Thursday, June 25, 2015

Route 69 S204: Monterrey CA


"Dude, no kidding. Awesome."

My best friend Jeff and I are standing in awe. We’re on a small, secluded piece of soft sand in Northern Calfornia. It’s too small to be considered a beach. Massive rock walls and the Pacific Ocean surround us, the small trail we followed down here obscured. I'm loving the sound of the waves of the blue water crashing into the rocky outcroppings as we take in this private paradise. To a couple of New Yorkers like us, it's like a different world.

It's not my first time on the west coast, but it's always a great change being here. Jeff and I are definitely making the most of our California vacation. After visiting friends of mine in LA, we've come up the coast highway, stopping in Monterrey to see two more friends. The scenery just gets better the further north we come, especially from my vintage red 1958 Corvette convertible in the warm September air.

We're going to spend our last few vacation days in San Fran before we have to head back east for Jeff's next show. He's a pro wrestler for the Ring of Wrestling, a big indie fed that's just one step below the big boys. It's a big deal for him, so we can't blow it off.

I'm a little more flexible. I'm living off a hefty inheritance as I build my business, which is managing the marketing for indie federations. I just added my third client while I was in LA. It's faster than I expected, but I'm not complaining. I'm crazy busy, but unlike Jeff, I can do much of my work from anywhere that I have wifi and cell reception.

Anyway, Eric and Antoine have led us to this beach-like area. Not just because it's beautiful, but so we can wrestle. In addition to Jeff and I working in the pro wrestling world, we also wrestle on the side for fun. When they told us about this undiscovered bit of heaven where we could wrestle privately, Jeff and I agreed that we couldn't miss out on it.

The four of us have already stripped down and changed. We're only wearing skimpy swimwear, since boots and pads would get full off sand and make things harder. When we've absorbed our surroundings and captured a few vacation pics, we gather in the center of the sandy area.

Jeff's the biggest guy at 6'2" and 220-lbs of ripped muscle. He's remarkably handsome, with blue eyes, square jaw and close-cropped hair. He looks great in his simple white speedo against his tanned skin. It's too bad he doesn't have his longer blond hair any more. It would have been perfect, but he still looks majestic on the beach.

I'm 6'/200-lbs, with solid muscles and a decent six-pack. I've been told I'm handsome, in spite of my prominent features. I've got olive skin and dark wavy hair, which I keep short. Like Jeff, I opted for a simple white speedo.

Both the guys we're wrestling are smaller than us, but they're fine with that. They say they've wrestled bigger and that the sand and water even a lot of that stuff out. Antoine is a tall and trim black guy, 6'1"/180-lbs. He's easily as ripped as any of us, looking amazing in his tiny black and tiger-print thong. I've rolled around with him before, when he was down in LA at the same time as me. He's a fun guy and he knows his stuff.

Eric is the shortest guy, only 5'7", but he's stocky with 175-lbs of hard muscles. He looks really strong. Height's not always an advantage in wrestling and I bet Eric is the powerhouse of the duo. Like Jeff, he's got a great tan that emphasizes his body. He's got dark curly hair and a light dusting of hair on his chest and abs. The trail of hair that leads down into his tiger-stripe posing suit is very distracting. I can't wait to strip that gear off him, hopefully in victory.

Jeff and I have wrestled tag team before, but casually and never like this. Eric and Antoine have a ton of quirky beach wrestling rules, so it should be fun, but also confusing. Since the losers get fucked, we need to take it somewhat seriously. Jeff's never bottomed and I know he'd like to keep it that way. Me, I'm versatile, but if Jeff gives his ass up, I know that I don't want to be the reason.

Eric asks, "So, who's starting?"

Jeff pushes me into the center of the sandy square, "Go for it, dude. Just don't beat 'em too fast. Make sure I get in on this, too."

The Match – Ben vs. Antoine

In spite of Jeff confidence, I'm a little cautious. Antoine starts for his side. We circle the beach and I already notice the difference, trudging through warm sand. Antoine and I lock up, feeling each other out. As we start to really press against one another, I feel the sand slip out from under my feet.

My instability gives Antoine an easy opening. He twists, flipping me down. I land on my side then roll onto my back. The tall black stud comes down with an elbow to my abs. OOF!  He grabs me in a fast side headlock. I press against his back, but he cranks it hard. I moan, even as I feel the soft sand sticking to my back.

