Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 5

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 5

"All right, Cody, that's enough. I'm tired. I've been posing and flexing all day."

I pout, "What? C'mon, Jae, just a few more. You looked so hot up on that stage. I just want to admire all your hard work up close."

My 22-year old boyfriend turns back to face me, adjusting his tiny silver posing trunks. He notices my hard on, which he's inspired and smiles. He might even be blushing, but it's hard to tell with his unnaturally deep spray tan. Jae just finished competing in a big fitness physique event, so he's down 20-lbs from his normal weight and amazingly ripped. Now, we're both personal trainers, so we're always in shape, but Jae is as hard and chiseled as he's ever been since we've been together. Jae finished 12th, but he looked the best up on that stage to me.

Jae says, "Later. Besides, I thought you liked me like I was? You know, in football shape with a little more beef?"

"Oh I do. Ripped, beefy, big, small, however you want to be, you're hot. But I've seen how hard you worked for this and that dedication is sexy. It's awesome just to see the results. Fuck, I just want to take you and -"

Jae interrupts by jumping onto the bed on top of me. He pushes me onto my back, leans down then kisses me passionately. After a minute, he breaks off, "I love showing off for you, but it's been a long day. I wanna relax, hydrate and eat! Besides, you have a client showing up downstairs in a few minutes, don't you?" I nod, still pouting. "Trust me, you'll get to do more than look at my body later, stud."

Jae rolls off me and I reluctantly get up. I stretch and think about golf to get my cock down to a manageable size. I throw on my work clothes then move to head down into the gym I've got set up on the main floor of my live-work space for private clients.

On my way by, Jae asks, "Oh, can you hand me my iPad, please? I'm gonna figure out who's next for SuperStar."

I'm surprised, "What?"

Jae tilts his head, confused. He asks, "What what?"

SuperStar is Jae's alter ego in The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company I co-own with my best friend Ryan. As our Superman analog, things started out great for Jae, with four wins, but the last two matches have been rough, with my guy on the wrong side of squashes.

I answer, "Well, um, let's see. Last two times, you got your ass - I mean, you just got - well, huh. Okay, you just got done with working so hard for this fitness event. Maybe take some time off before jumping back into wrestling?"

Jae shakes his head, "No way, man. I had to take a break while I trained, but now, it's time to get back in the ring."

I raise an eyebrow, giving him a skeptical look.

My boyfriend smiles, "C'mon, you know how it is. Gotta get back on the horse. Okay, Nuclear Man kicked my ass. You can say it. But dude was huge. And yes, I lost to General Bod, but he was a trained pro wrestler. I just need to find someone a little ..."

I smirk, "Easier?"

"No, not easier. Not easier. It's just that I'm lighter now. And I haven't really been in the ring for awhile. And we haven't even been play wrestling while I trained. I'll look for someone who's a better fit for where I am now. Someone who's ..."


"Okay, easier. I mean, not easy, just not a musclebeast freak of nature or someone whose full-time job is wrestling. So c'mon, let me look again. There were like a bunch of new challengers Ryan thought would be cool."

I'm a little over-protective, because it was tough seeing Nuclear Man and General Bod destroy Jae. Still, I hand over the iPad. I don't want to, but I'm trying to be less controlling. If he wants to wrestle again, let him wrestle. I actually do think it's great he wants to go again and if he finds someone easier, great. I won't have to worry while I watch from the sidelines. I head downstairs while Jae views his options.

Ninety minutes later, I'm back upstairs, in the kitchen for a snack when Jae comes up behind me and gives me a tight hug. Damn, that feels good. He asks how my session was and we make out. Finally, I ask if he found his next opponent.

Jae smiles, "Oh yeah. Keegan. Damn, he's hot. Wait until you see these abs! He's a ripped 165-lbs of hard-bodied muscle. I bet he can take a ton of abuse."

We head back to the living room so I can look at his choice. I nod, "Oh, okay. I wrestled that guy. He was Scarecrow against me as The Bat. Ever see that match?"

Jae thinks then says, "No. Did you win?" I just look at Jae with a 'what do you think?' look. He rolls his eyes then continues, "Yeah, I know, stupid question. Of course you did. The Bat always wins." I smile proudly until he adds with a smirk, "Except against Bane ... and Mr. Riddle ... plus all the matches when you're the Pink Punk."

I playfully punch his shoulder, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell me about Keegan. What villain? Scarecrow again?"

"No, Ryan says he's going to wear a Parasite-themed outfit for me."

I think for a second, "That actually makes a lot of sense, given his style." I look at Jae, "I can give you some tips. He's interesting. First, you need to watch out for -" Jae stares at me like I'm trying to butt in, so I raise my hand, snuggle in beside him and finish eating my apple and peanut butter in silence.

It takes all my considerable strength to resist the urge to warn Jae that while he's picked a smaller guy, I'm not so sure about easier.


Two weeks later, we're in The Cave arena, Ryan's introducing the hero and I'm nervously sitting in the shadows waiting to see my boyfriend in action. As he bursts through the curtain, I have to say, Jae's still in amazing near-competition shape. People will be shocked to see his trim, ripped body and I wonder if some won't think we replaced the original stud. With a full face mask, we could've done it, I guess.

SuperStar confidently strides to the ring, wearing his Superman-influenced gear, albeit much skimpier than his usual squarecuts. A long red cape flows behind him. Most of the hero's tanned body is bare, covered by small red trunks with a yellow waistband, blue forearm gauntlets, blue full face mask and tall red pro wrestling boots. We've given him a big 'S' symbol tattoo over his beefy pecs that completes the heroic look.

The hero strips off his cape then flexes for the cameras, showing off his new body. At 5'11"/195-lbs, SuperStar is 20-lbs lighter than before, but I don't think anyone will be complaining.

Next up, comes the Parasite. He's wearing sheer purple pantyhose over a white thong, white leather pro boots and a sheer purple mask that obscures his identity. Damn, he's ripped. I know I said that about Jae, but this guy has such deep chasms between his abs that you could fall into them if you weren't careful.

At 5'9"/165-lbs, he's a fair amount smaller than the hero, but he is tough. It should be competitive. Against me, he really got into the mental manipulation role as Scarecrow and I had a blast wrestling him. I hope SuperStar does, too.

The Match Begins

The two studs lock up fast, immediately pressing and straining. I'm a little surprised at how even it is, despite Parasite giving 30-lbs of muscle. Finally, SuperStar powers the villain backwards. He must've been holding back, feeling the heel out, because he drives Parasite backwards so suddenly, with so much force, they tumble down before reaching the corner. WHOA! THUD!

