Thursday, August 13, 2015

Route 69 S301: Springfield IL


"No, bring it on! First time for everything, right?" My boyfriend Dylan laughs nervously as he says it.

I smile back, "I can't believe you've never done it. I mean, how is that even possible?"

Dylan shrugs, "I don't know. I thought about it, for sure. I've watched enough of it. I've fantasized about it. But, it just never happened for me. I have to say that I'm glad my first time is with you, Ben."

I reassure him, "Don't worry, it'll be fun. If you want to stop at any point, we'll stop. You'll be sore afterward, but it's worth it."

I kiss Dylan then start up the car. We round the corner to the address and pull into the driveway in my red vintage 1958 Corvette convertible. It's February in Springfield Illinois, so of course the top is up, for all the good it does. The ancient heater is pumping hard, but we can still see our own breath. At least we're not facing another Polar Vortex, like in January. I squeeze my boyfriend's gloved hand then we slide out of my car.

I'm excited to wrestle with Dylan for the first time. Even though he grew up in the pro wrestling business and knows how to wrestle, he's never taken the plunge and had a casual, fun, private match. We've known each other for six months and we started casually dating almost immediately. Over the last three months, we've been traveling around the US together for my job marketing small wrestling federations and his job as a booker and showrunner for Ring of Wrestling, a successful pro wrestling federation.

In fact, Dylan's been riding with me ever since November, when my best friend Jeff was fired by ROW. In a move I still don't understand, he decided to quit pro wrestling altogether, move to Albany and do construction. A lot changed right after that. I stopped wrestling, too. The whole situation broke my heart. I found that I just couldn't do it without thinking about him and the fun we'd had. Instead, I compartmentalized my work with marketing indie pro wrestling federations from my personal life.

Now, here I am, getting ready for my first match in three months. I finally feel like I can move on, but getting back into wrestling also meant I had to negotiate with Dylan. It took a lot of discussion to convince him this wasn't just a sneaky form of cheating, but I think he'll finally get it now that he's agreed to try it. This is just my sport and I want him in on it.

We've agreed that, if he likes it, we'll only wrestle for stakes with each other present or with express permission. And we'll always be safe. So this is it. Today is the day I get back on the mats and we pop Dylan's wrestling cherry.


We meet our opponents, Adrian and Liam. I met them through the personals and they seem like good guys to wrestle. Best of all, they're twins! Twins! I've never wrestled twins before. I'd be lying if I said that didn't help convince Dylan to try this out. In talking to them, I learned that they don't get a ton of action in Springfield Illinois, which is shocking. How are guys not traveling in from around the world to face these guys? Anyway, they're as excited as we are by this match up. We agreed we'd do tag action for stakes then, if there's time, roll around in some singles action, too.

Dylan and I get changed in their unfinished basement while they head upstairs. They've got mats stacked and joined together on a floating laminate flooring system, making a 16x16 square. It'll be soft and we'll have lots of room.

I strip down all the way then stretch a little before getting ready. At 6' tall and 190-lbs of muscle, I'm actually the heaviest guy in this match. I'm actually down from my usual weight, but I've kept most of my muscle. Dylan comments that I look like a Greek god, with my smooth olive skin, powerful sculpted physique, strong features and thick black wavy hair. He laughingly suggests I should just wrestle nude, going full-on with the metaphor.

I smile, appreciating his adoration, but I opt for a pair of black and red trunks with a broken heart symbol on the front. Of course that's a standard pro gimmick, but it's got a secret double meaning for me and I feel like it's appropriate for my first match back. I bend and stretch, adjusting the waistband and elastic leg openings to get everything positioned just right.

My boyfriend has chosen a nice small pair of coordinating black speedos. Dylan's very cute, with tanned white skin, an earnest face and short dirty blond hair. At 5'10" and 165-lbs, he has a nice smooth and tanned body. He's not crazy ripped, but you can see a six-pack and his pecs are especially handsomely shaped.

Liam and Adrian are younger than Dylan and I, both here on a water polo scholarship at the Springfield University. When our opponents come down the stairs, I'm impressed. You can tell they're swimmers as they have the perfect bodies for it. They're thin for their height (6'3"/175-lbs), without even an ounce of fat on their 100% shaved hairless bodies. They've got a light tan on their white skin and big brown curly hair, styled in that controlled mess that's been popular for a while.

