Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review: Beast vs. Joey King (Thunders Arena)

Once again, Thunders Arena launched a must-buy combination in conjunction with an awesome sale. Beast vs. Joey King was simply too much for me to resist, especially with the St. Patrick's Day deals. And so I bought it along with the Valentine's Day match featuring Blayne vs. Tristan Baldwin and an older Dozer vs. Eagle Custom Series video. It is the rope and tickling-centric clash, which looked fun, but I wasn't willing to pay full price for it. It shouldn't be confused with the wonderful Dozer vs. Eagle mat match, which I also own.

Simply irresistible.

I continue to lust after the perfectly-named Beast. He's so wide and thick, but with abs. From the front, he's just extremely hot, especially with some body hair. And even hotter is how "all-in" he is with everything Thunders throws at him. Whether it's rolling in the backyard with Eagle or on the beach with Frey, Beast has a great resume. And of course, he really shines in the ring.

A man worthy of the name "Beast".

He's both beautiful and a beast!

Joey King probably needs no more praise from me. I've run out of superlatives for him, because like Beast, my attraction is primal. He's exactly the type of stud I love to watch. As much as I love seeing him wreck a cute stud like Scrappy, it's also great seeing him against guys more in his league. Big Beast is an even better match than Kelly King.

Handsome hunk Joey captures my heart again.

Joey: "The only thing I'm going to
tap is your family tree."

The video starts with a couple of minutes of warmup. Beast is stretching out and Joey King is waiting. Right from the start, these two hunks seem to have good chemistry as playful banter and macho posturing collide. They have a compelling and entertaining bro-pro dynamic, which continues through the entire match. Above I quote my favorite line and suddenly I wish I was related to Beast.

I didn't really care who won or lost, I just wanted to see two burly pros beat on each other in a good match. And that's what happens. It's a back-and-forth deal that plays to both their strengths. There's a lot of intensity as these studs dish out and take a lot of abuse. They both sell well, which only helped bring me into the whole match.




I love seeing two rough and tough rasslers in the close, private setting of the Thunders ring. You see and hear everything and many holds stay on longer than they would in a pro show. When Beast applies a headlock with those huge arms, you can believe it would hurt. Same with Joey's knee lift and forearm smash. The pace is just right, as is the 22 minutes from intros to the winner posing over the loser with his foot on the defeated stud's chest.

In fact, that victory image of the dominant pose-flex then slow pan over the unconscious and unmoving loser's magnificent carcass was etched into my brain for a long time.



In the end, this is an excellent match between MEN. It's both hard-hitting and playful, with logical well-executed action. The chemistry and intensity works beautifully as these two super-hot pro wrestlers put on a great show.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. The dialogue of the year for sure has to go to these two.
    Beast - "You got little hands, you got Burger King hands"
    Joey King - "Burger King Hands?"
    Beast "You cant hold the whopper"

    HAHA right out of the Cave. I have to say that Beast is a winner in my book. This guy is a true performer. I'm really looking forward to seeing him against the new guy Kid Dynamite, because that new guy looks HOT HOT HOT. Hopefully he performs as good as he looks.
    Anyways Beast is just such a fun character. And Joey King also was great. He was so good in the ring. Specially when he is escaping BEast and making him look like a dufus. And just putting himself at Beasts mercy, trusting how much better he is. U have to say, Thunders is right hitting every note.
    I'm sound obsessed. Joey King slamming on Beasts chest, was...perrrfect. HOT HOT HOT. Finally. That's what I personally want to see. One thing that irritates me are hits like that, that its obvious they don't even touch skin. JK was not going to bruise Beast, or hurt him. But he made good enough contact that the excellent mics picked it up! And it works AWSM!
    And the ending. HOT HOT HOT.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree on everything, especially importance of the quality of the hits. Too many guys can't get that right.