Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Cave 7: The Out-of-Towner


So, if you've been following my exploits, you can skip down to the heading, Ben Comes to Town. But if you are new to my life story or want a refresher or just like reading, this first section is for you!

My name is Cody. I'm 28-years old, 6'0" tall and weigh 215-lbs. I'm fit, muscular and one hell of a wrestler. Of course, I should be, as I've been doing it for half my life. I like it so much, I started an adult wrestling video company called The Cave with my best friend (since we were 10), Ryan. He's not in this story, but he does impact it.

Cody (me)

See, I used to be the undefeated star of The Cave. I used to wrestle as The Bat, a superhero wrestler. Sounds great, right? Well, it was. But then I did something, well, multiple things to Ryan, he found out and basically it's been revenge time for the past few weeks. We're still on the outs right now, but I'm working hard to get him back as a friend.

The only time he'll even talk to me is when I'm getting the shit kicked out of me for The Cave as the Pink Punk, jobber boy extraordinaire. It's tough, but so far, so good. Fans love it, but more importantly, Ryan is softening. At first, he just enjoyed seeing me get pummeled, pounded and fucked in humiliating matches, but I also can tell that Ryan's seeing that I'm seriously sorry and willing to let it not be about me. There was a time I wouldn't let a loss be posted on The Cave. Now, I'm letting him call all the shots and punish me. We even had a real conversation after my match yesterday, a squash job loss to a guy called Redbird.

Ben Comes to Town

So, for as long as it means progress in my relationship with Ryan, I'm the Pink Punk in The Cave. However, that doesn't mean I don't need a release in other ways. With everything going on, I desperately need to let off some steam. I need to wrestle a hot guy, dominate him and fuck the hell out of him. I cant do that in The Cave, but Im on every wrestling personals site. I've sent out messages, just waiting for things to click. You might think I can get a match any time, but it takes some coordination, even for me.

As luck would have it, one of the out-of-town guys Ive been chatting with forever just arrived in town for a conference. His name is Ben, hes smoking hot and ripe for the right kind of action. He comes highly recommended and weve been talking about getting together for a year, but couldn't make it happen cross country.

When Ben reaches out to me on Facetime from his hotel room, it's the first time we've seen each other live. My god, he's amazing. He has his shirt off, a smoldering stare and sly grin. His face and body are even better than his pics (which were also awesome). Damn hes hot. Did I already say that? It bears repeating. Shit, I wish I could jump through my tablet and grab him right this second.

My online buddy, Ben
Of course I want to wrestle him now, but hes just arrived and needs to get some rest, something about delivering a keynote speech or something. Damn, I cant believe that I have to wait 24 hours. Im not a huge fan of hotel matches, but for a guy like Ben, in the mood I'm in, Id wrestle just about anywhere. Still, he and I always talked about wrestling in a ring, not in a hotel room or apartment. Just because I'm going crazy doesn't mean he is. We're on for tomorrow night, in the same ring The Cave uses.

Needless to say, Im a very happy boy right now. Impatient. Worked up. Ready to explode. But mostly Im happy as I lie on my sofa, talking with Ben wearing nothing but my huge smile.

I'm dying with anticipation
We chat for almost another hour (dont ask me about what, I wasnt listening, just staring and fantasizing about tomorrow). Ben is as cool as he always seemed. It'll be nice to have my first fun match in a few weeks.

Tomorrow Finally Comes

After an excruciatingly slow 24 hours, I'm meeting Ben for the first time outside the warehouse. He pulls up in his non-descript rental car. When Ben steps out, he's a vision in white athletic gear, dark, smoldering and looking pumped already. I want to jump him in the parking lot, but I manage to hold back.

Ben says, Sorry, Im running behind and didn't have a chance to jump in the shower. I didnt want to be late.

We hug hard, exchange pleasantries and I sniff Ben. I tell him, If youre showering for my benefit, no need. You smell amazing.

Ben smiles coyly. We make small talk as we enter the warehouse that doubles as a local Indy wrestling facility. I know the owner and we get to use it whenever his group's not using it. We pass by the locker rooms, office and then enter the large, black cavern where the ring is. Ben is impressed. He feels the ropes and hops in, testing it out.