The hero lands on top of the heel. He quickly straddles the trim hips, firing three fists into the rock hard abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! It's obvious the villain feels nothing. SuperStar dives forward, driving his forearm into the heel's chest. OOF! The two men wrestle on the mat for a minute, muscles struggling and straining. The hero manages to stay on top, catching Parasite in a front facelock.

Parasite fires a couple of stiff body shots, but SuperStar's tight muscles resist the blows. The hero grabs the heel's right wrist, bending the arm behind the villain's head. He slams his fist into Parasite's armpit, which gets a yelp of pain. Another two shots and the heel goes limp for a second.

Before Parasite can recover, the hero lets go, shifts back then grabs the sheer purple mask. SuperStar drags his opponent up by the thin purple fabric. As he stands, the bigger stud forces the villain into a front facelock. Parasite tries a fist to the hero's ripped abs, but they just bounce off harmlessly. I don't think ab work is a winning strategy for either guy today.

The bigger hunk grabs the side of the villain's tights then lifts, easily flipping him over with a stiff suplex. WHAM! SuperStar rolls to one knee, pausing to give a pec bounce and double bicep pose for the cameras.

Both men rise, with Parasite not showing any hesitation as they lock up again. Once again, SuperStar powers the lighter stud back, this time making it to the corner. CLANG! After a hard knee lift, the hero flips the heel out of the corner, executing a nice hip toss that puts Parasite on his butt in the middle of the ring. The hero unleashes two stomps to the middle of the villain's back before he drops down.

The hero drives his knee into the heel's back as he reaches over his shoulders. SuperStar locks on a chinlock and wrenches back, pulling the villain back hard. The flexible heel twists and ducks, quickly maneuvering free. The hero rises to charge, but Parasite dives at SuperStar's waist. He squats up, lifting the bigger musclestud into the air then falls back, planting the hero's face into the canvas. SPLAT! UNH!

Parasite rolls out from under the dazed hero, copping an obvious feel of his opponent's ample ass. The heel's right hand slides up between SuperStar's legs, but as soon as he touches the prominent bulge, the hero is up and scampering away, out of reach. The big musclehunk springs to his feet, stopping the smaller man in his tracks.

"Don't. Don't try that again!" SuperStar warns.

"Or what, big boy?" The heel's responding smile is visible under the sheer mask. When SuperStar doesn't have a response, the villain just chuckles.

The two men circle. When they go in for another lockup, Parasite ducks, driving his shoulder into the chiseled abs and reaching around the hero's waist. The villain gets another hard squeeze of the musclestud's ass cheeks then lifts again. This time, the hero is ready. He kicks back, pulling his feet back down to the mat then elbows the heel's back. WHACK! As Parasite backs off, he's hit by a spinning forearm across the head that drops him to a knee. WHAM!

Parasite rises fast, but right into a scoop. SuperStar easily lifts the 165-lbs of muscle across his chest then bodyslams him down hard. WHAM! The hero stomps the ripped body of his smaller opponent, wearing him down. He drops his knee into Parasite's forehead then leaps to his feet. The bigger muscleman runs back into the ropes, never taking his eyes off his opponent. SuperStar flies off, leaps into the air and splashes down on top of the heel. SPLASH!

SuperStar wastes no time, wanting to exert his dominance over the smaller musclehunk after suffering two big beatings in his last matches. He drags the villain up, scooping then slamming him down again. WHAM! The hero powers the villain up for another hard slam. WHAM! He forces Parasite up and does it again, really softening up his opponent. WHAM! Four slams have Parasite moaning and rolling from side to side.

The hero grabs Parasite's legs, lifts them up then steps over. He sits, locking in the Boston crab. The villain can't budge the 195-lbs of muscle off him, but he doesn't submit either. SuperStar keeps pulling, not even asking for a submission. He releases one leg then pulls back harder on the single leg crab. The heel's back has to be aching with how bent in half he is. The sole of his boot is almost touching his head!

SuperStar keeps up the pressure, only letting go when he feels no resistance from the heel. He drops the leg, spinning fast with stomps that keep the smaller muscleman down flat on his stomach. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hero drags his limp opponent up by his mask and the back of his tights. The bigger stud whips Parasite into the corner, front first. CLANG!

Parasite sags on the top rope as SuperStar positions his shoulder against the villain's lower back. The hero starts in with shoulder blocks that hammer the heel into the corner. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The big muscleman rises, grabbing a wrist to turn Parasite then whip him across the ring. CLANG! The heel hits hard, his 165-lbs bouncing off from the force right into a clothesline that drops him to the mat! WHAM!

SuperStar unleashes three more stomps, this time to the villain's abs before dragging him up. The hero launches up, hitting Parasite's taut chest with a great standing dropkick that sends the heel flying back out of the ring onto the concrete floor below.

SuperStar wastes no time, following the villain out. Parasite barely has time to get to a knee before he's grabbed and flung back into the ring under the bottom rope. The hero slides in behind, whipping his legs around his smaller opponent. He locks on a tight body scissors and full nelson combination that has the villain stretched and trapped.

The hero keeps the pressure high, his chiseled muscles tensed and flexed. SuperStar's legs look incredible as every muscle pops from the strain of the python-like squeeze. The heel resists, holding out against the hero's mighty force. The bigger stud makes sure he gets all he can out of the hold before reluctantly releasing. He rolls Parasite off to the left. The heel lies on his stomach, trying to rise, while SuperStar spins up to his feet, towering over his smaller opponent.

This first fall has pretty much been a complete squash so far. I'm impressed with how SuperStar has bounced back from his loss to Nuke Man. He's not showing any ring rust after his layoff and he's using a focused strategy. All the punishment has been well-focused on his opponent's midsection, weakening the abs and back.

SuperStar hoists the leaner stud into a tight, crushing bearhug. He squeezes hard, trying to put the heel away. Parasite is tough and resilient, but the hero is really strong. Once again, every one of his richly tanned muscles pops from the strain as he crushes the heel in his arms.

No submission yet, but the bigger muscleman holds the lanky villain off the mat with ease, keeping the pressure up. The hero grunts as he goes all out, but Parasite is remarkably silent. The lean muscleman pushes on SuperStar's bulging traps, his shins resting on his thick thighs.

"C'mon! GIVE!" SuperStar commands.

It sounds like Parasite chuckles. Instead of giving, he actually leans back, pushing away on the hero's chest. The villain can't break free. It's just a matter of time. If I didn't know better, I'd think the villain wasn't even trying to escape. SuperStar squeezes hard, but no submission is coming. Slowly, the villain's hands slide down smoothly across Jae's broad chest, almost caressing the bulging pecs.