They're wearing matching gear, of course. They're wearing open orange terry cloth robes, microscopic orange and white speedos and carrying water polo balls. The suits are impossibly low-slung on their lanky bodies, with the laces dangling out provocatively. While they don't have big muscles, water polo is a rough sport, so I'm sure they can take some major abuse. As they're warming up, you can see how flexible they are. They're so bendy that I wonder if it'll even be possible to get a submission out of them.

When we're warmed up, the four of us shake hands and there isn't much else to do, other than start.

The Match - Ben vs. Adrian Start

Since this is Dylan's first time wrestling like this, I decide to start things off. He can watch and get comfortable. I know I was nervous for years when I started. Heck, I still get anxious, meeting guys for the first time, wrestling them, putting my ass on the line. I've told him, win or lose, I don't care. It's all just for fun.

When I move out into the center of the expansive rec room, Adrian decides to meet me. We circle around, the lean stud idly swinging his albatross arms as we eye each other. The swimming stud tells me how hot Dylan and I are. I instinctively relax as I look back at Dylan and smile. Now, Adrian might've meant the compliment, but it turns it out it was also a way to get my guard down.

I turn back saying thank you and returning the compliment to the brothers, but the tall stud lifts his leg. I underestimated his range, thinking I was a safe distance. Instead, I get a size-14 foot to the gut that doubles me over. Adrian locks on a headlock and hip tosses me over to the mat. THUD! The lean stud cranks, I power him off me and slip out. As I scramble up, I expose my back, giving him the chance to lock me in a full nelson.

Adrian leans back, pulling my feet off the mat and increasing the pressure. ARGH! Of course I'm not submitting yet, but it's definitely not the start I wanted in my first match back. The water polo star can't hold me up for long. When he lowers my feet, I thrust my ass back into him. We bend forward and I twist, flipping us to the mat. My 190-lbs of muscle crashes on top of him, allowing me to break free.

I roll to the side, staring down my opponent. When he rises, I dive at his midsection. He's thin, but way too lanky and awkward to dodge me. I grab him and drive him into the mat. Before I can do anything, he extends his long arm, his hand meeting his brother's hand at the end of his equally long arm.

TAG! Ben vs. Liam

Damn, with their reach, we really need to be careful where we are on the mat. Liam meets me in a traditional wrestling pose and we move in for a lock up. He tries a surprise gut kick, but it's not a surprise when his brother just did it. I grab his foot, immediately yanking him forward for a leg drag takedown. I flip him towards Dylan, away from the safety net of his brother.

Liam grabs his knee then starts to rise, but I sweep his legs out from under him. The young stud goes down fast. I grab his ankle, lift and sit back in a single leg crab. I've got him trapped, but he makes no noises. No moaning or groaning. I pull back and his back bends impossibly far. These guys haven't filled out yet, so they're super bendy. I could probably touch the back of his head with his toe and he'd laugh it off.

I drop the useless hold, opting for more crude methods. I stomp his back. That gets him grunting. I drop my elbow then roll up for knee drops. Liam is trying to crawl away, but I grab his thick, curly hair and the back of his speedos.

I scoop Liam up across my chest then I ask if Dylan wants in.

"Sure." He slaps my back and Dylan gets his first chance at basement wrestling.

TAG! Dylan vs. Liam

I slam Liam down then walk across his stomach to leave the mat  Dylan comes in and stomps the swimmer in the gut. My boyfriend grabs a handful of the lanky stud's hair and drags him to a seated position. Dylan steps over Liam's shoulders then pulls up one of the legs into a stump puller. His leg comes all the way up before he starts moaning. It seems like Dylan squatting on his neck is the real problem, more than the fact that his knee is touching his nose.

Dylan releases the leg then drives a forearm down into Liam's trapped head. He falls back, closing his legs in a leg scissors. That gets Liam groaning and flailing. The shorter stud squeezes, his legs flexing as he extends his legs out over the swimmer's flat torso. Liam manages to roll them over, but Dylan maintains the hold.

The tall stud pushes them up, but my boyfriend powers them back down. Liam's forehead slams into the mat. Dylan lets go of the scissors and sits back. He slides all the way back to Liam's ass and plants. He grabs Liam's long arms and drags the water polo hunk into a camel clutch. Dylan pulls him up and back, bending him back further and further. When Liam's staring that the ceiling, bent at nearly a 90-degree angle, he finally lets out a groan. So sexy and bendy.

Good for Dylan for keeping the hold going. I realize that I've seen that exact combination of head scissors, head slam to camel clutch before, but I can't remember where. It's smooth and smart - slowing down the opponent enough to get set in a killer submission move. I'm impressed with how Dylan's moving and thinking. He's working like a confident, experienced wrestler.

