Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 9

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll wrestle Thor anytime. Fuck, that's awesome!"

I just smile as I sit on the sofa, listening to my 22-year old boyfriend Jae. He's on the phone with Ryan, my best friend and business partner. We're the 29-year old co-owners of The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company.

Happy Jae

From the mention of Thor, I can guess what's being arranged. Jae sounds like a kid, bouncing in front of me as he works out the details. I'm amused by his enthusiasm at the chance to step into the wrestling ring with a bigger, older, more experienced muscleman.

For the past few months, Jae's been wrestling as SuperStar, our Superman analog. He has a mixed record, winning some, losing some, but he's become a fan favorite either way. It's not surprising. Jae's perfectly cast as one of our leading heroes. He's a 5'11"/200-lbs, well-built, half-Asian muscleman with flawless tanned skin. He has heaving pecs, a thin waist, chiseled six-pack and spectacular ass. Add to that his confident in-ring presence and ability to suffer beautifully and he's the whole package. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he's got a terrific package, too.

Ryan is obviously setting up a match for him against our version of Thor, the Norse Thunder God. The Cave's Thor is a rugged red head, just like in Norse mythology. He's a masculine beast, with a square jaw, big muscles and a brawling style that enables him to beat down most of his opponents before he gives them his "hammer".

Our Thor

Thor is north of 40 years old, but the years have only made him hotter. He's 6' tall and 210-lbs of chiseled granite. He wears no mask, just small leather gear - trunks, wristlets, pro boots - plus a long red cape to the ring. He moved away last year before I ever even met Jae, but I guess he's coming back to town.

When Jae hangs up, he sees my smirk. He walks up close, "You obviously overheard."

"I did. When?"

"Day after tomorrow."

"Cool. Not much time to get ready. He's tough."

"I know, but he's is only in town for a few days and it's his only opening. He asked for me, specifically, though. That's cool, right? I just couldn't turn it down. He's one-of-a-kind on The Cave roster and he wants me. Fuck, I'm getting hard just thinking about it."

"Trust me, I see that." I grab Jae by the wrist, pulling him closer to me as I move to the front edge of the sofa. I slide my fingers inside the waistband of his athletic shorts, dropping them down to the floor. His swelling cock springs free. As he steps out of the shorts, I worship his smooth muscles.

I reach up and rub his meaty pecs. Jae flexes for me as I let him slap my face with his hard cock. I slide my hands down his abs then caress his legs. I work them around the back then cup his mountainous ass. While I fondle him, I kiss his abs before I go down on his manhood. Jae moans as I grab his cock in my mouth.

I suck my boyfriend as he runs his fingers through my hair. I work him hard, playing with his ass and balls. It doesn't take long before Jae's shooting his load down my throat. I take it all, gulping his seed then cleaning his magnificent rod. After I extract a load, I guide him on top of me on the sofa. We make out a little, but he quickly goes to work on my body.

Jae strips me and we make love. It feels so good as he tops me, shooting again, this time inside the latex pouch inside me. When he's done, we switch. He works my huge cock then I ride him, safely unleashing my seed as I'm inside him. When we're done, we cuddle on the floor, spooning with me on the outside.

There was a time when I worried about Jae wrestling. I was overly protective and controlling. I've worked on it and now, the idea of him wrestling, win or lose, only excites me. Oh fuck, Jae's spinning and mounting me, already ready for another round.

The Intros

Two days later and I'm in the locker room with Jae. We've applied the temporary chest tattoo of his inspiration's famous 'S' shield, he's got his red pro boots, tiny red trunks with yellow waistband and blue forearm gauntlets on. His red cape is draped on his shoulders. He is pacing, working through the match as the reality of wrestling a mature muscleman like Thor is settling in. Yeah, it's hot to fantasize, but when you're being slammed, stomped and mauled, you better focus on wrestling.

With Jae ready, I make my way to hide in the back of the arena, safely tucked out of the way as I wait for the match to start. It's a best two-out-of-three stakes match. There's a ton of subtext to the match. Superman vs. Thor. DC's strongest vs. Marvel's strongest. Alien vs. god. Beyond that, we've got age and body differences. It's just a great matchup.

