Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 2

"What's this, Cody?"

I look up at my guy, Jae, confused by the obscure question. "An iPad?"

"No. This email from Ryan. From the title, it looks like it's asking you about potential opponents for SuperStar."

"Oh. Oh. Oh, that's nothing. I'll take that." I reach for my iPad, but Jae pulls it away.

Jae looks more closely. He says, "Wait, it's about me and I wanna see it. It came like a week ago. Shit, there's like a bunch of guys here. How come you never showed them to me? You know I want another Cave match. Wow, these sound hot. I like the guys who take after cool Superman villains. Zod. Parasite. Bizarro."

"Oh, no. They're not good choices."

"So, you did see them?"

"Well, yeah ..."

"Huh. And you weren't going to tell me about them?"

"Well, um ..."

Jae just looks at me. I can tell he's not happy.

I instantly regret ever letting him use my company iPad to help me with The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video production company I co-own with my best friend, Ryan. Jae was supposed to be reviewing and responding to fan email and support requests - "my DVD doesn't play", "my download won't load", etc. He must have clicked on all mailboxes instead of the support account.

See, we live-streamed Jae's first Cave match against a teen powerhouse named Spartan only two weeks ago. However, because it was live, things exploded immediately. Including challenges. It's beyond the usual stuff. Jae is incredibly hot, but so are a lot of our guys. What's taken it to a new level is that he appeared as SuperStar, an obvious Superman analog. That has given him a lot more attention. All sorts of villains have sprung from the woodwork, wanting to bring down the hero.

Jae asks, "Cody, are you trying to stop me from wrestling? Because we agreed."

"I know, but -."

"And you're still wrestling."

"I know, but -."

"Hell, I've watched you fuck like three guys in the ring for these Cave matches since we've been together. I've been cool with it. I knew this was part of your life. And now, I'm in on it, too."

"I know."

"So what's going on? You can have sex wrestling matches, but I can't?"

I sigh, "It's got nothing to do with sex. I just don't want you to get hurt. I realized during the Spartan match how much I worry about you. It was just really hard for me to watch you get your ass kicked. These guys ... I just want to find the right challenge for you and these guys aren't it." Jae glares at me. I ask, "What? I'm just trying to protect you."

Jae puts down the tablet. He says, "It's not your decision. It's mine. I don't get to approve your matches. Ugh. I'm going downstairs to workout."

After he storms out, I call Ryan. I expect him to be on my side, but he's not. My best friend reminds me that my controlling nature almost cost us our friendship. I tried to control his relationships, now I'm trying to pick Jae's matches. I tell him this is different. He tells me it's not. Ryan reminds me how much pain it took for him to forgive me. He advises me to either trust Jae to make his own decisions or cut him loose.

I hang up. From here, I can hear the weights banging. They sound louder than normal. I want to head down, but I resist. I leave Jae alone to work out his frustration.

When Jae returns upstairs, sweaty and pumped, I apologize and follow Ryan's advice. I promise to never do it again. After some discussion, Jae believes me. We have a hot makeup wrestling match, which I easily win after his hard workout, followed by hot, sweaty makeup sex. We shower then fall asleep cuddled together.

When I wake up, Jae is back on the iPad, going through the profiles. He's going to wrestle as SuperStar again and he's made his decision about who he wants first.

Hero and Villain

I've spent the last week being ultra-supportive of Jae. We've been training and wrestling, getting him ready for his second Cave match. I've got no idea who he's facing. He didn't tell me and I didn't ask. All I know is that it's not anyone I've wrestled.

I'm in the ring area, hanging out in the shadows, ready to watch the match. Ryan and his buddy Pete are manning the handheld cameras, doing the final checks on audio and video. When they're set, Ryan heads to the back, sticks his head through the curtain and signals that it's time.

The hero is the first to enter.

SuperStar storms through the curtain, looking eager and ready, but not too cocky. I wonder if he's nervous as this match has sex stakes, which his last one didn't. As I watch him, I see a lot of confidence. If Jae is nervous, it doesn't show.

As SuperStar, Jae looks every part the hero. His 5'11" and 215-lbs muscle body looks pumped and powerful. When he flexes, you feel like he could save the day. Jae's face is covered by a blue mask and his large manhood by blue squarecuts and a yellow belt. He's wearing red patent leather boots that gleam in the spotlights as he walks towards the ring. His arms are covered by red football pads, a twist on the traditional cape worn by the hero that inspired him.

