Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Lazlo Kohl vs. Masked Menace (BGE)

Another BGEast catalog 113 match review today. This time, it's a match I VOD'ed from Masked Destroyers. From the first preview on the Arena, I knew I wanted Lazlo Kohl vs. Masked Menace. Now, both these guys are rookies, but one of them stood out for reasons I'll explain and the images really sold me that this could be very cool.

It's Lazlo Kohl vs. Masked Menace

Lazlo Kohl is a guy I was immediately drawn to. With his blond close-cropped hair, mustache and smooth body, he is a very specific look that you likely either get or you don't. When you put him in bright yellow pro trunks and a pro ring, it takes him to a new level. For me, the look is right out of a small-time indie federation based in somewhere like South Carolina or Georgia.

There's no real story here, but odds are your brain will create one. Are they rivals? Is this a veteran breaking in a newbie? Is it training? Anything could be true, but it feels likes there's a relationship here based on the chemistry between the two and they're near-immediate acceptance of their roles.

With all due respect to the writer of the catalog description, it's funny to read it after seeing the match. Here's what they say ...

... the mustached rookie has a boatload of back alley brawling on his resume, but precious little legitimate wrestling experience. He prefers his sexual exploits mixed with equal parts open-faced aggression and winner-takes-all carnal delight. When he likes what he sees, he takes it, and there are few men with the strength or skill (or will) to deny him.

It talks about Kohl like he's this rough and tumble badass, but you never see that side of him. In fact, I have a very different take on the "mustached rookie". Kohl is pretty much two donuts shy of being a perfect soft-bellied jobber. He willingly embraces his own destruction as he gives himself to the masked man right from the start.

Kohl gets opened wide

Of course it's not all about Kohl. There is a great mature masked heel, too. I think he looks better on video than in still images. Masked Menace has a small, taut, muscular body that is nicely dusted with gray hair. He's head to toe in green, with a tight and revealing singlet and pro boots. However, it's obviously the mask that sets the tone.

They start with a silent face off. Kohl flexes, allowing Menace to inspect him from biceps to manhood. When the roles are reversed, the masked heel sets the tone, slapping the jobber silly when he dares to reach for the heel's prominent bulge.

Menace sends a clear message

From there on out, the masculine and muscular masked man dominates Kohl completely in an unbridled squash. Kohl is dominated on every level, submitting multiple times. The eroticism level is sky high throughout the match as the jobber is manhandled.

Menace is a savvy shopper, checking
out the goods before he buys

Menace likes what he feels

Yep, the masked man owns this jobber

At this point, you kind of get the match. But then it changes and the untold story truly unfolds. Wrestling Arsenal could do wonders with the psychology of this match. I can't match his in-depth analysis or ability to explain the deep meaning of the events, but I'll try my best.

See, the jobber fights back. He gets control then a submission. What? Shocking, right? Yes, but Kohl shows his true jobber colors. See, he makes his desires clear to us and to the heel. He never wanted to win. He just wanted to prove himself to the mature masked man.

Can we just admire this reversal for a moment?

Kohl gives Masked Menace a better view

Yes, jobber, you are worthy

How do I know this? Is this just my overactive imagination? Am I assuming facts not in evidence?

No. Okay, maybe. Regardless, the next thing that happens is that the jobber forces the masked man into the corner. When the blond stud flexes, it's clear that he's silently asking Masked Menace for approval. He's asking, "Am I worthy?" The older heel reaches up and caresses the biceps, acknowledging that Kohl is a man worth owning.

With respect earned, the jobber literally hands himself back over to Masked Menace. He allows their positions to be reversed. He is eagerly whipped across the ring and owned once again, knowing the reward of losing will be worth it. When he is finally led out of the ring by his yellow-spandex-wrapped cock, the jobber is getting what he wants. The viewer is led to feel envy, not sympathy, for the loser.

Back to business

The jobber embraces his role

Not exactly an unwilling loser

The holds are sexy and fun. There's quite a few and they're all applied well. I had to really be choosy on what images to use. I easily could've posted 20. The match is slow (in a good way), with Kohl's resolve repeatedly tested. Like a good jobber, he refuses to give too quickly, but Masked Menace is up to the task. He knows how to bend, squeeze and stretch a submission out of his new boy over and over.

In the end, I enjoyed this match a heckuva lot. It's sexy and erotic in a surprising and engaging way that you don't see very often. I love Kohl's "only at BGEast" look and his attitude. I just love jobbers who aren't victims, but I especially love jobbers who happily own their role. There are a few out there and Kohl does it very well here.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take (and Bard's, if you click the link). What's yours?



  1. Actually I believe you captured the psychology of the match perfectly -- "asking the Masked Menace for approval," "handing himself back over," and our feelings of "envy, not sympathy." Thanks for this brilliant, intelligent review, and thanks for the shout out.

    1. Wow, thanks! High praise indeed. I love your blog, so I'm really glad you liked the review.