Sunday, March 29, 2015

Route 69 S103: Charlotte NC (Part 2)

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I tell Mike, Get out.

Mike has stripped off his shirt, revealing a massive torso, much, much bigger than when we were together. He has definitely filled out in the past six years. I'd seen pics when I thought he was just a guy I was meeting, but he looks so much bigger and better in person. Instead of leaving, Mike starts peeling down his shorts, revealing more of the blue speedo he's wearing. His ass is amazing, too, but I hold strong. I tell him to pull his shorts back up, grab his shirt and bag then go.

Mike leaves his shorts hanging low, calmly saying, Look, man, when I found out you were coming to my town, I had to meet up with you. I knew you wouldnt want to meet me, but remember how we used to wrestle? Remember how fun it was? I thought maybe we could wrestle and then talk.

I do remember wrestling with Mike, but I cant give in. Get the fuck out. You obviously set me up. I dont know how …”

Ben, it's 2013. Social media. You're bigger and hotter, but it's still you. As Ben, you post and tweet your every move. As NYCRassle88, you change your location at the same time. You tweeted about coming to Charlotte and the matching stud from the personals is suddenly coming to town. It didnt take a genius to put two and two together.


Mike ignores my insult, Im so sorry. For everything. I was a punk back then. Messed up. I treated you like shit. And Im sorry. Ive been sorry for years. I tried to contact you. Many times. Even last year, after your dad …“

Yeah, I saw your donation to the Heart Association. I wasnt interested then and Im not now. Im done with you. Youre just somebody I used to know.

Dude, I was young. It was too much for me. I made a mistake. A lot of mistakes. If you never want to see me again, Ill understand, but I really dont want this on my conscience any more. Please. Be a better man than I was. Lets talk. Or just wrestle. Whatever you want. You can take your anger out on me. Mike pleads.

"Stop begging. A guy who looks like you shouldn't beg."

Mike can't help but smile, sensing I'm weakening. Its still ridiculously charming. I realize I'm being sucked in, so I find my inner anger again. We argue. Or I argue, he remains calm and apologetic. And shirtless. And sexy. At one point, he reaches into his bag and pulls out his high school letterman jacket. He can't even button it any more, he's so big, but it still takes me back to when hed wear it while we fucked.

I remember how wed roleplay sometimes we graduated from rival high schools, so I'd throw on my school singlet, he'd throw on his ... it made the perfect scenario. I want him gone, but I also really want to wrestle him. When Mike keeps talking about how hes changed and wants some closure, I feel my resolve weakening. Ten minutes later, Im agreeing to wrestle him. Fuck, what am I doing?

Ben vs. Mike

As we stand facing each other on the small 6x10 mat formed by the two queen mattresses, Mike flexes, showing me his new body. I just smirk, but inside I'm amazed at how far he's come. His chest is ridiculous, so are his bulging biceps, tight abs and thick legs. I have to admire the show as he flexes his arms and the mighty muscles literally pop out. The muscleman asks me to flex for him, which I do, a little self-consciously. Even though I'm a lot smaller than him, he whistles and tells me how great I look. I thank him, but remind him we're here for wrestling, not body worship.

Mike nods then moves in slowly. We circle and when we get close, Mike reaches out for a lock up. I make a move to grab him, but then quickly duck under his arms. I grab his leg, lift and manage to topple him to his back. I quickly slide on top of his body. Mike was tough when he was 200-lbs, I can only imagine him now. I grab his right arm and easily bend it, elbow pointing up, pinning his wrist by his ear. The big muscleman moans as I crank on the muscular limb.

I keep up the pressure and Mike keeps moaning, but a little too much. He mounts no defense, just lies there, squirming under me, running his big left paw up and down my side. It feels good, our bodies rubbing together, but Im not happy.

I stop the match, rolling off Mike. I kneel as he rolls onto his side, looking at me with doe eyes. I demand, What the fuck?

Mike looks surprised, asking, What?

Youre 240-lbs of muscle, but youre sure as fuck not acting like it.

What? You took me down, whats the big deal?

I point my finger in his face, I want to make one thing really clear. Were wrestling. Loser gets fucked, just like we agreed when you were pretending to be a stranger.

Mike nods, Yeah, of course.

Stop. I dont want you to go easy, to let me take out my frustration or try to seduce me with flexing. If I feel like youre not wrestling or not trying or ... just letting me win ... or trying to manipulate me or any other crap or ... well, whatever. If you're not wrestling 100% then Im done and youre out. I mean it.

Mike looks at me and, even though his body has changed, his facial expressions haven't. I can tell that is exactly what he was doing. He finally nods.

I need to hear it. I need to hear this is a match and not another lie designed to screw with my head. We wrestle honestly. We fuck honestly. You leave. Youve got one more chance. One.

Mike responds, Okay, Ben. Youre right. Its a deal.

Ben vs. Mike: Restart

Mike climbs to his feet and we face off again. We lean forward, hand fighting and waiting for an opening. This time, Mike grabs my wrists and easily powers me against the wall. He holds my arms up over my head then moves in, slamming his body against mine. The hard 240-lbs of muscle crushes me against the wall, driving the wind from my lungs. He suddenly backs up and I'm about to be pissed that he's letting up, but instead, I'm caught off guard by his big knee lifting right into my gut. OOF!

Mike backs up then slams in again, driving his whole body on top of mine again. OOF! I try to move my arms, but hes too strong. When he pulls back to slam into me for a third time, I manage to lift my knee between us. He grunts as his abs push into my knee. I pull my arms down fast, freeing them. However, before I can do anything else, Mike throws his big arm over my head then pulls down, forcing me into a headlock. His huge bicep flexes into my temple as he pulls my head against his side.

