Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Cave Undercard 15: Moneymaker vs. Red Raven

This story is a reader commission

As I walk into the locker room, I ask, "Hey Spence, you ready?"

"Almost, Cody. Just gotta tie up my boots!"

Spencer, lacing his boots

I wait as he finishes then admire him as he stands up. One of the perks of co-owning The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video producer, is getting to check out the talent before they hit the ring. I have to admit that Spencer is gorgeous and his choice of hero character and gear make him a very popular stud with fans.

Ryan recruited him through another wrestler. When he first showed up as Red Raven, I admit I wasn't thrilled. That's a Bat character and I'm The Bat. He was like an unauthorized team member. I figured he was drafting off my incredible success and popularity. My business partner and best friend Ryan convinced me to let it go. While his sales are nowhere near my sales, they're decent. He's reliable and easy-going, so it's working out fine.

Spencer is tall, trim and ripped. He's 6'3"/200-lbs with tanned olive skin, dark hair and deep brooding eyes. He wears red trunks and wrist gauntlets with black boots and a black leather harness that wraps around his shoulders and armpits with a strap that cuts across his sculpted chest and back. He adds his Red Raven symbol to the harness and puts on a black eye mask.

The guy is definitely ready for the ring. I smile and nod, "Two minutes. You're out first."

I'm about to leave when I hear someone call my name from the restroom area of the locker room. When I turn, I see Vin coming out. He's the wrestler who connected Ryan with Spencer, actually. He's short with a nice thin body and cute face. He's in most of his Blue Arrow gear (blue trunks, boots, harness for his quiver), which surprises me since he's not on the schedule.

Vin and Red Raven

Vin says, "Cody, good, you're here. Please help me talk some sense into this one." I raise an eyebrow as the handsome smaller stud grabs his buddy by the harness. Spencer tries to speak, but Vin interrupts, "I want to go to the ring with him. You know Moneymaker will have that Valet guy with him. I want to even the odds. He won't let me."

The taller stud says, "I want to do this on my own."

Vin rolls his eyes, "You will. I won't help you. I just wanna keep that asshole's little helper monkey from interfering."

The two of them argue back and forth. It's obvious they've discussed this ever since the match was scheduled. I let them talk it out, but time is wasting. I finally interrupt, "Guys. We've got to go. For the record, I agree with Vin. I used Xaq for Valet control, so I think having a buddy at ringside is smart." The smaller hunk smirks. I add, "But it's your call, Spence."

I start to exit, but Vin whines, "C'mon, Cody. You agree with me, so talk him into it."

I purse my lips, trying to decide how much to get involved. After a couple of seconds, I say, "There's no time. You already know what I think and I need you behind the curtain in one minute. I can have Ryan introduce Moneymaker first, but just make a decision."

The Introductions

Ryan introduces Moneymaker first in order to give Red Raven and Blue Arrow time to work things out. As the black curtain parts, out comes Valet. The henchman is wearing his gold spandex uniform, including skimpy trunks, shirt cuffs with dollar sign cuff links and bow tie. He also has a small gold domino mask and short gold sneakers.

Valet is a cute twink with thick wavy hair and a lean muscle body. He's smooth from the neck down, his body nicely proportioned. It's easy to see why Moneymaker has him around. However, don't let his cuteness fool you. He's a nasty little punk who will take any chance he can to please his master, including interfering in his matches.


The young brat opens the curtain and Moneymaker emerges. The 25-year old heel is an arrogant muscleman, enjoying his moment in the spotlight. The villain has bulked up to 220-lbs of chiseled muscle on his 6'2" frame. It's all pure power, but the former tag team specialist still hasn't really put it together in singles. Too much focus on attitude and not enough on wrestling.


Still, with a body like that, Moneymaker is quickly becoming a star with fans. He struts to the ring in his gold trunks with a black dollar sign on the front, gold mask, knee pads and pro boots. When he flexes his back for the camera, it's one of the best I've ever seen. For a big guy, he's managed to keep his trim waist with 8-pack abs and meaty pecs. Just smoking hot.

Moneymaker flexes for a few minutes and the cameras capture it all. I'm not surprised that he's milking this for all it's worth. He didn't want to enter first, seeing that as the lesser role, but when I told him that he'd have the ring all to himself, the villain quickly changed his mind. After a few minutes, I worry that this is turning into a posing video. We'll have some cutting for the final edit.

Finally, Ryan wraps it up then turns back to the curtain. He introduces Red Raven. The young hero enters alone, obviously winning his argument with his friend. The tall stud looks awesome as he charges the ring. He's a high energy guy and it shows. Ryan and Pete get good shots of the hero from different angles.

With the guys ready, the henchman out of the ring and the cameras rolling, it's time to wrestle.


The Match

Round 1

The two studs circle the ring. Moneymaker sneers at the lean, tall muscleman across from him, while Red Raven looks focused. After a lap around the ring, they lock up in a traditional collar and elbow. They strain and flex, but the hero can't budge the bigger villain. The muscle heel toys with Red Raven then overpowers him by throwing him backwards all the way to the corner. CLANG!

The powerful muscleman flexes, showing off after his display of dominance. The hero just nods, but then feels a sharp stinging slap on his ass. SMACK! The hero jumps from the corner, spinning to see a smirking Valet. Moneymaker moves in from behind and locks on a full nelson. ARGH! Red Raven moans as his shoulders are collapsed together.

Moneymaker forces him back to the corner. Valet climbs onto the apron then fondles the front of the trapped muscleman's red trunks. Red Raven moans as he's molested by the henchman. He can't break free, but the villain isn't cranking on it. The heel confirms my thought when he says, "I could put you down right now, but don't worry, I'm just letting my boy check you out first."

Red Raven grunts then throws his feet up. He pushes Valet off the apron to the floor below then braces on the top and middle turnbuckle. With a hard push, the hero kicks back. The two wrestlers topple backwards. The 200-lbs of muscle crashes down on Moneymaker and he loses the full nelson. WHAM! OOF! Red Raven rolls off him to safety.

