Monday, April 6, 2015

Route 69 S105: El Paso TX (Part 2)

The Next Challenge

I wake up on a soft bed in a dark bedroom. My head hurts, but thankfully the room is dim and the adobe walls are painted a distressed black. I say out loud to no one, "Fuck, you know I'm really getting tired of being sandbagged and knocked out."

I'm startled as a lamp pops on and I hear from beside me. "Then y'all should do somethin' about it."

I turn and see Beau leaning against the wall. He flicks on the overhead lights. Once my eyes adjust, I see that he's wearing a white robe and white briefs. The rest of his tanned muscled body is bare, letting me see all the ripples and definition of his perfect body. Shit, he's incredible. He comes into the room and extends a hand, helping me out of the bed to my feet. He pulls me in tight against him so that we crash torsos. I'm once again amazed by how hard his body is.

"Toby explained the deal. Sorry, 'bout that. Thanks for savin' his job." I'm almost overwhelmed by the heat coming off his body as he stares into my eyes.

I ask, "Where is your brother?"

"Finishin' my shift for me. I told him I wanted to stay with you, make sure you were doing okay. We've got the place to ourselves for hours. You know, if you want to finish what we started."

"Dude ..."

"C'mon. You wanted payback against Toby. You don't want it against me?"

"Well ..."

Beau steps back and drops his robe. "C'mon man. You don't wanna wrestle this?"

Before I can answer, the muscleman turns, grabbing his barely-covered ass as he walks into their living area. I'm a little overwhelmed. I step forward, my foot landing on a DVD. There are DVDs strewn across the floor. I pick one up, recognizing it as the latest release from The Cave, a gay wrestling video company owned by a couple of friends of mine.

My eyes fall to the bookshelf beside me. The cabinet door is open, revealing more gay interest wrestling DVDs from the top companies. Shit, Beau isn't exactly subtle, is he?

I follow the big muscle cowboy into the living room and he's stretching out on the mats. I just stare at him, which he seems to enjoy. As I watch, Beau's stretches and positions become more provocative. My cock rises, straining in my briefs. When he bridges, I go weak in the knees. He's amazing. I've wrestled a lot of hot guys, but there's something about this one that's driving me crazy. Maybe I have a concussion. Or maybe it's his arrogance. Or his body. Or his smirk. Or everything. I find myself in unfamiliar waters, actually wanting to be dominated by this man. I tell myself to get a grip, he's not THAT hot, but it's difficult to focus.

Beau climbs to he feet and moves back into me. I back up, but he follows until I'm pinned against the wall. He leans in against me, his hot breath hitting my neck. Beau asks me, "How old are you?"


"I'm 21. You ever see a 21-year old with these?" Beau flexes his bicep in front of my face. I shake my head, confirming it's huge.

Beau continues, "Yeah, nice, right?" I nod my head. "Wanna feel it?" I nod my head. "Then you gotta wrestle me." I don't move.

Beau moves in close again as he continues his one-sided conversation, "You see my video collection?" I nod, my cheek brushing his neck. "Wanna make one of them real?" I don't react, still unsure of myself. "Dude, you're so fuckin' hot. Not many chances to wrestle around here, especially no one like you. You're my only hope."

Oh fuck. Now I'm completely overwhelmed. "Okay." It comes out of my mouth before I really understand what I'm saying. Beau grabs my wrists and moves my arms over my head. He looks me in the eye as he rubs his package over mine.

"You got my brother's stink on you. Take a shower. I'll put out somethin' new for you to wear." Beau pushes me to the bathroom. I strip off the trunks I wore against Toby.

As I shower, I wonder again what I'm doing. It's been a long time since I didn't have control. Every match I've wrestled for years was either with guys I've thoroughly vetted or a grudge match with something on the line. I realize that, even though he put me out, there's no real rivalry or grudge here. I'm not mad at the guy. And we've never even met or discussed scenarios or terms. I'm going into the 100% blind and there's something sexy and mysterious about that.

When I step out of the shower, my trunks are gone, replaced by a tiny pair of pink briefs. As I hold them up, I hear, "Hey, hurry it up in there, boy."

I quickly pull on the briefs and walk out of the bathroom.

"Sweet. I knew those were the right ones." Beau comes right up to me, overpowering me with his presence. He smirks, "Don't go easy on me. I can take a lot. Hope you can, too."


With that, the musclebeast backs off and spreads his arms. I breathe in deeply, pausing to gather my wits.

Ben vs. Beau

The two of us close in. It's not like I haven't fought anyone like this. I've wrestled bigger than Beau's 6'1"/230-lbs of muscle and I've fought guys just as hard. Maybe not quite as ripped and muscular, but close. Still, it's never easy and I need to be smart.

We move in together, arms extended. He looks supremely confident, which gives me an opening. I dive down, grabbing his ankles. With a quick pull, he lands on his ass. I pound his abs, hitting dead center. THUD! OW! Shit, I hurt my own hand with that move. His abs are like concrete blocks stacked over his stomach. I knew they'd be hard, but these are the hardest I've ever felt. I try again. THUD! OW! Same result.

While I'm reacting to that, Beau wraps his legs around my waist and locks on a body scissors. His thick legs squeeze tightly, crushing my midsection. I arch back and moan as he manages to get his legs in the perfect position to crush me. Beau locks his feet and straightens legs out, collapsing my sides inward. I brace my hands on his thighs, trying to withstand the onslaught. They feel like warm steel.

"PUNCH MY ABS!" Beau commands me. The pressure on the scissors eases up a little. I'm still trapped, but not being completely crushed. He says again, "C'MON! TRY AGAIN, BOY! PUNCH THOSE ABS OR I PUT YOU OUT NOW!"

