Friday, April 3, 2015

Route 69 S104: Dallas TX

"You trying out?"

I'm getting in my morning workout, doing my own thing, when I suddenly feel the presence of two muscular pro wrestlers flanking me.

I'm working out at the facility of the Texas Rasslin Association in Dallas Texas, while my best friend Jeff auditions for the federation. The two wrestlers move closer, coming into my field of vision on either side of the treadmill's display. I actually recognize them from the TRA website (and two gay wrestling blogs I follow where their bodies have been highlighted). Their ring names are Prince Khosrow and his bodyguard Scimitar.

"The Prince" is the one on my right. He's young, beefy (210-lbs) and short (only 5'6" tall). He's boyishly cute, even with his dark spotty beard. I love his smooth olive skin and meaty body, which isn't shredded, but muscular in all the right ways - big shoulders, bulging pecs and a firm, but not ripped stomach. The muscleman's arms and legs are thick and obviously powerful.

"Scimitar" is on my left. He is the TRA's resident giant, standing 6'5". He's 250-pounds of muscle, but that's actually lean stretched out with his height. He's really handsome with a dark complexion, his face framed by his rich black hair and beard. He's shaved his torso smooth, but you can see remnants of the thick mat, almost as a five o'clock shadow on his muscled body.

Together, these two portray the TRA's anti-American Arab heels. My mother was Lebanese, so I'm not a fan of this particular pro wrestling stereotype. If there were good Arab characters to counter them, it wouldn't be so bad, but it seems lazy and cliche. Still, these guys are not their characters, so I smile and nod.

The shorter one says, "HEY! You deaf or something?"

I respond, "Sorry, was in the zone. Didn't realize you were talking to me. What'd you say?"

The short one asks me again, "You trying out?"

Even though his tone isn't exactly welcoming, I stay friendly, "No. My buddy is." I point to Jeff across the gym in the ring. "I'm Ben, by the way."

They both look over at the ring, see Jeff then seem to relax. I suddenly wonder if they were worried that I was challenging their turf as resident Arab studs. With tensions diffused, they introduce themselves as Abdi (shorter, beefier) and Yusuf (taller, ripped). The two wrestlers go back to watching Jeff run through his moves on the other side of the gym. I keep running, figuring they're done with me.

Abdi says to Yusuf, "Oh yeah, I've actually seen that guy. Lots of pics of him online lately. He's pretty good up there."

Yusuf says, "He's handsome, blue-eyed and shredded. They probably want him to be the next American we destroy."

I instinctively roll my eyes, which Abdi sees. He asks, "What?"

I'm embarrassed at being caught. I say, "Sorry. Nothing."

Yusuf says, "Right. Let me guess, you think we're perpetuating a negative stereotype. You think we should rise up and demand to be face characters."

I slow down the treadmill to 4 MPH and start a comfortable walking pace before I respond. I admit, "Okay, yeah. I do think that. Why do Arab wrestlers always have to be heels? Why can't we be the heroes? Were you even give the chance to be faces?"

Our conversation becomes a heated debate about personal responsibility, community standards and pro wrestling portrayals of all minorities. Apparently I'm not the first guy to say this to them, they even hear it from their families. It gets personal, as they go so far as to challenge my credentials, pointing out I'm Benjamin, not Binyameen. Our voices must carry throughout the expansive space, because Jeff comes over and asks what the problem is. I stop the treadmill completely to explain the debate. Jeff sighs. I know that "wrestling stereotypes" is an area where we don't agree, but Jeff starts to defend my view anyway.

I quickly end the debate, refusing to argue any more or to get Jeff involved. I acknowledge that it's their right to do what they want. Changing the topic, I ask Jeff how things went and he says it went great. He is going to be an All-American wrestler fighting these two. Yusuf smirks at being right. Jeff will be jobbing, but that's to be expected. It'll still be great exposure. The promoter comes over and everyone gets officially introduced. Abdi, Yusuf and Jeff all head back to the ring, leaving me to finish my workout in peace.

In the locker room, I'm stopped by Abdi on my way to the shower. I wonder if he's still pissed at my opinion. Instead, he asks if I'm gay. I confirm I am, wondering what his point is. He tells me that he and Yusuf are gay, too. Just as I think we're about to be buddies, he flips the script.

"We've got a ring in our garage. We're challenging you and Jeff to a stakes tag match. Losers get fucked."

I pause for a minute. It doesn't seem like a friendly invitation. I finally respond, "Sorry, but I don't think we're going for that. For one thing, Jeff's not -"

Before I can finish my sentence, Jeff and Yusuf come up and interrupt. They look serious as Jeff says, "Dude, tonight we can kick these losers' asses in their own ring. You up for it?"

I pull Jeff aside, questioning if he understands their challenge. He does. Jeff tells me that if he wins, Yusuf and Abdi are promising he can control the action in their matches. He'll still lose in the end, but he can hit every high spot he knows. Jeff reminds me that these matches are televised and watched by the big boys. I tell him it's still not worth the risk, but he feels it is. I shrug my shoulders before we re-join the guys and accept their challenge.

The Road to Dallas

As we get into my vintage Corvette outside the gym, Jeff says, "Fuck, this is awesome. I gotta map out my best moves. This is huge."

"I just hope you know what you're risking."

Jeff reminds me, "Not the first stakes match for me, buddy."

"I know that, but I've been fucked after losing matches before. You haven't. You've always won. I'm worried you don't appreciate the potential consequences of losing on your straight guy psyche."

Jeff shrugs, "What consequences? Gettin' fucked? I'll live. If I ever lose. And that's a big if. I'm more worried I ruined your evenin'. Didn't even ask you if you were gonna be trollin' for cowboys tonight."

I smile, "Are there actually real cowboys in Dallas?"

Jeff says, "If there are, you'll find 'em. Damn, this TRA thing is such a huge opportunity for me. They've got a weekly fuckin' TV show. Fuck, it's gotta go right."

I ask Jeff, "Nervous? About this run with TRA, I mean."

Jeff and I are always honest with each other, so he admits, "Hell yeah. I mean, I know my shit, but every fed's different. I'd sure hate to come all this way and not wrestle my best. I mean, this is a lot bigger than CLAW. One guy just made it to the WWL and last year, two went to the AWL. Not bad."

I reassure my best friend, "You'll do great. TRA might be bigger than our beloved Championship League of American Wrestling, but their boss can't be any tougher than Derek."

"Ain't that the truth. I gotta thank you again, buddy. It's your promotin' me that got me this gig. Plus drivin' me all the way here and staying with me for a few weeks. I thought I was done when Derek said he was shuttin' down for a month to go to Japan with Mitch and Eddie, but this ain't so bad."

