Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Cave 9: Three's Company (Part 1)

Ever wake up and be unsure if you're dreaming or not? That's kind of how I feel right now. My name's Cody and I'm currently struggling to see the time through sleepy eyes. Thirty feet away, the huge digital clock on the wall over the door shines 12:14AM in red. Despite being less than half awake, Im pretty happy for a guy sleeping naked in a wrestling ring.

It must be the company Im keeping. Im spooning with an extremely hot and sexy stud named Ben, who is also naked. We've had an evening of hot wrestling action. We're just two fit, muscular studs, pretty evenly matched at the same height (6'0") and only ten pounds apart (215-lbs for me/205-lbs for Ben). I'm lucky enough to have private access to this real pro ring, thanks to a friendship with Larry, the operator of a local indie fed that maintains this space for their shows. Our plan was to get back to wrestling, but we fell asleep talking.

Based on Bens breathing, hes still deeply asleep. I decide not to wake him. Hes probably more tired than me, since hes still on east coast time and he took the most punishment during our earlier match.

I dont want to rise, either, but my cock is hard and uncomfortable. Im in need of relief, but not the kind of relief Ben can provide, unfortunately. I carefully roll away from Ben and slip out of the ring. The windowless warehouse that houses the ring is dark, but its not pitch black thanks to a light in the hallway that leads to the exercise area, office and two locker rooms. I left it on so Ben could find his way around if needed. Of course, I don't need the light. I know this arena like the back of my hand. In addition to being friends with Larry, I've spent many hours here practicing and wrestling as The Bat and the Pink Punk for The Cave, an adult wrestling site that I co-own with my ex-best friend Ryan.

I stumble down the hall, squinting from the bright lights. I leave the locker room lights off as I make my way to the urinal. I lean forward, planting my hand on the tile wall for support. As I drain my python, I think about my fantastic night. Ben and I have talked for a year before finally getting together. Hes a wrestler, Im a wrestler, but we live cross country and weve both been too busy to connect. Finally, tonight, it happened. We wrestled and fucked and it was amazing.

I really needed this. Recently, I've been jobbing for The Cave as the Pink Punk, which is the polite way of saying Ive been getting the shit kicked out of me. While several guys, ranging from big to small, have dismantled me, there's only one I care about, Ryan. He hates me right now and he's the reason I'm suffering the humiliating losses. I'm trying to get back in his good graces after a selfish, manipulative stretch where I really stepped over the line. Now I'm letting him control me as penance and it's working. Kind of.

Ah. My discomfort finally relieved, I wash my hands and dick (because it has somewhere to be later). I smell my breath and pits. When Im done, I brace myself to enter the brightly lit hallway again. Should I wake Ben for another round? I'm still sleepy, but I don't want to lose the chance to wrestle him again. I debate the question, as I slowly stroll back towards the ring. In the hall, I stop short.

The office door is open. Was it always open? Did I just not notice? Im frozen as my brain tries to process why this normally locked door is not closed. Then I hear something. Someone is in there rummaging around. Only three people have keys - Larry, Ryan and me. Now, it could be Larry, but he knew I would be here. He would never show up (or lend out his key) knowing what I could be doing here. Ryan wouldn't be here this late on a weeknight. And neither of them would ransack the office at 12:20am. It must be a thief. Maybe a druggie, looking for cash.

I look around for a weapon through my still unadjusted eyes. I grab a folding chair, the only thing thats leaning against the wall. Is this a good weapon? It works in pro and its my only option. If I was alone, I would probably think to hide, since Im tired, half-blind and naked. However, I can't get back to Ben without walking past the door, so my instincts say Fight. I need to make a stand, because what if this burglar finds Ben asleep in the ring?

I press my back against the wall and wait. I hear the burglar's shoe squeak on the concrete floor. He's coming close. I tense, stop breathing and close my eyes, in anticipation, leaving them open just a crack. Fuck, Im scared.

I see the shape of a big dude emerge and I blindly swing the chair, smashing it over the back of his head. He cries out, but doesnt go down, so I hit him again over his broad back, which is bare. Who is this? The shirtless prowler?