SuperStar is sweating as he adjusts, trying to find the right spot to break his opponent. The bearhug isn't working, but it seems like the hero won't accept that. Parasite's long, thin fingers settle on Jae's nipples. The villain squeezes and twists, but gently at first. He ups the pressure, pulling the nipples out, rubbing them between his fingers.  As the big muscleman continues to squeeze in vain, the villain just won't stop working on his chest.

The musclestud's arms suddenly loosen, letting Parasite's feet return to the canvas. SuperStar is actually the one who's moaning, his arms breaking from around the villain's waist and moving to his purple-spandex sheathed forearms. The hero pushes forward, driving them back towards the corner. The villain releases his grip on the red, bruised nipples, but he manages to reverse their grip. He rolls his hands, freeing his thin forearms then in one smooth move, he grabs the thick muscled forearms of SuperStar.

Parasite hits the corner hard, but immediately drops his butt to the mat, sliding his boots between the bigger stud and the corner. He uses the hero's forearms to drag him lower with him, pulling SuperStar forward. WHACK! The musclestud's chin is pulled down, slamming into the turnbuckle as a Parasite slithers between his thickly muscled legs to safety behind the bigger stud.

SuperStar rises, shaking his head out. From behind, Parasite leaps onto his back, locking on a tight sleeper hold. The hero is caught off guard. He staggers out of the corner with the villain hanging from his back, sapping his strength. The bigger stud swings his arms helplessly. He tries reaching back, but the heel is too sweaty and wiry for him to get a good grip.

The big muscleman staggers, losing consciousness. He runs backwards, trying to dislodge his opponent by using the corner. Parasite anticipates the move. He kicks his right boot back, bracing it on the middle turnbuckle. The move slows their momentum, preventing the rough impact. The villain lifts his other foot up against the top turnbuckle then kicks forward. The two men topple forward, SuperStar landing face and chest first as he's driven into the canvas. WHAM! The dominant villain maneuvers them onto their side. SuperStar is flailing weakly, barely able to move.

Parasite speaks in a surprisingly elegant voice. He taunts, "Oh no, SuperStar, it's much, much too early for you to go to sleep. I have soooo much more fun planned for you. But we do have these annoying falls to deal with, don't we?"

The villain releases the hold then rolls the dazed hero onto his back. The arrogant heel forces SuperStar's hands above his head, holding them there with one hand as he mounts his waist. He slowly slaps the mat.

ONE! Pause. Pause. No movement from SuperStar. TWO! Pause. Pause. Oh crap, he's writhing, but not kicking out. If he doesn't do some -


Damn, the first fall is over. That was an unexpected turn of events, to say the least. Fifteen minutes of pure domination then a loss in less than a minute. Hopefully the hero can use the break to get his head together.

Between Falls

The cocky villain leans forward and slithers down SuperStar's big body. He stops to suck on each nipple then slithers between the hero's thick legs. Without any resistance, he works the muscleman's red and yellow trunks down his legs, peeling them off the dazed stud. He reveals the red thong underneath, its thin spandex barely able to contain the hero's swollen manhood.

Parasite leans into SuperStar's bulge, smelling and licking the clearly outlined shaft. He sucks on the hero's spandex bulge, eliciting moans of pleasure from his victim. This goes on for minutes. When the heel finally moves back, the pouch is soaked, clinging to the semi-erect cock. The villain slithers back up the hero's body. He molests his prey, relentlessly kissing, squeezing and rubbing his smooth tanned flesh.

After five minutes of endless sexual stimulation, Parasite tells the limp hero, "Break time's over. It's time for the next fall."

The heel's taunt snaps the hero awake. He rolls under the villain, looking for confirmation. SuperStar is shocked, but it's true.

Ryan rings the bell, signaling the start of round two.


Round Two

Parasite brilliantly used the entire time between rounds to keep the hero subjugated and aroused. Damn, he's good. The bigger musclestud shakes out his head as he tries to rise using the ropes for leverage. The villain carefully stalks the weary muscleman, sizing him up carefully. The heel looks so ridiculously confident, the size difference made irrelevant.

SuperStar reaches his feet. As he moves to turn, Parasite slides in behind him. He thrusts one hand up between the hero's meaty thighs, forming a tight claw over the bulge in the tiny red pouch. OH! UNH! SuperStar rises onto his toes, his legs closing on the purple sheathed forearm between them. He arches his back and throws his head back, staring at the ceiling and moaning.

When the heel's hand starts fondling, the bigger stud's body changes from rigid to noticeably limp. The mighty hero cries out loudly with the sounds of ecstasy, the small of his back falling against the villain's shoulder for support.

Parasite laughs as he whips his free hand around the hero, grabbing hold of the hero's meaty cock. Once again, the hero is trapped in the energy draining pleasure of erotic domination. The villain forces SuperStar forces from the ropes, walking the helpless muscleman around the ring. The beefy hunk looks like a puppet as he's controlled by the hand between his legs.

"Poor little hero. You just don't know what to do, do you?"

SuperStar moans, "Uh, oh god ... oh god!"

"Yeah, you'll be worshipping me really soon, you big horny idiot." The villain whispers, "As soon as I saw what Bizarre did to you after the match, I knew I could control you. Damn, you're such a little pussy."

SuperStar groans, but he gets the wherewithal to swing his elbow back. He clips Parasite in the head, sending the heel staggering to the side. The hero stumbles to the ropes, hanging on them for dear life. When the villain closes in, the hero lifts his boot right into the tight, chiseled midsection of his tormentor. THUD! The force sends the smaller man back three steps.

The hero rises to his feet, facing the wary heel. SuperStar's cock is semi-hard, stretching the red thong out and down. He'll spill out of the tiny covering if he gets any bigger. Physically, the larger stud is still in pretty good shape. He hasn't suffered too much abuse, but the effects of the sleeper and molestation has him moving slow.

SuperStar pushes himself off the ropes and the two men circle. The hero tries to charge, looking to surprise, overwhelm and overpower the smaller stud. Parasite is ready. He has his knee up fast, letting the big muscleman run right into it. SQUISH! SuperStar yelps then staggers back, cupping his shrinking manhood in his hands.

I can hear the hero whimpering, but Parasite has no mercy. He lifts his boot, kicking it against the bent over muscleman's head. CRACK! SuperStar spins and drops to his knees. He's not moving, just kneeling and moaning, which gives the villain time to measure him up for more abuse.