"Are you kidding? It's great. You know, it's your skill that got you this chance. All I did was post the matches and pics. You did the hard work. And, for your information, I'm still putting you and the other guys out there. I can manage my job of marketing CLAW and its wrestlers from anywhere. We'll still be making news, even during this month-long hiatus."

"Cool. You know, you're really awesome at this, Ben." Jeff stares off to the side as we cruise to our temporary apartment. He says, "Fuck, I can't wait to wrestle tonight."

Getting Ready

When we arrive, Abdi shows us to the ring in their garage. It's nice. He leaves us alone to get changed while he and Yusuf do the same. Jeff and I decide to both wear our American gear tonight. We'll match thematically, if not being exact duplicates. I quickly strip off my clothes then pull on my red, white and blue trunks over a white thong.

As a 6'/205-lbs recreational wrestler, I'm normally considered big and strong. Tonight, though, I'm the lightest guy here. I'm also the least experienced in a ring and probably the weakest guy here. Not a great combination. Abdi's short, but built like a brick wall and Yusuf's obviously a beast. To take my mind off the odds and consequences, I look over the ring, admiring the setup. It's a big space and the ring is very professional. The ring is only a couple of feet off the floor, but otherwise it's a perfect pro ring.

Jeff is also changed and ready to go. My buddy casually stretches out as he waits. He looks great in his patriotic gear, which highlights his 6'2"/225-lbs sculpted body. I'm more sure than ever that he'll be successful in this brief stint in the TRA. When fans see him, they'll have to cheer. But first, we need to settle this match. If we lose, we're literally fucked, but it also probably means Jeff's TRA appearance won't be the triumph he's hoping for.

We're stretching out together when we hear Abdi's voice, "Aw, you chose matching jobber gear. How cute. Nice to see you're ready to be destroyed."

Abdi strolls in, looking confident and smoking hot. At 5'6"/210-lbs, the muscleman is so cute and beefy, I'm already horny for him. He is squeezed into tight black trunks with gold flames coming from the side. I'm especially in love with his smooth stomach, which looks incredibly punchable.

Behind him, Yusuf strolls in wearing a stone-faced scowl. He's opted for classic black gear - trunks, boots, pads, plus a keffiyeh. Yusuf's shaved body is nicely proportioned, especially for a big man. I'm more focused on his height. 6'5" is damn tall. He towers over Abdi by almost a foot, which makes him even more intimidating. I'm suddenly feeling the pressure as this whole thing becomes real.

I get Abdi's initial comment. Together, they do look very heel-ish, especially compared with our choice of All-American face apparel. In every gay wrestling video I've ever watched, the guy wearing the skimpy American gear gets his ass kicked by the muscleman in black. Badly. Hopefully, this match doesn't follow that particular trope.

Yusuf dramatically strips off the keffiyeh and I notice the front of his trunks is already bulging. And his cock looks as big as the rest of him.

Jeff and I huddle in our corner. Jeff decides to lead off. When he moves into the ring, Abdi steps forward to greet him while Yusuf steps over the top rope into their corner. The shorter man is not chiseled like Jeff, but his muscles are huge. There's no doubt he's strong, especially as he flexes his biceps.

I'm amazed at how his body expands. It's both hot and intimidating, which I'm sure was his intention. The two musclestuds shake out their arms and start to circle.

It's go time.

Round One

Abdi and Jeff lock up almost immediately in a collar-and-elbow. They press against each other, their muscles straining. I watch the pump build quickly as they press and turn against one another. Both these guys are strong, but as they grow, Abdi's muscles are actually bigger. I quickly realize how perfectly built for wrestling the shorter muscle stud is. He's a real tank with a low center of gravity. Jeff holds out well, but he starts to give way.

Once Abdi builds up steam, he gains the advantage and drives Jeff into the corner hard. CLANG! Jeff winces on impact. The shorter beefcake drives in, elevating his knee into Jeff's chiseled abs. OOF! He drops his leg then immediately powers it up again. OOF! Jeff grunts as the thick thigh pounds into his stomach for a second time.

Abdi grabs Jeff's wrist and whips him across the ring into the opposite corner. CLANG! Jeff bounces out right into Abdi's clutches. He's whipped across the ring again, slamming into the opposite corner. CLANG! This time when he bounces out, Abdi puts his hands on Jeff's chest and pouch. Using the All-American musclehunk's momentum, the stocky beefcake actually presses Jeff up over his head, lifting my buddy into the air with a shoulder press.

Jeff hangs up there, as Abdi shows off his strength, easily carrying the taller musclestud around the ring for a whole turn. Abdi actually does three shoulder presses, bringing Jeff's body down until his abs hit the top of Abdi's head then forcing him up. After the third press, Abdi casually lowers Jeff's chest and pushes up on his legs, flipping him over for a huge bodyslam. CRASH! Jeff lands hard, arching his back and moaning.

Abdi forces Jeff up to his feet and slams him into the corner. Jeff sags as his back takes more punishment. The beefy wrestler backs up then slaps Jeff across his handsome face. SMACK! Jeff sags even lower in the corner, his cheek red and stinging from the hard hand.

"C'mon, bitch! I thought you'd be the tough one!"

I guess this really isn't going to be a friendly match. Abdi turns and chops Jeff across the chest. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! The sculpted musclehunk suddenly lashes out, pushing Abdi off him. The shorter wrestler stumbles back as Jeff charges forward. The All-American wrestler levels Abdi with a clothesline, dropping him hard onto his broad shoulder and neck. WHOMP!

Jeff stops short, right beside Abdi's head then launches up, flipping over and crashing down on top of the beefy wrestler. SPLASH! Abdi moans as Jeff lands on top of him. With the momentum turned, Jeff pounds his fists into Abdi's heaving pecs, pounding the muscles with hard blows. POW! POW! POW! The sound of the blows echo through the garage.

Abdi rolls away, but when he reaches his stomach, Jeff mounts him across the back. My buddy slams his forearm across Abdi's shoulders then the forces his hands underneath his opponent's arms. Before the thick shorty can react, Jeff is locking his hands into a full nelson. The chiseled musclestud drags Abdi to his feet by the tight hold. The shorter wrestler's thick shoulders are collapsed by the force of Jeff's powerful grip.

Abdi moans as he's squeezed, but he's nowhere near submitting. Jeff doesn't even ask. Instead, my partner drives forward, slamming his beefy opponent into the corner, chest and stomach first. WHAM! Abdi goes limp in the nelson as he's hammered into the turnbuckles. Jeff pulls him back then does it again. WHAM! OOF!

