Friday, March 27, 2015

Route 69 S102: Baltimore MD (Part 2)

Jeff Checks In

“Ben? You ready to -- whoa. What the fuck?”

I smile at Jeff, trying to look casual, which isn’t easy when you’re hanging naked in the ropes of a wrestling ring. He comes into the ring and starts to untie me. “That fucker Terrence did this?”

“Yeah. I lost, but, uh can you come back later? We’re kind of in the middle …”

From the back, I hear Terrence call out, “I brought a couple of them, just in case you want a – oh. Well lookie here, if it isn’t the other new guy. You’re a little late to save your boy.”

I say, "Actually, he's a little early. Jeff, can you leave us?"

Jeff ignores me. To Terrence, he says, “You asshole. What the fuck, tying him up like this?”

I caution, “Jeff, it’s okay. I’m fine. Now, can you leave us alone? We’re not exactly done yet.” Jeff again ignores me. Terrence is already behind me, reaching through the ropes and rubbing my naked hips. I lose focus as his hands rub softly against my legs.

“We were just having some fun. Your boy did good. He knows some moves. And this ass …” Terrence playfully spanks my butt then leans in and sniffs loudly, running his tongue over my smooth flesh. “Amazing. So you joining in or leaving? ‘Cause I don’t do audiences …”

Jeff finishes freeing me and pulls me to the middle of the ring, away from Terrence. “Keep your hands off him.”

I try again to tell Jeff that it’s okay, but he’s not listening. Guys being guys, Jeff and Terrence get into a heated argument. It’s weird to watch, as Terrence is still naked as he and Jeff go at it. I roll out of the ring to the floor, shaking out my stiff arms and legs. CRACK! I turn to look back into the ring and see Jeff tearing open his shirt as Terrence hangs on the top rope. Obviously Jeff slugged him.

I run up to the ring apron, “Jeff, what the fuck did you just do?”

Terrence rises up. He says, “Fuck this. Ben, I’ll fuck you after I deal with this asshole.”

Jeff says, “You’re fuckin’ no one!”

Terrence says, “Really? Says who?”


Terrence wags his finger at Jeff, “Be careful. I won his ass already. I can always add yours to the list.”

Jeff says, “Don’t make me laugh.”

I mutter, “Wait, what?”

Continuing to ignore me, Terrence challenges Jeff, “Okay, let’s go. You win, I leave your boy alone. I win and both your asses are mine!”

Jeff blurts out, “You got a fuckin’ deal!”

Terrence rubs his hands together and begins jumping up and down. I watch his cock swing and bounce as he readies himself. The naked black man looks confident as Jeff kicks off his shoes and peels off his jeans to reveal his 225-lbs of shredded muscle.

My best friend stands there, facing the naked Terrence, wearing just his white boxer briefs. The two muscle stud wrestlers circle, staring at each other intently.

Jeff vs. Terrence

The two men circle the ring, staring each other down. With two confident studs like this, it doesn’t even matter to them that one is nude and the other is in his underwear. They’re only focused on dominating the other.

Terrence darts forward aiming low. When Jeff moves to block, the black musclestud shifts directions and reaches over Jeff’s thick back. He grabs the white muscleman around the waist, lifts and drops Jeff over his knee, slamming him down into the gutbuster. OOF! Terrence rises, dragging Jeff up with him. He flips Jeff’s 225-lbs of muscle over, planting him on the mat. SPLAT! Jeff groans as he lands on his back hard.

Terrence climbs over Jeff’s chest, facing down his body. He pins Jeff’s right shoulder to the mat with his shin and sets his foot on the mat on the other side of Jeff’s heaving chest. The naked wrestler’s bare ass sits right above my buddy’s face, his oversized package dangling down dangerously close to Jeff’s chin.

Terrence slams fists into Jeff’s sculpted abs, hammering the rock hard 8-pack. The white musclehunk moves his hands onto Terrence’s bare ass and pushes up, toppling the black stud off him. Jeff scrambles to his right and up to his feet. When Jeff stands up, Terrence is already leaping, jumping up and firing his feet into Jeff’s chest. WHAP! The standing dropkick sends Jeff flying back into the ropes. He bounces off and right into a diving shoulder block that sends him out of the ring.