SuperStar gets introduced first. He emerges from the back, his blue face mask in place. He flexes and stretches for the cameras. I notice the red briefs are already tenting a little in anticipation. I've worked with the hero on training, but I get it. I'm not sure there's much we could've done here to make him less excited.

When SuperStar is done, Thor comes out. Oh fuck, he's so awesome. From the Thunder God's red hair and square jaw to his leather gear, he remains the picture of rugged manliness. Thor fills out his costume better than ever. I can't help but lust after him a little. After he discards his hammer and cape, he shows off his magnificent body. Yum.

I eagerly ring the bell. It's go time.

Round One

The two heroes circle. Both are pumped and ready, looking their best. They meet for a collar-and-elbow lockup. After only a few seconds of straining, Thor shoves SuperStar backwards into the opposite corner. CLANG! He flexes then shakes his head, "So you're what passes for 'Super' these days? Disappointing."

The younger stud just nods and moves in. When they lock up, SuperStar moves his foot behind Thor's then twists and shoves. The Thunder God topples onto his ass. The cocky hero flexes, "Super enough for you now?"

Thor smirks and nods, rising to his feet. SuperStar charges in, slamming into the rising musclebeast with a hard shoulder block that sends him stumbling back into the ropes. The younger musclestud follows in with a clothesline that flips the big man over the top rope. He does a full 360, landing on his feet on the floor below before tripping onto his ass again.

SuperStar backs up, arms raised and flexing. He pounds his chest, "C'mon, Thor! Woo!"

The Thunder God rises to his feet, looking more focused. He paces the ringside before cautiously climbing in. The younger muscleman is definitely proving his worth. SuperStar crouches, ready to pounce, but he lets the Thunder God climb all the way in. The red-haired musclebeast stares down his opponent as they circle the ring once again.

Thor stops and raises his right arm, opening and closing his hand. SuperStar recognizes the universal invitation for a test of strength. He nods and moves in, accepting the challenge. Oh fuck, I love this. The two icons lock one hand, their muscles already tensing. They raise their other arm and cautiously bring their other hand in.

As soon as they're locked up, the heroes start straining. Within seconds, their grunts and groans are filling the arena. Their muscles are throbbing and flexing. The faces of two mighty studs show the determination as their necks are pop from the strain. Thor's upper body turns red as the ginger stud fights for domination.

SuperStar holds his own, adjusting and countering the incredible power of his opponent. They slam chests, four heaving pecs crushed against each other. Thor vs. Superman, locked in an epic struggle. Awesome. They keep fighting, but suddenly the Thunder God exerts a little more force and SuperStar starts to struggle. He cries out as he's driven to one knee, unable to withstand the mighty strength of the musclebeast.

Thor roars as he pushes down, driving the younger hero to a submissive position. It looks over, but SuperStar bursts up with rush of adrenaline, his legs swelling with newfound force. Back to even, neither stud will relent. Thor surprises the musclestud with a shift and twist that drops their arms. SuperStar's wrists are bent back.

SuperStar is forced onto his toes, trying to ease the pain. His moans have gotten higher pitched and faster. Thor commands, "Give in, I've won the contest!" The younger hero responds by leaping up, planting his feet on Thor's gigantic thighs. The musclestud falls back, pulling the musclebeast forward then flipping him over. WHOA! Thor lands on his ass. PLOP!

Both men rise, but the younger hero is up first. He hits a dropkick to Thor's back, sending the surprised ginger muscleman into the corner, front first. Charging in from behind, SuperStar leaps up, driving his knee between the musclebeast's broad shoulders. THUD! Thor crashes into the corner as SuperStar bounces back.

The younger hero is moving fast. He grabs hold of the thick red hair then uses it to smash Thor's face into the top turnbuckle. WHACK! He tries again, but Thor has the power to block the move, using his arms to brace. He fires back with an elbow to SuperStar's meaty left pec. THUD! He spins with his forearm, clubbing it across the musclestud's head. CRACK!

SuperStar backs away, but Thor grabs the front of his red trunks. He pulls the younger hero into a hard fist to the abs. POW! OOF! The musclestud tries to back up, but he's pulled into another hard gut punch by the stretchy fabric. POW! OOF! The musclebeast scoops his prey up across his chest then body slams him to the mat. WHAM!