With total control over the thick muscleman, Jeff pulls him out to the center of the ring. He actually powers Abdi up to his tiptoes before starting to spin. WHOA! Abdi's boots lift off the ground as he's tortured in the full nelson/airplane spin combination. ARGH! Jeff lets go and Abdi flies across the squared circle, bouncing off his plump ass into a neutral corner. Abdi clings to the middle turnbuckle for dear life as he tries to regain focus.

Jeff grabs Abdi by the waistband of his trunks and drags the wobbly beefcake to his feet. With shocking speed, Jeff spins and clotheslines Abdi back to the mat. WHOMP! My buddy circles his prey, clearly in domination mode. He stomps Abdi's body, punishing the beefy muscleman mercilessly. As he moves around, Jeff circles in front of Yusuf in the corner. Jeff isn't close, but with Yusuf's nearly 7-foot wingspan, he's close enough. The giant reaches out and grabs Jeff's hair. He pulls back, hard, sending Jeff to the canvas fast. WHAM!

"HEY!" I yell, pissed at the cheap move. Yusuf just laughs at me.

The giant grabs the bulge in his black trunks and shakes it at me, taunting me to do something about it. I start to enter the ring, but Jeff springs up and dives at the super-tall superstud. Jeff dives in between the top and second ropes with an elbow to Yusuf's gut. OOF! He follows up with a forearm to the big man's chin that sends him flying back out of the corner onto the floor. WHACK!

Jeff rises to his feet. His face is red and he looks angry. I bring my leg back out of the ring as he stares down the just rising Abdi. The All-American muscleman runs back and charges forward. He leaps in the air for a crossbody block that topples Abdi back to the mat. WHAM! Jeff springs up and lays into the stocky wrestler with his boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I lose count as he pummels Abdi's entire body with boots, knee drops and elbow drops. When he's done with the front, he kicks Abdi onto his back and starts again. POW! STOMP! CRACK! THUD!

Abdi desperately tries to roll away, but Jeff has other ideas. He grabs Abdi by the hair and forces him up. Jeff locks on a front facelock and grabs the side of the beefy stud's trunks. Like lightning, Jeff lifts and flips, slamming Abdi onto his back with a snap suplex. WHAM! Jeff refuses to let go, dragging the shorter muscleman up and suplexing him again then again for a third time. WHAM! WHAM!

Jeff springs to his feet, leaving his devastated opponent unable to move on the mat. The dominant muscleman grabs Abdi's boot and wrist and spins his carcass perpendicular to the corner. Jeff hops up the corner until he's perched on the top turnbuckle. Jeff raises his arms as he measures up his opponent.

Suddenly, the ring starts shaking. Over in his corner, Yusuf is pulling on the top rope. Jeff loses his balance, his feet slipping off either side of the small turnbuckle. WHOA! The handsome musclehunk lands hard, with the corner slamming up between his legs! CLANG! ARGH! Jeff's package crashes down onto the corner and he looks like he's about to puke. My buddy leans forward, moaning in pain as he tries to re-focus from having his balls crushed against the barely padded metal joint.

I'm fucking pissed again at the cheating, but I don't really know what to do about it. Both legal men are in trouble now, but Jeff manages to suck it up. He falls forward then pulls himself to his feet by the ropes. He reaches into his trunks and adjusts his bulge, slowly and carefully. I see him wince, knowing he's still feeling the pain. Abdi rolls onto his stomach and slides up to his hands and knees.

Jeff moves in as Abdi makes a desperate dive for the corner. Jeff manages to catch Abdi's boot and drag him back from Yusuf's outstretched hand. The giant makes a move likes he's going to come into the ring anyway, which catches Jeff's attention. Unfortunately, it was a ruse. Abdi kicks his boot back, slamming it into a distracted Jeff's knee. CRACK! Jeff drops Abdi's boot and staggers back into the ropes.

The stocky muscleman gets a burst of energy, springing up to his feet. Both Yusuf and I are asking for the tag, but Jeff and Abdi ignore us. They're both determined to keep going. Abdi charges at Jeff, barreling into him before he can defend himself. When the two musclemen hit the ropes, Abdi forces Jeff's head back then slams a series of forearms onto his ripped chest. THUD! THUD! THUD! I see Jeff go limp, giving Abdi the chance to whip him across the ring.

Jeff bounces off the ropes and the two studs slam into each other with shoulder blocks. WHAM! Both guys fall back into the ropes on opposite sides of the ring. Yusuf and I implore them to tag out, but they're too busy staring at each other. They move out and circle again. Both of them are tired and in need of a break, but their egos and pride are as big as their muscles. Yusuf and I reach out to force a tag, but Abdi and Jeff evade our outstretched arms.

When Jeff's back is to me, Abdi darts forward, going low. He manages to topple Jeff onto his back. The beefy muscleman lifts Jeff's legs into the air, locking them under his armpits. I wonder if he's going to go for a Boston crab, but instead, he wedges his feet under Jeff's back. Abdi falls back, slingshotting Jeff up and throwing him into the opposition corner. I see too late that Yusuf has his leg up over the top turnbuckle. Jeff slams face first into the giant's size 15 black leather wrestling boot! CRACK!

Jeff staggers back a step, but Abdi is up and ready. He leaps surprisingly high for a short muscleman, dropkicking Jeff's back, sending him flying back into the corner and Yusuf's waiting boot. THUD! CRACK! Once again, I'm pissed at the outside interference. As Yusuf pounds on Jeff, Abdi turns and shoots me the finger. Fuck! I've had enough. Like an amateur, I charge in, only to be shoulder blocked down to the mat by the charging rhino named Abdi. WHAM!

Abdi stands over me then reaches down, grabbing the waistband of my American trunks. He yanks them down, roughly tearing them down my legs and over my boots. Stripped to my white thong, I still struggle for breath from the hard shoulder block. Abdi tosses my trunks to his partner then moves in behind me as I try to crawl away.

Abdi says, "Woo, nice ass. You're just begging to be fucked!"

Yusuf is busy choking Jeff with my trunks in the corner as Abdi grabs my hair and pulls me to my feet. He pushes me back into my corner hard. When I bounce off, he's waiting. Just as he did to Jeff, the stocky musclestud presses me over his head. I go up, suddenly afraid about what's to happen. I can't think of a counter before Abdi charges then throws me over the top rope. I slam into the garage's wall then tumble down to the floor. I'm seeing stars as Abdi returns to punishing Jeff.

I struggle to rise. I hear pounding and stomping and assume its Jeff being doubleteamed, but I can't do anything about it. Luckily, I'm not seriously injured, but it takes me more than a minute to shake this off. I finally struggle to the corner and climb to my feet. I hang over the top rope, surveying the damage my failed attempt interference has caused to my best friend.

