Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Route 69 S101: Arlington VA (Part 2)

Getting Ready to Rumble

"So, what do you think?"


My jaw drops at the sight of Eddie in his full pro wrestling gear. He's such a handsome, all-American stud with his clean cut dark hair, square jaw and smooth, tanned skin. The deep purple trunks hug his muscle body perfectly and the white stripe ends with a bird's talon, suggestively leading the eye right of his nicely-sized bulge. As a real pro, his shiny purple and white leather boots match perfectly. He smirks, able to read the lust on my face as I take him all in.

I finally find my words, "Fuck yes is what I think!"

Eddie and I had an attraction from the moment we met and it's only grown. Seeing him flexing in front of me has my dick hard and my mouth watering. It might seem crazy to agree to wrestle a pro wrestler, but I'm in good shape and not inexperienced. I know how to wrestle, although I've only been in a ring one night during a recent trip to L.A. Still, Eddie and I are actually around the same size. Eddie is the same height (6'0") just five-pounds heavier than me (210-lbs)

The handsome pro has kindly given me some gear to wear for tonight. Although I have some back at the hotel, neither of us wants to lose this moment. I strip down then try to squeeze into the gear he provided me. I know Indie wrestlers don't have to be 300-lbs beasts, like the guys in the AWL, but these shiny red trunks must be for a midget. They're illegally small and tight, like a guy would wear wrestling for The Cave (a gay wrestling video site) or something. Sure, they're sexy, but I'd never be allowed to wear them in front of a crowd. Although I guess that doesn't matter. Eddie is the only crowd tonight and he seems to like them. A lot.

In my gear
I make my adjustments, letting Eddie inspect my 6'0"/205-lbs body. His eyes go wide and he lets out a small whistle. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck," is all he can say as he rubs his hands over my body.

I reach out and grab his hair, gently bending his head back. I grab his chin with my other hand, tilt his head then give him a huge kiss on his lips. When my tongue moves into his mouth, he sinks into it. As I'm kissing him, I start to slide my arms under his, but Eddie has the wherewithal to block me. Instead, he beats me to the punch, wrapping his hands around my back. He squeezes me close in a hard bearhug. I moan as my midsection is crushed. My arms go limp and Eddie takes control. He pushes my tongue back, thrusting his own into my mouth.

The pro wrestler backs up out of the swinging locker room door, keeping the bearhug tight and forcing me towards the ring with him. We stumble across the gym, never breaking our kiss. The pain of the hold gets surprisingly intense and my head finally falls off his mouth, landing against his neck and shoulder. As he squeezes, Eddie grinds his pouch into mine as he kisses my exposed neck. I moan louder as we stop with my back pushed into the ring apron. The smoking hot wrestler releases the crushing hold, but immediately grabs my wrists. He pins my hands down on the ring apron, keeping his body against mine. Our cocks are swelling and straining against their thin spandex prisons.

We stare into each other’s eyes for a long time then smile. Eddie says, "Wanna wrestle or skip right to me fucking that amazing ass of yours?"

I laugh, "You've got that backwards, sport."

"That sounds like a challenge. Gotta warn you, Ben, I don't go easy on guys when sex is on the line."

"Who wants you to?"

With that, Eddie releases my wrists and takes a step backwards. Our eyes remain locked, but I surprise him with a fast hard fist into his ripped abs. Caught unflexed and off-guard, he bends forward, so I grab hold of his hair and the back of his trunks, throwing him under the bottom rope and into the ring. He rolls across the canvas, coming up into a crouched position, smirking at me. I move around to the stairs and climb up to the corner, making him wait.

The Action Begins

Seeing Eddie crouched and ready to pounce, I decide to enter fast. As I vault over the top rope, Eddie charges anyway. He’s surprisingly fast, slamming his shoulder into me before I even land. WHAM! I fly back into the corner, crashing in hard as he grabs the second rope on either side of my hips. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Eddie drives his shoulder into my gut three times. I fall forward as my ass is sent back between the top and middle turnbuckle.

