Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 13

"That's it? Nothing else you want to tell me, Jae?"

"Nope. I wish my life was more exciting, Christian. Like I said, Cody's great, job is good." I breathe in deeply as I lift the heavy barbell into the air over my chest.

"Oh fuck, cut the crap, little buddy. I know you've been lying to me for months. I thought we were friends, but I guess not."

Me (Jae)

The accusation comes out of nowhere, causing me to almost drop the barbell on my chest. I'm about to bench press near my max weight, so that wouldn't be good. Fortunately, as my spotter, Christian steadies it for me. He's a 6’1”/210-lbs bodybuilder, more than capable of saving me from my mistake. Of course he's also the one who endangered me with his untimely accusation, so it's the least he can do.

My buddy Christian

When we rack the weight, I sit up and spin on the bench to face my muscular friend, spotter, and now angry accuser. We were just talking about what's going on in our lives. What's he so mad about?

I ask, "What'd I say? All I said was not much is new."

Christian shakes his head, "Liar. I tell you, like, everything. You used to do the same, but now I find out you're keeping this huge secret from me? So not cool."

I stand up, "I seriously have no idea what you're talking about. I'm not hiding anything. All I've got going on is Cody and my personal training job. That's pretty much my life these days."

"Uh huh. Okay ... SuperStar."

An evil grin breaks out on my friend's face. I relax then push on Christian's big pecs for teasing me. He gets fake mad, stripping off his tank top then throwing it at me. He slips off his sneakers then drops his shorts, getting down to his black compression underwear. I guess it's on. I kick off my shoes, drop my shorts, revealing my black compression shorts then go for my shirt.

As I pull my shirt over my head, he uses my momentary blindness to lunge at me, grabbing me around the waist. The bodybuilder easily lifts my ripped 5’11”/195-lbs body over his shoulder as I work my shirt completely off. I hang on his shoulder as he carries me across the gym.

Christian drops me down onto the wrestling mats in my boyfriend's private gym. It's the main floor of where I live, so we have privacy. We struggle for dominance, our muscles quickly pumped and sweaty. We've play-wrestled hundreds of times since we were paired up as redshirt freshmen on the football team at California A&M University (go Camels!), so this is nothing new.

We grapple until we're soaked with sweat and breathing hard. Muscleman Christian is stronger than me, but I've been practicing wrestling. I hold my own, getting him in some nice holds, but he powers out of them. Partly because we're only going half effort, but also because the guy is really powerful. Finally, I let him schoolboy pin me and he flexes over me. I admire his big biceps and rub his massive thighs. He does look amazing.

Christian kisses his bicep then says, "Just soak it all in. Remember how you used to jerk off while dreaming about me? You still do that, SuperStar? Yeah, of course you do. You'll never get over me. Cody's not here, you can admit it."

I frown, "One dream, one time. And I really regret ever telling you."

"Well, you did, so too bad. You getting hard back there? I know you live for this, little buddy. Don't get any jizz on my back, 'kay?"

So my name is Jae. As Christian poses, let me give you some background. We played college football together, both on defense. We met on the first day of practice and hit it off immediately. We worked out together through college then at least once a week since graduation last year. He's right, I did tell him everything. For example, he was the only one I trusted to know that I was gay when it was a secret from everyone else on the team.

Christian is also right that I did have a brief crush on him. One major problem: he's straight. I stupidly let the story of the dream slip out while drunk. Luckily, he was totally cool as I worked past it, but I really wish he didn't know. He rubs it in a lot, finding it funny. I'm glad he's okay with it, but it still gives him a feeling of control over me that I don't like. It plays into his 'little buddy' nickname for me, always seeing himself as the star and me as his backup.

Anyway, his straight-ness is why I never mentioned The Cave or SuperStar to him. It didn't seem important. See, The Cave is a superhero-themed, gay-oriented, wrestling video company that my boyfriend Cody owns with his best friend, Ryan. I wrestle as SuperStar, the Superman analog. It's full sex stakes wrestling and I know Christian would've been compelled to check it out if I'd told him. Sending my straight friend to watch me have sex seemed weird, even for a guy as cool as Christian. Somehow, though, he's found out anyway.

Christian's 210-lbs of muscle is getting heavy, so I topple him off. He moves onto his awesome ass and sits across from me, leaning back on his elbows, legs spread, knees up. I roll onto my side and look at him. I've known Christian a long time. Something is going on. I ask. He deflects by asking me to tell him more about The Cave. I explain it all. Cody. Ryan. How I got started. How it works. How much I make. What it feels like to be a hero or villain.

When I'm done, my buddy replies, "I want in."

"In on what?"

"The Cave."

I raise an eyebrow, "What? No, you don't."

"Yeah, I do."

"Christian. Trust me. No, you really don't."

"Jae. Trust me. I really do."

I spin to my feet then grab my iPad. I log into The Cave then mirror to the TV. I start playing one of the matches. I sit down beside Christian as he watches from the mats. We watch as Night gets squashed by his former tag partner Day. We watch in silence as the hairy hunk is stripped, fucked hard, shaved and totally humiliated. When it's done, I look at his shorts. His tiny dick looks soft. Yeah, Mr. Perfect's cock is a short and stubby one, even when hard. It's hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure his little guy isn't excited.

With my point proven, I tell him, "That's The Cave."

"Right. And that's what I want in on." My mouth drops open. Christian laughs, "Don't act so shocked. You know I'm a pretty open-minded guy. I need cash. I wrestle. And I'm fucking hot as hell, right? Isn't that what Cody said when he met me? Look at you. You still want me so bad you almost jizzed on my back just now."

"I didn't."

"Riiight. Don't you think other guys will pay to watch me?"

"Sure, but -"

"Afraid of a little competition, little buddy? Once guys see me, you realize they'll forget about you? Don’t worry, I can be SuperMAN and you can be my faithful sidekick. An art imitating life kind of thing.”

"Ha, ha. Maybe you missed Night getting stripped, shaved and fucked? There are stakes. Both ways. You want that? You willing to be humiliated? No way. Your ego couldn't take that."

"So what? You get humiliated and fucked all the time, so it can't be that difficult." I shoot him the finger. He smirks, "Come on, SuperStar. You know I'd be epic."

