Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Cave 3: Grudge Match (Part 2)

Correction: The Bat vs. Bane

As we flex, Bane nods his head towards his flexed left arm. He says, "You really think you can hang with this, hero?"

I look at his impressively cut bicep. It's definitely big and powerful, but it's also a ruse. Like a novice, I fall for the oldest trick in the book. With my attention diverted, Bane thrusts his flexed arm over my shoulder and around my neck. In one fluid move, he pulls my head down, plants his foot across me and flips me to the mat. THUD! As I crash down, Bane grabs my left arm and locks on an armbar. He falls back, wraps his legs around my arm with his boots over my thick chest. Bane wrenches my arm hard. I moan as I gather my wits.  I've been in armbars plenty of times, but he is really cranking and twisting it hard. Bane lifts his feet and slams his boots into my chest. He does it again and again. ARGH! I flex my pecs to resist, but that just diverts my attention from getting out of this hold.

"Get ready, you're about to give, hero!"

"Nev --" Bane grabs my hand and quickly forces my hand back while twisting, sending a shockwave of pain through my arm. I scream out, "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!" Bane releases my arm and stands up as I shake out my wrist. He plants his black boot on my chest and flexes. I look up at him, in stunned disbelief. What the fuck happened? I push Bane's boot off my chest and sit up.

Bane is still flexing for Ryan's camera. I stand up, still completely confused. I see the clock on Ryan's makeshift scoreboard still reads 0:00, but he has clicked a 1 under Villain with his iPad remote positioned ringside. Okay, weird, but I just freaked out by the suddenness of his move. It felt like my wrist was broken, but I just overreacted.

I give the guy his props. "Okay, nice move. That's one for you. Let's go."

Bane walks up close. He says, "You're the champ? You're pathetic. You couldn't even last a minute against me, Bat-bitch."

I didn't realize I was going to have this kind of match. I try not to get thrown off my game. I respond, "Yeah, yeah, you're a real tough guy. Let's go." I realize that whatever I thought coming in, this isn't a fun match. This is a real hero vs. villain battle.

I look at Ryan, but he just keeps impassively filming in his all black outfit.

Second Fall

We rise and circle. Im wary now that I see that he has some skills and a heel attitude. The man I thought was Spoiler has now revealed himself as my greatest villain, Bane. Well, like a gullible hero, I fell for a pretty obvious trick the first time. Ill be more careful from now on. It's not that big a deal. There's a lot of time and it isnt like I need to win all the falls anyway.

We lock up in a traditional collar-and-elbow. I move first, bringing my knee up into his midsection. He grunts from the move. As he bends forward, I move him into a side headlock. I squeeze tightly, but he just laughs. Bane pushes me into the ropes and whips me across the ring. When I rebound, I see him charging off the opposite ropes at me. I recognize that hes about to launch into a cross body, so I raise my arms to catch him and slam him. However, Bane is a step ahead of me again. When my arms go up, he drops down!

Bane lowers his shoulder and dives forward, tackling me hard. I lose my breath as we slam down hard, my back taking the full brunt. Bane drives his 250-lbs into my abs then slides across my body, mounting me. As he sits on my stomach, the villain uses his open hands to pound my pecs. They're a little red from the first fall, but now he's really going to town on them. I grab for his wrists and buck my hips to throw him off.

I get a sense of Bane's power when he thrusts his hands down, even though I'm holding his wrists. He digs his fingers into my pecs and squeezes hard. I buck more wildly, but the villain is stays on top of me. Bane's fingers dig deeper and deeper as my pec muscles soften. The pain is incredible, but I withstand it.

As I lift Bane with my hips, he brings his feet forward, getting off his knees and planting his feet into a squatting position. When my hips go down, he rises, lifting me up with him by my pecs. I hold onto his rock hard forearms trying to relieve some of the pressure and shuffle my feet, but my pecs feel like they'll be torn off. I moan in pain, but I don't submit.

We circle the ring, Bane maintaining his unbreakable grip on my pecs. I kick at his abs until he suddenly releases the hold. My freedom is short lived, as he grabs my wrist and bends my hand behind my head. I try to counter, but Bane quickly thrusts his right hand forward, pounding my chest with a devastating heart punch that flattens me!