Ben has said that, even though hes never been in a ring before, he's not a novice. I watch him as he proves it, quickly picking up how to bounce off the ropes. Im fascinated and rock hard watching him roll around and get a feel for the ring. He smiles down at me and tells me he approves. Ben hops out and we move to opposite sides of the ring to get changed.

I choose to wear a black thong under black trunks with black patent leather pro boots. Ive been in jobber pink too many times lately. Its time to get back to my roots, basic black.

Ben opts for thin blue trunks with a black waistband and short blue canvas boots. It doesn't look like he's wearing anything underneath, but we'll soon find out. We're pretty much the same size, which is nice - both 6'0" tall, he's 205-lbs and I'm 215-lbs.

Ben looks even better in person 
We stretch in the ring, admiring each other from opposite sides. I want to run over there and tackle Ben, but I wait. Soon, stretching turns into posing and full out flexing. We show off for each other, trying to outdo the other. I've got Ben beat in some areas, he's got me beat in others.

We do this for a little while, but, as hot as Ben is, it's a little unsatisfying. It's definitely not why we're here. Either of us could have picked up a muscle trick anywhere in town. No, we're cut from the same cloth, Ben and I. Wrestling is our sex and without a word, we move into the center of the ring simultaneously. We bump chests and packages. Ben raises an eyebrow, I give a slight nod and that's it.

It's go time.

Cody vs. Ben

Ben and I lock up. We feel each other out, pressing back and forth for a minute. We push and shove, maneuver and shift. It's so nice to be facing another man on equal terms again. I'm so pumped that after a little give-and-take, I easily push Ben back into the corner.

Ben asks, "We're in the corner. Do we break clean?"

I smile, "What do you think?"

I drive forward, slamming a forearm into the side of his head and then a knee to his gut. I grab the ropes on either side of him then pull my body in. My chest rams into his. I back up and pull myself forward again. I draw my knee up, along with pulling my chest right into his again.

Ben sags a little. I lightly tap his face, asking, "Not too much for you already, is it?"

Ben swats my hand away then pushes me off him. He smiles and says, "Not by a long shot, dude. Bring it on."

I like to hear this. I need to get rough with a guy. We lockup again and this time, I power Ben into a standing side headlock. I crank on it hard, crushing his head into my side. I walk us around the ring. Pulling Ben keeps him from being able to focus on a counter, giving me extra time to really apply the pressure. His handsome face is turning red as I tighten my grip. I've actually gotten submissions from headlocks, but if I judge Ben right, I won't get one from him.

As I keep us moving, Ben gathers his wits, firing his fist into my kidneys until he feels my focus lapse. With a brief opening, Ben pulls back and frees his head. He pulls on my wrist, twisting it around back, locking on a chicken wing. He pulls my arm up my back, but I manage to twist, connecting my elbow with his temple.

I spin around and grab Ben's wrist. I twist it around in an armbar. He moans in pain as I twist more and more. Ben is still shaking out his head from the headlock and elbow. I take advantage of his distraction, kicking up, slamming my boot into his abs. He grunts in pain, so I do it again. My cock is growing as I dominate another stud for the first time since before I was injured by Mr. Riddle almost three months ago.

I lift Bens arm and bring it down fast, jarring it in the socket. I do it again and Ben reaches for his shoulder. I step up and slam a forearm across his shoulder. Ben cries out in pain, but doesnt submit. I let go of his arm and lock on another standing headlock. I crank it hard, flex my bicep right into his temple.

I know this head punishment is taking a toll and keeping Ben from wrestling his best. Its tough to focus when your head gets elbowed and crushed. I feel Ben arming for a fist, so I flip him over my hip. I dont let go of the headlock, landing on Bens thick chest with all my weight. He lets out a cry as we land. I ask if hes had enough, but he yells, No!

