Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Cave Undercard 16: Bird Boy vs. Puffin

The Cave Ring, Training Session

"Puffin? Puffin? What the fuck is this, Cody?"

"Are you asking me what a puffin is, sidekick?"

Xaq's eyes narrow, "No, 'boss'." The word boss is dripping with snark. He replies slowly, "I'm asking why Ryan texted me that I'm facing Puffin. Look at me." The proud muscle freak puts down his phone on the ring apron then flexes his ridiculous body, as if I'm not intimately familiar with it. We're on a break, we've been practicing hard for 20 minutes, so he's got a great pump with a sheen of sweat coating his thick muscles.


I reply, "I see your muscles. I've also seen how useless they are in a match." The young punk growls, but before he can object, I add, "I also see your win-loss record, sidekick."

The ripped stud ignores me, "Puffin is a fucking midget villain who -"

I interrupt, "I think the term is 'little person'. And a muscular 5'5" fireplug doesn't count as one. Puffin has a better win-loss record than you, by the way."

Xaq ignores me, "Puffin is a fucking midget copying one of the stupidest villains there is. A fat old man with an umbrella who imitates a penguin. A fucking penguin! A pathetic little bird that can't even fly. And then he goes and picks an even more pathetic bird like a Puffin. Who the fuck is afraid of a Puffin?"

The guy who plays Puffin
is no midget

I smirk, "Says the guy who's copying a sidekick based off a robin. Who's afraid of a robin?"

"Wasn't my choice."

"No, but you love it, don't you?"

I whip my hand out and grab his bulge in his green practice trunks. The 205-lbs muscle freak melts in my grip as he clutches my forearm and shoulder to steady himself. Xaq's cock stirs as I manipulate his manhood inside the tight spandex package. My sidekick whimpers, submitting to my large hand, but not openly admitting how much he loves being controlled by me. It's just as well, since I'm committed to my boyfriend Jae. I don't want him as anything more than he is - a lump of muscles I can mold and shape for fun and profit.

I'm Cody, the 29-year old co-owner of The Cave with my best friend Ryan. The Cave is a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. I'm not just the boss, I'm The Bat, the biggest and most successful wrestler in the company. I'm a great looking, 6'/200-lbs stud with a monster cock to match my monster wrestling skills. Right now, I'm also a mentor and trainer to this semi-willing punk.

The muscleman I'm teasing is Xaq aka Bird Boy and formerly known as Spartan. He's 20 years old, 5'11"/205-lbs. He's obnoxious, arrogant and delusional. Xaq has annoyed me since his first tryout, but I will admit that he's a total hunk. I don't call him a muscle freak lightly. He has the most ripped physique I've ever seen. Ever since he debuted as Spartan, Xaq has been a fan favorite and one of our best sellers, in the tier right below me. I'm in a class by myself, but among wrestlers not named The Bat, Xaq is very popular. A lot of his appeal is physical, but it's also his performance and attitude in the ring.

Spartan was arrogant, powerful and stupid. In spite of his muscles, the guy was a total heel-jobber, losing to guys smaller and weaker because of his ego. He'd dominate, get cocky then go down. Hard. He's actually only won once and I'm not sure his opponent didn't lose on purpose to out-jobber the jobber. That one win led to our match, The Bat vs. Spartan. He pissed me off and I not only beat him, I turned him into my sidekick, Bird Boy. Since then, I've been trying to teach him while dealing with his attitude and constant challenging of my authority. If the fans weren't so into it, I might've quit. However, they are, so I finding joy wherever I can.

In order to get us on track, I'm the one putting Bird Boy against Puffin. Yes, he's styled after the Penguin and he is shorter, but he's solid, which works in wrestling. My sidekick has lost to worse in his career, including recently during a secret side match that he doesn't know I know about. A skinny guy destroyed him with weighted knee and elbow pads. Xaq uses our ring to make money as a wrestler for hire. He doesn't think Ryan and I know, but we have security cameras. If the matches weren't so hot, we'd stop him, but they are, so we let him keep doing it.

Anyway, there's just no way he's ready for our big bad guys like Mr. Riddle or Ram. He might not even be ready for this one. Xaq is remarkably stubborn, but I impose my will on my sidekick and he finally agrees to face Puffin. The villain will be a challenge, but not impossible if Xaq can stay focused. It's a big 'if', but what else can I do?

Two Days Later

I send Bird Boy out to the ring first. He races down the aisle, muscles pumped, short yellow cape flowing. The sidekick wears tight and tiny dark green briefs with tall dark green pro boots and short green gloves. He's got a tiny domino mask and a temporary stylized 'R' tattoo on his sculpted left pec. He flexes in the ring, running through his usual routine for our two handheld cameras. When he's done, Bird Boy removes the cape and bounces, waiting for his opponent.

Bird Boy

With the hero sidekick set, I send out Puffin. He is exactly what I said, a muscular powerhouse. He's 21, 5'5"/170-lbs with tanned olive skin, big shoulders and chest, and handsome face obscured only by a black mask with colorful stripes on the front, based off a Puffin's beak. He's strong and durable, but he also has a playful side. It's why he chose the character he did.