Antoine drags me up to my feet, still holding me in the headlock. He pumps his arm a few times, really amping up the pressure. I grip his bare ass and tricep, enjoying the muscles, but then pushing back and freeing myself. Antoine turns into me, giving me the chance to grab his arm then flip him over onto the sand. THUD!

I stomp his abs, leaving white sand footprints on his ebony torso. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! When I move down his body to grab his ankle, Antoine sweeps his leg sideways. He takes my feet out from under me and I fall on my ass. The lean stud rolls to me. We struggle for a moment before he locks me in a head scissors. We're both on our sides and me staring at his sweet bare ass. UNGH! His long legs may be thin, but they have power and I’m feeling it.

I roll to my right, mounting his chest. My head slips free and I sit back, shaking the cobwebs out. Antoine squirms under me. I fire in three ab shots. POW! POW! POW! The lanky stud grunts then bucks his hips up while pushing against me. He twists and I topple off him. My hands and legs slip in the soft sand as Antoine maneuvers me over to my stomach. He rises up, pinning me down with his knee then foot between my shoulder blades. I try to move, but I end up just pushing sand around.

As I’m thrashing under his foot, Antoine grabs one of my wrists then the other. He rises, pulling me up in a surfboard. The lean stud shifts his foot to my lower back. My head and chest are quickly lifted out of the sand as my shoulder and back feel the pain. I moan, but I’m not really suffering that much. My main problem is I can’t get my feet under me.

Before I can work out a counter, Antoine slides his foot up my back. He releases my wrists and kicks down, driving my face into the sand. POOF! I come up sputtering as Antoine drags me up by my hair. I see his feet beside me as I move to my knees, so I fire a hard elbow to my left. OOF! I hit him square in the gut, forcing him to bend forward. I grab his head and pull him over my shoulders in a fireman’s carry. I keep pulling, flipping him over onto his back. THUD!

I drag Antoine up to a seated position then apply a tight rear chinlock. I gather my wits as I keep him from moving. I smile as I see his feet sliding in the sand, undermining the main counter to this hold. It works for a long time, giving me time to think about wrestling on a surface like this. Suddenly, with his long arms, Antoine reaches back and grabs behind my head. He pulls forward and turns.

Rather than fight it, I roll over his shoulder. I keep rolling right into my “corner” where Jeff is waiting to tag in.

TAG! – Jeff vs. Antoine

Antoine’s on his feet as Jeff charges in. The sand gets my buddy, too, slowing him down. It’s enough that Antoine is able to kick him in the abs. The foot bounces harmlessly off Jeff’s rock hard midsection. Jeff moves in for a lockup, but Antoine wants no part of that. He ducks under the big muscleman's outstretched arms. Jeff turns as Antoine grabs him around the leg. The tall stud lifts, flipping Jeff down to the sand.

Jeff sits up and the leaner stud locks on an armbar. He moves behind Jeff, digging his forearm across Jeff’s right shoulder, cranking backwards on the right arm. My buddy squirms, but the sand slips out from under him. Antoine fires off three hard forearms to the shoulder then forces the handsome white hunk down onto his left side. The tall black stud reaches out his long arm to grab Jeff's flailing right ankle. He digs his knee into Jeff’s side and pulls back on the limbs. My buddy's quickly folded against the knee.

Antoine keeps the pressure up, but quickly realizes just how tough Jeff's muscles are. My buddy isn't even fighting the move, clearly just inconvenienced. With his left hand, Jeff is testing the sand, obviously assessing the surface and trying to work out what is and isn't possible. Like me, this is a first for him.

Recognizing the futility of his move, Antoine releases Jeff’s wrist and rolls up into a single leg crab. When he sits back, Jeff has to lift and turn his head to keep it out of the sand. The big muscleman's hands slip as his back is punished hard. He groans, revealing that this move is much more effective. Jeff's tanned white skin begins to shine under the hot California sun.

Antoine is really going for it, keeping Jeff locked up for a long time. I watch the big musclehunk finally get focused. He shifts his hands back-and-forth, getting them planted. Once he’s set, Jeff’s muscles tense and he pushes up, easily kicking Antoine off him. The tall stud flies forward.

Jeff gets to hands and knees, spitting out sand. He’s cursing, clearly not impressed with beach wrestling. The muscleman crawls to make a tag, but Antoine grabs his ankle. He drags Jeff back. The big man’s power is negated as he slides back, leaving a trail through the sand. Antoine locks on a standing ankle lock, keeping Jeff from reaching me.

