Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review: Damien Rush vs. Vasily Volkov (BGEast)

I was really excited to see this Hunkbash 17 match in the latest BGEast catalogue. Damien Rush is a guy that I think is ridiculously hot, but I haven't seen a lot of. This is the second BGE match I've seen with him then I have one wrestling match, plus a few superhero videos from MDW. And Vasily Volkov looks gorgeous in the still images. Of course they held it off VOD for a month, so I waited and waited, finally getting to rent it a couple of weeks ago.

Yeah, I wanted this for the hot studs

Overall, I thought it was a good match. Not a classic, but I got what I thought I was renting. Now the catalogue sells hard, floating the idea of a surprise, but this match goes exactly as I expected it to. That's not a bad thing. I rented it specifically to see the guys and they're great.

Physically, the guys are very different, making for a great contrast.

For me, Damien Rush is a perfect handsome hairy hunk. Here, he looks massive, much bigger than I've seen him before. His arms are especially impressive. All his pale muscle is covered in a fantastic layer of trimmed dark fur. He fills out his tight orange trunks nicely and looks great posing or in action.

The cocky heel in control
Great move with the thrust added in

In small, tight briefs, the tanned Volkov is great looking, too, but in a completely different way. He's tall, smooth and blond with a sleeker muscular body. He still looks powerful, which is good because with Damien as big as he is, it's tough to believe he could be overpowered. Volkov works as a credible opponent.

Vasily is hot
He's convincingly powerful

Beyond looks, I really like Damien Rush's character, but while Volkov is sexy, he probably needs some coaching. In fact, the biggest contrast between the two guys ends up being their personalities. With huge muscles and a hairy physique, Rush could be a master heel, but from what I've seen, his BGE character is a cowardly heel clown. He's very vocal throughout the match, boasting, begging, and narrating his emotions and experiences. It was a little too much at times, but I appreciate the effort.

Volkov, on the other hand, is barely audible, except when uttering a few random phrases, like "I am the best in the world" in his Russian accent. He suffers in silence, visually showing pain, but if you had the sound off, it would be the same experience. Well, almost the same experience, because the hairy heel keeps talking. It feels like Volkov's lack of demonstrative selling is as frustrating to Rush as it was to me. Damien encourages him to make some kind of noise as he's being tortured, but Volkov doesn't take the hint. It might be why Damien feels like he's overselling a little as he might have felt the need to compensate for the quiet giant.

Volkov manhandles Rush 
Volkov showing his power

This 3-fall match was very much like a Rock Hard Wrestling match in structure and action. It's not really back-and-forth as much as each guy gets long periods of domination and control during each round. There's a lot of flexing by the winners after each fall. The only addition is a very short after match punctuation move that seals the victory.

The wrestling is really strong. These guys know their moves, which seems to be a BGE trademark. There's a good mix of power and submission holds, which you can probably tell from the  JPGs and GIFs. 

Damien is a powerful man
But the Russian knows bearhugs, too 
Beautiful camel clutch
Ah, "the climb" ... always a favorite of mine
(it's slower during the match, but the GIF speeds it up)

In the end, I'm definitely glad I rented it. Hot guys. Great gear. Pro setting. Quality action. It has a lot of sizzling moments and works no matter who you want to see dominant or controlled (although Volkov still needs to work on his selling).

I know some of you must have watched this by now. What did you think? If you haven't seen this, are you interested? And what's your opinion of these guys?



  1. Great review. I haven't watched this yet, but have watched another recent release with Cameron Matthews vs Zach Reno (whom I love). I have the same problems you have had, the match was too vocal, or too loud. There was way too much boasting, begging, and narration, so fake that it reminded me the worst of WWE.

    I haven't been that disappointed in a BGE match for a long time. Anyway I will probably check this out. It does sound pretty hot.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you found the review helpful. In no way was I disappointed in this match, but Rush does talk a lot.