Monday, September 21, 2015

Route 69 S307: Youngstown OH

Route 69: Youngstown OH

"Move it, George. Dude towers over me, straddlinover my head. Hey, you deaf? MOVE!"

 Im like, "UNH! My names Jeff. UNH! You fuckin know that, Gunn. UNH! I got five more. UNH!"


Dude puts his hands on the barbell and pushes it down on me. Guess I'm not gettin my set done. He's a big dude, 66/270-lbs. Im not small, 62/220-lbs, but I can't power the barbell up. I gotta shift the barbell so it's over my chest, not my throat. The big man lets up so I rack the weight. I get to my feet fast. I'm pissed and ready to knock this asshole out.

"What the fuck, dude?" He pushes me away and tries to lie down to do his own reps. Fuck that. I grab his shirt and pull him up. He shoves me back and we get into a staredown.

Dude's like, "This is my fucking gym, jobber. Stay outta my way."

I'm like, "Fuck you, Gunn! This ain't your gym. You're just another wrestler like me. Show some fuckin respect."

"Bitch, I'm nothing like you. The fucking AWL is checking me at these Ohio shows. I'm heading to the number two fed in the country. On national TV every week. What've you ever done? Jobbed in the ROW for a few months? Big deal. I'm the star of this fed and I make the rules."

I go, "Yeah? I'm good enough to be headlininagainst you for the next three weeks. So don't act like you're better than me."

Gunn goes, "Bitch, please. You're jobbing for me tonight, because you're a prettyboy that can take a bump and you're here. If Hollywood hadn't hurt his knee, I wouldn't even know who the fuck you are. Now watch me work out like a champ and I'll tell you how I'm gonna squash you."

I laugh, "Did you just use, 'bitch please'? Seriously, dude? Big bad Gunn, the Riot Wrestling heavyweight champion?"

The big man gets serious, "Fuck off. Little man."

Gunn tries to get on the bench again, but I shove him back. I'm defendinmy bench. I tell him, "You're gonna have to knock me out to get on this bench."

The big man takes a swing, but I'm faster. I block the shot and come in with a stiff gut punch. He clubs my back, but I dive over the bench and tackle him to the rubber gym floor. Five seconds later, the other guys are pullinus apart. Gunn strips off his shirt and we're in another staredown.

Things cool down. I go back to workin out, but I keep lookinover at Gunn and he's starin back at me. I know this ain't over.

The Challenge

In the shower, Gunn bumps into me. He whispers, "I'm so gonna fuck you up tonight. Get ready for the stiffest shit you ever faced."

I laugh, "Youre wanna look like a dangerous asshole to your AWL boys? Good luck on that. 'Specially when I take a bad fall 'cause you don't know your shit."

Gunn snarls at me, "You fucking little bitch!"

I tell him, "Dude, you're the fuckin bitch if you wanna beat on me durin our match. You wanna a piece of me? Try fightinme when I can fight back, pussy."

Gunn smirks, "That's what I wanted to hear. Just name the time."

"Tonight. After everyone's gone. Alone in the ring. Lock the door, go at it."

Gunn goes, "Done." He leans in then whispers, "You got the guts for a little wager?"

I'm kinda surprised, but I go, "Yeah, sure. No other way to do it, dude. Ill kick your sorry ass then take it."

Gunn smiles, "Keep dreaming, blondie. You're gonna get me over then you're gonna get me off."

Meetin Up

Gunn and me don't even shower or change. We just wait in our gear for everyone to go. Everyone knows bout Gunn's big chance with the AWL, so when dude tells the guys we need to practice, they let us have the keys and leave the ring up for the night. Round 11:30pm, we meet in the hall after makin sure everyone's gone.

I'm still in my white trunks, pads and boots. My trunks have a thick black waistband with pink pipin and three pink stars. I'm still stretchin out, makin sure everythin is good. I don't get squashed, but I definitely take more abuse than Gunn. Of course, dude wins and keeps his belt, but I'm gettin a good showin. Hollywood gettinhurt sucks, but wrestlin' is a "next man up" kinda business. I feel like I'm doin good with the opportunity.

Gunn's in his black and yellow squarecuts with his wolf logo on the side. He's got spandex coverin his forearms, with fringe hangindown. He looks like a beast, still pumped from the action. He's tryinto intimidate me, but it ain't workin. I've wrestled bigger and better.

We stare each other down then grab our bags and move into the ring area.

It's on.