We go around in circles. Christian breaks the tension by starting us wrestling again. When he pins me again, he slides forward and smothers me with his undersized package. Just then, Cody comes home. My boyfriend says 'hey guys' then starts to head upstairs like this is nothing. I'm so lucky. My buddy calls out to my boyfriend then he moves off me.

I say, "Christian, don't." My buddy looks back, but ignores me and keeps going.

Christian tries Cody

As Cody and Christian bro hug, my workout buddy asks my boyfriend if he can wrestle for The Cave. Of course, Cody jumps at the offer to get the hot muscleman in the ring. I object. My boyfriend immediately and wisely steps out of it, telling my buddy he won't go against me. More debate and somehow, I give in. I don't get what Christian is doing, but I can't stop him if he's this sure.

Looks like Christian is joining The Cave.

Getting Ready

I decided that Christian's first match would be against me. If anyone is going to introduce my straight, but possibly bi buddy to sex wrestling, it'll be me. I've told him that he can stop any time and there'll be no hard feelings. I even gave him a safe word, although he tells me that he won't need it. The bodybuilder seems confident that this is what he wants.

I stretch out my muscles. At 5'10"/195-lbs, I'm solid and muscular. I go between being super-ripped for fitness competitions and a little ... smoother. Today, I'm more on my bulky side. My SuperStar costume is red trunks with a yellow belt over a red thong and red pro boots. I wear blue forearm gauntlets and face mask, plus an 'S' shield temporary tattoo on my chest.

Normally opponents change in separate locker rooms, but since it's Christian and me, we're together. He's a bit of a comic geek and wanted to be a Superman villain facing me. He asked about a few characters. Cody didn’t think he was right for Lobo, so they settled on Metallo. Perfect. I'm not surprised he asked for bruisers. He spends so much time on his body, he wasn't going to be Toyman or whatever.

As Metal, Christian will be wearing white jock under silver briefs with silver pro boots with a silver full-face mask. Cody had tattoo sleeves that look techy and then added a green circle to the middle of Metal's heaving pecs. Of course, my bodybuilder buddy looks fucking amazing. Fans will love him.

As I watch him stretch out, I suddenly feel weird wrestling my friend. Christian notices and comes over. He says, "Nervous?"

I smile, "No way. You’re the rookie, not me. Why would I be nervous?"

"Because every time we wrestle, I kick your ass." We trash talk some more, which actually relaxes me. This will be fun. Christian says, "Just don't be too disappointed when you don't get this, okay?" He turns to me, lifts his silver trunks off his huge right butt cheek and slaps it. My cock does stir as he taunts me with the idea of fucking him. I remember back to when I'd fantasize about his smooth bubble butt.

Oh, maybe this is a bad idea. I don’t want to change our relationship.

Christian moves in on me then tweaks my left nipple. I flinch, so he does it again and again, driving me against the lockers. He swats my stiffening cock. I try to push him back, but he grabs my wrist and actually sucks on my finger. I meekly say, "Don't, man." He forces his finger into my mouth as he presses his body on mine. I offer no resistance as we suck each other's fingers.

When Christian pulls my finger out of his mouth, he tells me, "Dreams do come true. At least for you, today."

When my bodybuilder buddy leans in and blows on my neck, I realize he's trying to psych me out. The guy is so competitive. He hits just the right spot and I squirm. I finally push him away from me and the smirk on his face tells me all I need to know. He thinks he's in my head.

Is he right?

The Match

After introductions, we start fast. We're so familiar with each other that there's no hesitation or feeling out period. We lock up in a collar-and-elbow then press and strain. He's overpowering me, but The Bat taught me how to deal with stronger opponents. I counter and shift my feet and hands, quickly frustrating Metal. Frustration causes mistakes.

The villain angrily tries to drive me into the corner. I twist out of the way, using his own power and momentum to send him crashing into the turnbuckles front first. CLANG! I charge in with a shoulder block to the back. WHAM! I drop to a knee then slam my forearm into Metal's back. THUD! THUD! THUD! He grunts with each shot.

I rise up and grab him in a reverse bearhug. I squeeze his midsection and lift, carrying him out of the corner into the middle of the ring. Metal fights hard and I know it's too early to get a submission. I squat then lift, throwing him over top in a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! The bodybuilder lands hard on his shoulders, stunned from the impact.

Metal rolls onto his stomach to rise, but he's slow. I'm already in the air, coming down with a splash on top of his body. SPLAT! My muscled body flattens him. I shift to a sitting position then grab his biceps. I lift up and back, fighting for a camel clutch. He gets where I'm going, thrusting his arms forward and breaking free before I can lock him in. The powerful muscleman rises and throws me off.

I roll to a crouch. I watch as he rises, my focus on his thick back. With big men, weaken the core first if you can, The Bat always says. I don't know if my assault on his back is working, but I know I've got him on the defensive. Exactly where I need to keep the big bodybuilder. As soon as Metal rises, I dive for his leg. I clip him hard, sending the muscle stud onto his ass. PLOP!

Metal reaches for his knee, leaving his other leg open. I grab his silver boot and lift it up as I rise. Before the villain can react, I step over his leg and flip him into a single leg crab. I sit back and I'm rewarded with hot moaning from the muscle heel. His cries turn to a growl, so I know he's getting pissed at my complete domination. I brace for his counter, but he still manages to power out when he pushes up and kicks back, sending me flying across the ring.

I turn and rise, ready to charge, but Metal is faster this time. Maybe he's getting the pace of The Cave now. This isn't a casual, fun romp and I'm not his 'little buddy'. We circle the ring. The bodybuilder is more cautious this time. When we move to lock up, I dive under his arms. I grab his leg and lift, toppling him onto his back. WHAM!

With his leg up and his boot in my hands, I kick his hamstring twice. WHACK! WHACK! The bodybuilder pulls free and rolls away, but I follow. I leap and come down with a big elbow to his back. THUD! I slide on top of him as he pushes up to hands and knees. I sweep his hands out, sending him crashing down face first to the mat. SPLAT!

I power the villain into a full nelson. It’s tough to hold his broad shoulders, but I’ve got him off-balance. I manage to lock my hands and roll us over so he’s on top of me. I tighten my grip and I hear him giving out short grunts of pain. UNH! UNH! UNH! His chin must be digging between his sculpted pecs as I apply more and more pressure.

Metal won’t give, but the way he’s moaning tells me that he’s feeling this. He growls and flexes, trying to power out. I distract him by lifting my legs around his waist for a body scissors. When I squeeze, his resistance stops. I pull on his body, stretching his midsection out with all my power. The bodybuilder cries out, but he still won’t submit.