Across the ring, my tag partner is being doubleteamed and manhandled. Yusuf is holding Jeff's arms draped over the top rope and bent up his back. Abdi is running his shoulder into Jeff's abs. The awesome 8-pack looks red and his stomach no longer looks as tight and hard as it did. I summon my strength and charge in again, feeling like I need to do something.

I race in, aiming to at least buy Jeff some time. Yusuf utters a sharp, single tone. I don't really take notice, until Abdi kicks back, driving his boot back into a donkey kick. WHOMP! The sound was a signal and the kick connects into my lower abs, winding me. Abdi turns and slaps me across my face. SMACK! The hard hand drops me to the mat. I writhe on the mat as Abdi turns from Jeff towards me.

The stocky muscleman stomps me then forces me to my feet. He slaps my bare butt, leaving a red mark across my smooth flesh. SMACK! He does it again, harder the second time. SMACK!

I let out a yelp and arch my back, which is a huge mistake. As I lean back from the hard butt slap, Abdi leans into my back and easily hoists me across his shoulders into a deadly over-the-shoulder backbreaker. ARGH! I moan as I'm tortured in the powerful submission hold. I see Jeff struggling in the corner. Even though he's upside down to me, I can make out what happened while I was being spanked and lifted. Yusuf has bound Jeff's wrists with my trunks, trapping his arms behind him over the corner.

The giant is choking him from behind with his long arm while his partner is racking me. Abdi pulls down on the backbreaker. I don't submit and he doesn't ask, as there's no point, because Jeff's the legal man. I hang limp and helpless across his broad shoulders as he moves back to the corner where his partner has bound Jeff. Abdi leans into Jeff's battered body.

As I struggle, I catch a glimpse of our opponents. As they choke Jeff and break my back, they take a moment to kiss. The two studs make out, excited by their total domination of us. Even as my head falls back, I can hear their lips smacking and moans of excitement. Jeff and I are powerless to do anything, so their romantic interlude is all the more humiliating.

With the kiss done, the stocky stud backs up. He positions himself then lifts his boot, driving it into Jeff's abs, as though he doesn't even notice my weight across his shoulders. However, I'm not just a slab of beef - when I feel him go to one foot again, I struggle hard, flailing my arms and legs. Abdi loses his balance and we topple to the canvas.

Yusuf leans over the ropes, yelling at Abdi, who is slow to rise beside me. I'm on my back, staring to the corner when I see that Jeff has managed to free his wrists. The handsome muscleman turns and drives his elbow into the leaning giant's head. CRACK!  Jeff gets all his 225-lbs of muscle behind it and Yusuf is sent flying off the apron to the concrete garage floor.

Jeff slumps back into the corner as Abdi rises. He moves to charge Jeff, but I reach out and grab his ankle. The stocky stud trips and falls face first into Jeff's rising knee. CRACK! Abdi falls back onto the mat and Jeff dives on top of him. The handsome All-American musclehunk grabs a leg and pins the stunned Abdi.

As I lie there, I start slapping the mat. ONE! Pause. TWO! Yusuf is up and climbing into the ring, but he's too late. THREE! I slap the mat for the three-count and the first fall is over. Jeff rolls off Abdi, who holds his head in shock.

Yusuf swears and kicks the ropes and corner. I struggle up and help Jeff to our corner. We hug and laugh at our good luck.

Yusuf points at us, "I'm going to crush you! After I'm done with you in the next two falls, you won't be able to walk!"

The giant helps Abdi up and out of the ring. They spend the five-minute break pacing, cursing and thinking about what could've been.

Jeff and I are happy, but we quickly remember that I am starting the next round against the furious and over-sized Yusuf. Uh oh.

Round Two

Yusuf and I climb into the ring. The big man looks pissed. Neither of us were tagged in during the entire first fall, but we both saw some action. The few blows Jeff gave Yusuf were nothing compared to what happened to me, so I'm being extra careful. Luckily, I wrestled a guy almost Yusuf's exact size just six months ago in California. I understand the challenge and have a plan.

We circle around, the giant smirking the entire time. When my back is to Abdi, I run backwards, surprising everyone. I drive my elbow back, right into the stocky stud's chin. CRACK! He flies back, caught completely off guard. As I expect, Yusuf charges at me, which gives me the perfect chance to bounce out of the corner and dive under his arms. I tackle the giant to the canvas. WHOMP! I sit up and pin Yusuf's leg to the mat. I drop my knee into his inner thigh over and over, breaking down his right leg. I'm hoping to immobilize him or at least slow the big man down.

Yusuf manages to throw me off him, but as he rises, I lash out with low dropkick that hits his thigh and knee. WHACK! He topples back to the mat, swearing. I grab his leg and twist, stepping over it and locking on a hard knee-stretching leglock. The big man actually moans under me as he slaps the mat in pain and frustration. ARGH! I get in some good punishment before he can kick me off.

A frustrated Yusuf scrambles to his feet and charges at me, but his fury makes him careless. I easily sidestep him then stick out my boot to trip him. The big man stumbles forward, landing face first in his corner. Abdi tags the giant's back. Yusuf gets up as his stocky partner climbs in the ring. They argue, as Yusuf tries to stay in, but Abdi's the legal man. The two musclemen forget about me, so I take advantage. I lunge forward and grab the shorter stud's wrist. I yank him from the corner, whipping him into a stiff clothesline. THUD!

Abdi drops down, but springs right back up. I drive my fists into his stomach with a rapid fire combination of punches. He staggers back into a neutral corner, unable to block my blows. POW! POW! POW! I was right, his stomach is really punchable. So hot, but I can't get distracted. I slam a forearm up across his head then pull him from the corner. I execute a perfect hip toss, sending the beefy stud onto his back.

I immediately start stomping his right shoulder. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I reach down and grab a handful of his thick black hair, dragging him up. I lock on an armbar, torturing his right arm some more. I level forearms across his thick bicep, sending shockwaves of pain into his arm. The muscleman is short enough for me to lift my boot into his armpit. I feel the tension leaving his arm as I keep up the abuse.

Abdi tries to pull his wrist free, but instead, I twist it and wrap it up behind him. I push him into the corner, shoulder first then catch him on the rebound. I lift him up across my chest, his arm still trapped behind his back. He kicks, but I drop him with a bodyslam right on top of his arm. ARGH! Abdi's face shows the pain as he lies at my feet. I deliver more stomps to his shoulder, really breaking down the muscle. I force him back up with an armbar, but Abdi manages to launch up in a flip that frees his wrist.