I pull up on his head as I lie on his chest, holding it down. Ben grabs my trunks and rolls me over him. With the sweat and roll, my headlock loosens enough for him to slip out. Again, he goes for the arm. Ben plants all his weight on my back, forcing my face to the mat as he leans across my back, bending my arm uncomfortably back.

Ben keeps pulling as Im squirming under him. He transitions by moving his legs over my back, straddling me. I can tell hes using this as a rest, regroup hold and I have no intention of letting that happen. I force my legs under my hips and roll Ben off me away from my arm. As we roll, the pressure on my arm is relieved and I manage to roll on top of Ben.

Ben wraps his legs around me, trying for a scissors, but he can't get a good position. We lock arms, fighting for control, with me on top. I manage to grab his right wrist and lock it under my arm. I fire a hard fist into his pec then another. Ben grunts, but he manages to twist free, toppling me. We struggle for top position with neither one of us really getting a good position.

Ben finally gets on top of me, but I manage to wrap my legs around his waist. He fires shots into my flexed abs, but I can withstand them. I break the match for a second, yelling, "Harder, man! I can take it!"

Ben smirks and obliges, driving his fists into my abs with real manly force. "Yeah!" I scream, which makes him do it even harder. I finally really feel it, grunting with pain as my abs go red. I squeeze the scissors and Ben grimaces. While he's thinking about his waist, I swing up and grab his head, wrapping my arm behind his neck and pulling him down. I fight hard, bending his neck and squeezing the scissors.

Ben fires body shots into my sides to get me to loosen the hold, but they don't phase me. The next thing I feel is three taps, Ben signaling his submission. I release Ben's neck and unhook my ankles.

Ben sits up and back, rubbing his neck. He sits between my legs. I prop myself up on my elbows and our eyes meet.

I ask, "Want to keep going?"

Ben nods, "Yeah, you bet. You do like it rough. I know we've talked about it, but until you feel it, it's iffy what guys mean, you know."

"Was I too rough?"

"Nah, I'm good. I'll tell you if there's a problem." Ben smiles at me to let me now it's all good. I slip out of the ring, coming back with water. We take a short break then get ready to go again.

It's On Again

We start with another lockup. Ben tries to flip me to the mat, but I lock him and slip under his arm. I lift my leg over his and suddenly, he's trapped in an abdominal stretch. I really crank on it, knowing he's tough and can take it. As I stretch Ben out, I take the opportunity to rub his chest and abs. I see his cock twitch in his trunks.

POW! I fire a fist into his side then another. "Oh, you bastard!" Ben cries out in, half joking, half in pain. POW! In response, I deliver another shot then bring my forearm down across his abs. Ben tries to power out and I feel the hold slipping. I grab the side of his trunks to help steady us. The one side rides up, exposing one of his perfect ass cheeks. Yes, I mean perfect. Smooth, round and firm, I want it. I really, really want it.

I lean back, really opening Ben up and pulling on his ab muscles. He rewards me by crying out in pain. POW! POW! Another couple of fists and his grunts of pain fill the ring area. I've got Ben stretched out as far as I can, but he doesn't give. Instead, he pushes back, trying to topple us. I manage to keep us steady, but my leg slips and Ben takes full advantage, flipping me over to the mat and putting me in an arm lock.

I figure Ben is most dangerous on the mat, so I swing up and use my power to bring us back to our feet. He keeps cranking on the arm lock while simultaneously moving his foot behind me, trying to trip me down. I manage to counter and push him into the ropes. Ben releases my arm as I bend him back over the top rope.

I move my hand to his chin forcing him to look back, exposing his torso. Before Ben can do anything, I slam two hard forearms over his chest. I lean in close, splitting his legs with one of mine. With our bodies pushed together, I release his chin and wrap my arms around his waist. The ropes spring him into me and I use the momentum to lift and spin him in a belly-to-belly suplex. BOOM! The ring feels like it shakes from the impact (no small feat for guys our size) and Ben cries out in pain. He tries to roll off his aching back, but my weight holds him down.