Thor stomps the younger hero's torso, driving his big boots into his bulging pecs and chiseled abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! SuperStar tries to deflect the blows, but the Thunder God easily kicks away his arms. The musclestud tries to roll away, but when he exposes his back, Thor grabs him around the waist from behind.

The musclebeast drags SuperStar up into a reverse bearhug, crushing the smooth musclestud against his rock hard body. Moans echo through the arena as Thor squeezes tighter and tighter. He shakes the helpless hunk, keeping him off-balance and unable to counter. The powerful arms hold him firmly in place, draining the energy from the younger hero.

SuperStar is noticeably weaker as his thin midsection is collapsed. He is grunting softly, unable to even get a full breath behind his suffering. He won't give, though. Thor squats them slightly then springs up, throwing his prey up and over with a belly-to-back suplex. WHOA! WHAM! The younger hero lands hard on his neck and shoulders.

When Thor releases the hold, SuperStar rolls onto his side, gripping behind his head. The Thunder God drags the ailing hero to his feet then scoops him up again. They're not that different in size, but somehow the younger muscleman looks tiny now. Thor completed a lap around the ring, demonstrating his complete control then executes a stiff body slam. WHAM!

The Thunder God drags SuperStar up again. The younger hero fires a fist into the solid stomach of the musclebeast. THUD! Thor is unfazed, even chuckling a little. The musclestud shakes out his hand as he's pulled up into a front facelock. The older hunk reaches to grab the red trunks, but his opponent isn't done yet. SuperStar reverses the hold, coming up behind with a hammerlock.

SuperStar forces the big musclebeast's wrist up his back higher and higher. Thor tries to counter with elbows, but they miss. He tries to twist free, but the younger stud counters every attempt. SuperStar puts his boot against the back of Thor's knee, forcing the big man down. The musclestud switches to a chinlock, trying to wear Thor down.

Thor grunts as he kneels in the chinlock, sweat coating both men's muscles. Suddenly, he whips his hands back grabbing SuperStar by the head. He leans forward quickly, flipping the younger hero over his shoulder and down onto his back. WHAM! The Thunder God brings a big fist down onto SuperStar's forehead, dazing the handsome stud. CRACK!

With SuperStar stunned, Thor drags him up for another body slam. WHAM! He pulls his victim up then locks on a bearhug, bringing their ripped bodies together. THUD! The mighty Thunder God shakes and squeezes as he crushes the life out of his opponent. The younger musclestud groans and gasps, fighting just to breathe.

SuperStar can't seem to focus enough to use any of the counters we've practiced. Every time he tries, Thor finds a new store of energy to increase the force and end the resistance. The Thunder God's muscles keep growing as he squeezes and squeezes. The younger hero hangs back limp as all his strength is drained from him.

The red-haired musclebeast commands, "Submit! Give into my power!"

SuperStar shakes his head as it dangles back. Thor gives another thrust, tensing as he crushes the helpless hero against his massive muscles. Sweat drips from the younger hero as he struggles and strains to hold on against the unbelievable power of the Thunder God. He gasps, unable to even get a full breath. Finally, he has no choice.

The musclestud hero swings his hand up and taps the shoulder of his dominator. He whispers as loud as he can manage, "Give! Give! Give!"

Thor releases the powerful vice, allowing SuperStar to breathe once again. The younger hero collapses down into the pool of sweat that sits in the middle of the ring. He moans and holds his midsection, coughing and gasping every so often.

The powerful Thunder God puts his boot on the suffering SuperStar's shoulder and flexes his arms for the cameras, reveling in his first-fall victory. The pride is evident on the muscular ginger's face as he only looks bigger and stronger than ever, while SuperStar looks small and drained.

Meanwhile, the five-minute clock starts counting down for round two. I hope it's enough time.

Round Two

I ring the bell and round two starts. The younger hero is resilient, looking remarkably refreshed for a guy who was just bearhugged into submission just five minutes ago. The two heroes circle the ring, their muscles pumped from the first round.

Almost immediately after they lock up, Thor surprises SuperStar by pushing down instead of back. The musclestud stumbles and drops to a knee. The red-haired musclebeast forces his opponent into a standing head scissors. The younger stud grunts when he's locked between the granite thighs that grip his head.

