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AWL: The Trials of Colt Hill 2 (Part 2)

Into the Ring

Kirk grabs my hair again and drags me through the curtain towards the ring. Several crew guys are starting to work on taking it apart, but they stop. Everyone from the back follows, of course. Nobody knows how this started, but they all want to see how it ends.

I'm on autopilot at this point, a 290-lb rag doll. Kirk walks fast down the steel ramp and I stagger, collapsing hard to my knees, only to be dragged a few more feet by my hair. Kirk realizes that I'm not moving another inch under my own power. Up to now, Kirk has successfully been keeping me out of it and unable to fight back, but that also means I can't get to the ring. Frustrated, Kirk scoops me up, showing his strength. He carries me and shoves me under the bottom rope into the ring.

Kirk climbs in. He stomps me all over, but all I can do is moan and try to rise. I look like Bambi on the ice, slipping, unable to get up. Kirk circles the ring, his fury pausing. I'm not sure that he has an end game in mind, other than kicking the shit out of me for disobeying him. There are about twenty guys watching now. Kirk realizes how public this has become. He's probably not looking for everyone to know that this is all happening because I refused to let him fuck me. Of course, not like I can tell them. I'm sprawled bare ass up on the mat, nearly unconscious, definitely helpless.

Kirk says, "Who's heard the stories about Mr. Muscles here?"

The crowd confirms they have. Not sure if they've all heard the same stories, but Kirk is playing to their darker side, making sure no one helps me.

"Who won us the belts tonight?" Kirk asks.

"You did!" The throngs yell.

"Who saw me have to cover for this musclebound moron as he once again botched his spots all night?" I don't think that's true, but it's mob rule and again, I'm not in a position to argue. These guys have no incentive to like me. They've been in the business longer and are stuck cleaning up. I can't take it personally, because I have no idea what the fuck is actually happening.

Kirk continues, "Who wants to see me fuck up this ungrateful piece of shit some more?"

They all yell, "Yeah!"

"Who wants to hear him beg like the pussy he is?"

"Hell yeah!" Now the assembled throng is in a frenzy.

By this time, I'm slightly more aware. I've crawled to the ropes. I try to slide under them, but these guys are wrestlers and this turns into a lumberjack match, with everyone on Kirk's team. As I slide under, some of these local jobbers actually lift me back in. I feel their hands all over me, including my ass. One of them actually cops a feel of my package in the thin jock, giving it a squeeze. Fuck. I'm sent back into the ring. I'm lying there on my back, so Kirk stomps my abs with his boot. He really lays into these stomps, softening the rock hard muscle and leaving red welts on my midsection.

Kirk lifts my head by my hair again and says, "Your ass is mine, partner." Of course to the crowd, that sounds like a euphemism, but I know Kirk means it literally. I'm determined not to get fucked tonight. I manage to push Kirk back and stagger into the corner. When he comes close, I lash out. I don't connect, but it keeps him back and gives me another few seconds to regain my senses.

The last thing Kirk wants is a fair fight. He charges at me. I lift my boot, but my reflexes are slow. He pushes my leg aside and slams into me, driving his knee into my jock covered balls. I hear the crowd go, "Oooh" as every guy feels it a little. But I'm the one who really feels it. I double over and stagger forward out of the corner. Kirk sneaks up behind me and slams his forearm up between my legs.

I drop to my knees and grab the front of my jock. My eyes water a little, but I'm awake and alert for once. I see some of the guys cheering for Kirk, while others are pointing and laughing at me. I try to steel myself and will myself to get up, but I just can't move. It doesn't matter, because behind me, Kirk is in the corner sizing me up. He runs forward and slams a boot into the back of my head. I crash forward, slamming face first into the mat.

Kirk grabs my ankles and drags my near unconscious body to the edge of the ring. He pushes me under the ropes onto the ring apron. He calls up a couple of the crew to lift me onto the outside of the ropes. They're only too eager to help. They grab my arms and lift me up. It isn't easy, as I'm 290-lbs of dead weight and the ring apron is narrow. Another two guys climb in to help. As they hoist me up, one of them reaches through the ropes and tries to steady me by pulling on the thin elastic straps that run over my ass cheeks. They tear away from the waistband. The straps fall between my legs, the front of my jock now hanging down loose, like a loincloth.