Jeff vs. Gunn

Dude comes outta his corner fast, hands up. I bounce out to meet him, bein real careful. He's four inches taller than me and that reach makes a difference. Gunn lunges at me. I duck, givinhim a knee to the gut when I go by. The big man stumbles forward and I follow up with a punch to the back.

Gunn spins round, right into my boot slammininto his abs. Dude grunts then I slam my forearm into his head. He falls back into the ropes. I charge in, grab his wrist and whip him across the ring. The big guy bounces off and I'm flyin at him fast. I take him down with a stiff flyin shoulder block. WHAM! I go for a stomp, but he rolls away. He keeps goin, right under the ropes and onto the floor.

Dude starts slammin his hands on the ring apron. He's so fuckinpissed. I think bout goin after him, but he's got his eyes on me. I just wait, pacin across the ring. Gunn climbs back up onto the ring apron then steps over the top rope, showin off. He tilts his head from side to side and rolls his shoulders. The big man is gettin serious now.

I move in. This time, we really do lock up. Two seconds later, I'm flyin back into the ropes when dude throws me back. Gunn flexes, tellinme know the earlier shit was a fluke. I stay focused. Dude is strong, so I gotta concentrate. We lock up again. Same deal. I fly into the ropes. This time, I bounce off, comin at him. He's not surprised, slammininto me with a shoulder block. WHAM! I drop to the mat and he doesnt move. Dude stomps me in the gut.

Gunn leaves his boot on my abs then flexes again, standinover me. When he lifts his boot for another stomp, I roll outta the way. He stomps mat. ARGH! Pain shoots up his leg, givin me time to get to my feet. Dude's fakina little, cause like as soon as I'm up, he sprints at me. The big man clotheslines me back to the mat then stomps my abs again. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He doesn't waste time flexin, just drivin his boot into my gut.

I feel every shot, cause dude's puttinhis 270-lbs into every stomp. He bends over and drags me up. I fight back, but he grabs my neck. Dude lifts me up and chokeslams me to the mat. SLAM! I'm kinda outta it, so he runs back and comes off the ropes. He jumps up for a leg drop, but I roll outta the way. SPLAT! Dude lands hard on his ass, sittinthere and moanin. He's like paralyzed for a second, givinme time to come in behind him.

I lock on a rear chinlock and squeeze. I'm controllinthe big man pretty good. He grabs at my arms, but he can't move em. He tries to roll, but I use my strength to keep him trapped. I know I gotta wear the big man down, so this slow hold is perfect. I keep it up, but dude's too big to keep trapped for a long time. He powers to the left and I gotta move with him.

The angle's changed enough where he can fire an elbow into my abs. OOF! Dude does it again then he powers us up to standin. He's bent over beside me, firin another elbow into my gut. OOF! I bring my knee up into his chest, sendin him back. When he stands up, I dive into his stomach, tacklin him down hard. I sit on his bulge and pound on his abs. I slam my fists in hard, breakin down his core. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Gunn throws me off and we jump to our feet. I go for a surprise kick, but it ain't much of a surprise. The big muscleman grabs my boot. He spins me 180 then puts his head under my left arm and grabs me round the waist. I go to lock on a headlock, but he powers me up fast. Dude slams my ass on his leg with an atomic drop. ARGH! I stumble forward, fallinface first into the corner. Son of a bitch, that hurts!

Just when I start to get up, the big muscledude splashes on my back, crushin me in the corner. OOF! 270-lbs of muscle slammininto you feels like crap. Gunn puts his shoulders in my back and tries to lift me in a torture rack. I grab the top rope with one hand and the bottom rope with my feet. He can't power me up and I get back into the corner.

I turn round fast, but dude's waitin. He grabs my neck and leg. Like one second later, I'm up in the air. The muscleman lifts me up, pressinme over his head. Holy fuck, I'm up high in the overhead press. I'm holdin on, tryin to figure out what to do. Gunn's strong, holdin me high in the press like I weigh nothin.

Dude walks to the ropes then starts talkin, "Champ says 'hi', bitch!"

I'm like, "What?" Gunn tosses me over the top rope. I fall all the way to floor. SPLAT! I barely brace myself, but I hit hard. I'm kinda stunned when Gunn comes down with a boot between my shoulder blades! ARGH! He sits down on my back and cranks up, pullin' me into a camel clutch.

Gunn slaps my head, knowing I'm trapped like a bitch. Fuck, I'm moaning in the hold, fightin' to get loose, but it ain't happenin'. He goes, "Champ's a real good friend of mine. When he heard you were here, he told me all about you. I'm gonna fuck you so hard, Blondie, you'll be walkinfunny for a week."