Jeff lands on his feet, skilled enough to avoid a complete disaster. I see Jeff cursing and swinging his arms. Terrence is warmed up while Jeff came into the match cold. And it shows. Terrence is hunched over, stalking Jeff, but my buddy has the smarts to stand behind the ringpost, where Terrence can’t launch a sneak attack without serious risk. Jeff stretches out on the ringpost as Terrence eggs him on to get back in the ring.

Tired of waiting, Terrence starts a ten-count and Jeff grudgingly gives up his warmup. He moves to the ring apron and jumps up. Terrence is up to eight as Jeff vaults over the top rope into the ring. Terrence charges, but Jeff is ready kicking his right foot up. The naked wrestler manages to dodge the foot and slide to the canvas. Terrence slides all the way under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

As he goes by, Terrence grabs Jeff’s left ankle and pulls. The white muscleman loses balance, falling face first onto the mat. Terrence reaches through the ropes and grabs Jeff’s boxer briefs, yanking them down to his knees. Jeff scrambles forward, pulling his underwear back up. As my buddy is wasting time doing that, Terrence is getting onto the ring apron and climbing the corner turnbuckle.

His underwear back in place, Jeff turns to look for Terrence, but he’s gone. By the time Jeff turns his head and sees the naked wrestler, Terrence is already airborne, slamming into Jeff with a flying cross body block from the top turnbuckle. SPLAT! Jeff is flattened by the impact, slammed down on his back with Terrence landing on top of him. The black musclehunk starts to count a pin, but my buddy manages to kick out. Terrence grabs hold of Jeff’s hair and drags him to his feet.

Terrence lays into Jeff with chops to his pecs, driving him all the way back to the corner. Jeff pushes him back, but Terrence grabs the top rope and swings his legs up. A shocked Jeff can’t react fast enough, as Terrence wraps his legs around the handsome hunk’s head then pulls forward. The two studs topple forward, with Terrence flipping Jeff over. The white stud lands on his head and back, stunning him.

Terrence hops up as Jeff clutches his head. The naked wrestler stomps Jeff’s pecs then grabs hold of his hair. He forces my buddy up to his feet. Again Terrence leaps, this time spinning and slamming the back of his right foot into the back of Jeff’s head. The white musclestud lands face first. He struggles to rise, but a foot to his back sends him right back down. Terrence mounts Jeff’s back and grabs his biceps. He pulls Jeff up into a camel clutch, the same move I submitted to earlier tonight.

Jeff moans in the hold, his back stiffening as he’s folded up and back. Terrence has been unrelenting and he really knows this hold, but I wonder if he can get a submission this fast. He is certainly trying, pulling back hard on Jeff’s chin. My buddy is grunting, clearly in pain, but not giving. Terrence keeps telling Jeff to give up, but Jeff refuses. The naked muscleman keeps cranking, but he can’t get a submission. Fed up, Terrence pushes Jeff off, pushing him down hard. THUD! Jeff falls on his face hard, barely moving as Terrence sits on his back.

Terrence slides on top of Jeff, aligning their bodies. His cock presses into Jeff’s crack, with only the thin single layer of cotton between them. Terrence humps Jeff, mocking the muscleman for his lack of offense. Jeff pushes up, throwing Terrence off him, obviously pissed. Terrence falls off, but rises fast. He flies forward into the kneeling Jeff, leveling him with a hard clothesline. The white hunk groans as Terrence drags him up to his feet by his hair.

Jeff stands in the center of the ring, clearly dazed. Terrence keeps moving quickly. He runs back into the ropes, coming off with a flying elbow that levels Jeff to the mat. WHAM! The black muscleman forces Jeff to his feet then delivers a spinning kick right into Jeff’s ripped abs. The force of the kick sends Jeff twisting back into the ropes. The white hunk is facing out of the ring, kneeling with the middle rope wedged under his armpits, cutting across his chest. He is breathing hard, head hanging over the ring apron as he tries to regain his wits.

While Jeff hangs there, Terrence runs into the opposite ropes, bouncing off to build up his momentum. I’m a little confused as he runs to the right of Jeff, not at the stunned muscleman. When he gets close, Terrence leaps up. I can barely follow as Terrence grabs the ropes to the right of Jeff, swings his legs through the top and middle rope, coming full circle and kicking Jeff right in the face. CRACK! The force of the kick sends Jeff flying back into the center of the ring.