Parasite comes up behind. He jumps on the big musclestud's shoulders, straddling his head. The force pushes SuperStar forward as he's locked in a tight standing head scissors. The heel leans back, using the the hero for support, the backs of his legs pressing against the wide, powerful shoulders of his victim. The bigger stud groans as the lean limbs crush his head, sapping more of his strength.

The hero grabs the thin spandex-covered legs that are crushing his head. As he tries to pull them apart, Parasite grabs his wrists. The villain jerks the chiseled arms out fast and hard then drives them in, using SuperStar's own hands to pound his blue masked head. THWACK! THWACK! The move seems to work opposite to its intended effect, though. The smacks wake the hero up!

With a roar, SuperStar gets his feet under him and rises, hoisting Parasite onto his shoulders. The villain squirms, but the bigger stud simply falls back. There's nothing the heel can do as they plummet back, hitting the canvas square on their backs. SuperStar is slow to move, but the smaller man definitely took the worst of the desperation move. They writhe and struggle to regain focus, each man trying to gather his wits.

SuperStar rises to his knees first, but when he moves in, he gets a boot to the face that sends him toppling back onto his ass then flat on the mat. He lies unmoving, spreadeagle. Parasite gets up, looking rejuvenated. He sees his opponent lying helpless and springs into action. He leaps to the top rope, his lithe form easily balancing on the turnbuckle. He spreads his arms then launches with a reverse swan dive.

Parasite flies through the air, flipping for a splash. Too bad for him, the hero isn't there! SuperStar has rolled out of the way, leaving the heel to land hard on his front. KABOOM! The bigger muscleman leaps on top of the villain, flipping him onto his back. SuperStar hooks a leg and slaps the mat.

ONE! This looks good for the hero. TWO! Uh oh, Parasite is kicking, but SuperStar's 195-lbs of muscle. THREE! Yes! SuperStar keeps him down just long enough and we're tied. Awesome!

Between Falls

This time, there's no interaction during the break. Parasite quietly recovers while the hero stretches. SuperStar is drenched in sweat, clearly drained, but he slams the top turnbuckle, trying to pump himself up. I can tell he's frustrated by the smaller villain's erotic tactics and how successful they've been.

Still, it's one fall each, so it's anyone's game. Parasite's going to keep playing dirty, especially since it works so well on the his opponent. The heel is so tough and flexible that he won't submit to just anything. SuperStar needs to stay focused and use his power advantage to get another pin.

The hero looks pumped, psyched to turn this around. The heel looks a little less sure. C'mon SuperStar, you can do this!

Round Three

The bell rings and the guys come out cautiously. Neither of them expected a third round. At the start, I know that SuperStar thought he'd win a two-fall squash against the smaller stud. And I'm pretty sure that Parasite thought he had it all sewn up after the first fall.

The villain raises his arms, "Let's make a deal, hero. I'll let you slap on a full nelson. Get it good and tight. I won't try to break the hold. You can see if you can get me to submit. But if you let go before I submit, I get to try it on you."

SuperStar laughs, but it's clear that he's hesitating, trying to work out the trick. I send psychic signals telling him not to, but the gullible stud still believes in his power advantage. He accepts the challenge.

Parasite spins and lifts his arms, letting the hero size him up. The bigger stud carefully wraps his arms, obviously trying to decide the best version of the hold. Finally, he settles on a classic nelson. He flexes for a moment, his muscles tensing then he cinches in tight, lifting the villain up onto his toes and shaking hard.

The hero grunts as he squeezes, using all his power. The villain softly moans as he's thrown around, but he doesn't submit. He looks like a ragdoll as he's whipped back and forth, his shoulders collapsed by the sheer force of the hero's power. It's an impressive display, but Parasite holds on. The hero slows down, pausing to regroup after his initial salvo.

With the movement stopped, I see the heel planting his feet and pushing his hips back, driving his ass into SuperStar's pouch. He grinds his butt against the bigger stud's bulge, erotically massaging the overstuffed red thong. The hero's grunts turn to moans and he loses focus enough for Parasite to push them back into the corner.

SuperStar tries to focus on the full nelson, knowing that as soon as he releases, Parasite will get a turn. Now that the hero is pinned in the corner, the heel has free reign to slide and rub their sweaty bodies together. The smaller ripped hunk is slowly working, seductively rubbing their bodies together. He's making no signs he's in any pain or discomfort, as the full nelson is loose and ineffective.

"Oh fuck!" SuperStar groans loudly.

As Parasite's hips slide to the left, I notice that the hero's cock is stretching the thong. The villain slides again and the action pulls the thong to the side, allowing SuperStar's cock to spring free of its spandex prison. The villain feels it and he dips and slides up, wedging my super-boyfriend's thick cock between them.

The villain thrusts up and down, working SuperStar's cock between their sweaty bodies. The full nelson is nothing now as the hero's back is pressed against the turnbuckles, his cock teased against his ripped abs. The bigger stud is looking weaker and smaller as he's toyed with, despite being the one who's applying the submission hold.

The hero's breathing hard and grunting. Oh shit, I know that sound. He's going to cum. SuperStar knows it, too. He just can't take it. He breaks the hold and pushes the villain way roughly. His dick is sticking straight out, shining from a coating of sweat and pre-cum. He sags in the corner, breathing hard and trying to suppress the urge to shoot.

The hero moans, "Oh fuck. UNH. You. You. You cheated!"

Parasite saunters up, surveying his exhausted foe. He runs his hand sedcutively over the smooth tanned flesh. The arrogant villain replies, "No, I said I wouldn't try to break the full nelson. And I definitely didn't. I'm kind of sad you broke it before I could milk you. But I guess there's still plenty of time for that, right? Anyway, my turn, big guy."

The heel grabs the compliant hero's right arm and spins the bigger muscleman around in the corner. In seconds he's standing with his own full nelson locked on. SuperStar lives up to his word as he doesn't resist. Parasite forces the hero to stand in the corner. The diabolical hunk pushes down, positioning his opponent so that his hard cock rests under the middle turnbuckle.

Parasite dry humps SuperStar, clearly not even trying for a submission. He merely uses the full nelson to control his weakened prey. Every thrust slides the hero's cock on the slick leather-covered pad.

"Want to give?"

The hero can only mutter, "Oh ... no. No. No. Oh."

SuperStar's exposed cock slides back-and-forth. A long rope of clear pre-cum runs all the way to the bottom turnbuckle. Parasite keeps the torture going, carefully monitoring his victim's reactions as he relentlessly executes his torture. He finally pulls the hero up to standing, giving the now huge cock a break.

"I could drain and defeat you right now, big boy, but I'm having way too much fun to end you now."