I look at the muscular cowboy with disbelief. You can't put a guy out with a body scissors. Fuck, you'd be lucky to get a submission. As if reading my thoughts, Beau stretches his legs and I feel my side muscle wall folding into my body like I was made of paper. Fuck! I weakly slam my fist into his abs and the pressure eases.

Beau taunts me, "YEAH! C'mon, go for it, boy! Show me what you got!"

THUD! WHAP! POW! THUD! WHAP! I slam my fists into his abs from every direction with ever-increasing force. When I ease up or stop to shake out my hands, the scissors tighten and I am forced to back at it. I resort to chops, as my hands cramp, like I was punching a brick wall for five minutes instead of a stomach. When those hurt too much, I try forearms, double axe handles and elbows, giving my hands a break.

None of it makes a dent. Beau smirks through my entire attempt, barking at me to go harder and harder. Despite it all, I feel no give in his muscle wall. Not even a bit. I try for a claw, but my fingers can penetrate the flesh. When I stop, Beau starts punching his own abs, demanding I continue. THUD! THUD!


I don't respond, so Beau brings his shoulders up and grabs my hands. He squeezes tightly, crushing my aching fingers in his big paws. He tightens the scissors and I'm seriously at risk of submitting. Fuck! Beau asks again, "WHO'S ABS ARE THE BEST?"

I cry out, "Yours! Yours are the best!"

Beau laughs, using his grip on my fingers to pull me forward while pushing my body backwards with the scissors. He grabs my head, palming it like a basketball. The muscleman forces my face into his abs, demanding, "KISS 'EM! KISS MY ABS, BOY!"

My face is crushed against his hard muscle, giving me no choice but to obey. I give a loud peck then open my mouth and start French kissing his abs. My tongue slides against his flesh, penetrating his navel as I'm forced to show tender love to the slab of granite that Beau calls a stomach. "OH YEAH, SUCK ON THOSE ABS, BOY!" The cowboy keeps spewing orders, making sure I know who's in control.

Beau lets go of my head and unlocks his feet, but I keep kissing his midsection. I actually savor the taste of his skin and feeling of his hot, hard washboard. The 21-year old muscle freak's abs are extremely sexy and almost irresistible. It takes me a minute to realize I'm doing this completely willingly while he relaxes and enjoys my submissive muscle worship.

I finally gather my wits. I use his arrogance as an opening. I push off my knees, bursting up from between his legs. I come down with both knees into his abs. That gets a reaction. OOF! YEAH! Maybe not a big one, but it's something. He's superhuman, but not indestructible.

I move forward, sliding off his stomach. I manage to pin his right arm between my legs and lock on a headlock. He grunts as I squeeze his head, pulling it up into my pec. I see his right hand forming a fist, tensing between my legs. I wrap my legs even tighter as he starts to lift his arm. WHOA! Beau forces me up, rolling me over his broad chest and onto my shoulders. He pulls his head free. I release the scissors on his arm, push off and roll all the way over into a crouch.

Beau slowly climbs to his feet. I charge forward, slamming my shoulder into his abs. OOF! I slam him back against the wall the drive my shoulder in three more times. I rise up and bring my knee into his abs. Beau takes it with a grunt, the big stud standing against the wall with his hands behind his head, leaving his torso wide open.

"Go for it, boy!"

Due to the pain in my hands, I don't bother punching him, instead alternating knees, chops and elbows against his abs and pecs. Beau grunts, but keeps his hands pinned behind his head. His tiny white briefs are tenting as I realize how much he's getting off on testing his chiseled body against me. While it's embarrassing and insulting to be allowed to assault him like this, it's not an opening I feel like I can pass up.

I connect with more than a dozen blows. Beau takes them all, but I can tell he's starting to feel it. I should be careful, but I'm too busy, trying to break through his granite torso. Without warning, Beau lowers his arms and grabs me by the neck and shoulder. He spins us, slamming me against the wall. WHAM! The cowboy slams his torso into mine, pinning me hard.

"Not bad, boy. Now, it's my turn!"

My eyes go wide as he steps back and unleashes a fury of body shots that rip through my muscles like they were nothing. ARGH! I try to block the fists, but he swats all my attempts away. I lose count of how many times he connects. Beau keeps going, knocking my head back every time it falls forward. I try to kick him off me, but he's a step ahead of me. As my leg rises, he grabs it, turning and using it to throw me down onto the mat.

I land hard, struggling to rise as my abs and pecs ache from the flurry of punches I've endured. Beau moves in and grabs my hair. He shoves my head between his legs. I've already felt his muscular legs around my body. I can't let him apply that to my head. As he starts to tighten his head scissors. I push up with all my strength, flipping Beau over top of me. He lands on his tailbone behind me, giving me the chance to kick back, driving my foot into the middle of his dense, muscular back.

Beau grunts from the kick while I turn around and lock on a chinlock from behind. I squeeze as hard as I can. The muscleman groans as I apply the pressure. I feel good until he pushes back, forcing me onto my back with his weight crashing down on top of me. I ignore the painful impact, keeping my chinlock and locking on a body scissors. I lie under the musclebeast, trying to control him. UNH!

The cowboy rolls to the side, dragging me and my twin holds with him. He gets to hands and knees, as though I wasn't on top of him with two tight submission holds. Beau rises up to his feet, with me hanging onto his back. I lose the ineffective scissors, opting to go for a sleeper instead. As I shift my chinlock to a sleeper, Beau manages to spin, but I turn it into a headlock. He is bent over, his body behind mine as I crush his head between my side and bicep.