The big guy stumbles into a cart of metal posts, sending them crashing across the floor. I hit him across his bare back again then I toss the chair aside. I'm a little disoriented by the noise, but I still manage to tackle the shirtless prowler to the floor from behind. I lock his right arm behind his back and plant a forearm across the back of his head pinning him down. He's struggling. He's big. He's strong. And not just shirtless, hes naked. Well, not naked, because he is wearing a jock and sneakers.

Before my sleep addled brain can process any more, the bare-butted burglar powers up and elbows me hard in the side of the head. I'm flipped onto my back and mounted in a pin.

I hear a familiar voice say, "Cody?"

I look up through foggy eyes, "Ryan?"

In unison, we ask, "What are you doing here? And why are you naked?"

Before we can resolve anything, Ryan (6'4"/250-lbs) is tackled off me by a naked blur of muscle. Oh, I guess Ben's awake. He must have woken up and come running when he heard the crash. I prop myself up on my elbows and watch in stunned silence as naked Ben (6'0"/205-lbs) and jockstrapped Ryan go at it.

I should say something to stop this, but I'm a little slow thanks to Ryan's punch to my jaw. Yeah, Ryans punch, not because it's fucking hot to watch this. Damn, wheres my iPhone?

So, anyway, Ben tackles Ryan off me. Ryan's a big boy, but with a running start, Ben just flattens him. They roll over, stopping with Ben atop Ryan's back. Ben locks on a rear naked choke, but Ryan shifts to avoid being put out. The big man rises to hands and knees, with Ben straddling his back. As Ryan starts to push Ben off him, the smaller stud impresses me by kicking Ryan's right hand out, toppling them back to the floor.

Ryan elbows Ben's side and pushes him off. Ryan rises, but Ben tackles him down again. The two struggle for top, fighting hard. Their muscles are pumped as their naked bodies press, punch and twist for position. My old friend takes my new fuck buddy down, but Ben manages to wrap on a front headlock, locking Ryan's head in his left armpit and pulling it to the floor. Ryan grunts as Ben swings his feet around the big man's body. From the ground, Ben controls Ryan, wrapping him up and applying a lot of pressure.

Ryan's face is down, his bare ass in the air as Ben struggles to control my oversized ex-best friend. I've learned from personal experience that both these guys are freaking strong. It's a rough struggle, with neither relenting. Both men's veins are popping and their skin is glistening with sweat. Ryan fires fists into Ben's side, but Ben squeezes the body scissors hard. He brings down a hard forearm over Ryan's back, slowing the big man down for a moment. Ben slides his right arm under Ryan's left arm then grabs his own left tricep, pinning Ryan's left arm up behind his head.

Ryan's bare ass looks amazingly hot framed in the jock, elevated in the air, as his upper body is tied up. His right hand supporting himself and his left arm is trapped behind his head. Ben has Ryan's head bent and neck stretched. Add in a killer body scissor and Ryan's in trouble. I slowly rise up, shaking my head. I still dont say anything, but neither guy seems to even remember Im here.

Ryan is big, tough and resourceful. He's grunting loudly as Ben dominates. Ryan stops struggling, which could mean submission, but I doubt it. Ryan's locked up, but his legs are free. I figure that he's just gathering his strength. Suddenly, Ryan screams, his adrenaline flowing. I watch in amazement as he thrusts his left arm free. The big man then powers off the floor, as though Ben isn't there. Ben hangs onto the headlock and scissors, but then Ryan rams him into the wall. Ben sags from the impact, releasing his holds.

Ryan tries to back off enough to punch Ben, but the smaller dude recovers fast. He charges, surprising Ryan. The two men run across the hall, where Ben slams Ryan into the black painted wall hard. Ouch. I should do something to stop this. Ben manages to fire in a couple of body shots then trip Ryan to the floor. Ben straddles him, his smooth muscled back and ass in plain view. You know what, Ill say something in a minute. I don't think my heads clear yet. Ben leans forward, putting his forearm over Ryans throat in a choke.