I punch his back, but he doesn’t even react. Instead, he flips me down to the mattress. The muscular powerhouse lands on top of me, my head still locked in his arm and my face crushed against his lat. I moan for real as he lies across my chest, cranking on the headlock. I'm amazed by his strength and weight. I've built my body since being a skinny kid in high school, but he's more than made up for all my gains. I’ve only wrestled one guy that’s bigger and that was in a ring in a three-way match where I had more room and some help. I realize Mike’s got a big advantage in this smaller space. Still, wrestling is about more than strength.

My right arm stretches out across his face, pushing against his cheek, forcing his head away. With my other hand I find his ankle on his bent left leg. I pull on it hard, pulling it close to me. Neither of these things get me free, but they keep the musclebeast distracted and slightly off-balance. I can feel the pressure easing a little. With all the speed and strength I have, I push up and to my left with my legs. We roll over, so Mike is off my chest, sitting in front of me. I scramble to my knees, my hands on his tricep and back. I push and punch wherever I can, finally able to pull my head free.

I waste no time. I rise up behind Mike, even as he moves to turn. I grab him from behind in a tight chinlock, keeping my weight above him. Mike grunts and pushes back. I spread my legs wide to keep the pressure on him, but he moves me anyway. I move one leg back against the wall, increasing my leverage and that stops our movement. Mike cant connect with elbows, as Im stretched back to the wall. He tries to pry my arm off, but Im locked in tightly.

All of a sudden, Mike bends his legs under him. In one fluid move, he’s got us rising to our feet. I try to control him, but he pushes back, slamming my back against the wall. WHAM! I’m glad got a suite, so these bangs are against an inside wall and not being heard more broadly. I hold onto the chinlock, but Mike bends down fast, flipping me over his back and down onto my ass. He drops down, driving his knee between my shoulder blades and holds it there. Before I can move, he grabs my biceps, pulling my arms backwards. Mike’s knee digs into my back as my shoulders are stretched back.

I cant pull my arms free, so I push up on my feet, lifting up my hips. My back slides off his knee and up onto his leg. I tear my arms free, surprising Mike, who cant adjust in time. I roll off his leg then land on hands and knees beside him. Mike is still reaction go my escape, allowing me to launch into his side, tackling him to the mattress. I try to mount him, but he throws me off. I roll off the mattress onto the floor. We rise simultaneously, facing off again.

When we move to lock up, I go high, grabbing Mike in a headlock. I try to take him down, but I cant even budge him as he braces against my legs. The muscular stud slams his forearm across my back. OOF! He does it again as he pulls his head back. I fall to one knee, losing the headlock.

I feel Mike closing in behind me, so I turn, sweeping my leg. I catch him by surprise, toppling the mountain of a man down onto his back. I leap to climb on top of him, straddling his waist while I try for an armbar. Mike pushes us over, so hes on top. I struggle under him, trying to shift his weight. He cant get anything going any better than I could, but as my sweat builds, I realize that Im having to fight a lot harder.

Mike tries to pin my arms down, but I pull them free. I buck my hips, attempting to throw him off, but he braces. I fire fists into his abs, but they bounce off. He fires fists down onto my pecs, but I manage to flex them and deflect the blows. When Mike grabs my wrist and leans forward, I manage to spin onto my stomach under him. Seconds later, I'm up to hands and knees, toppling Mike off me.

I grab a leg, but he easily pulls it free. He goes for a scissors, but I pin his left leg down with my knee. We start hand fighting, each trying different moves to lock on a submission hold or land a solid punch. From this top position, I manage to connect with his abs multiple times, but other than a red mark, you'd never know it. Mike manages to free his leg from under mine, but I'm able to climb forward to straddle his waist before he can trap me between his tree trunks.

We keep going back-and-forth until Mike throws me off again. We pause for a minute, both of us tired and needing to capture our breath.

Mike says, "Nice counters. You're still tough."

I accept the compliment, "Thanks. You too."

We rise to our feet and face off yet again. Im still breathing hard, as that last bit of action was tiring. Im glad to see Mikes a little winded, too. When he closes the gap, I dart down, grabbing his right leg for a takedown. I lift up, but the musclebeast manages to slam his forearm down hard across my back. WHAM! WHAM! After a second one, I drop to a knee, arching my back.

Mike turns, reaches around and locks on a headlock, trapping me. I fire a fist into his back, but it just bounces off. The big stud flips me over again. Once again, my head is painfully squeezed between his bicep and lat. The muscles are like iron. I try to bridge, but this time, Mike is ready. He grabs my leg behind the knee and pulls it over his body. He rolls us up, folding me in half while putting his weight on my neck.

GIVE! GIVE! I furiously tap and submit as my neck is painfully bent and crushed.

Mike releases the hold and rolls off me, sitting beside me as I rub my neck. Im breathing slowly, looking up at his broad shoulders and thick arms. He really is a muscular beast now. Mike gets up to grab a towel and a bottle of water. He hands both to me then grabs one of each for himself.

Mike says, Phew, good round. Keep going?

Oh yeah, I respond immediately. Mike may be big and strong, but I'm sure as hell not giving in this easily.

Score: Mike 1, Ben 0

We get to our feet and face off again. A second later, we're locked up, each with a hold on the others arms. Once again, Mike powers me into the wall. SLAM! I expected this, realizing how strong he is, so I'm ready. I slide my foot behind his ankle and thrust forward. Mike trips back, falling the mattress with me on top of him. OOF!

With Mike momentarily winded, I manage to force his right arm up, bending his wrist beside his ear. This time, he resists and I feel the difference from the early fall where he was letting me win. I slam my right forearm across his face and rest it on his cheek, forcing his face to the side. Mike grunts and tries to roll us, but I spread my legs wide as I straddle him. I hold his wrist tight with my right hand as I continue to push down on his face. I pound into his tricep, armpit and beefy pec, firing three shots into each before Mike gets his first shot to my side with his free arm.