"Ready to give, boy?" Beau asks me in the standing headlock.

Shit, this guy's arrogance is out of control. I amp up the headlock, earning a grunt from the musclestud.

Beau repeats, "Ready to give, boy?"

I shake his head roughly, "That answer your question?"

RWARGH! Beau lets out a primal cry then shoves one arm between my legs. He lifts, powering my body up in the air across his shoulders. It's my turn to cry out as he pulls my head and leg down. In less than a second, I've gone from controlling things with a standing side headlock to being stretched out over Beau's shoulders in a painful torture rack. Beau cranks on the pressure. I hang on for a long time, resisting his demands that I submit.

The cocky cowboy says, "Man, I bet this looks hot."

I can only moan in response. We start moving as he carries me across the room. Beau turns us and I realize we're heading into the bathroom. I grab the door jambs, thinking this is my opportunity to escape, but Beau shoves forward, tearing my aching hands from the frame. He pushes my face into the wall, catching the light switch with my nose and using me to flick on the overhead light.

"Shit, yeah, I knew this was hot. Isn't this hot, boy?"

Beau turns me to face the large mirror, obviously the reason he dragged me in here. The cowboy starts doing squats with me as his barbell. I cry out as my back is torn apart. I submit, "GIVE!" Beau ignores me, instead talking about good he looks with me on his shoulders. "FUCK, I SAID I GIVE!"

Beau sighs, "Yeah, okay." He lowers my feet to the tile floor then grabs my hair and forces me to look at us in the bathroom mirror. I look small and weak while he looks bigger than ever. The big man flexes his free arm and bounces his pecs as I watch. Finally, he throws me through the doorway back into the main room. I fall to my knees and suck wind as Beau comes in behind me. He's so fucking casual about this, like beating me is just a typical day.

Beau says, "Let me know when you're ready for round two, boy."

The cowboy takes a seat on the sofa and starts watching a gay wrestling video, streamed from his computer via AppleTV while rubbing his pouch. Meanwhile, I stretch out, trying to figure out some kind of plan B.

Round Two

"Fuck, look at that full nelson. I'm so gonna do that to you, boy."

I'm standing beside the sofa, still stretching out. I tell him, "I'm four years older than you. Quit calling me boy."

Beau scrambles off the sofa and tackles me down to the mat before I can react. We wrestle for top, but he overpowers me. The muscular cowboy schoolboy pins me, with his shins over my shoulders, his ass on my chest and his pouch resting on my chin.

"C'mon, boy, get free." I struggle to throw him off, but I can't. The musclestud smacks the top of my head, taunting me. I still can't get free. Beau reaches back and feels my swollen cock in the pink briefs. "Yeah, you're my boy, all right."

Beau rolls off me and gets to his feet. He extends a hand to help me to my feet, which I accept. As he pulls me to my feet, he draws me right into his body. Beau wraps his arms around my waist and quickly lifts, spins and drops. I'm slammed to the mat in a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! My back hasn't recovered from the extended torture rack, so this move has me really moaning and suffering.

Beau rolls back, kneeling between my legs. He grabs my ankles and bends them over his calves then sits down, pinning them with his ass. The cowboy pushes on my knees spreading my legs wide, stretching out my groin. I try to pull free, but my feet are wedged and held under him. UNH! I groan as the big man forces my knees towards the mat.

I spring up and take a swing at Beau, but I can't get up high enough. My hand brushes his pec, doing no damage at all. I won't submit, enduring the punishment, so the muscleman pulls his right hand off my left knee. He keeps pushing my right knee down, but it eases the pressure greatly. At least until I feel his hand cupping my manhood.

"Shit, you are so fucking hot in pink, boy. Fuck, it's all I can do to not just fuck you right now."

Beau massages my pouch, sliding his big paw over my balls and cock. I moan as he caresses me. It's like the match suspended while he cops his feel. I squirm under his hand. The muscleman forces his hand inside the pink briefs, pulling my cock and balls out the side. He slowly jerks me, getting me rock hard. SMACK! Beau slaps my cock lightly, bouncing it back-and-forth and up-and-down. When he grabs it with both hands and squeezes, my pleasure turns to discomfort as his grip starts to crush my steel shaft.

I writhe under him, the pain growing as he squeezes my cock harder and harder.

Beau commands, "Submit, boy! You can't beat my cock claw!"

I moan, but refuse. I kick my feet out from under him then lift them up and plant them on his pecs. I push him back, but that just stretches and bends my cock. The cowboy won't let go, holding my cock tight, causing me even more pain. Desperate, I kick his pecs, hammering them with my feet as he kneels below me, crushing my dick. I finally hit the right spot, loosening his grip and sending him tumbling back.

I roll over onto my stomach, rubbing my aching manhood. Beau crawls over on his knees, moving in behind me. I kick back, slamming my foot into his abs. I catch the cowboy off guard, sending him back again. I hear him coughing, but I can't follow up fast enough. I grab the edge of the sofa and force myself to my feet. My musclestud opponent is standing on the other side of the mat, waiting.

"Boy, you're making me so hot with the way you're fighting. Keep it up. Most guys just lie down for me. I like that you're trying."

Patronizing asshole. I want to charge him and smack that smirk off his face, but I know that will only lead to disaster. Instead, I tuck my tender cock and balls back into my pink briefs then move in slowly. Beau moves in to meet me. I try to go low again, but this time, he's ready. The cowboy spreads his legs and braces, stopping me from immediately toppling him. While I'm bent over, grabbing his leg, he reaches over my back and hoists me up, flipping me over and slamming me on my back. WHAM!