Ryan zooms on on SuperStar's chest as he strikes a double bicep pose. The large 'S' symbol tattoo swells along with his impressive pecs. The hero confidently leaps onto the ring apron then into the ring where he bounces, eager to face his latest villain. He flexes and stretches, giving the two cameras some nice warmup footage.

Now, it's the villain's turn. Ryan introduces him as Bizarre.

When he comes out, I'm struck by his white flesh. It's not that he's white. Most of our guys are. It's that he's chalk white. Most of us tna to show off our muscles, the color making our definition more prominent. Not Bizarre. It's definitely befitting the villain he's based on.

The heel's skin pops in an unreal way under the intense spotlights against the black background. It's so distracting I'm only now taking the rest of him in. He's a muscular man, close enough to Jae's size to be competitive. He's an inch taller at 6', but lighter around 200-lbs. The villain's muscles are hard, chiseled and tight, rippling with power that wasn't immediately apparent when he entered.

When he climbs into the ring, I realize that Bizarre is perfect as SuperStar's opposite. In addition to his pale white skin and similar size, his gear is right, too. He's wearing a similar outfit to Jae - mask, squarecuts with a belt, pro boots and an 'S' symbol chest tattoo. However, the mask and trunks are red, the belt and boots are black and the temporary tattoo has been applied backwards in red and black.

Bizarre acts a little crazy and off, ambling more than walking, but striking enough poses to show off that he really is a muscle stud.

The Match

The men don't waste much time. They move to the middle of the ring and lock up. The hero's muscles swell under his smooth, tanned flesh, contrasting beautifully against the villain's vivid white bulging muscles. They struggle and strain, equal in this early stage. It doesn't take long before they're both pumped with a sheen of sweat as the battle for dominance.

SuperStar starts to win, driving Bizarre backwards. The villain adjusts, letting the hero move forward while lifting his knee up into his smooth gut. OOF! The tanned musclestud is surprised, bending forward right into an elbow to the side of his head. The pale heel wraps on a standing side headlock, crushing the hero's head against his side. UNH!

The hero grabs the villain around his waist then lifts. Bizarre can't react fast enough before he's dropped on his upper back and shoulders. WHAM! He loses the headlock, giving SuperStar the chance to roll over and mount his waist. The tanned hunk fires three fists into the tight white abs before standing up and unleashing stomps onto the ripped torso. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Bizarre tries to roll away, but SuperStar is able to stomp his exposed back when he gets to his stomach. The hero leaps up and brings his elbow down across the back of the heel's neck. SuperStar rises up. He reaches down, grabbing the back of the red mask and forcing the dazed villain to his feet.

Before his opponent can react, the hero scoops him up across his chest. He quickly turns then slams Bizarre to the canvas. WHAM! The villain thrusts his hips up, trying to relieve the pressure. SuperStar quickly forces him up and slams him down again. SLAM! The pale musclehunk is reeling from the second slam. He rolls onto his stomach, struggling to get to hands and knees.

While Bizarre tries to get up, the powerful hero hops onto the middle rope, using it to vault himself back. He flips in the air, landing on the rising villain's back. SPLASH! The heel is crushed under 215-lbs of muscle. SuperStar forces Bizarre onto his back, covering him for a pin. ONE! Pause. TWO! The villain shows his resilience by lifting his shoulder up, breaking the count.

SuperStar gets up, dragging Bizarre along with him. He hits the pale muscleman with a hard forearm upper cut that sends him flying back into the corner. The hero runs in, splashing into the villain hard. He holds his tanned muscle against the heel, keeping him up. Holding the red mask, SuperStar climbs the ropes in the corner, rising high over the dazed villain.

The heel's face comes forward, resting against the hero's big bulge. SuperStar fires a fist into the villain's head as he towers over him. Before he can launch a second shot, Bizarre headbutts the big target in front of him. ARGH! The low blow causes the hero to lose his balance on the ropes, stumble and fall back to the mat. He manages to keep his feet, but stands motionless, cupping his manhood.

The villain charges out with a clothesline that levels the tanned musclestud to the canvas. WHACK! As the hero lies there, Bizarre stomps him in the gut then plants his foot on Jae's abs. He casually steps over the hero, making sure he drives all his 200-lbs of muscle into his stomach. OOF! The hero groans as the villain leaps up, doing a back flip and splashing down on top of him. ARGH!

