Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: Nero Angelo vs. Dave Markus (Movimus)

Full Disclosure: This match was sent to me as a promotional video.

Even before I saw this Movimus match, I was excited to Nero Angelo in action. He actually caught my eye at UCW first. Why? He's masculine and strong, like a mini-Marcus "Spartan" Ares. I always appreciate his type of physique - solid, nicely-proportioned, with a nice dusting of hair. Add to that his dark hair, goatee and Roman features and Nero Angelo is perfectly named.

Dave Markus is back, as handsome and ripped as ever, in the skimpiest of gear. He seems thinner, but it might be the way he's stretched out. His stomach virtually disappears when he's folded over a couple of times.

Nero Angelo vs. Dave Markus is very much like two matches in one and fortunately, I enjoyed both halves.

The first half is as big a squash as you can have in submission wrestling. Markus is basically a practice dummy for the newbie. It feels like he's giving himself to Angelo, testing his flexibility and resilience before he has to give. The website says he hurt his throat in the first fall, which I can see as he gives to a very hard choking forearm across his neck.

Nero manhandles Markus for 10 minutes, overpowering him at will. The Movimus veteran gets bent and twisted like a pretzel. At one point, I literally worried for his safety as he folded onto his neck. Fortunately, he's very bendy. If you want to see a chiseled young musclestud controlled and displayed by a swarthy strongman, this is the match for you.

So bendy
A stiff choke on the muscle stud
Markus gets manhandled
HD was invented for that body (well, it could have been)

Markus finally comes to life about halfway through the match. After six submissions in the first 11 minutes of action, there’s only one in the remaining 8 minutes. It’s still a lopsided result, but it was a nice change of pace to have this long stretch of uninterrupted action. Markus comes to life at just the right time, as I don’t think I would’ve liked 20 minutes of submission squash nearly as much.

While Markus gets some nice holds, Nero does still dominate for the most part.

That's more like it ... big takedown for Markus
Grappling tight
A good grapevine is a personal favorite
Wow, so much to like in that scissors
So flexible, Markus' shoulders can nearly touch
Markus smothers the rookie
All of the action is delivered in Movimus’ beautiful, cinematic HD format, which is unlike anyone else’s. It’s not only unique, but perfect for submission wrestling. You can really appreciate the quality with bodies like Markus’ and Angelo’s, as it showcases every muscle brilliantly. And here, with so many moves that stretch, twist and bend their bodies, it's like you're literally there. And who wouldn't want to be?

Overall, there’s 3.5 minutes of stretching, 10 minutes of pure Nero domination and 9 minutes of more competitive action.

I really enjoyed this match. I’m looking forward to seeing the next Nero Angelo match and Dave Markus is still a mega-stud, even if he could probably do better on another day.

What do you think about Nero Angelo? Do you share my interest in seeing more of him? Please let me know in the comments …



  1. I enjoy submission wrestling, but could never get into Movimus. I'm not sure why, as there production and video seem top-notch and there wrestlers, who I've seen in other places, are incredibly attractive, good at what they do, and as you pointed out, very flexible. Perhaps it is the lack of a ring, but Movimus is the only place that has not been able to "hook me".

    1. Thanks for the comment. There are definitely things people rave about that I don't get, although it's more specific videos and wrestlers than companies with me. Still, I get the idea of not being hooked.

      With Movimus, I don't buy a ton, but I do like certain guys and it's a nice change of pace. I think I'd buy more if there were some options with more personal drama/tension with the wrestlers. I don't know if that would change their product and turn off their loyal fans. It's kind of pure the way it is, but there are times I'd like some trash talking or conflict. I'm looking forward to the next Mikey Hanlon/Damien Rush match, because I feel like they're the kind who'll take it there naturally.