Well, on the plus side, my cock doesn't seem to hurt any more. Instead, all my pain is focused in my back. I roll away, but Beau is on top of me fast. He mounts my back and pulls up on my chin, stretching me back. I claw at his hands, trying to pry his fingers apart, but I can't even budge them. The cowboy bounces up and down, driving his butt into my back as he wrenches my head backwards. UGH!

Beau releases my chin then grabs my hair. He rises, dragging me to my feet. With the muscle cowboy behind me, I can't do much. I reach back to try to pry his fingers out of my hair, but that's the exact wrong thing to do. With my arms up, the muscular hunk has the perfect chance to follow through on his threat at the start of this fall. He lets go of my hair and reaches around, maneuvering me into a full nelson.

I moan as he tightens his grip, collapsing my shoulders and arms, pressing my chin against my chest. I try to power out, but I've got no shot. I try to run him back into the wall, but he braces against me. I try to kick back, aiming to topple us to the mat, but I can't budge him. Before I can even try my next move, Beau starts shaking me back-and-forth. I feel like a helpless animal in a predator's mouth, flopped from side to side.

I groan, "I-I G-GIVE! I-I G-GIVE!"

"Yeah you do, boy! You can't handle this! You my boy?"

"UNH! Please!"



Beau throws me down to the mat with force. I moan on the mat. The cowboy plants his foot on my chest, holding me down. I watch him flex over me, showing off his muscles. The musclebeast reaches down and grabs the pink briefs he gave me. He roughly tears at them, leaving me wearing just the elastic waistband and torn fabric. My rock hard cock springs up, through the shredded pouch.

"Yeah, that's what I thought, boy." Beau slaps at my shaft with his foot, rubbing it against my stomach with the balls of his foot. This is where words don't matter. My erection is the truth. Satisfied, the muscleman steps over me then sits back down on the sofa, starting a new video and rubbing his bulge. "You got five minutes to get ready for the next round, boy."

I grit my teeth and just lie there, stripped and sore. I should feel humiliated, but I have to admit, I'm enjoying this in a weird way. It's his body, sure, but also it's his attitude and ... aura. It's just him. In spite of the pain, I'm actually getting off on being dominated.

Round Three

Five minutes goes fast, but Beau is engrossed in his video. He keeps fast forwarding and commenting, saying things like, "My backbreaker was hotter than that!" and "That's a stupid hold. No one would submit to that!" Occasionally he'll ask me if I want to be put in a certain hold or if I'd give. I answer honestly and I can see him making mental note of my preferences.

Beau gets up and I know it's time. I move to strip the shredded briefs off, but the cowboy grabs my hair and pulls me to my knees, distracting me. "Leave 'em on, boy. OOF!"

As Beau is giving his order, I swing my fists up into his abs with a right-left combination that surprises him. I sweep his legs out from under him and grab a leg. Before the muscleman can react, I flip him into a single leg crab. I sit back and bend him. Beau slaps the mat, surprised and feeling pain for once.

"Ooh, boy. I'm gonna get you for this! OH FUCK!" I pull back as hard as I can, realizing he can take it. Beau moans and laughs, swearing that he's going to get me back.

I reach down between his legs. I chose a single leg over a full Boston crab for one reason. I clamp my hand over his balls. I hear him yell, "No, no, no! Think about what you're doing, boy!"

As I tighten my grip, I tell him, "I'm thinking about what you've done. Boy. You crushed my cock, let's see how you like this."

Beau cries out in pain, swearing the entire time. I taunt him, "You ever hear of the wrestling family the Kaines, boy?"

"FUCK! You're so dead, boy."

"I asked you a question, boy!" I twist his balls for emphasis.

"Fuck! Yeah, yeah. Of course!"

"Good, because Derek Kaine personally taught me this claw." I go all out. Even with my hands being less than perfect, I get immediate satisfaction.


"That a submission?"


I unclamp the claw and drop his leg. Beau lies there moaning as I take his normal seat on the sofa. I grab the tiny remote and start scrolling through the porn and wrestling videos from his iTunes. I taunt him, "You've got five minutes. Boy."

Beau says nothing, for once.

Round Four

After a couple of minutes, Beau moves onto the sofa beside me. He tells me to skip to the ten minute mark, where the action is really good. Once I do that, he grabs me in a tight headlock, crushing me against his heaving pec. I struggle up to get free as he holds me tight on the sofa. Beau ignores my struggling, laughing off my punches and my forearm pushing against his head. The cowboy asks, "Oh man, do you see that?"

I stop fighting and look to the screen. "Yeah." I start watching the video, relaxing against his muscular body. My right hand rests on his thigh with my left wedged under my body. Beau points out what he likes about the match while he holds me against him in the tight, but not painful headlock.

After a couple of minutes, I go back to struggling, finally slipping free. I grab Beau's arm, but he manages to flip me off the sofa onto the floor. The big man grabs my hair and drags my head up between his legs as he sits on the couch. He forces my face into his bulge then he wraps his legs over my shoulders and clamps on a tight head scissors.

I grunt as Beau applies more pressure. "Too bad you can't see the screen anymore, boy. Big dude's got the little guy tied up in the ropes." I try to free my head, but I can't. The cowboy smacks the top of my head, mocking my helplessness. I push up on my knees, lifting his legs and folding him back, but the muscleman forces me back down.

Beau asks, "You really know Derek Kaine?"

My mouth is smothered between his legs, so I can only answer, "Uh huh."


Beau releases the head scissors then plants his foot on my chest. He kicks me back onto the mat then rolls off the sofa. We face off on our knees, both ready to go again. My cock is sticking straight out under the pink waistband of my torn briefs while Beau's white trunks are bulging to the max. We smash in together, locking up in a collar-and-elbow. I shift and maneuver Beau into a side headlock.