Bizarre slides off the hero then grabs him by the mask. He drags up the weakened stud then drives his knee into his abs. OOF! When SuperStar bends over, the villain grabs him from above, over the shoulder and between his legs. He quickly lifts up then drops, executing a gutbuster that has the hero coughing and wheezing. The pale muscleman beats on his opponent's back with forearms as he hangs over his extended leg.

The villain pushes SuperStar off his leg with force, sending him rolling across the ring, holding his stomach. Bizarre moves in fast, kicking Jae's hands from his stomach then delivering a series of hard knee drops to his ravaged midsection. ARGH! OOF! UNGH! He rises up, dragging the groaning hero with him.

The heel locks SuperStar's head under his arm, grabs the side of his trunks and lifts him up. The hero's legs extend straight up as he's held in the perfect position for a suplex. I have to admire Bizarre's strength. When he moves, it's not backwards, as I expected, but forwards! He slams Jae down onto the top rope, the cable cutting into the hero's abs. AHHH!

SuperStar rolls forward, falling back to the mat. He curls into the fetal position until the villain forces him flat on his back. Bizarre comes up between Jae's legs. He lifts one up, folding the. Hero in half and positioning his bulge against the hero's ass. The heel confidently puts his forearm across the hero's broad chest, pinning him down. With his free hand, he slaps the mat.

THREE! What? That was one! TWO! Oh, I get it. He does the reverse of - ONE! Shit, SuperStar just got pinned. The villain lets the hero's leg down then slithers across his body, sliding his growing bulge over his victim's masked face.

Bizarre rises as SuperStar massages his abs. The villain steps over Jae's waist, looking down on the tanned muscle stud. He bends down and tears the hero's squarecuts down, revealing a small red thong that can barely hold SuperStar's giant cock and balls.

The villain moves back to his corner, leaving the devastated hero while he waits for the next round.

Round Two

SuperStar finally makes it to his corner, rubbing his stomach for much of the break. He adjusts his package in his tiny red thong. His tanned ass looks spectacular, but its exposure is a clear sign of defeat.

I ring the bell, signaling for the men to begin again.

As they move in to lock up, the hero dives forward. Using his football background, he pushes past Bizarre's extended arms and grabs him around the chest. Instead of tackling the villain, he lifts and spins, driving him to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. CRASH! The men actually bounce from the incredible impact of over 400-lbs of muscle slamming down onto the mat.

SuperStar rises up, kneeling between the villain's legs. He fires fists into the chiseled lily white abs of his opponent. THUD! THUD! THUD! The heel grunts, but manages to lift his leg, getting his knee between them. He thrusts out, kicking into the tender tanned abs of the hero and sending him flying back. Bizarre wastes no time, leaping on top of the hero, pinning his wrists down to the mat above his head.

Bizarre brings his knee up, slamming into the hero's balls then positioning on the abs, driving it down. He twists his legs, screwing his knee into the softening muscles. UNGH! SuperStar fights through the pain and bucks up, pushing with his arms. He throws the heel off him then rolls out of reach to gather his wits.

The villain moves in fast. Too fast, as SuperStar is ready. He kicks out, tripping Bizarre to the mat. The hero grabs his opponent's arm and twists, applying a tight armlock. He maneuvers behind the villain, turning the armlock into a tight chicken wing. ARGH! The hero switches to a chinlock, positioning his knee in Bizarre's muscular back. The tanned musclestud is clearly using resting holds, trying to control the villain while he recuperates.

Bizarre recognizes the strategy. He fights back hard, refusing to give the hero a moment to rest. The villain twists and pushes up, getting free. He charges at the hero, punching his stomach. SuperStar staggers back into the corner as the villain rises. Bizarre turns and charges in. The hero ducks and comes in behind. He grabs the heel's arm then flips him down onto his ass with an arm drag takedown. THUD!

SuperStar steps over Bizarre's broad white shoulders. He reaches down and grabs an ankle, lifting it up. The villain is seated, trapped in a deadly stump puller. The heel's chin is forced down to his chest and his leg is pointing up towards the ceiling. ARGH! In spite of the obvious pain, the heel will not submit. Jae pulls and pulls, but it's no use.