I move back and grab a leg. A simple roll and Ben's in a single leg crab. I hear him slap the mat in frustration as I bend him up and back. He reaches back and taps my ankle three times. I immediately release him, but this time, I do a little showboating. I kick him over onto his back. Ben looks up at me as I put my boot down on his abs, maybe a little too hard, because he grunts in pain. I flex and pose over Ben's hot body as he watches me. Were both severely tenting our trunks as I tower over him. My experiences from Mr. Riddle to Ryan to Pink Punk are running through my mind as I look down at this hot muscle stud that I am crushing.

I finally step back and grab my water bottle. I'm hot and sweaty, but adrenaline is racing through me. I need to calm down, so I decide to let Ben set the pace, telling him, "Dude, just let me know when you're ready to go again."

An Interlude

After a drink and a moment of rest, Ben comes into the middle of the ring and lies down. He plants his elbow just short of dead center and lifts his hand in the air. I nod. If we're having a break, may as well arm wrestle during it, right?

We lock hands and get in position. Neither of us are pros, but we've certainly both done this enough. When you've got ripped guns, guys want to test themselves. Ben says, "I was my fraternity's chapter champion."

I smile and say, "I was my fraternity's regional champion."

Ben smirks at my one-upmanship, but his reply is saying, "GO!"

We immediately begin pressing against one another. The veins in his arms are insane, but I can't be distracted by that. We're actually pretty evenly matched. My extra ten pounds don't mean shit down here. I gain an early advantage, but Ben presses up and evens the score. Our faces are turning red as we go.

I can't help but look at our arms as we battle. Damn, mine are pumped, but his are ripped. We keep powering through, but it's becoming clear that he's winning. Little by little, I'm losing ground to this vascular freak of nature. I try harder, but forget to breathe as I press. Ben gets a burst of energy and I feel my arm slipping.

BAM! My hand crashes down with Ben's on top. I smiles in victory and my anger dissipates. His smile really is irresistible.

"Want to go again?" I shake my head no.

I tell him, "Let's try something else."

I stand up and lift my arms up. Ben knows immediately what I want, a good old fashioned test of strength. Ben smiles at this and hops up, accepting my challenge immediately.

Another Test of Strength

We move in close, locking hands for our test. Were both being careful. Bens feeling a little better after winning the arm wrestle and I feel great, having dominated the first two falls. Our fingers flex up and down, until were both satisfied. Once locked, our reaction is immediate.


We move in close, straining and pressing. At equal height and close in strength, neither of us gets an early advantage. We strain and counter, sweat building from the isometric torture test. Were both grunting and squeezing. Were shifting and maneuvering, trying for any small advantage.

Ben finally manages to shift and get my wrists bending back. I lose momentum for a moment and Ben pushes down. My one knee starts to fall as he presses harder and harder from his top position. I feel my hands being pushed back. Im really close to being down on one knee, my eyes passing his sculpted, bulging pecs, heading to his ripped, cut abs.

I steel my will and stop the descent. I dont want to lose two strength contests and my determination gives me the will to press up. I thrust upwards and collide with Ben, face into his chest. I slide up and were back even, faces pressed against each other. This has been going on entirely too long and I can tell were both feeling it. Bens ridiculously handsome face is red and every vein in his neck is visible.

ARGH! I cry out as I get a burst of energy, driving Bens wrists back now. Hes losing his steam, as my adrenaline rush is giving me renewed strength. I think this whole thing means more to me than Ben and it shows. Ive got him headed down now. With another thrust, his knee hits the mat. Ive got him in a great position when he manages to slide his hands around and push mine up.

AH! AH! I feel pain as my wrists are bent backwards. From his lower position, Ben forces my hands back so far, Im standing on my toes. I cant believe it, but I say, GIVE!

Ben relaxes his hands and lets mine go. I shake them out. Im pissed, but I resist the urge to charge forward. Two tests of strength and I lost both of them.

Ben says, Back to wrestling? I think youre up two-nothing.

I shake my head. No, this counts. Its two-all. Pause. But not for long.

Back to Wrestling

Ben and I move to lockup, but I duck under and grab him around the waist. Instead of tackling him, I lift him up and then leap, driving him down hard on his back with me on top of his gut. Ben is stunned, giving me the opportunity to pound away on his abs. I get ten good shots in before he can muster the strength to move away.

