. He launches off the turnbuckle, slamming into SuperStar's thick back with a killer dropkick! WHACK! The hero is sent flying forward, his feet still trapped. He lands hard on his front, his face hitting the middle turnbuckle in the corner. WHAM! The cocky teen heel moves in and tears the blue trunks off the confused hero.

"Yeah, these will make a great cum rag."

Spartan tosses the trunks into his corner then forces SuperStar up. He whips him across the ring into the opposite corner. CLANG! The sounds of the impact echo through the chamber. The villain is there immediately, whipping Jae back across the ring. CLANG! Pete is in the perfect position, getting a tight shot of the hero's bare bubble butt jiggling on impact. The villain whips SuperStar two more times. CLANG! CLANG! This time, after he hits, the devastated hero just collapses to the mat on his stomach.

The villain plants his boot on SuperStar's smooth, round ass then flexes in victory. When he's done with his routine, he stomps the hero's exposed cheeks, leaving a visible red boot print on them. The teen powerhouse forces Jae up, dragging him to his feet before hoisting the limp carcass of the hero across his chest.

Spartan slams SuperStar to the mat then forces him up and does it again. WHAM! WHAM! The arrogant heel forces SuperStar up then shoves his head down between his thick thighs. Xaq strikes a double bicep pose as the hero is bent forward, bare ass in the air and head trapped between his teen tormentor's legs. He squirms, but can't get free as the villain monologues for a moment.

"I could put you out right here, jobber. Ass in the air, crushing your head, your body going limp. But I'm not going to. I want to send a message to everyone out there. Don't fuck with Spartan!"

The heel reaches down and grabs the helpless hero around the waist. He lifts, hoisting Jae up. SuperStar is flipped all the way over until he's resting on Spartan's broad right shoulder in a backbreaker! The hero is helpless as he hangs on one shoulder, his arms and legs dangling while his bulge sticks out. Ryan leaps onto the apron and zooms in, giving the audience what they want - a perfect shot of the thong-clad hero trapped and suffering.

I can hear Jae's moans loud and clear as Spartan walks around the ring with his prize. The cocky villain bounces SuperStar up and down, adding to the pressure. With each bounce, I can hear the hero's cries grow louder. Spartan flexes his left arm, keeping his musclestud victim secure with his right. The villain has a huge smile across his face, feeling confident in victory.

As Spartan flexes, SuperStar manages to lift one foot over the rope. He locks his feet, using the ropes to pull himself off the heel's shoulder. OOMPH! He tumbles down as a shocked Spartan stumbles. WHAT THE?!? The villain looks back as the hero struggles to rise. Although free, the hero is still weak. The teen powerhouse moves in, driving his boot into the side of Spartan's head, flattening him back to the mat.

The arrogant teen muscleman drags nearly unconscious hero from the ropes. He drops down, pinning the hero to the canvas. The villain starts the slow count, signaling the end of the first fall. ONE! Long cocky bicep flex. TWO! Another long flex. SuperStar isn't kicking out or even moving.

"No, not yet, jobber bitch!" Spartan arrogantly pulls the hero's shoulders off the canvas instead of calling for three. He brings SuperStar's masked face against his chiseled abs as he flexes his right arm for the cameras.

Spartan rises, dragging the muscle hero up by his mask and the back of his thong, which is stretched to the limit between his exposed butt cheeks. The villain wraps the straps of the stretched red spandex thong around SuperStar's limp wrists, binding his arms behind him with his own gear. The villain then parades the hero around the ring by his mask. The muscular SuperStar looks helpless, arms trapped, mask held and his thong riding so high up his back that it's pulled down low in front, revealing his trimmed pubes and a small hint of the base of the shaft his thick cock.

"What do you gotta say now, jobber?" UNH! "Admit you're a jobber and I'll let you go!"

SuperStar defiantly shouts, "UNH! No!"



A frustrated Spartan says, "Fucking idiot! I'm gonna make you say it over and over then I'm gonna write JOBBER across your pecs in big black letters! And there isn't shit you can do to stop me! Jobber bitch!"

The villain turns the bound muscleman around then forces his head back down between his bulging thighs. He unties SuperStar's wrists before reaching down and lifting the limp hero's carcass up. With unbelievable power, the teen musclehunk drives the hero down, slamming him onto his shoulders with a devastating power bomb. BOOM! SuperStar goes limp on impact, looking like he's out cold.