Both men rise. They look more intense. Moneymaker suddenly charges. The hero is ready, he dodges, letting the villain run front first right into the corner. CLANG! As he bounces back, Red Raven rolls him up in a small package, going for a quick pin. ONE! The muscle heel powers out fast and the two wrestlers scramble up to their feet.

Red Raven leaps up, hitting a standing dropkick on the surprised villain. WHAP! Moneymaker flies back into the ropes then falls through, dropping to the floor below. The heel angrily slaps the ring apron as Valet rubs his back. The hero makes a move to charge at them, but halts when it's obvious the bigger muscle stud is ready.

Moneymaker climbs onto the ring apron. The hero times his next move perfectly, charging as soon as the heel is in position where he can't defend himself. Red Raven hits the villain with a flying elbow. CRACK! The muscle heel topples off the apron onto Valet, the two of them landing on the floor in a heap.

Red Raven spreads his arms showing a cocky side as the villains rise, looking angry. Moneymaker flexes his big muscles and roars, clearly furious at being shown up by the leaner muscleman. He shrugs off support from Valet then heads to the stairs, taking the safer route into the ring this time.

As the villain steps through the ropes, the hero runs to the middle rope. He moves to lift it, but Valet grabs it, too. He counters the force, preventing Red Raven from using it. The hero kicks out, warning the henchman away, but the distraction is what matters. When the hero turns, Moneymaker charges, leveling his opponent with a huge clothesline. WHAM!

Red Raven goes down hard from the sudden move. Moneymaker comes down with a big elbow to the head. CRACK! He rolls the leaner muscleman up into a pin, bringing the hero's knees to his shoulders. The villain throws his feet up on the middle rope, increasing his leverage as he uses his 220-lbs of muscle to keep the hero trapped in the pin.

Valet grabs hold of his boss’s ankles then hangs on them, holding them on the ropes. The added force keeps the villain stable. The handsome hero groans in the cradle, rolled up and wedged down with his shoulders on the mat. He struggles, but he can't budge the villain. Moneymaker calls out the pin as Red Raven squirms under him.

Suddenly, I see Blue Arrow burst through the curtain coming out of the back, obviously to help his friend. Good for him. He charges down the aisle.

Blue Arrow

ONE! Blue Arrow closes the gap fast. As he races at full speed, the henchman must hear him, because he suddenly kicks back with a donkey kick. The hero runs full speed into the boot and it sinks deep. THUD! OOF! Blue Arrow bounces back then stumbles to the side. He falls into the ring apron for support, obviously winded by the impact.

TWO! Blue Arrow moves back in more cautiously. Valet tries to use his feet to fend him off, but the hero pushes him aside. Arrow moves to throw Moneymaker's feet off the middle rope and break the count, but the henchman grabs him by the back of his harness. He pulls Arrow away and spins, whipping him around. Valet lets go and the hero flies into the ring apron, abs first. WHACK! OOF!

THREE! Moneymaker completes the three-count, winning the fall. Blue Arrow spins. He looks furious. He rises then points at Valet in a threatening manner, but before he can say whatever he is going to say, the devious henchman kicks up, driving his shoe into Arrow’s bulge. SQUISH! URK! The smaller hero bends forward, gasping in pain.

Valet uses the shoulder strap of the blue harness to pull Arrow into a front facelock. Valet smacks the hero on the back then drops him down with a DDT onto the padded floor. CRACK! Blue Arrow moans, barely moving as he lies on his stomach. Valet slithers around, sliding onto the hero's back. He lies flat on top of Arrow. He whispers something in the dazed hero's ear as he pushes the cute face into the vinyl mat.

The henchman slides his arms under Arrow's head. He carefully locks on a sleeper and grinds his pouch against the ailing Arrow’s ass. He squeezes and dry humps at the same time. The hero quickly stops moving entirely. The henchman tests the arm of the unconscious stud. PLOP! Nothing. The villain's assistant rolls off his victim then smoothly climbs to his feet.

Valet dusts his hands and adjusts his gear to accommodate the hard-on in his gold trunks. He checks out the ring. Red Raven is back in his corner on the other side of the ring, obviously unaware of what’s happened outside. The henchman smirks then grabs the bottom rope for leverage as he uses his boots to kick the unconscious Blue Arrow under the ring. The helpless hero's body rolls behind the apron, completely out of sight.

Between the Rounds

The two wrestlers chill in their corner. Valet has a cocky grin on his face as he services his boss, giving him water and a light massage. Beside me, Jae makes a move to check on Blue Arrow, but I stop him. I point to Pete, one of our cameramen along with Ryan. He’s already there, checking things out. He nods and give Ryan a thumbs up.

Knowing that Arrow is okay, just knocked out, Pete gets footage of the sleeping stud as he lies under the ring. When he drops the apron without reviving Arrow or telling Red Raven, Valet smiles. Ryan doesn't move to address the situation either, so he sees the potential of this, too. The perfect crime for the little weasel, but also a very hot surprise moment that will get guys talking.

Since Red Raven has no idea what’s going on, he just paces and stretches in his corner, trying to psych himself up. I’m not sure he even realizes the pin was assisted, much less that Arrow is taking a forced nap under the ring. Jae is whispering that we should overturn the fall, but I remind him that this is The Cave. Rules are fluid here and this is hot, which is all that matters.

I whisper, "Just enjoy the show."

Jae looks at me with a frustrated look. I just shrug then lean in to kiss his neck and rub the front of his shorts. I recount the whole incident in his ear and his cock stiffens. As I talk dirty about Arrow's humiliation, he groans. When I finish, he looks at me with mouth open, gasping and hard as a rock. I smile, "Yeah, you get it now."