Thor flexes his legs, increasing the pressure. ARGH! SuperStar grips the back of the thick legs, holding on for dear life as his head is crushed. The Thunder God lifts his arms for a double bicep pose, showing off his dominance. Impressive, but I'm more impressed as the trapped musclestud does a one-legged squat and rises, flipping the ginger muscleman over with a back body drop. WHAM!

SuperStar turns then stomps the mature muscle of his powerful foe. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He focuses on the core, driving his boots into the rock hard abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The younger hero pauses then leaps into the air, doing a flip then splashing down onto the Thunder God. SPLAT! With Thor winded, SuperStar wastes no time, adding in a series of knee drops into the softening midsection. THUD! THUD! THUD!

SuperStar shifts to hammering away with fists, but he gets pushed aside, landing on his butt. Thor rolls then leaps at him, the two heroes grappling on the mat. The Thunder God uses his experience and power advantage to pin the younger hero down, locking on a grapevine as their bulges press into one another.

Thor spreads his muscular foe wide, stretching his groin as he opens him up. SuperStar can't move the ginger musclebeast as sweat drips down from the thick red mop atop the handsome hunk's head. Still, the younger hero isn't giving and I doubt he will to this move. It's a rest hold for the big man and it's working, because SuperStar can't counter.

SuperStar finally manages to free an arm, throwing it up into Thor's upper chest. He manages to roll them over and the two heroes separate. As they rise, the younger hero charges in, driving the mature musclebeast to the corner with a hard spear to the gut. CLANG! The musclestud assaults the ripped abs again with shoulder blocks. THUD! THUD! THUD! The ginger muscleman is clearly feeling the cumulative effect of the ab abuse, as his grunts grow louder and his ass is driven further onto the middle turnbuckle.

The younger hero stands up then grabs a handful of red hair. He drags Thor forward, locking him into a front facelock. SuperStar reaches for trunks then flips the big musclebeast over with a nice suplex. WHAM! The younger hero rolls over then forces the Thunder God to his feet by his hair. He locks on another front facelock.

As SuperStar reaches for the trunks, Thor reaches behind the younger hero's legs. He pulls hard and fast, tripping the surprised musclestud down onto his back. WHAM! The mature musclebeast keeps hold of the legs to flip his opponent over into a Boston crab. ARGH! The powerful ginger muscleman squats back, locking in the hold.

SuperStar pounds the mat and moans as he's folded in half the wrong way. He had a good run going, but this hold is a killer, especially when applied by an experienced wrestler like Thor. The Thunder God bends the younger hero more and more. The cries of pain grow louder, faster and higher-pitched, turning from moans to gasps.

When the musclestud won't submit, Thor releases the hold. The mature musclebeast spins then drops with a double axe handle to SuperStar's back. THUD! The Thunder God grabs an arm, locking it between his thighs. He reaches under the chin, going for a cross face submission hold, but SuperStar manages to slip his arm free just in time.

Thor still pulls up on the neck and pain is etched on the younger hero's masked face. It might hurt, but without the arm locked, there's no way he's giving to this. The Thunder God realizes the same thing. He drives the younger stud's face into the mat then drags him to his feet. After a quick scoop, Thor slams SuperStar to the mat with another big body slam. WHAM!

The younger hero is quickly dragged up by his wrist. Thor grabs him by the throat then chokeslams him down to the mat. WHAM! SuperStar's back is clearly aching as he arches up, thrusting his hips into the air. He gets dragged up again then pushed into the ropes. Thor whips him across the ring.

SuperStar ricochets off the ropes, leaping for a cross body block. He's obviously hoping to surprise the mature musclebeast, but the big man is ready. He catches the younger hero across his chest like he weighs nothing. Thor turns to slam the musclestud, but SuperStar remembers his training. He grabs behind the Thunder God's head.

As Thor slams SuperStar, the younger hero uses the momentum and his arm to pull the musclebeast with him. They drop and roll, with the musclestud folding the red-haired hero into a small package.

SuperStar begins the count as Thor kicks to try to escape.

ONE! It's a struggle, but the younger stud holds on.

TWO! Thor is kicking, but SuperStar is strong enough to hold him.

THREE! The Thunder God finally manages to free himself, but it's too late.