The tanned white stud moans in the ankle lock. Jeff's back and ass are tensing as he digs his hands in again. He lets out a roar then twists and kicks back. Antoine loses his grip, flipping and falling backwards.

Now it’s the tall black stud’s turn to try for a tag, but Jeff leaps onto his back. My buddy’s forgotten about tagging me. He looks determined, clearly wanting to dish out some punishment. The big muscleman locks on a full nelson. He rolls over and adds a body scissors for control. Jeff squeezes hard, crushing Antoine’s lean frame in the powerful embrace. The lanky stud is moaning, but not giving.

Eric and I are cheering our guys on, giving them encouragement as they struggle. Their sand-covered bodies are gleaming with sweat under the sunny sky. Jeff releases the full nelson, shifting to a side scissors that has Antoine moaning even more loudly. Jeff locks Antoine’s arm up then smacks the black stud’s pec. POW! POW! POW! Antoine writhes in Jeff’s powerful legs, the bigger muscleman’s thighs constricting around his waist.

Antoine bridges up, but his feet slip out. He delivers a weak punch to Jeff’s legs, which just bounces off the tight, rock hard limbs. Jeff releases the scissors of his own accord, kicking Antoine aside. Jeff rises and grabs the handsome black hunk’s head. He drags him up, only to receive another shot to the abs. This one has more behind it and catches Jeff unflexed. He grunts and bends slightly forward. When Antoine tries again, the bigger muscleman blocks then slams his forearm down onto Antoine’s shoulders.

Antoine falls forward onto hands and knees. Jeff kicks him in the side, toppling him back to the sand. While Antoine clutches his side, Jeff drags him up. He locks on a front facelock then grabs the narrow strap of Antoine’s thong. The mighty musclehunk lifts, pulling Antoine up for a suplex. The strap of the thong stretches more than Jeff expected. As he adjusts, Antoine kicks his feet. The big stud loses his balance, his feet slipping out from under him. WHOA!

Jeff falls back. Antoine twists, landing right on top of Jeff’s chest. OOF! Eric counts the pin, but Jeff kicks out with authority at one, sending the lean stud flying back off him. Both guys roll up, but neither charges. They’re each near their corner and opt for a tag.

Antoine and Jeff stare at each other with respect then turn, slap Eric and my hands, tagging out at the same time.

TAG! Ben vs. Eric

As we tag, Eric shouts, "I call water tag!"

I freeze, momentarily confused then I remember this is one of their rules. If you're both coming in fresh, one of you can call water tag and both guys have to start in the ocean.

I race into the water, met by Eric when we're almost knee deep. The short muscleman tackles me down into the water before I can even get set. I struggle to move him, but he's so wet and slippery. Waves are engulfing us as we wrestle for control. I'm worried I'm going to choke on sea water, so I roll towards the beach onto hands and knees. Eric climbs on my back and pulls me to a standing position from behind.

Before I know it, the powerhouse hunk is lifting me up, hurling me over with a belly-to-back suplex. I fly out into the ocean, arms and legs spread wide, flailing. WHOA! SPLASH! It's not painful, but it's disorienting. Eric obviously knows that, keeping me off balance in the water. The smaller muscleman jumps on top of me, locking my arms at my side. He rolls us around and it’s all I can do not to swallow water.

When he lets go, I’m dizzy and unsure where I am. Eric grabs my hair and pulls my head out of the water. I gasp for air as he pulls me up from behind. Eric locks on a reverse bearhug, squeezing me tight. I grunt, getting my bearings. We’re only calf-deep and facing the beach. Okay, I try to pry his arms apart, but I don’t get the chance. Oh shit, another belly-to-back suplex has me flying back into deeper water. The short powerhouse is throwing me around like my 200-lbs of muscle are nothing.

I rise up out of the water only to have Eric lock me in a front facelock. He grabs the side of my white speedo then lifts, flipping me over with s suplex. SPLASH! I land in shallow water, the impact stinging my flesh. Eric drags me up again. In the ankle deep water, he shoots five knee lifts into my gut. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! I bend forward, coughing and desperate to get some control back.