The hero can't even respond as he's freed from the full nelson in the ultimate sign of contempt. He collapses over the top rope, trying to regain his composure. I hope my super-boyfriend can make the cocky stud regret this, but I'm not confident. He looks so drained, defeated and weak.

Parasite hops back, posing for the cameras, as SuperStar turns and sits in the corner. The hero tries to gather himself, shaking his head. He forces a now only semi-erect cock back into the tiny thong, covering his shame.

The heel slowly saunters back in, looking supremely confident. SuperStar suddenly gets a burst of energy. He charges out, swinging his arm for a killer clothesline. WHOOSH! Parasite ducks and SuperStar sails past, staggering and almost falling. He stumbles to the side, using the ring ropes to steady himself.

From behind the bigger musclestud, Parasite dives in, clipping a knee out from under his opponent. WHOA! CRASH! SuperStar goes down hard, clutching his knee. The heel wastes no time, picking up his pace to deliver a blinding series of stomps all over the ripped physique of his heroic opponent. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

The heel grabs a wrist and drags the limp carcass to the middle of the ring. He straddles the hero's lean waist and sits down, mounting the bigger man. He unleashes a barrage of fists to the tender chest, breaking down the thick slabs of beef with impunity. THUD! THUD! THUD! Parasite takes a break from the hard hitting abuse, switching to more nipple play.

The helpless musclehero writhes under his lean opponent, unable to effectively fight back as his nipples are massaged and clamped between the bony fingers yet again.

"You love this, don't you?"

SuperStar only manages to utter a meek "no" from his stupor.

Parasite releases the big stud's nipples then starts flicking them. He teases and slaps the heaving chest, abusing the hero as he focuses on the tender circles. I grimace in sympathy as the heel manhandles my man's beautiful, but overly sensitive, nubs. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! AH! SuperStar finally gathers his senses enough to buck the smaller man off. He rolls to his side, his arm covering his chest as he guards his nipples. The hero wills himself to his hands and knees.

Parasite moves in slowly from behind. He runs his hand down SuperStar's back then forces his hand into the rear of the tight red thong. The hero's face rises as his hole is fondled. He tries to crawl away, but then the villain's hand clamps on his ample balls. I can see the fingers working in the spandex pouch, playing with muscleman's manhood. The bigger muscleman grabs for the ropes, using them to pull himself up as he's molested from behind.

SuperStar groans in a combination of pleasure and pain, his bubble butt exposed for Ryan's camera as Pete gets shots of the hand in front. The hero stands in the corner, struggling to get control of himself. He hangs over the top turnbuckle, shaking his head, his bulge growing as he's fondled by the long expert hand. I can see the hero's cock straining to once again burst free from the tiny spandex prison.

True to his villain persona, Parasite is once again sapping the hero's strength, draining him of his will and ability to fight back.

Before the big stud can do anything, the lean heel slides his hand free and grabs the hero's red-leather covered ankles. He yanks, pulling the confused SuperStar's feet out from under him. WHACK! The hero hits the top turnbuckle chin first, then slides down the corner, hitting the middle turnbuckle before landing on the bottom one. THUD! The hero is unmoving, other than some groans as he tries to focus. He's got to be nearly unconscious again, but Parasite isn't checking and there's no ref.

Parasite grabs hold of the tight red thong. He methodically works it lower, over the thick thighs and red boots. Stripped of his thong, the hero manages to roll onto his butt, showing his manhood for all to see. This time, there'll be no tucking it back in. If he's going to win, it'll be like this, exposed.

SuperStar's back is propped up on the bottom turnbuckle, his head dangling back. He groans and rubs his masked face. I can hear him muttering, "fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Hey, SuperBitch!"

The hero lifts his head just as the villain starts charging at him. Parasite leaps into the air, slamming his ass into SuperStar's beefy pecs. WHAM! The diabolical heel rides his opponent, bouncing off his chest, driving him against the bottom turnbuckle. The villain quickly breaks the big muscleman down even more with the bronco buster. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Parasite stops bouncing, only to grab hold of the bigger stud's mask and twist hard. The eye holes move to the side. Uh oh, SuperStar is blindfolded by his own mask now! He reaches to fix his mask, but the villain swats his hands away.

With the hero dazed, stripped and sightless, Parasite starts alternating between forearm shots across the struggling studs head and down onto his chest. WHACK! THUD! WHACK! THUD! Up to now, Parasite has been controlled in his moves, but this is a fast and furious barrage of unbridled fury.

By the time the heel is done, SuperStar is unmoving, his struggles to adjust his mask over. The lean ripped villain rises, his body drenched, sweat running down onto the devastated and drained heros body. The dominant wrestler reaches down, grabbing a hold of the heros red leather boots at the ankle. He pulls, dragging the 195-lbs carcass to the middle of the ring.

Parasite moves in over SuperStars head. The bigger studs chest and stomach rise and fall, the only sign of life left in the hero. The heel reaches down and grabs hold of the twisted mask. He uses the spandex to force the hero up into a seated position. A few smacks rouse the muscleman. SuperStar is so weak that only Parasites tight grip on his mask is keeping him from falling back onto the mat.

The villain steps over SuperStars broad, sunken shoulders, carefully positioning the heros head under his purple-clad bulge. The lean stud reaches down, grabs the ripped left leg of his victim and lifts, executing a beautiful stump puller move as he folds the helpless musclestud in half.

SuperStar cries out in agony as his knee is brought up beside his face, 165-bs of tight muscleheel resting on his neck. Seconds into the submission hold, the hero cant take it.


The heel drops the leg, but stays standing over the heros shoulders as he strikes a double bicep pose. He tightens his killer abs, showing off his amazing gym-built body. Before he steps off, he fixes SuperStars mask, telling him, I want to make sure you can see this.

The hero cant respond. He merely collapses, moaning in pain as he writhes on the mat. A boot on the chest and weve got villain domination footage that is sure to get the fans going wild. Parasite uses a few stomps to make sure SuperStar is looking up at the hard muscle heel that humiliated him.

I shake my head. Another embarrassing defeat for my boyfriend. After losing to the big guys, Nuke Man and General Bod, SuperStar really thought Parasite would be easier. And yet, here we are. He was just flat-out sexually dominated by a stud who's 30-lbs lighter.

The Cave's SuperStar is quickly becoming a SuperJobber.

Wet and Wild

Yeah, the hero is helpless. Destroyed, degraded and debased, there's nothing left in the bigger stud. Parasite drags him to the ropes then slides out of the ring. He pulls SuperStar under the bottom rope, bending down and positioning him over his shoulders. With a grunt, the lean muscle stud hoists the 195-lbs carcass over his shoulders in a fireman's carry.