In addition to the mask, the villain wears coordinating trunks that are black in the back and white with colorful stripes in front. He finishes with black boots, knee pads and black spandex gauntlets on his forearms. To the ring, Puffin adds a black cape, top hat and umbrella. He walks slowly, subtly flexing until he climbs in the ring where he strips off his accessories, places them in his corner and shows off with flexing of his own. Nice.


With the talent set, it's finally show time.

Round One

The two guys circle. Bird Boy bounces as they move then abruptly stops and flexes. "I almost feel bad for you having to face this, Puffy. It's cruel to put a -" My sidekick breaks to make air quotes, "- 'little person' like you against all this." He resumes flexing, pumping his muscles even larger.

Puffin stops and watches. He puts his hand to his chin, admiring the show. Encouraged, Bird Boy goes into full flexing mode. He runs through multiple poses, basking in all the attention. The villain moves in calmly, getting a better view. He nods with approval. The sidekick spins and spreads his back. It looks great. With the hero's back to him, Puffin suddenly kicks up between Bird Boy's legs. SQUISH! The hero squeals and bends forward in pain.


The fiendish fireplug leaps forward, grabbing Bird Boy around the head. He bulldogs the hero down, driving his face right into the canvas. CRACK! The muscle freak goes limp, his left boot weakly kicking up and down and his incredible body just twitching. Oh shit, is he unconscious already?

Puffin rolls the sidekick onto his back. He cover him with a pin, even hooking a leg. The pint-sized powerhouse slaps the mat. ONE! Pause. TWO! Suddenly, Bird Boy thrusts his leg free of the hook and he manages to roll onto his side. Thank god. If a guy I'm training lost the first fall in under a minute I'd be so fucking embarrassed.

The villain grabs a handful of hair and drags the dazed sidekick up. Puffin shows his power by scooping the muscle freak up across his barrel chest. He does a lap around the ring, showing his dominance then he bodyslams Bird Boy down hard. BOOM! The hero cries out and arches his back up. Puffin reaches down for another handful of hair, dragging his victim up.

As Bird Boy rises, he suddenly lashes out. He wraps his arms around the villain's waist then lifts Puffin into a bearhug. The fiendish fireplug moans as he's surprised by the incredible power move. I guess the bodyslam woke somebody up. Good. The muscle hero has one of the best bearhugs I've ever felt. From my perch in the back, I try to will him to work it as hard as he can.

Puffin groans as he hangs in the air, Bird Boy holding him aloft with ease. The young hero shakes the villain, increasing the pressure. He crushes the spine with ferocity and determination, but there's no submission yet. I don't expect one as Puffin is still fresh, but this can really wear him down. It's working as the pint-sized powerhouse looks weaker already.

The sustained bearhug is breaking Puffin down, but enough is enough. C'mon, Bird Boy, we've talked about this. It's time to change holds. The villain is too good to suffer for this long. Sure enough, Puffin throws up a hand then rakes the eyes. ARGH! The sidekick cries out, dropping his victim. He grabs his face, blinded by the desperate move. The villain recovers, stretching out his back as he measures up the young hero.

Puffin leaps in the air for a dropkick square to the chest. THUD! The muscle freak flies backwards into the ropes, bouncing off then getting tripped down. WHOA! Bird Boy topples like a giant redwood, landing flat on his face, SPLAT! The fiendish fireplug rises then heads to his corner. He grabs his umbrella, twirling it as he stalks the stunned sidekick.

Bird Boy shakes out his head then starts to rise. Puffin whips his umbrella around. He hooks my sidekick by the leg then yanks up. The muscle freak hero flips down, landing on his face and chest again. SPLAT! The villain puts the point of the umbrella on the young muscle stud's green trunks, pressing down. The green fabric slides between the hero's large butt cheeks, the point touching the younger muscleman's hole. The sidekick moans.

Puffin taunts, "What do you say we skip the wrestling and just get to the part where I fuck you until you cry? We all know you're nothing but a pathetic jobber, Bird Brain."

Bird Boy growls then pushes up to rise. The villain smoothly spins his umbrella around. He hooks an ankle, lifts and my sidekick goes down again. SPLAT! The muscular hero is stunned again, but he quickly flips onto his back then smoothly leaps up to his feet. Bird Boy looks proud of his move, but Puffin just smirks. He casually hooks the umbrella behind his opponent's ankle the drops him for a third time. This time, Bird Boy falls backwards onto his ass. PLOP!

Puffin whips his umbrella around, whacking Bird Boy's bulge with the wooden handle. SQUISH! The aspiring hero squeals and grabs his bulge as he flops around in the ring. He whimpers as he rolls onto his knees and face, ass sticking up high in the air. The villain grabs the green trunks and wedges them up the muscle freak's ass, exposing the flawless white flesh.

"Such a pretty boy. Since you're presenting your ass to me, I'll take this as a 'yes' to my offer."