The stocky stud dives for the corner and makes the tag. SLAP! I back up as Yusuf comes in again. The big man flexes, bouncing his pecs as he stares me down. I can tell he's a little less cocky this time, so I'm going to have to be careful. I can tell he's expecting me to go after his leg, so I feint low. When he matches me, I spring up with a standing dropkick that slams into his chest. OOF! The giant falls into the ropes and bounces off right into my rising knee, which slams into his abs. OOF!

As the big man bends forward, I drive my elbow into his back, but he manages to grab me around the waist. My mighty opponent lifts me up over his shoulder and brings me back down, slamming me onto my back. WHAM! I roll to the side, avoiding his reach. I scramble to my feet, but Yusuf is on me immediately. He forces me into the corner where he chops across my pecs. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! Next thing I know, I'm flying across the ring, slamming into the opposite corner hard. I bounce off, right into his raised foot. WHACK! My face slams into the sole of his boot, dropping me to the canvas. Yusuf brings his boot down onto my abs. OOF!

The giant steps over me, planting all his weight on my stomach before he grabs my hair and drags me up. I fire a fist into his abs, but it bounces off. Yusuf forces me to my feet then pushes me back into the corner. CLANG! He lifts his right boot up against my chest and neck, forcing my head back. My hips and bulge thrust forward as my head is forced back over the top turnbuckle. I flail my arms, pounding on the big man's leg as he chokes me with his boot.

Yusuf drops his boot, but immediately charges in with a clothesline. Next thing I know, I'm flying through the air, thanks to a hip toss. CRASH! I land hard on my tailbone. I turn to tag Jeff, but as I close in, Yusuf drives his boot into the side of my head. I'm stunned by the boot and driven from my partner. Yusuf moves in behind me and grabs me around the waist. He lifts me into a reverse bearhug, squeezing my midsection.

I suffer in the killer grip, my feet dangling above the canvas as I'm carried across the ring to my opponents' corner. Abdi tags in, hitting his partner's arm as it crushes me. SLAP! The stocky stud climbs in and immediately grabs my throat. Yusuf releases the bearhug, but then grabs my back and throat over Abdi's grip. The two musclemen lift me up and chokeslam me to the canvas hard. WHOMP! I feel the air leave me as they linger over me, Yusuf's boot pressing on my chest and Abdi's boot digging into my abs. I stare up between them, looking past their tented bulges to witness another passionate kiss.

Yusuf finally leaves the ring as Abdi launches his feet onto my body, stomping me relentlessly. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I roll away, reaching the middle of the ring when Abdi goes for an elbow drop. I manage to move in time, leaving him to connect with the mat. OW! I summon my strength, rise and dive for my corner. SLAP! I manage to tag in Jeff, rolling to safety under the bottom rope.

Abdi's back on his feet, rubbing his elbow. He immediately turns and tags in Yusuf. SLAP! As Jeff moves in, Abdi dives for Jeff's legs, surprising my partner, who expected the stocky muscleman to exit the ring. While Jeff's legs are trapped, Yusuf charges forward, lifting his boot into Jeff's face. CRACK! The kick drops Jeff to the canvas hard. Abdi laughs and rises, grabbing his pouch as he looks at Jeff and me both down on our backs.

Yusuf steps back into the ropes and comes off with a leg drop across Jeff's face. WHAM! The giant locks on an armbar/head scissors combination, trapping the chiseled muscleman. I'm back on my feet, watching, so Yusuf flexes his free arm at me, showing off his impressive bicep. I mouth off to Yusuf, who taunts me back. He mocks me, but I don't care. I'm only trying to distract him, shifting his focus to me, instead of his opponent. And it works. Jeff bridges up, turns and yanks his head free.

Jeff dives forward, driving into the seated and shocked giant with a hard shoulder block. WHACK! My buddy locks on an armbar and forces Yusuf to his feet. He whips the big man into the ropes, front first then, on the ricochet, catches him with a shoulder block to the back. ARGH! Yusuf bounces back into the ropes. This time, when he comes off, Jeff leaps in the air for a back-cracker. He plants his knees between Yusuf's shoulder blades and grabs the big man's shoulders. They fall back, with the giant landing hard on Jeff's knees. WHACK!

The move has Yusuf rolling on the mat, moaning in pain. Jeff wastes no time, grabbing the big man around the waist from behind and dragging him up. The chiseled musclestud lifts the big muscleman up in the air, dropping him with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! Yusuf is stunned, giving Jeff the chance to grab his right leg and follow up on my attack. Jeff drops down, driving his elbow into the inner thigh. He wrenches hard on the knee. UMPH!

Yusuf reaches out and grabs Jeff's hair as he sits there. He forces Jeff's head back then slams a forearm down across his chest. Jeff loses the hold, rolling away. Both men rise, but Jeff is faster. He tackles Yusuf down, but he falls into the wrong corner. Jeff gets two shots into Yusuf's abs before Abdi's boot comes between the ropes and slams into his head. CRACK! Jeff gets wobbly, giving Yusuf the chance to buck up and throw Jeff forward. The handsome muscleman slams face first into the middle turnbuckle. Yusuf slides out from under the dazed Jeff.

Yusuf reaches up and tags his partner back in. SLAP! Abdi vaults over the top rope and comes down with a boot to the small of Jeff's back. WHAM! Yusuf and Abdi stomp the crap out of Jeff until he's off the middle turnbuckle, his face slamming into the bottom turnbuckle. I count out to five. They can hear me, but they ignore the count. Together, they drag Jeff to his feet and push him into the ropes. They whip him off and catch him with a double elbow, Yusuf's hitting him square in the face and Abdi's connecting with his chest.

Jeff drops to the canvas hard. Yusuf picks Abdi up across his chest then slams his own partner on top of mine, hard. Jeff groans and coughs as he's crushed under the stocky beefcake's body. They start stomping again. I've had enough, so I leap onto the top turnbuckle and dive forward, tackling Abdi down hard. BOOM! I get up to face Yusuf, but he's there and ready. His big hand wraps around my neck and he chokeslams me to the mat hard. I groan as Abdi rolls on top of me and starts pummeling my body as Yusuf returns to stomping Jeff.

Yusuf says, "Time to even this bitch up. You're legal, so grab Captain America here and I'll take the little one."

Jeff and I are too weak to fight back as we're dragged to the middle of the ring. The two studs flip us onto our stomachs and mount our backs. They grab our shoulders and force us into camel clutches, Abdi on Jeff and Yusuf on me. Jeff and I are facing each other, both helpless to get free as our backs are punished. ARGH! UNH! We're bent farther and farther back and our cries grow simultaneously. We hold out from submitting, but the heels' arrogance only grows. They know we're trapped and the longer we hold out, the easier the third fall will be. Once again, though, my submission wouldn't mean anything. Jeff is the legal man and he's stubborn, so I suffer.