Eric scoops me up across his chest. He spins and flips me back into the ocean with a bodyslam. OOF! The powerhouse stud dives on top of me. We struggle, but he's on top. In the deeper water, I'm bobbing in and out, barely able to catch my breath. Blows are useless, as the water lessens any impact. I realize too late that I've been treading water, supporting both myself and Eric's weight, while he's been getting off easy.

I'm getting more and more tired. Instead of fighting, I take a huge breath then sink. Eric's caught off guard as I swim back to shallow water. I rise up, feeling better. Suddenly, I feel Eric under me. He rises up with me on his shoulders. What? When he's standing, the shorter powerhouse falls as back, slamming my back into the water.

As I struggle to get my feet under me, Eric grabs my ankle and drags me back onto the hard sand at the water's edge. He rolls me over then sits across my back. Before I know it, the musclestud powers me into a camel clutch. My back aches as the waves crash into my chest and face. I struggle and moan, but I can’t get free.

Eric commands me to give, but I refuse. He cranks back harder, but I still resist. When I won't give, the shorter musclestud lets me go. He pushes my chest and face down into the sand hard. THUD! I struggle to my feet then turn to march back onto the sand, exhausted. Damn, this is some hard work.

I make a beeline to Jeff for a tag, making the mistake of underestimating Eric. As I march past him, keeping a safe distance between us, he suddenly runs away from me. I pause, unsure what the smaller muscleman has planned. I see him leap up the rocks then launch himself at me. I'm unprepared as he dives on top of me, toppling us to the beach. We land hard, his 175-lbs of muscle crushing me. OOF!

Eric grabs me by the hair and forces me into a front facelock. He backs up, dragging me over to Antoine. I hear the slap of Antoine’s hand on Eric’s shoulder. Damn, they got the tag. I know this can’t be good.

TAG! Ben vs. Antoine

Eric holds me firmly while Antoine gives me a kick to the abs. The smaller powerhouse drops down, giving me a DDT to the sand. UNH! The sand is soft, but it’s still disorienting and I've got a face full of it. On the bright side, it's exfoliating my skin for free, but it's still annoying.

As Eric rolls to the side, Antoine stomps my body then kicks me over onto my back.  The lean black stud drops down, planting his bare ass over my sand-covered face. With my nose and mouth lodged between his butt cheeks, Antoine fires body shots into my abs. POW! POW! POW! I grunt, even as I flex my six-pack.

I muster up the strength to throw Antoine off me. I desperately try to spring for the tag, but I’m way too far away. Antoine stalks me as I crawl forward. I reach the halfway point when he grabs the back of my white speedo. He drags me back by my trunks, revealing my ass as I claw at the sand, my hands cutting through the beach.

Seconds later, I hear the slap of hands.

TAG! Ben vs. Eric

Antoine holds me by my trunks, letting Eric measure me up. The shorter powerhouse drops an elbow across my back. UGH! The taller stud gives me a parting stomp as he moves out of the wrestling area. A confident Eric slaps the back of my head then drags me back to my feet.

Eric shows his power again as he scoops me up across his chest. He slams me down, keeping me near his corner of the beach. I hear Jeff calling me, but he might as well be miles away. The shorter powerhouse forces me up, laughing off my two ineffectual and desperate body punches. He forces me into a front facelock then grabs the side of my white speedo, wedging it up. I hear Eric jawing at Jeff, telling him to watch how you do a suplex.

I go up, lifted up then dropped back in a textbook suplex. WHOMP! Eric mounts my hips, pinning my arms against my side. He pounds my abs, delivering a series of rough body shots that ravage my torso. POW! THUD! POW! ARGH! He's so much stronger than Antoine. My muscles collapse under the force.

I squirm under him, trying to escape or at least deflect the moves, but the shorter muscleman is too strong. With my arms locked and his knees buried, I have no choice but to take the abuse or submit. THUD! POW! THUD! I finally manage to buck my hips up and toss him off me. I immediately start moving to Jeff’s voice, but once again, I’m dragged back to the opposing corner. This time, it’s by my ankle.

I'm too tired to resist. I really need a nap, but then I push those thoughts from my mind. It's not just my ass on the line. It's Jeff's, too.

Eric stands over me. He moves to straddle my legs then bends down. The white muscleman grabs me around the waist, tightly. As Antoine tags his ass, Eric hoists me up to my feet. He grabs between my legs and over my shoulder, scooping me across his chest from behind.