I encourage Dylan along as Liam fights not to submit. The long stud thrusts his arms up, using their building sweat to slide his left arm free. Once that's done, he can break free. Well, he could, except my tanned partner counters. He slides to the left and changes to an ab stretch/camel clutch combo. Wow, nice move. If he added some pec shots, it'd be even better. I have to remember to tell him that.

Dylan cranks on the new hold, getting more cries from the suffering Liam. No submission, but it's a hot hold and definitely doing some damage. Dylan holds the move for a long while then moves to switch it up. He releases Liam, rises then stomps on his opponent's back. He moves around, grabs Liam's hair and drags him up.

The aching Liam finds some energy. He grabs the front of Dylan's black trunks then uses them to throw my boyfriend into me. We fall back in a heap. I take the opportunity to kiss Dylan and tell him he's doing a great job. When we rise, Liam's still there, on his back, trying to recover.

Dylan tags me back in, making sure Liam doesn't make the tag.

TAG! Ben vs. Liam

I move in on the groaning stud. I go for a stomp, but Liam grabs my foot. He throws me back onto my ass. I should've realized he'd use the few seconds to work out a plan. I'm surprised when he doesn't try for the tag, instead jumping at me and tackling me down. Liam and I struggle for position. I'm impressed with how fast he's recovered. He's not even sweating ... any ... more.


I see Adrian sitting in the corner, breathing hard and looking sweaty. Motherfucker. It hits me. These two did the old switcheroo while Dylan and I weren't looking. Adrian ran in, pushed Liam out and took his place.

"Liam" ... fuck it, let's call him Adrian, because I know I'm right.

Adrian doesn't wait, using my distraction to mount my back. He slams his forearm into my back. I throw him off, but he kicks out, hitting my side. I fall onto my back as the lanky stud grabs my ankle and drags me towards his corner. He still doesn't tag, because he doesn't have to. He's the fresh man.

There's nothing I can do about their twin trickery, short of ending the match. I'm not ready to do that. I move to rise, but Adrian drives his elbow into my inner thigh. He grabs my legs, spreads them then kneels on my shins. The lanky water polo star opens his huge hands and claws my inner thighs.

Oh fuck, I groan as he crushes the muscles. I thrash on the mat, unable to reach him for a punch. I finally manage to twist out from under him. He's tall, with huge hands and feet, but he's still comparatively light and unbalanced. Adrian moves in again. This time, I get to surprise him with a kick to the gut as he bends over to grab my leg.

Adrian grunts and I slide out from under him. I stretch out my legs. Adrian comes in more cautiously this time. I grab his ankle between my feet and trip him down. He goes down hard onto his stomach. I roll up and slam an elbow into his back. I shove his arm between my legs, grab under his chin and pull up with a crossface hold.

The lanky stud kicks up and down as he grunts under me. I try to regroup as I torture the devious twin. Adrian powers up and rolls us over. We grapple for control. After a couple of minutes of back-and-forth without either of us accomplishing much other than building up a sweat, I get the water polo playing hunk in a grapevine, one of my favorite holds.

I hold his arms down and spread my legs wide. My groin twinges from the earlier claw, but I push through. Adrian isn't suffering at all and I realize too late that this hold won't work on him. He rips his arms from my grip, bringing them onto my back. Adrian wraps me in a bearhug and squeezes. I groan and our legs untangle. Adrian seems to lighten up on the move, so I try to take advantage.

Just as I'm powering out, he grabs the back of my trunks. Before I know it, he's wrenching them up in a wedgie! Yikes! I cry out and he rolls me onto my back towards his corner. I reach to adjust my trunks as he holds me down with a shin across my abs.

Adrian reaches out and tags the real and recuperated Liam back in.

TAG! Ben vs. The Real Liam

Liam and Adrian drag me up to my feet. They move on either side of me. Using my trunks, they lift me up by my trunks up, falling back with a double wedgie belly-to-back suplex. I land hard on my shoulders as my pouch is crushed inside my black and red trunks. Adrian stomps my chest on his way to the edge of the mat.

Liam drags me up and wraps his arms around me in a bearhug. He squeezes me in his python-like arms. I moan as he cranks on the hold. I lean back and slam my forearm into his collarbone. The water polo stud feels it, but before I can break free, he lifts, spins and plants me down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Liam sits back and pounds my abs, his oversized fists bouncing off my rock hard midsection.