Jeff rolls back and forth, clearly out of it. Terrence steadies himself and saunters over. The naked muscle stud looks confident as he has taken total control of the match. He grabs hold of Jeff’s spiked blond hair and pulls him up to his feet. Terrence forces Jeff into the corner then whips him across the ring. Out of instinct, Jeff counters, spinning them around and sending Terrence towards the corner front first. Jeff follows in ready to slam into Terrence.

Terrence counters Jeff’s counter. Instead of colliding with the corner, he quickly leaps up, planting his feet on the top and middle turnbuckles and vaulting backwards. Jeff can’t help but run face first into Terrence’s thick back. WHAM! Jeff is leveled by the impact, crashing down on his back as Terrence lands on top of his torso. Terrence grabs a leg and brings it up, pinning Jeff by sitting on his chest and holding his leg aloft.

ONE! Terrence reaches back and slaps the mat beside Jeff’s head. TWO! Is this it? No, Jeff manages to lift a shoulder. Terrence drops the leg and stands up. He stomps down on Jeff’s pecs and abs before grabbing hold of the white beefcake’s left wrist and ankle. He drags Jeff closer to the corner. Next thing I know, Terrence is leaping onto the top turnbuckle and flipping off, ready to splash down on top of Jeff’s unmoving carcass. Unmoving until Terrence is airborne, that is.

KABOOM! Terrence slams into the mat, as Jeff quickly rolls to the corner, away from the plummeting naked muscleman. The black stud bounces and rolls to the middle of the ring, holding his stomach and crying out in pain. He took a bad hit, lying face down and trying to will himself to rise. Now it’s Jeff’s turn to try to capitalize.

Jeff pulls himself up and runs forward, diving down onto Terrence with a double axe handle to the back. WHAM! Jeff reaches forward and grabs Terrence’s head, forcing him to his feet. Jeff moves in behind, grabbing his opponent around the waist and lifting up before dropping Terrence down in a side suplex! WHAM! The black muscle hunk hits hard on his shoulders and back, stunning him. Jeff doesn’t let go, instead rolling them over and lifting Terrence up again for another side suplex. WHAM! Again they drop, the impact having an obvious effect as Terrence’s muscled body goes limp.

Jeff rises to his feet and puts his hands on his hips, breathing in deeply.  He summons more strength and tries to work out what to do next. Terrence can’t take advantage of the breather, he’s simply too exhausted and too hurt. Jeff moves to down Terrence. He plants a foot on the black stud’s left ankle then lifts his right leg up. The handsome hunk spreads Terrence’s legs, splitting him and stretching out the groin. Jeff adds pain by twisting Terrence’s right leg, putting pressure on the knee.

Terrence moans as his legs are separated and twisted. Jeff keeps up the pressure, able to look down at the naked stud and see the obvious pain on his face. There isn’t much Terrence can do except suffer as he lies there. Jeff lifts his foot off Terrence’s ankle then drops down, driving his knee into the back of Terrence’s leg. CRASH! He rises then stomps the leg three times before driving his foot down onto Terrence’s abs. He twists his foot for added impact.

Jeff lets go of the leg entirely, leaping up and coming down with his feet on opposite sides of Terrence’s aching abs. He slams his butt down on top of the stomach, punishing the ripped muscle wall. I see the naked muscleman’s head and shoulders rise as he moans in pain from the move. Jeff reaches out and grabs Terrence’s right wrist. He stands up, pulling Terrence up. The handsome black hunk rises to a seated position, his face coming up against Jeff’s pouch in his white boxer briefs. Jeff grabs Terrence’s head and steps back, forcing Terrence to rise to his feet.

As Terrence stands there, unable to fight back, Jeff reaches around his waist and locks his arms. He crushes Terrence in a bearhug, squeezing his tired body. The naked muscleman moans as he hangs limply in Jeff’s arms. Terrence suffers for a long time, but doesn’t submit. Jeff decides to move on. He lifts, turns and plants Terrence flat on the mat with the belly-to-belly suplex. SLAM!

Jeff rises to his knees then fires a series of fists into Terrence’s abs. Next, he moves up until he’s straddling Terrence’s head. He bends over and brings Terrence to a seated position. The white muscleman drops down, driving his knee between Terrence’s shoulder blades as he grabs under his chin and pulls back.