I slam my forearm down across Eddie’s back, but it just bounces off the tight muscles. He grabs me around the waist, lifts and hoists me across his shoulder. I hang there, feet and arms dangling as he pushes up on my legs, flipping my feet over my head. I crash down onto my back only to see Eddie’s boot come stomping down on my pec. UNH! Eddie steps over my chest and drops down, slamming his butt into my abs hard.

Eddie tousles my hair as he says, “I warned I don’t go easy. If you want, you can admit defeat now and we can just spar or fuck … I don’t wanna hurt you too badly.”

I smile up at him, “Hm, help me decide. Can you flex those arms for me again?”

As Eddie strikes a double bicep pose, I grab a tight hold of his ankles. I swing my legs up and under his arms. Before he can react, I’m pulling him back, pinning his shoulders to the mat, while keeping his legs trapped in a bent position. I have an amazing view between his spread knees at his bulge which stands high and proud. Eddie squirms as he feels the stretch in his knees and hamstrings. He grunts and manages to kick out, rolling to the side. I’m already on the move, sitting up and tackling him onto his back. OOF!

I mount Eddie and force my feet inside his knees. I pull my feet apart, spreading his legs in a grapevine. Under me, Eddie moans as I apply one of my signature holds. I hold his arms down beside his head and look him in his handsome face. I’m smiling as he struggles against the pin and grapevine.

I say, “So, what were we talking about? You giving?”

Eddie says, “Cute, but this is nothing. UNH!”

Eddie grunts as I spread the grapevine a little wider. I lean down and kiss him on the lips, grinding my pouch against him. I keep up the pressure on the submission hold, but Eddie’s holding out. He’s grimacing, but I’ve decided I need to move on. I let go of his arms, reaching forward and wrapping up his head. Eddie curses as I lock him in a tight front facelock. I squeeze hard, smothering him against my shoulder, trying to add to his discomfort. With his muscles, I know I need to wear him down and just hope I’ve got better conditioning.

POW! POW! Eddie punches into my side, which shakes me enough for him to pull his legs free. He bridges up and throws me off him. We both roll away to our feet. We smile at each other as we circle the ring. Eddie moves in and we lockup. He maneuvers me into a standing side headlock. He grinds the hold as I wrap my hands around his waist. My hands run over his body, feeling him up as I suffer. The crushing vice hurts, but being next to him feels good, too.

I try to power out, but I only get momentary relief. I try lifting him up for a couple of counters, but Eddie blocks me. As good as touching him feels, I realize I need to get out of the headlock. My hands idly move down his leg, as I'm trying not to alert him. When I'm in position, I quickly lift his boot off the canvas while driving forward. With Eddie destabilized, we topple over with me on top. Eddie lands on his shoulder, unable to brace himself. My 205-lbs of muscle crashes into his side and I see an opening.

I fire fists into the side wall of Eddie's abs then drop my knee against it three times before he can push me off him. When he gets up, he's stretching out his abs and favoring his shoulder. I know I've found an opportunity. We circle again. This time, I'm the aggressor, diving under his arms and moving behind him. I grab him around the waist, lift and spin, planting him onto his stomach. I slide up his smooth body, mounting his back. As Eddie struggles under me, I grab hold of his arm and roll us both over until he's locked in a body scissor/armlock combo.

Eddie groans as I stretch out my legs, crushing his midsection in my legs. He tries to pull his right arm free, but I've got it locked in tight. He flails with his left arm, but it's too far away to reach anything but my legs and they're flexed, easily able to withstand his punches. I up the pressure with sudden bursts and am rewarded with louder moans every time. I look down past my legs and see his bulge rising below them. Good to know he's having fun.

Eddie bridges his hips up and my view improves, but it also gives him more leverage to try to break free. He thrusts his left arm up and pushes off, trying to flip us, but I force him back down. From the intensity and pitch of his grunts, I'm guessing he's surprised and frustrated that he can't just power out of my hold. We're both sweating from the effort, but both pitching tents from the action. I decide to up the ante, pinning his arm under my shoulder. I reach my right arm forward and rub his pec. Eddie moans and sinks into the tender touch.