The gut punches don't make a dent. I've learned that the twins are immune to certain holds. Now Liam's learning that I can take a fist to my abs. I grab his wrists, surprising the lean stud. I pull him forward on top of me. I lock on a body scissors and front facelock. With my free hand, I slam my forearm down across his back. Liam grunts, struggling to get free.

When I feel like I've done some damage, I release the hold. Liam wasn't expecting that. He keeps pulling back, so without resistance, he flies backwards between my legs. I drive my foot into his gut, sending him sprawling back. I sit up, grab his leg and twist. The tall stud fights in my ankle lock, the pain moving up his leg.

With his free leg, Liam kicks at me, getting free. He scrambles, going for a tag, but I'm ready. I leap up and seize him around the waist. he strains, but I lift and flip him over me. He flies towards Dylan, landing on his shoulders. We both rise and I'm able to wrap him up and push him back. I move close enough to tag my partner.

TAG! Dylan vs. Liam

Liam tries to throw me into Dylan then move to his corner. I'm not letting that happen again. I stop short, turn and grab Liam by the trunks. As he struggles against me, the orange and white spandex slides over his slim butt and down to his ankles. The twin doesn't stop, leaping out of his trunks and crawling naked for a tag before Dylan can get past me.

TAG! Dylan vs. Adrian

Dylan picks up the discarded trunks and tosses them back to me. He says, "At least we can tell you two apart now.

Adrian smirks then strips down his own trunks, revealing his equally long cock and once again making them identical and impossible to tell apart. Everything's definitely in proportion with these studs. He kicks the small spandex trunks at Dylan, who catches them only to see Adrian moving in fast. Adrian grabs Dylan around the head in a headlock.

Dylan grunts, "Well-played, sir."

Adrian laughs then cranks harder. Dylan slams his forearm into Adrian's back and pulls his head free. My boyfriend rises then kicks the back of Adrian's knee. The tall man goes down to his knees just as Dylan kicks him between the shoulder blades. Adrian splats, face first to the mat. Dylan plants his knee in Adrian's back. He grabs his opponent's wrists and forces the arms up. Dylan pushes them further and further.

The lean musclestud moans, "That feels great, keep going." A shocked Dylan pushes them from perpendicular almost all the way to parallel beside Adrian's head. The lean stud mocks, "Now, that's a stretch."

Adrian rolls his shoulders, showing he's practically double-jointed. His arms roll over and Dylan falls forward. The twin rises up behind Dylan. The naked stud grabs the black speedo then tears it down my boyfriend's legs.

Adrian says, "Ooh, sweet ass, brah."

Dylan isn't fazed by the stripping. In fact, it works to his advantage. While Adrian's admiring his ass, my boyfriend rolls over and drives both of his feet into Adrian's chest. The twin flies backwards, with Dylan's trunks still in his hand. He's stunned and confused on his back.

Dylan rolls over to me and tags me in. While that's happening, Adrian rolls away to tag Liam.

DOUBLE TAG! Ben vs. Liam

Liam charges at me, tackling me down. He grabs my legs and rolls me over into a Boston crab. I groan as he applies pressure to my back. I push out, but Liam anticipates it. He rises, lifting my legs with him. He walks me over to his corner. Liam hoists me up, holding me by my thighs. As I dangle in the handstand, Adrian grabs the waistband of my trunks and pulls them up my thighs. Liam releases his hold on my legs and I slide right out of them, falling at their feet.

Adrian says, "Damn, that's a fine ass, too. I don't know which one I'm gonna like fucking more." He looks over at Dylan, saying, "Turn around, brah. Gimme another look at your sweet ass."

In response, Dylan shoots him the finger, "You haven't won shit, yet."

Liam says, "Haven't you figured it out, yet? You guys are tough, but there's, like, nothing you can do to get us to submit. Like nothing."

On the mat, I respond, "Now there's a theory I'd like to test."

I spring up under the twins, rising between their legs and toppling them both down. Adrian springs up first, but I kick him square in the gut. He flies far from the mat. Liam's up and charging. I go low and flip him over my head onto his back. Adrian's moving in again. I duck his arms, scoop him up and slam him on his twin brother.

The naked twins scurry and scramble to rise, their long legs and arms twisting and colliding. They end up knocking each other down before then can both get up. So much for psychic rapport.

Their faces are red with anger as the twins throw tag rules out the window. They both move at me. I can't dodge and they grab me and chokeslam me to the mat. Through blurry eyes I see Dylan flying over me, leveling both of them with a flying double clothesline as they rise. My boyfriend pulls me up as the twins slowly rise.