The muscle heel suddenly bridges. He lifts his hips up, which pulls my ass off the mat. With a quick downward thrust, he drives his weight onto my bulge. SQUISH! I groan. He perfectly times another flex and thrust, breaking my hands apart and pinning my forearms at his side. With a quick spin, Metal mounts me, pinning my wrists to the mat.

“You’re pretty good, SuperSlut, but enough’s enough.”

I smile up at him, “Really? You think you’ve got the power to take ME down?”

Metal smirks then sits back. He lifts his biceps for a double flex, showing me just how much power he has. Just like I expected the cocky bodybuilder to do. I lift my legs up and hook him under his biceps. Before he can do anything, I use my legs to pull the heel back. He rolls back, his shoulders down. I start a count, but he immediately kicks his feet and rolls out of the pin.

As the powerful villain scrambles to rise, I sweep my legs, tripping him down onto his perfect ass. PLOP! I smoothly spin then rise to my feet. Metal is angry at being shown up. He springs to his feet. Careless. I lift my boot right into his wide open abs. THUD! OOF! The bodybuilder bad guy bends forward, so I lock him into a front facelock then grab the side of his silver trunks.

I lift fast, suplexing Metal over onto his back. WHAM! The big bodybuilder groans and rolls onto his side, holding his back. I smoothly rise and spin over him. I drop three fast knees into his lower back before he can roll away. POW! POW! POW! The villain rolls to hands and knees then pounds the mat angrily. While he wastes time doing that, I dive at him splashing down on him again. SPLAT!

I shift to a seated position then force Metal into a camel clutch. No counter for him this time. I drape his big arms over my thighs and pull up under his chin. ARGH! I force his head back until he's staring at the ceiling. He groans as I bend him backwards, the pain evident in his cries. I lean back, my biceps peaking as I hold him in place.

I playfully slap his cheeks. "Welcome to The Cave. This is what you wanted, big guy." I know that I shouldn't taunt him, but I did warn him. This isn't play wrestling and I don't plan to lose. The cocky muscleman can only grunt in response as he desperately tries not to give. I can tell from the short gasps that the pain is intense.

Metal won't give, so I add a bounce and he lets out a loud cry. I shift to a sleeper, "Give or go out!" I tighten the sleeper just enough to let him know I'm serious.

The villain whimpers, "No, no, no!"

"Night, night, Metal!"

"Okay, okay! I give! I give!"

I release the sleeper then push him out of the camel clutch. I rise up, straddling him. Metal rolls over, grimacing as he holds his back. I plant my boot on his abs and flex over him. The bodybuilder lets me show off, accepting my dominant win. I didn't expect a squash, but it does feel good.

When I move off, the villain slowly rises and stumbles to his corner. I stretch out. I see him checking me out, so I casually grab the front of my trunks and adjust myself. He stares at my growing bulge then at my eyes. I tilt my head and raise my chin. He shakes his head and goes back to working the kinks out of his back.

Metal isn't giving up, so I need to stay focused. I know he isn’t the type to give up this easily. His ego will be bruised by the one-sided fall, so I need to be ready for anything. Still, as he turns from me and bends over to stretch, his incredible ass is aimed right at me. It’s nice to know that with just one more fall, it’ll be mine.

Round Two

Metal is pacing, clearly still surprised and pissed at submitting to me. He’s bouncing in his corner, so I guess his back is feeling good. We’ll see if a couple of bodyslams can’t change that.


With the bell sounding, we move out into the middle of the ring, ready to lock up. I bend forward in an amateur stance, forcing him to bend to meet me. I figure this will add more pressure to his back, but it also gives me a good shot at defending myself. He likes to overpower me and I’m sure his adrenaline is running high.

We move in, swatting hands then into a tight collar-and-elbow. We struggle and strain. I try to keep us moving up and down, twisting and bending. Anything that might tweak his back. When I feel a thrust from him driving me back, I go with it, simply falling back. I grab his arm and pull, dragging him over with a hip toss. PLOP! He lands on his butt and bounces three times before reaching the ropes.

Metal scrambles up to his feet. I charge in, but he’s quick. He kicks out, driving his boot into my abs. THUD! OOF! I stumble backwards, bent over. The bodybuilding bad boy comes at me, leaving himself open for me to dive in under his arms. I grab him around the waist then lift his 210-lbs of muscle onto my shoulder. I carry him two steps before turning and flipping him onto the mat. WHAM! I get two good boots to his abs before he rolls away. THUD! THUD!

I move in cautiously, but he still surprises me. The powerful villain goes wild, charging at me. I have no time to defend or counter as I get overwhelmed by his mighty muscles. Metal drives me all the way into the corner. CLANG! I’m crushed by his body. He grabs me around the waist then locks on a tight bearhug. I’m forced to brace my shins on his thighs as he crushes me.

Metal shakes and bounces me in his python-like death grip. I groan as he keeps increasing the power. I moan as his power rivals even the strongest men in The Cave. I can feel his anger and humiliation pulsing through his muscles. No way is he going to let me squash him. I struggle to counter, but he has me helpless as he carries me to the middle of the ring.

I finally manage to whip my hands around his head for a front-facing sleeper. Before I can lock it on, Metal throws me down with force. WHAM! I bounce on the canvas. Before I can get up, I feel him grab my mask and drag me. The mighty muscle heel scoops me for a bodyslam. As he lifts, I push off, adding my own power to his lift. The added momentum enables me to throw my boots over Metal’s shoulder. I slide over him and land behind the confused muscleman. I jump on his back with a real sleeper this time.

Metal cries out, “NO!”

I laugh, “YES!”

I work to get him right as he battles to avoid going out. He’s using his left hand to block me, but my rear naked choke is working. Slowly, but he’s getting drained. He struggles and stumbles in my grip. I know I’ve got him. His ass is mine. I feel his right hand fall to his side. We grunt and strain, sweat building up again as our pumped muscles battle for control.

Metal whispers, “What - what are you going to do? To me?”

“You’re going out!”

“And - and then?”

“Oh you know.”

I thrust my bulge against his ass for emphasis, my cock now hard in my trunks. I’m excited to have the villain. I warned him and it will feel so good to be right. A little more dry humping has him moaning. He stumbles as his legs almost give out on him. His left hand is still annoyingly blocking me, but I’m still close to victory.