As Ben tries to roll away, I grab his trunks. I push up and lift Ben off the mat by his trunks. The fabric tears from the waistband as I tug and he crawls. When I let go, Ben's trunks are in shreds, with the waistband pulled away on one entire side, fabric torn halfway down front and back. Ben's cock and balls flop out loose. He kicks at me, but I grab his right foot, lifting it into the air. I pin his left ankle to the mat. Ben squirms, but I've got him. I twist his right leg, putting pressure on the knee. Ben moans in pain. No matter how much he moves, he can't free himself. Still, he resists submitting.

I surprise Ben by falling back to the mat, shifting my position into a groin stretch. He reaches down and puts his hands on the inside of his legs, just below his dangling balls. I spread his legs wider and I can tell he's hurting. I have a free hand, so I decide to put it to good use. I swat at his semi-hard cut cock, peeking out from his torn trunks. I keep teasing him with swats as I keep pulling out the groin stretch. I grab Ben's dick and work it up and down. My muscular toy puts his head back, confused by the pain of the stretch and pleasure of the handjob. I work Ben until he's rock hard, his dick standing straight up.

Satisfied with getting Ben hard, I pull my hand off his dick, leaving him hard and leaking. He lets out a surprised yelp as I swat at his hanging balls. I grab them and play with them. Ben tries to reach out to grab me, but he can't manage to do more than touch me. I decide to see how much Ben can take. I leave his balls alone and really go for a submission. I pull his legs even further apart.

Within seconds, Ben is yelling, "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

I let go of his legs and roll away. Ben lies there for a minute, rubbing his groin. When he's done, Ben slips off the remnants of his torn trunks and throws them aside. He sits there, naked except for his boots. Ben doesn't look happy, but doesn't say anything. Is he pissed about the trunks or losing? Either way, I decide to give him a peace offering.

As we sit there, I start to slip off my black trunks. Ben says, "No, no, no. If you're gonna do that to make up for tearing my trunks, do it right."

I'm glad Ben is being a good sport, considering how I've dominated him in wrestling so far. I nod at him, letting him know that I know exactly what he means. I stand up and swing my hips, peeling down the black trunks slowly and seductively. As I uncover my packed thong, Ben hoots and hollers. I toss my trunks to Ben. He swings them in the air as I do a spin, letting him check me out in my black thong.

Ben says, "Damn, bring that ass over here. Let's go again." He tosses my trunks into the corner, preferring to stay naked in boots. I eagerly nod and we turn serious. It's time to go at it again.

The Rapid Fire Round

Ben and I circle in the ring. He's understandably wary about locking up, but I'm not looking to give him a chance to change the script. He darts forward, looking to surprise me and grab my leg. No doing, as I dodge. As Ben lands on one knee beside me, I grab his head in a front face lock.

I crank his head up then slide my arm under his, lifting his left arm up and back. With Ben's arm and head under control, I lift, putting pressure on his neck and shoulder. I can tell it's working from his soft grunts of pain, which gives me more strength to really crank it. Ben forces me into the corner hard, but I don't let go. Ben wraps his right hand behind my knee and, using his formidable strength, lifts me up.

I go up on his shoulder. With my momentary disorientation, Ben pulls his left arm free. He turns and drops me hard on my back. Now it's my turn to be stomped, with blows coming to my abs and pecs. I roll out of the way, but Ben follows. He grabs my arm to control me, but I spin and fire a fist into his lower abs. The blow sinks deep into the flesh just above his nest of pubes, doubling Ben over.

I spin and force him over my shoulder into a fireman's carry. I breathe in then push up, elevating to a standing position with Ben's 205-lbs across my shoulders. I adjust my grip and make sure my hands are in place on his leg and chest. Ben hangs there, unsure what's next. I breathe in again and thrust up. WHOA! Ben is pushed high into the air as I extend my arms.