SuperStar springs to his feet. He winces and grabs his back, but then raises his arm. Thor rolls to his knees and slams his fists into the mat in anger and frustration. He can't believe he lost that fall. The younger stud walks up behind him and flexes as he towers over the kneeling ginger muscleman.

Thor runs his hand through his thick, sweaty red mop then stands up. He turns and the heroes face off in an intense staredown. They back up to their corners, knowing it all comes down to the third and final fall.

Round Three

Even though he won that fall, SuperStar has still taken a lot of abuse. I am so impressed by how he's doing. It's not easy to just jump into the ring with a muscular monster like Thor with no notice. Even I might struggle with that, never mind someone less experienced and skilled, like SuperStar.

The two studs circle the ring. They're moving cautiously, understanding the importance of this round. It's fuck or be fucked at this point. As they move in, SuperStar dives under the lock up, tackling Thor to the mat. He kneels beside the mature muscleman then pounds the ripped abs. POW! POW! POW! The Thunder God kicks his legs up, toppling the younger hero away.

Both heroes rise and circle. This time, SuperStar tries a surprise ab kick as they move in, but it's no surprise to Thor. He grabs the boot, lifts and twists. SuperStar flips in the air, landing on his chest and face. The musclebeast keeps hold of the ankle, twisting it as he keeps the younger hero down. The ankle lock has SuperStar moaning in pain.

SuperStar manages to flip himself over in the direction of the twist. He kicks his other boot into Thor's leg, sending the ginger muscleman backwards. As the musclestud rises, the Thunder God charges in, clotheslining him back to the mat. WHAM! Thor unleashes a flurry of stomps down on the younger hero who can't block them. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The boots cut into his muscles, breaking down his meaty pecs and ripped abs.

Thor reaches down then drags SuperStar up by his wrist. He pulls him forward into a shoulder block. THUD! The younger hero bounces back, but the Thunder God keeps a tight grip on his wrist. He pulls him back into another shoulder block then another, treating his opponent like a yo-yo. THUD! THUD! THUD!

The musclestud is wobbly, making it easy for the mature muscleman to scoop him up across his broad chest. Thor takes two steps, leaps then slams SuperStar down extra-hard. BOOM! The ginger musclebeast splash down, crushing the younger hero under his weight. SPLAT! As SuperStar writhes, the Thunder God shifts, planting his ass on the musclestud's face and pinning his shoulders down with his shins.

Perched on his prey, Thor starts in with fists to SuperStar's huge pecs and chiseled abs. POW! POW! POW! The ginger muscleman pauses to flex for the cameras, celebrating his position of power. Underneath, SuperStar fights, powering his arm up and toppling the arrogant Thunder God off him.

SuperStar rolls onto his side, but Thor is back fast. He grabs a wrist and ankle then drives his big boots into the younger hero's back. The mature muscleman pulls back hard, bending his opponent into a bow and arrow. The musclestud cries out as he's tortured in the hold. His masked head flops back-and-forth, his body stretched out taut. It's sexy unless you're the one in it.

Thor releases the hold with a hard kick to the back then he climbs up. SuperStar rises to hands and knees only to get flattened by another splash. SPLAT! The younger hero goes down hard as 200-lbs of muscle lands on him. The musclebeast rolls to his knees. He grabs SuperStar by the scruff of the neck and wrist, forcing him to his feet.

SuperStar throws an elbow back, but the musclebeast ducks it, coming up in front of the arm. He smoothly uses the younger hero's position to lock on an ab stretch, bending him sideways. The tanned musclestud moans as he's locked into the submission hold by the more experienced musclebeast. Thor cranks hard, but SuperStar won't submit.

Thor releases the hold then overpowers SuperStar into the corner. CLANG! The younger hero fights to escape, but I can see he's getting tired. The Thunder God lifts his knee right into the musclestud's abs. THUD! OOF! He does it twice more, each one going deeper into the muscles. THUD! THUD! SuperStar looks ready to collapse. He bends forward, only to get an elbow to the back of the head. CRACK!

Superstar drops to one knee, shaking his head out. Thor drags him up then hoists him up over his shoulder. He carries the younger hero around like a sack of potatoes before he turns and slams the helpless musclestud to the mat. WHAM! SuperStar tries to roll away, but the mature muscleman grabs his wrist then pulls him up.