Boots rain down on my pecs as I lie there. My chest is red and soft, as he breaks down the muscle. I roll to the ropes for a break, but none comes. Bane reaches over the top rope and grabs my traps with his powerful fingers. He forces me to my feet outside the ring on the apron. Bane bends me backwards over the top rope and wraps his arm around my neck, locking my face in his armpit. He slams his forearm across my battered chest again and again.

Bat-bitch, youre easier than a fucking wrestling dummy.

The villain releases my head, but before I can fall forward, he reaches under my arms and grabs my pecs in another tight claw from behind. I scream out as Bane pulls me back into the ring, over the top rope by just my now ruined pecs. When my feet clear the ropes, I fall onto my back hard. Bane drops down, planting his package on my face and reapplying the killer pec claw. He grinds and grinds as I scream helplessly into his package.

I cry out my second submission, "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Bane releases the claw, but spins around and sits confidently on my red, soft chest. I cant believe that he has done it again. Weve wrestled for only a few minutes and the score is now 2-0. Ive done nothing, while Bane has twice anticipated me and maneuvered me into submitting. Bane flexes as he straddles my chest then rises and moves to his corner.

I can count on one hand the number of times that I've been completely dominated in my life. Since we started The Cave, Ive only lost twice and been manhandled this easily once in the match against Mr. Riddle. That match started badly, too, but this is ten times worse. If we were in a best two out of three, Id be fucked  literally and figuratively.

Still, there is a lot of time and its only two falls. I just need to be more careful.

Third Fall

Im feeling a little desperate and confused. I can't bounce my pecs, he has thoroughly weakened them. I watched his previous matches, but he did none of this. I realize I need to focus. We circle around again. When we get close, I kick at Banes midsection with my right boot. He grabs my ankle, but I expected that. I immediately leap and swing my left leg up. He is taller than Im used to, so I hit his shoulder, rather than his head, but it still topples him. I land on hands and knees and immediately charge. Bane turns into me and I move to scoop him up across my chest.

Once again, Bane anticipates my tendencies. He blocks my lift by grabbing my trunks and lodging his foot against mine. Bane slams my back with three hard forearms until I'm forced to move away. He lunges forward and clotheslines me to the mat. Bane rolls over and fires two more fists into my pecs. I manage to throw him off me and roll to the side.

We both rise, but I surprise him by moving in quickly. I again reach down and this time I'm successful in getting him up and across my chest. I get ready to slam him, but he counters by wrapping his arm around my neck. Bane pulls down hard on my neck and kicks his feet, forcing me to adjust my grip. Im forced to drop him, but he doesnt let go. Bane drags me down, my head slamming hard into the mat in an almost DDT.

Bane lets me go and I roll onto my back, holding my head and seeing stars. Im completely dazed from the impact, but this villain doesnt care. He stomps the soles of his boots into my wide open midsection. I try to roll away, but he grabs the narrow side of my trunks and lifts fast and hard. The fabric stretches, with the leg opening sliding over my huge cock and one of my big balls. Bane lets go my trunks and grabs me around the neck. I feel his incredible power as he lifts me up to my feet, making sure the cameras get a great shot of my exposed manhood. I twist and scramble to get free, but Bane yanks the back of my mask hard. I land with a thud on the back of my head. Im seeing stars again as the villain towers over me. I reach to adjust my trunks, which are painfully cutting up between my balls, but Bane kicks my hand away.

Bane measures me up. He drives down with an elbow into my abs. He slides up and over me, straddling my torso with his legs. I reach up to push him off, but Im way too slow. Bane brings his face in close, sweeping my right arm up towards my head and gripping my shoulder. Bane lifts my shoulder up and pins my arm with his head. Pain shoots through my neck. He grabs his own bicep and moves his other hand behind his head. I struggle, but he plants his knee on my stomach and spreads his other leg out, holding me down. I moan helplessly and kick the mat.

Bane flexes his bicep and I feel the pressure choking me out. He says, You don't realize it, but Ive got a perfect triangle sleeper on you, hero jobber. Submit or I knock you out in 3 …” I fight hard to resist, trying to move, but he holds me in place. 2. My neck is aching and the choke has me feeling woozy. I have no choice but to tap his shoulder, but as I do, he says, 1. Banes bicep flexes, my eyes roll back in my head and Im out.