I whisper, "Which is which?"

Dylan says, "Take them down then leave it to me."

I run and leap, delivering a crossbody block that flattens both of them. I sit on one's chest as Dylan moves in on the other. He stomps his abs then comes in with a forearm to the head that stuns his twin. He grabs his twin by his nipples, squeezing hard. Dylan shows a cruel streak as he literally pulls the stud off the mat by his nubs and twists. The twin cries out in pain.

Dylan demands, "Which one are you?"

"ARGH! A-A-Adrian!"

Dylan releases the hold and points at the bruises around the nipples. "Nipple bruises equal Adrian." He says to Liam under me, "Try duplicating those marks!" My boyfriend drags Adrian to the other side of the mat and mounts him, locking him in a camel clutch. It might not get a submission, but it'll keep him out of my way.

With Adrian marked and trapped, I turn back to punishing Liam, who was the legal man. As soon as I turn, Liam lifts his head. He engulfs my cock head in his lips. Damn, it feels nice. Using the distraction, Liam throws me off him and mounts me. He says, "Your profile said your favorite move is the grapevine. Let's see how you like it with these legs!"

The naked water polo hunk wraps my legs and spreads them wide. I groan in pain. He taunts me, "I told you. You've nothing that can submit us. Nothing!"

I summon my strength, yank my arm free and lock it on Liam's face in a claw. He cries out and I get my other arm free. I slap on a pec claw and squeeze with all I have. The lanky stud goes limp on top of me, his body losing all power as he hangs over me like a limp sheet of lean muscle. He moans and gurgles. His attempts to break free are too weak as I use my training to put the tall stud down.

Liam has to give into my claws, "... give ..."

I roll Liam's limp carcass off me and roll him onto his back. He moans as I measure him up again. I drag him up to a seated position close to his brother. Just then, Adrian breaks free of Dylan's camel. He charges at me. I instinctively get my foot up, hitting him in the chin. Adrian collapses down, holding his head, almost out of it.

I drag the dazed Adrian up to his feet. I flip him over my right shoulder in a backbreaker. I know he won't submit, but I tell Dylan to help. My boyfriend kneels beside me. He grabs Adrian's ankle and chin then pulls down. Suddenly, the water polo playing stud is moaning loudly. Even his bendiness has limits as Dylan folds him in half over my shoulder.

Adrian reaches his breaking point and blows by it. He cries out, "ARGH! Oh God! Please! Uncle! No! I submit! I SUBMIT!"

Dylan keeps pulling for another few seconds. I actually have to tell him to break before he does. I drop Adrian beside his brother then high-five and hug my tag partner.

The Stakes

Dylan and I kiss to celebrate while the two losers console one another. Dylan and I discuss what to do next. We whisper our plan as we hug then get on with it. My boyfriend's cock is already rock hard at the thought of a post-victory fuck with two hot twins.

We walk back to the defeated duo and circle them. Dylan orders them to get onto their knees. He takes Liam, while I take Adrian. I run my hand through Adrian's thick curly hair then bring his mouth to my manhood. I make him really worship my crotch with his lips and tongue before I allow him to take my hardening cock.

My boyfriend can be very dominant and this is no exception. I notice that he's got his foot pressing down on Liam's stiff rod, keeping it pointing down. The tall stud is groaning as his manhood is abused. The move forces him to lean forward, right into Dylan's waiting hard-on. He starts slapping Liam's face with his dick, trashtalking him for cheating and still losing.

Adrian is pretty damn good and watching Dylan dominate Liam is getting me really hot, really fast. I want to fuck Adrian, but Dylan calls me over. He wants me to lie down, explaining that he wants to double penetrate Liam. I don't see Liam resisting, so I go along, lying on my back. We get into position then Dylan and I slide in together, splitting the lean stud with our cocks.

Adrian can only watch as we double team his twin brother, our cocks sliding in and out in unison. Liam takes it like a champ, moaning loudly, but not complaining. It feels so good for me and based on the sounds, I think we're all into it. Oh fuck, it's so tight and the feel of Dylan's cock sliding against mine is driving me wild.

As we punish his prostate, Liam shouts, "Oh god! I'm cumming!"

The swimming stud is the first to lose his load, exploding as his ass is ravaged. Dylan slides out then orders Adrian to swap places with his brother. It's all I can do to not lose it, but I hold on as we swap twins. We slide into Adrian's equally tight ass, the lean stud writing between us.