Ryan doesnt suffer long. He throws Ben over. The two struggle for top on the floor again. Ryans weight advantage helps a lot, but Ben is wiry. They topple back again. Ryan manages to pull Ben up again through sheer strength of will. He rams Ben's back into the wall hard. Ben moans and goes limp.

Ryan grabs Ben around the throat and Ben's arms fall to the side, his legs fall limply to the floor. The bigger man draws back his fist. He never gets to punch Ben, because I step in, holding his arm.

"Whoa, big fella! Guys, stop. Stop. Stop." Ryan and Ben look at me, confused, red and breathing hard. Ryan reluctantly peels his hand from Bens throat and backs off, but the two stare each other down.

I finally calm the two of them down, making introductions and explaining who is who. I describe Ryan as a friend and business partner. He doesn't object to the friend part, something of which I take note. Ryan explains that he needed to work out and that his gym isn't open. I explain that Ben and I were wrestling and then decided to take a break. They shake hands, checking each other out. Suddenly, I'm invisible again, which has never happened to me before, especially when I'm naked.

Ryan finishes looking Ben up and down then glances at me, checking out my nakedness. He smirks and says, "Wrestling. Right."

I check Ryan out in his now tented jock. I smirk and say, "Working out. Right. You know, as a personal trainer, I should tell you that's not exactly proper gym attire."

After a little back and forth, Ryan announces hes going back to the gym area. Ben leans in and whispers to me, "Cody, are you ready to wrestle again?" I nod. As Ryan returns to the exercise room, Ben asks me something else. I pause and try to work out the angles. I finally nod, consenting to Ben's idea.

Ben calls out, "Why don't you work out with us, Ryan? In the ring."

Ryan pauses in the doorway and thinks longer than I did. I'm sure he wants to and would wrestle Ben in a minute if I wasn't here.

I say, "You can just wrestle Ben if you want, Ryan. It was hot to watch. I mean, it WOULD BE hot to watch." Ben looks at me, eyebrow raised. Of course he doesnt know the history, so he's surprised. However, we never have to discuss it further, because Ryan surprises me again tonight.

The big man says, "No, Im cool. Lets try a three-way.

Lets Get Ready to Rumble

As Ben and I head into the ring area, Ryan grabs his bag and clothes from the gym area. He joins us as were changing. I opt for a skimpy red thong with a great pouch. My ass will be exposed, but its comfortable, sexy and both these studs have seen my butt before.

Ben chooses an amazing white pair of think pro-style trunks.

Ryan dons a pair of traditional black pro-style trunks.

Ryan asks, Are we doing boots?

Ben says, If you got em, wear em, stud.

We move to different corners outside the ring to put our boots on. It doesn't take long before the three of us are dressed and ready to go.

We stretch and bounce in the ring. The logical move would be for Ben and I to gang up on big Ryan, but I don't like the feeling of that, not when our friendship is on life support. I decide that I'll go after Ben, let him get the advantage and let them team up against me to start. Yeah, it'll hurt, but it's worth it. Ryan's different with me tonight. Hes laughing and teasing as we warm up. I really don't want to ruin it.

Of course, typical of my luck lately, Ben takes the decision out of my hands.

One-on-Two: Stuck in the Middle

Ben, who is the smallest man in the ring, makes the first move. The minute we agree to start, Ben springs out of his stretch and charges Ryan. He pushes Ryan into the corner and drives a knee into Ryan's midsection. Unfortunately for Ben, Ryan's not a normal guy. He shrugs it off and pushes Ben off him with authority. Ben flies back, landing on his back, but deftly rolling all the way over into a crouch.

Ryan flexes, showing off his large muscles to Ben. The big man looks at me with a quizzical look, perhaps noticing that I didn't charge in with Ben. He says to both of us, but while staring at me, "Bring it on, boys!"