As I pull back, Jae looks at me, surprised. He whispers, "Please, don't stop." I slide onto my knees in front of him then work his shorts down. I engulf his cock and suck him for the rest of the break. Wrestling and the Arrow situation has my boyfriend primed. I work him fast and he's firing down my throat. Perfect timing as I sit back down just as Ryan rings the bell for round two.


Round 2

The two studs circle again. Moneymaker flexes, taunting the hero. He adjusts his bulge, "You're pretty hot, hero. Gimme a spin and let me see how fuckable you are. I won that fall so fast, I barely got to check you out."

Red Raven doesn't respond, but he does smirk. He looks unaffected by the mind games. It was a quick first fall, but he held his own. The leaner muscleman just lost his focus and the villain capitalized. No reason he shouldn't feel confident. Hopefully he learned his lesson. Keep the action inside the ring, away from the ropes and ignore the henchman.

The two studs move in for a lockup. Moneymaker powers the hero into a side headlock. He cranks on it, but as he works to tighten it, Red Raven actually manages to slip free. The leaner muscleman comes up from behind getting the villain in a full nelson. He squeezes the heel's thick shoulders, moving the muscle into position then locking his hands.

Moneymaker grunts as his chin is forced between his meaty pecs. He growls then flexes, powering out of the hold, hard and fast. The villain looks smug, ignoring the hero behind him. Red Raven grabs his traps then leaps up, lifting his knees into the big muscleman's back as he pulls the big muscleman back into a backcracker.

They topple backwards, with the heel landing on top of the hero's unpadded knees. WHACK! ARGH! Moneymaker flies off to the side, holding his back. Red Raven rolls him into a quick pin, but the villain kicks out with authority, throwing the 200-lbs muscleman off like he weighs nothing. As Red Raven rolls to rise, the villain lashes out with a big boot that catches his pecs. WHOMP!

Moneymaker rolls up then splashes down on top of the dazed hero. SPLAT! The villain bounces back up fast, unleashing big boots to the hero's core. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The heel drags his prey up to his feet only for Red Raven to grab behind his knees and pull out hard. The bigger muscleman crashes onto his ass. PLOP!

Red Raven rises halfway up then crashes down on the inside of Moneymaker's right thigh. THUD! He rises, sliding one hand up to the gold trunks and the other to the gold knee pad. The hero quickly drops his knee into the inner thigh. THUD! THUD! THUD! The villain groans as his leg is punished. He drives his other leg into Red Raven's butt, finally escaping.

As Moneymaker rolls to rise, Red Raven grabs his right boot. He pulls hard on the leg and the heel falls flat on his chest on the mat. The hero smoothly slides into a single leg crab, leaning back as he tortures the back and leg of the muscle heel. The leaner muscleman uses his 200-lbs of power effectively, bending the less flexible muscle heel in half.

The villain's moans echo in the arena. Valet paces outside the ring, his little mind obviously at work. Red Raven adjusts, giving Moneymaker the opening he needs to power out. He kicks the hero across the ring then rises fast. As the heel charges, the hero springs up, driving his shoulder into the rock hard six-pack. THUD! OOF!

Moneymaker takes a step back but moves in fast. Red Raven is ready, grabbing the charging hero by the arm then flipping him with an arm drag takedown. WHAM! The villain rolls over, getting to his feet fast. He spins and charges only to be flipped again with another arm drag takedown. WHAM! He skids on his ass into the corner, spinning and resting against the bottom turnbuckle.

Red Raven paces in front of him, wary of the twitching boot that's just ready to strike if he comes too close. Valet reaches through and massages his boss's shoulders before Moneymaker reaches up, grabs the top ropes and pulls himself up. He stares angrily at the leaner muscleman, clearly frustrated by his offense.

The two musclemen circle again. They lockup and once again, Moneymaker powers Red Raven into a side headlock. This time, he keeps a tighter grip and the hero's forehead turns red as he's crushed in the powerful vice. The hero moans, but then he suddenly lifts the 220-lbs muscle heel into the air, showing his own power. He brings him down fast in an atomic drop. WHACK!

Moneymaker flies forward, walking funny as pain radiates up his spine from the impact. Red Raven moves in, but the villain was playing a little possum. He's ready with a big knee to the ripped abs. THUD! He clubs the hero across the back, driving him to his hands and knees. WHACK! The hero whips his arm out, slamming his fist into the back of the heel's right knee. POW!

Moneymaker collapses to the mat, but he quickly rolls to rise. Red Raven spins on the mat, kicking his leg out. SPLAT! The hero moves fast, rolling the villain up into a spladle. He spreads the bigger muscleman's legs, opening him up wide. With the villain secure, the hero tries for another pin, but Moneymaker thrusts up, powering out.

Both men rise. Red Raven goes for an immediate lockup, but Moneymaker ducks the move, coming in behind the hero. He grabs him around the waist, pulling him into a tight reverse bearhug. The powerful villain shakes the leaner stud as he crushes him. The hero whips back and forth as he's manhandled in the hold.

The hero fights hard to escape, but the bigger muscleman is keeping him locked up. In desperation, Red Raven stomps down, slamming his foot down on top of Moneymaker's right boot. WHACK! The shocked villain curses then throws the hero to the mat. SPLAT! Before Red Raven can rise, Moneymaker is on him right away with stomps. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

When the heel lifts his boot, Red Raven rolls away fast. Moneymaker misses with a stomp, jamming his right leg. WHACK! ARGH! He turns and grabs for his leg, allowing the hero to come in behind him then wrap him up in a small package. ONE! The muscle heel kicks out, but he's slow to rise, still favoring his right leg.

Red Raven moves in. He drags the villain up, but Moneymaker grabs him around the waist. He charges, spearing the hero into the corner. CLANG! The muscle heel grabs Red Raven around the waist and lifts him into a bearhug. ARGH! The hero reaches out, grabbing the top rope. He plants his foot and pushes up as he pulls on the cable. The two studs topple down with Red Raven on top.

