Monday, April 25, 2016

Quick Hit: Tak vs. Talon (Thunder's Arena)

I made this a quick hit because you likely already know if you will like this match or not. Tak and Talon are established wrestlers in Thunders Arena with strong and consistent track records. I don't think you will be surprised by either of them in this match.

If you like what they do, you will like this. If you don't, you won't. I do, so I did. There, review pretty much done, so enjoy the GIFs and images.

Boys being boys

I could say that both guys are looking their best, but that's obviously a subjective assessment. However, I don't think it's subjective to say that they are both on point in every other aspect - charisma, chemistry and action.

Tak and Talon look damn good

Talon looks even more ripped to me

Tak is his usual cocky self, antagonizing yet another musclehunk into a confrontation. I think that Tak looks bigger than normal and it's a good look for him. If their characters were different, Tak could be believably competitive with Talon. But that's not the storyline of this video. Talon's character is the dominator, not the dominated. Tak really only gets two moves, otherwise he's the clear victim. I will say that the sleeper goes for a long time and Talon does a good selling it, so I found it extremely hot.

One of Tak's two moves
The sleeper is long and hot
But Talon on top is the story of this video

Talon looks great in his tiny blue gear. It's a departure from his usual look (you know, the blue squarecuts with the loose, swaying pouch that can't handle him). I like the change as it adds a new element to his look - a prominent posterior as he preens and poses. I don't remember Talon's butt being so out there, so I have to think it has to be the gear change.

Talon puts it out there

And maybe it's the gear, but he also looks more ripped than in any other video of his that I own. He seems to have a narrower waist, which makes his legs, chest and shoulders look even bigger. He certainly has none of the hair or bulk that he adds later, so if that's your preferred look, you won't agree with me that he looks his best here.

There's a ton of flexing here. It's much more than I like, but it's a 24-minute video, so you'll still get the usual 15-16 minutes of action from a Thunders video. As well, the camera lovingly and frequently zooms in close on Talon's pouch and butt, sometimes to the detriment of seeing the action. It's clear where the focus is meant to be.

Standing scissors bring the focus to Talon's ... "midsection"
I'm sure Tak is selling great down there,
but the camera has a one track mind

The action is mostly standard Thunders, although I really enjoyed Talon's use of his legs here. The standing head and body scissors are a favorite of mine, especially when the guy has thighs like Talon. I appreciated that it's a featured hold here with multiple versions and moments.

And of course Tak gets pressed into the sky. Impressively, Talon holds this bigger Tak up for a long 30 seconds.

Love the standing head scissors

It wouldn't be a "Tak the Jobber" match without a press

It takes 30 seconds before Tak is allowed to come down

So just to sum up, fans of Tak and/or Talon should be happy with this one. I enjoyed it, but what do you think? Are you interested? If you watched it, did you like it?



  1. Judging by the gifs ou posted, Talon is at his best here indeed.

    Before I met your blog, I've never cared too mich about gear. But, boy, they make all the difference sometime.

    Speaking of which, when you wrestle, what is your favorite gear to use?

    1. I actually share my gear philosophy in a post next week (5/4). I'm actually pretty chill when it comes to wearing gear. For me, it's all about context. I don't want to spoil my post, so I'll leave it there. :)

    2. Haha, ok! Sorry about almost spoiling your post.

    3. No worries. You guys are often way ahead of me, so it's cool that were in sync.

  2. You asked if those of us who watched this match liked it...come on! LOL Is there anything not to like? ;)

    In this match Talon is literally breath---taking. His body is a masterpiece to behold. I just hope he gets back to this level of definition soon!

    You know it took me a few years to come around to TAK unlike a lot of others, but for the past year or so I've come to appreciate two things about him: 1. despite his small frame he is still very sexy 2. his ability to bring out the best from his opponents.

    Not that Talon here needed much help, but I love how TAK's taunts really grind into the psyche of the guys he is matched up against which gets them to usually come out of their shell verbally and physically (see the recent TAK-Travis match for demonstration).

    But back to Talon...just look at him...he is an Adonis in this match. His ample assets, the sweat glistening off of his tight skin, the humiliating domination of the much smaller and weaker TAK. This match is the Charles Atlas bully on the beach cartoon come to life.

    P.S. What I would give to have my head crushed between Talon's thighs as he flexes over me during a standing head-scissors...I hope TAK realizes what an enviable position he was in!

    1. Thanks for the validation! I don't like to take anything for granted, but I did feel like it was a clear winner. And I agree - Talon is more defined here. I thought so. He's always great looking, but it seemed like he was extra ripped here.