I raise an eyebrow and Ryan nods subtly with a wry smile. I don't know if Ben's seeing or following any of this, but he's waiting. I smile and nod at Ryan's invitation. I just hope he means it. Ryans big, but not so big that he can take both of us easily. Ben and I move in towards Ryan cautiously. I move ahead of Ben as Ryan braces in the corner. The big man watches us carefully, darting his eyes back-and-forth.

Ben and I don't have a plan, but it's pretty obvious we should wear Ryan down. I think we should do that together, but Ben has other ideas. He surprises me by moving in behind me and shoving me in the back hard. Ben charges forward, using me as a battering ram. I fly into an equally surprised Ryan. We collide hard in the corner, me on top of the big stud.

Ben backs up then quickly runs in behind me, splashing across my back. Ryan's crushed by our 420-lbs of muscle and I'm sandwiched. Only Ben escaped unscathed as he bounces back to his feet. He follows up by grabbing my wrist and pulling me off Ryan. Ben whips me out towards the middle of the ring, but then reverses course, boomeranging me back into Ryan, who's just stepping out of the corner.

We collide hard, again, my forehead hitting his chin and my 215-lbs slamming into him at full speed. Ryan doesnt have a glass jaw, but he still stumbles back into the corner. The big stud sags a little as I lie against him. We're both a little slow to move, which is a problem because Ben's not stopping. The stud in white delivers an impressive drop kick to my upper back, crushing me against Ryan again.

Ben grabs the back of my head and slams it forward, smashing my face into Ryan's shoulder and bulging pec. It's like a face smash into the turnbuckle, only I'm hitting Ryan's thick muscle, which is harder. For Ryan, it's like a headbutt to his body. Ryan tries to reach for Ben, but my arms are pinning his down as they hang across his bicep. The big muscleman in the black trunks tries to push me off him, but Ben turns and slams his shoulder into my back, driving me into Ryan with all his might.

Ryan wants to, but can't get out of the corner, as I rest on top of him. I'm not happy being the buffer and battering ram, but I give Ben credit for creativity. At this point, Im just trying to regain my wits. Meanwhile, the smallest stud in the ring charges in again and slams his shoulder into my lower back. When I arch back, Ben grabs my hair and wrist. He pulls me off Ryan, flinging me out of the ring to the floor below. I land on my side, sitting up and looking back at the ring.

I decide to rest and watch, accepting this as my chance to re-focus.

One-on-One: Against All Odds

With me out of the way, Ben kicks his boot right into a stunned Ryan's abs. As Ryan bends forward, he's met with a forearm to the side of his head. Ben hops up on Ryan, planting his feet on the big man's thighs and placing his hands behind his head. Ben leans back, flipping Ryan over top in a monkey flip.

Outside the ring, I rise to my feet. I stretch out a little and adjust my red thong. I don't race back into the ring. I'd much rather watch Ben/Ryan round two for a while. Damn, I wish I had popcorn.

Ryan lands hard on his amazing ass. Its always a little disorienting to be flipped, so Ryan sits for just a second. A second is too long, though, because Ben's still not stopping. I can guess what hes thinking hes the smallest, Ryan and I are friends, and both Ryan and I have overpowered him already tonight. Ben knows he needs to be aggressive and hes definitely delivering.

As Ryan sits, Ben runs across the ring and leaps over the oversized stud. As he flies over top, he grabs the back of Ryan's head and pulls it down between Ryan's knees. He lets go and Ryan snaps back from the force of the neckbreaker. Ryan's kicking the mat, clutching his head while Ben rolls up to a crouch.

Ben runs and leaps in the air. He lands a knee into Ryans wide-open and unflexed abs. The big man grunts as 205-lbs of power drives into his midsection. Ben follows up with several fists before Ryan can push him off. Ryan rolls to hands and knees, but Ben tackles him down. I see Ben go for Ryans arm. The two struggle for control, with Ben holding his own.

The smaller muscle stud plants his feet wide for stability as Ryan bridges to turn him. He holds his left forearm across Ryans face and grabs Ryans left wrist, holding it bent and close to the big mans ear. Ryan punches Bens side, but without being able to wind up, its to no effect. Bens showing his smarts and skills by not letting Ryan use his strength and weight advantage. The smaller stud manages to keep Ryan on his back, but he cant get a submission hold in place.