Mike hits a second shot into my side and it's so hard that it almost knocks me off him. In retaliation, I yank on his wrist, sending a wave of pain through him, but it doesn't stop him from pounding another fist into my side. ARGH! This time, Mike uses his legs to bridge and throw me off him. I keep my grip on his wrist, but I lose any force behind my hold.

We roll over and he mounts me. Mike slides his legs into mine and locks on a grapevine. It's one of my favorite holds to use, but Mike is the one who taught it to me. He spreads me wide as he leans in and smothers me. The muscleman shoves his right arm under my head as he uses his left to push my arm against my head. He clamps his right hand on his left bicep, pinning my right arm against my head. I’m wrapped up. Fuck! With only one free hand, there isn't a lot I can do. I try to push against his head, but I can't budge him. I try slamming on his back and side, but his muscles are so hard. And my legs are useless, trapped in the ever-widening grapevine.

I'm stuck and Mike knows it. He squeezes hard and widens the grapevine even more. His 240-lbs of muscle bears down on top of me as my arm and head are crushed in his vice-like grip. With sudden force, Mike blasts my legs open wider and constricts his arms tighter at the same time. ARGH!

I'm tapping for the second time, "GIVE!"

Mike lets go immediately and rolls off me. Damn.

Mike confirms I want to go again. I know I'm in trouble, but I'm going to keep fighting. I do feel a lot better about wrestling him, despite losing two falls. Mike is staying mostly silent and he is smoking hot. It's funny, because of how different he looks and the intensity of the action, I actually forget who he is and that we have a past while we're wrestling.

Mike is stretching out, waiting for me to get myself together. After a short break, we're back at it.

Score: Mike 2, Ben 0

Mike and I face off again. He goes for a lock up, but I'm done with that. I drive forward hard and fast, taking him by surprise. This time, it's Mike who's slammed into the wall. WHAM! As his back hits, I'm already lifting my knee into his gut. OOF! The muscle beast bends over and I grab him around the waist. It's not easy, but I manage to flip him over, slamming him onto the mattress. I drop down with my shins pinning his shoulders, facing down his amazing body.

Mike lifts his shoulder as he squirms to push me off, but that's perfect for me. I slide my leg under his arm, forcing my calf under his shoulder and neck. I wrap my ankle over my other calf and suddenly, I've got Mike's right arm and head trapped in a variation of a figure-four headlock, my ass smothering his nose and mouth.

I squeeze my legs as I hammer his chiseled torso with fists, working the muscles hard. Mike moans into my ass as he tries to use his legs to throw me. I keep my position, even as he brings his left fist up into my body. I grab his left wrist and pin it to his chest with my left hand. I keep pounding his muscles with my right hand.

Mike's grunts grow louder as I break him down. I squeeze on his head and arm with my legs and the muscleman's cries rise an octave. I feel pretty good, but Mike manages to push up with his legs, toppling us over onto our stomachs. He breaks his right arm free, but I close my legs around his head. We're both facing down, his nose and mouth still pressed against my ass.

I squeeze harder as Mike tries to break free. I push my knees down against his back, keeping his chest on the mattress. I know I'm in a good position, so I push up with my arms, arching my back and bending Mike's head back as I squeeze in the scissors.

Suddenly, Mike is tapping my hip and yelling, "GIVE!"

I undo my legs and slide forward. When I turn, Mike is rubbing his neck. He rises to his knees and I see his face is bright red. The big man is rolling his neck as he shakes out his head. He looks genuinely sore.

Mike says, Fuck, that sucked. I never gave to a fucking head scissors before.

I ask, Really?

Mike holds up his hands, Dont get the wrong idea. I really did submit. Maybe too soon, maybe I panicked a little. I was just surprised and my neck was bent in the wrong position.

I nod, because I actually believe him. His reaction seems genuine and you can't fake the color of that face. Needless to say, we both want to go again.

Score: Mike 2, Ben 1

Mike is rolling his shoulders and looking pissed after giving so fast to a head scissors. I'm sure I won't get that lucky again. When we face off, Mike wastes no time, immediately charging into me. I try to brace against him, but his 240-lbs of muscle barrels into me way too fast. Mike wraps his arms around me, pinning my arms against my body. He lifts and flips, slamming me down to the mattress. WHAM! Pillow tops these are not. Or maybe they're just not designed for 445-lbs of muscle to crash down. Either way, I feel the floor as Mike lands on top of me. OOF!

Mike grabs my head and drags me to a seated position. He drives forward, clotheslining me across the chest to the mattress. UGH! The big man pulls me up by my hair then clotheslines me down again. UNF! Mike pushes me onto my stomach then peppers my back with fists. POW! POW! POW! I lie there and take it, trying to recover from the fast-paced mauling. Only seconds into this round and Mike has been unrelenting with the punishment.

I'm crying out with every fist. When it stops, I can barely register it before Mike has his hand inside the back of the waistband of my trunks. He hoists my hips up then grabs me around the waist. The mighty muscleman pulls me into a reverse bearhug, seriously crushing my midsection. Whatever I wondered about the last fall, Mike is clearly not holding anything back now. He shakes me from side to side as he manhandles me. The big stud leans back, lifting my feet off the mattress as he squeezes.

Mike asks me, "Give?"


With my defiant refusal, Mike amps up the pressure even more. He really is the strongest man I've ever wrestled. All I can do is cry out as I hang in his vice-like grip. I feel like puking as his hands dig deeper and deeper into my abs. The musclebeast asks me to submit again, but I refuse. The sweat builds between my back and his torso as I'm pulled in tighter and tighter. UNH! Mike releases the hold and I drop to my hands and knees.