Bird Boy growls then rolls around to a seated position. As my sidekick pushes up to rise, Puffin kicks out, slamming his boot between Bird Boy's chiseled pec. THUD! The younger muscle freak flies backwards, his head hitting the canvas hard. CRACK! I'm embarrassed as he moans and writhes on the mat, falling back into his usual pathetic jobber role.

Puffin runs the wooden handle of his umbrella over the stuffed green pouch. He circles, scooping the young hero's balls in the curve then toying with them. Bird Boy is clearly getting hard. The villain slides his weapon off the growing package then puts his boot on my sidekick's chest. The muscle freak just lies there as the villain stabs the tip of his umbrella to the mat.

ONE! I bury my face in my hands. TWO! I look back up. Still lying there, his green spandex trunks tenting up as he counted out. THR - no! Bird Boy lifts his shoulder, rolling away onto his side. Puffin just smirks and swings his umbrella. He circles behind the struggling sidekick. As the young hero rises to hands and knees, Puffin swats his ass with the handle. WHACK!

Bird Boy hops forward on his hands and knees then gets swatted again. WHACK! Again, he hops forward. Puffin forces the sidekick to crawl around the ring as he repeatedly swats the muscle freak on the ass. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The villain suddenly leaps on my sidekick's back. He brings the umbrella up under his victim's chin.

"You're a freaky boy, aren't you? I bet you just love breath play."

Puffin reaches back and swats the bare right ass cheek, stills exposed from the earlier wedgie. With that, the villain chokes the young hero with his umbrella, pulling up hard as he sits on Bird Boy's back. My sidekick gags and bucks under the fireplug, his bare ass gyrating as he fights the hold. Suddenly, the young hero rears up, throwing Puffin off his back.

Bird Boy scrambles to the ropes then uses them to rise. Puffin is on him fast, but he's shocked when a green boot flies out, slamming into his abs. THUD! OOF! The muscle freak uses the ropes to propel himself at the villain, slamming into him with a big shoulder block. BAM! The sturdy villain can't block the wall of muscle as it slams into him. He flies back, falling onto his back. WHAM!

My sidekick reaches down and tears the umbrella away. Puffin holds up his hands, pleading for the hero not to use it. To my surprise, he doesn't. Bird Boy breaks the weapon in half over his chiseled thigh then throws it from the ring.

Bird Boy puffs out his chest then flexes, "I don't need tricks to deal with a midget like you!"

As my sidekick moves in, Puffin kicks up, aiming right at the green spandex bulge. Bird Boy isn't surprised. He catches the boot in time then pulls the leg out hard. The villain cries out as his leg is hyperextended. The young hero drags the fiendish fireplug by his leg, sliding him around the ring on his plump ass.

Bird Boy does a full lap before stopping then kicking the villain in the hamstring. WHACK! He squats down then drapes the tortured leg over his leg. The muscle freak easily squats up, lifting the 170-lbs of Puffin muscle with him. Puffin moans as he hangs by his aching leg. He tries to reach down and brace with his hands, but my sidekick keeps moving, keeping the villain off-balance and unable to ease the pressure on his knee.

My sidekick releases the hold, allowing the villain to collapse onto the mat. Puffin grabs his knee and grunts as Bird Boy stalks him. The young hero moves in, grabbing his opponent by his wrist. He peels the fiendish fireplug's hand from his knee then roughly drags him to his feet. As soon as the villain is upright, the muscle freak dives forward, clotheslining him down hard. WHACK! The arm almost takes Puffin's head off.

Bird Boy flexes his bicep then kisses it, but before I can even roll my eyes, he quickly unleashes a series of boots that has the villain reeling. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! My sidekick leaps into the air then comes down with a huge elbow drop across Puffin's meaty pecs. THUD! Smoothly, the young hero grabs a handful of hair and drags his stunned opponent up to his feet.

The muscle freak hero roughly pulls Puffin into a front facelock. He grabs a handful of trunks then lifts. The villain tries to counter by kicking out, but he's easily overpowered by the unusually focused Bird Boy. With the fiendish fireplug up in the air, the powerful hero holds him aloft, letting the blood drain down into his head before he drops back with a big suplex. WHAM!

Puffin writhes on the mat as Bird Boy rolls backwards, pinning the villain's shoulders with his shins. My sidekick's pecs bounce as he says, "I told you I don't need cheap tricks to beat your ass. I've got these." The cocky young hero flexes his biceps then swats the fireplug in the head. SMACK!

The villain moans then bridges to throw the muscle freak off him. It works, but as Bird Boy falls, he grabs Puffin by the hair, pulling his head between his legs. My sidekick smoothly locks on a head scissors, burying his opponent's face in his green spandex bulge. The thick chiseled legs tighten and tighten until Puffin's head turns red.

Bird Boy flexes then kisses his bicep as he punishes his prey. He squeezes tighter and tighter, getting moans, but no submission. The young hero releases the scissors then slides away. Puffin rolls onto his stomach, propping up his torso with his elbows. His head hangs down and he shakes it to get his senses back.

