Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Steel (Thunders Arena)

These two are my final Thunders Arena rookies, although next week I am talking about Jake and Jet again. Today is Jake Jenkins vs. Steel then Wednesday is Jake Jenkins vs. Frey. Technically Jake Jenkins is not a rookie, but he's a newbie to Thunders, so I'm counting him.

It's THE Jake Jenkins vs. some other guy

Now Steel is a 100% rookie to the underground wrestling scene. He has inhuman proportions, with massive shoulders, arms and chest that lead to a narrow waist. He's big, but maintains rock hard chiseled abs. The guy also has thick, powerful legs that Jake both admires and fears during this match. The muscleman is really quite amazing, even when he's just standing around. The whole package is nicely wrapped in tight blue speedos.

Yes, Jake is back. I kind of held off on watching him at Thunders, but finally got around to it. I knew I would, but I had vacation and work. He does well in his return. He looks more mature, but brings a lot of the same things that make him a superstar plus a little more. This Jake has a huge ego, befitting the Thunders house where it seems like even jobbers are cocky and confident.

Jake is wearing the lime green/purple posers that Tak made famous. He looks great, trimmer than his stocky RHW days, but still uber-hot. And he still sounds great. His whimpers are a little muted, but still evident. Being Thunders, the holds are fewer and shorter than RHW or BGEast, so there's less time for them to escalate. However, you do get moments of selling nirvana as only Jake can do.

Jake being Jake

Steel knows how to work the smaller stud

These two are perfect for the standing scissors

In terms of the match, this is like a two-for-one special the way it plays out. It's one match, but it feels like two different videos. The first part of the video ends in a clear pinfall victory. The winner poses then chills, basking the glory of victory. The second part is a beatdown, ending when the loser can't get up any more. Together, they're a lot of fun that gives the best of both sides of Jake.

Massive Steel works well with the smaller stud. Of course who doesn't? Actually, Travis is watching the match, so I wonder if they'll pair Jake vs. Travis to really test the uber-star's ability to elevate his opponent's game?

Either way, Steel impresses me a lot. He displays just the right amount of powerhouse dominance and willingness to sell necessary to make this catchweight battle work.

Jake on top

Bearhug vs. Choke - Love it!

It's like a rite of passage at Thunders

I kind of wonder what guys like Travis and Marco think.
Do they get the hubbub about Jake?

In the end, this match made me much more interested in Steel, who seems willing and able to deliver a quality match that works with the premise of underground wrestling. Unlike some other guys, he never seems to let his ego unsell the action or act like it's all a big joke. It's a very Dash Decker spirit and I appreciate it. And instead of a boring superman character, I think it all makes Steel into a more compelling, three-dimensional wrestler.

Steel sells surprisingly well and looks great doing it

He gets it ... much respect to the muscleman
for letting this beautiful hold last

As for Jake, all I can say is welcome back. The guy is one of the best of all-time and remains a favorite. You're going to get sick of him by the end of August, as I've got three more reviews about Jake coming, but it's just the way the timing worked out.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I will show my bias here. Steel is one hell of a pick by Thunders! Wow what a stud. This is the kind of stuff I have wanted to see from the wrestling underground world. Now Jake Jenkins is amazing as well, but Steel has that special thing. Perhaps its the beefy body. But he is made for wrestling. Would love to see a more real wrestling match. Perhaps Thunders can do something about that. Ill be honest. This guy fits so well in a match vs Kid Karisma over at BGEast. Talk about a wet dream. A jock strap match or something like that would be ideal. Now an observation. Steel could fit perfectly on one of your stories. Definitely I would have suggested him to you. He looks like the guys you use for the stories. I can see him in a match against Logan or Mr Riddle...steel is in a very similar category to Ram. I think the wrestling gods are reading your stories and taking they would just bring the Cave to about a wet dream!

    1. Appreciate the comment! Steel would certainly be perfect for any wrestling federation, real or fictional. As I said, this match made me more interested in him. He showed wrestling skill and the right attitude.

  2. I found this video utterly disappointing. Steel is built for domination not some tedious back and forth match with someone he outweighs by 50 pounds. Sadly Thunders Arena is taking Steel down the same path they took Brian Cage. Cage's recent match against Bolt was equally disappointing. I miss the old Thunders Arena when the likes of Johnny Bravo, Specimen and Titan would completely dominate their smaller opponents.

    1. Chad, thanks for the counterpoint. It sounds like the reasons I liked this are the reasons you didn't. Maybe they'll put Steel against Flacco. I've never bought anything with him in it, but I get the impression that he's a total victim.

  3. I know everyone has their own opinions but Chad Marshall is waaay off the mark. This match was great, and it is clear to any long time fan of Jake Jenkins that he could easily put up a decent fight against Steel. Sure, he is clearly outmatched in size BUT Jake has years of experience and amazing skill. He is easily one of the best underground wrestlers of the last 10-20 years.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree with you on Jake and his skills. Like I've said, I think he's best when he's cocky in competitive matches. I like muscleman squashes in certain circumstances, but I think that's why jobbers like Kip Sorrell exist.