As I draw my hips back, I feel something new. Metal’s right hand. It’s in between us. On my pouch. Oh. Oh. The villain is fondling my manhood. I try to focus on the sleeper, but it feels good. What? Oh fuck. Yes. The bodybuilder squeezes and pumps me gently. I’m the one moaning now as he caresses my balls. I feel weaker, my focus drifting.

Metal moans, “Time for a little kryptonite.”

Suddenly, Metal has new strength. He backs us into the corner, crushing me. CLANG! I lose my sleeper as he grinds his spectacular ass on my hard manhood. I try to push him off, but he reaches back and grabs my wrists. As he dry humps himself on my shaft, the bad boy bodybuilder forces my hands up and down his torso.

I try to fight, but the powerful muscleman has me distracted. His strength overwhelms me as my hands run over his incredible pecs and eight-pack abs. He even guides my left hand onto his pouch, forcing me to caress his manhood. Meanwhile, his ass has my cock painfully hard in my red trunks. As I rub his body, his grip lightens, but I still do it. Oh fuck.

Metal pulls his hips forward, finally done with grinding me. I thrust my arms around his lean waist for a reverse bearhug, but before I can tighten them, the villain slams his huge butt back into me. POW! I fall forward, my face resting on his thick back, my face etched with pain. The bad boy bodybuilder calmly turns around as I bend in half, leaning on the middle turnbuckle.

I stand up only to have Metal grab my head. He clocks me with a forearm to the temple then another, stunning me. CRACK! CRACK! I'm seeing stars as he shoves my face onto his heaving left pec. The villain orders, "Suck my chest, hero. Work that nipple. You know you want to, SuperSlut." I can only groan into smooth flesh as I recover from the head and crotch shots.

Metal pushes me off him, pressing on my chin until I'm bent over the top turnbuckle. My chest rises and my bulge points out. I feel his hand massaging my bulge then he stops. He flicks my nipples and I gyrate. I moan, "Stop. Stop!" All I hear is an evil laugh then I feel his mouth on my right nipple. He flicks with his tongue then sucks on it. I squirm as he erotically attacks me.

I push on his broad shoulders and try to twist free, but it's no use. I'm pinned in the corner. He's so big and I'm struggling to focus. My cock is so hard, painfully trapped in my red trunks. Metal smacks it. WHAP! I convulse. He does it again and again, simultaneously working my nipple and torturing my manhood. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Metal has me violently thrashing under him. I finally manage to force him off me. I collapse in the corner, sitting on the middle turnbuckle and gripping the top ropes tightly. I'm breathing hard and sweating. The villain moves in. I kick out at his gut, but he grabs my weak attempt then throws my leg aside. The bodybuilder grabs me by the nipples and pulls me out of the corner.

I grip the muscleman's wrists as he leads me to the middle of the ring. As I look down at my stretched nubs, I can see my tented red trunks between his thick forearms. Fuck, get it together, SuperStar! I didn't expect a sexual attack from the villain and now I'm paying for it. When he lets go, Metal closes his massive arms around my torso then pulls me into a powerful bearhug.

Metal squeezes me against his rock hard body. I gasp for air as he crushes me again. Fuck! The muscle heel increases the power and I'm moaning. The last bearhug must have just been a tease, because this one is way worse. I realize that I've never felt his real power before. I go half-power and so, obviously does this bodybuilding beast.

I groan and struggle, but I'm helpless in his arms. In desperation, I draw my arms back to box his ears, but he's ready. The muscleman growls and flexes, squeezing me even tighter. My legs go weak and my arms fall limp to the side. As I dangle helplessly in the bearhug, trying to re-focus, I suddenly feel him swing his hips, sliding his small package over my trapped erection. I whimper in his arms as his manhood slams into and slides over mine.

It's now or never. I summon all my strength then throw myself forward. I drive my forearm into the side of his head. CRACK! The powerful vice loosens. I do it again. CRACK! Metal lets me go and staggers back. I want to follow up, but I can't. My sides aches and my breath is slow to return. I adjust my rock hard cock in my thong and trunks, trying to get it comfortable.

Metal recovers fast. He moves in and all I can do is duck and dive to the side, dodging his grasp. When he turns, I manage to kick up and slam my boot into his abs. THUD! I grab him in a front facelock. I breathe in deep and reach for the side of his trunks. I need to attack the back again before he - oh, shit.

While I was reaching for the side of his trunks, the villain was reaching around me for the back of mine. He pulls them down, exposing my ass. He swats my bare butt cheeks then rises, lifting me onto his shoulder. I hang there as he spanks me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! As I try to figure out what to do, the powerful bodybuilder throws me off his shoulder. I fly up then land on my front on the mat. SPLAT!

I roll away, ignoring my pulled-down trunks. I watch him carefully as I use the ropes to rise. Metal flexes in front of me, feeling cocky. I step to the side, moving awkwardly thanks to my stiff cock trapped uncomfortably in my tight thong and trunks. The villain moves in to lock up and I have to meet him. He powers me against the ropes then drives his knee into my abs. THUD! OOF!

As I sag on the ropes, Metal forces me back then unleashes a series of stiff pec chops across my heaving chest. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I feel the stinging force and red slashes line my sculpted pecs. I dive out, using the tension in the ropes to give him a hard shoulder block. The muscleman steps back two steps, but immediately comes back at me. We lock up again.

Metal surprises me by not pushing. Instead, he drops his arms and grabs me around the waist. I prepare for another bearhug, but he lifts and spins, planting me down with a belly-to-belly suplex. SPLAT! I go limp as he lands on top of me, giving him time to spin and sit on my face, looking down my body. I feel his hands exploring my torso and I moan into his ass.

The villain slaps me across the pecs and I jump under him. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I bridge my hips up, but all that does is allow him to clip my cock with his hand. SMACK! I convulse, but his 210-lbs of muscle resting on my shoulders and face are enough to keep me down. Metal goes back to tormenting me with nipple play mixed with pounding pec and ab punches. THUD! POW! THUD! The pleasure and pain keep me off-balance and helpless.

I suddenly feel the villain's hand grip my erection. I hear him say, "Fuck, I knew you were into me, but look at this thing. You've been hard ever since I took over. I guess I should take it as a compliment, right?" The bodybuilder wiggles his mountainous ass on my face, "Yeah, you like that, dontcha SuperSlut? Too bad you can't have it. Nice try, but it's time to even things up."