The hero releases the hold, but keeps moving. He drags Bizarre up from behind by his mask. The villain wobbles for a moment as SuperStar runs past him, bounces off the ropes then launching himself. The chalk white muscleman can't react fast enough. SuperStar drives into him with a flying shoulder block. CRACK! Bizarre flies back, collapsing onto the mat hard. WHAM! UNH!

SuperStar jumps on the fallen wrestler, lying across his smooth pasty white pecs. He hooks a leg then starts counting the fall. ONE! Pause. The villain shifts, but can't lift his shoulder. TWO! A little more action, but the hero adjusts, keeping the shoulders down. THREE!

A clear pin and the fall goes to SuperStar, tying the match at one fall each.

The hero rolls to his feet, confidently moving back to his corner as the villain struggles to crawl to his. I'm pumped for Jae, happy to see he's in the game with a good chance to win again.

Round Three

The two musclemen circle a little more cautiously this round. Both have taken their lumps. Both have shown resilience and tenacity. Bizarre takes the initiative, closing the gap and diving at SuperStar's leg. Unfortunately for him, he's a second too slow, giving the hero a chance to lift his knee, catching him under the chin. CRACK! The heel topples back, shaking out his head.

The hero moves in fast, grabbing the villain's wrist. He yanks up, sliding behind the pale musclehunk as he's forced back to his feet. SuperStar slaps on a full nelson, locking it in tight. The heel moans as he's crushed, his masked chin pressed down into his chest. He struggles wildly, trying to get free, but the tanned hunk keeps him trapped. UNGH!

The villain won't submit, so the hero shifts. He lifts up then turns, driving the shocked heel down onto his shoulders hard. WHAM! SuperStar follows up with a fast elbow drop to the chest then locks on a tight headlock. He squeezes, crushing his opponent's head. Bizarre writhes, finally getting out from under the hero's weight. He turns and manages to force them up.

SuperStar keeps a crushing vice on the villain's head, even as his back is pummeled with forearms. THUD! THUD! THUD! The hero pulls forward, executing a perfect hip toss. BOOM! He lands on top of the muscular heel, maintaining the headlock as he bears down with 215-lbs of muscle. UGH! Bizarre looks like he's wearing down, his resistance is getting weaker with each passing minute.

The two musclestuds rise up again, this time by SuperStar's power. He drags the villain up then releases the headlock. As the wobbly white muscleman tries to focus, he's scooped up then thrown down hard onto his back. SLAM! The muscle hero quickly leaps onto the ropes and ricochets off, splashing down on the heel's pale chiseled torso. OOF!

SuperStar slaps the mat for a cover, lying across the heel's broad chest. ONE! No movement from the villain. TWO! A sudden burst and kick out sends SuperStar rolling over head and the villain sitting up. The hero launches forward, locking on another chinlock. Bizarre reacts fast, planting his feet and thrusting backwards. He lands on top of the hero hard, driving his 200-lbs into his chest. UGH! The hero loses the chinlock and both men roll to opposite sides of the ring.

When the two men rise, SuperStar takes the lead. He scoops up Bizarre and executes another hard body slam. SLAM! As the villain writhes, the hero climbs the corner, rising to the top turnbuckle. He launches out, flying through the air like his inspiration. SuperStar is aiming for another splash, but the heel is ready this time. He raises his knees, protecting his abs.

The flying musclehunk can't adjust. He crashes down into the hard knees and shins of his opponent. ARGH! He bounces off, holding his stomach which had barely recovered from the first fall. The villain rolls up to his feet as the hero heaves on hands and knees. Bizarre towers over his target. He quickly brings his foot back and kicks out, like he's a field goal kicker. WHOMP! The black boot tears into the hero's soft stomach. SuperStar flies over, rolling to the side ropes.

Bizarre moves in, grabbing the hero by the mask and dragging him up. The heel draws back his fist to punch Jae in the head, but the tanned musclestud shows his toughness. He dives in and scoops the villain up into his arms. He quickly drops Bizarre, slamming him across his leg with a backbreaker. CRACK! He can't hold the heel up, letting him slide off.

Both men are struggling now. I can hear their breathing and see their bodies, drenched in sweat. They're moving slowly, but they're also determined. SuperStar gets to his feet first. He moves in, staggering towards the kneeling heel. The villain lashes out, driving his fist right into the bulging red pouch of the hero. SQUISH! AAHHHH! The low blow has Jae stumbling back, folded in half as he whimpers.