Yusuf rises a bit and forces me closer and closer into Jeff until our chests are almost touching. The two dominant musclemen ease up on their grip, lowering our heads down. I feel good, but then they force my face into Jeff's. We're forced to kiss by the arrogant studs, our mouths mashed against each other as the laughter of our tormentors rings in our ears.

The good thing is that the pressure on our backs eases substantially as they keep trying to embarrass us. Jeff and I lock eyes and he subtly nods as we kiss. At the same time, we thrust our arms forward, shooting ourselves free of the twin camel clutches. The shocked heels don't know what to do as we push up to hands and knees, toppling them off us.

I move fast dropping my knee into Yusuf's inner thigh. I immediately maneuver the big man into a single leg crab, positioning my left arm behind the giant's right knee to add pressure. At the same time, Jeff drives into Abdi's stomach with a double axe handle. I watch as he pounds relentlessly on the beefy wrestlers stomach, his fists driving deeper and deeper into the smooth flesh. Fuck, seeing Abdi being gut-punched is so hot, but I wish I was the one doing it.

Jeff rises up and gives the red stomach a stomp before he forces Abdi up to his feet. I still have the giant locked tight in the single leg crab, managing to counter every counter. Jeff pushes Abdi's head under his armpit, grabbing around the back of the stocky stud's neck. My partner grabs the side of the trunks then lifts him up. I assume for a suplex, but Jeff surprises me, dropping Abdi over the top rope onto his abs. The top rope sags low as 210-lbs of beef slams down on top of them.

Jeff lets go, leaving Abdi to hang there for a moment before toppling back into the ring, landing on his back. The line from the rope is visible on the beefy wrestler's flesh, his stomach clearly abused.

Yusuf is getting closer to freeing himself, so Jeff circles over and helps me. He drops a leg across the back of the big man's head, immediately stopping any resistance. I let go of the crab and the two of us drag him to his feet. We hurl him over the top rope to the floor below. Jeff and I high-five then turn back to the suffering Abdi. Together, we force him to his feet. We move to either side of him and wrap our arms and legs around his before executing a double Russian Leg Sweep. WHAM!

We bounce up and run into the ropes, executing a double elbow drop. BOOM! We grab the unmoving Abdi and lift him high, dropping him over our knees into a double backbreaker. He cries out as we torture his beefy body over our knees, forcing his feet and head to the canvas. Abdi can only moan as he hangs between us. Jeff demands he submit, but he refuses.

We keep up the pressure, but suddenly Yusuf is back. He charges at us and dives over Abdi's body. Before we can even react, he flies between us, arms extended. We're clotheslined to the mat, both dazed by the blow. Yusuf springs up and starts stomping, first on Jeff then on me then back to Jeff. Abdi rises slowly, but quickly joins in. Jeff and I just suffer as we're punished. It's been a long match and all four of us all sweaty and running on fumes.

The two heels pull us to our feet, Abdi beating me to one corner and Yusuf slamming Jeff to the other. The punishment doesn't stop until they grab our wrists. They throw us out together, aiming to have us collide, but Jeff and I have been friends for twenty years. Somehow, we know to both move to our rights. We miss and dive forward, switching partners and tackling our new guy into the corner. CLANG!

Jeff and I repeat their move, whipping the muscular heels into each other. They collide, bouncing back into matching sleeper holds. I force Yusuf to his knees to apply more pressure. He slowly sags in my grip, but he doesn't go out. Ben locks his hold on Abdi, but the beefy muscleman manages to force Jeff back into the corner. WHOMP! Jeff hits hard on his back, losing his hold. I'm watching this, giving Yusuf the chance to reach his long arms back, behind my head and flip me over top. WHOA!

I land on my ass then get Abdi's boot slamming into my face. POW! Yusuf forces me to my feet as Abdi grabs my arm. They drive me into the corner, slamming me into Jeff. THUD! This time there's no dodging and I'm a 205-lbs battering ram. Jeff sags in front of me as they stomp my back, driving me into Jeff over and over again. When I'm about to collapse, they drag me out of the corner.

I took the majority of the punishment, absorbing the stomps, so Jeff is fresher than they think. He dives forward and clips Yusuf's right leg, toppling the giant. It's been a constant target and the big man can't get right up. Abdi pushes me to the corner and moves to engage Jeff. The stocky musclestud grabs Jeff's hair and drags him up. Jeff fires a fist into his red gut, winding him. Abdi turns towards me and I manage to drive my boot into his chin with a superkick. WHACK!

The beefy wrestler turns and collapses into Jeff's arms, nearly unconscious. My partner lifts Abdi up and slams him down onto a rising Yusuf, sending the big man back down onto his stomach. I stumble forward and grab the giant's legs, forcing them up into a Boston crab. Jeff grabs Abdi's legs and steps over, putting him in a matching crab on top of Yusuf. The beefy muscleman's face is buried in the big man's ass as his chest bears down on Yusuf's back. With Jeff and my weight positioned over them, these guys aren't going anywhere.

Yusuf starts to submit, but he's not the legal man. He cries in pain, so I ease up on the crab, but keep a grip on his legs. Even though he's trapped under Abdi, I don't trust him not to interfere if I release him. Abdi's cries are muffled by Yusuf's firm ass, but I think he's submitting. Jeff asks him to give and it doesn't take long for him to tap my boots and turn his head, "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Jeff lets go of the crab and Abdi immediately rolls off his partner, under the bottom rope and falls to the floor below.

Jeff and I hug, celebrating our hard fought win. This means Jeff will get his dream matches in the TRA, but it also means I've got two hot pro wrestling asses at my disposal. I'm exhausted and need a minute to rest, but I know I'm not wasting this chance.

Paying Up

With the win secured, it's time for the stakes. Yusuf is sprawled out in the ring, while Abdi is still on the garage floor. Jeff tells me to do my thing before he moves to our corner. I ask him to grab the condoms from my bag and put them on the ring apron. Once done, he sits down on the top turnbuckle to enjoy the show. I smile and start barking orders, snapping my fingers at the guys. It's time to pay up and seeing their powerhouse bodies lying there has me ready for action.

When Abdi and Yusuf don't immediately respond, I decide to get things started. I drag Yusuf to his feet. He's compliant, if not entirely helpful. I push him towards Jeff, who I ask to hold the big man. Jeff locks on a full nelson, holding the giant in place. I pound Yusuf's abs to get his attention. POW! POW! The big man's dick grows in his trunks, so I figure I've got it.