I get draped over the top rope and the guys tie my arms by lifting the middle rope up and over my arms. My knees rest on the apron as I dangle there helplessly. Kirk orders them to pull my legs out, so I'm dangling down. I'm crucified in the ropes, my feet almost touching the ground, but not quite, so the pressure on my shoulders is intense.

I have no idea what's happening, but suddenly, fists start flying into my rock hard six-pack stomach! As that happens, I feel my head being pulled back. Kirk whispers in my ear while the jobbers are using me as a punching bag. He says, "Ready to get fucked, pansy?"

"F-fuck you," I manage to sputter. I'm not sure how I even managed it, but the punishment was making me more aware. I start kicking wildly. It kills my shoulders, but I connect with some of the guys and send them flying back. Unfortunately, this sets Kirk off. He still hasn't broken me and it's really pissing him off. He releases me from the ropes, letting me crash to the floor.

Kirk orders the guys to throw me back in the ring. They're more cautious after my kicking, but they do it. I swing and push, but I can't mount any real resistance. I feel a rough hand on my balls then slide onto my cock as they struggle to lift me. My jock somehow gets turned, so the flap is to the left, exposing my battered manhood.

Kirk comes towards me. When he bends down, I muster all my strength and swing a right hook. It connects and he staggers back. I roll to my side and will myself to my feet, staggering onto the ropes, which are the only things keeping me upright. Kirk gets up and looks at me. He can't believe it.

Kirk approaches cautiously. I kick out at him, not able to lift my arms from the ropes, and he backs up. He approaches again and I kick again, trying to keep him back while I recover a little. Every second helps. Finally, I push off the ropes and onto my feet. I stand there looking at his shocked face and I feel pride. He circles carefully, testing to see how aware I really am. I can see a little blood in the corner of his mouth. I got him good.

Kirk moves in and I swing my right. He ducks and slips behind me. Before I know it, he slaps on a sleeper. My resistance is over that fast as he knocks me out in seconds. My last thought is, "Damn, another fucking sleeper, just like Andy," before he puts me out and I collapse to the mat.

Kirk drags my exposed, destroyed carcass into the center of the ring. He points at one of the crew and asks, "Know how to do a flying elbow?" The guy nods. Kirk says, "Show me."

The guy strips off his shirt, climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off. He pulls nothing, as I actually feel it. Without any further ado, guys start stripping and climbing the corners, coming down on me with elbows and splashes. Twenty wrestlers, from soft-bellied jobbers to grizzled old heels, take turns crashing on top of me from all sides, crushing my big, muscular body under their weight. Kirk repositions me whenever I roll or curl up. He finally stops the action. I feel a few of the guys get last minute stomps in.

Kirk slaps me awake. He asks, "Got something to say to me, boy?"

I smile and weakly say, "Fuck you."

Enraged, Kirk pulls me to a seated position and slides in behind me. I feel his arms wrap around my neck. He whispers, "Should have listened to me, partner." He squeezes then everything goes black. Again.

I find out later that with help from a couple of the bigger jobbers, Kirk gets me out of the ring and over his shoulder. I must have looked ridiculous, hanging there, bare ass up, hairy, muscled body just dangling. He carries my lifeless body to the back. Kirk tells a couple of the more 'enthusiastic' guys to follow him to the locker room, while the rest of the guys finish their real jobs cleaning up the arena.

Backstage (Again)

SLAP! SLAP! I wake to feel Kirk's hand across my face. I try to move, but I realize I can't. Something is holding me. I think I might be tied up. Am I tied up? My vision is blurred and my brain is so foggy.

SPLASH! Water hits my face, waking me up completely. I am looking at the ceiling. I realize that I am stretched out on the narrow bench in the locker room, My arms are bound by duct tape under the bench, which is unmoving, as it is bolted to the floor. This position is painful, my shoulders are unsupported. My jock is in my mouth, gagging me. I'm still wearing my boots. I know this, because I can see them. Kirk is holding them up in the air, as he looks down on me, figuratively and literally.

I can see that he has stripped his trunks off and that his cock is around 7" and rock hard. I look to the side at the door, but I can see that he has propped a chair under the knob. I realize that no one is going to come in and rescue me. I mumble out pleas for him to stop, but with the jock in my throat, I can't get a word out.