I can't say shit before dude pushes me outta the camel. He stomps the shit outta my back. Fuck, why do I gotta mess with the big men? Gunn drags me up. He overhead presses me again, this time just tossin' me into the ring like I was nothin'. He follows me in then starts stompinmy abs and pecs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Okay, in case you don't know, Champ's a guy I had a coupla run-ins with back in Ring of Wrestling. He's got the title belt there and I was a rookie. My best buddy Ben's psycho ex, Dylan, sent Champ to mess with me. Dude shaved my head. A few weeks later, I fucked his ass. Figures they'd know each other, both beinpro wrestlers from the Midwest. Explains why Gunn picked this fight. And I walked right into it.

Gunn does a real number on me. He drags me up then slams me down. SLAM! The big man stomps me again, makin' fun of me. Before I can do shit, I'm up again, gettin' slammed again. More stomps. More talkin' trash. With the slams and stomps, I'm feelinlike shit. Gunn drags me up and puts me on my knees. He holds my hair then pulls his trunks down in the front. Dude slaps my face with his monster dick. The big man's already hard and leakin, linin my cheeks and lips with pre-cum.

The big man tries to shove it in my mouth. I fight him, but then I think smarter. I grab his dick with my mouth and suck him off. He's gettinoff on it, but he's an idiot. I ain't submitted. All he's doinis givinme time.

"Yeah, you bitch, suck that cock. I'm gonna - WHOA!"

I pull Gunn's legs right out from under him, trippinhim onto his ass. His trunks snap back up, but the top half of his dick is stickinout the top of his trunks, halfway up his abs. I dive forward, givinhim an elbow to his gut. I come down on his big cock head and he squeals like a bitch.

Gunn's like, "You dirty fuckin' prick!"

I flick his dick head, tellin him, "Naw, not my fault your dick's above your belt, dumbass." Nothin' turns a match 'round faster than cock and ball shots. Best part is, I'm right. He's the idiot who whipped it out.

Gunn tries to shove his cock back in, but I ain't givin' him the chance. I give him another elbow. He tries to roll, but I force him back onto his back. I drop knees into his gut, smashinhis meat into his abs every time. Dude is cryin out, tryin to stuff his cock back in his trunks. I smack his hand away and keep up the punishment. When I got him softened up, I drag him up.

The big man's grabbin for his bulge while I pick him up. I slam his abs and cock down on my leg with a gutbuster. When I push him off, his shaft is soft and it slides back into his trunks, like a turtle pullinits head in. Gunn rolls away, swearin real loud. I go for him, but he gets outta the ring again. He bends over and rubs his cock.

I'm not lettin him rest up. I go, "It's your own fault, big man."

Gunn stands up to mouth off, but I'm vaultinover the top rope. I tackle him to the floor. Lucky for him the mats are still down, cause I crush him with my flyin 220-lbs. I drag him up and push him back in the ring. I climb up on the apron while Gunn gets to his feet. Dude charges at me, but I duck, pullin the top rope down with me. The muscledude flies over top, fallin on the floor below.

I drop down and drag his sorry ass up again. Dude limps, so I stomp his sore leg. He drops down like a house of fuckin cards in a tornado. I ask if he's done, but he tells me to fuck off. That's cool with me. I drag him up and push him back into the ring. I climb the corner behind him, crouchinon the top turnbuckle. When he gets up, I slam into Gunn with a flyinshoulder block that flattens him.

I grab his legs, fold em over mine and flip him over. I sit back with the sharpshooter locked on. I tell him, "Your buddy, Champ, taught me this one. How you like it?"

"UNH! UNH! Fuck!"

I crank hard then slam my free fist into his sore knee. That's all it takes for the big muscleman to become my big musclebitch.

"GIVE! Aw fuck, I give!"

I drop Gunn's legs and stand up. Dude is moaninand cursin. He gets up and tries to walk off the knee pain. Dude is tellinme I'm lucky he has these tryouts or he woulda kept goin. I tell him he's full of shit. The big guy's such a fuckin idiot, he starts challenginme to go again.

Okay, sounds good to me. I kick the muscledude in the gut. He bends forward, I grab his head. I swing and twist, puttinhim down with a swingin neckbreaker that has him outta it on the mat. I get on the big man, hook his good leg up nice and high then count the pin.

ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. THREE! Dude still ain't movinunder me, so I go for a few more. FOUR! Pause. FIVE! Pause. SIX! Pause. SEVEN! Pause. EIGHT! Pause. NINE! Pause. TEN!

I let his leg down then slap his face. SLAP! "Now I gotta submission and a fuckin ten-count, you big bitch. Got more to say?"

Gunn rolls onto his side. He grabs the ropes and stands up. Dude says, "I wasn't ready and you know it."

I look at him, knowin exactly what he's thinkin. Dude bounces against the ropes then comes at me with a runninclothesline. I see it comin and duck under it. I give him a boot to the back then move in behind him. I put us back-to-back, grab his head and bend forward, pullin him up on my back.

As soon as I lock on the hangman, Gunn's moaninlike crazy. He fights it. I balance him with one hand then reach back and lock his boot in front of my thigh. I do it again and he's done. The big man submits again.

"Fuck! Let me down!"

Instead of droppin him, I keep him up, just to be an ass. I'm like, "You askin or you tellin?"


"Okay man, you shoulda said so the first time. I'm not the kinda guy who -"


I drop Gunn down, figurin he's learned a real good lesson. I put my boot on his chest and flex over him. The big man's done, but I wanna hear him admit it. Dude set me up. I don't owe him shit. I sit behind Gunn and drag his head between my legs. I lock him up tight then knock on his head. The muscleman squirms round in the head scissors, but I keep him trapped.

I'm like "We done? Or you gonna keep bitchin'til I put you out? Or worse. No AWL tryouts if you can't walk."

Gunn's gotta think big picture. He admits, "Yeah. Fuck. We're done."

The Stakes

I grab Gunn's title belt from outside the ring. I put it round my waist then go back in the ring. Gunn's up and kneelin, fuckinpissed as hell. I walk up and get right in his face with his belt sittinon my bulge. Dude tries to look away. Nah, that's not happenin. I grab his hair and push his face into the belt, makin sure his mouth goes on my sweaty spandex pouch.

I make him look up then flex for him. "I look good in this belt, right? C'mon bitch, you gotta admit it." Gunn doesn't say shit. I'm feelinpretty cocky. I go, "What're you gonna tell your buddy Champ now, bitch?"

Gunn's like, "Fuck you."

I gotta laugh, "You got that backwards."

Gunn just stares at me, "Just do it already."

WHACK! I punch him in the head. Gunn goes flyindown onto the mat. I kneel down and grab his hair, pullinhis face up, "You don't gimme orders. You got it, you fuckind-bag?"

Gunn nods, lookin worried. Good, he gets I'm serious. I drop his head, lettin him shake it off. I make him get up then scoop him up. Dude just hangs over my shoulder, lettin me have my way with him. I carry him over to the corner then hang him in a tree of fuckin woe. I pull off my trunks then tie up his ankles in em. He ain't goinnowhere, so I kneel over him.

I slap dude's face with my cock. He makes a face like it's gross, so I do it some more, makin sure I get him all over. I put my balls on his nose, makin sure he gets a good whiff. After gettina good laugh, I put my cock over his mouth. Gunn doesn't take my head, so I reach up and grab his balls. When I squeeze, dude opens his mouth to moan. I shove my dick in and hold it there, makin him gag on that shit.

I pull out and let go of his balls. "We can do this easy. We can do it hard. You don't go with this, it's gonna be awfully hard on your balls, bitch."

Gunn's mouth opens up. This time, he takes my meat like a good little cocksucker. I move my hips, workin my dick in his mouth. His face is turninred from bein upside down so long, but I don't give a crap. I'm makinthis last.

When dude has me nice and hard, I get up and unhook his legs. Gunn falls at my feet. I grab his hair and drag him to the middle of the ring. The big man goes along, endin up lyin on his back. I make him lift his legs high and back, showin me his hole.

"After you talk to Champ bout who got fucked better, you gotta lemme know. He was a pretty hot power bottom, so you gotta lot to live up to, bitch."

I spit on a couple of fingers then slide em in. He's moaninand makin faces. Shit, I think he's a fuckin virgin. Gunn picked this fight, but now I kinda feel for the guy. I know what it's like. I've only been fucked twice and it fuckin hurt like a bitch the first time. I'm bigger than the guys who fucked me, so I know Gunn's not gonna like this.

I tell him to relax. I figure I'll take it slow, but I don't tell him that. Gunn doesn't say shit, just closes his eyes and grits his teeth. "That ain't relaxed, bitch." I force my fingers in deeper. He groans then chills, lettin em open him up. I see him breathin slow, "Yeah, that's it."