The villain throws the hero off him. As Moneymaker rolls over to rise, Red Raven grabs his right ankle. He pulls hard on the boot, hyperextending the right leg. ARGH! The muscle heel groans as reaches for his leg, but the hero lifts his leg then slams the right knee onto the mat. WHACK! ARGH! The muscle heel cries out, but he can't move because the hero keeps hold of his leg.

Red Raven drags the 220-lbs of muscle to the middle of the ring by his leg. The villain reaches for Valet, but he's dragged out of reach before the henchman can grab hold. He claws the canvas, but his sweaty muscle body slides easily. The hero forces Moneymaker onto his back then grabs the other leg. He steps over then folds the legs. When the hero falls back, he's got a perfect figure-four leglock.

Moneymaker screams in pain as he thrashes on the mat. He rises up and crashes back down as Red Raven sits back, watching the villain's suffering. The massive muscleman looks so helpless as his aching knee is tortured. He can't counter, the pain is too much. And Valet can't save him, the heel is too far out of reach.

The villain holds on, but he can't resist the pain. He begs for release, giving his submission to the body-wracking agony. "GIVEGIVEGIVEGIVEGIVE!"

Red Raven unfolds their legs. Moneymaker rolls onto his side as the hero rises. The henchman comes in to check on his boss, but Red Raven moves between them and flexes. The leaner muscleman intimidates the twink, blocking his path just because he can.

With a smile on his face, the hero finally moves to his corner. Valet helps the villain to the corner. When they get there, the clock starts, counting down the break between rounds.

Between the Rounds

Red Raven paces in his corner. He stretches and drinks water, psyching himself up for the third and decisive fall.

In the opposite corner, Valet services his master. He provides water and massage to the leg. The henchman peels off the gold boots to work out the limb and check on the heel's big feet. Moneymaker leans back against the turnbuckles, never taking his eyes off the hero.

Jae whispers, "Shouldn't Moneymaker be getting his boots back on?"

I look at the clock then smile, "It's too late now. No way can he lace them up in time."

Sure enough, Ryan rings the bell before heading back to film the rest of the match.


Round 3

Moneymaker stands up and checks out his leg in the corner as Valet holds his boots. Red Raven makes a move towards them, telling the henchman, "Get the fuck out of the ring and take those boots with you."

Valet whines, "Back off! We need more time! That's not fair!"

Red Raven laughs, "Fair? Fair? The last thing you want is for this match to get fair, you little piece of shit!"

The hero kicks his long leg out, hitting Valet in the gut. THUD! OOF! He throws the henchman out over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor below. As Red Raven picks up one gold boot, the barefoot villain charges at him. The leaner muscleman is ready. He drives his shoulder into Moneymaker's abs then flips him over with a fireman's carry. WHOA! WHAM!

Red Raven grabs hold of a gold boot. As Moneymaker rolls up, the hero clocks him with the boot across the temple. WHACK! He throws the boot at the rising Valet, hitting him right in the face. SMACK! The henchman drops to the floor as the massive muscleman writhes on the mat, stunned. The hero throws the second boot down onto Valet then turns back to his opponent.

As the heel begins to rise, Red Raven unleashes a series of stomps to the bigger wrestler's shoulder and arm. THUD! THUD! THUD! He drives the big man down, but the villain manages to roll away and rise fast. The two studs circle then lock up. As Moneymaker tries to overpower the leaner stud, Red Raven manages to shift and maneuver him into an armbar. ARGH!

Red Raven really twists and cranks on the arm, working the shoulder that he just stomped. Moneymaker moans, unable to move to get at the hero. He tries to counter, but he can't. Red Raven brings his forearm down onto the bicep, sending a shockwave through the arm and shoulder. POW! ARGH!

Moneymaker turns suddenly, managing to take the pressure off his arm. Before he can take advantage, Red Raven kicks the knee, dropping the villain to the mat. The hero stomps the shoulder. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He grabs the aching arm then drops a series of three knees to the big bicep. THUD! THUD! THUD!

I'm not sure why he's switched to the arm over the already injured leg, but it's working so far. Maybe he's trying to weaken the arm so his core won't get attacked any more. Red Raven drags the villain to his feet by his arm then whips him over with an arm drag takedown. WHAM! The hero drives his forearms onto the shoulder. WHACK!

As Moneymaker sits up, Red Raven spins on his butt then locks on a head scissors. ARGH! He stretches out his long legs to really punish the big muscleman. He's definitely wearing the big man down. Still, the villain is 220-lbs of power. He manages to roll them over then pull his head free. The heel tries to mount Red Raven, but the hero rolls away.

Both men rise, sweating and pumped. The barefoot Moneymaker shakes out his arm. I notice that he isn't limping anymore, but that could be adrenaline. The heel says, "I'm gonna make you pay, jobber!"

Red Raven laughs, "For what? Not going down easy, you cheating asshole."

Moneymaker roars with anger. He's clearly worked up about something, but it all seems like a taste of his own medicine to me. The villain charges in, but Red Raven dodges, letting him run into the corner front first. CLANG! As he bounces out, the hero grabs his arm then locks on a chicken wing. He wrenches the arm up the back, causing the big stud to moan.

The barefoot heel grunts, his chest high as he's forced onto his tip toes to relieve the pressure. As the hero moves him, the villain reaches out, grabbing the ropes. He pulls and spins, escaping the hold. The hero is surprised and unable to react as Moneymaker dives at him with an elbow to the head. CRACK! Red Raven stumbles backwards as Valet cheers outside the ring.

Moneymaker kicks up, driving his foot into the chiseled six-pack. THUD! OOF! He shoves the hero's head down between his legs for a standing head scissors. I'm not sure where he was going with this, but Red Raven doesn't wait to find out. He grabs the legs around his head then grunts as he stands. The hero manages to flip 220-lbs of muscleman over with a back body drop. WHAM!