Bizarre rises up. The villain stretches, looking extremely confident now. The hero can barely keep his feet, much less launch an attack. Bizarre lashes out, lifting his boot into the side of the hero's head. CRACK! SuperStar crumples to the canvas. The heel unleashes a flurry of stomps and kicks, breaking down the tanned muscle of his victim. The relentless assault goes on and on, ravaging the 215-lbs stud.

The villain finally stops, surveying the carnage. He kicks SuperStar onto his back, using his boots to spread the hero's arms and legs. The heel leaps up, doing a 360 flip and splashing down. SPLASH! OOF! The heel lies on the helpless hero, but he doesn't count the pin. Instead he rises up, straddles his victim and swings his hips.

True to his reverse nature, Bizarre actually strips himself, peeling down his own red trunks. Unlike the hero, he is nude underneath, his dark cock and balls standing out against his white hairless flesh. The heel cover SuperStar's face with his trunks then moves to the corner. He slowly climbs the turnbuckles then mounts the top one.

Bizarre raises his arms, his naked muscular body looking majestic as he stands high on the top turnbuckle. After a moment of posing, he launches out, flying across the ring. Time seems to stop as he hangs there, hovering over the tanned muscle hero. Suddenly, SuperStar rolls, moving under the falling villain. NO! KABAM! ARGH! The villain hits hard, bouncing two feet off the mat before settling on his stomach. His feet kick as he tries to move.

The hero pulls the villain's trunks off his head. When SuperStar sees the groaning bare-assed villain, he gets a burst of energy. The hero who was helpless just seconds ago now springs up like he's completely fresh. He dives onto Bizarre's back then grabs his arms. A second later, the nude heel is trapped in a camel clutch.

Bizarre groans as he's bent in half, his spine wrenched up. SuperStar holds nothing back, his muscles straining to get a submission. The chalk white villain struggles, but he can't get free.


SuperStar eases up on the hold. He grabs the mask and pulls the tired villain's head back. He whispers in the villain's ear, "Now, does 'give' mean you submit? Or does it mean the opposite? You want more?"

Bizarre whispers back, "C'mon man, I give. I really give."

The hero nods and releases the heel, letting him crash to the canvas. SuperStar rises, looking awesome in victory. He plants a boot on the villain's ass then flexes. As he moves off, he reaches into his overstuffed red spandex pouch, adjusting his junk after the low blow and hard match.

Opposite Day?

Bizarre lies defeated, resting on his stomach in the middle of the ring, breathing hard and looking exhausted. The villain's bare ass seems to glow like two disco balls as the bright spotlights beam down on his sweaty, intensely white skin.

SuperStar circles in his red thong, chest heaving as he paces. The hero is now two-for-two in the Cave. Neither win was easy, but a win is a win. He stretches, looking tired. However, this was his first sex stakes match, so there's still work to be done. He idly fondles his bulge with one hand, figuring out what's next. Ryan zooms in, the hero's cock stretching the pouch, threatening to burst free.

The tanned musclestud finally gets to work. He bends over, giving Ryan a beautiful ass shot as he grabs the villain by the mask. The hero forces the pale heel up to his feet. Bizarre's cock is big and red, fully engorged in defeat. It stands out physically and visually in the middle of his chiseled, but devastated chalk white body.

The hero forces Bizarre back towards the corner. The villain stumbles, landing on his ass. He adjusts his red mask, pulling it over his square chin, revealing his mouth. I wonder if he's about to unmask himself like he stripped himself. Jae must think the same thing. He starts to tell Bizarre to leave the mask on, but the villain stopped on his own, revealing only his mouth.

When SuperStar moves in on the half-unmasked villain, the pale-skinned muscleman moves forward quickly. He dives forward, thrusting his exposed mouth into the hero's crotch. Bizarre brings his mouth to the red thin spandex pouch that is barely containing the hero's organ. He engulfs the swollen cock head and starts sucking, his cheeks collapsing as he works.

SuperStar is caught off guard as the villain starts to work him through the fabric. He wobbles, barely keeping his feet as he becomes weak with excitement. I hear his familiar high-pitched moans of excitement that I know so well. The surprised hero can't defend his manhood, too caught up in the feeling of villainous lips wrapped on his cock head. He rests his hands on the red mask of the heel, bracing himself.