My sidekick moves in fast. He drags Puffin up then whips him into the corner with authority. CLANG! The force is so great that the villain bounces out, stumbling right into a gorilla press. The cocky young hero holds the helpless heel aloft, arms extended high. Bird Boy bends his elbows, pressing the 170-lbs of muscle with ease. He circles the ring once then throws Puffin up, letting him crash down to the mat. SPLAT! The villain bounces high then rolls onto his back, kicking his feet on the mat as he moans with his forearms over his stomach.

Bird Boy grabs a handful of the suffering stud's hair and forces him to his feet. From behind, he wraps his arms around his waist then locks them in tightly. With a sudden pull, the young hero lifts the heel into the air with a reverse bearhug. Puffin lets out a moan as he braces his boots on the muscle freak's chiseled thighs.

My powerful protege squeezes tightly, crushing Puffin's midsection. The villain desperately tries to pry the python-like arms apart, but it's no use. He has no chance of doing that. The villain whips his elbow backwards, but Bird Boy leans away and Puffin's shoulders are way too thick to reach. He tries again, but it's the same result - failure.

Puffin's compact body is covered in sweat as he moans in pain. He throws his head back for a head butt, but my sidekick dodges. He's ready for almost any counter. Yes, there are a couple I didn't teach him, in case I ever need them. I've been in his bearhug and it's the most powerful I've ever felt. The villain is learning that now. He's sagging in the bearhug, looking weak and helpless.

Bird Boy suddenly shakes the villain back and forth, whipping the fireplug around like a toy. Puffin's arms flail helplessly and his legs drop, flying around like wet noodles. My sidekick stops the shaking. He sets the devastated stud down, smoothly shifting into a full nelson. He collapses the thick shoulders and locks his hands behind Puffin's head.

The villain's chin presses between his thick pecs and his gasps get louder as he's locked up. Bird Boy's muscles are fully pumped and coated with a nice sheen of sweat. Every cut is obvious as he uses his power to crush the fiendish fireplug. My sidekick leans back, lifting the compact muscleman up, his boots leaving the mat.

Bird Boy growls as he leans back, easily holding the 170-lbs of muscle aloft. Puffin whimpers as all the pressure of the hold tears at his shoulders. With his head forced down, he's staring down his ripped torso. I can see the pain etched on his face as he grimaces, desperately trying to hold on. The young hero bounces, adding to the pressure and Puffin can't take it.


The muscle freak roughly throws the villain to the mat then kicks him onto his back. He puts a boot on Puffin's thick pecs and flexes over him. Bird Boy leans forward and strikes a most muscular pose, "Told you I didn't need tricks. You're pathetic, Puffy."

Bird Boy drags the fireplug to his corner then backs off to his own. With the guys in their corner, the clock starts for the break. Puffin has five minutes to compose himself. Meanwhile, my sidekick is checking out his muscles in the big mirror on the far wall. I'm pleased, but history has shown that when he's feeling cocky, a victory can turn into a defeat really, really fast.

Round Two

The bell sounds and the two musclemen move out of their corners. Bird Boy looks confident, while Puffin looks focused. The young hero towers over the fiendish fireplug as they move in. The villain dives low, but my sidekick sees it. He lifts his knee right into the villain's face. WHACK! The shorter muscleman bounces back onto his ass. He shakes his head, stunned by the impact.

Bird Boy moves in quickly. He drags Puffin up by his hair. On the way up, the villain lifts his arm up between the young hero's legs for a low blow. My sidekick closes his legs fast, catching the muscular arm between his chiseled thighs before any damage is done. The muscle freak responds with a quick fist to Puffin's forehead. CRACK!

With Puffin subdued, Bird Boy finishes dragging him up to his feet. He quickly scoops the compact muscleman up across his chest then bodyslams the heel to the mat hard. WHAM! Puffin bounces from the impact then reaches for his back. The young hero pulls his opponent up then scoop slams him. WHAM! The villain moans and tries to roll away.

Bird Boy grabs the back of Puffin's tights, using the tight spandex to pull the villain up to his feet. The muscle freak grabs the rising heel by the throat then lifts him up high with one arm. He holds the helpless hunk aloft for a moment before chokeslamming him back down. WHAM! The compact heel bounces then goes limp before he's pulled up again by his hair.

The young hero whips Puffin across the ring into the corner. CLANG! The villain sags, his back weakening from the constant core abuse. Bird Boy follows in, his 205-lbs of chiseled muscles splashing on top of the fiendish fireplug. SPLAT! As the muscle freak backs off, Puffin drops to his knees then falls forward. Before he can fall face first onto the mat, Bird Boy grabs a handful of hair to steady him on hands and knees.

Bird Boy smoothly twists and steps over the muscle villain's back. He keeps hold of the hair before hopping up then bringing his green spandex covered ass down on Puffin's back. WHOMP! The impact flattens the fireplug. The young hero sits down on his opponent then pulls him up into a camel clutch. Puffin moans as he's pulled into the painful submission hold.