Ben is over seven feet in the air, held up by my arms. I look up and see his cock and balls dangling down beside my hand. I hold him up there for as long as I can maintain balance the lower him back across my shoulders. I pause for only a second then flip Ben off my shoulders onto the canvas below. WHAM! He lands hard, dazed from the impact and disoriented from the overhead press.

I move in over him and knowing his back must be aching, I drag him up and over my knee. I bend him back hard. He's still pretty flexible, as his head and feet nearly touch on the mat. I look down and admire his ripped physique and impressive manhood even as I torture him in the hold. "OKAY! UNCLE!"

I push Ben off my knee. "Done?"

Ben shakes his head, so I waste no time. No more minutes between rounds. I'm hot and horny punishing him. I move in and force him to his feet. I push him in the ropes and whip him across the ring.

As Ben rebounds off the ropes, I launch into the air and nail him in the chest with a standing drop kick. He falls to the mat as I land deftly on my hands and feet. Ben sits up, but I deliver a donkey kick to his chest. He falls back and I leap over and up, coming down hard with an elbow to his abused pecs. Ben raises his head and clutches his chest. He's grimacing in pain, leaving him open for me to assault his abs with fists.

Ben starts to roll away, but I'm able to plant my knee in his back, pinning him down. I grab his ankles and maneuver Ben into a Boston crab. He moans and tries to grab my ankles. With his ankles pinned under my armpits, I grab his wrists and stand up. Ben is lifted off the mat, increasing the pressure on his back exponentially.

I swing Ben back and forth, listening for his cries of pain. It doesn't take long before he's submitting. "OH GOD, GIVE!"

I drop him down to the mat and circle his naked body. I'm pumped, so when he starts to rise, I tackle him down again. We wrestle on the mats, but Ben is worn down. I easily move him around, mounting his back and locking my hands on his chin. My hard cock, barely contained in the pouch of my black thong, splits his bare ass cheeks. I dry hump him for a moment then slide up, planting my knee in the small of his back. I pull up on the chinlock and Ben taps my arm, saying, "OKAY, ENOUGH, GIVE!"

After his latest submission, I let go and sit back. I give Ben a few seconds to rise. He gets to hand and knees, head lowered to the mat as he tries to regroup. I stand up then bend over. I wrap my arms around his waist and hoist him up to his feet. Ben is limp on his feet as I wrap him up and drag him down with a Russian leg sweep.

We crash back, with Ben taking the brunt. I slide up and roll Ben's head between my legs. I swing my leg over, locking on a figure four head scissors. He moans in pain as I tighten my grip. Ben cries out, but he tries to resist. He doesn't last long before he has to submit again, "GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!"

Four rapid submissions has Ben saying, Whoa, stop. Stop. Please no more, dude. Im done.

So, your ass is mine?

Ben nods in agreement, giving me the final victory.

After Wrestling

I stand over Ben as the clear winner. I slide my thong down and off, leaving us both naked in boots. My cock throbs for Ben's ass. He looks up and gulps, seeing my cock grow and grow to its full proportions. Ben is seeing my rock hard member for the first time and he's a combination of impressed and scared.

I move to the corner and sit on the top turnbuckle. I wave him to me. It's a control thing, making Ben come to me. I feel the urge to exercise control here, since I've none in the rest of my life. Ben crawls then stands. He's slow to get up, but he does. When he's close, I grab his head and pull him in close. Ben pauses for a second, but a little downward pressure on his head has him opening his mouth an d taking my member.

Watching this amazing stud suck on my dick after a total defeat is just what the doctor ordered. He won the strength contests, but otherwise didn't take a single fall. I was too fast, too strong and too talented when it counted. I start moaning, watching Ben as he gets my cock nice and moist. Fortunately for me, he's pretty good at sucking, so I let him work at my manhood, savoring my first real victory in months.

Ben's head bobs up and down, guided by my large hand. I slow him down, making sure he's just prepping me, not draining me. This is just the opening act. Ben's perfect ass is the main event. Ben sucks me for a long while, with me dictating speed, location and pressure like a taskmaster. He's mine and I don't let him forget it. When I'm ready, I stop him and order him to the center of the ring. I grab a couple of things from my bag, but as I come back in, I freeze.