I try to summon my reserves as Mike circles around to my head. I reach out and grab his ankle, pulling on it to trip him. He doesn't even move. The muscleman grabs my hair again, forcing me to my feet. He slugs me in the gut on the way up, before reaching between my legs and lifting me across his chest.

I'm in the air before I know it and I'm down across his leg just as fast. CRACK! He lamps me over his leg in a backbreaker that makes me go completely limp. I hang there, my spine bent the wrong way as he holds my throat in one hand and slams fists into my gut with the other.


"UNH! No!"

"Okay ..."

Mike pushes me off his knee. I roll onto my back, weak and unmoving. Mike moves in slowly. He straddles my waist and towers over me. I look up at him and he gives a flex, showing off his biceps. His speedo is tented from dominating me completely. I try to rise, so Mike helps me by grabbing my wrist. I'm forced up fast, my torso slamming into his body. It feels like a concrete slab. OOF!

Mike wraps his arms around me, pulling me in tight. ARGH! I thought his reverse bearhug was bad, this traditional one is worse. I slam my forearm across his head, but he shrugs it off. When I lift my arm to try again, Mike squeezes even harder. ARGH! The sudden force causes my arms to drop limp. All I can do is I moan and suffer as he crushes me against his muscles.


I can barely breathe and my back aches. When I don't immediately answer, Mike knows he has me. The muscleman tightens his grip again then asks me again, "Give?"

"UNH! Okay ... give!" I reply meekly.

Mike drops me to the mattress. I rest there on my stomach. It takes a couple of minutes before I can get to hands and knees, my head hanging as I recover. He asks if I'm done, but I assure him I'm fine. After a couple more minutes, I'm ready to go again.

Score: Mike 3, Ben 1

Mike makes the mistake of repeating his success. He charges in again, trying to bull me into the wall. This time, I grab him around the shoulders and spin us around. We tumble to the mattress, with Mike slamming into the wall with his right shoulder. OOF! If I don't end up paying for a new wall in this hotel room, it will be a miracle. The muscleman moves from the wall, resting on his knees with his right shoulder drooping down.

I grab his left arm and twist it, forcing it up his back in a chicken wing. Mike bends forward, his head touching the mattress as he grunts in pain. I pull him towards me then push with all my weight into the wall again. SLAM! The musclebeast's right shoulder slams in again. Keeping my armlock tight, I roll up and straddle his waist. I jump up then slam my tailbone into the small of his back. ARGH!

Mike collapses onto the mattress face down, giving me the opening to grab his right arm, too. I pull his arms straight then force them up so his hands are aiming at the ceiling. He moans as I lean into the hold, working his huge shoulders and hopefully weakening them. I hear his feet kicking the mattress in frustration, so I know it's working.

I keep pushing forward. Mike is fighting, but losing as his hands move past perpendicular. I ask him to submit, but he refuses. I can't push his arms any farther, so I decide to give up the hold. I release his wrists then move under his arms, slapping one full nelson. ARGH! Mike grunts as I lock my fingers behind his head. I lie on top of the muscleman's body, regretting my choice. Not regretting lying on Mike's amazing body, but regretting the choice of full nelson. His shoulders are so broad and his arms too strong. I feel him powering out, tearing my fingers apart. UNGH!

We struggle for control, but I lose. Mike breaks my hold and immediately pushes up, toppling me off him. I scramble up to mount him, but the big stud is too quick. He slams his elbow into my gut then grabs my head and flips me over his back. My feet fly over my head and I land on my back. Mike dives into me, driving his forearms into my gut. OOF! He bounces all the way to my feet as I lie there coughing.

Instead of following up, Mike pauses to rest. He rises to his feet, looking down at me. I notice that the big man is really sweating. By the time he moves in, I'm recovered enough to kick my leg up, driving it into his abs. WHOMP! Mike stumbles back, completely winded. I get a burst of adrenaline, rising up to a crouch. As Mike stands up, I dive in, slamming my shoulder into his gut. OOF! I drive Mike all the way back into the wall. WHACK!

Mike falls over my shoulder and I flip him over onto his back. He bounces to a seated position. Before he can turn, I spin around and fire forearms across his broad back. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! He arches back, giving me the perfect opening to reach over his head, in front of his face and grab him around the throat. I push my knee under his back as I pull down on his head. Mike cries out as I lock him into a tight dragon sleeper.

With the dragon sleeper in place, I crank back harder. The muscleman's hips rise as I wrench him over my knee. The effect is like a backbreaker, distracting him from my tight headlock that is wearing him down. Mike tries to roll off my knee, but I manage to fight against his weight. All he ends up doing is digging my knee harder into his back. His thick arms reach back to grab my bicep, but he has no shot at breaking free.

I keep Mike bent back and locked up for a long time, but just as I'm starting to tire, he taps my arm and exclaims, "GIVE!"

I release the hold, letting fall to the mattress. I look my body over and I realize just how pumped I am. My adrenaline is flying as I tighten up the score. Mike rubs his neck then wipes down his sweaty body and guzzles some water. He doesn't bother asking if we're going again and neither do I.

Score: Mike 3, Ben 2

This time, we're both a little cautious. I bet the score is closer than Mike expected and I feel like the momentum is on my side. Mike was a little slower that round and I feel like I did some real damage to those big muscles of his. They still look amazing, though.

As we circle, I get a crazy idea into my head. When we hit the wide part of the mattresses, I keep my distance, stepping all the way back onto the floor. As I expect, Mike follows me, approaching close. When I feel like there's enough space behind him, I bend my knees and spring into the air. Mike's caught completely off guard as I launch myself into a standing dropkick. My feet slam into his unflexed abs, propelling him backwards onto the mattresses. WHAP! OOF! He lands flat on his back, bouncing into the air.