Valet reaches in and grabs one of his boss's boots. He pulls to help him out of the ring, but Red Raven grabs Moneymaker by the wrists. He slides the big muscleman back in. Suddenly, the heel kicks up, slamming his foot on the top of the hero's head. WHACK! He pulls forward, sending Red Raven flying over him onto the middle rope. WHOA!

Before the hero can move, Valet grabs behind his head and pulls him down on the middle rope, choking him. Red Raven flails for a moment, but then he fights back. Unfortunately, Moneymaker has had the time to rise. He runs back, ricocheting off the opposite ropes then runs at the hero's back. The villain leaps, coming down with all his weight on his prey's back. WHOMP!

The impact causes the middle rope to sag then it whips the 420-lbs of wrestler muscle off as it rebounds. Red Raven flops around on the mat, a red line cut into his pecs just below his harness by the steel cable. Moneymaker seizes the advantage. He drags the ailing hero up then scoops him up. With a big turn, he bodyslams the leaner muscleman to the mat. WHAM!

Red Raven tries to roll out of the ring, but Valet blocks him. The hero tries to punch the henchman through the middle and bottom, but the twink dodges. Valet raises his fists like he's willing to fight, but really he's just a distraction. Moneymaker has measured Red Raven up. He leaps, coming down with a big flying foot to the back. CRACK! The hero groans and rolls back into the ring.

The villain stomps away on his opponent's core. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The force drives Red Raven out of the ring onto the apron. Moneymaker reaches over the top rope. He uses the hero's thick black hair and harness to force him up outside the ring. The muscle heel bends the hero back over the top rope then slams his forearm across the chiseled pecs. WHOMP!

Valet grabs the hero by the boots, making sure he stays trapped. Red Raven tries to kick his feet free, but it's no use. The henchman is smaller, but he's got leverage. The villain locks on a dragon sleeper over the rope, keeping the hero suffering on the top rope with a combination of the submission hold and random chest beatings. Red Raven can only moan as he's double teamed.

Jae leans over to me, "You're really just gonna let this go?"

I shrug, "Red Raven knew the deal. Everyone does. It's his own fault. Fans will love it." Jae starts to say something, but I reach over and feel his bulge. My boyfriend moans softly as I grab his hard cock in his shorts. I smirk, "Uh huh. When this goes soft, we can talk about stopping this. Until then, Red Raven just has to take whatever is coming to him."

With my point proven, we turn back to the action. Moneymaker has a rear chinlock on Red Raven. Valet releases his feet, allowing his master to drag the hero back into the ring. The hero's beautiful body slides over the top rope as he's pulled in by the chinlock. The villain pulls his prey into a dragon sleeper. He pounds the smooth pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Moneymaker drops the hero to the mat. He immediately starts driving his bare right foot down onto the helpless hunk. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He continues to attack the core, smartly continuing to focus his assault. The heel pauses and the hero rolls away, smoothly moving into a crouch. His abs are red, but he's obviously got more left in the tank.

Red Raven immediately springs forward, aiming right for the villain's leg. It's smart to go back at it, but Moneymaker isn't a novice. He anticipates the move, dodging the dive. The hero lands on the mat, skidding on his hands and knees. Before he can move, the heel splashes down onto his back. SPLAT! The leaner stud is flattened down under the 220-lbs of muscle.

Moneymaker pulls the hero up by his thick black hair and leather harness. He scoops Red Raven up across his thick chest. The big bad villain spins then body slams him down to mat. WHAM! The hero bounces on mat from the impact. The heel grabs the front of the harness again, using it to pull the stunned hero to his feet.

With a quick spin, the villain bends then lifts Red Raven into a torture rack. ARGH! Moneymaker carries the hero around the ring. As he does, he monologues, "You're a stupid punk, you know that? You shouldn't have pissed me off. This coulda been easy, but now it's gonna hurt. A lot."

The villain shakes the hero hard. As Red Raven cries out, the heel suddenly drops him to the mat. The leaner muscle stud writhes on his stomach, trying to rise. I'm sure Moneymaker could've gotten a submission. I wonder if this will come back to bite him. He certainly looks pumped and in total control.

Moneymaker grabs the hero's trunks. He yanks them off Red Raven's ass, exposing the smooth, round butt cheeks. The villain pulls them all the way off, working them over the black boots. Once they're off, the hero crawls, trying to scramble away. The musclebound heel is on him fast, once again using the harness.

With a quick and powerful pull, Red Raven is dragged up by the leather strap and pulled right into a reverse bearhug. ARGH! Moneymaker squeezes hard, shaking the exposed stud like a ragdoll. The hero's manhood flops back and forth as he's manhandled by the mighty muscleman. Red Raven's cries fill the arena as his weakened midsection collapses from the force of the villain's powerful pythons.

Moneymaker eases up on the bearhug, saying, "No, no, no. You don't get to give this early."

Red Raven wobbles on his feet before he's spun around then scooped back up across the heel's huge chest. Moneymaker gets close to the ropes then drops the ailing hero down onto his leg in an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! He holds the lean stud in place, really stretching out his aching back.

The villain lifts one hand then slaps around the hero's cock, mocking him as a loser. Outside the ring, Valet moves in. Moneymaker has positioned Red Raven's boots near the ropes. As the hero hangs there moaning, the henchman unlaces the suffering stud's boot. Red Raven can do nothing as his left boot is loosened then peeled off. The sock goes next then Valet repeats the stripping with the right foot.

Down to just his harness, gauntlets and mask, Red Raven hangs helplessly. His manhood continues to get toyed with for a few minutes before he gets pushed off onto the mat. The villain grabs the hero by the legs, spinning him so his head is at the ropes. He flips him into a Boston crab, bending the helpless stud in half.

With Red Raven perfectly positioned, it's easy for Valet to grab the hero's left wrist. He steals the gauntlet from the suffering stud then takes the right one, too. Now it's just harness and mask. As soon as the job is done, Moneymaker releases the helpless hero. He grabs the back of the harness then drags Red Raven around the ring like a dog. Actually that would be animal cruelty. This is just a humiliating ass-kicking. The hero better get it together fast.