I feel his thick chest then knead around the armpit. Eddie tries to bat my hand away, but I fight past that. I turn my arm then bury my fingers into his pit and my thumb into the the top on his pec. With a firm grip, I start squeezing. AHHHH! In response to my claw, Eddie bucks in my scissors. He reaches his left arm over to pry my hand off, but my grip is too tight.

I tease, "So, what do you think of my claw?"

Eddie laughs through the pain, "It-it's not bad. I'll show you - AAHHH - how to really do it in a minute!"

"Gee thanks, but I'm not sure there's going to be much of a 'later' for you in this match, big guy."

Eddie smiles and re-exerts himself, bridging and squirming to break free. I resist every effort, but he's trying to do one thing - break free - while I'm trying to do three - scissors, claw and armlock. I can't defend on all fronts and Eddie manages to pull his right arm free. He thrusts it forward, punching me in the gut. OOF! I grunt as he does it again. I bend away, but as I twist, my bulge rises up and I get caught by a glancing blow to my nuts. FUCK!

I lose the scissors and reach down to massage my package. Eddie apologizes, but it does stop him from pushing me onto my back and mounting me. His legs pin my arms to my body as I cup my balls. Eddie again apologizes, but points out it was my own fault. I can't argue that, but it still hurts. Eddie's hands run onto my pecs and I know I'm in trouble. Maybe getting cute with a guy who's been taught claws by the master isn't a good idea.

I squirm under Eddie, but his weight and leg muscles keep me down. He peppers my chest with punches and slaps, turning them red. I flex my pecs, trying to defend against what's coming, but I know the most important thing is great him off me. I try to bridge, but Eddie reaches down and grabs hold of my pecs with the claw he learned from his father figure and mentor, Derek Kaine. I groan and my vision blurs as he clamps down on the sides of my pecs. Eddie's face and neck show he's really into this as I writhe under him.

I steady myself and summon my will, counting slowly to re-focus my will. Eddie leans forward to increase the pressure on the hold, but it also gives me an opportunity to slide my hands from his wrists. I thrust one up to his face, applying a tight claw, just as I watched Derek do to Jeff earlier. Eddie laughs, "Dude, you're not even doing that right."

Maybe not, but my goal was more to cover his eyes than crush his handsome face. I swing my free arm into his side, slamming it into the muscle right below his bottom rib. At the same time, I thrust my hips up, bridging and using my leg muscles to throw us to the left. The punch and bridge combine to topple us to the side. Eddie loses the claw as we fall to. the side. I force him onto his stomach then mount his back.

I reach forward and grab Eddie's chin, pulling up as I straddle his back. Eddie moans as he tries to pry open my fingers. I keep the pressure up, making sure he really feels the force of the hold. Under me, Eddie fights for a good minute. He's strong and difficult to control. Finally, he gets his knees under him and plants his hands, forcing us to rise. This move immediately weakens the chinlock, as he flips me onto my back and rolls to face me.

I manage to swing my legs between us, wrapping them around his head. I grab a handful of his thick dark hair and pull his face down into my pouch, locking my ankles behind his head. Eddie groans as he's trapped in my tight head scissors. He falls to the side, a prisoner in my legs. His forehead turns red as he's smothered by my crotch. From the tent in his trunks, the pleasure of being there is still outweighing the pain. I decide to try to change that.

I prop my torso up as we lie on our sides. With my right hand, I reach down and fire fists into his abs, adding to the abuse while I've got him under control. He squirms, trying to get free, but my legs are fully flexed and locked. Eddie tries to block my fists, but he can't see them coming and  I manage to do a good amount of damage. After a couple of minutes in the long submission hold, Eddie gets me on my back, my legs pointing up at the ceiling. I try to force him down, but he keeps rising, first to his knees then to standing. I'm amazed by the strength of his neck as I suddenly dangle upside down, held up by my head scissors.

I put my hands down, but I can't quite reach the canvas. I'm unsure what to do, but Eddie isn't. The handsome stud wraps his arms around me  in a tight reverse upside down bearhug. He starts crushing my midsection and I lose the head scissors. Eddie starts bouncing us and I feel somewhat dizzy as I hang there, my arms swinging helplessly below me. I feel the pressure in my gut building as his arms dig just above the waistband of my trunks.