Kirk folds my boots towards my head, lifting my ass in the air, I can feel his cock head touch my hole. I close my eyes and brace myself to be fucked.

Kirk forces his cock inside me, hard and fast. He doesn't bother to lube up and even though I'm now an experienced bottom, thanks to Andy, it hurts. Kirk fucks me hard and without mercy. He doesn't waste time, just starts ramming. Despite myself, my cock swells as he punishes my prostate.

I feel Kirk shudder and we almost topple over as he climaxes. He fills my ass with his cum. I feel the warmth inside me as he keeps working until he's soft. He finally pulls out and lets my boots fall to the floor. Kirk steps over me and sits on my chest. I can tell he is pleased with himself. Arrogant fucker. He says, "Colt, Colt, Colt. This could have been so much easier for you. Next time I tell you to bend over, you do it. Got it?"

I shout a muffled, "Fuck you." Its not clear, but I think he gets it.

Kirk just laughs. He says, "I'll let you sleep on it, pussy. You'll see things differently tomorrow. I guarantee it." He rises and lets loose a stream of piss all over my face. The jock in my mouth absorbs it and it mixes with my sweat to almost make me choke. He makes his way to the shower. I struggle, but my adrenaline is gone. I fall unconscious again.

I wake up to feel the shower splashing down on me and the sound of feet walking away. When I open my eyes, Im alone. I'm unbound, but naked on the floor of the shower room. The water is washing away Kirk's final insult. It actually feels good. A minute later, before I can move, ambulance attendants come in. Vic is with them, along with a couple of the crew who claim they found me like this. But their smirks say otherwise. The EMTs ask me questions, like my name and the date, which I get right. They tell me I'm still going to the hospital for observation. I argue, but when I try to stand, I slip on the wet tiles and fall back down, so Vic orders me to go. He says I might have a concussion after my fall.

The EMTs look at him, knowing I didn't get like this from a fall, but they say nothing. They help me to the gurney, grab my clothes and wheel me out.

Meeting with Vic

The next day, I wake up at the hospital. I don't even wait to be discharged. I'm sore, bruised and battered, but I still get my ass to the arena. I'm searching for Kirk. My plan is to come as close to killing him as I can without going to prison for murder. Lets see how the son of a bitch does against me in a fair fight. When I walk in, one of the jobbers from last night is standing there. His eyes widen. WHACK! I drop him with one right hook. He collapses to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

I scream a primal scream that echoes through the hallway. I'm on fire, my muscles pumped, nearly tearing through my tight t-shirt. The other guys standing in the hall scatter. Fast. Of course, no one wants to mess with me when I can fight back!

I barely make it another step before Vic stops me. As mad as I am, I have the good sense to not ignore the boss. I'm not going to get myself fired, not after winning my first title and signing a big new contract.

Vic orders me into his office. Kirk is inside with a huge shit-eating grin. He says, "Hey partner. No hard feelings?" He sticks out his hand, but I charge, slamming him into the wall of Vic's office.

I draw back my fist, but before I can shove it in Kirk's face, Vic says in a firm voice, "COLT. Let him go and sit your ass down." I follow orders, but my look lets Kirk know that the minute we're away from Vic, he's dead.

Vic says, "Listen up. I don't care about what started this, but you two are a team and for the good of the AWL and your careers, move past it. Hear me? I've seen it all before, even got into a few fights myself. But it can't affect the business like this. Unless Colt's face and body recover fast, I can't even put my new tag champs on TV next week. Damn, you know how bad that is? It ends here and now. Now shake hands and say, it's over."

Kirk sticks his hand out again. I want to crush him, but Vic is the law around here. I begrudgingly shake his hand and say it's over. Vic says, "Good. Now Kirk, get out of here and be scarce for the next few days. I don't want to see you. Colt, you stay. I want to talk to you man to man."

Kirk leaves. I start to talk, but Vic stops me. He says, "Kid, I know what you're going to say. Kirk started it and you're going to get him. It's a matter of honor, he humiliated you. But listen to me. Yeah, it went too far. No, you're not going to do anything about it. Ever. Deal with it. You want your honor back, just deck the next guy who looks at you wrong in the hall. Shit, decking that no-name out there like you just did is going to do more for you than anything you've done in the last six months. I'll look the other way on that shit, but understand me, you need Kirk more than Kirk needs you."