Moneymaker stops in the middle of the ring. He reaches his free hand over Red Raven's bare ass then grabs between his legs. He lifts straight up then drops the hero onto his leg in a gutbuster. WHOMP! OOF! The leaner stud quivers on the leg. The heel can't resist spanking the bare ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He pushes the helpless hunk off with authority.

Red Raven rolls over then tries to rise. He gets help from the musclebound heel. Moneymaker hoists him up by his harness then whips him into the corner, back first. CLANG! Red Raven sags in the corner. The villain moves in then stomps him in the ab. THUD! THUD! THUD! The barefoot slams in deep, driving the hero onto his smooth ass in the corner.

Valet reaches in, grabbing the back of the harness. The villain backs up, measures his prey then charges in. Red Raven tries to dodge, but he's held firm. 220-lbs of muscular heel crashes down on top of him in a bronco buster. WHOMP! Moneymaker's ass slams on top of his victim's sculpted pecs. POW! POW! POW!

The big bad muscleman rides Red Raven hard before rising and backing off. He flexes for the camera, confident in his control. Valet releases his grip as his master drags the limp carcass of his opponent to the middle of the ring. The hero gets dragged up then scooped and slammed down. WHAM!

Red Raven weakly tries to roll away, but Moneymaker is on him fast. The villain grabs hold of the harness and hoists him up, casually throwing the 200-lbs stud back into the middle of the ring. He stomps the hero relentlessly. This is the heel that destroyed his mentor and tag team partner. Red Raven made a big mistake pissing the bigger stud off and now he's really paying for it.

Moneymaker forces the dazed hero to his feet. He rams him into the corner then slams his face into the top turnbuckle. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Red Raven looks out on his feet. Moneymaker tosses him out of the ring. The hero plummets to the floor, unable to stop himself. The heel flexes in the ring before hopping to the floor.

The villain looks at his henchman. "Wanna show me what you can do?"

Valet rubs his hands together then reaches for the ring apron. Moneymaker looks surprised, but as his boy lifts the black draping, he sees the unconscious Blue Arrow under the ring. The heel smiles then laughs. He flexes his bicep, telling Valet he's earned the right to kiss it. The henchman eagerly steps over Red Raven to worship his master's mighty muscles.

With Arrow hidden once again and Moneymaker suitably admired, the heels return their attention to Red Raven. The hero is on his side, struggling to focus. Valet forces him up. Red Raven shoves the henchman, but the smaller twink reaches out, grabbing hold of the harness. He whips the woozy wrestler around, throwing him against the ring apron. WHACK!

Valet kicks the hero in the gut. THUD! OOF! As Red Raven falls forward and stumbles a couple of steps away from the two villains, the henchman moves in behind. He reaches up between the hero's legs to grab Red Raven by his manhood. He locks on a vicious claw as he parades the helpless hunk in front of his master.

Valet releases the claw the grabs Red Raven by the hair. He slams his head into the ring apron. WHACK! The hero collapses to the floor. He's clearly out of it. The henchman pulls his own trunks down off his ass then sits on Red Raven's handsome face. He settles in, making sure the hero's face goes deep between his small and smooth cheeks.

With the hero smothered by the twink's ass, Valet goes to work, pounding away on the ripped body. THUD! POW! THUD! Red Raven bucks under his assailant, his ravaged abs unable to withstand the thorough pounding they're receiving. By the time the henchman stops, the hero's body is red from the punches.

Moneymaker moves in. He straddles Red Raven, positioning his bulge in front of his boy's face. The cute but evil twink leans in and kisses the dollar sign on the front of the gold trunks, giving it a long and tender tongue bath as a reward. The villain lifts Valet up then orders him to lift the apron again, revealing Blue Arrow.

"I want him to see the big finale. After this, he's all yours, boy."

Valet jumps with glee. They drag out Blue Arrow, smacking his face to wake him up. Valet unfastens the suspenders-style harness from the trunks. While Moneymaker holds the smaller hero up, he gets bound to the ringpost and bottom turnbuckle, facing into the ring. The henchman adds some duct tape that was under the ring and Blue Arrow is going nowhere.

With the suspenders gone, Valet pulls down the blue trunks, exposing the smaller helpless hero. The trunks bind Arrow's legs, making his struggles even more futile. The henchman slaps the smooth white ass then fondles it. Moneymaker sees Red Raven trying to rise. He moves in with and foot to the temple. CRACK! It flattens the bigger hero back to the mat.

Blue Arrow says, "Lemme go, you cheating sack of - URK!" Valet shoves one of Red Raven's sweaty socks in the smaller hero's mouth. MMMRPH! The gag keeps him quiet, but just to make sure, the henchman ties the other one around Arrow's face, securing the sock in the trapped stud's mouth.

With one hero trapped, Valet turns back to help his master with the resilient Red Raven. Together, they throw his 200-lbs carcass back into the ring. Moneymaker rolls in after him. The hero is still stunned. It's too easy for the villain to force him to his feet by his black leather harness. He drags him to the far corner, turning his back to the turnbuckles.

The heel moves in behind then climbs to the middle rope before sitting on the top turnbuckle. He locks an unnecessary sleeper on his victim. They face the corner where a stirring Blue Arrow is bound. Valet forces the helpless smaller hero to watch as his stripped buddy is choked in the sleeper.

Moneymaker stands up, lifting Red Raven's feet off the mat. The hero kicks his feet as he dangles in the Hangman's Choke. It only takes seconds before the defeated stud is officially put to sleep. The villain lowers him then throws him to the canvas. The heel saunters over and puts one boot on Red Raven's chest.