The powerful teen heel drops down again, pinning SuperStar down. Again he counts. ONE! The villain slaps the hero across the face. TWO! The villain slaps again. The hero struggles under him, managing to lift a shoulder up. At the same time, Spartan pulls Jae up again. If he's pissed about the kick out, he's not showing it. Maybe he was going to lift the hero's shoulder up anyway.

Spartan drags the wobbly hero back towards the corner. He bodyslams SuperStar down hard. WHAM! The teen powerhouse climbs the ropes, quickly launching into a back flip. As he flies, the muscular good guy rolls towards the corner. The villain can't stop falling, so he splashes the mat, landing on his front hard. WHAM! OOF!

SuperStar uses the corner to rise. He staggers out of the corner, circling to get his bearings. The villain also rises. Seeing his opponent, the teen heel charges. The hero lifts his boot for a superkick, but Spartan ducks. He comes in behind the wobbly stud and grabs his head. With shocking speed, he delivers a killer swinging neckbreaker, sending Jae back to the canvas. AHHH!

Spartan gets up fast, planting his boot squarely on the 'S' tattoo on the hero's chest. He doesn't even bother counting a pin this time. The muscle teen just flexes. When he's done his routine, he reaches down and drags his beefy muscle victim up. He pushes SuperStar into the corner front first. CLANG! As Jae hangs there, Xaq runs back to the opposite corner. He sprints across the ring, aiming right at the hero's broad back. The heel leaps in the air, lifting his knee to drive it between SuperStar's shoulder blades.

Perhaps hearing the footsteps or just sensing he's in trouble, SuperStar falls to the side, just as Spartan sails over him! CRACK! ARGH! The villain's knee slams into the turnbuckle. He falls back into the ring, rolling around and clutching his damaged knee. The mighty teen heel moans and swears as he holds his leg.

Both men are down and suffering, but the hero summons his willpower and rises with the help of the ropes. He turns and sees the heel writhing and holding his knee. SuperStar marches forward and grabs Spartan's injured leg. He kicks the hamstring then grabs the other leg, bending it. With a strong second wind, he quickly steps over it and falls back, locking in a figure-four leg lock!

Spartan writhes and thrashes on the mat, desperately fighting the pain in his injured knee. Only seconds later, he's forced to admit the truth.


SuperStar immediately releases the hold, rolling to his corner. I can tell he's exhausted, but somehow, some way, the first fall is his.

Round Two

At the sound of the second bell, Spartan charges forward. He runs from his corner straight at SuperStar. The hero instinctively raises his boot for a superkick. WHACK! The teen powerhouse runs face first into the sole of Jae's big boot.

Spartan stumbles back, his arms swinging, but his eyes glassy. The hero runs at him, clotheslining him down to the canvas. BOOM! Spartan lies on the mat, his legs and arms flopping, but otherwise seeming out of it.

SuperStar drops down and pins the villain. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. THREE!

With that  the hero wins the second fall in mere seconds, meaning he's also won the match. I'm jumping for joy. Guys on the live feed comments are stunned, begging for more.

The hero puts his boot on Spartan's chiseled chest. He flexes over the defeated muscular teen villain, showing off his mighty muscles. SuperStar raises his arms in victory, taunting that it's back to jail for the teen powerhouse.

I thank the fans, letting them know that the match will be available on DVD and download. Most praise SuperStar and some lament another loss for Spartan. We wrap and I'm ecstatic that it's over. I've never had a boyfriend wrestle someone else in front of me like this and I never realized how stressful it can be.

After the Match

Ryan gets ready to check on the unconscious Xaq when Jae stops him. He says, "I'm not quite done." Ryan and Pete flick their cameras back on as Jae walks over to the corner where Spartan's cape and helmet rest. He grabs his blue squarecuts, tucking them into the strap of his red thong. Jae picks up the big black permanent marker that the heel jobber intended to use if he won.

Jae casually flips the marker as he circles his prone victim. He kicks Xaq's arms against his body then kneels down. SuperStar sits on Xaq's ripped abs, his thick legs pinning the teen powerhouse's ripped arms to his side. The hero pulls the cap off the marker. He waves it under Xaq's nose, like smelling salts. The heel punk snaps awake, but he can't move with Jae pinning him down.

SuperStar leans forward and bounces his pecs over Xaq's face. The younger bodybuilder doesn't challenge Jae, even though he dominated much of the match. He squirms a little as the hero sits back, holding the marker up.

Jae says, "You thought you'd use this on me? Yeah, I don't think so. Jobber."