Metal decides to win the fall. He smacks the mat and calls out the pin. ONE! I fight under him. TWO! I manage to twist and raise my shoulder, breaking the count. I finally throw him off and roll to the side. I rise slowly, noticing that the muscle heel is smirking, obviously still feeling in complete control.

I tell him, "Looking a little too cocky for a guy who can't seem to put me away."

The villain smirks, "Yeah, right. Look at me," he flexes, "then look at yourself, SuperSlut."

I can't help but look at him then down at my body to see what means. He looks sweaty, pumped and powerful, while my abused torso is red and my hard-on is uncontrollable. I don't exactly look like I'm the one winning, even though I'm ahead. I lift my head and I'm about to reply when he leaps up, catching me off guard with a standing dropkick to the chest. WHAP!

I fly backwards into the ropes then bounce off as he sweeps his legs and trips me. I drop down to the mat in a heap. Metal slithers over, forcing me onto my back. He slides on top of me then holds my wrists down as he grinds his bulge on mine. The muscle heel counts the pin again. ONE! I squirm. TWO! I manage to free my sweaty wrist and break the count.

Metal drags me up then scoops me up across his chest. He drops me down in an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! The bad boy bodybuilder holds me there as he uses his advantage to pound my abs some more. THUD! THUD! THUD! I moan as he dominates me. I try to swing my legs up, but he sees and counters with a firm grip and tug on my cock that has my mind swirling yet again.

"And you're still fucking hard! I bet I could milk you dry with two jerks, couldn't I?" I moan in the hold. "Man, you're such a freak, aren't you, SuperSlut? At least you know I'm the better man."

The villain pushes me off his leg onto the mat. I fall onto my stomach then struggle up to hands and knees. My cock literally hurts from being trapped and tormented so long. Before I can get up, Metal is grabbing me and lifting me up. He drops me in a gutbuster. WHOMP! I hang on his knee again as he spanks my bare ass, taunting me again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Once again, I get roughly shoved off onto the mat. I land on my back and the villain is on me fast. He sits on my face then grabs my legs, pinning them under his armpits. I get folded up, my shoulders pinned with my red butt elevated into the air.

I feel him spank my bare ass as he says, "This time, you're pinned just like you like it. Right SuperSlut? I bet you've been in this positioned before, right SuperSlut?"

SPANK! "ONE!" I squirm but there's no way I'm lifting a shoulder against his 210-lbs of muscle. He caresses my smooth butt cheeks, even spreading them as he toys with me.

"Oh yeah, this is the beginning of the end, SuperSlut."

SPANK! "TWO!" I try to kick my legs, desperate to throw him forward off me. My abs are sore and he leans against my attempt, countering my force.

"You're not even trying to escape, are you hero? You love this position that much?"

SPANK! "THREE!" And Metal gets the pin on me, evening things up while humiliating me.

The villain releases my legs and I flop back flat on the mat. He slides back, rubbing his pouch on my face as he does. Metal kneels at my head, legs open as he looks down on me. He smacks my face, "I told you, hero. Dream. Come. True."

Metal rises then walks past me. He drags his boot between my pecs and over my abs. He clips my cock and I flinch. He looks down on me, "Oops. Not that you didn't love it."

I struggle onto my elbows as I stare up at his broad back walking away from me. Fuck.

Between Rounds

I spend the break psyching myself up. First, though, I have to get my cock right. I hop out of the ring as I'm forced to strip my trunks and thong off. That feels good. My cock is still semi-hard. It stills feels a little sore and my balls want to be drained. I saved up a big load for Metal, but I never expected him to attack me erotically.

I don't know if the bad boy bodybuilder knows that he's been edging me, but he has. The muscle heel got the fall, but I beat myself that round. Oh fuck, I shouldn't have said that. Now all I can think of is how much I want to beat myself off. I think about pounding a quick one out here in the corner, but Metal is watching and it would just prove to him that he controls me.

Settle down, SuperStar. You know his tricks now. I beat him in wrestling. If I just protect my nipples and bulge, I'll be okay. The Bat and I spent a lot of time on helping me resist these types of attacks. I can do it. Okay, only a minute left. I leave the thong in the corner, giving my cock more freedom as I only pull on my trunks.

I make some final adjustments before I roll in. There's only seconds left on the clock as I rise and bounce in my corner. Here we go.


Round Three

Metal's massive chest is puffed up and out as he proudly moves from his ring. He fluffs his tiny package, the head of his stubby tenting his trunks in front. The villain rubs his hands together like he can't wait to finish this. Cocky bastard. He flexes, "I appreciate you going commando for me. It'll make things even easier. You wanna go nude, I'm okay with that. I got a nice dose of your kryptonite right here."

I snort, "You wish it could be that easy. Remember, I beat you in fair wrestling. I dare you to face me fair and square."

Metal ignores my challenge and strikes another pose, "C'mon, SuperSlut. Just lie down and I'll pin you with my boot. We both know you want to. Just look at my body. You could be worshipping me right now, hero."

The villain drops his arms and we lock up. I'm pumped with adrenaline and determination, surprising him by maneuvering him into an armbar. Metal bends and moans as I twist and lift his arm. I work his shoulder hard. The muscle heel slaps his broad shoulder, trying to keep the feeling in it. He grunts in frustration and I feel like we're getting back on track.

Metal grunts, "UNH! Your cock looks soft, hero. This isn't what - UNH! - it wants."

"Shut up. You'll see what it wants when it's pounding your big ass."

"UNH! Oh man, I bet - UNH! - my sweet ass all you can think about, isn't it, SuperSlut! ARGH!" I give him a hard wrench to shut him up. It only works for a second, "There it is twitching!"

I shift to really torture Metal's arm when he whips his other hand at my bulge. It doesn't come close, but he's back in my head and I stupidly overreact. The distraction enables him to shift and spin, driving his free elbow to my head. CRACK! The muscle heel drives his knee into my abs. THUD! OOF! I bend forward and he grabs my head, shoving it between his massive thighs.

Metal squeezes on the standing head scissors, flexing his legs around my head. I drop to a knee immediately, overwhelmed by the pain. He's so fucking strong! I grip his legs, but I know there's no way I can break this. I'm sure he's flexing those monster biceps over me right now. I could easily black out to this if I don't think of something.