Eddie carries me all the way to corner then charges in for the last two steps. OOF! He releases the bearhug and connect gut first against the top turnbuckle. The added force of his weight against my back has me seeing stars for a moment. I hang there, gathering my wits, until Eddie grabs my head and pulls my torso up until I'm sitting on the top turnbuckle. I brace myself by grabbing the top ropes on either side of me.

As I sit there, shaking out the cobwebs and letting the blood leave my head, Eddie goes for it. He starts with gut punching. I can't block him, because my instincts tell me that if I move my hands off the top rope, I'll fall and the fall is worse than the gut punishment. I can't kick out, because my legs are on the wrong side of the ropes. This gives Eddie too many free shots to count. My abs are red and soft by the time he's down

With my abs aching, I lean forward, breathing deeply. Eddie turns to the side and moves in close. He reaches up and pulls my head down over his shoulders. Before I can react, Eddie pulls me off the turnbuckle in a fireman's carry. When we're clear of the corner, he wastes no time. The muscular pro wrestler jumps up and falls back. We land on my back, his shoulders slamming into my torso. WHAM! I've got no time or skill to brace myself and the impact knocks all the energy from my body.

Eddie sits up and pauses. All I can see is his broad back through the stars that fill my vision. All I can do is lie there, as I’m winded. When he turns, he’s wearing that incredible smile of his. I know I’m in trouble, because wrestlers don’t smile like that unless they feel confident and have a plan. Eddie kneels beside me and forces me onto my stomach. He plants his knees in the middle of my back, grabs my leg and chin then rolls back, lifting me into a bow and arrow that stretches out my back painfully. ARGH!

I moan as I’m stretched out across his shins, my head and feet forced to the canvas. Eddie really cranks on it. I struggle, but it’s really hard to gain any momentum or leverage. I try to roll, but he counters both ways, keeping me up there for a long time. I don’t submit, so he kicks me off. I roll onto my stomach and start to rise to hands and knees, but Eddie is ahead of me. He leaps into the air and comes down with an elbow into the small of my back. UNGH!

Eddie hops to his feet and reaches down to grab my hair. He forces me up, but as I rise, I fire a hard fist into his abs. He grunts and steps back. When I follow up with an elbow to his gut, he bends over, his chin slamming right into my rising forearm. POW! Eddie staggers back from the impact, dazed by the blow. I get to my feet and stretch my back out as I move in. Eddie is shaking his head out, unable to prepare for my rising boot that slams into his stomach. OOF!

The handsome pro wrestler drops to a knee, enabling me to grab his head and shove it between my thighs. I tighten the head scissors as Eddie braces his hands on my legs. I reach down and grab his wrists. He fights me, but I manage to force his arms up, twisting and pulling them. Eddie moans as his arms are pulled towards me, painfully bending his shoulders the wrong way. I hear his voice go up as he feels real pain from my dual submission hold.

I crank hard, encouraging the young pro wrestler to give in, but he’s tough. We’ve both managed to avoid submitting and I’m not sure this is going to do it, either. Still, it weakens more of his body – I know from personal experience he’s feeling this in his head, shoulders and even back as he kneels before me. I see him trying to get his feet planted, but I can’t do anything to counter except apply more pressure. Every time he gets close, I stretch him out and his knees collapse back.

Eddie manages to get one foot under him and he immediately starts lifting. I can’t imagine the strength he has in his neck and back as my 205-lbs of muscle lifts off the mat. Eddie can’t get me up, but he does destabilize me enough to weaken my two holds. Seconds later, he’s breaking free and tackling me down. Eddie lands on top of me and we lock eyes. His face is deep red and he’s shaking out his arms, but the smile remains. Damn, he’s hot.

We both rest for a moment, staring at each other, until he lashes out, thrusting his open right hand at my face. Oh shit, he’s going for the Kaine Klaw … I bend my head and lift my hands in time, blocking him from getting any kind of grip. I punch my right hand out, connecting with his pec. THUD! It doesn’t hurt, but it distracts enough for me to topple us over. As we fall, I realize too late that my waist is in between Eddie’s legs. He locks on a body scissors, his legs in the perfect spot below my ribs. ARGH!

