Saturday, August 8, 2015

Review: Marcus Ares vs. Aron (UCW)

Welcome back as we continue to check out Marcus "The Spartan" Ares.

Checking out the new guy
I was rather effusive about Ares yesterday. While I think Ares is the hottest guy I've seen in the UCW stable, he still 'fits'. In fact, the only other groups where I can really see him fitting are BGEast, because there isn't a BGE 'look' and Movimus, because he's an everyday guy with a natural muscle build.

This match features him against the UCW veteran. Can Ares keep dominating?

Ares vs. Aron

Aron is a UCW superstar, probably second only to Axel in his stature. His long, lean body and tight trunks that show off his impressive bulge are staples on the site. It's no wonder he got a chance to face the hot new guy.

Showing off some Parkour prowess

This match is the fun one. Like Quinn Harper, Aron has a lot of trouble against Ares. The tall, dark and handsome Greek warrior is a force of nature in the garage. However, it never feels that tense. There's no talk of titles or this being anything more than two guys testing each other.

Ares is willing to go low

The guys chatter and smile at times. They mock each other for missed moves. Ares doesn't always sell real moves, so he sure as heck isn't going to sell a punch or kick that misses by a mile.

The two guys playfully hump each other in the face. Even when Ares says, "Take it. Be my bitch," it feels fun. When they're next facing, Ares points out that Aron is even smiling so he must've liked it. Aron gets payback for that, getting his big bulge into Ares' face and it's all good.

"Take it. Be my bitch!"

Smiley boys, having fun

Payback, baby

Aron fares a lot better than Harper, even overpowering The Spartan on multiple occasions. We see Ares' splash, which is one of his favorites. He does a few parkour-ninja moves off the wall. We see lifts, scissors, crabs, and more. Aron uses crotch work to get control and Ares returns the favor. While I never felt the outcome was in doubt, there's enough to fill the standard UCW 30-minute run time.

Value remains high (just $14.99) and this match is was very consistent with UCW quality. What's the verdict? Have you seen this match? What did you think? If not, do you want to see it?

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Tomorrow ... Ares vs. Axel

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