Blue Arrow is forced by Valet to watch the arrogant heel flex over his friend and count slowly to ten. He struggles, but he's bound tightly. By the time ten is reached, Arrow accepts the result. He doesn't know how his ally lost, but he knows these two cheated. And he knows that he failed to stop the double teaming carnage. He failed Red Raven.


Valet slaps Red Raven awake. SMACK! The hero rolls to his side, trying to regain his focus. He says, "You two are fucking cheaters. You couldn't beat me without help."

The henchman stomps Red Raven's naked body hard. THUD! THUD! THUD! He commands, "Show respect to the greatest man in the world, jobber!" Valet drags Red Raven to his master, ordering, "KISS HIS FEET! KISS THEM!" He shoves the helpless hero's face onto the big muscleman's right foot, pressing it down hard.

Moneymaker smirks as Valet manhandles the devastated hero. Red Raven lies motionless at the winner's feet, unable to do anything. The big muscle heel kicks the hero onto his back then straddles him. The self-described muscle god says, "You had help, too, jobber."

The villain bends down the grabs the hero by the hair and harness. He turns him around, forcing him over. The defeated muscleman sees his friend and ally bound to the ringpost and gagged by socks. He doesn't know what to say or do as they lock eyes. Red Raven's confusion is obvious as he lies on the mat, ass up, circled by two hungry bad boys.

Valet forces Red Raven to his feet by pulling up on his harness. The hero obeys, knowing he lost, regardless of the circumstances. He allows the henchman to control him, parading him around the ring for the muscle heel's inspection. Moneymaker flexes. Valet forces the loser towards his master. The helpless hunk has no choice but to worship the muscular winner.

Red Raven reaches out to caress the massive muscles as he licks and kisses the huge biceps. He warms to the task, savoring the taste of the sweaty flesh and feeling of the rock hard body that destroyed him. Valet pulls the hero back. He commands Red Raven to his knees, but Moneymaker stops him. He grabs the black leather harness from his henchman, spinning the hero around.

Moneymaker smirks, "You're not in my league, little man. Worship my boy. He's more your speed."

Valet flexes, his trunks tenting at this turn of events. Red Raven is forced to repeat his worship only this time on a mere henchman. The handsome hunk rubs and sucks on the smaller muscles. The henchman is hot and Red Raven's cock is hard as he honors the devious little man. When Moneymaker is satisfied, he forces the hero to his knees.

The villain circles in front then makes Red Raven kiss both their bulges. Valet moves behind and holds the hero's head as Moneymaker poses in front of him. The massive muscles that ruined him look awesome. I can see the helpless hunk's cock twitching. When the heel teases him by lowering his trunks to the base of his cock, Red Raven lets out a small moan.

Moneymaker turns then exposes his ass. Valet shoves the hero's handsome face into the crack between the meaty cheeks, ordering him to lick his master's hole. The villain moans then steps forward. He strips off the trunks, revealing his shaved crotch and thick semi-hard cock. He comes back to his prey then slaps him across his face with his dick.

The villain face fucks the helpless hunk as Valet holds him in place. He ravages the beautiful mouth with his thick cock, driving inside until Red Raven gags on the large slab of meat. He pounds hard and fast, working the loser. The hero can only take it and try to do his best as he knows the price of losing. Moneymaker pulls out then nods towards Blue Arrow.

"I can handle this loser. You can play with his little buddy."

Valet smiles, "Thank you, sir!"

The henchman flies out of the ring. He moves in behind the gagged and bound Blue Arrow. Valet lowers his trunks then steps out of them, revealing a smooth, supple ass and a thin, but surprisingly long cock. A skinny boy with a big dick is a beautiful thing. He sheathes his cock then grabs Arrow from behind. The helpless hunk hugs the ringpost, knowing he's about to get fucked.

In the ring, Moneymaker has covered his thick cock and has Red Raven up. He forces his rod between the hero's cheeks then inside him. The leaner muscle stud moans loudly as he's penetrated. Once in, the villain locks on a full nelson. He starts thrusting, pounding the helpless hero while also breaking him again. Red Raven's hard cock flops around as he's rammed by the heel.

The villain has Red Raven facing Arrow. The heroes are forced to watch each other get fucked. They're both hard as steel, so clearly they're not that upset by this humiliating experience. Valet fucks Arrow in time with his master fucking Red Raven, the heroes being pounded in time. Moneymaker releases the nelson then forces his hero to his hands and knees facing his ally.

Moneymaker takes Red Raven from behind, resuming the pounding only harder now. The defeated muscleman is moaning as he's fucked hard. The thrusts are so hard that his engorged dick is slapping his abs with every deep push. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! The villain and his henchman ride the two heroes long and hard, but Valet loses it first.

The henchman moans then pulls out. He tears off the condom then explodes all over Blue Arrow's back and ass. Inside the ring, Moneymaker is ready, too. He pulls out then erupts, shooting ropes of cum onto the back and ass of his hero, too. When the two villains are done, the big muscle heel steps over Red Raven's shoulders.

Moneymaker pulls Red Raven's head up between his thighs then tightens. He flexes his tree trunk legs. Valet reaches around Blue Arrow then starts jerking his hard cock. Both heroes struggle, but neither one can resist. Red Raven gets knocked out again, this time by the powerful head scissors. When the villain opens his legs, the hero collapses to the mat, unmoving.

Outside the ring, Blue Arrow explodes on the ring apron, his load taken from him while watching his buddy get humiliated and knocked out. Valet whispers in the drained hero's ear and I'm sure he's telling him the same thing. With both men helpless and humiliated, Valet grabs something then rolls into the ring for one more worship session over Red Raven's lifeless carcass.

Valet hands Moneymaker a gold marker. The villain puts a big dollar sign on one cheek then writes "Property of Moneymaker" on the other. The heel and his henchman exit the ring then make their way down the aisle. Valet asks something of his master then runs back with the marker. He puts a dollar sign and "Property of Valet" on Blue Arrow's ass before skipping back to a laughing Moneymaker.