I scramble back up to a crouch as the big musclestud starts to sit up. Mike grunts as I dive forward, between his legs, coming down with an elbow to his abs. UNGH! Mike lets out a lot of air as I grab a leg and roll him over onto his stomach. Fuck, he's heavy, buti manage it. I spin into position, sitting on his back and pulling on the single leg crab. I yank backwards, listening to Miles's increasingly high-pitched grunts of pain. UNH! UNH! AHH!

Mike suffers in the hold, obviously trying to re-group from my fast start. I look down at his ginormous bulge ... Mike's oversized nuts are sitting there, begging for a claw or punch. I move one hand down, rubbing it over his bulge, just feeling it. I suddenly remember sucking on these, each one a mouthful.

Mike moans loudly, obviously enjoying my touch, but then he warns, "Don't do it, man. UNH! I will get out of this."

I smile as Mike obviously guessed that my tender touch was just a precursor to a less friendly assault on his pouch. I rub my hand gently, but don't take the next step. Mike's right ... I don't think I want to start something and have him finish it. The good thing, all this ball massage has kept Mike from fighting back as I've kept him locked in the crab, weakening his body.

Mike tries to power out, but I'm actually able to hold him down. I hear him breathing, sucking in air as he preps for another escape attempt. I ask him to give, but he refuses. I brace for him to push up with his hands while kicking back, the usual counter, but he surprises me. Mike twists, toppling me sideways. I lose the hold, as I fall over, but Mike lets out a cry and reaches for his right knee. The move may have pulled something in his leg.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I grab for the leg, but he drives his left foot into my chest, sending me flat on my back. Mike pulls himself away from me then spins on my huge ass to face me from a kneeling position. I'm already up to a crouch. We both take a second to assess the situation. I watch Mike's red, sweaty torso expand and contract as he breathes. So hot, but also tired.

We move in closer, facing off from a kneeling position. Our arms lock up and we struggle for dominance. Mike may not be as strong, but 240-lbs of muscle is still hard to move. It's not exactly like I'm fresh, either. I'm feeling the fatigue, too. As we fight, I think of a plan. When I feel the right moment, instead of fighting Mike's charge, I let the muscleman move in.

As I expect, Mike moves for a headlock, aiming his right arm over my shoulder. At the last second, I duck under then slam a fist into his gut. OOF! My fist sinks deep, bending Mike forward as I come up behind him. The musclebeast grunts as I push him down face first into the mattress. I lean across his back as I force his right arm between my legs, locking it in. Once that's done, I wrap my hands around his face and wrench up and back. ARGH!

Mike cries out immediately in my crossface hold. Pain shoots though his neck and shoulder as I crank on the pressure. The big man desperately claws at my grip with his free hand. Mike is crying out and I'm pulling back hard. I previously punished the right shoulder and he gave to a neck hold earlier, so I'm feeling pretty good.

Mike stops prying at my locked hands, instead tapping against them as he cries out, "GIVE!"

I let him go, but stay leaning across his back, sucking in air. He rubs his neck as we lie there, recovering. I silently thank Jeff for teaching me that move, as I've actually tied the score. I'm feeling good. Under me, Mike looks tired and I wonder if this extra bulk has hurt his stamina. Eventually, I roll off him to grab our water and fresh hand towels.

We drink our water and towel down in silence, but instead of sitting on opposite corners of the mattress, Mike has rolled over to sit right behind me, his big feet on either side of my legs. I think about rubbing one of those hairy, beautiful limbs when the big guy starts rubbing his towel along my spine, saying I missed a spot. It feels good. Normally, I would react playfully, but something holds me back.

Instead, I just say, "Thanks."

We sit there for another few minutes then move to get ready for the next round.

Score: Ben 3, Mike 3

Mike is breathing slowly, his chest heaving as we circle again. I bend over and extend my hands, a move Mike matches. We feel each other out then I suddenly grab his wrist. I pull him forward into a headlock. UNH! I crank it hard, really flexing my bicep into his head. When I move to flip Mike to the mat, he braces and I can't move his weight.

Mike grabs me around the waist and lifts, dropping me with a side suplex. He lands beside me, quickly rolling on top of me. I struggle to push his off, bucking my hips and using my arms to shift his bulk, but he manages to grab my wrists and pin me. We stare at each other as we lie there, resting for a moment, obviously trying to work out our next move.

Mike moves first. The big man keeps my wrists pinned then launches his knees up. H comes down with one knee into my abs. OOF! Mike moves his knee down, planting his shin on my lower abs, just above my bulge. The musclebeast forces my wrists together over my head and wraps them up in one of his giant paws. With his free hand, he pounds my abs, his shin keeping me from bucking up. WHAL! WHAP! WHAP! I grunt and groan under him as he pounds the cramp out of my midsection.

I finally pull my hands free from his grip. I fire the. Up, pushing on his chest to topple him off me. I roll onto my hands and knees, gasping for breath. Before I know it, Mike is standing beside me. He grabs under my shoulder and between my legs. The big man powers me up to waist level then drops me over his right leg in a gutbuster. FUCK! I cry out as I hang limply on his leg.

Mike bounces his knee a few times, really adding to my pain. He grabs me by the hair and pulls my head up. He slides his left arm around my chin then powers me up and back, flipping me 180-degrees, slamming me onto the mattress. I fly onto my back, dazed and dizzy, giving Mike an opening to pound my abs some more. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

The big muscleman rises up and measures me for an elbow, but I have enough gas to lash out. I grab his right leg and bring my arm in behind his knee. The leg collapses and Mike falls down with a cry. AGH! I follow up with a forearm to his back before Mike can move away. I deliver another then dive up and lock on a rear naked choke. Kind of a stupid choice, I realize. I hesitate as I don't want to put Mike out, which gives him enough time to throw me off. We both get to our knees, but I'm faster. I dive into him with a shoulder block, sending him back to the mattress. I bounce off his muscled body, landing by his feet.