Bizarre keeps working. The front of the thong is soaked and stretched to capacity. When the villain gets Jae nice and worked up, he grabs the hero's ass. With surprisingly little force, he guides the now obedient hero down onto his butt then forces Jae to lie on his back. He slides up Jae's body. As SuperStar starts to push the villain off him, the heel teases the hero's nipple then starts sucking it. He rubs Jae's bulging red thong as he works at the tanned muscleman's chest.

The hero moans as he's molested. He cries out when Bizarre forces his hand inside the side of the thong then roughly drags Jae's cock and balls out. Exposed for the first time in The Cave, SuperStar seems to be lost in the moment, unable to think clearly. Given the size of his growing cock, I don't think he wants to.

Bizarre moves from the hero's chest to raging hard-on. With the huge organ revealed, there's nothing stopping him from sucking SuperStar's cock hard. The hero lies in the ring, writhing and moaning as he savors the service. He moans and says 'no', but works his hips to fuck the heel's mouth.

Bizarre spins, planting his leaking cock over SuperStar's blue mask. The villain's cock drips onto the mask, streaking it as the heel bobs on the hero's erection. The villain goes deep, taking the entire cock down his throat. Bizarre thrusts his hips, sliding his own cock over the blue mask, spreading his clear, sticky pre-cum all over.

The villain keeps going as he slyly slides a condom out of his boot. I wonder if he's going to fuck the now helpless muscle hero, but then he surprises me. Living up to Bizarre's backwards character, the heel sheathes Jae's cock.

The villain pulls his mask back down as he slides up, keeping his back to the hero. Bizarre squats over the hero's big dick, positioning it just right. He smoothly slides down, SuperStar's dark purple cock penetrating his shiny white ass. Bizarre uses the helpless hero's thick cock like a dildo to fuck himself. He squats and rises, bouncing on the rod as the muscular good guy lies on the canvas and writhes under him.

The heel slows the fuck then spins around, facing the hero. He impales himself again, taking the steel shaft into his ass easily. Once again, he starts moving up and down as his opponent lies there moaning, completely unable to do anything else. Even though Jae won and is fucking Bizarre, there's no hint that he's in control of the scene.

Bizarre's cock is hard, bouncing up and down, slapping up against his ripped stomach then down against SuperStar's flat abs. Back-and-forth, almost hypnotically, it goes. Pre-cum continues to leak from the villain's cock, whipping across the hero's abs and shining under the bright lights. The sensual moans of both men are growing louder and louder.

The villain finally stops bouncing, settling down, Jae's cock still rock hard inside him. Bizarre grabs his own cock and jerks until he sprays his hot white seed all over SuperStar's torso, even hitting his mask. When he's finished draining himself, the pale heel slides off the musclestud's cock. He strips the condom then pumps the hero.

In seconds, SuperStar is moaning again. In a minute, he's warning he's ready. AHHHH! The hero shoots his load out, adding to the villain's ropes of cum that line his tanned torso. Pumped of his load, the hero goes limp on the mat.

Bizarre moves behind the hero, dragging him up to a seated position. He reaches over, smearing the cum into the tanned flesh of the drained hero. The heel then wraps his arms around his masked head, locking on a sleeper. The hero realizes he's in trouble. The tanned muscleman pushes against his opponent's bright white arms, but it's too late.

SuperStar moans, "No! Please. I wuhn- ..." He loses consciousness under the sleeper before he can finish the thought.

The pale muscleman releases the sleeper then rises up slowly. He towers over the unconscious hero. His cock is hard again, with clear, sticky lines dripping down onto the hero's already sticky, marked mask. Bizarre flexes over the hero's body, putting his boot on the large chest tattoo. After he's finished basking in his duplicitous dominance, Bizarre casually exits the ring.

The heel saunters to the back, giving us one last look at his glistening white bubble butt. Moments later, the confused hero rises to an elbow, shaking out the cobwebs. Victorious in the wrestling match, SuperStar holds his head, wondering how things turned during the stakes to where he ended up drained, knocked out and cum-covered.

After a few minutes of recovery and reflection, SuperStar pulls himself to his feet and staggers to the back. Ryan films his less than glorious exit from the front with Pete getting him from the back. When filming ends, I head to the back to see how Jae's feeling. With his second Cave match over, I wonder how Jae feels about the whole thing now?

The End


  1. Alex R:

    This story is just...HOT HOT HOT! Poor Jae really has a HUGE weakness! Gets taken advantage off even after winning!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Jae needs some help with that. Fortunately he has a great boyfriend who might be able to work on it with him ...