The two exit, leaving carnage and chaos in their wake.

In the Ring

Jae moves into the ring. He wakes Red Raven up. The hero moans then sits up fast. He blurts out, "Oh my god! What happened? Vin?" Red Raven peels off his mask then searches. He sees me untying his friend and ally then helping him into the ring.

Spencer asks, "Are you okay?"

Blue Arrow insists he's fine as he tears off his mask, revealing Vin again. I explain what happened to a surprised and worried Spencer. He curses at his buddy, but in a caring way. The smaller stud argues back, saying his only mistakes were not going out from the beginning and underestimating Valet.

Spencer won't let it go. He asks, "I still don't get it. What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't, okay? I figured if a jobber like Xaq could handle him, I could, too. I was worried about you and I lost my head. But I was right, wasn't I? If I'd been out there officially, none of this would've happened and maybe you would've won."

The two keep going around. Jae decides to try to mediate, while I stay out of it. My boyfriend says, “Spence, seriously I get where Vin is coming from. I’ve been tempted to do the same thing for Cody and I know he’s felt the same for me. It’s tough to watch the man you - OW!“ I poke Jae and he stops talking. He looks irritated, but then realizes what he almost said.

Vin gives Jae a dirty look. An oblivious Spencer says, "It's a totally different situation. I get it with you guys. You two are in love."

I roll my eyes and he catches me. Spencer asks, "What's that look for? Are you saying-"

Before Spencer can question me, Vin interrupts, “Maybe the two of you should go so we can talk.” As he pushes us out of the ring, he sarcastically adds, “Thanks for all your help.”

We quickly move towards the hallway, the damage done. As we walk down the aisle, I hear Spencer asking Vin point blank if he's in love with him. Vin's secret crush on Spencer is out and it’s our fault. Hopefully the bigger stud feels the same way. Safely in the hall, my boyfriend asks, “I kinda messed that up, didn’t I? Fuck.”

“Well, nothing we can do about it now.” Jae looks unimpressed that I'm not more upset. Before he can say anything more, I change the subject. I flirtatiously ask, “So, we’ve got a break in filming. What do you wanna do?”

Jae frowns, "Are you trying to distract me with sex?"

I smirk, "Is there a better way?" I grab his wrist then lead him into the private office. I lock the door then kick off my shoes. My boyfriend smiles and just shakes his head in defeat as I move in on him.

The End


  1. Aw, I love the two new guys! I loved the interactions at the end, those two and Jae and Cody--and I hope everything works out alright between Spencer and poor Vin.

    And I LOVED Jae's attitude, wanting to keep everything fair, wanting to help the heroes post-match. Definitely living up to "hero," our Jae!

    And the action--SO hot. Love Valet's automatic involvement in any Moneymaker match. Love Red Raven being honest and enthusiastic, but still having a pretty vicious streak. Loved Blue Arrow coming down to help, even when over his head. ("If that jobber Xaq could beat him..." ha ha, poor Xaq got "jobber burned" without even being in the story!)

    After this match, maybe the new heroes will consider losing the harnesses... ;)

    Thanks for another hot story!

    1. You're welcome. I'm always excited to read what you think. Glad you like the new guys and the action. :)

  2. SUCH a hot story! Best parts were Blue Arrow being destroyed and knocked out without either actual combatant knowing, then the mental torture of chaining him up and forcing him to watch his man sleepered then fucked... although it'd be hotter if he hadn't been gagged, so he could impotently curse the heels and demand them to stop... or even better, have Valet forcibly edge and milk him in bondage while watching Red Raven unnecessarily tortured more in the ring, taunt him that he's getting hard watching his man destroyed... that false association would be a total mindfuck haha... perhaps an idea for another commission? :)

    1. Damn that would have been a real hot ending if that did happen!

    2. Thanks for the comment. I thought the Blue Arrow part would be fun, so I'm glad you liked it. And that's a great twist. You guys can imagine that. :)

  3. Thanks for the Story Alex! I could read it over and over and it would still be just as hot as thr first time i read it!

    1. You're welcome. So happy to read that you love the story that much. It's like a gift that keeps on giving. :)

  4. MM and the Valet really make a good team. I have to say that. And MM apparently learned from his bad experience with Night, as he treats valet nicely. I find that interesting. Spencer is just a stud. What a man. And Blue Arrow is such a contrasting guy to him in muscle and height, it makes it very similar to MM and Valet. I loved how Red Raven just not only withstood the nastiness from MM and Valet but also flourished. It talks very good about him. He really dished out some serious punishment to MM gorgeous hunky body. At the same time, it talks good about MM that he also proved he is tough and that he can come back.
    One thing about this match, it was that the wrestlers knew they had to dish some serious painful punishment if they were going to win. And they didn't hold back. They went for it. It was a more aggressive and pain inducing match, in my opinion than most Cave matches. A slight difference from most Cave matches.

    1. Thanks! I hadn't thought of it as being different, but I can see it.

      Hm, I'm not sure I see Moneymaker as treating Valet all that nicely, but we don't know much about their relationship yet. He does seem to reward blind obedience, though. LOL.

    2. HAHA, well let me qualify the term nicely. You are right. By nicely, I meant he rewards him LOL!. He did let him have BB as well back in the previous match, so very different from the way Night treated him haha.

  5. You, Sir, excell at creating characters I love to hate. Just like the days of classic wrestling in the 1980s. Ever since Day beat Night to become MoneyMaker with his little sidekick I read his matches and, like hoping the Russian Assassins finaly meet their match back in the day, I hope this is the match MM finally loses big time to the handsome good guy. And through cheating and the nefarious interference by his minion he doesn't! It's deliciously maddening! Thanks for another edge of my seat match with this pair.

    1. We probably watched a lot of the same matches, because I know that feeling well. I remember believing all the false twists where I was sure my hero crush would beat the nasty heel then didn't. I must be channeling that. ;)