Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Review: Kayden Keller vs. Dylon Roberts (BGEast)

BGEast is out with another group of matches. Demolition 21 is the only video that caught my eye. It features Kid Karisma (Joe reviewed it here) and Flash LaCash in full heel mode. However, Kayden Keller vs. Dylon Roberts is the match I decided to watch and review first.

This is the first match I've watched with Dylon Roberts. The video opens on him in pro boots, tights and wrist gauntlets for a pretty good pro look. He has a solid pro wrestler body and looks good in tights. Dylon wears nothing underneath so we get a good closeup view in front, but even better is that he has thick legs and a prominent butt.

I'm a trunks-man, but I can get into tights on the right guy. There are guys who wear them because they have skinny legs, a flat ass and think this somehow hides their dislike of squats and working on their legs. For me, tights just accentuate their shortcomings. On a guy like Dylon, they look pretty good, hugging his assets and showing off what he's got below the waist.

Kayden Keller is tall, lean and feisty. I've watched him before where he's more of a heel in look, attitude and result. Here, he sheds heel-black for shiny yellow trunks, which might be the first clue this is a different Kayden match. So while I've seen Kayden, I've never seen him like this.

The catalogue says this is an early match and I can see it. He's still cocky and confident, but it's false bravado. I actually thought he'd be the "demolisher", but instead, he's mainly the "demolishee". Yes, he gets some time on top, but mostly this is Dylon domination.

Kayden starts things off with attitude and contempt for Dylon, but is quickly put in his place by the pro wrestler. The taller wrestler gets crushed, twisted and bent in submission holds over and over. Kayden holds out admirably, whimpering and moaning like a natural-born jobber. Things turn around and Kayden strikes back, fighting back hard.

There are a lot of classic holds, like headlocks, mixed with newer-style submission holds. The "soundtrack" of Dylon's constant chatter and Kayden's suffering is engaging and really well done. I like how Dylon assumes the "pro" role, ready to teach the "joe" a lesson.

It's tilted to Dylon, but this is more competitive than a typical Demolition match, so that might be disappointing for some. To me, Demolition should be all about squashes. On this same compilation, something like Flash vs. Kip is what I think is much more in line with the expected type of match - big heel crushing smaller jobber.

Instead, Kayden vs. Dylon is best two-out-of-three and each guy gets a fall. It does end on a dominating and humiliating note. The loser is tied in the ropes, knocked out by a sleeper then his gear is pulled down and he's left unconscious and exposed.

In the end, I definitely recommend this for fans of great action, long holds and lively chatter. I saw a new side to Kayden and he's just as good at heel-jobbing as he is at heel-dominating. Dylon was fun and hot with a great body for pro wrestling.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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