I kneel with Eddie draped around my waist. He swings his torso up and grabs me behind the head. I’m pulled forward, my head clocked under his armpit as I suffer in the ever-tightening grip of his legs. I try to pull my head free, but I can’t. I fire away with some body shots, but they just bounce off Eddie’s tight muscled body. I keep trying to pull free, but Eddie’s unrelenting. He brings his free arm down across my back, hammering me with hard forearms. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

In desperation, I plant my hands and knees then thrust up, actually lifting Eddie’s 210-lbs of hard wrestler muscle into the air. I manage to flip us onto our sides, loosening his scissors and giving me a better position to punch him in the back. POW! POW! POW! Eddie grunts and I force his arm off my neck, freeing my head. I’m immediately hit by a forearm across my pecs as we lie on our sides facing each other. THUD! I ignore the blow, pushing off him and rolling away.

We both rise to a crouch and stare each other down. The smiles are gone, replaced by open mouths as we breathe in deeply. I try to remember what I’ve done when I notice Eddie’s abs are still red. I need to go back after those. With my plan in place, I get ready for another lockup. We rise to our feet and get close. I feint a high lockup then dive down, tackling him with a shoulder to the abs. I manage to get in a few more punches to his abs before he gets his boot between us and kicks me backwards.

I fall on my ass, but I’m fine. Eddie scrambles up to leap on me, but I get my leg up fast and he runs right into my boot. OOF! The sole of my boot slams into his abs and I push against them, sending him flying back into the corner. CLANG! Eddie bounces out of the corner as I rise to my feet. He comes right at me, charging fast and levels me with a clothesline. WHOMP! I fall back onto my shoulders. UH!

Eddie reaches down and grabs my hair, pulling me to my feet. As he moves in for his next move, I lift my knee into his wide open abs. He bends forward, giving me the opportunity to grab him around the waist. I hoist him up then bring him down on top of my thigh in a gutbuster. Eddie moans as I push him off. I leap into the air, coming down with an elbow to his gut. POW! I hop up and try again. Eddie manages to roll away while I’m in the air. I crash down hard, slamming my elbow onto the mat. CRACK! OW!

Eddie grabs my arm for an armbar, but I manage to pull it free. Still, he charges at me before I can react, driving me all the way into the corner. WHAM! My back hits hard, winding me and giving Eddie the chance to capitalize. He grabs my wrist and pulls me out of the corner. He intends to send me into the opposite corner, but I grab his wrist as he lets go of mine. I pull on him, using the momentum to bring him into my rising knee. THUD! OOF! Eddie drops to the mat, as my knee tears into his ruined abs.

Eddie quickly rises to hands and knees right in front of me, so I reach down between his legs and over his shoulder. He has no time to react before I power him up into the air and drop him across my knee, stomach first in another gutbuster. OOF! FUCK! I hear the expletive then see him convulse as he hangs on my leg, so I know he's weakened. I push him off my knee onto his back and start some knee drops. POW! POW! POW! Eddie rolls to his side, trying to escape, but I reach out and grab hold of his hair.

I force the pro wrestling hunk to his feet and move in close behind him. I bend him sideways and step over his hip, slapping him into an abdominal stretch. ARGH! I cinch it in, cranking it hard. Eddie tries to power out then tries to hip toss me over, but I block both attempts. Instead, I swing my arm over and slam my forearm into his abs. Again and again, I batter his abs while I pull down harder and harder.

I can hear Eddie whimpering in the submission hold, cursing as I stretch him out. I counter his every counter. Until he can't do anything but suffer. I have a beautiful view down his heaving pecs and smooth red stomach to his trimmed pubes and hardening cock standing out at attention.

I tell him, "I'm loving the view from here, so don't think I'm giving this hold up, stud."

For emphasis, I push down and add in a stomach claw. My fingers sink in deeply – it might not be perfect, but I know it hurts.

Eddie says, "Fuck! UGH!"

