Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: KARN vs. Austin Cooper (Wrestler4Hire)

KARN vs. Austin Cooper is another Wrestler4Hire match that immediately caught my attention. The names alone were enough to get me to check it out, plus it was 28 minutes long. As I got into it, the scenario seemed interesting enough, but I did wonder if it could sustain a nearly 30-minute video. I actually watched it over several occasions, finding it works as multiple vignettes, rather than one long video. Why? Let's discuss ...

KARN starts out fast against Austin Cooper

I'm a sucker for KARN's long, lean and ripped physique. The indie pro looks like a superhero in small briefs with pads and tall boots. He's usually chill and this video is no exception. He calmly goes about his business, which is knocking out the cocky underground wrestler over and over again.

"I'm the guy who's going to put you to sleep,
let's say six times within the next 30 minutes."

It's all about the finish ... no one is doing
the piledriver better than KARN these days

Just when you think Austin Cooper has moved past the jobber role (at least I did), he returns to his roots and does the job for the big pro. The superstar stud looks great on the receiving end and obviously knows how to take a beating. His body is at a sexy mid-point between bulky and lean and the gear is good.

KARN does another classic sleeper.

The big pro wears down Austin with one
of my favorites - the heart punch.

I use the term 'specialty taste' to describe certain videos. This one definitely qualifies. KARN vs. Austin Cooper from Wrestler4Hire is a simple story featuring two hot studs. What makes it a specialty taste is that it is a sleeper-focused squash.

When KARN enters, he introduces himself as the guy who's going to knock Austin out six times in the next 30 minutes. Austin is doubtful, but yep, that's pretty much what happens. You get a few other moves, including KARN's best-in-the-biz piledriver and a personal favorite, the heart punch. However, it all drives to repeated knockouts.

Love the dragon.

Kiss him, you fool.

When they told Austin it'd be a relaxing match,
I wonder if he knew just how relaxing?

Due to the methodical and singular focus, this sleeper-fest felt more like a collection of uber-hot moments than an overall narrative. And that's why I viewed each fall as its own vignette. Now, I do love sleepers and both guys are hot, so these moments are great for me. You've got classic sleepers, a dragon sleeper and more. Austin sells it all like the stud that he is and KARN is always great as a cocky pro.

How many times have I GIF'ed an arm drop?
It'll never be enough.

And no knockout video would be complete
without a boot on body finish, right?

In the end, this is a good video for squash and long-held sleeper fans, as well as folks who like watching Austin Cooper in a jobber role. I think it's perfect for streaming and it could be great value, if you treat it as multiple mini-videos. You'll have to figure that out for yourself.

My last point is that I'd actually love to see these two in a more competitive, traditional match some day. I think they could deliver a great one.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I downloaded this superb match....Austin's hot body being put to sleep multiple times is worth it. Want to find more sleeper oriented (and love piledriver too) matches.

    1. Thanks for the comment and perspective. I feel like different companies do sleeper-focused things, but I don't remember any specific ones. Thunders comes to mind in one of their custom ones. Somebody gets knocked out multiple times, maybe?