Puffin whimpers as he's held tight. The heel struggles to counter the hold, but he can't power free. His compact muscle body is easily bent by the power of the young muscle freak. The villain's massive pecs stand out as his chin is used to drag him back. Bird Boy eases up, switching to a one-handed grip. He flexes his right bicep, confident in his control.

I wait for him to force a submission, but he doesn't pull back hard enough. My sidekick has a mind of his own and is savoring his dominance. After kissing his right bicep, he whips his right arm around, clubbing Puffin across his meaty right pec. THUD! He does it again. THUD! And again. THUD! The force of the forearms rocks the villain, causing him to cry out.

Bird Boy takes his right hand and puts it behind Puffin's head. He pushes forward, not just releasing the camel clutch, but also sending the fireplug forward fast. Puffin face plants on the canvas, writhing on the mat as the young hero rises. The muscle freak flexes, fully confident as he squashes the experienced heel.

The cocky sidekick steps back then grabs under Puffin's stomach. He lifts him up into a reverse bearhug, squeezing tightly. The villain groans. I'm sure he wants to quit, but he's way too proud to give up without a fight. Bird Boy bounces the 170-lbs of useless muscle up and down, playing with the villain. He playfully lowers the short villain, putting Puffin's amazing ass against his bulge. Bird Boy humps the muscular fireplug, mocking his helplessness.

My stomach knots up. Even though this has turned into a squash, my sidekick has a history of getting too cocky. I keep calm, but consider donning my Bat costume and going ringside. No. I scheduled this as a test. I can't save him from himself.

In the ring, Bird Boy stops his teasing when Puffin whips an elbow back, clocking him on the side of the head. WHACK! My sidekick's head wobbles, but he keeps his grip. The villain loads up for another, but the muscle freak squats, lifts then literally throws Puffin's 170-lbs up and over with a belly-to-back suplex. WHOA! WHAM! Puffin lands hard on his shoulders and neck before crumpling on the mat.

With the villain stunned again, Bird Boy rises fast. He brutally unleashes his boots all over the villain's compact body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! It's obvious the elbow was a wake-up call as my sidekick looks deadly serious. The young hero drags the ailing heel up then scoops him across his chest. With a smooth step, he drops him into an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK!

Puffin goes limp on Bird Boy's leg, hanging with his head and arms on one side and legs on the other. The villain's compact muscular body is stretched and his bulge is positioned up high. The young hero runs his green gloved hand over the tight stomach. He smirks as he inspects the suffering stud. The helpless heel can only groan as he dangles limply, completely at the muscle freak's mercy.

Bird Boy slides the waistband of Puffin's trunks down to the base of his cock. He places his elbow in that sweet spot on the fireplug's Apollo's Belt then grinds his elbow into the smooth, white flesh. The heel thrashes as he's tortured, his back screaming in pain while his pelvis is punished. The villain's wild gyrations send him toppling off the leg onto the mat.

Puffin rolls onto his back then he rubs his lower abs. Bird Boy rises then grabs the villain's boots. The helpless heel kicks his thick, short legs, but he can't get them free. My sidekick lifts by the boots, wedging the ankles under his armpits. He turns and forces the fiendish fireplug over onto his chest. Puffin tries to counter, but he can't resist now.

Bird Boy sits down in a Boston crab, folding Puffin's thick muscles the wrong way. The villain pounds the mat in pain as his back is once again attacked by the bigger, younger hero. My sidekick leans back, amping up the pressure, but when Puffin's cries turn to gasps, he eases up, still intent on playing with his prey. He confirms his plan.

"I'd force you to submit, but I think that you need to learn a lesson, Puffy. Don't ever mess with the best!"

Puffin fights to throw Bird Boy off, but the 205-lbs of muscle freak can't be moved, especially with his back being so weak. My sidekick feels the attempts, but counters every one. Bird Boy turns them until he's facing the mirror. The cocky young hero admires his chiseled body, his pecs framed by the black boots wedged in his pits. He nods then drops one boot to flex his bicep. Another kiss then he drops the villain's other boot.

Bird Boy strikes a double bicep pose then leans forward into a most muscular pose again. He obviously is enjoying this, his erection obvious in his tight and tiny green trunks. Underneath him, Puffin lifts his leg, aiming the heel of his boot at my sidekick's prominent bulge. Luckily for the hulking hero, the fireplug's leg is too short and his back too weak to make it. The boot bounces off the inside of the hero's thigh harmlessly.

With another near escape from a reversal, my sidekick re-focuses. He's lucky that missed, but it's got him back on the assault. He drives his boots into Puffin's back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The heel curses and tries to crawl away. Bird Boy leaps up and splashes onto his back, ending the escape attempt. SPLAT!

Bird Boy rises to his knees. He grabs under the waistband of the villain's trunks then pulls them down. He strips the compact muscleman of his black briefs, exposing his gorgeous bubble butt. The young hero tosses the trunks aside then grabs a handful of heel hair. He drags the helpless hunk up then easily lifts him into a torture rack across his broad shoulders.