"What was that?" I really dig my fingers in.

"Okay, okay. Okay. Okay."

"What does okay mean?"

"Fuck, I give. Give. Give."

I release the hold and Eddie falls to the mat face down in a heap. I'm exhausted, too. I stagger back to the corner and slide down onto my ass. I won. I actually won. Looking at Eddie lying there, I know I'm really going to enjoy this.

What's Next

I sit in the corner, knees up, my forearms resting on them as I re-group. I reach down and idly fondle my naked cock and balls as I sit there, just enjoying the view. Eddie is still lying face down in the middle of the ring, groaning. I'm breathing hard, enjoying the view of his bare bubble butt, knowing it's mine. His knees are bent and his hands are rubbing under his stomach, lifting hips are up. This elevates his ass seductively. I have the perfect angle to see his tight hole and large, shaved balls dangling down to the mat between his spread legs.

Eddie rolls over onto his back, his knees up and legs spread. He rubs his abs, pushing his hard cock to the side. I roll forward and crawl to him, moving up between his powerful legs. I lean down and take a deep breath, smelling the manly musk of his trimmed crotch. I stick out my tongue and run it up the length of his magnificent shaft, tasting his sweat and a hint of salty pre-cum.

As I do this, Eddie moans, his hands falling off his abs to the side. He lies there in complete surrender, acknowledging the result. I lift my eyes, looking up his red, tortured, but still glorious abs to his bulging pecs then his handsome face. Our eyes meet across the gorgeous field of his body. A smile crosses his face as I rise and crawl over his body.

I climb over him until we're face-to-face, chest-to-chest and cock-to-cock. My weight presses down on him as we're perfectly aligned. I bend down and smother his mouth with mine, gently moving my lips in a passionate and tender kiss. I break the kiss, sliding my mouth to his neck as I grind my cock into his. He reaches his arms around me, pulling me closer into him. Eddie's breathing becomes faster and I molest his neck, ear and mouth with my lips and tongue.

Eddie cries out, encouraging me and begging me to stop then to not stop. I feel his hand on the back of my head, pressing me down into his neck as he lets out short squeals. I pull my head up and stare at his stunning face, admiring the perfection of his classically handsome features. I slide to the side then run my hand up and down his torso, sliding it gently over his chest, abs and hard cock. I rub his balls with a feather touch and he convulses in response. I watch his cock bouncing off his lower abs as it pulses with anticipation.

I'm only human, so I roll over and engulf it, tasting his cock as I run my hand over the inside of his leg. His hand comes onto my head, tenderly running down onto my neck and back. Without losing hold of his cock, I roll over, between his legs. My head bobs and turns, priming his member. I hear Eddie moaning and telling me how good my mouth feels. When I pull off, he looks at me with a sad look on his face.

I remind him, "I won, remember?"

Eddie frowns and pouts then breaks out into a smile. He slides back and spins on the mat, which is still slick from our sweat. The handsome stud reaches for my cock and starts jerking it. He rises to his knees and kisses me before lowering his head and kissing the tip of my cock. Eddie lies on his stomach then sticks out his tongue. He runs it along my shaft while fondling my shaved balls. I lean back and get comfortable, sitting on the mat. I look at Eddie's hot ass, which he's holding up seductively to make room for his hard cock under him.

When Eddie takes my cock in his mouth, it feels so good that I have to throw my head back. It's my turn to moan encouragement as Eddie works my cock like a pro. I look back down, taking in his amazing body as he savors my cock in his mouth. He breaks off and comes back up, kissing me again. I grab him around the shoulders and lower him to the mat as we kiss passionately. I reach down and jerk his cock. I feel him moan in my mouth.

As I shift my mouth to Eddie’s chest, I slide my hand past his cock and fondle his balls, gently caressing them in my hand. The handsome pro wrestler moans encouragement as I tackle his nipple, flicking it with my tongue. Eddie cries out as I position my finger at his hole, rubbing it gently. He cries out for me to fuck him, so I roll down into position. I pull out a condom from my boot, tearing the wrapper and sliding it over my throbbing cock.