I am fucking pissed. "This is bullshit. I quit."

Vic shrugs and says, "Your choice, but where else is a college flunk out like you going to make this kind of money and have this kind of fame? You want to be a lousy bouncer or a mover or some shit? You'll never wrestle anywhere else. That contract you signed is iron clad." Fuck, I forgot about the contract! "If you want to stay wrestling, you'll do it here. If you want to keep winning, for now, you'll do it with Kirk. And listen Colt, he got you those belts. I don't care what you have to do, but you keep him happy or you'll be back jobbing for guys who do know how to play the game."

"That's not fair. You don't understand what he wants ..."

Vic waves his hand dismissively. He says, "He wants to fuck your ass." I am stunned. Vic says, "Kid, you've been giving your ass to Andy for months. Is this really such a big deal? You really should've just let Kirk fuck you last night, get it out of his system."

I ask, "How ... how did you know?"

"About Andy? Everyone knows. As for Kirk? You were one of the perks I used to lure him back. Colt, let me tell you, guys like Andy and Kirk love the idea of controlling a muscle stud like you. You're fucking huge. It makes them feel powerful to dominate you. Kirk heard the rumors about you and wanted the same arrangement that Andy has. That's why you're a team. That's why you won the belts. I made him wait, because I didn't think you'd go for it until you were champs. Plus, your contract wasn't totally binding. It sure wasn't strong or long enough to destroy your life if you didn't cooperate. But now it is. Now, think about it. Kirk gets to feel like a big man, having you as his bitch. I got a couple of the top young studs locked in. You got a belt and are a main eventer again. Boom, everyone's happy."

I say bitterly, "Happy? You lying bastard. You said you didn't know why last night went down, but you knew everything. Fuck, you set me up."

Vic calmly says, "No, I didn't lie. I said I don't care. And I don't. Just like I don't care that you're a poof. Not everyone's so ... accommodating. Look, kid, if it's dealing with both Kirk and Andy that's getting you down, I'll talk to Andy about giving your ass a break. He's probably getting bored anyway. Kirk should be your top priority."

"All this time, I thought you were helping me."

"Oh fuck, your kind is so fucking dramatic. I am helping you. You're a fucking star with a title after being here, what, 18 months? You're well-paid and you will be for the next ten years. All you have to do is give Kirk what he wants. And don't act like you don't go for that stuff. You just don't like not being in control. So save your sob story. If you weren't a homo, I might care. But you are, so I don't."

I don't know what to say. Vic says, "Still quitting?"

I sigh, "No."

"Good. Then get out of here and get some rest. You look like shit. I've got real work to deal with."

I leave Vic's office and see Kirk standing in the hall. He pulls me into a supply closet. He says, "So, you clear on things?"

I still want to kill Kirk, but instead, I nod. He says, "Great. Then get on your knees and suck my dick." I hesitate, so Kirk comes close and grabs my hair forcing me down. I don't resist. He reaches up and unzips his jeans. I fish out his cock and slide it between my lips. Kirk gets hard fast as I moisten the head and then deep throat his throbbing member. It takes me a while to get a rhythm, but Kirk moves his hips back and forth and barks out orders - slower, faster, harder, deeper. Once I get going, I can tell it's working as Kirk shuts up and just moans his approval.

I'm getting tired when he finally says he's cumming. He grabs my head and holds my nose firmly in his blond bush. I breathe in his man scent and taste his cum as he shoots his load down my throat.

Kirk says, "Man, that was great. Let's go grab a beer at your place." I get up as he zips up and we move back into the hallway.

As we walk out and round the corner, we see another jobber headed to lobby Vic to move up the roster. I think he was there last night. He gives Kirk a thumbs up, which is all the confirmation I need. Then he sees me. He freezes, but it's too late. POW! Down he goes. One punch and he's out cold on the floor. Vic was right. I might be stuck in an unwinnable situation, but I can already tell things will get better around the AWL. Guys scatter in my presence. For the next few months, no one else makes eye contact with me or comes within twenty feet of me, much less laughs or whispers.

And no one in the AWL disrespects me again.

"Get ready to bend over, pussy, I'm feeling horny." Well, no one except for Kirk, that is.


The End

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