Puffin moans in the hold, his naked manhood hanging free as he's paraded around the ring. Bird Boy squats down and up, increasing the intensity of the deadly hold. The villain cries out, his arms flailing wildly. At this point, I'm shocked his back hasn't given out completely. My sidekick pulls down harder on the heel's head and legs.


Bird Boy casually shrugs his shoulders, sending the villain down to the mat. WHAM! The fireplug writhes on the mat, lying on his stomach as he shifts his legs. I can see his manhood between his legs, the head of his cock sticking out from under his balls as he tries to ease the pain that's ravaging his body.

My sidekick puts his boot on the gorgeous bubble butt that's now his. I've beaten this villain before and that ass is beautiful. We go through a full posing routine from the winner, a well-deserved celebration. Not only did he squash Puffin, but he did it smartly with a focused assault on the back. It neutralized the fireplug's power and gave Bird Boy the easy win.

When he's done posing, Bird Boy moves off. He grabs the villain's cape and uses it as a towel to wipe off the sweat. The compact loser rises to his knees. He sees the rubdown and isn't impressed. "Hey, what the fuck are you doing?"

Bird Boy looks surprised. He marches over then throws the black cape at the kneeling loser. Puffin is blinded by the cape, but he quickly pulls it from his face. Unfortunately, it's just in time to see the muscle freak's hands coming at him. My sidekick grabs the fireplug around the throat then lifts. Puffin flies up off the mat, suspended in the choke.

The young hero's sweaty muscles are pumped and huge as the villain dangles helplessly. Puffin's bubble butt sticks out seductively as he's held aloft, his breath being taken from him. It takes only seconds before the heel goes out. Bird Boy throws the unconscious villain to the corner. The 170-lbs carcass hits the turnbuckles hard then bounces forward onto the mat.

Bird Boy stares down at the unconscious villain and shakes his head. He picks the black cape back up and finishes wiping down his chiseled body. When he's done, my sidekick hangs the black cape over the top rope then circles the loser's lifeless body.


Puffin continues to sleep, unaware that he's being stalked. Bird Boy straddles the loser's waist then grabs him under the armpits. He hauls up the 170-lbs of dead weight then carries him to the corner. The movement stirs the loser as he's hung over the top turnbuckle, ass facing the ring.

Bird Boy draws his hand back then spanks the smooth white bubble butt. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The stinging blows wake the villain up with a start. He squirms on the top rope as his ass is brutally tanned by the young hero. The red handprints are obvious on the smooth flesh. My sidekick dishes out harsh corporal punishment on the fiendish fireplug. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! When it's obvious that Puffin is awake from his cries and kicking, Bird Boy stops the spanking.

The victorious young hero reaches over the top rope then grabs a handful of hair. He pulls up hard and fast, whipping the loser off the turnbuckle and onto the canvas. PLOP! Puffin lands hard on his bright red ass, causing him to bounce and scurry backwards, turning onto his side. He looks up at the muscle freak with a weird combination of fear and lust.

Puffin asks nervously, "What are you going to do to me now?"

Bird Boy rubs his hard cock in his green trunks and smiles, "It's called justice, Puffy."

The villain nods and spread his legs, showing his complete submission to the dominant muscleman. Bird Boy nods at the sign of surrender as he moves in. "Get up here and suck my staff." Puffin nods and rolls onto his knees. He kisses cock head through the green trunks then runs his mouth along the outline of the shaft. Bird Boy moans.

Puffin reaches up and inserts his hands inside the waistband of the green trunks then slowly peels the trunks down. He allows the hero's cock to pop out and slap him in the face. WHAP! Bird Boy swings his hips, repeatedly smacking the loser on the cheeks. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! When he stops, the kneeling villain engulfs the hard shaft between his lips and goes to work.

Bird Boy grabs the villain's masked head, controlling the depth and pace. He repeatedly forces Puffin to gag on his rock hard cock, driving in deep. The humbled heel is obedient, allowing his mouth to be used and abused for the pleasure of the muscle freak. He grips the young hero's ass cheeks for support as he's face-fucked.

When he's had enough, the young hero pulls out then guides the loser back to the corner. He flexes his biceps then orders the fireplug to worship his magnificent muscles. Puffin complies eagerly, his cock hard and bobbing as he lavishes the chiseled physique of his dominator with love and attention.

Puffin uses his hands, lips and tongue to caress and fondle the mighty muscle freak. Bird Boy watches himself getting worshipped in the mirror, I'm sure feeling like its long overdue. He poses, pouting his lips in a cheesy duckface look. When the villain goes lower, the young hero kisses his own biceps, obviously needing even more attention than he's getting.

When the loser kisses the winner's brown leather boots, Bird Boy orders him back up. He spins the obedient Puffin around then slips on a condom before forcing his cock between the villain's bulbous ass cheeks. As he penetrates the humbled heel, the muscle freak locks on a reverse bearhug, pulling the fireplug onto his shaft, impaling him swiftly.