SuperStar leans forward, planting his left hand on Spartan's right shoulder. He uses the marker to write JOBBER in black permanent ink across the chiseled pecs of his opponent. Not very heroic, but the least that the heel deserves, in my opinion.

Jae gets up then reaches down. He unsnaps Spartan's leather briefs and yanks them off, leaving Xaq in his white jock. Jae taunts, "Now we've both got a trophy."

The hero kicks the teen muscleman in the side, rolling him to the ring apron. Xaq obediently gets out of the ring then hobbles to the back. When he goes through the curtains, the cameras go down again. Pete comments that the live feed missed that, but it'll be great as a website extra. I emerge from the computer screens and congratulate a sore and tired Jae, telling him how proud I am of him. I tell him that the online comments were universally positive.

Pete, the eternal bigmouth, is reading the screen and saying, "Yeah. I'm reading this and they wanna see more of you, hero boy. A lot more. I see requests already for you in a stakes match."

I scowl and whisper, "Shut up, Pete. Jae's not going to be a Cave regular." I see Ryan about to chime in, but I shoot him a look and he keeps his opinion to himself.

As Jae stretches out his back, he says, "Oh man, I'm beat. Actually, guys, that was a fucking blast. It was so hot, I'm fucking hyped. So if I'm a hit, does that mean I can go again? How soon?"

Ryan says immediately. Pete offers the hero a massage. I'm speechless. I don't know that I want my boyfriend becoming a Cave regular, but it's not my choice. Unless something changes, SuperStar is here to stay.

The End


  1. "Pete just rubs Jae's thick shoulders, because he 'knows massage'. Ugh." --Hilarious, I love ALL your characters.

    This story really proves that seeing Spartan get put in his place NEVER gets old.

    1. Alex R:

      I agree 100% agree with your coment. Thats my favorite line as well. Its funny and brings the characters to life. Makes them real.
      And yes! I knew I was not the only one that felt the same way. How XAQ just can take a physical beating but his head is weak and makes an awesome sufferer and jobber. I love him. His awesome.

    2. Thanks guys! Cody's contempt for Pete amuses me, so it's fun to include.

      I actually know guys who love to get touchy-feely and claim to 'know massage'. Pete seems like that type of guy ... "You look tense. Here, let me rub your shoulders. I give great massages!" Ugh indeed.

  2. I love all the stories with Xaq! Every time I read his lines, I envision him speaking in an arrogant tone but with a slight adolescent "squeak" in his voice since he's still so young -- particularly when he told Jae "Next time keep your mouth shut in the presence of your betters". I can truly imagine some musclebound squeaky-voiced punk kid saying that!

    I gotta ask, tho: When is Spartan gonna use the bearhug, man?! A lot of his moves target his opponents' lower backs, and often times when a pro wrestler repeatedly whips their opponent into the turnbuckles (as Spartan has done in his matches), they follow it up with a bearhug. (Even John Cena has been know to use that combo occasionally.) Though he's a little on the small side, a guy as self-absorbed with his body as Xaq would undoubtedly get-off on the feeling of not only defeating his opponent USING his muscles but also the feeling of crushing the fight out of them AGAINST his muscles, knowing their bodies would break long before his muscles would ever give. As solid, ripped, and thin as Xaq is, I imagine being bearhugged by him would be like being crushed against an unyielding steel support beam!

    My only concern for Xaq is his risk of becoming a permanent jobber and thereby fading into obscurity. A true villain has to win every once in awhile to remain a credible threat. Otherwise they go the way of muscled jobbers like Mason Ryan, Chris Masters, and Shawn Stasiak. But villains who are "allowed" to win one every now and then (like Lex Luger, Randy Orton, and Triple HHH) are the ones who become true Hall of Famers, and Xaq should definitely be destined for greatness! Perhaps he could win a match and then be "outsmarted" in the stakes afterward. It wouldn't be too hard to outsmart him, as his opponents (and even innocent bystanders like Jae) seem to easily get inside Xaq's head.

    I absolutely love your stories, man, and I definitely don't mean to be telling you how to write them. I just thought I'd throw some ideas out there that you might not have considered. You are a true artist with your work, and I wanted to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm always glad Xaq is so popular. I'm surprised he hasn't used a bearhug, so thanks for pointing that out.

      In the WWE, being a muscle jobber is a one-way ticket out of town, but my stories and gay wrestling video companies like The Cave work a little differently. That doesn't mean Xaq will never win, but have no fear that he is going away.