Terrence moans as he’s pulled back into Jeff’s knee, which digs into his back. He cries out and reaches to pry Jeff’s hands apart, but he can’t force them from his chin. Jeff moves his arms, switching to a rear headlock, wedging Terrence’s handsome face against the bulging bicep. Jeff rises up, dragging Terrence to his feet. The naked stud struggles to break free, but Jeff has other ideas. He steps back and kneels, dragging Terrence back down across his leg in a fast, devastating back breaker. CRACK! ARGH! The black wrestler’s back crashes down across Jeff’s thick, steel-hard thigh before bouncing off to land face first on the canvas. Terrence reaches his hands to his back as he writhes on the mat at Jeff’s feet.

Jeff plants his foot in the middle of Terrence’s back. He bends down and grabs hold of the naked stud’s wrists and forces his arms up into a surfboard. Terrence can only moan as his arms are forced forward, his shoulders feeling the pain. He tries to rise, but Jeff’s foot on his back keeps him down. Terrence started strong, but Jeff has really taken control and it’s showing on the handsome black hunk’s face and in his body. His muscles seem smaller as he lies there, being dominated.

Jeff releases the hold, immediately leaping up and coming crashing down with a splash across his opponent’s muscular back. The white muscleman spins and grabs Terrence’s arm. He locks it between his legs and reaches around the bald man’s head. Jeff locks his fingers in front of Terrence’s handsome face and wrenches back, slapping on a hard crossface hold. ARGH! Terrence cries out as he feels the pain of the submission maneuver. Jeff’s muscle pump and tense as he strains to get a submission.

Terrence refuses to give, even after a minute of suffering. Jeff lets go of the hold, choosing to move on. He keeps hold of the arm, bending it up Terrence’s back. My muscular friend kneels on the wrist and pins it against Terrence’s upper back. He fires a series of fists into the shoulder then grabs the arm, forcing it another two inches higher up the rippling back of the black hunk. Jeff looks back, seeing Terrence’s feet kicking up and down as he suffers. With shocking speed, Jeff reaches back and grabs hold of Terrence’s left ankle when it next rises. He pulls it forward, bending the black stud’s amazing body. Pain must be shooting through Terrence’s shoulder and back as he’s locked into a hold akin to a chicken wing/single leg crab combo.

Jeff tells Terrence to give, but he refuses. The hold looks painful, but it’s also unsustainable. Jeff starts to tire as Terrence fights to free himself. Anticipating the inevitable escape, Jeff lets go and stands up, immediately coming down with an elbow to the small of Terrence’s back. The tanned white musclehunk rises to his feet, leaving Terrence on his stomach, moaning in pain. Jeff stretches out then moves to Terrence’s head, grabbing him under the shoulder and chin.

Terrence fires a fist into Jeff’s abs as he’s pulled up by his chin, but the blow bounces off harmlessly. A second later, the naked hunk is lifted up and positioned across Jeff’s sculpted chest. Jeff adjusts Terrence, tossing him up and ensuring he’s got a good grip. The white musclestud drops down, slamming his opponent over his knee. The naked wrestler hangs on Jeff’s leg, limp and helpless from head to toe. Jeff holds Terrence in place before powering him up again, showing off his strength as he elevates the black stud’s body back across his chest.

Jeff pauses for only a second before turning and slamming Terrence down onto his back. WHAM! The bodyslam echoes loudly through the empty arena. Terrence arches his back as he groans at Jeff’s feet. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Jeff kicks down with his bare feet, punishing Terrence’s naked body with a series of rough stomps. When Terrence stops resisting, Jeff bends down to grab him.

The black muscleman looks exhausted, as Jeff has really dominated him for the last ten minutes. I wonder just how much his previous two matches have taken out of him. I know from personal experience that Jeff isn’t one to squander an advantage, so Terrence better have some amazing endurance or he’s done. As I think this, Jeff bends over only for Terrence to swing up and grab behind his head. He pulls Jeff forward, locking the blond musclehunk in a small package pinning maneuver!

ONE! Terrence keeps Jeff rolled up, fighting to prevent him from getting free. TWO! It looks bad, but Jeff manages to break out, just in time. Jeff springs to his feet, while Terrence rolls across the ring, reaching the ropes. He looks so tired, but he pulls himself up to his feet. Jeff charges in, but Terrence ducks down and grabs him around the thighs. He lifts and topples Jeff onto his back. The handsome black stud uses his shoulders to fold Jeff’s legs up and over his shoulders, pinning him once again.