I grab Eddie’s legs and hoist them into the air, moving my sheathed cock to the edge of his ass. As I slide in, we lock on each other’s eyes. He bites his bottom lip as I penetrate him, sliding in deeper and deeper. I start pumping, thrusting my cock as I take my prize. Eddie reaches out and grabs my forearms, bracing himself against the power of my cock. I bring my hand down and grab his cock, pumping it in time with my hips. We’re both grunting loudly, our pleasure filling the empty gym.

I start to get close, trying to hold back, but unable to as I look at the handsome man under me. I won his ass. I won it. It’s mine. Mine. Oh fuck. Yes. His ass is mine. Oh god, yes …

I pull out, strip off the condom then shoot all over his battered stomach. Seeing and feeling my hot cum sends Eddie over the edge and he adds to the puddle, covering his chest and upper abs with his hot white seed. Eddie and I keep pumping until we’re drained. I lower his legs and fall back, looking at his hot body, covered in our cum. He has a huge smile on his face and so do I. I realize we were in such a rush, there are no towels here, so I run to the locker room and grab a couple. Eddie lets me wipe his body down, erasing the white lines and puddles that have collected in the crevices of his abs and chest.

With Eddie clean, I roll onto his waist then lower myself across his body. The hot wrestler looks up into my eyes as I lie on top of him, smiling down into his handsome face. For a pro wrestler that just lost a match and his ass to a guy off the street, he seems pretty content.

I eye him warily, "You didn't let me win, did you?"

Eddie looks confused, saying, "Fuck no! You think I'd give up a chance at your ass? Fuck, you're just better and tougher than I expected. You really know your submission moves, got myself into some bad spots. It won't happen again."

"Again? I like the sound of that."

We kiss then I roll off him onto my side and he turns towards me. We stare into each other's eyes for a long time, occasionally coming in for a tender kiss, idly running our hands on the other's body or through his hair. Neither of us say anything, but I feel my cock powering up again as we lie there. As it stretches out, it hits Eddie's equally hard dick, so I look down and see our swords touching. He is obviously ready to go again.

I say, "Looks like your dick is demanding a rematch."

"Feels like your dick is accepting."

"I guess so."

And with that, we start rolling around the ring again. We spend the rest of the night wrestling. I lose the next two rounds, but then come back and win my fair share. In the end, we lose track, just going and going until we're completely drained and can barely move.

Back to the Hotel

When I stumble into the hotel room the next morning, Jeff is already up, drinking coffee and watching SportsCenter in the living room. He mocks me as I stagger in shirtless in shorts and sneakers, obviously too exhausted and sore to even walk properly.

Jeff teases, "Rough night, buddy?" I crash onto the couch, resting my head on his lap. He tenderly caresses my head, resting his hand on my shoulder. Jeff asks me about Eddie. I tell him we had fun. He asks me if I'm cool with everything, knowing this trip wasn't about settling down and here we are, settled down after just two days. I tell him it's cool. He asks something else, but I fall asleep before he even finishes the question. At some point, Jeff carries me to my bed, strips my shoes and shorts then covers me up and shuts the drapes.

I enjoy a great day's sleep. When I wake, I feel like this whole thing is a dream, but then I realize it’s not. I have an indie wrestling federation to promote. I find a note from Jeff telling me that he has gone to the gym. I’m ravenous, so I eat some yogurt and start whipping up some eggs. As I eat, I grab my iPad and start surfing around, trying to figure out where to even start.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Mr Miller this is an excellent surprise. As a long time fan I know yourr I saw a part two and I knew there was something off! Well its a new entry! I always thought Eddie was a very hot guy and prospect. His classic looks are spectacular. Also we get to see Ben as a wrestler and showing off his skills agaisnt a professional (of course Cody is a pro, but you jnow what I mean!} Thanks for the surprise!!

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it. However ... it's actually not new. Ben and Eddie wrestling was in the original story. I just divided a lot of the stories into two posts because they're so long and I thought it'd be easier to navigate. With the early Route 69 stories (A-B-C), they feature two matches, so it makes a cleaner division.

    2. Alex R:

      To be fully honest...for some reason...I never read that second part!!!