Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Route 69 S108: Harrisburg PA

Route 69: Harrisburg PA

"What the -?" I blurt out softly.

My name's Ben and I'm surprised at sight of the pile of tangled bodies I see as I open the connecting door and look into my best friend's dark motel room. Last night, Jeff, an aspiring pro wrestler, got a huge break. He and I did a tag match for the Ring of Wrestling, a pretty big federation. Afterwards, we went out with some of the guys, but I left Jeff in their hands and turned in early, knowing I've got a commitment this morning.

I must have really crashed, because here in the next room, things clearly got wild. After all, there are three male wrestlers, including Jeff, and five women crowded into the two double beds, which are pushed together. All of them are passed out naked, clothes lying haphazardly around the room. There are liquor and beer bottles strewn around the room. The smell of sex, booze and cigarettes almost overwhelms me.

None of them stir, so I close the door quietly. I was going to let Jeff know I was on my way and that I'd see him this afternoon, but instead I just grab my bag and head out. On my way, I hang my room's "do not disturb" sign on the outside of Jeff's door, leaving my buddy and his new friends fast asleep. I'm just glad that no one complained. Oh well, Jeff deserves a little fun.

And so do I, which is why I'm about to spend my Saturday morning driving 45 minutes northeast from our Gettysburg motel up to Harrisburg. That's not the fun part, of course. I actually have another wrestling match scheduled, only this one should be more fun for me than last night's pre-determined ass kicking in front of hundreds of cheering strangers eating deep fried Oreos, turkey legs and guzzling down watered down draught beer.

While Jeff's dream is to be a pro wrestler, I'm happy being strictly an amateur. Not like Olympic amateur, but a private, unpaid, wrestle for fun amateur. I do wrestle pro, submission or any combination in between, just not for money or fame, but for the pleasure of it. I cruise all the personals sites, have made a lot of friends and take every chance I get to satisfy my yen for wrestling.

Jeff and I left New York months ago to drive around America and discover our passion. Wrestling has made up a surprisingly large part of our adventure. As soon as I knew Jeff and I would be in Gettysburg, I reached out to one of my favorite guys that I've never wrestled. We've talked on and off for years, but timing's never been right. He goes by the name RuffnTuffPA, but his real name is Blake. Our conversations have been hot, but so far it has all been talk. Now, a match is finally happening.

As I cruise up US-15, I get more and more excited with each passing mile.

Meeting Blake

I pull into Blake's driveway at 9am, exactly on time, pulling alongside the house. I'm about to call him when the side door opens up and I see Blake in the flesh for the first time. Oh my god, he's so fucking hot. The handsome stud is white, 32-years old, 6'2" tall and 230-lbs of beefy muscle. He's got a handsome scruffy face, lightly hairy body and ink up his left arm and across his back.

Blake greets me wearing nothing but a white towel, looking very sexy. He welcomes me into his home with a strong hug, apologizing for not quite being ready, as though I might mind him being naked and fresh from the shower. Just for record, I don't.

The big guy steps back and checks me out. I'm a solid 6'/200-lbs right now and pretty ripped, with my tanned skin popping in my white tank and shorts. I see him nodding and smiling as he looks me up and down. I've never had a guy complain, but it still feels great when Blake compliments me and rubs his hands together, eager to hit the mats.

Blake guides me to the basement. Mats are laid out in the rec room, there are bottles of water and sports drinks on the bar. I see a lot of Blake's gear laid out on the sofa. Like me, he's flexible on style, gear and attitude, but he's really a natural pro heel, which is the request of most of the guys who want to wrestle him.

Not surprisingly for a guy who's built like he is, Blake's done a ton of squash jobs, but that's not what we're doing. We've agreed on something a little less staged with no pre-determined outcome. Just a straight up sex stakes match: (1) lose one fall, you strip; (2) lose a second fall, you suck; (3) lose a third, you're fucked. Literally. Simple, easy and a lot of fun. Obviously with his size advantage, I'm taking more risk, but I've beaten bigger.

We change into our gear and start stretching out. As I expected, Blake opts for tight black trunks. Simple, classic and perfect for him. He looks every bit the beefy heel I've heard he is.

I select pale blue. A little jobberish, maybe, but I like how they look and feel. I also remember Blake saying how hot I looked in them when I posted a gear pic of them on my profile last year.

I glance over to check the beefy stud out, only to catch him checking me out. We laugh and he crawls over to me. After a kiss, we help each other stretch out, feeling our opponent up as we do it. Damn, his hands feel great on my muscles. I'm getting hard already, just working with him on these joint stretches.

After ten minutes of warming up, Blake says, "Hope you're done, man, because any more of this and we're gonna have to fuck right now."

I smirk, "I was thinking the same thing. Let's do it."