ONE! Terrence spreads his legs wide for better leverage, pressing down hard. This time, though, Jeff squirms free before Terrence can even reach two. Both men rise, but Terrence actually moves faster. He lifts his bare foot into Jeff’s abs, just above the waistband of his boxer briefs. The white wrestler breathes out and bends forward as Terrence leaps up, bringing his calf down across the back of Jeff’s neck. Terrence falls back into the ropes, unable to immediately follow up. Jeff manages to get to hands and knees, but the black stud kicks out, driving his foot right into Jeff’s side. PUNT! Jeff is sent rolling across the ring as Terrence stretches out his back and staggers forward.

Jeff is up to one knee when Terrence grabs his hair and drags him up. Jeff’s face runs right up Terrence’s semi-hard cock and rock hard abs as he’s forced to his feet. Terrence forces Jeff into the corner then drags him out, sending him across the ring into the opposite corner. CLANG! Jeff crashes in hard. Terrence runs in behind him, leaping up and driving both his feet into Jeff’s chest. OOF! The white muscleman sags in the ring as Terrence climbs back to his feet.

The black megastud moves in again, running high on adrenaline. He grabs Jeff and moves him into the middle of the ropes, pushing him back then springing him off and across the ring. Jeff runs over, turning to hit the rope with his side. As Jeff comes off, Terrence connects with a cross body! BWAP! Unfortunately, Jeff has the strength to brace himself. He actually catches the naked muscleman, using the momentum to spin and execute a devastating powerslam! KABOOM! The force is so great that Jeff actually bounces off Terrence’s aching body. The black musclestud groans, arching his hips in the air and reaching for his back.

Jeff sits for a minute then grabs the bald black man’s wrist. He drags Terrence to his feet. Jeff pushes his opponent into the corner, front first. Terrence looks like a ragdoll, his energy drained for the moment. Jeff wastes no time, dropping to on knee and slamming forearms into Terrence’s lower back, just above his spectacular ass. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Terrence arches back as his naked body is tortured. With only the top turnbuckle for support, he starts to fall, his bare butt coming out towards Jeff’s face. The white wrestler slides his arm up between Terrence’s legs and presses up, lifting Terrence into a torture rack! ARGH!

Terrence cries out as he’s put across a man’s shoulders for the second time. I wonder if he can hold out, as he admitted he almost submitted to mine and that was applied with less skill and when he was a lot fresher. Terrence dangles limply on Jeff’s shoulders. I don’t see any resistance at all. Jeff asks him to submit, but Terrence manages to hold out against the pain. I see Jeff’s entire chiseled body tense as he starts to do a series of squats, increasing the pressure on the naked black stud’s muscular body.

Jeff keeps cranking, holding Terrence aloft for a long time, but he can’t get a submission. Despite being helpless and completely limp, the black musclestud’s will remains strong. Finally, Jeff relents, dropping Terrence to the mat. THUD! Terrence lands hard, rolling onto his stomach as he barely moves. I think my friend must be pissed, but he doesn’t let it distract him. Jeff immediately turns back to his opponent. The handsome white hunk steps over Terrence’s ruined body, straddling his waist.

Jeff looks down for a few seconds, summoning his strength, before bending over and grabbing Terrence around the waist. With surprising force, he drags Terrence up to his feet. The white muscleman pulls his opponent in tight to his body, locking in a reverse bearhug. Terrence moans as he’s crushed against Jeff’s rock hard torso. Jeff squeezes hard, shaking Terrence in the hold, his cock swinging as limply as his arms. The handsome black man moans as he’s tortured in the powerful bearhug. Still, he won’t submit.

Both men are sweating, but Terrence can’t even counter the squeeze. All he can do is say, “NO!” to every demand he give in. After a long period of time, Jeff gives up on the hold, but he doesn’t let Terrence drop. Instead, he slides his arms up Terrence’s naked body, spreading his hands as he forces his opponent’s arms up. Moving smoothly, Jeff pushes his hands behind Terrence’s head. He locks them tightly in a Masterlock version of the full nelson.