Beau says, "I like that you keep fighting, boy. You ain't giving in or taking it easy on me."

"We'll see how much you like it when I tie the score in a minute."

Beau laughs. The musclebeast grabs me around the waist and rises, forcing me to my feet. I hold onto the headlock, trying to regain control, but the cowboy pushes me off easily. I fly into the wall face first. OOF! As I bounce off, Beau slams his forearm into my back. ARGH! The musclehunk shoves me back into the wall then pounds my back. POW! POW! POW! I go weak in the knees as my body is ravaged.

I feel Beau grab me around the waist. He lifts me up and flips me face down onto the mat. Beau mounts me as I squirm under him, looking to turn things around. One forearm across my shoulders flattens me. The cowboy rises then splashes down on my back. He plants his hand on the back of my head, pinning my face against the mat. I grunt as he dry humps my bare ass.

"Oh yeah, you like that, don't you, boy!"

I buck up, throwing him off me, then I roll away. I scramble to my feet, but Beau's there. He kicks my abs then slaps on a front facelock. The big musclestud slams his forearm across my back, dropping me to a knee, only to force me back up and do it again. I feel like a yo-yo as he keeps me tied up. I'm overpowered, unable to resist or fight back. Beau finally lets my head go then grabs me by the throat. He powers my wobbly body up to its feet.

Beau pulls me close into his body, applying a bearhug that has me immediately moaning. His thick arms press around my back as he mashes our torsos together. The cowboy looks at his own arms, as if admiring how pumped his biceps look as he crushes me. I push on his chest and arms, copping a feel of the mighty muscles while I try to escape.

I have no luck before Beau adjusts his grip and lifts my feet in the air. I brace my shins on his thighs as he holds me there. I lean back, moaning and writhing in his arms. I fall forward, hanging over his right shoulder. THUD! I try forearms and fist against his back, but Beau just responds by shaking me and increasing the pressure.

"Gonna give, boy?"

"N-no. UNH!"

Beau leans forward, holding me tight as my torso and shoulders hang limp in his arms. He bends his legs and lowers me until I'm parallel with the floor. The top of my head falls, hitting the mat. My hands rest on the mat as my arms hang out to the sides, like a crucifixion. The pain has increased exponentially. I know Beau can't hold me like this for long. All I need to do is hold on.

Fuck, I can't. "OH GOD! I GIVE! I GIVE!"

Beau drops me to the mat, "Boy, you held out good. Real good." The big stud steps over me and straddles my waist. He flexes and I just watch as his muscles look bigger than ever. Now that's a man.

The cowboy strips the shredded pink briefs from my body, leaving me completely naked at his feet. I've lost three submissions and lost them fairly decisively. While I won a fall, I'm not sure I could ever win a match. In spite of that, when he asks me if I want to go again, I jump at the chance. I've accepted that there's just something about Beau that brings out the jobber in me. I love the feeling of his muscles, bending and testing me.

Beau lets me rest while he switches from watching wrestling to full-on porn I see he's watching a masculine, aggressive top dominate a smaller dude and I get the picture. Once we're done, a hard fuck is what's coming.

Round Five

As time winds down on my break, I casually roll myself out of view. Beau is engrossed in the porn, which gives me the opportunity to come up behind him as he sits on the sofa. I grab him from behind in a chinlock. The cowboy growls and grabs at my arm, but I lift then sit back, pulling him back over the back of the sofa. I shift my grip to hold his chin with both hands, my fingers locked tight. He slides over the cushion and frame of the sofa, his back arching and his hips rising.

I sit my bare ass on the floor, planting one foot on the back of the sofa and the other between his shoulder blades. My foot  keeps him the muscleman coming all the way over, ensuring he feels it in his back as he's arched over the sofa. I pull back hard on his chin as he struggles to free himself.

Beau grunts as he's stretched out. He tries to pry my fingers apart, but it's not easy for him to focus with his head upside down and the frame of the couch pushing into his back. The muscleman's face is bright red, his grunts shorter and higher-pitched. I tell I'm to submit, but he just swears at me. I wish I had an overhead camera going to see his body stretched and his bulge thrust in the air.

When the big cowboy won't give, I release the hold. I kick on his back, throwing him forward off the sofa. He lands face first on the mat. I rise up and vault over the couch, my adrenaline high. Beau is slowly pushing up to hands and knees, so I jump on his back, slamming my ass down onto him. He crashes back to the mat as I mount him. I grab his arms and pull his huge chest off the mats.

Beau cries out as I lock him into a camel clutch. My hands lock under his chin again and I pull back hard. My cock runs up the middle of his back as I dominate the musclestud. I demand he give, only to be told to fuck myself. I lean back even more, emphasizing the helplessness of his predicament. The muscleman still will not give.

I decide to up the ante. I unlock my fingers and wrap my left arm under his chin. I figure that adding a sleeper will convince him to quit or I'll just knock him out. With my one arm in position, I carefully position my right, but I take too long. Beau's neck tenses and he drops his head. He thrusts his arms forward and uses his feet to push forward. I lose my balance and we tumble forward, with me sitting on his head.

I shift positions to wrap his head between my legs in a figure-four head scissors, but Beau pushes up and throws me off him. I fall forward while he rises behind me. As I climb to my feet, I'm slammed in the back by his heavy forearm. I stumble forward only to have him run into my back at full speed. He runs me straight into the wall, front first. I lose all my energy as I'm sandwiched between the wall and his body. UNH!