Bane Offers a Deal

SPLASH! I feel water splash into my face. I try to move, but I realize that Im trapped in the ropes. While I was out, this villainous heel moved me into this humiliating position, kneeling before him, arms bound and outstretched. Cold water drips from my face and runs down my torso. My trunks are still stretched to the side, my cock and one ball dangling out in the open. I struggle to untwist the ropes, but they dont move. I look towards Ryan, but he doesnt move to help me. He just keeps silently filming. I see 3 under Banes name on the electronic scoreboard. The zero under my name only emphasizes how badly this is going for me. The time only reads 0:08. It seems like weve been at this longer, but time is time.

Ryan climbs into the ring and films close ups of my body. I see him zoom in on my crotch then my destroyed pecs. He pans across my stretched and straining shoulder muscles. As Ryan records my helplessness, I continue to struggle in the ropes, but I'm not going anywhere. I kneel there helplessly, crucified in my own ring by this monster. Bane paces back and forth in front of me. His cock is straining to break free of his small black trunks. When Ryan is finished documenting my body, he moves out of the way. The muscle beast moves in close and rubs my head tenderly. There is an intimacy to the move that surprises me. Bane slides his hand under my chin and lifts my head up, so I'm looking at the red eyes of his mask. I stare at him defiantly. I may be trapped, but I'm not broken.

"First, I am going to make you an offer, Batboy. You won't accept it now, but I want to make it while you're still fully aware." I have no idea what he is talking about. Is this for real? I look over to find Ryan, but I can't see him as he is filming from behind me.

Bane slaps me and I am forced to stop looking for Ryan and turn my attention back to this muscular monster. "I am Bane to your Bat. I am your better in every way. I'm bigger, stronger and smarter. You can't win against me. I will make you submit over and over again for the next 52 long, painful minutes. You will beg me to stop, but these are the terms that you agreed to. We go until that clock says 60 minutes. Remember that. The next 52 minutes will seem like an eternity to you. But you can end your suffering at any point. With a simple offering, I will accept your complete surrender."

"Fuck you, I'm not just giving you my ass."

Bane laughs. "Batboy, your ass is already mine. You should be worried that in 52 minutes, you will no longer be able to walk. You will not be able to move. I will simply take what I have won and leave your shattered body in this ring. As the winner, I will fuck your ruined body for the pleasure of the Internet. I will split you in two as your legions of fans helplessly watch. I will fuck you until they turn on you and cheer my name."

I try to turn my head to ignore this crap, but Bane forces me back to looking at him. When he knows Im focused on him, Bane walks away and circles the ring, arms spread wide. He says loudly, "In fact, your fans may already be turning on you. Oh yes, I want to say hello to all the fans that are watching this. Right now. Live." What? "Yes, that's right, Batboy. A notice went out to all your members, to message boards and groups across the Internet to tune in and see The Bat destroyed."

What? That's not possible. I turn my head towards my best friend and operator of The Cave. Ryan is back in my view. He nods and waves coyly. What the fuck?

Bane says, "I told you that your cameraman works for me. He won't be helping you, hero." He lets that sink in. What the hell is Ryan playing at? Is this a dream?

Bane continues, "Let's get back to my generous offer. Since I already own your ass, instead, you must offer me something more ... important. To end your suffering, you must offer me ... your mask."

Now I'm worried this guy has gone too far. I look at Ryan, but he just shrugs and keeps filming. This can't be happening. Why isn't he stopping this?

Bane grabs my head and forces me to look him in his red eyes. He says, "Don't worry, Batboy. I will not be the one to unmask you. No, there is no challenge in that. I could do it right now, if I wanted to. But that's not sporting."

Bane pauses then says, "You will unmask yourself."

I scoff at that idea.

Bane ignores me. He says, "When you realize that you cannot go on, you have a simple choice. When the idea of continuing this match to its inevitable 60-minute conclusion becomes too much, you can end the torture. I will stand in the middle of this ring. You will strip your trunks off. You will crawl to me. You will kneel before me with your head bowed. You will slide your fingers under your mask. You will strip the mask off slowly as you kneel before me. You will present your mask and trunks to me as a gift. And then I will allow the match to end early and take my final prize. Do you understand?"

I shake my head and respond angrily, but Bane isn't really asking. He says, "We have committed to a 60-minute Iron Man match. I intend to enforce our agreement until you present your mask and trunks or the full time has elapsed on that clock."