I plant my foot then try to lift and twist, but he's too much man for that. The bad boy bodybuilder feels my attempt, because as I shift to two feet to increase my power, I feel his hand on my waistband. Uh oh. ARGH! My trunks are pulled up my back, fast and hard, sinking deep between the smooth cheeks of my bubble butt.

The villain pulls on the wedgie, making sure I feel it. I groan and whimper as the hold humiliates me, but worse, it distracts me from escaping the power of his incredible standing head scissors. I get more and more lightheaded. Worse, with my bare ass held up by my red trunks, I can't get into position for a back body drop. I push on his legs, but they're like redwood tree trunks.

With me helpless, Metal can't resist reaching forward and slapping my ass. SMACK! I cry out. Since I can't see anything but his calves and boots, every slap catches me off guard. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The villain tans my smooth cheeks, enjoying humiliating me. I punch him in the knees and he growls.

I hear him threaten, "I'm having fun, but if you wanna be like that, maybe I should get serious."

I figure the punches must have worked, so I do them again. He grunts then falls backwards. I'm dragged forward, the top of my head slamming hard into the mat. CRACK! My whole body goes limp and I think I black out, because suddenly I'm being lifted to my feet and locked in a full nelson. My shoulders collapse under his power and I moan in pain.

Metal carries me to the corner, slamming me in front first while maintaining the nelson. I feel him grinding on my ass, his sweaty trunks sliding across my exposed butt and his stubby cock splitting my cheeks. The villain challenges me to break the hold and stop the humiliation, but I'm just getting back to my senses. Even at full strength I might not be able to power out, but I really can't now.

"Not even going to try? You want my cock in you that bad? I knew it."

The villain pulls me back a little and I see my opening. I throw my feet up, landing one on the top turnbuckle and the other on the middle. I thrust back, surprising him with the move. The muscle heel stumbles backwards then trips and crashes down with my 195-lbs of muscle on top of him. WHAM! Metal loses the nelson, enabling me to roll off him onto my hands and knees.

As I move away, the bad boy bodybuilder grabs the back of my trunks. From his knees, he pulls me back against him in a reverse bearhug. I moan, but with both of us on our knees, he can't get all his power into the hold. I swing my elbow back into his head, hitting him in the temple. CRACK! It works and I scramble away, using the ropes to rise.

Metal is up faster and on me immediately. I try to block him, but he wraps his arms around me, pinning my arms to my side as he locks his hands behind me. The villain smirks, "Good counters. I like you better when you're feisty. Here's your reward, SuperSlut."

Suddenly, the villain smothers my mouth with his. I'm ashamed to say that I momentarily melt in the combination of his tight hold and liplock. Metal pulls back with I laugh, "I so own you right now. Dream. Come. True."

The villain's taunts get me fighting but he dives in for my neck. He blows in the same spot that had me twitching in the locker room. "There it is." The gorgeous muscleman brings his lips onto the spot and kisses my neck. I moan and squirm as he sucks on my neck. His tongue flicks then his lips move. I feel him biting and sucking as he ravages me. I whimper helplessly, my strength lost as my mind reels.

Metal pulls off then looks at me with a smug grin. We lock eyes then he teases, "Oops, I left a mark."

I feel the sting of the hickey on my neck and I'm reduced to a teenager again, the 17-year old virgin who worshipped this man. Fuck, get a grip! You're freaking SuperStar! The villain throws me aside and I collapse to the mat like a damsel in distress. I move to rise, but the muscle heel is on me too fast. He grabs my bulge, seeing that I'm rock hard again.

"Looks like you left a mark, too, SuperSlut. Own you!"

I realize he's talking about the wet spot on my trunks. My face goes red under my mask as the pre-cum stain just gives him another boost of confidence. Like he needed any more. I throw him off me then rise. He stands across the ring from me, his sweaty muscles pumped and impressive. I puff out my chest to match and will myself to focus.

We circle and when we move in, I grab hold and drive him back into the corner. CLANG! Metal is shocked to be overpowered by me. I pound my fists into his abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! He grunts, sagging in the corner. I duck down and drive my shoulder into him. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! My shoulder blocks have him grunting louder with every shot.

I rise up and grab hold of his hair, pulling him out of the corner. As I pull him into a front facelock, Metal throws one hand onto my bulge. I reach for it, but his other hand grabs my chest. In one smooth move, I'm suddenly lifted in a gorilla press. I hover over the mat, the muscle heel's mighty power on display as he holds me high in the air.

There's nothing I can do as Metal throws me up and lets me fall on my front from 8' in the air. SPLAT! The villain mounts me, pushing my face into the mat while dry humping me. He leans down then assaults my neck again, calling me his brave little SuperSlut. I throw him off, rising to hands and knees. He slaps my ass then tells me it's done.

I rise, but Metal is behind me, stalking me. Before I know it, he's got my left arm. He bends it behind me in a chicken wing while grabbing me around the neck. I squirm, but he powers my wrist into my the waistband of my wedged trunks. I move to pull it out, but it's too late. The villain throws me sideways into the corner. With my arm trapped, I hit hard on my left shoulder. CLANG!

I stumble out only to have Metal kick me in the gut. THUD! OOF! I fall forward. He grabs the back of my mask and trunks then whips me back into the corner. I fly between the top and middle turnbuckle, sailing all the way through until my left shoulder slams into the metal post. BANG! I cry out and my left arm falls limp.

Metal grabs my hips then dry humps me to emphasize my position. He drags me out of the corner then forces my left arm over his right shoulder. The muscle heel bends forward, lifting my boots off the mat. As he holds my left arm in front of him in his steel grip, all my muscle hangs from my aching left shoulder. I moan as he circles the ring with me dangling like a muscle cape behind him.

The villain stops then lifts my left arm. He pulls it down hard, slamming my armpit onto his broad shoulder, almost dislocating mine. THUD! YANK! He does it again. THUD! YANK! I cry out from the impact as he circles, keeping a tight grip on my wrist. Next thing I know, Metal is behind me, locking on a chicken wing. I slap my shoulder then reach between my legs, grasping at straws.

I hear Metal laugh, "Ready to fly, hero?"

I shake my head, but it doesn't matter. Suddenly I'm lifted by the hammerlock, all the weight and force on my damaged shoulder. I've got no choice as the badass bodybuilder breaks me.