Yusuf confirms the deal, acknowledging the stakes, both tonight and at TRA. I pound his abs some more before asking Jeff to switch to a sleeper. Yusuf begs Jeff not to put him out. It's strange to see this muscleman beg, but I like it. Still, I grab my flag trunks and stuff them into his mouth. I slug him in the stomach as I tell him he's fine as long as he does what he's told. I step back and admire my handiwork, the gag wedged in his mouth and the red marks popping on his chiseled abs.

I move back in and gently caress Yusuf's amazing body. It feels awesome. When I get to his trunks, I slide my fingers into the waistband and yank down, sliding them down his legs. The giant's huge cock springs forward and my eyes go wide. It's definitely in proportion to the rest of him and I realize that if we had lost, Jeff and I would've been in for some painful sex.

I pause to grab the monster cock, jerking it. I'm rewarded with ecstatic moans, muffled by the makeshift gag. I slap the third leg, manhandling his shaft and taunting him. Yusuf's grunts tells me how much he's liking it. His dick grows to the biggest I've ever seen and I've seen some real porn-sized cocks before. I finish stripping him of his black briefs, feeling his legs the whole way. He moans uncontrollably through the gag, a drop of pre-cum already forming on the tip of his cock.

I have Jeff let go of the hold and order Yusuf to his knees. I pull out the gag and force the giant's face into my bulge. I make him suck on my cock and nuts through the white thong. He works like a champ, so I mock him by telling him that at least he's good at something. My white thong turns clear from how wet Yusuf gets it as he worships my manhood. The giant could probably get me to cum in my trunks he's so talented, so I push him off me. This cock isn't getting drained that fast.

As I step back, I see from the tenting in his trunks that Jeff is horny as he sits on the top turnbuckle in the corner. I ask him if he wants in on this and he confirms he does. While he's 90% straight, domination of muscle is the one thing that brings the gay out in Jeff. I grab Yusuf by the hair and pull his head back, forcing him to look up at me. I nod my chin up towards my best friend. Yusuf gets the message. He rises to his feet and turns to face Jeff.

My buddy casually leans back and props his hands on top of the ringpost. He just watches calmly as the big man starts kissing his abs. Yusuf lowers his mouth and sucks on Jeff's bulge through his USA trunks. I watch Yusuf as he slowly slides his fingers into Jeff's trunks. The giant starts to work them down, revealing Jeff's trimmed brown bush then his impressive cock.

When Jeff is stripped, I move in behind Yusuf as he bends over to suck on Jeff's hard cock. Yusuf moans as I force two fingers between his cheeks and press them against his hole. I massage gently before sliding them inside. The big man's cries grow loud as I slowly finger fuck him. He keeps working on Jeff like a champ through it all, even as I reach under him and start milking his huge cock. I look at Jeff, who has his head back and eyes closed. He's biting his bottom lip as the talented Yusuf gives him a blowjob.

I pull my fingers from Yusuf's ass then cross the ring to find Abdi. He is sitting on the concrete floor, back against the ring apron, ignoring his partner's submissive service. I wonder if he really thought I'd be satisfied with just Yusuf's ass? I reach over the top rope and grab hold of the stocky stud's hair. Abdi cries out as I pull him to his feet by his thick black curls. I force him through the ropes and into the ring, making him watch Yusuf's subservience as I circle and inspect his short, beefy body.

I grab Abdi's hair and force his head back. I kiss him deeply and forcefully, letting know who's boss. When I feel him give into the power and dominance of my mouth, I pull back. I order him to strip his trunks off, which he starts to do immediately. As he strips, I rub and caress his back. When he bends over to pull the black and gold spandex over his boots, I spank his luscious ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He stumbles from the force, but I steady him with a hand on his bare hip. Stripped, Abdi rises to standing, watching Yusuf work on my partner. His face shows no emotion, but his manhood betrays him. Unlike Yusuf's monster cock, Abdi's is short, but really thick. It looks like someone stuck a pop can in the middle of his body as it stands up and out at attention.

I rub Abdi's smooth stomach. The redness has settled down and it feels awesome. I punch it softly, savoring the tension of his torso when I get an idea. I offer Abdi a choice -  some hard gut punishment or being fucked. He looks me in the eye for the first time and surprises me. Abdi replies, "Why not both?" I smile, as it marks a shift from enemies to playful opponents.

In response, I slug him hard in his gut. He doubles over as I roughly force him into the corner. I start with punches, standing beside him and driving my right fist into his midsection. THUD! THUD! THUD! He grunts with every blow, but his thick cock never wavers from its support. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Jeff hears the punches and looks to see what's happening. The All-American stud pulls Yusuf off his dick and forces the big man to turn around and watch. Jeff forces the giant to his knees, using the big man's shoulders as a boot rest. Realizing I have an audience, I slow down. I strip off my white thong, which is uncomfortably tight, exposing my cock. I stick it in Abdi's mouth then grab the stocky study's trunks. Borrowing a move from the defeated heels, I bind Abdi's wrists behind his back. With him bound in the ropes, I'm ready to keep going. The red has returned to his stomach and we've barely begun.

I shift to knee lifts, bringing my knee up three times into his gut. POW! POW! POW! As the beefy stud sags, I start in with chops. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I lightly slap his face and he looks at me, begging for more. I oblige, sending fists into his stomach. THUD! THUD! THUD! Abdi moans as my fist sinks deep into his stomach. I take a break to caress it gently then back off. I lift my boot and stomp the gut, increasing the force each time at Yusuf's urging. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Yusuf yells, "Harder! He can fucking take it! Yeah, HARDER!"

After a long series of stomps, I go back to punches, feeling the difference. I pause, caressing his bright red and abused midsection. Abdi moans excitedly at the gentle touch, again begging me through the white thong gag to keep going. I move in with shoulder blocks, driving him back into the corner. When I back off, Abdi hangs limp, his bound wrists the only thing supporting him. I kneel down in front of him and feel his stomach, searching the softest parts.

When I find the right spots, I dig all ten fingers into the soft flesh, clawing his midsection mercilessly. His ass rests on the middle turnbuckle, his hips bucking. I keep my fingers buried deep inside his flesh as he literally cries from the pain. I force my grip deeper and tighter, straining my hands until they feel like they'll seize up. Abdi doesn't submit, instead he seems to be loving this. I see his hips shake and his cock bobbing as he constricts it. Suddenly, white cum gushes from his dick, shooting up my arm and across my shoulder. It gives me the adrenaline the squeeze the claw even harder, shaking his body as he unleashes his seed. When Abdi's eruption has dropped to a leak, I release one hand of my claw and milk him until he's soft. I release the claw completely and stand up. Abdi hangs on the corner, his stomach a bright red, his cock drained and limp, his entire body weak from exhaustion.