Bane bends down. The villain rubs the inside of my leg with a feather touch. That is one of my weaknesses and I shudder involuntarily. I have no idea how he knows this, but he gets me going. Did Ryan tell him? My cock grows as he gingerly caresses inside my leg. I try to fight it, but I cant. I look at his red eyes and try to figure him out, but he is a blank slate. Is he serious about me handing over my mask? That will never happen. Oh. He rubs my leg with his left hand then flicks my cock head with his right index finger. Oh god, it feels great, despite of the numbness in my arms. My cock has reached its full mast.

Bane says, Lets keep your bat pole up. He pulls a black elastic band off his wrist and wraps it around and around and around the base of my cock, locking in the blood. The villain then grabs my throbbing, rock hard cock and forces it through the leg hole of my trunks. He roughly puts my free ball back in the pouch of my trunks, but my cock wont fit. Bane pulls it up my stomach. My huge cock goes past my belly button as he snaps the waistband over it, trapping it pointing straight up. Its uncomfortable and humiliating, but theres nothing I can do about it.

Bane stands up and frees my arms. I fall forward and start rubbing my arms to get the feeling back. I rise up and kneel. I reach to pull off the elastic, but Bane slaps my head hard. He says, You have to earn your cocks freedom, Batboy. Win a fall then you can free your cock. I want to tell him to fuck off, but I realize that removing the elastic will take time and concentration. This guy has the muscles and skills to make sure I wont have either.

I rise up, leaving my cock sticking out of the top of my trunks. Clearly this Bane character has planned this out. With Ryan on his side, I'm really trapped in this ring. If I want to avoid complete destruction, I need to figure something out. Now.

The Bat vs. Bane Continues

With the villain revealed as Bane and Ryan inexplicably acting as his willing henchman, I realize the depth of this conspiracy. Just like in the comics, the hero has been duped and manipulated by the diabolical fiend. I always wanted to find a man to be Bane to my Bat, but I never expected it to be like this. I wanted a challenge, but one I would win. This Bane is smarter, stronger and more skilled than me. Even time is on his side, as all of his antics have only taken 9 minutes, based on the clock, which seems impossible. Fuck, it hits me. I bet Ryan has fucked with the clock. Who knows how long this torture might last if I don't give up my mask.

I circle cautiously. I don't bother trying to escape. This guy is fast and strong, plus Ryan is on his side. I might be hurt, but I still know how to fight. I figure that this guy has watched some of my old matches  that must be how he has anticipated my moves. I need to change things up. I came back against Mr. Riddle, after all. I think, "Wait. Did Ryan work with Mr. Riddle? Was that a setup, too?"

My distraction comes at the wrong time. Bane rams into me and I'm too slow to react. He forces me into the corner and hammers my head with his forearm. He drives his knee into my cock and abs. Bane backs up and grabs me around the throat. I arch back and he fires fists into my midsection, pummeling my cock and abs. I can't describe the pain. It removes any resistance I had left. My eyes water and I sag to the mat, falling down face first. Bane rains stomps down on my back, legs, arms and shoulders. My thoughts of a comeback are replaced with prayers for this to be over.

Bane forces me up to my feet. He scoops me up and slams me hard down onto the mat. I arch my back only to have my abs stomped hard. The big villain grabs my head and forces me to my feet again. I'm like a chew toy for this rabid dog, Bane's helpless plaything. Holding my mask, he runs me across the ring, throwing me between the top and middle ropes, down to the mat-covered floor below. I land hard from over six feet. Fortunately the double layer of Resilite mats provides some protection, but it still hurts my battered body. I stay seated on the floor, rubbing my back. Bane doesnt let me rest. While I am lying there, he has hopped out to the floor and comes up behind me. By the time I look into the ring and realize hes gone, Bane is on top of me.

The powerful muscle heel reaches down and grabs me by my cock! He pulls up on it, bending it against the waistband of my trunks. I have no choice but to rise or risk real damage to my manhood. His tight grip on my throbbing dick hurts, especially as he pulls me forward. I reach down to pry his fingers off, but thats what he wants. With my attention on my cock, he gets ready for his next assault.

Bane releases my cock and clotheslines me down onto the floor. He lays the boots to my entire torso again, softening me up for torture. I try to protect myself with my arms, but he just pummels them, too. This isn't a wrestling match, it's an asskicking, plain and simple.