Thor clubs SuperStar across the head then uses his grip on his wrist to pull him into a killer clothesline that drops him to the mat. CRACK! THUD! The muscle beast hoists the younger hero onto his shoulder again. The musclestud hangs limp as he's carried back towards the corner. It's rough seeing the courageous young hero being manhandled, but there's nothing I can do about it.

The Thunder God is almost parading his conquest as he walks, his confidence high. He sits SuperStar on the top turnbuckle, the younger hero just wrecked muscle as he's perched up there. Thor hammers his opponent in the gut then fires an uppercut. THUD! WHACK! The shot nearly sends the musclestud tumbling back to the floor, but Thor holds him firmly in place.

Thor wraps one hand around SuperStar's shoulder and claws his inner thigh with the other. He squats, pulls then lifts the helpless hero into a gorilla press. The mature muscleman holds SuperStar's 200-lbs of muscle in the air, circling the ring. He bends his elbows then pushes up, pressing the younger musclestud repeatedly as he shows off his formidable power.

SuperStar can do nothing. He is an exhausted muscle toy, while the older hunk is still going at full strength. Thor drops his left hand then flips the helpless hero, slamming him to the mat. KABOOM! SuperStar arches his back and thrusts his hips up, desperately trying to ease the pain in his back. A hard stomp to his ripped abs easily flattens him. STOMP!

Thor flexes as SuperStar writhes on the canvas. The Thunder God grabs the younger hero's wrist then drags him up. He positions his shoulders against the wobbly musclestud's back. With a squat and thrust, he puts SuperStar over his shoulders in a torture rack. ARGH! The helpless hero cries out, his back breaking in the powerful hold.

When the mature muscleman starts bouncing and walking, it doesn't take long. SuperStar has no choice but to admit defeat.

The helpless hero screams out, "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Thor does one more lap then shrugs the younger musclestud off his shoulders like he was nothing. We're treated to another round of flexing by the ginger musclebeast, this time in complete and final victory.

Bring the Hammer

Thor has proven himself the better hero, winning the three-fall contest. I'm proud of my boyfriend, but a loss is a loss. Now, it's time to pay up.

The Thunder God forces SuperStar to his feet. He looks the defeated musclestud up and down, checking him out. The red-haired musclebeast moves slowly, taking his prize in. He pounds the younger hero's pec. Not hard, but like you might kick a tire on a car. He tweaks the nipple. Thor rubs the abs with his rough hand then fires a fist into the ripped washboard stomach. SuperStar just stands there and takes it like a good hero. As the loser, it's all he can do.

With a nod and grunt of satisfaction, the mature muscleman moves behind. He feels the broad shoulders. On command, SuperStar strikes a pose, flexing his arms and back, showing off the definition of his impressive (but ultimately inferior) gym-sculpted physique. Thor reaches down and kneads the sizable posterior. The younger hero's ass is spectacular, large and firm.

Thor reaches into the back of the trunks. He digs his finger into the crack, finding the younger hero's hole. When SuperStar moans slightly, the Thunder God reaches around and covers the loser's mouth with his hand. The mature musclebeast moves in, toying with the helpless musclehunk as he finger fucks him.

SuperStar sinks against the rock hard hero, showing his submissive side. He whimpers with excitement over his predicament, enjoying being toyed with by a hot, powerful stud. The younger hero fights hard and wants to win, but if he loses, he's willing to honor the stakes. Yeah, it's obvious he's already given in completely.

Thor senses it, too. He pulls his hands away then reaches into the waistband of the red trunks. The mature muscleman yanks the trunks down until they're at the knees. He admires the exposed ass, getting a first glimpse at the smooth, flawless flesh. He plays with the perfect globes before he circles in front to see what SuperStar is packing.

The helpless musclestud is already hard, his cock bobbing. Thor nods, but you can see a smile. It is a nice cock and the balls are big and beautiful, too. The Thunder God swats the cock, lightly batting it back-and-forth then up-and-down. He orders the hero to finish stripping off the red briefs as he watches him bend and struggle to stretch the spandex over his red leather boots.

Once that task is complete, it's time to get to work. SuperStar willingly worships the hard muscles of his dominator. He caresses, sucks and licks the massive beef, showing he knows who the better man was today. Only when he's thoroughly bathed every major muscle on the upper body does the younger hero drops to his knees.