I untie Abdi, stripping my thong from his mouth. I kiss him deeply and passionately as there haven't been many times when I was this turned on by a man. Figuring he needs a break, I carry him to the seated Yusuf and Jeff. I ask Jeff if he's done with the giant, but he says he isn't, they just took a break to watch the show. I order Yusuf back onto my partner's cock and he happily obeys. I toss Abdi to the mat and order him under his partner as I move in behind the giant. The stock beefcake doesn't need instructions, immediately engulfing his partner's giant cock and working his low-hanging balls.

I grab a condom and kick Abdi's boot. He pulls off Yusuf's dick and I toss the condom to him. The muscleman smiles as he unwraps it then happily sheathes my cock, but not before he grabs a taste of it for himself. I love the feel of his lips on my cock, wondering briefly if I should let him blow me. No, the allure of the big man's ass is too great. With my cock prepared, Abdi goes back to work on Yusuf. I position my cock at his hole and slide inside him slowly. He moans as I enter him, making the triple-team action complete. I grab his hips and start pumping my cock, watching Jeff get blown and hearing Abdi's slurping on the giant's dick.

Fuck, I'm so hot and horny that I feel my load rising. I calm myself, trying to extend this moment. Jeff is breathing hard and fast. He puts his hand on the back of Yusuf's head, holding it down. The All-American musclestud cries out and I see Jeff's "O" face. He shoots his load down the giant's throat, filling his stomach. Yusuf drinks in the hot white liquid from Jeff's tap until it's drained. Jeff sags on the top turnbuckle, smirking at the big man with a cocky smile.

Yusuf pulls off Jeff's cock, his head dropping onto Jeff's abs as his massive body shudders. Yusuf mutters that he's close, his body tensing. Seconds later, Abdi brings Yusuf to climax, sucking his partner all the way. The big man moans softly into Jeff's stomach as he's milked of his seed by the beefy musclestud under him. Yusuf feels exhausted, but he knows we're not done. Fortunately for him, Jeff and Yusuf cumming is too much for me to resist.

I let out a primal scream as I finally shoot my load, filling the latex prison as I pump the big man's amazing ass. I keep pounding his ass, my hips slapping against his cheeks as I release my cum. When I can't cum any more, I pull out and slap Yusuf's ass, letting him know he can rise. I strip off the condom and stagger back against the ropes for support. Jeff hops down and stretches out, before collapsing in the middle of the ring. Yusuf turns and drops to his ass, sitting behind Abdi with his back against the corner. Abdi moves back, leaning into Yusuf who engulfs him in his long arms. They cuddle as they lean back against the corner, staring at Jeff's naked body spreadeagle in the center of their ring. I take a seat in the adjacent corner and unlace my boots, which are suddenly heavy and tight.

All four of us are drenched in sweat, our balls drained and our cocks soft. We regroup in silence for the next fifteen minutes, each of us just lost in the moment. Jeff is first to stir. He rises up and paces the ring then extends a hand to me. Jeff pulls me up to my feet and gives me a hug. He congratulates me and thanks me, but I tell him it's not over yet. Yusuf is surprised, but Abdi knows what I mean.

The beefy stud says, "I thought maybe you forgot or were too tired."

"Forget your ass? Fuck that. Get over here."

Abdi crawls over on all fours, his beefy ass lifted in the air. I drop behind him, grabbing his hips. Jeff tosses me a condom, before announcing he needs a shower. Yusuf points the way, but doesn't follow Jeff out of the ring area. I smile as Jeff leaves, knowing my buddy is done and has no interest in watching me fuck Abdi. Yusuf, on the other hand, stays seated in the corner and starts working his cock as he watches me position myself to mount his partner. I squeeze Abdi's amazingly beefy ass and power up my cock. I slide the condom onto my rock hard shaft then force my way between his big cheeks.

I last longer with Abdi, but lose it when Yusuf moves up behind me. He presses his torso against my back then slides his arms under mine. He rubs my pecs and kisses my neck. I feel his huge cock running up my spine as he plays with my body. The giant's tender touch sends me over the edge, drawing the cum from my body. I shoot again, bracing against Yusuf's body as I shoot inside Abdi's amazingly tight and round ass. I collapse back into a warm embrace as my soft cock falls out of the beefy musclestud's butt. I strip off the full condom tossing it to the side as Yusuf lies me flat on my back.

The giant and Abdi start to doubleteam me, sucking my nipples and caressing my sensitive body. I writhe under them, but they hold me down. I moan loudly as they kiss and fondle me. I reach for their cocks and jerk both of them with a tight grip. I pull Abdi up and guide his cock to my mouth. He's surprised, but eagerly fucks my face as his partner sucks my balls. The two musclemen take turns fucking my mouth while the other worships my body. I savor the attention for a long period. Eventually, they're both kneeling on either side of me, jerking. They lean over me and kiss passionately. I just lie between them and enjoy the show. I rub their legs, my eyes going back-and-forth from their cocks to their kiss. The two studs shoot simultaneously, coating my abs with their second loads.

When they're drained, I reach up and rub the cum into my skin before bringing my hand to my mouth and tasting their emissions. They smile and lick their merged cum off my abs then lie beside me. When we're done, I realize Jeff's probably waiting for me. I head to the shower, followed by Abdi and Yusuf. They have a large two-man shower that becomes a three-man shower as we wash each other down.

The three of us agree to wrestle again soon as we towel off. When I'm finally dressed, I find Jeff in the living room, crashed on the sofa.

Abdi suggests we not wake him, putting a blanket over my buddy. I happily agree and let them lead me to their master bedroom for the night.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    This story is quite cool. You have 3 Arabic wrestlers in the story. Also the background story adds richness to the whole story. We see the struggle that some wrestlers have i breaking the mold! One thing I like is the use of real wrestlers. Its great to mix them in with models and bodybuilders because it adds some reality to it. Judos to mindsweeper for the images in this specific story. The trubks for Ben and Jeff are spectacular! Also loved the amount of images in this story. Wish it could be like that more often. Hmmm... Ben and Jeff make a good tag team...maybe they could do it with asks on or something ;) Just an idea

    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it. Good point on the mix of pro wrestlers and models.

    2. Alex R:

      Milad Akbar is such a hot wrestler. Any videos that you might know of where he gets his ass kicked? He tends to win everything! Only found one vs Justified. MAybe he does an appearance in the Cave lol.

    3. LOL, my stories can give you your Milad Akbar getting his ass kicked fix. I'm surprised he always wins, but I've never actually looked.