Mike lies on his back as I rise up with a hold of his right ankle. I lift his leg and step over it, wedging his right foot against my left thigh. He tries to use his left foot to kick me off, but he's too slow. All his kick does is give me an easy opportunity to grab that leg. With both his legs wrapped in mine, I force his left ankle over his right knee and fall back onto my ass. He sits up, hands open, saying "no, no, no" as he realizes what I'm about to do. I ignore his pleas and lift my left leg over his left ankle. AAARRRGGGGHHHH!

I cinch in the figure four and Mike goes crazy, writhing on the mat, moaning and groaning as the pain shoots through his knee. I order him to submit, but he manages to hold on. I sit up and watch him, suffering in pain as I keep the hold cinched in. Mike can only flop around and slap the mattress in frustration. His heaving chest rises and falls as he struggles to endure.

I keep telling his to submit, but his pride won't let him. There's not much I can do, but wait for the inevitable. The muscleman, though, has other plans. He settles down then bursts to his left. Before I know, we're rolling. Mike uses his muscle to force us over, rolling us onto our stomachs. Contrary to what you see in pro, this doesn't reverse the hold, but it does ease the pressure on his knees. I unwrap our legs and crawl away, turning around to look at Mike's sweaty sculpted body lying face down on the mattress.

While the big man successfully escaped, he can't move immediately, giving me a great opening to close this fall out. I grab Mike's ankles and bend his heels up to his ass. I wedge his feet against my thigh the slam my fists into his back. Mike cries out and reaches back. I grab his wrists and pull his head and torso up. He moans loudly, but he won't submit. I keep the hold up, but I realize I need to take it to the next level.

I release his wrists then lean back. I stand up and plant my foot between his legs, my toes sliding under his big bulge. I wrap Mike's legs in front of my shin, wedging his ankles in tightly. Mike cries out as the Indian Deathlock is secured, pain shooting through his knee immediately.he reaches back, struggling in futility to free himself. I've got it too perfect as I watch his torso flopping on the mattress, his desperation growing. I tell him to just give, I don't want to hurt him (surprisingly, I really don't), but Mike's stubborn.

I decide to help his decision making process. I drop to one knee and wait for an opening. When his hands move back, I lunge for the wrists. He groans as my lean amped up the pain in his knee. I grab his wrists tightly and lean back. Again, I pull Mike's head off the mattress then his chest rises, too. He groans as I pull him back, adding to the excruciating pain of the leg hold. This time, it's only a few seconds later, when Mike has to acknowledge the reality of the situation.


I let Mike's torso down then unwrap his legs. He's moaning softly as I fall back to a seated position. I look up his amazing body, my eyes settling on his ass. It could be mine, as I'm suddenly up by a fall.

Mike just lies on the mattress, face down. He doesn't move for a minute, other than stretching out his legs and rolling his shoulder. I wait, drinking water and stretching out. He looks really tired and sweaty. Now I know that he's packed on too much bulk. I'm exhausted moving it, but he has nowhere near the endurance he used to have. Mike used to be the energizer bunny, but he looks really done.

I lay his towel and bottle of water beside his face, asking if he wants to keep going. There's a long pause. I ask again. Mike finally says he wants another round, but I wonder. We've been going for a long time. Still, yes means yes, so we're going again.

Score: Ben 4, Mike 3

I have to wait for Mike to rise to his feet. He's moving slowly and stretching out. I try not to get too confident, as I know that one mistake against him could tie the match. He's still 240-lbs of muscle, which I need to move. Hell, if he just falls on me, I could be in trouble.

We circle slowly. I notice a hitch in Mike's step. His right leg must be bothering him from the last fall. When we get to the narrow part of the mattresses, I dive down, got right after the leg. My eyes must have given me away, because Mike is ready. As soon as I go down, his left knee is firing up. It slams into my right shoulder hard. WHACK! I fall to my left, landing on one knee.

Mike is on top of me fast. He grabs my right arm and twists it around my back. He forces it up high, which drags me to my feet. Mikey's left arm comes over my left shoulder and around my neck. Using his weight, he forces me forward. I'm sandwiched between his muscles and the wall, struggling to keep my arm from going any higher up my back.

I reach for him, but he's standing behind me, so I can only slam my elbow into his left side. Mike takes his hand from my neck, no longer needing it to control me, thanks to the wall. He steps back, pushing on my right wrist to keep me pinned. I try kicking back, but he's out of range. Next thing I feel is a series of fists into my back, pummeling my tired muscles. POW! POW! POW!

I sag on the wall as he takes it to me. My right shoulder aches and my back is tightening as he tenderizes me. I brace my thighs and left hand against the wall. Using whatever remaining strength I have, I push back, throwing myself backwards. Mike is caught off guard, his one arm unable to hold my entire body. When I'm a step from the wall, I kick my feet up and push off. We fly back across the room. Mike loses hold of my arm completely, more concerned about crashing down onto the carpet as he stumbles off the mattress. He slams into the opposite wall hard on his back, as I fall butt first onto the floor.

Both of us are winded, but I manage to spin on my butt and rise on one knee to face him.mike is already coming at me, grabbing for my head. He slaps on a front facelock. I wrap my arms around his waist and lift. It's not much, but I also turn to his right. We spin around and he lands on the mattress on his back. He loses the headlock and I bounce back between his spreadeagle legs.