Jeff crushes Terrence’s muscular shoulders, pinning his head against his chest. Terrence’s naked body is stretched out and while I enjoy the view, I also know the pain he’s feeling. It’s not fun. Jeff commands Terrence to quit or be put out. The proud black wrestler refuses yet again. A furious Jeff starts swinging back-and-forth, whipping Terrence’s powerless carcass around. I see the big black hands go limp as they hang high in the air. Terrence’s legs lose any power remaining, leaving Jeff as his only means of support.

WHAM! Jeff tosses the helpless hunk to the mat. He kneels down and grabs Terrence’s wrist. He lifts it then lets go. THUD! It crashes to the mat. Jeff does it again. THUD! Terrence doesn’t react as Jeff lifts his arm up for a third time. THUD! And it’s over. I roll into the ring and move to Terrence’s naked body, trying to will down my hard on as I kneel naked beside him. I don’t want him to wake and see me horny above him. Not that I can help it, as he got me horny then seeing these two muscle men wrestle for domination was way too hot to resist. I’m only human.

Jeff raises his arms in victory. He looks at me for approval, but I’m shaking my head in disappointment. My best friend knows the look and shrugs like he has no clue why I’m not happy. One thing about being as close as Jeff and I are is being able to say a lot without speaking. He looks at me like he’s saved my ass and I look at him like he’s ruined my evening. I finally tell him that Terrence and I were having fun until egos took over and now here we are. We don’t say another word as Terrence starts to stir. We’re not a happy trio, as Terrence was knocked out, I’m not having sex and Jeff is pouting.

I grab Terrence and help him to the back as Jeff grabs his jeans and heads to the other locker room to shower.

Leaving Baltimore

I tend to Terrence in the locker room, but he seems okay, just sore. I tell him my ass is still his whenever he wants it, but he says a deal is a deal. I growl, wondering why I don’t get a say in any of this and he realizes what I mean.  We had a deal first. Terrence stands up and pulls me close, kissing me. He asks for a re-match at his place sometime, so we won’t be interrupted. I eagerly agree and help him finish getting dressed.

When I come out of the back, Jeff is sitting in the ring, wearing just his jeans and shoes, facing me. His forearms and chin rest on the middle rope and his legs are hanging out the apron. He looks like a sad puppy, so I climb up and sit beside him. We sit there for a minute, not talking.

Jeff breaks the silence. He asks, “Where’s Terrence?”

“Taking a leak. He’s sore. I had to help him tie his shoes. He ended up wrestling three matches today. You really did a number on him at the end.”

“Yeah, I did.” Jeff can’t keep a hint of pride out of his voice.

I sigh, “You really didn’t have to. I was fine. I tried to tell you I was fine.”

Jeff says, “I worry about you. You’ve always been the smart one, but I’m the fighter. Instinct took over when I saw you tied up like that. Then seeing him touch you. And talk about fucking your ass. I wasn’t thinking.”

I put my arm around Jeff’s shoulder, “Dude, I agreed to it. Hell, I was looking forward to it. Getting fucked after a match isn’t the same for me as it is for you.” I lean in close, whispering, “I like it.”

“I know, I know. But, it’s like hearin’ a guy say he’s gonna fuck your mother. You say it to a guy’s face and he’s gonna knock you out.”

I ask sarcastically, “So I’m like your mother?”

Jeff smiles, “Kind of. You take care of me. Make sure my clothes match. I can always count on you. And you still love me even when I do something stupid …”

“So sweet.” I lean in and kiss Jeff on the forehead.

Jeff adds, “Plus, there’s all the nagging you do ...”

I playfully push Jeff. He pushes back, so I tackle him and we start play wrestling. By the time Terrence comes out of the back, Jeff has me in a schoolboy pin. We break it up and come together. Terrence sets down his motorcycle helmet and jacket to shake Jeff’s hand, the two of them agreeing that there are no hard feelings. Jeff pulls on his shirt and surprises me by grabbing Terrence’s biker gear. He suggests I drive Terrence while he rides the motorcycle, given Terrence was put out not too long ago. Makes sense and Jeff knows bikes. We work out logistics and settle on the three of us going back to the hotel for the night, with Terrence sharing my bed.

With everything settled, Terrence and I head to my Corvette, while Jeff hops on Terrence’s motorcycle. We drive off into the night sky, headed for home. What a fucking night.

The End

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