Metal drops me and I collapse to the mat, defeated and destroyed. I writhe on the mat, rubbing my shoulder as the villain poses over me. With his comeback victory complete, I can only lie there and let him enjoy his dominance. He's always believed he's the star and I'm the sidekick. Now the son of a bitch knows it. Fuck.

The Stakes

I kneel on the canvas and shake out my arm, but have to stop. My shoulder is killing me. I look over to see Metal's broad back and huge ass. He's on the middle turnbuckle, looking out of the ring at Ryan's camera. Of course he's flexing, basking in the glory of his victory. I hate losing, but I hate it even more now. I not only lost the match, I lost control. The villain owned me.

Metal turns on the ropes, showing off his back to the camera. He looks down at me with a smirk. Our eyes meet then he wags his fingers for me to come to him. I rise slowly then come to him. The bodybuilder towers over me from the turnbuckle, his stubby cock tenting his trunks and thong. It's right in front of my face, so it's not surprising when the villain forces my face into it.

"It's like a dream come true for you, right SuperSlut? Show me how much you love my muscles. Worship me."

I breathe in the scent of his sweaty crotch musk then get to work. I run my hands over his thick legs. I caress the smooth flesh, admiring his incredible thighs. Metal taunts, "Come on, you've been waiting five years for this. Use you mouth!" I look up at him then get to work. I trace the lines of his cut legs with my tongue then kiss the powerful pumped muscles.

I reach up and start on his abs. I kiss his smooth stomach. Any damage I did is long faded. Only perfection remains. I reach up my right arm and knead his large pecs, unable to raise my left due to the punishment I endured. The taste of his sweat fills my mouth and nose as I feel his rock hard muscles.

I feel Metal grab the back of my head again. He commands, "Pull down my trunks."

With the villain's hand on the back of my head pulling me forward, I obey. I struggle to lift my left arm, but I peel the silver trunks down in front and over his amazing ass in the back. With his four-inch cock hard in the thong, I open my mouth and engulf the spandex-wrapped head. At first, I just hold it in my mouth. I play with it, using my tongue and lips, moving it around.

As I start to suck and bob my head, Metal lets out a moan. The taste of his sweat-soaked trunks fills my mouth, along with the surprising hint of pre-cum. I ignore it and go to work. I quickly have the front of the thong soaking wet and see-through. The villain pushes my head back then fires a fist into my forehead. CRACK! I fly back onto the mat, landing on my stomach.

As I writhe, Metal laughs, "Yeah, wiggle that ass for me."

I hear his boots land on the mat. THUD! Next thing I know, I feel my red trunks sliding off my ass then they're pulled right off over my boots. The villain spanks my bare behind, tanning my smooth flesh. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! As the loser, I have to take it. Metal mocks my jiggling cheeks then laughs, "I like big butts and I cannot lie."

Metal grabs my mask and forces me onto my knees. He pushes my face back to the mat and lifts my ass, so I'm presenting for him. I hear a wrapper opening. When the villain is prepped, he grabs a firm hold on my ass and forces his cock inside me. I moan as his head splits my hole.

The badass bodybuilder rides me, driving his stubby cock inside me as deep as he can. I easily take what he's got, but the feeling is more psychological than physical. My buddy came into my world, beat me and now is fucking me. Ever since I admitted I dreamt about him, he's thought that he has control over me. He was the alpha and I was the beta. On the football field, in the gym, on the mats, and even in my dreams. Now, as Metal, he's proved he was right.

I whimper as he continues to trash talk me. The force of his thrusts forces me forward, flat on my stomach. He thrusts in and out faster and harder until I hear him moan. I feel warmth inside me as he breeds my ass, cumming inside the latex shield while inside me. Metal pulls out and I hear the familiar snap of spandex straps as he pulls his white thong back on.

I look back to see him rising, thong back in place. He plants his boot on my ass as he flexes over me. He kicks me onto my back then drags me to a seated position. He lifts his right bicep in front of me, "You didn't think I wouldn't let you worship all of me, did you?" I get the message. I open my mouth and run my right hand over the mountainous bicep.

I worship the massive arm muscle, lovingly sucking and kissing it. Metal replaces it with his pecs, burying my face between them before he lets me suck on his nipples. I do a great job, because I can hear him moaning. He switches me to his left bicep and I try to do an even better job on the incredible peak.

Metal pushes me down onto my back. The villain slithers on top of me, running his bulge over my face. He flips then sits on the mat, his legs spread over my head. The muscle heel drags me into a head scissors, "I know you loved being in my legs." Metal squeezes and I moan. His mighty legs crush my head and I feel close to blacking out.

Metal demands, "Jerk that hero cock, SuperSlut!" I reach down and start to work my cock. It's hard right away. "Now, I think the world needs to know a little more about us, don't you? We're not just random enemies are we? They need to know that you were my little buddy in college, weren't you?"

I'm confused about what he's doing, but when he tightens the scissors, I have no choice to but you answer. I cry out, "YES!"

"Yeah, little SuperSlut. Always second to me. I've always been stronger. Faster. Tougher. Hotter. Right?"

I'm forced to admit, "Uhh! Yes!"

"And you wanted me so bad. You even dreamt about me fucking you, didn't you?"

When I hesitate, the scissors tightens and I'm moaning, "Oh fuck! YES!"

"Dreaming about being fucked by a supervillain. Tsk, tsk. What will your hero buddies say about that? Yeah, you're playing hero now, but you're still mine. Shoot your load and show everyone how much you love being owned by me. Make the dream real. Cum for me, SuperSlut!"

Metal reaches out and grabs my nipple. Within a minute, I can't resist. Ropes of cum that I saved for his ass instead fire into the air, splashing down on my ripped torso. I pump until I'm soft and drained. Metal smacks my head, calling me his good little SuperSlut. When he shifts to a figure-four head scissors, I can't resist that either. In seconds, I'm out cold.

The Office

"Well, Jae, I guess we still have some work to do. Maybe we need to try some more extreme measures?"

I turn to see my boyfriend standing in the doorway of the office. Cody is leaning on the door jamb with a big smirk on his face. I came here to grab some ice for my sore shoulder before facing Christian in the locker room. Cody closes the door and gives me a soft kiss before checking me out. He looks me up and down before settling on the red welt on my neck.

Cody says, "Well, Christian sure left his mark. And in my favorite spot, too. Right where I make you purr while your leg shakes. Did he know or was he just lucky?"