I pull my fingers out, jerk my cock hard then slide on a condom. I push my way in, workin it slow and givin him time to adjust. This can't be easy, but it looks like Gunn's takin mine better than I took Kyle's for my first time. When I start pumpin, he actually goes with it.

"You better appreciate how cool I'm bein. I coulda split you in two, bitch."

I build up steam, ridin his ass faster and faster. Now that he's loose, I pound the shit outta his hole. Fucker will be feelinthis for a while when I'm done. Turns out, Gunn's not a bad bottom, either. The big man starts gettin into it. I push him up more until he's bent into a ball, on his shoulders with his big butt stickin up. I get over top and come down, piledrivin his tight ass.

Dude's face is red, tryin to hold on. I'm really slammininto him. Gunn begs me to switch positions, sayin his neck can't take it no more. I slide out and drag him up. I toss him into the corner and tell him to bend over. The big man grabs the turnbuckle like it's a fuckinlife preserver and he just jumped off the fuckin Titanic.

I shove my cock in all the way on the first try this time then pound him some more. When I get close, I drop him to his knees in front of me. I make him stick out his tongue then fire my load on it. I fill his mouth with my seed then grab his face. I hold his mouth shut, makin him wash my cum round then swallow it all.

Gunn gags on my big load, but he's bein a good boy. I drag him back to the middle of the ring and make him get on his back. I pose over him some more, makin sure he takes it all in. I tear off the championship belt off and drop it on his chest. I tell him I better see more respect outta him from now on. I'm the better man and he's only champ cause some promoter dude says he is.

I chill, watchin while dude cleans up the ring. I make sure he does a real nice job then I head to the shower. Gunn follows me, head down, not sayin nothin. Stupid bitch is waddlin, tryinto get the feelin of my dick outta his ass.

In the Back

In the shower, Gunn's really washin his ass. I go, "First time gettinfucked?"

Gunn's like, "Yeah."

I tell him, "Keep messin with people and it won't be the last, bitch."

I can tell he wants to go at me, but he holds back. We had a match. Dude lost. He knows it's gotta be over for now. Gunn also knows he needs me more than I need him. We got shows in Dayton and Zanesville cominup. He's gotta do good for these AWL scouts and he needs me for that. By the time we're showered and changed, Gunn's askin me bout practicin together.

I'm cool bout it, figurin he's learned his lesson. Maybe he'll wanna fuck with me some other time, but we're good for now.

On my way back to the motel, I think bout things. This is the second fed where I fucked the champ's ass. Last time, I got canned pretty much right after I did it. I kinda wonder how this deal will work out. Oh well, can't do shit bout it now.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Ha I really love the attitude coming out of Jeff...what a bad ass! He really bitched this guy up and wasnt going to bullshit from this guy. It feels like he is accepting who he is and he doesnt give a fuck if he screws with the big guys. Doesnt care for the politics. Perhaps thats what he needed! He wants to be big he has to earn the respect of the big guys out of the ring.
    Anyways its amazing that you are bringing this series to its full fruition. Its amazing that you wrote so many stories and you made Ben and Jeff characters I cared for. Thank you for your great gift and may Ben and Jeff "Live Long and Prosper"!

    1. The biggest compliment I get is that my characters feel like real people and readers care about them, so thank you for saying that.

    2. Alex R:

      Your welcome Alex! I think although I cant compare my life to theirs in many ways there are many comparisons. I do have to say that I can imagine that right now there are a couple of friends travelling to a wrestling show somewhere with the dream of making it. I can relate to that. Kudos to all of them!

  2. Not gonna lie, I love when Jeff loses, but this story was so hot that I may have converted to team Jeff! Loved the voice, and the dominance in this story!

    1. Great, thanks! There are a lot of stories where I'd almost like to do what Lucky Stallion does and have both versions. In this case, I knew from the start. After losing to Derek, Duke and Champ (the first time), I figured maybe it was time for Jeff to finally beat a pro wrestling federation's alpha male.

  3. Love Jeff! Love despite his obvious dominance, his sensitivity, thoughtfulness and consideration for Gunn; I love that Jeff is such a "good guy"! (Loved Gunn too!) Love it when the poor big guys get more than they expect.

    1. Thanks! Jeff is a good guy. And luckily for Gunn, Jeff knows what it's like to be on the losing end now, so he's a bit more sympathetic than he might've been at the beginning of the series.