The villain confidently makes his way down the aisle, hauling his drained prey with him. Before he exits, Parasite invites the cameras to follow to "see the hero get really drained". Ryan and Pete can't resist the offer and I follow along, hoping my boyfriend is okay.

Parasite carries SuperStar all the way to the locker rooms. He kicks the door to the first one open and yells, "Come see the end of a loser hero."

As the heel walks to the second locker room, a towel-clad cutie sticks his head out of the first. It's one of our other wrestlers. He's here for the next taping. He sees Parasite walking into the other room with SuperStar over his shoulder and immediately joins the convoy of the two cameramen and me.

The villain saunters through the second locker room, past another wrestler and into the shower. Parasite casually deposits his victim onto the tile floor then starts the showers running. The hero squirms as the cold water hits him before it gets warm. When the villain leaves the shower area, the beefy musclehero crawls away from the stream, his strength slowly returning. He rises to his hands and knees, breathing deeply.

Before SuperStar can do anything else, Parasite returns. He pushes past the five of us, dragging the mat we keep in the locker room for stretching. He drops it over the tile floor under the spraying showers. As the vinyl gets soaked, he moves behind the rising hero. He grabs SuperStar's ankle and pulls, flattening the bigger stud down. The heel drags the 195-lbs of drained muscle, easily sliding him along the tile to the slick blue vinyl mat.

The heel thrusts his hand between his victim's legs, locking on another ball claw. SuperStar writhes on the mat as water cascades down onto his muscular back. He moans and begs, his balls unable to withstand the killer claw.

"Please, let go ..."

Surprisingly, Parasite complies. However, it's only so he can deliver a stiff spanking that darkens the heros tanned ass even more. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The heel moves around and sits on SuperStar's back, lifting one leg into a single leg crab. He unlaces the red boot then drops the leg. The villain repeats the move, unlacing the second boot. His task complete, he slides down then starts massaging and slapping the bare ass again, laughing at every cry the hero makes.

The villain slides over the hero's bubble butt, moving between the hero's legs. He spins, planting his heel against the smooth taint. When Parasite pulls on the boot, his foot presses up, causing SuperStar pain, but also keeping him in place. The boots slide off easily, leaving the hero wearing only his mask and gauntlets.

Parasite rises, circling his victim. He kicks at him until SuperStar rolls over. The exhausted hero's manhood is put on display, the heel casually toying with it with his purple boot. I can see from the viewer on Pete's camera that he's zooming right in on this action. The villain presses his boot down, crushing the bigger stud's cock down into his hip.

"ARGH!" SuperStar cries out. On instinct, he swats the boot away and turns, escaping.

Parasite laughs, "Still got some fight, eh? I guess I'll have to drain you down a little more. Best three out of five it is."

Beside me, both guys for the next match breathe in and say, "Oh, yeah." They start playing with their junk as Parasite moves in for another round of hero abuse.

Round Four

The villain grabs the hero by the mask then drags him to his feet. He lifts his knee into SuperStar's wide open gut. OOF! He does it again and again. OOF! OOF! OOF! SuperStar drops to a knee. Parasite laughs, but the big muscleman uses the opportunity. He swings out fast with a fist right into the heel's ripped abs. UNH!

SuperStar follows up, scooping the cocky villain across his chest. He turns and slams him to the mat. SPLAT! The hero stomps Parasite's abs hard. THUD! THUD! THUD! The shocked heel scrambles away, but he's caught from behind by his sheer mask. The hero drags him up and drives a forearm into the diabolical hunk's back. WHACK!

The hero drags Parasite back and slaps on a sleeper. The villain thrashes, turning enough to avoid being out out right away. He tries to drive SuperStar back, but his feet slip on the wet mat. He just can't move the 195-lbs of muscle holding him. The bigger stud tries to tighten the hold as the villain fights to get loose. With their wet bodies, the less experienced hero is having trouble getting the hold right.

The shower room echoes the sounds of their struggle. Wet muscles slapping against each other. Grunts of exertion. Moans of pain. It's all amplified as they go at it again. With Parasite successfully avoiding being put out, SuperStar changes tactics. He releases the hold, but immediately grabs Parasite by the throat. He lifts and plants the lighter wrestler down with a big chokeslam. WHAM!

Parasite goes limp for a moment, enough time for the hero to grab the heel's right boot. The naked masked hunk lifts and spins, locking on a single leg crab. He sits back and stretches out his opponent. The villain moans, but doesn't submit. He's bent sharply back, his chest and face pressed into the mat, but he is so resilient.

I notice SuperStar shaking out his head and breathing deeply, his spandex mask collapsing over his mouth. Smart, using this as a rest hold, as well as a submission hold. Everything but hero's ankles is out of reach from searching heel hands, giving Parasite no chance for sensual dominance or low blows. Even after all the abuse, the massive pumped muscles show that SuperStar has a lot of power.

SuperStar reaches back, grabbing the villain's left wrist. He pulls it up. I've never seen him do this before, but it has the desired effect. As the heel's head and chest are pulled off the mat, his back is constricted even more. Parasite moans in earnest, his cries now rising above the sound of falling water.

The hero seems motivated by his opponent's pained groans filling the tiled chamber and echoing off the walls. He pulls even harder, even rising up. All the squats he's done prove effective as he powers Parasite up. The villain's body leaves the mat, until only his dangling free hand touching it.

Even the tough heel has limits, apparently. He demands, "ARGH! Let me down!"

The hero asks, "You giving?"

"UNH! UNH! Okay, okay! I give!"

SuperStar drops Parasite down. He staggers back against the white tile wall. He's breathing hard, but his muscles look super-pumped. As he watches the heel moaning and clutching his back, the hero's cock powers up, swelling and rising.

Wow, I'm so proud of my hero boyfriend right now. Parasite made a standard villain mistake, letting the hero have another chance. Still, he'll have to win another fall, so I'm not counting anything for SuperStar, yet. But getting a submission out of the lean stud is a major accomplishment.

Can SuperStar really pull off this kind of comeback?

Round Five

Parasite rises and stretches out his back. SuperStar paces just off the mat. Damn, he's pumped, looking re-energized. Seconds later, the wet musclestuds are circling again, water spraying down and the sounds of their breathing echoing throughout the chamber. To my surprise, Parasite gets into a collar-and-elbow lock up with the bigger stud. He's powered into a side headlock almost immediately.

SuperStar grinds on the hold, eliciting cries from his opponent. The hero moves to hip toss the villain down, but Parasite has other ideas. He thrusts his hand up between the thick legs of the bigger hunk and grabs the stud's low-hanging balls. The beefier muscleman tries to avoid it, but it's no use. Ugh, I can't believe he's let it happen again.