Round One

We're both a little cautious as we lock up. We struggle, but Blake overpowers me into the wall. We break clean, move back onto the mat then lock up again. Blake's definitely really strong, but I'm holding my own this time, shifting and turning to keep him off-balance. Eventually, he gets me, powering me into a standing side headlock.

Blake squeezes as he says, "Man, this is your lucky day, jobber!"

I grunt out, "Ugh. Why's that?"

"'Cause I'm the best jobber fucker there is!"

I ignore that as I feel the blood rushing to my head as he squeezes, crushing my temple between his rock hard side and big bicep. I hammer a couple of forearms into his back, testing his tolerance. He barely grunts, so I drive in harder. When I feel his grip loosen, I pull back, slipping out from behind.

Before Blake can react, I put my hands on his back and drive forward, pushing him face first into the wall. WHAM! I grab his wrist and wrench it up into a chicken wing, sliding my other arm over his shoulder and around his neck. I pull him from the wall, twisting I'm fast as I lift one foot against the back of his leg. I press down and he drops to his knees. THUD!

Blake groans, "Damn, I like a jobber who fights back!"

"Then you're going to love this, big man!"

I quickly fall back, dragging him on top of me. I wrap my legs around his waist and squeeze the scissors. The big man's arm is still locked up his back, pinned between our bodies and my arm is tight around his throat. I hear him grunting as I punish him with three moves at once. He rolls from side to side, but I hold him tight.

"Ooh, yeah, this feels so good, jobber boy!"

We struggle for a minute, sweat building between our bodies. Blake doesn't shut up, eventually wedging his free hand up, relieving the pressure on his chin. He manages to slip his head free then sits up. We turn and his arm shifts, leaving me with only a tight grip on his wrist, but no pressure. I realize I'm about to be in trouble as he muscles forward, turning in my scissors. As Blake is about to get top position, I break my feet and bring one up, kicking him back across the mat, away from me.

We rise staring each other down. He's definitely breathing hard. I know he's a rugby player, so I assume he's got some endurance to go with that beefy muscle body. We circle again. This time when we lock up, Blake wastes no time. He muscles me back into the wall. He lifts his knee into my abs. I grunt, but also dive and duck, slipping free behind him.

When the handsome heel turns towards me, I grab his head, twisting him into a side headlock. I roll and turn, flipping him over with a hip toss. Blake lands hard with me lying across his chest, his head locked against my body. The big guy shows some flexibility and speed as he swings his legs up for a head scissors. He pushes my body down, but before he can lock my head, I release the headlock and roll to freedom.

We move to our knees and lock up tight. Blake forces me into a front facelock. I grunt as he lifts up, punishing my neck. I manage to slip free, but the beefy musclestud twists and locks on a side headlock. I reach behind his knee and roll us over, putting Blake on his back. Unfortunately, Blake uses his weight to keep us rolling. When we stop, he's lying across my chest with the tight headlock.

"Damn, you're feisty, jobber! I love it!"

Blake wrenches my neck as he presses his weight down into my chest. He's bridging his hips up to make sure all his force is coming right down onto me. Fuck, he's heavy. I bring my legs up for a head scissors, but I'm not even close as he keeps me flat on my back.

Blake laughs, "Man, I just did that! Get your own moves, jobber!"

In response, I reach between his legs and roll him back, off my chest onto his shoulders. My head slips free, so I keep sliding up, holding his legs tightly. I mount his ass, pushing down on the back of his knees. He's pinned, but we're not counting those. Too bad, but it was actually my call - I figured with his weight advantage, it's be too easy for him to pin me.

I push down, making sure he feels my weight and his body pressing down on his thick neck. I've got his knees almost beside his head as he lies under me in a ball. My pouch is pressed into his ass. I grind it, letting him know that this match can go both ways. He moans under me and swears, spitting out, "No way, jobber!", so I know he's getting the message.

Blake lets out a roar then kicks up. I can't hold him down as he twists. I fall off to the side, my back to Blake. I roll to my knees, turning just as Blake is diving at me. He tackles me back, but I lock him into a body scissors. We start hand fighting, trying to get control, but it's tough. I can't focus on my scissors, so it's pretty ineffective as we struggle for top.

Blake rears back and stands up. I keep my legs tight on his waist. I squeeze hard, but I'm in a bad position, dangling off his waist, my shoulders on the mat. I break the scissors, but it's too late. The muscleman grabs behind my knees and holds my legs up. He steps over me, flipping me as he forces my chest into the mat. Blake sits back, putting his entire 230-lbs of muscle into a hard Boston crab.