Ben is sitting there, looking ΓΌber-hot in defeat. He's bruised, sweaty and exhausted, rubbing his neck, slumped over, head down. He has his arms draped across his knees and boots apart, giving me a window to see his semi-hard dick and low hanging balls resting on the canvas. I move in front of him. I say his name and when he looks up, I snap a shot with my phone. Damn, that's awesome. Ben drops his head and I take another shot for my memory.

I put my phone aside and roll into the ring. I move around, behind Ben and k eel down. I force him up to hands and knees. He breathes in fast as I apply the lube, stretching him out so that he can accept what's coming. Again, his head is down to the canvas, the picture of submission and defeat.

I take Ben's ass, working my cock inside. He moans in front of me, as I enter his perfect ass deeper and deeper. I can hear him grunting and muttering, trying to hold on as I take him with my porn-sized dick. Once my cock is in him, I hold nothing back, savoring how much I dominated this hot stud. I needed this badly and his ass is the perfect medicine.

I don't hold back, fucking him hard in the ring, letting out all my frustration. I roll I'm onto his back to finish, lifting his legs and putting him in a pinning position. Ours eyes lock and it doesn't take long for me to fill the condom in his ass with my white hot cum. My entire body shudders and shakes. Even though I've been jerking off regularly, I feel like I haven't cum in weeks and it shows. I shoot for a long time, filling the warehouse with echoes of my orgasm.

Just as I think I finish, I feel a load building inside me. Ben starts to relax, but I grow inside him again. I start pounding him and within seconds, another load is coming. I pull out and strip off the full condom. I shoot on Ben's balls and shaft, coating them with my second load in under a minute.

Finally done, I sit back, tired but thrilled. I feel renewed and rejuvenated.


By the time we're done, it's after 10pm. Wow, we were at this for hours. Im feeling more relaxed, more like myself. Bens not running off, so I think things are okay with us. Still, I apologize if I went too far or was too rough, but Ben waves it off. He reassures me that hes a big boy and can take it. Ben admits he wishes he had wrestled better, but I was more intense than most. Still, he likes it tough, likes to be challenged and had no problem with anything. I believe Ben when he says he would have stopped it if he felt in danger or I was going too far.

Ben adds, You do owe me a new pair of trunks, though.

I tell him, Deal.

Ben smiles at me and says hed wrestle me again any time. I tell him that Im relieved then ask, "What about later tonight?" He laughs and says yes, he brought other trunks that I can tear off him. That fires up both our dicks.

I crawl forward and take Ben's cock with my hand. I jerk him and he moans. Ben's beautiful cut cock feels good in my hand, lubed by my still-wet cum. My hand tightens around the shaft and I move my mouth over the head of his cock. With a little tongue action, Ben announces he's about to shoot. I don't pull back, accepting his entire load. When he's done, he has to push me off him, his cock being super-sensitive now.

We finish our water and stare at each other. Just stare. Finally, we agree that we could both use some rest before wrestling again tonight. We unlace our boots and toss them aside, letting our feet breathe. Ben moves over and lies down against me, head on my shoulder. I tease his hair and we both just stare at the ceiling in silence.

We start chatting about nothing, just two guys, lying in the ring, naked and relaxing. It starts out as small talk then gets deeper. We learn a lot about one another, but as fate would have it, nature takes its course and we fall asleep right there, in the ring.

It's not the first or last time I've been out of it in this ring, but it's certainly the best time.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    For anyone starting to read, this story is super important because it sets up one of the main characters in the "Alex Miller Universe" which of course brings us Jeff! It was alll done so sexy with images of the tablet. Couldnt wait to read it. Adam Ayash is one of my favorite male fitness models. Such a stunning look. Classic story!

    1. Thanks!

      By this point I had learned the importance of choosing the right base model. There are a million pics of Adam Ayash, which can support a series. Other guys I've chosen, there wouldn't be enough. That's why Jeff is Steve Kuchinsky (which turned out better than I thought) and not my first model choice (Alex Pirolozzi).