As soon as the long, spindly fingers close on the dangling orbs, SuperStar goes weak. He loses the headlock and rises to his tiptoes, groaning as his testicles are fondled and squeezed. Parasite drops to his knees, laughing softly as he stares at the smooth ass of his victim while his wrist is locked between the hero's meaty thighs.

"Mm, yeah, look at that sweet ass. I'm going to like fucking that, hero!"

Parasite holds SuperStar steady by his balls then starts smacking the hero's left ass cheek. The bigger wrestler jumps at the spanking, but all that does is amplify the pressure on his balls as he pulls away. ARGH! The villain keeps spanking and squeezing, letting the helpless hero squirm and whimper from the humiliation of being dominated again.

The heel stops the spanking, pausing to force his finger between SuperStar's ass cheeks. He massages the hole then pushes his finger inside the hero. In spite of the pain and embarrassment, SuperStar's big cock is standing straight out, erect from the erotic abuse. He loves his balls being played with. The finger up his ass has him moaning, with his back arched and masked face staring at the ceiling.

"Oh god!" SuperStar groans and throws his head back even more, completely lost in the moment.

"Yeah, that's right! I'm your fucking god now! Beg for my divine mercy, you big loser!"

"No! Oh ... no! Oh!"

Parasite releases his grip and pulls his finger out, simultaneously. Finally free, SuperStar stumbles forward, bracing himself with one hand and his forehead resting on the tile wall. He rubs his balls gently, seemingly forgetting he's still in a wrestling match. The heel saunters in behind, chuckling. As he gets close, SuperStar kicks back, catching the unsuspecting Parasite in the stomach. OOF!

The hero spins and charges. He scoops Parasite up then slams him down. After three ab stomps, the bigger man steps over the lean waist. He drops down, pinning the villain's legs to soaked vinyl mat. SuperStar pounds the abs, beating on them with fury. POW! POW! POW! The heel groans, but takes the punches. I see his abs flexing and he fights to resist.

The villain suddenly lashes out, reaching for SuperStar's exposed manhood. The hero isn't surprised. He grabs the wrists, "Oh no you don't! Not this time!" The bigger stud powers Parasite's wrists to the mat and pushes them against his side. SuperStar pins the arms with his legs, effectively preventing Parasite from molesting him again.

SuperStar fires another round of fists into the abs. Parasite squirms under him. The hero opens his hands and drives them into the lean 8-pack. He squeezes on the claw and the villain thrashes under him wildly. Parasite cries out in pain, but he won't submit.


The hero demands, "SUBMIT!


With all of his squirming and bucking, Parasite manages to slip a hand free, thanks to the wet conditions. When he goes for the hero's balls, the bigger wrestler blocks. However, he's distracted enough for the villain to free his other hand. The hero sees it just in time, sliding off the lean hunk and out of reach.

The two men rise slowly. SuperStar charges forward, using his football background to lift then tackle the smaller stud down. SPLAT! The masked musclehero gets up and drags Parasite up by his wrist and mask. He locks on a front facelock then reaches for the side of the heel's sheer tights. Before SuperStar can flip the villain over, Parasite manages to slip free.

SuperStar moves in fast, but the heel is faster. The villain drops then sweeps his leg, tripping the hero down. SPLAT! The bigger stud lands hard on his sore ass, legs spread, giving the heel a perfect opening to grab him by the cock and balls again, wrapping his fingers around the base and squeezing. AW FUCK! Parasite grabs a wrist and forces them to their feet.

With a tight, distracting grip in place, the smaller stud charges forward, driving SuperStar back into the tile wall hard. The hero loses his energy, going limp, as Parasite releases his grip. The villain grabs the good guy's mask and armpit. He flips his victim over, onto his bare ass on the mat. Parasite moves in and grabs the arms. He smoothly slides down and locks a leg nelson onto the bigger hunk while holding his wrists. SuperStar groans as his shoulders are collapsed. He's stronger, but it's leverage at this point.

SuperStar thrashes, his cock and balls flopping with every twist. He tries to push back, but his feet slide on the wet mat. The groans are getting louder, echoing through the tiled room.

"Gonna give ... again?"

The defiant hero says, "NO!"

Parasite releases the nelson and yanks SuperStar back by his mask. He locks on a dragon sleeper. With SuperStar locked under his arm, he molests the big hunk's chest once again. The hero almost sinks into the punishment, allowing the life to be drained from him as he moans and writhes with the combination sensual manipulation and sleeper.

The cruel heel releases then positions the limp hero's head between his legs. He wraps them around in a figure-four head scissors. I'm silently pulling for Jae to resist and turn this around, but he's rolling back-and-forth on the mat, unable to function on the wet surface. His naked body is flopping like a fish on the deck of a boat as the life is sucked out of him, again.

Warm water rains down on their muscular bodies as the hold tightens. The hero is moving slower, the effects of another sleeper readily apparent. Parasite sits up and grabs his leather-clad ankle. He pulls on it, dramatically increasing the power and effectiveness of the hold.

SuperStar struggles to turn and twist, but he can't. Two seconds later, his entire body goes limp. He's out and this time, I'm sure the match is really over. Parasite has drained him completely and he won't risk another round.

One of the wrestlers beside me whispers, Yes!The other just pumps his meat, gasping for breath as he desperately hangs on the edge of release.

As the villain sits on the defeated hero's face, he flexes arrogantly for the cameras and small audience. The hero's naked carcass is unmoving as Parasite shows off. SuperStar hasn't been living up to his name, looking nothing like a star as he's sprawled and open for whatever comes next.

What Comes Next

Parasite leans over the hero's face. He puts his thumb over SuperStar's lips then pushes down on the spandex mask. It stretches inside the defeated muscleman's mouth as the heel works his thumb down. The long digit circles the lips then rises again. The villain grabs the soaking wet fabric and pulls at it, working it until he tears it open, exposing the bigger stud's soft lips.

The villain slides his index finger through the hole, up and down. SuperStar begins to stir, instinctively sucking on the object in his mouth. I hear a chuckle from the villain as his finger becomes a musclehero pacifier. The villain rises. He takes his time, unlacing and removing his boots then stripping down his see-through purple tights and white thong.

The naked villain slides back down, putting his dangling cock on the hero's exposed lips. He forces his manhood into SuperStar's mouth. He pumps his cock, face fucking his helpless victim. The heel wakes the bigger stud up by lowering his long, thin cock into his throat. He drives it deep, cutting off the hero's air. COUGH! HACK! SuperStar spurts and rolls over, gagging uncontrollably. He settles down, shaking his head as he realizes where he is and what going on.