Beau turns me around and hammers my abs until I double over. The musclehunk slams a forearm across my back and I'm forced to one knee. The cowboy grabs me by the throat and forces me back into the wall. He pummels my body until I collapse forward, I fall into Beau, my chin resting on his shoulder. He steps to the side and I drop to my knees.

The muscleman steps in front of me and forces my head between his thighs. I feel the slabs of granite close around my head and neck. By the time I try to push back, it's too late. I'm locked in a standing head scissors. I try to punch the thighs, but I may as well be punching tree trunks. I'd probably have more luck with the trees. I squirm in the hold, as the drawback of this hold is usually a lack of stability. I grab his ankles to try to lift and topple him. Nothing works, he's immovable. Meanwhile the pressure increases.

"Boy, you put up a good fight, but you're done."


"Oh yeah, you are. I look at that sweet ass of yours, sitting pretty, and it's time."

UNH! I fight hard at the talk of being fucked, struggling. My hands push against his legs, I slam my fists against his thighs and even his ass, but instead Beau grabs my wrists as they rise higher. The musclebeast forces my arms up and twists them, adding pressure to my shoulders. Now I'm completely immobilized.

"Only question is whether you submit or I knock you out."

"Please, no!"

Beau tightens the scissors, flexing his leg muscles into my head. I feel like my head will pop. I feel consciousness leaving me. He's going to put me out! Fuck!

"Please! I GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!" I cry out to avoid being knocked out by Beau for a second time today.

Beau keeps holding me tight and I worry he's going to put me out anyway. He finally lets go, letting me collapse to the floor. I whimper at his feet, lying in a defeated naked heap as he towers over me.

"You done, boy?"

"Y-yes," is all I can say. Yeah, I'm so done.

Beau's Stakes

I lie on the mat, exhausted, stripped, sore and defeated. As the pain subsides, I'm weirdly happy, having actually enjoyed Beau's thorough domination of me. I hear the muscleman come back into the room and look up at him, lingering over his bulging white trunks, shredded abs and massive pecs. I start to rise, but he tells me to stay put. I lie back down. Beau steps over my waist then drops down, straddling me. He holds up a small black leather strap lined with silver snaps.

"You know what it means to be collared?" I nod. Beau smiles, "Now, I'm not gonna really collar you. Not around the neck, anyway. But the rest of your time here, you're gonna wear this strap. You can take it off to sleep and shower, but otherwise, you gotta wear it."

The young muscleman spins around, planting his ass in my face. I lift my head, shoving my face between the ass mounds of hard muscle to lick his hole. He works my cock until it's at full mast. It doesn't take long. I feel Beau's strong hand grab my cock and balls, pulling them from my body as he wraps the leather strap around the base of my manhood. He snaps it on tight then bats my rock hard cock playfully. I close my eyes as he flicks the dark purple head of my dick, teasing and taunting me. He turns around and looks down at me from his dominant position again.

"It'll be our little secret. You gonna take it off?" I shake my head. "Good boy."

Beau rolls off me and sits on the mat, legs spread, knees up. He orders me to get to my knees. I roll into position immediately. The musclestud slides his foot under my balls. He starts bouncing them up and down idly. I feel nervous as his eyes burn through me. The muscleman seems to study every inch of me, judging and appraising me. I drop my eyes, avoiding direct eye contact.

The muscular cowboy rises to his feet. Beau starts stretching out then orders me over to him. In the thin white briefs, his cock bulges out in front of my face. He circles behind me and orders me to my feet. The big stud moves in close in front of me and starts feeling my torso. I breathe in at his touch, my muscles twitching at his gentle caress. Beau flexes his bicep, showing me how much power he still has.

I start to lean in, only to have my head yanked back by my hair.

"What do you think you're doing?"

I lie. "Nothing. Just wobbly."

ARGH! Beau forces my head back hard. He says, "Don't lie to me, boy. You were going to kiss my bicep, weren't you?"


The big cowboy raises his arm, pulls my head forward and shoves my face into his flexed bicep. He lets go and I get to work, licking, sucking and washing his bulging muscle. When I finish, he directs me to his other arm and I repeat the process. I savor the salty sweat that coats the hard peak, bathing his arm with my mouth. Beau lowers his arm and bounces his pecs. I get the hint.

I worship Beau's heaving pecs, moving slowly to his nipples. When my face is between his chest muscles, the muscular stud wraps his arms around my head, pulling my face into the deep gap between his pecs. He smothers me against his muscles, crushing my face between the two slabs of granite. I grunt and brace myself by putting my hands on his hips.

"I could put you out, you know."


"Want me to?"


Beau laughs and releases my head. I gasp for breath and drop to a knee. The cowboy steps in close and I get back to work, running my tongue over his abs. I slide my mouth down his deep right hip joint that leads into the skimpy white trunks. I kiss along the waistband then up the left hip joint.

Beau places his foot on my cock, pressing down on my hard shaft. I'm forced to bend forward and lower my face to try to relieve some pressure. My face falls beside his cock. The big man moves his foot up and off, but when I try to move back, Beau plants a hand on the back of my head. He smashes my face against his gyrating hips, working my head around.

"Strip my trunks." Beau lets go of my head, allowing me to sit back.

I lift my hands to the white trunks and slowly peel them down. I can't help but stare in anticipation as I uncover his trimmed pubes then the top of his shaft. I bite my bottom lip as his cock leaps from the cloth prison and points up at attention. I lick my lips as I keep working the white trunks to his ankles. Beau carefully steps out of them then moves back to the sofa. He beckons me to him.