When I roll to try to escape, Bane grabs me by the mask and scoops me up. I beg, No, no, no  please, not on the floor! The villain ignores my pleas and slams me down. My hips arch up, but his boot sends me back down. Bane forces me up and scoops me across his chest again. This time, he carries me to the ring post. Bane slams my back into the hard metal! My back has taken a lot of punishment and I cant take much more.

After the second time, I cry out in pain. Please! No more! I submit!

Bane pushes me under the bottom rope, letting me recover in the ring. He moves to the middle of the ring and waits for me to strip. Instead I try to adjust my cock into my trunks. Its still huge, but its a little softer and I can bend it up the side. When Bane realizes that Im not giving up, he moves back towards me. He jumps out of the ring and grabs my ankles. I put my hands up and beg, Please, no. But Im too late. The cruel muscleman pulls me forward, slamming my balls into the ringpost. I cry and writhe in pain as he plants his foot on the post and pulls, crushing my testicles against the hard metal. I GIVE! I GIVE! PLEASE! STOP!

Again, Bane moves to the middle of the ring, but I just lie in the same spot. I rub my balls and tears start to roll out from my eyes. Ryan is right there with the camera, catching my suffering. Im sure he focused in on the tear, but I cant really care at this point. I'll deal with my supposed best friend later, assuming I survive this beating.

Bane stands over me. He says, Youve submitted to arm, pecs, back and balls. Lets see how your legs hold out.

Bane leaps outside the ring. I watch him walk by me. His muscles are still firm and large, covered in only a light sheen of sweat. Bane is still going strong, while Im ruined and exhausted. With the clock moving at an artificially slow pace, this monster could crush me for hours. I try to move back into the ring, but I feel my ankles rise in his tight grip. I am pulled back into the ringpost as my tormentor goes to work. He puts my ankle on his shoulder and bends my other leg around the ringpost over my knee. Bane says, You can end this any time, Batboy. Just give me those trunks and mask.

I dont respond, so Bane follows through with targeting my legs. He wrenches hard on the figure four like move. I moan in pain, but I dont submit. The villain cranks harder, but I resist. I scream in pain, but I do not submit. Frustrated, Bane releases the hold, but uses my ankle to whip my knee against the ring post. He slides into the ring and grabs my trunks. Using only the spandex, he drags me into the ring, leaving me with a serious wedgie.

Bane circles me. He says, Cmon hero. Just give up your mask. Its better than being a cripple, isnt it?

In response, I try to roll away, but Bane isnt going to let that happen. He grabs my ankle and wraps his legs around me. I kick at him, but he ignores the feeble blows. Bane falls back and I feel like my leg is about to be broken. Banes powerful legbar has me back in total agony. After the figure four and knee slam, I cant resist this.

GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! I scream in pain.

CALL ME MASTER! Bane demands.


Bane releases the hold, but he rolls me over into a single leg crab immediately. My knee and back both shoot with pain. I try to resist, but theres no hope. I hold out for thirty seconds before I am crying out in submission to my new Master again. GIVE! MASTER BANE! PLEASE!

Again Bane doesnt give me any time to decide if I'm done. He wraps my feet around his shins, falls back and locks his hands under my chin. Bane bridges his back, thrusting his black spandex briefs into the air. I slap the mat and desperately try to hold out. This hold is more for the audience than for submission. Its sexy as hell and Ive submitted so many times at this point that Bane can take some time.

After a minute, Bane releases the hold and turns around. He wraps my feet around his shins this time. Bane grabs my wrists and forces them up. He rocks back and forth, lifting me up and suspending me in the air. My knees and shoulders ache as Im held helplessly aloft, my legs spread and my bulging trunks on display. I moan in pain, but again I dont submit.

Bane tosses me to the side. He rises up and starts stomping the small of my back. The muscular villain bends down and grabs my mask, lifting my head up. He says, This is the end, Batboy. I guarantee that your coveted mask will be mine in three more moves. You will willingly reveal your precious identity to the world.

The villain releases my head and rises up. I try to crawl to the ropes, but thats never going to happen. Bane stands over me. He drops his butt hard on the small of my back. Bane reaches forward, under my arms and lifts up and back, stretching me into a painful full nelson and camel clutch combination! Pain rocks my body. Ryan moves under the bottom rope, getting a really good close-up of my suffering. I cant even struggle.


Bane holds it a little long before he releases me. The villain doesnt let me have any time. He says, Thats one.