Perfectly positioned, I quickly grab Mike's right leg. He kicks, trying to pull free, but I hold on, pulling his foot up to my chest and wrapping my legs around it. I lift up on his ankle as my scissors holds his thigh down. Mike cries out as I hyperextend his knee. When I start to twist it in the leglock, putting pressure on his knee, the big man goes really crazy. Mike moans loudly as he writhes on the mat, in obvious pain. His muscle body rolls as he desperately tries to turn us, but I hold firm. He tries grabbing my feet, but he can't move them. He kicks at my body, but I resist.

Mike's muscular chest rises as he tries to sit up, but he falls back every time. I listen to him cursing and grunting in pain. His cries only get my adrenaline running faster, giving me the strength to push and twist even harder.

"GIVE!" Mike finally shouts.

I release the hold and roll away from Mike, who immediately curls up and clutches his knee. It's amazing to see the big muscleman whimpering in pain. I feel a rush, knowing I did that, before I feel compassion. I check on him, making sure he's okay. He mutters that he's fine. I grab my towel and wipe down, giving him his space. It's never easy, especially under these circumstances, for a powerhouse like Mike to be dominated by a smaller wrestler.

I'm pretty sure he's done. This fall makes the score 5:3 in my favor. In order to help him make the right call, I dont let it show that I'm tired, too. I bounce up to my feet and hop back-and-forth, shaking out my shoulders and looking down at Mike. I try to look like Ive got all the energy in the world.

When he rolls on his back, I ask, Go again?

Mike looks at me, thinking long and hard. I assume hes doing the math. I remind him that hes down two falls. He nods. Mike sees me, pumped and energetic, while his body is drenched in sweat, his face is bright red and his chest and stomach are heaving with every breath. After the last two falls, I know his legs and neck can't be feeling too great either.

I bounce my pecs as I ask him again, What do you say, big man? Go again?

Mike lies there, stretching out his leg. He finally shakes his head, No. Not down two. One more doesnt mean crap and I dont think I can go another two rounds, much less win em. Fuck. You win, dude. You wore me down and you win.

I toss him a towel and another bottle of water with a smile. With the match over, I allow myself to fall back into the chair, chugging water as I think about what to do next.

Final Score: Ben 5, Mike 3

Ben's Prize

I'm breathing hard and ready to collapse. Moving 240-lbs around a mattress is tiring work. I watch as Mike reaches for his leg. He starts stretching it out, making sure everything's okay. It is and, surprisingly, I'm glad. As he lies on his back, bringing his leg up, testing it out, I'm given a perfect view of his ass, balls and cock in the tight blue speedo. I move back to the mattress, but at a distance.

Mike brings his leg down and lies with his leg spread. I stay seated and this goes on for a while. It seems like neither of us want to start the dialogue, so he finally props himself up on his elbows and just looks at me, eyebrows raised. I shift my gaze to his cock, which is huge in his trunks, as it stretches out across his hip. The fabric is tented into an amazingly seductive bulge. I still don't say anything, I just stare. Mike wisely stays silent, showing that even now, he understands me. Finally, I tell him to take the speedo off and get over to me.

Lying there, Mike reaches his thumbs inside the waistband of his trunks and works them off his spectacular body. He lifts his legs straight up into the air and exposes his magnificent ass, working the spandex off his feet and casually tossing them aside. Mike rolls to hands and knees and crawls to me. He slides his head between my legs and under my forearms which form a bridge from knee to knee.

Mike kisses my chest, his beard tickling my nipples. I reach out and rub his amazing broad back and run my fingers through his hair. When he starts sucking my right nipple, my arms fall to the side and I look at the ceiling, moaning with joy. He carefully kisses and licks my torso until I push him off me. He rises to kneeling. I look him up and down then I bring my foot up to his chest and push his naked body back onto the mattress. He lies there, passively awaiting me to make the next move,

I grab a condom and move between his legs. I see him bite his bottom lip and it's adorable. I don't want him to be adorable, so I grab his leg and flip him over onto hopis stomach. His broad back and mountainous ass look amazing. I pull down trunks just to my thighs and start jerking my cock. I finger his hole as I do it, listening to him moan encouragement.

Looking over Mike's body, it doesn't take long for me to get hard. I roll the condom on and lean forward. I force my way between his muscular cheeks and against his hole. As winner, this ass is mine, but obviously the circumstances are still somewhat bizarre. Mike just lies there as I slide into him. He can't help but moan, but otherwise, he's not talking or moving.

I ride the giant musclebeast, fucking him hard. I pound his ass with fury, as the term revenge fuck takes on a new meaning for me. Just as I was during the match, my adrenaline has me moving faster and slamming harder than I normally do. All my anger and frustration come flying out of me in a ridiculously powerful, body-shaking, earth-moving orgasm that has me gasping for air.

I shoot and shoot, filling the latex pouch with my seed as I cum until I'm soft. When I'm done, I slide out, stripping and tossing the condom. I pull the front of my trunks back up and move from his massively muscled body. I collapse into the chair drained physically and emotionally.

Gaining Closure

While I regain my strength, Mike lies on the mattress, staring out the window. Still buck naked, his ass rises majestically.

I want it again. Fuck, I'm only human. Interestingly, I realize that I'm not feeling any deep emotion for or against him. He's just another wrestler that I want to fuck. Huh. I just want to fuck him. I don't want to be with him and I don't want to throw him out into the hallway.

Mike looks at me with raised eyebrows, probably hoping I'll say something. I just stare back. As he studies my face, he smiles devilishly, like he can read my mind. He rolls over beside me then sits up. He reaches for my trunks, stripping them down my hips and off my legs. I don't resist, shifting to make it easier for him. The big man leans in and engulfs my cock. Suddenly, it's painfully hard in his mouth and begging for more action.