Puffin moans loudly as he's crushed in the familiar python-like vice, his ass split in two. Bird Boy carries the impaled villain to the corner, using it to hold him in place. He orders the fireplug to stand on the ropes then he starts pumping his cock in and out of the awesome ass. As he fucks the loser, Bird Boy tightens the bearhug, causing the villain to gasp.

Bird Boy keeps fucking the villain, slamming his cock in hard. In front, Puffin's dick is rock hard and obviously throbbing. As he gasps for breath, he begs the young hero to ease up on the bearhug. Puffin moans that he can't breathe, gasping. He throws his head back, bracing himself on the ropes. The muscle freak doesn't care, continuing to pound away.

Suddenly, Puffin screams and his cock explodes, untouched. Ropes of cum spray out, falling to the floor below. The fireplug's entire body convulses, his thick muscles tense as he gives up his seed. As he gasps for breath, his cock no longer shooting, the humbled heel goes limp, unconscious.

The feeling of draining and knocking out the handsome hunk is too much for my sidekick. Bird Boy pulls out then throws the limp carcass to the mat. He tears off the latex cover then explodes on top of Puffin's wrecked and unmoving body. I've never seen the young hero shoot like this. He sprays his hot white cum all over the compact muscular body, marking his victory.

Bird Boy grabs his cock, making sure he drains every drop. When he's done, the young hero steps back then flexes for the cameras again. He smiles, "Justice, bitches."

The winner grabs the loser's black cape and drapes it over him before leaving the ring. He struts down the ring, proud and pumped.

In the Locker Room


Xaq is naked as he waves off my compliment, "Big deal. I beat a loser."

"Puffin is a tough wrestler who's won three times before. You dominated him."

My sidekick shrugs, "Whatever. I knew I'd win. Again."

I roll my eyes, "It's your second win. Ever. Be happy. You actually didn't give in to your -" I catch myself. We both know he's got a submissive side, but it's an unspoken truth. I smoothly continue, "- ego and overconfidence. He went dirty, but you actually focused and used your power in a smart way. The second round was a masterful display of your muscles' potential."

At the mention of his muscles, Xaq looks in the mirror and flexes. He says, "Masterful? I like that. Not like that wimp could challenge this. Even with the help of his stupid umbrella."

"Yeah. The way you wrestled today, he would've needed weighted pads."

Xaq tenses. He doesn't look at me, but I can see him thinking. Is that a thinly veiled hint about his recent private match where a guy did use those on him? Do I know what he does in The Cave ring when we're not around? Or is my comment just a coincidence? He cautiously moves on, "You really think this win was a big deal or are you kidding?"

I come up behind him so he can see me in the reflection. "I'm serious. You've got the looks, body and talent to be a dominant superstar." The praise makes his muscles and his cock grow. He turns to face me, striking a double bicep pose with a hard on pointing right at me. I just nod and admire the view as he kisses his biceps. "It's just your attitude that sucks."

Xaq pouts, "The way you treat me is a fucking crime, you know."

I sigh, "Yeah, yeah. Poor Xaq, finally being turned into a winner. I'm a real bastard. Look, I want you to really think about the match between now and Tuesday's training. Get a copy from Ryan. Make notes on what worked and what you could've improved on. We're going to discuss it. In-depth. Okay?"

Xaq nods and I turn to leave. He runs up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I expected the surprise assault. I throw my elbow back into his head. CRACK! With the muscle freak stunned, I grab his right forearm while simultaneously putting my right leg back around his. I twist and flip him onto his back. SPLAT! I put my shin across his throat, choking my sidekick. I knew he'd get cocky after a win and think he could take me.

As I put pressure on his neck, he writhes under me. I twist and start hammering on his left pec. THUD! THUD! THUD! I twist his nipple until he moans in pained ecstasy. I look down at his thick muscles flipping and flopping. I have to admit that it's a gorgeous body. He's really rock hard now, his cock standing straight up and swaying as I dominate him. I smack his head with my left hand and tell him to calm down or I'll knock him out and let Puffin come in and fuck his carcass. He obeys, but moans as his cock visibly tenses at the mere thought of that humiliation.

I spin to a schoolboy pin, my shins on Xaq's shoulders and my bulge at his chin. We both know he could throw me off - he's too strong to keep down like this - but we both know he won't. We pretend he can't get free as he writhes, shifting his hips ineffectually. I slap his head. He acts like he hates it, but he doesn't fight back. I always know how to control him. He wants me to fuck him, but I never do and it drives him nuts.

I pull his head up and smother him against my large pouch in my jock and athletic shorts. With my other hand, I grab two of his fingers and bend them until he cries out into my bulge. I lower his head and smack him until he whines for me to stop. I force his fingers back a little more and he whimpers. I realize that he might shoot again if I push him any more, so I ease up.

"You going to be ready with notes on this match on Tuesday?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now go get showered."

I roll off him and he rises, disappointed I'm not doing more. When his back is to me, I leap on it, slapping on a sleeper. He struggles, but I squeeze and he's nearly unconscious within seconds. I've been playing with wrestling chokes since I was a teenager. I edge him, keeping him weak, but conscious. I make sure he can see the mirror, ordering him to look at himself.