Thor folds his arms across his chest and stares down as his legs are worshipped down to his boots. He finally allows the subservient hero to peel down the tight briefs, exposing the ginger musclebeast's manhood. The thick, throbbing meat points at SuperStar, who eagerly engulfs it in his mouth. The younger musclestud bobs his head up and down, working it well.

The Thunder God is obviously impressed, letting out surprised gasps as his cock is sucked and balls are fondled by an expert. The mature muscleman holds out, but he finally stops the blowjob. He orders SuperStar up then to the corner. The younger hero leans onto the top turnbuckle then props one red leather boot up onto the middle rope. He thrusts his ass back, presenting for the red-haired musclebeast.

Once sheathed, the mature muscleman moves in. He forces his way inside the defeated hero's hole. SuperStar moans as he's penetrated, his ass split by the thick, mighty hammer of Thor. The helpless hunk braces as the Thunder God builds up a rhythm, pumping his big dick into the lesser hero. He rides him harder and harder, testing the younger musclestud.

SuperStar moans as his ass is pounded, "Oh! Oh!" At some point, the younger hero must realize that he's being fucked by Thor, our representation of an actual deity. He cries out, "Oh Thunder God! Yes, hammer my ass! Oh Thunder God! Yes! Oh fuck, hammer me harder!"

The younger hero's active encouragement gets Thor thrusting even faster, ramming SuperStar like a jackhammer. The Thunder God can't take it for long. He suddenly plunges in hard and deep then freezes. He throws his head back and his body shudders as he explodes inside the subservient musclestud.

Thor shifts, pumping slowly to drain the last of his seed then withdraws. SuperStar drops to his knees, exhausted. He buries his face in the middle turnbuckle then spins around, sitting with his back on the bottom turnbuckle. The younger hero's manhood is swollen and resting up to his navel as he looks up at the sweaty, drained ginger muscleman.

SuperStar waits until the Thunder God gives his approval then he starts jerking himself. Thor admires the musclestud as he works his cock, the two men staring each other down. The mature muscleman flexes for the younger hero and that's all it takes. With the dominant hero showing off his power, SuperStar can't take it. He erupts, firing rope after rope of cum into the air like a geyser. It flies high then lands on his smooth, ripped torso.

When the show is done, Thor drags SuperStar out of the corner by his red boot. He plants his foot on the younger hero's chest and finishes the video with one last display of his muscular body over the valiant, but unsuccessful loser.

In the Locker Room

Back in the locker room, I ask Jae, "Great match. How do you feel?"

"Good. A little sore, but it was worth it. I wish I could've won, obviously, but it was still amazing. Fuck, what a fucking beast. His muscles are hard as granite."

"Yeah, he's pretty solid. You did amazing." I pull him into a hug and kiss. Jae thanks me then he grabs his stuff and heads to the shower. I watch his perfect ass and smile. I immediately strip down and follow him. When he sees me, my boyfriend's cock grows, inviting me forward. We embrace under the spray of hot water, making out passionately.

From behind us, we hear a deep, sexy, raspy voice. "Looks like I came to the right place. Room for one more, boys?"

Jae and I don't even pause as we open up, welcoming the naked Thunder God into our circle.

The End


  1. What a wonderful match! I adore Caylan Hughes, one of my favorite muscle men, and he is a magnificent Thor. I have nearly 150 Images in his Photo Album. He was an impressive Santa, but his new role is much better.

    Something I missed as a move was Thor using the sledgehammer, at least once, on SuperStar.

    Keep bringing Thor back to blitz opponent after opponent. And to wield his very personal Mjölnar. Please!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I thought Caylan was definitely worthy of being two characters, including the Thunder God.

      Thanks for the move suggestion. I'll keep it in mind for his next match.

  2. Whoops! Mjölnir (Old Norse: Mjǫllnir.

  3. This was great! I love Jae, and Thor? Woof! Yes please! I also appreciate that this story was all about the match. Don't get me wrong, I love the drama and the story lines that are building with all these characters, but it was fun really getting to focus on the match without waiting for another boot to drop. (just as a change of pace)

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      Actually, I'd say that the next few stories are more self-contained and more about fun. In mid-summer, though, it's mostly drama as I have a 4-story crossover called "Summer Storm" coming.

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