Mike's bobbing head works me perfectly and I'm moaning at the feel of his mouth as he kneels there, servicing me. He slides my legs over his shoulders and grabs behind my back. With his huge arms, Mike pulls me forward and up so I'm sitting on his shoulders. I grab a tight grip around his head as he holds me up. Mike carries me until I'm leaning against the wall, my legs dangling down his back. He starts sucking my cock like only he can. It's like he remembers what I like, even now. As I balance there, supported by his powerful shoulders and arms, I can't help but lose myself. Even though I just came, I have to beg him to stop to avoid premature ejaculation.

Mike turns then gently drops me on my back onto the mattress. He straddles my waist, his massive cock running up the crevice between my abs. I just watch as he moves to a crouching position. The muscle beast fishes for my cock, which powers back up the second his large hand grabs it. Mike slides another condom on my cock. With my manhood sheathed in its tight latex prison, he carefully positions the tip at his asshole then lowers his ass, driving the tip of my shaft up into him. It feels so good.

Mike grabs my pecs in his large paws, using them for balance as he moves his ass up and down. I watch his handsome face as he rides my dick, his ass taking it all the way. I can see the ecstasy on his face, which only makes me get hotter. His mighty pecs flex and tense, his arms bulge. I feel and hear his dick and nuts slapping against my abs every tie he comes down. It doesn't take long before I'm crying out that I'm about to shoot. The muscleman keeps moving as my entire body convulses, filling the condom with my second load of the night.

When I'm done, my cock slips out of his ass. The big behemoth moves to slide off me, but I stop him. Instead, I grab his steel rod and squeeze it. Mike straddles me, letting me pump his cock. He throws his head back as I jerk it, obviously enjoying it. I pull him forward, bringing his dick to my mouth. He looks down with excitement as I engulf his cock. He leans forward, getting into position to face fuck me. I savor the taste of his manhood as he thrusts his hips back-and-forth. He's even bigger and better than I remember.

Mike grabs behind my head, pulling me up to a kneeling position where I can better handle his cock. As he stands over me, he gently rubs my head as I suck him off. I caress his powerful legs as my nose slams into his trimmed pubes while I deep throat his huge organ. Mike moans as I move to the purple head, tonguing and twisting, remembering how I did it when we were together.

I slurp at his dick until he warns me he's getting close then I push off him. I rise and turn to the wall, bracing my hands against the green wallpaper and spreading my legs. Mike moves behind me, running his hands from my ass, up my torso and over my arms. He leans close to my ear, asking me if I'm sure. I tell him to fuck me. He grabs another condom and in seconds, he fills me with his huge dick. I groan as he invades my ass with one of the biggest dicks I've ever had inside me.

Mike takes it slow, just like I remember. He kisses the back of my neck as he penetrates me, sliding in and out carefully. He picks up speed once he knows I'm comfortable and I moan with pleasure. Fuck, this feels so good. Mike is as good as I remember ... his stamina remains strong and his instincts are amazing. He kisses and caresses me, moving around my body perfectly as he takes my ass. When he grabs my hips tight, I know he's getting serious. I struggle to brace myself as he starts pounding my hole fast and hard.

Finally, Mike lets out a series of primal grunts as he gets ready to shoot. I encourage him and that sends him over the edge. I feel his 240-lbs of muscle shaking against me as he unleashes his load. He doesn't stop, just continuing to fuck me for what seems like hours. At last, Mike steps back then collapses onto his back on the mattress. He looks up at me as I turn with a huge smile.

I join him on the mattress, lying face down beside him, my arms folded under my head, my face turned towards him. He looks me in the eye and we exchange a smile. Mike peels off the condom then rolls on top of me, crushing me under his bulk. He checks to make sure I'm okay, but I tell him that his weight feels great on top of me. Mike idly runs his hands up and down my side and kisses my neck. We stay like this for a long while, just lying there.

Finally, Mike rolls off me, onto his back beside me. We don't say anything for awhile, but then start talking. Mainly small talk about what we're doing in our lives these days. He's in pharmaceutical sales. He likes Charlotte, because it's small and slower paced. We get serious and talk about our dreams and hopes. He asks how (not what) I'm doing and provides an understanding, non-judgmental ear. I realize it's 11pm and I have a meeting in the morning. Mike gets up and helps me put my room back together before getting dressed. As he leaves, he thanks me and asks if it's okay if he keeps in touch. I say sure and send him on his way.

When I collapse in bed, I grab my phone and shoot a text to Jeff, letting him know everything's good. He responds immediately, asking about the guy. I never lie or hide anything from Jeff, so I text that the guy turned out to be Mike. Mike? Mike. Mike who? THE Mike. Who THE Mike? U know. I do? Think. Oh no. Oh yes. Hell no. Hell yes. The texts stop and my tablet buzzes on the nightstand. It's Jeff calling me on FaceTime.

I answer and explain it all. I have to stop Jeff from trying to rent or borrow a car and driving six hours down here to beat the shit out of Mike (or me if I'm even think of getting back with him). I move the camera around to reassure him Mike's not staying the night. I tell Jeff that I'm not hung up on Mike or starting anything again. He finally believes me. When I finally hang up an hour later, it's past midnight, I'm exhausted and ready for a good night's sleep.

I sleep really well and everything looks great for the charity CLAW show, which means I'll be back in Charlotte again. As I cruise up I-85, I try to decide what exactly I should do about that.

The End


  1. Oh my God whos that hot stud that lost the match? He got winded from wrestling that other guy? What a jobber! Good that he lost. He needed a good ass whooping for being a jerk!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      The model used for Mike is Alex Pirolozzi. This is one case where the pics drove the story. When I saw he had the younger and older pics and how much he'd changed, I knew I wanted to use him both ways.

      Big muscle guys sometimes don't have much stamina. Ben's pretty good, so I felt like he could wear someone like Mike down.