Again, my hips are lifted by my trunks until Im on hands and knees. Bane circles then grabs my mask and trunks and forces me all the way to my feet. He positions me just right and lifts, launching me up into a backbreaker! I hang across his shoulders, limp and powerless. I cannot move or struggle, only cry out in pain. Bane circles the ring with me across his broad shoulders. He slides a hand between my legs and squeezes my balls in a devastating claw.

I moan my submission, but Bane doesnt release me. I beg, but instead, he does squats, demonstrating his incredible strength and endurance. It increases the pressure and I can only continue to beg and plead for mercy.

Bane releases me, but again, he refuses to give me a break. He says, Thats two."

Bane again lifts me. He carries me effortlessly around the ring. I kick my legs in a futile effort to save myself somehow. But I can't. This huge muscle beast owns me in the ring. Every part of my body has been destroyed. Systematically and completely. There is nothing left of me.

Bane carries me to the middle of the ring and I start begging, even before he has done anything. "PLEASE LET ME GO! I GIVE! PLEASE, MASTER BANE ..." The monster has destroyed me so completely that I submit to the mere threat of his third killer move, to the idea of what he might do next. It's pathetic, but I can't care. As he holds me across his chest, I realize that I can't take any more.

Bane says, "Save your begging. You know how to end this, Batboy."

With that, Bane drops me, bringing me down across his knee in a back breaker that almost knocks me out from pain. He bends my muscular body in half as I scream in agony. Bane presses hard on the back breaker until my head is touching the mat. I dangle there, helplessly. All my muscles and training are for naught. I'm bruised and broken.

"That's three." Bane finally pushes me off his knee. I lie there. I cannot move. I cannot see for the pain.  I will myself to lift my head. Through blurry eyes, I see the villain's boots to my right. I move my arms to my waist and slide my thumbs into the waistband of my trunks. With every ounce of strength, I strip them down, over my boots. I begin the long naked crawl towards my master. I inch forward, pulling myself forward with my elbows. I push with my toes. It takes me a long time, but I finally reach Bane's boots.

Ryan has moved into the ring. He has been providing close ups of my entire stripping and crawl towards oblivion for the viewing masses that I'm sure are jerking off furiously to my destruction.

My hands wrap around Bane's ankles and I pull my body closer. He doesn't move as I use his powerful legs to rise up. It is only a few feet, but I may as well be climbing Mount Everest. My body is wrecked. My big hands slide up his black boots, resting on top of his thick calves. My head rests on the inside of his knee as I need to take a break. Still, he doesn't move. My hand reaches up behind him and I grab a handful of his hard, round ass. I use it like a rock climber would use a piton, pulling myself up. Bane doesn't flinch as I fondle his ass while climbing him. My face rests on his bulge as I swing my knees under me. Finally, I am kneeling. I lift my head back and look up at him. His arms are crossed over his thick chest. He is looking down on me, waiting for the inevitable.

I bow my head and place my trunks on the mat in front of my manhood, still trapped by the black elastic band. Slowly, I reach up and under my mask and pull it over my face. I pause for a moment, not believing that it has come to this, but I have no choice. Ryan won't help me, he just keeps filming. I can't take another move, never mind another 30 minutes. This is the only thing I can think to do.

With a final yank, my mask comes off. I reach down and grab my trunks. Together, I hold the two items out before me as an offering to the mighty god before me. My pride is gone, but I still choke up as I say, "Here, Master Bane, take them."

Bane slowly pulls the mask and trunks from my hands. He tucks my trunks in the waistband of his black trunks. I look up to see him lift my mask high in the air, as though it was the greatest prize in the world. Ryan films the whole scene, panning from top to bottom behind me. Bane lowers my mask and tucks it on the other side of the waistband of his trunks. He runs his fingers through my my hair and forces my head back. Bane circles behind me as Ryan moves in front of me. Bane roughly grabs my hair and lifts my head high, so I cannot hide my identity. I can't believe this is happening, but my unmasked face is streaming out, across the Internet to hundreds, maybe thousands of homes. Men around the world are seeing my face for the first time and it is in total, humiliating defeat.