The villain slaps the hero across the face with his cock, mocking him in defeat. He guesses right as he says, "Bet you thought this'd be an easy for you, eh, hero? You got 30-lbs on me. Well, look at you now. Pathetic. You're so weak you can barely move."

Parasite rises to his feet and flexes, looking remarkably bigger, like he really has somehow taken the hero's strength and energy. He turns and forces his tight ass into the hero's face. "Eat me out!" SuperStar has no choice but to obey. He sticks out his tongue and goes to work, worshipping the asshole of his smaller conqueror. He moves slowly and I can tell he's struggling to find the energy for this, but the hero keep going.

The whole time, Parasite is talking and taunting the hero's subservience. When he gets bored, he pulls away, spins and forces his cock back down SuperStar's throat. Awake, the bigger stud does a better job handling it. While it's long, it's nothing compared to my bat pole that SuperStar has learned to handle every night.

The heel confirms as much, moaning, "Oh yeah, hero. You know how to suck a big cock right! Fuck you're a natural born Kryptonian cocksucker!"

SuperStar moves and shifts, getting his second (or third) wind. He accepts the price of defeat like a hero should - honoring the deal without complaint. Parasite keeps going for a long time, enjoying the bigger stud's skill, but eventually, it's time for the biggest prize for any villain in The Cave - fucking a smooth and perfect superhero ass.

Parasite maneuvers the hero onto his back on the wet vinyl exercise mat, away from under the relentless spraying the showers. He forces SuperStar's chiseled legs into the air then carefully slides a condom on. Without much prep, he shoves his dick inside his victim and starts pounding. Both men moan as the villain revels in his dominance over the big hero.

When he has a steady rhythm going the villain grabs hold of the hero's mighty manhood. He pumps in time with his thrusts. After all the erotic torture of the match, it takes less than a minute before the hero gives up his seed, coating his slick body with long ropes of his white cum.

Parasite laughs, seeing SuperStar's eruption as another sign of submission. The leaner wrestler rides long and hard, making his moment of triumph last. In fact, before he's done, the hero's cock powers up again. The heel grabs hold and milks another load from the helpless muscleman.

The villain looks back at me and the two wrestlers. Theyve been jerking off this whole time, so when Parasite orders them forward, they come in fast. Within seconds, theyre adding two more massive loads onto the heros torso. Their cum rains down onto SuperStars wrecked body in crisscrossed streaks, adding a whole new dimension of humiliation.

The heel finally pulls his cock out and strips off the condom. He sprays his cum on top of the four loads, adding to the massive amount of seed readily apparent on the tanned flesh of the destroyed stud. Only when his long cock is dry does the villain stop pumping.

His victory fuck is complete, but Parasite isn't done. He pulls the limp hero up and slaps on a sleeper hold from behind. Before he puts the subservient bigger man out, I hear him whisper something about somebody saying hello. There's a lot more, but I can't make it out with the water running. He ends his speech with a soft laugh. Whatever he said, SuperStar starts to squirm, but the heel tightens the hold. The hero is knocked out.

Parasite tosses his victim to the mat with disdain then poses over the unconscious musclestud for the cameras again. The heel walks into the locker room as Ryan and Pete keep filming the unmoving slab of destroyed hero beef on the mat.

They're about to wrap up when the villain returns. He gets wet in the shower then straddles the hero. He lathers his hard lean muscles, washing the sweat off his body. Suds run down his ripped body onto the tanned torso of his oblivious victim. When he's completely cleaned, he rinses off, laughs one last time at the soap and cum-covered SuperStar then leaves to dry off and get dressed.

After the Match

Poor Jae. I'm sure it was fun being SuperStar when he was winning, but this ... I don't know. His confidence has to be waning, but I know he's a proud guy. I doubt he'll want to quit now. He won't want to go out like this. As I look at him, I realize I don't want him to go out like this, either.

Wow, for the first time, I'm actually okay with him wrestling. I mean, really okay with it. I admire his determination and he looks hot, winning or losing. I just wish he was better at it, but I can help with that.

When everything's wrapped, Ryan and Pete leave me to take care of Jae. I take his mask off then give him a long, passionate kiss to revive him. He kisses me back then we break. I help wash the soap and cum off my boyfriend then turn off all the water. He works his shoulders, looking at me. Jae sees my concerned look and shakes his head.

"Cody, I love you, but save it. I'm not quitting. I'm not going out like this. I just need to get my head back in the game. I took this guy too lightly. That's all."

I nod then ask, "What did he whisper to you?"

Jae pauses and purses his lips. I can tell he's trying to decide how to say it. Finally, my boyfriend says, "It was a message from my ex. I guess he helped train Keegan to beat me. Please don't say anything about it."

Instead of freaking out, I lean in and kiss Jae deeply. He starts to strip off my soaked clothes as I rub his body. We lie down on the mat, making out then making love. Ryan pops in, but immediately turns around, giving us our privacy.

When we're done, Jae says, "Fuck, you're amazing. But I meant what I said. First thing I'm doing when we get home is finding my next opponent."

I smile, "Good, because the first thing I'm doing when we get home is working on a new wrestling training program for you so you'll win that next match. If you'll let me, that is."

Jae looks surprised. Due to a combination of his pride and my lukewarm support, Jae's kept me at arm's length from his SuperStar persona. However, with how things have gone lately, he smiles back, "I'd love it. I love you, Cody."

I roll over him and we start in on our own round two.

The End


  1. Another fantastic story!!

  2. Amazing chapter like always. Im loving how parasite was for his debut with how he dominated Jae. And the ending was amazing im glad Jae isnt going down without a fight though im going to miss the naive jay who gets into many ball holds haha hopefully cody doesn't get him to skilled!

    Im curious to see who the mystery ex bf is he certainly looks to be someone whos going to great lengths to make sure Jae stays a Jobber.

    1. Thanks! This might be Cody's biggest challenge. I'm not sure how easy it would be to train someone who is so inclined to not get aroused when they get into an erotic predicament. At least not a virile young stud like Jae.

      The ex plot is actually a reader suggestion that I've worked in for a bit of a sub-plot. We'll see how it goes.

  3. Really enjoyed this one! Very hot. I'm excited to see where this goes. I'm also dying to see The Bat and SuperStar team up in a match.

    1. Thanks! The storyline does seem to be demanding some kind World's Finest tag match, doesn't it?

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Jae's matches seem to naturally lead to the erotic side, given what his personal Kryptonite seems to be.