Ben wraps his right leg over Ryans. Slowly, Bens tying the big man up, limiting his options to ineffective short punches. I can hear them grunting and see the tension on their faces. With his free right hand, Ben reaches down and grabs Ryans black spandex-covered package. He gives it a playful squeeze, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Ryan. With the big muscle stud distracted, Ben unloads some quick strikes into Ryans lower abs.

Ryan tries bridging and turning, but Ben counters fast. He uses his leg to pull the big studs right leg out. When Ben moves his hand into Ryans left inner thigh and pushes down, the big mans legs are split, immobilizing Ryan and putting pressure on his groin. As strong as Ben is, theres no way his hand can control Ryans mighty left leg, so the split is at best annoying.

Ben realizes that hes controlling Ryan, but not really hurting him. He unwraps his right leg from Ryans and slides parallel over Ryan. The men lie torso to torso, with the bigger studs face and left arm still under Bens power. The smaller muscle mans legs slide under Ryans and he locks his feet inside Ryans knees. With a quick thrust, he splits the big studs legs in a grapevine.

Ryan moans as his arm and groin ache. Ben senses that hes finally cracked Ryans invulnerability, giving him the strength to spread even wider. Ryans flexible for a big dude, but hes still mostly muscle. Im really impressed by Bens performance. I doubt hell get a submission from this, but hes putting up a good fight.

Ben must have Ryans attention, because it seems like my ex-best friend is finally making a real push for freedom. He grabs Bens left elbow and pushes while extending his left arm up. This forces the forearm up off his face and relieves the pressure on his left arm. Able to turn and look at Ben for the first time in minutes, Ryan swings his left shoulder to the right and elbows the side of Bens head. Next two hard rights connect under Bens arm, causing him to lose the grapevine.

Ryan closes his legs and pushes Ben off him. The big man rolls to his right, away from Ben. Ryan kneels, his face red and breathing labored. It never looks like much, but mat work is tough sledding. Both of them are showing fatigue, but both are smiling. Ben climbs to his feet and Ryan joins him. They circle the ring.

Ryan says, We should team up and kick Codys ass for just standing there and jerking off for ten minutes while we wrestle.

Ben smirks. He says, Codyll get his after I finish kicking your ass.

Ryan moves his fingers in a bring it motion. They move to lock up. Ben tries to dive under Ryans arms for a leg takedown, but the big man was ready. His knee was already on the way up, slamming into Bens face. The smaller stud falls against Ryans big left leg, stunned. The bigger stud reaches down and grabs Bens neck and tricep. He forces Ben to his feet then rams him back into the corner, hard.

Ryan whips Ben across the ring, slamming him into the opposite turnbuckle. Bens face shows the pain as he hangs there. Ryan charges in with a knee. He backs off then lifts his big boot into Bens abs, kicking him three times before reaching between Bens legs and lifting him up. Ryan moves to the center of the ring, holding Ben across his chest with just one arm. When hes in position, Ryan looks at me.

The big stud says, Get ready. This is almost over and youre next.

WHAM! Ryan slams Ben to the mat with a body slam. Ben moans in pain as he feels the slam throughout his body. Ryan kicks Ben over onto his stomach. He flexes for me, with his foot planted on Bens lower back. When hes done, Ryan bends over and lifts Bens left leg in the air. I wonder whats coming.

With a tight hold on Bens left ankle, Ryan plants his foot in the middle of Bens back. He grabs Bens right wrist and lifts. Ben is bent in the powerful standing bow and arrow hold. He moans in pain as Ryan tortures his back. Its hot watching Ben be pulled and stretched by the bigger stud. My red thong is full, as my cock is swollen. Theres a dot of pre-cum thats soaked through.

Im excited, but I can see Bens in real trouble. Its been fun, but I guess its time for me to get back into the ring.

To be continued ...

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