I feel the pain shooting up my back. I push up, trying to force him off me, but he shifts his weight to counter. He's strong and agile. Great. Cocky Blake is back as he orders me to give. He's got his motor mouth running, taunting me. Damn, he is a heel at heart.

Doesn't matter, because I won't give.

Blake realizes I'm not giving, so he lets go, claiming he likes jobbers who are too stupid to know when they're beat. I'm too busy focusing on recovering to react as he stands over me. The big man grabs the back of my trunks and hoists my hips up off the mat. Suddenly, Blake has me around the waist. He lifts and powers me up into a reverse bearhug. ARGH!

I kick and moan as he crushes the breath from my body. He's got it locked in perfectly. I have no hope to break his arms. I swing elbows back, but I can't connect with any force. I try to push back, to drive him into a wall, but he lifts my feet off the mat, preventing me from getting any momentum behind my push. Oh man, he's so strong. I'm not giving, but I feel his bulge against my ass. He's clearly excited.

"Wanna give, jobber?"


Blake laughs, "Don't say I didn't warn ya!"

Before I can respond, he loosens his grip. I'm surprised, which is bad, because I don't move. Always keep moving, dummy. This gives him the time to bend down, pressing his shoulder into my back and grabbing at my groin. Suddenly, I'm hoisted up across his shoulders. WHOA! ARGH! I'm draped helplessly across his shoulders in a killer backbreaker. Fuck, he's got me locked in tight as he circles the mat, swinging me back and forth.

"Oh yeah, that's the stuff. You feeling this, jobber?" Blake yanks down, bedding me more. When I yell in pain, he says, "Yeah, I knew it. Shit, you're light. Those tiny muscles you got weigh like nothing!"

My arms and legs hang down limp. I go for a punch, but the beefy musclestud cranks hard and squeezes my balls. UNGH! I go for an eye rake, so he does it again. Fuck! My pain is doubled as he starts doing squats, each one sending waves of pain from my back through my extremities!

"Get ready to give, jobber boy!"

Blake drops to his knees. The force of impact shoots through his body into mine. The sudden shock has me blurting out my surrender immediately.

"I GIVE! Give, give, give!"

Blake drops me onto the mat. I land on my stomach, groaning in pain as I reach back to massage the small of my back.

Blake grabs my hair and lifts my head off the mat, "That's one, jobber. Just two more and your ass is mine!" The muscleman steps back, but slaps my ass on his way by. SMACK!

Stakes 1: Ben Strips

Since I lost, my trunks have to come off, but Blake doesn't wait for me to strip. He grabs the waistband and yanks my trunks down my legs and over my feet. He kicks me onto my back then throws the sweaty spandex down on my face. I pull them off and stare up, admiring him as he towers over me, looking dominant and powerful.

"Not bad, jobber boy. Not bad at all. Roll over." Blake kicks me back onto my stomach then drops down. He massages my back, which feels good. When he's got me good and relaxed, Blake smacks my bare ass. He starts kneading my ass cheeks. It feels pretty good until he forces a finger into my hole. I squirm away, spinning into a seated position.

"Hey, you have to earn that," I warn him.

Blake holds up his hands, "Just checking out the goods, jobber. Don't worry, you pass. Round. Firm. Smooth. Tight. Fuck, you're perfect. Like literally perfect."

I respond sarcastically, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm fucking amazing. Just keep your fingers to yourself, buddy. We've got a few more falls to go before you need to be thinking about that."

Blake licks his lips then nods. We both rise then he motions me to come at him.

Round Two

It's always weird, wrestling naked against a guy who's not naked. I have to win this fall and even things out, not only to strip the beefy hunk, but also to avoid being down two falls. I don't want to have to win three in a row.

We lock up again. Blake's hopped up on adrenaline, thinking about fucking my ass. The big muscle stud overpowers me. That's fine, because I'm not trying to fight back. Instead, I bend and shift, using his momentum to trip him to the mat. He falls down face first. CRASH! Before the beefy hunk can even move, I come down with an elbow on his back.

I grab Blake's thick arm, pushing it into a chicken wing. He grunts, but he's not worried. We've been here before. I push up hard on his arm, making him cry out in pain. He kicks the mat, giving me the chance to grab his ankle. I twist and roll us into a bow and arrow. I bury my feet in his back and wrench on his wrist and foot. Now the handsome hunk is moaning for real, especially when I start kicking his back.

Blake's strong, but I've got the position. He can't pull free. I see him slapping his shoulder with his free hand, trying to ease the pressure. I keep pulling, wearing the big man down. He's not giving, so I finally let go. I release his wrist, switching to a leg hold. Unfortunately, the musclestud is still fast. He kicks free before I can lock his leg.