TAG! Ben vs. Antoine

Antoine kneels in front of me, one leg out, as Eric steps forward. The smaller musclestud drops me across their extended legs in a double gutbuster. OOF! They hammer my back then Eric slides out and moves to their corner. Antoine bounces me on his leg then pushes me off. He kneels over me, firing more gut punches into my aching midsection. I curl up, but there’s no break for me. Antoine’s already tagging Eric back in.

TAG! Ben vs. Eric

The two studs drag me up then get on either side of me. They yank me back to my feet, quickly executing a double Russian leg sweep. I land hard on my shoulders and back, stunned and immobile. The sand, water, rapid tags and double teaming are taking a huge toll. Eric sits on my thighs as Antoine lifts me to a seated position. As his partner steps out, Eric locks his arm around the back of my head. He compresses me down then forces my right arm up my back. ARGH!

I struggle, but I’m wrapped up, my body being compacted. Eric's got me locked tight and I'm completely in his power. The pain is intense and I’m sweating up a storm. I resist the temptation to quit, but it's my willpower against his muscles. I feel Eric's hold loosen every so often. I wait, focusing on the right moment to roll to the side.

Eric tries to cinch the hold in better, so I burst to my left. I manage to get us over, kicking my legs back which relieves most of the pressure. Eric scrambles to climb on top of me, but I fight, kicking and pushing. It’s not scientific, but it buys me some time.

My burst of energy runs dry before I can get close to Jeff. Eric spins, getting between me and my tag partner. When he sees me slowing down, the powerhouse stud charges through my flying fists and feet. He tackles me down flat then locks me in a head scissors. Of course he tackled me back towards his partner. As my head is being crushed, I hear the familiar sound of a tag being made.

TAG! Ben vs. Antoine

Antoine leaps up, driving his elbow into my side. Eric releases the head scissors, giving me a moment of relief. Before I know it, the sun is eclipsed over me. I look up just in time to see Eric with Antoine in his arms. The shorter powerhouse slams his tag partner on top of me, squashing me into the sand. OOF! Antoine sits up, resting for a moment with his ass on my abs.

Antoine rolls up my body, sliding across my pecs and face. He forces me up and wraps on a seated ab stretch. I groan as he stretches me out. When he adds in forearm smashes to my abs, my groans turn to cries. Still I won’t give. I don’t know how much more I can take, but I’ll hold out as much as I can.

Eric says, “Ann, he’s not gonna give. Just put him out.”

Antoine replies, “I guess you’re right. You’re just as tough as I remember, Ben. Too bad it’s gotta end like this, but you’re just too stubborn.”

Nothing like opponents who are arrogant enough to tell you their plan. When Antoine shifts from the ab stretch to a rear naked choke, I’m ready. I grab his forearms and twist, flipping him onto his side. A surprised Antoine rolls onto his back. I lock on a side headlock, trying to buy myself a minute. Antoine thrashes under me. He pushes free, but I’m ready again. I tackle him down, moving up his body so I can lock on a head scissors.

Antoine moans in my legs as I squeeze hard. I look around, seeing that with the flip and tackle, I’ve made it halfway to Jeff. I know I can’t just go for it. I’ll get dragged back again. Antoine squirms free, diving for me. I get my knee up and between us. I kick out, sending Antoine flying back.

I back up in a crab motion. Antoine races two steps towards me, but he quickly realizes he can’t reach me. I see him move back to his partner, tagging Eric in. I smile as I slap Jeff’s hand. Oh thank god.

TAG! Jeff vs. Eric

Jeff points at Eric, “Water. Fucking. Tag.”

Eric pauses, surprised, but he has no choice. The two studs race towards the water. Eric launches himself at Jeff, but the big muscleman catches him. Jeff’s fresh and pumped after watching me get abused for so long. My buddy drops Eric over his leg in a backbreaker. He pushes Eric off his knee into the water. The bigger man rises then dives on top of Eric.

Jeff and Eric fight for position. 220-lbs of muscle is a lot to support, even for a little powerhouse like Eric. My tag partner gets the upper hand. He schoolboy pins Eric as the tide roars in over him. Eric struggles, having to lift his head and fight not to take in water. Been there, done that. It's tough. Jeff sits back and slams his fists into Eric's compact muscle. After a thorough pounding, the big muscleman rises, dragging Eric up.