I instinctively shrug my shoulders then wince in pain, "Ow. Lucky. He knows a lot about me, but not that. We've never - wait, you're not mad or jealous about the dream or worship stuff, are you?"

My boyfriend laughs, "Of course not. I'm amused. If I was worried about you and Christian, I would've said something. I actually like his style. He's cool and fun. And he really has your number, doesn't he?"

I object, "I won the first round big." Cody raises an eyebrow, so I add, "I just didn't expect him to go totally erotic. It caught me off guard is all."

Cody smiles, "Shouldn't have. From what you've told me, he's way too competitive to not exploit every angle. I knew he wasn't coming into The Cave to get fucked. Especially by his little buddy."

"Now you give me this insight."

My boyfriend shrugs, "You always want to do this on your own. Besides, he's your friend. You shouldn't have needed me to tell you."

"Ugh, you're right."

Cody smirks, "Yeah, of course I am. So was he all you ever dreamed of?"

"Once. One dream. Can I never live that down? I can't believe he told everyone that on video." Cody looks smug and I can tell that he's about to tell me again that he understands my friend better than I do. I stop him, not wanting to hear it twice in a one-minute span. "I didn't mean that literally. Of course I can believe it. It's who he is."

"Okay. It's just that if you ever have questions about guys, you are sleeping with the world's foremost expert, you know.”

I ignore Cody's comment, "Christian is hot, but I was a 17-year old virgin when I had that fantasy. You know how real my dreams are. Nothing wrong with him, but he could never live up to it." I smile, "You're the only one who's ever even come close to the passion and intensity of my imagination. I don't know how, but you actually surpass them, Cody."

My boyfriend moves in and kisses me passionately. I move to go down on him, but he stops me, telling me to relax, he'll do all the work. Cody guides me onto the couch then strips in front of me. He goes down to his knees and I spread my legs out wide. I lean back, letting the master do his thing. When he engulfs my cock, I close my eyes and the pain in my shoulder eases. The next 20 minutes are incredible.

As we cuddle on the sofa, Christian comes in. He sees us naked, post-sex and apologizes for interrupting, but Cody ushers him in. I see Christian notice Cody's huge soft cock. My buddy doesn't say anything, but he gives me a wink and thumbs up. A smirking Cody asks him to join us tonight at the gay bar we go to post-tapings, but Christian declines.

My buddy just wanted to make sure I'm okay and that there’s no hard feelings. I assure him there’s not and we're still on for our regular workouts. Cody asks if he wants to stay in The Cave and Christian says he'd love to come back. The hot bodybuilder is very happy as he leaves with his paycheck for beating me and another thing to hold over my head.

When he’s gone, Cody asks, “Want me to kick his ass for you?”

I shake my head and laugh, “No. Just tell Ryan to put him against someone brutal next time.”

Cody smiles. He kisses me then helps me to the shower, offering to clean me up, since I only have one arm. As we walk, I rest my head on his shoulder and he hugs me, careful to put his hand on my side, not shoulder.

The End


  1. "Dream. Come. True." Metal is awesome. I love that he won his debut (oop, spoilers). I REALLY love that he came to check on Jae post-match. I love that Cody understood Christian/Metal, so didn't get mad or jealous. An advantage to being what some might call "shallow," I guess; a "deep" person might have read too much into it and got all over-sensitive, whereas Cody could see how things are--and not think any less of Christian or Jae for it. Great characters, great stories. (Oh, and SUPER-hot sleeper that Superstar almost took Metal out with early on. I love sleepers.)

    1. P.S. I also love the new look of the blog. :)

    2. I always appreciate your feedback. I like hearing what you think of the new characters. Good point that Cody being Cody has its advantages for Jae.

      I'm glad you noticed the tweak to the look since you're front and center in the new banner with my favorite description of my blog.

  2. I love the friskiness of this new villain! Between that and his power-based attacks, he should be a force to be reckoned with! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Metal should be tough.

  3. This did not turn out the way I expected, especially after that first fall. Poor SuperStar and his kryptonite. You alwyas find a way to keep me on my toes when I'm reading. The stubby cock was a red herring. :)

    1. Glad I could surprise you in a good way. :)

  4. Damn, Metal has a nasty mouth. He really tore into "SuperSlut", I mean, Superstar! And it was very entertaining! And Jae, as much as the Bat has trained him, still falls for the kryptonite! LOL. Awesome. I liked Metal's whole set-up. How he knows that Jae "admires" him so he knows what buttons to push to dominate his friend. He can make JAe sing his tune easily.
    HAving said that, its one thing to dominate your friend but, another thing to dominate the other members of the roster. LOL. I would say that Metal better not gt too cocky because the Cave is filled up with some powerful wrestlers! BTW, damn that guy has a major bubble butt!

    1. Appreciate the comment. Seems like Metal made an impression. Jae and Cody are working hard, but with my sliding time scale, it's still only been a few months for them. One can't expect miracles. Who knows? It might take years in their time for Jae to completely get over his particular kryptonite.

  5. Rats! I was hoping Jae would win (Christian isn't a bad guy, but he rubbed me the wrong way), but he really did have a poor grasp on how Christian would act. Oh well. Hopefully he'll run into someone who kicks and fucks his cute ass eventually.

    1. Aw, sorry about that. ;) We'll see what happens. Christian is cool with coming back and it sounds like a lot of you are, too.

  6. First sorry for the late comment. I should have posted way sooner since its Jae staring in this one haha. Tom Dayley damn... I love how you brought up his amazing ass Thats something I agree on. I loved each chace he was able to sit on Jaes face! And damn he dominated Jae not just physically but mentally too. Seeing Jae fight his kryptonite with the perfectly set metallo was great to read. Grunding his ass onto Jaes bulge slowly breaking down his resistance and making sure Jae knew it and maybe that he even wanted it from the start!

    Im hoping to see more of Christian and see how he survives in the cave. His debut against Jae might have been great but im not sure his Kryptonite will work against other men in the gave... good thing he has that ass to for backup!

    Was also glad to see the endinh with Cody and Jae i was wondering what the bat would be thinking seeing all of his training go down the drain haha!

    Thanks for a great read Alex!

    1. You're welcome. Tyson Dayley's ass is amazing, so I couldn't not use it. :)

      The reaction to Christian/Metal has been great, so I can see him coming back eventually.