The Final Victory

With me completely defeated and exposed, there's not much left for Bane to take from me. True to his word, Bane has totally dominated me physically, mentally and emotionally. I kneel in the middle of the ring waiting. Bane flexes and poses around me. When he finishes showing off, he grabs my hair and forces me to my feet. The victorious villain forces me to the corner, where I stand facing out of the ring. He comes in close, pressing himself into my back. I feel his cock split my bare ass as he reaches past me and props my mask on top of the ringpost. I stare at the mask as my trunks get draped in front of them, bat symbol up.

Bane moves in close behind me. I feel his hot breath on my neck. He says in his deep, raspy voice, "You've deserved this for a long time, Bat. I'm so glad Mr. Riddle failed. It's only right that I ruined you myself."

I'm once again confused, but it doesn't matter. I obviously know this guy, but his body doesn't look familiar. I look back to check him out again for a clue to his identity, but he forces my head forward, forcing me to stare at my lost mask and trunks. Bane grabs my wrists, pulls them under the ropes and wrenches them up my back. Ryan, ever his willing henchman, hands him handcuffs. The villain cuffs my wrists, locking my arms behind my back. Now I'm really trapped standing here.

I hear Bane stripping off his trunks. The villain moves close. I feel his hard uncut cock leaking on my ass cheeks as he grips my shoulder and hair. Ryan gets in really close with the camera, propping it under us, pointing up. He dutifully slides a condom onto the villain's rock hard member and I feel Bane's latex-covered manhood part my perfect ass.

Bane pulls on my hair as he forces his cock inside me and rides me hard. I go weak in my knees, but the handcuffs hold me over the turnbuckles and keep me upright. My still engorged cock aches as it slaps the middle turnbuckle roughly as he pounds my ass mercilessly. I moan involuntarily as he fucks me. In and out, Bane takes his final prize with aplomb.

It doesn't take long before I feel Bane climax inside me. His entire body shudders and he falls forward, his torso over my back. I hear him laughing as lies there. We stay like this for at least a minute before his soft cock slides out of me. When he finally pulls out of me and backs away, I sag, exhausted.

Bane comes up behind me. He shoves his knee between my legs and forces me to my feet. The villain reaches around me and locks on a sleeper hold. I squirm and beg, but within seconds, I'm unconscious.


I wake up naked in the ring. My cock and wrists have been freed. My body aches, reminding me that my match against Bane wasn't just a bad dream. I just lie there, overwhelmed by the reality of the situation. More than anything, I'm upset by Ryan's betrayal. I run through everything and decide that even my match against Mr. Riddle was, in fact, a setup. He didn't accidentally send it through the live feed. I was supposed to lose that match, too.

Why? My brain is going a mile a minute. Suddenly a black figure appears over me. Ryan. He pulls off his mask and I see that its not Ryan! What the hell? Ryan wasnt the cameraman  where is he? Bane enters my vision, still looking amazingly powerful. He reaches under his mask and pulls it up.


Bane is really Ryan, my (former) best friend! 
I have to do a double take when I see Ryan's face staring back at me. I keep trying to process it  Ryan's face on this monster's body. I don't understand. It's like he had a head transplant or something.

"Hello Cody." Ryan is Bane. My mind reels that the man in black that I thought was Ryan wasnt Ryan. No, the powerful, dominating Bane  the man who just completely humiliated me  is actually Ryan. I can't believe any of this. I can't even speak. "Poor baby, you look so confused."

I can only ask, "Why?"

I'll spare you the long details, but I find out that Ryan knows I've sabotaged his past relationships and it has upset him. This betrayal is his revenge for my betrayal of him. In response, he has beaten the crap out of me, exposed me and fucked me. On the website, my destruction at the hands of Bane is going up as Death of the Bat. He tells me that my loss to Max is going up and will soon be available, too. I lie there, completely and utterly drained. I don't even know what to say or do.

But one thing is clear. The Bat is dead. Bane has won. And its my own damn fault.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    This chapter was epic. It sets up everything for the future chapters coming. Your whole take on the Knightfall series was awesome. I loved how you took the concept shaped it into its own thing separate from the original. Really great work.

    1. Thanks as always. It was kind of meant to be epic, because originally, I thought that this was the last chapter in The Cave. This was to be the end of Ryan, Cody, etc., but the reader comments made me think about how to keep it going. It's funny to look back and think of how many stories that's led to now.

  2. Alex R here:
    Stop after this one? Thank God you didnt!!!! Some super awesome stories are coming down the pipe that were freaking awesome.