Eric fires an ab punch, but Jeff takes it. He grabs the smaller musclestud’s leg and throat, overhead pressing him up. Jeff's arms are fully extended as he holds Eric aloft, showing off his own power. Eric's tough, but Jeff throws around guys a lot bigger than 175-lbs. my tag partner gets set then launches the shorter musclestud out into the ocean. Eric flies out into the deep water, slamming into the waves.

While Eric flails, Jeff dives to the left, submerging all the way. When Eric stands upon the neck-deep water, Jeff’s nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, Eric jolts down like a victim in Jaws. Next thing Antoine and I see is Eric rising up, bulge first. He’s lying across Jeff’s broad shoulders in a backbreaker. Jeff marches out of the water like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. He's got the smaller stud draped across his shoulders, water cascading down their muscular bodies.

I see Eric go for an eye rake, but Jeff warns, “Don’t even try it shorty!” The big pro wrestler cranks on the backbreaker. Eric’s arm goes limp, falling helplessly aside.

Eric is clearly failing in the hold and Jeff shows no signs of relenting. Antoine charges forward to save his tag partner. I’m too slow to intercept, but it’s not a problem. Jeff lifts his foot, letting Antoine run right into it, pouch first. The tall black stud drops to his knees, clutching his manhood. Jeff moves close, straddling Antoine’s head. Before the leaner man can react, Jeff closes up, locking him in a tight head scissors.

I have to laugh as Jeff now has both studs trapped, Eric over his shoulders and Antoine kneeling before him with his head locked in Jeff’s thighs. When the big muscleman bounces, both men cry out in pain, moaning as they’re punished.

Jeff keeps them locked up tight, but Antoine manages to push his head free. He falls back onto his ass, giving Jeff the opportunity to kick him in the chest. WHACK! The leaner stud falls onto his back. My buddy plants one foot on his lean, ripped abs then does a series of squats. I don’t know what percentage of the 400-lbs of muscle that’s squatting is actually on Antoine’s abs, but it’s a lot. He’s pinned and crying out.

The squatting has Eric at the end of his rope. He finally has to give in to Jeff’s power, “GIVE! AW FUCK! I GIVE!”

Jeff unceremoniously dumps Eric onto the sand, but he doesn’t lift his foot off Antoine’s abs. My partner says, “You wanna give, too?”

Antoine doesn’t respond, so Jeff drops down. He slaps on an ab claw, one of his best holds. His fingers tear into Antoine’s lean stomach, somehow sinking impossibly deep into the trim midsection. Within seconds, Antoine is adding his submission to Eric’s, “OKAY! GIVE! ARGH! GIVE!”

Jeff gets up then drags Eric up. He slams Eric down on top of Antoine and takes a seat on the white powerhouse's back. He looks majestic sitting on the two defeated studs, who can only moan under him.

I move in to congratulate Jeff. He rises and we high-five as our opponents lie exhausted in a lover's embrace. Jeff asks, "Which one is yours?" I can see clearly see my buddy's semi-hard cock in his soaked unlined white speedo. He's horny and impatient and so am I.

I shrug, "It's tough to choose, so why do it? You wanna start with Antoine, finish with Eric?"

Jeff, of course, agrees, excited to have his chance with both these guys. After embarrassing (to him) losses in Kansas City and Los Angeles, Jeff really needs a victory fuck.

The Stakes

I jump in the ocean to clean the sand off while Jeff grabs two large jugs of fresh water that Eric and Antoine brought. We rinse the sea water off our bulges, getting them ready for the spoils of victory. We grab our essentials and walk over to the defeated studs, who are still regrouping. I grab Eric's hair and drag him away from Antoine. The shorter powerhouse looks at my bulge in my white trunks and licks his lips. He crawls on his knees until we're in position. I lean back against the rock wall, still too tired to waste energy standing. I relax then make Eric use his teeth to lower my trunks.

Ten feet away, I notice that Jeff has pulled off his white speedo. He lowers himself down then puts his cock at Antoine's lips. The black stud is eager, quickly engulfing Jeff's head and working it. Jeff groans as he savors the dominance of a hard-fought victory.

Eric takes my cock, bobbing and twisting easily. I just stand there as he expertly sucks me. He licks up my shaft then nuzzles at the base of my shaft. As Eric starts sucking on my nuts, I look over at Jeff, who's also getting his balls polished. He's teabagging Antoine and the sight drives me wild. I grab the back of Eric's head and push him back. I impale his mouth on my cock. He takes the direction and sucks me like a fucking champ.