Xaq moans as I drop him to his knees, keeping him dazed and helpless. I order him to jerk off. He barely manages to lift his arm, but he grabs hold of his cock. He starts pumping and we stare at his muscles, useless against my rear naked choke. I point this fact out in very descriptive language and he moans and gasps as I humiliate him verbally as well as physically.

My sidekick struggles, but he's not going anywhere. I could knock him out at any second. It doesn't take much more before he's convulsing, his load exploding. The first shot almost reaches the mirror before it all falls onto the tile floor of the locker room. When he's drained, I release the hold. I direct him forward, pushing him on top of his ropes of cum. I admire the young muscle freak, reduced to a whimpering heap lying on his own cum.

I move over him then lift his head by a handful of his thick hair, "See you Tuesday, sidekick."

I walk out of his locker room then into the one across the hall. I tell Puffin he might want to check on Xaq. He takes the hint and, even though he's already showered, strips down and heads over. What they do now is up to them, but knowing my sidekick and the state I left him in, the villain is about to get some revenge they'll both enjoy.

As for me, dominating the muscle freak has my cock twitching, so I go hunting for my boyfriend Jae. Luckily I find him fast and he's always up for some fun. I grab him into an embrace and we stumble into the small gym and weight room for the next 20 minutes. We're cuddling on the mats when Ryan hunts us down. Time for the next match.

The End


  1. It's so awesome to see Xaq finally get another win (in spite of himself), and in such domineering fashion! I'm amazed he knew what a puffin was, tho. Xaq doesn't strike me as the kind of person who watches Animal Planet -- the only thing he takes interest in is himself!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

      It's funny, because I debated how smart Xaq should be when I decided to make him a narrator. He started out very dense, but then I decided he's not dumb, just self-absorbed, as you noted. Perhaps he ran across Puffin the wrestler at some earlier point.

  2. Love seeing Xaq's progress (which is really Cody's progress WITH Xaq, which Xaq would hate!). It's believable that Xaq is the same person who was Spartan; he isn't really CHANGING, but IMPROVING. Which really does show remarkable writing and character development for such an action-packed series. Adding believability into such a delightfully crazy world is incredible--and maybe even a little crazy in itself! :)

    And Puffin! Can we say a few words for Puffin! I have to say, with a short thick muscular fireplug (who on top of all that gets his ass kicked), you found my one weakness.

    1. Wow, I really appreciate that. I'm trying really hard to maintain an internal consistency to characters, even if the setting is a 'crazy world', as you say. Maybe people can change, but I personally have found it's more like people evolve or adapt to circumstances than become new people.

      Uh oh. Now that I know your weakness, you're in real trouble ... ;)

    2. P.S. I hope you realize that when I call the Cave world "crazy," I mean it in an entirely positive way. :)

    3. Is there any other way to mean it? It is crazy in a good way.

  3. You know Xaq is my favorite character of yours, but you've truly done an amazing job with him since his first appearance.

    Cody and Ryan know about Xaq's side business! They have video! I wonder if Cody knew he was hiding beneath the ring the whole time or if he found out afterwards.

    Bwahahaha! Even when Xaq wins all on his own, he ends the story getting his ass kicked by Cody and is probably about to get fucked by Puffin. I loved how nonchalant Cody was about the whole thing.

    Wait. On second thought, this is probably the best way it could have gone for him. He gets a solid win, looks great doing it for the Cave viewers and still gets to indulge his submissive side. Unless he gets off on the idea of the Cave viewers seeing him lose. Hmm...

    1. Thanks. Xaq is always fun to write, but the challenge is the same with all my recurring characters ... bringing new chapters to their story that are unique and interesting without losing the core of who they are. I'm happy it's working with Xaq.

  4. This was supremely hot! Damn well written as always, loved the match and the muscle boy being put in his place at the end!

    1. Awesome. I really appreciate your comments on my stories. :)

      Seems like Xaq winning is cool, but especially when accompanied by some Cody domination at the end.

  5. XAQ WINS!!!! XAQ WINS!!!!
    That's enough headlines for this story. But its the way he won, so....CODYLIKE?! Its obvious Cody has finally been able to penetrate XAQ. Break through. The wrestling was great. But Ill focus on two areas, the first part and the last. The relationship that Cody has with XAQ.
    First part was the grabbing of the bulge. How the muscle boy melted. That was so hot. So perfect. XAQ just calmed down.

    Then again after the match. Same dynamic. The muscle boys ego goes crazy, but Cody is there to once more calm him down. Then we see an awesome side of Cody has he tells Puffin to go and check XAQ out. I like that side of Cody. He knows XAQs nature and he is going to satisfy it. He got the win, but he still needs to feed the sub side.
    Very hot

    1. Thanks! I always love your deep analysis of things.

      Cody-Xaq is probably my favorite dynamic to write, outside of the best friends Cody-Ryan and Ben-Jeff. It has been subtly building since Cody hated Xaq at his tryout, but now we're seeing how symbiotic it has become.