Like his brother, Adrian can't take it, succumbing to the sensations and blowing his load while we use and abuse his hole. I've managed to hold out, but that's all I can take. I slide out from Adrian, my body convulsing. Liam moves in close and reaches into the mix. He grabs my cock, strips off the condom then milks me as Dylan keeps pounding the shit out of his brother on top of me.

Dylan's the last one to cum. He slides out and strips off the condom. He grabs Liam by the hair and forces him over on top of Adrian. My boyfriend reveals another kink, demanding the two of them kiss. Liam leans down and the two lock lips. Less than a second later, Dylan erupts, spraying his seed all over the two of them.

The four of us collapse, resting for a moment and taking it all in. I ask the twins about time and they say they're wide open. Dylan jokes, "You are now, thanks to us."

I suggest some singles action. Not surprisingly, Dylan and Adrian pair off. Liam suggests he and I head upstairs where he has smaller mats in a spare bedroom.

The 10x10 room is perfect, because instead of a match, we want to challenge each other in a contest of strength and skill. I run through holds, seeing if I can get any kind of submission from him with my best bearhug, scissors, headlock, chinlock and claw. In between my attempts, Liam tries gut punching, pec claws and other moves that test my muscles. We don't keep score, but both agree the other is remarkably tough.

We're exhausted, so Adrian leads me back to the basement. They've got a huge communal steam shower, which easily fits the four of us. It takes a long time, but we do get cleaned up eventually.

Hitting the Road

Back in the car, I ask Dylan, "So what'd you think?"

Dylan smiles, "Oh my god. Awesome. And twins! I'm sorry, I just had to see them kiss. Maybe it was creepy, but c'mon. Oh fuck, it was so much fun. I'm tired, but I'm also wired, you know? I just had sex like three times, but I already wanna go again. Like now. I've never felt like this before."

I'm glad he gets it, because I'd hate to have to choose between wrestling and a man. It might sound stupid, but wrestling's that important to me. The fact that I can have both makes life much easier. I pull out of the driveway and we hit the road back to our bed and breakfast. Anticipating Dylan would have a great time, I've got a very romantic evening planned.

Tomorrow, I've got to head up to Joliet so I can check in on a client, while Dylan works the ROW show here in Springfield. Then I head back to DC for a few days, while he goes back to ROW headquarters. Then we'll meet up again in Toledo. It's tough living on the road, but we're both making this travel thing work. Dylan grabs my hand on the stick shift. He squeezes it and we enjoy a moment.

It's been just over eight months since I started this journey with my best friend Jeff at my side. Sometimes I find myself thinking about what a crazy ride it's been. I like having Dylan around, don't get me wrong, but I still miss Jeff so much. Oh well, nothing's going to change that, so I just have to look ahead and move on to the next adventure with my new man.

The End


  1. Fantastic match! The fantasy of wrestling twins is one of my favorites. Too bad they are so rare in the non-fiction world.

    I just have been following model Bryant Wood and recommended him to Rock a Hard a wrestling. He has an NCAA wrestling scholarship and when they contacted him six months ago, he was interested, but can't even consider it until his eligibility lapses in 2016.

    But he's one of a set of triplets, all studs!

    1. Wow, my first comment! Thanks for the compliment. I agree, twins are great.

      So funny on Bryant Wood. The other Alex sent me a few pics of him last year and I've actually written three stories featuring him already. He'll be wrestling in The Cave Undercard 9, 11 and 13. Him being a triplet is awesome. I'll see if I can work that in for a future story.

  2. Hi Alex!

    Great story. Love the take on the twins and of course...I think this is your first tag match. Very well done! The pace and action was always moving fast which made it a fun read! Anyone new to your stories is in a for a great treat! Hopefully google wont shut you down but you should consider wordpress.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I've actually written tag before. Route 69 Dallas was a tag match. I think that was my first one.

  3. Oh, man, what an awesome start to the new season! I have to say, I was a bit bummed out when Jeff was ejected from ROW and decided to leave wrestling entirely. But it was also exciting to see where Ben would go from there. And I certainly am not disappointed!

    The twins were very hot, and I love that they were a couple of cheaters, at that. I wonder how many tag teams they've fooled and taken down with that switcheroo of theirs.

    It's great to be able to catch up on this new season of Route 69 at your new home here! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :) Onward to ep 2!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it. The idea of sneaky twins is a favorite of mine, so I was excited to work it into Route 69.