I crawl to him on the sofa. He reaches forward and grabs a handful of hair, pulling me forward between his legs. I kneel on the floor, but he pulls me up onto the sofa beside him. Beau guides my face to his cock. I open my mouth and he forces my head over his rock hard manhood. Beau holds me down on his cock, forcefully face fucking me. The muscleman thrusts his hips up and down, hard and fast while manhandling my head.

"Suck that dick! Yeah, fucking suck my dick!" I don't resist, focusing on struggling to take his meat without gagging. I hear him moaning as my nose is slammed into his hips repeatedly, the tip of his cock driving into the back of my throat.

I hear him encouraging me, "Take it, boy! Take my big dick!" I do take it, moaning with pleasure as he pounds my mouth. I gag multiple times, barely able to keep up with his thrusts. I'm just a mouth at this point, with no power and no control. I keep calm, though, accepting my role until he decides to pull me off him.

Beau shifts me onto the floor, forcing me to kneel between his legs. He grabs my head and impales me on his shaft again. I brace my hands on his thighs as he mercilessly fucks my mouth again, talking the entire time. I slide a hands to his balls, caressing them. He asks, "You like my balls?" Uh huh. "Then suck ''em!"

The cowboy allows me to pull my face off his majestic cock and I bury my face between his legs. I polish his nuts, using my hand and mouth to worship his shaved balls. Beau slides lower on the sofa and lifts his legs, exposing his hole. I move down, tonguing his ass and flicking his hole. I keep going until he shifts up on the sofa.

I sit back on my knees, ready for whatever is next. Beau casually lifts his foot and kicks me back onto the mat. I land on my back. His cock stands at attention, slick and shiny from my mouth. The big man reaches onto the side table and tosses a condom onto my abs before he slides down between my legs. He crawls over my body, positioning his cock at my lips as he gets into push-up position. I open wide as he lowers his body down.

Beau slowly face fucks me. He shifts to one-handed push-ups, using his free hand to grab my hair. I can only lie there until he slides out. The cowboy plants one knee in my armpit and his other foot beside my shoulder. Beau slaps my face with his hard wet cock, playfully taunting me. He moves back and grabs the condom.

I anticipate being fucked, but instead, Beau drags me up to my feet. I'm confused until he spins me around and forces my torso onto the dining table. I hear him tearing the condom wrapper open and look back to see him covering his cock in latex. One second later, Beau's cock is splitting my cheeks and penetrating my hole. The muscle cowboy grabs my hips then pounds his dick into me, roughly fucking me as I'm bent forward, face down on the table. His powerful thrusts lift my feet off the floor as he pounds me, slamming his hips against my ass.

Beau has the stamina of ... shit, I can't think. The guy's got stamina. He pounds and pounds me, finally pulling out. I wonder if he came, because I didn't feel or hear him orgasm. I get my answer fast, as I'm flipped over, my legs lifted high into the air. Beau shifts then plows into me again, ravaging my ass with his huge cock. My collared manhood flops with every thrust, throbbing painfully as my ass is abused.

My eyes roll back in my head as I'm fucked harder and longer than I've ever been fucked, my cock and balls aching for release. Just when I think this may never end, Beau tells me to grab him around the neck. I obey and he actually lifts me off the table, his cock still in my ass. The big man fucks me as I hang on his arms, holding behind his head.

I'm amazed by his strength and focus. I moan at every thrust, his cock feeling great inside me. The big man lies me back on the table then pulls out of my ass. He tears off the condom and shoots up my body, coating my junk and spraying ropes of hot white cum on my abs and chest. The cowboy keeps shooting then lets my legs drop down, hanging off the table.

I start to sit up, but he orders me to stay put. I pause, resting on my elbows, watching him carefully. Beau leans forward and wraps his arm under my dark purple shaft. I watch in amazement as he flexes his bicep, crushing my cock in the fold of his elbow. Beau smirks as he pumps his bulging muscles. I feel his arm constrict and jerk my cock. I feel the cum rising, all from the flexing of his arm. Moments later, I'm warning him that I'm about to cum. He quickly leans over my cock and engulfs it in his mouth. I shoot as soon as his lips close around me. The big cowboy sucks in every drop of my load, swallowing it as fast as I can shoot.

My load expelled, my manhood starts to soften, feeling sensitive, but Beau keeps sucking. I moan and squirm as his mouth starts to drive me insane. I beg him to stop, but he keeps going, working my dick with his mouth. As he tortures me, my cock grows again in his mouth. I cry out as he powers me up again. The cowboy forces a finger into my ass, hitting my spot. Oh fuck. Suddenly, he's drawing a second load out of me, getting me to cum again. My body shudders and I lose my breath as I'm forcibly drained of another load.

This time, Beau finally stands up, leaving my collared cock and balls limp, drained and wonderfully sore. I fall back onto the table, amazed. I close my eyes for a moment, but then I quickly feel the muscleman grab my ankles. I look up and see him with another condom in his hand as he props my legs against his torso. The cowboy idly rubs his cock as he stares back at me. I feel the intensity of his stare, so I avert my eyes, settling them on his massive pecs.

I lie back, looking at the ceiling and anticipating the inevitable. I feel Beau grab my wrist and pull me forward. Before I know it, I'm up, across his shoulders in a fireman's carry. The big young stud hauls me off the table then drops me to the mat like a sack of potatoes. He kicks me onto my stomach then orders me to rise. As soon as I try, he stomps me back down. Again, he orders me to rise. Again, I'm stomped back down.

Beau toys with me, demanding I get up then stopping me. He kicks me in my side to topple me over. I hear him laughing as I flail and flop on the sweat-covered vinyl mats. Finally, I reach my breaking point. When he lifts his foot again, I lash out, tripping him to the mat. I jump on top of him, schoolboy pinning him to the canvas. I'm pissed, but he's smiling and laughing.