I get too close, pushing Eric off me. I grab his hair and walk him back to Jeff and Antoine. Eric starts feeling Jeff up. He pulls my buddy off Antoine and lowers him to the sand. With Jeff on his back, Eric starts going to town on my buddy's cock. The shorter stud works Jeff. The big musclestud looks like a king as he basks in the California sun with his hands behind his head, being worked and worshipped the smaller muscleman.

I grab Antoine and pull him to his feet. We kiss and I lead him to the rocks. He braces himself and spreads his legs slightly. From this position, we can see the ocean, as well as our partners. I'm not a voyeur by nature, but Jeff and Eric are a hot pair. It's like having a porn video on. Back to my guy, I grab the thin elastic of his thong and stretch it to the side. I kneel down and lick Antoine's hole. Ooh, salty. I grab a condom and get ready. I keep the thong strap to the side with my thumb as I hold his trim hips.

I start pumping Antoine's amazing hole, going slowly to make it last. It won't be easy, as I see that Eric has sheathed Jeff's meat. He sits on Jeff's cock, bouncing up and down on the bigger stud's manhood. Oh damn. Antoine's moved one hand from the rocks to his spandex-covered rod. He's working his dick in the tiger-striped pouch, unable to resist all the sensations around him. Antoine's body shudders as I'm fucking him then he fills his pouch with his white hot cum.

It's all too much for me as I can't last much longer. I pull out, strip off the condom and jerk. Antoine turns suddenly. He drops to his knees in front of me and engulfs the tip of my cock. Oh fuck! I fire off my load, right down his willing throat. Antoine sucks me dry, taking my whole load. I go weak in the knees and the handsome black stud helps lower me to the sand.

Antoine spins and nestles against me. I wrap my arms around him and kiss his neck as we watch the other two musclehunks have their fun. Jeff rolls Eric onto his back then hoists his legs into the air. He thrusts his cock inside, the rising tide crashing against their bodies. My buddy is showing remarkable restraint, taking his time fucking the handsome musclehunk under him.

Jeff tells Eric to grab onto his neck. The smaller powerhouse complies as the big pro wrestler reaches behind his back. Jeff grunts then lifts, he and Eric rising out of the foaming water until Jeff's standing. Eric's hanging off my buddy, his hands tightly gripping around the bigger stud's neck, his legs draped over Jeff's forearms. The big musclehunk lowers Eric down, impaling him deeper on his cock once again.

My buddy starts thrusting his hips, fucking Eric while he holds him aloft. The smaller powerhouse groans as his ass is split by the powerful cock. Jeff's muscles are huge as he power fucks the smaller musclehunk in this position. Damn.

Jeff slides out, setting Eric down on his back. He strips off the condom as he stands over the shorter stud, his feet planted on either side of his waist. Jeff pumps his dick then shoots his load, ropes of his seed flying down onto Eric's ripped abs and beefy pecs. When Jeff, Eric has hold of his own dick and pumps out a load. It sprays out, adding to the pools of cum that line his amazing body.

Both men squeeze their cocks, working out the last drops of cum. Jeff steps to the side then moves down, sitting beside a very happy Eric. The smaller muscleman can't resist rolling over and engulfing Jeff's soft cock. He polishes the big musclehunk's manhood as Jeff leans back, his hands propping him up in the sand.

Antoine and I rise, joining the two of them. The black stud strips off his cum-soaked thong, tossing it aside. Antoine and Eric kiss and fondle us and each other, switching off as Jeff and I lounge under the sun. After a long session, Eric and I roll off to the side and Antoine starts to service Jeff in earnest. We savor the moment, basking in the perfection of this secluded paradise.

It's not long before we're going another round of wrestling, singles this time. I chill, trying to regain my strength while Jeff easily handles Antoine. Eric and I have a more competitive contest, but I lose to a hangman, the weight of the day catching up with me.

We're still hanging out when the sun sets. It's turned chilly, so we reluctantly dry off and get dressed. Eric and Antoine tell us to wait while they head to their car. They return with firewood and two coolers. We enjoy an amazing picnic dinner in front of the fire. Jeff and I are sad when it ends, but we vow to come back.

We all hug goodbye then Jeff and I drive off to San Fran and our last days of vacation.

The End

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