"I wanted to see if there was any fight left in you. Didn't want to turn you into a complete bitch." I raise an eyebrow as Beau bucks under me, toppling me to the right. He climbs to his feet. I see him finally sliding on the condom as he approaches. I swing my fist, but it bounces off his abs. The cowboy roughly grabs me, spinning me so he can lock on a tight full nelson. I moan as he manhandles me against the wall. THUD!

Beau fucks me for the second time, holding me in the full nelson while he pounds me relentlessly. I'm crushed against the wall, my face, pecs and bound manhood taking the brunt of the abuse. I struggle and try to break free, but it only gets him more excited. I run out of energy before he does, going limp in his grasp, just moaning my submission yet again. The muscleman moans loudly as he cums inside me.

I'm glad it's done, but I'm wrong. Before the cowboy finishes completely, he releases the full nelson, shifting it to a sleeper. I start to beg, "no, no, no," but it doesn't help. I'm put out by him for the second time, impaled on his cock as everything goes black.

Three More Days

The next day, I'm out biking, trying to clear my head. The heat is intense. I'm only wearing tiny bike shorts that are revealingly tight, but I don't care. The sun feels great on my naked flesh. I've been riding for awhile, on and off road, avoiding people at every turn.

As I'm cruising, I see Beau by an adobe shed on the outskirts of the property. I didn't mean to come this way. Actually, yes I did. Beau told me to be here at this exact time and here I am. In spite of everything, I couldn't resist him. I took every detour, but I still ended up here, right on time.

I try not to look, one last attempt at self-control, but he calls out to me. I brake and bike over to him. He smirks at my obedience, telling me to follow him into the storage building. As soon as I do, he pushes me onto a blanket covering a pile of hay and mounts me. He reaches into my shorts and feels for the cock ring. When he discovers I'm wearing it, he smiles broadly.

"Good boy."

I hate his patronizing tone, but I love the feeling of him on top of me. Beau gets off me and orders me to strip. Beau tears off his shirt and starts unbuckling his belt. I look around nervously, but when he stares at me, I pull off my bike shorts, shoes and socks. I stand before him naked, except for the leather strap that's wrapped around the base of my shaft and balls.

Beau orders me to spread out some more blankets over the hay. The massive cowboy muscleman watches me work, moving the blankets and bending over to spread them out. He comes in and feels me up, manhandling my body as I stand there and take it. I melt at his touch, hating myself for giving in, but actually enjoying every moment.

We start wrestling, with me in the determined, but ultimately submissive jobber role once again. I try to fight back harder against his submission holds, but he still overpowers me. This time, I get no falls. In fact, I wasn't even close to one, to be honest. After I submit for the third time, he fucks me, right there in the shed on a blanket that covers the pile of hay. When he's done, he gets dressed, leaving me naked, collared, beaten and fucked. I jerk myself off, adding my cum to his, before I pull on my bike shorts, socks and shoes. Drained, I just lie there for a while.

When I get back to the house, I shower then call Jeff, my best friend, who's back in Dallas. We never lie to one another, either directly or by omission, so when he asks what's happening, I explain it all. At first, he's proud I kicked Toby's ass, but then he's concerned about Beau. As we talk it through, he actually changes his opinion. Jeff tells me to enjoy it for as long as it feels good.

"Maybe you need someone to just take control once in awhile? Now if it gets crazy, I'm coming down there and kicking this guy's sorry-ass." I laugh, but assure Jeff that it's not crazy. I realize that he's right, it's just a vacation interlude, something I do want and need.

Feeling better, I strategically seek Beau out, whenever and wherever I can. Over the last three days of my visit, Beau outwrestles and fucks me eight more times. Each time goes the same way. I remain his willing and obedient servant. One night, I make excuses to my friends about seeing another friend, but in reality, Beau and I go out to dinner and a local wrestling show in El Paso. When I try to pay, he insists we go dutch. He won't even let me have that little bit of control. On the way back, I let him drive so I can blow him under the stars.

I wear the collar around my manhood throughout it all. When I'm leaving, I reach into my jeans to unsnap it and give it back, but he tells me to keep it. For next time.

I hit the road back to Dallas, still wearing my collar, wondering what the hell he means by next time.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Mr Miller this story is beyond insanely hot! This story created a Superstar. The images, you used, the encounter...the name...Beau...the scenario, the location. The story was just Perfection. I still think this is your #1 story. Beau is a superstar. The fact that he was a fan of the cave...brilliant man just plain brilliant.
    Then of course he goes to the Cave. I cant lie, this is someone Id love to see more often. Ive always liked Steven Webb, although its dissapointing that he doesnt shoot that often. But if you can manage to get more of him in the Cave it would be awesome.
    Beau is like a real super villain. Both outside the ring and inside. But a villain that everyone wants to lose to!

    1. Wow, thanks for the praise. I'm blushing. ;)

      Beau definitely turned out as I hoped he would. However, I'm not so sure "everyone" wants to lose to him. I can think of a couple of studs who have no interest in losing to Beau and will fight to the bitter end to avoid that fate.

    2. Alex R:

      Well maybe I went a little overboard with the "everyone" wants to lose to...or maybe its the jobber in me coming out can think of a couple of studs??? Well let them put their bbodies in the ring with Beau...lets take some wagers! Hahaha my money is on Beau. More matches with that muscle machine would be guaranteed awesomeness..

    3. You might want to check the New Stories blog on 5/10 and again on 5/31. That's all I'm going to say. ;)

  2. Alex R:

    Hahaha awsm man. Although its a month from now!! Must See TV!! Well maybe in the future! For now its must read blog!