Blake rolls away, rubbing his shoulder as he stands up. I charge in, ready to keep punishing the stud while he's focusing on his shoulder. The beefy stud's outsmarted me, though. He dodges then trips and flips me to the mat. I land on my back with Blake coming down right on top of me. His 230-lbs of muscle crushes on top of me. OOF!

I manage to keep him from getting a hold on me, shifting and turning. We struggle for top, going back-and-forth. Blake knows his shit, but so do I. We're sweating like crazy as we counter everything the other guy tries. Our grunting is getting louder and for the first time, there's no trashtalking as neither of us can get a good long hold on the other guy.

Blake uses his weight to get me in a schoolboy pin. I can tell the big man is frustrated as I look at his red face. I start to wonder how long it's been since a guy fought back against him. Anyway, the pin is no big deal, but as I'm about to throw him off, he leans down and kisses me. Fuck, that feels nice. I kiss him back. His body feels so good on top of mine.

I feel Blake maneuvering my arms, but this isn't my first rodeo. I've used kisses as a ploy before, so I know what he's up to. I decide to strike first. The beefy stud is surprised as I tear my arm free then lock him up in a front facelock and body scissors. I pull down hard on his head, stretching his neck as I squeeze my legs together. I fire a few fists into his thick side to distract him. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Blake takes the abuse, never stopping his struggle to get free. I hold on tight, but when he pushes back hard, I suddenly release his neck and body. WHOA! The beefy hunk can't stop his momentum. The force of his pull sends him toppling backwards off me. As he falls back, his legs fly out from under him. He lands on his back, his right leg stretched out beside me.

I grab Blake's lower leg, locking his ankle in my armpit. I wrap his thigh in a scissors as I twist against his knee. The big musclestud cries out as I punish his leg. I punch the inside of his knee, weakening his joint. The heel groans and writhes on the mat, but he's not submitting. I roll us over, keeping my tight grip.

When we move onto our stomachs, I rear back with a single leg crab. The beefy stud slaps the mat in frustration. ARGH! He fights, but I manage to hold position. I know he might power out eventually, so I decide to speed things up. I punch the inside of his knee again. POW! POW! POW!

When Blake goes limp for a second, I quickly rise, lifting his leg with me. I kneel with my shin on the back of his neck, turning the single leg crab into a much more painful variation. His huge body is stretched out and tortured. I hear his cries get higher pitched and more desperate. However, still no submission. For my final move, I slide his leg over my shoulder and stretch up.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuck!" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Blake taps out. I let go and fall off him. He moans on the mat, soaked in tweet and suddenly looking a lot smaller.

Stakes 2: Blake Strips

I don't strip Blake's tight black trunks off. I think there's a better option for a dominant top like him. I crawl on top of him, lying atop his body. He moans like he likes it, but then I whisper in his ear, "Okay stud, time to pay up. Up on your feet and let's see you strip."

I roll off Blake, who turns and playfully sneers at me, "Have your fun, jobber. You just got lucky."

"Yeah, yeah. Less talk, more cock. Zip your lip, it's time to strip."

The beefy musclestud gets up without arguing any more, stretching out first. When Blake unties his trunks, I tell him to go slow and make it sexy.

The handsome hunk plays along, swiveling his hips and giving me a spin as I sit on the mat, playing with myself. For his part, the amazing stud moves well, gyrating like a champ through his routine. He slowly works off his trunks, revealing his trimmed pubes, beautiful cut 7" cock and bull balls.

When he's done, I get up and move in to inspect the merchandise, so to speak. Fuck, he's hot. I'm kind of a gear guy, normally preferring a man in trunks, but as I run my hands over his junk, I decide naked wrestling with this stud will work out just fine.

We're having fun, but it's time to break off and get ready for the next round.

Round Three

With both of us out of our trunks, it's hard to focus on wrestling. As we circle, I'm captivated by Blake's big cock flopping back and forth. I catch him looking at mine, too. The big stud reaches down and scratches under his balls then crouches for a lockup. I get ready as well and round three starts.

As we hand fight for position, I quickly drop to a knee, lunging low. I manage to trip Blake to the mat then mount him. Before I can lock him up in a hold, the beefy hunk manages to buck me off. I roll and scramble back at Blake, but he's ready. He grabs my right arm, locking it up tight.

As we kneel on the mat, Blake twists my arm hard, shooting pain into my shoulder. I grunt, but ignore the pain to focus on my next moves. I plant my foot then push forward, forcing Blake down onto his back. I get my knee into his gut, which enables me to pull my arm free. Blake starts to roll away, but when he gets on his hands and knees, I grab his ankles.

Before Blake can react, I yank back hard, pulling his knees out from under him. He falls flat onto his stomach. I slide forward, bending his knees and folding his ankles together. I lean in using my weight to force his feet down onto his ass. Blake moans and struggles, but I lean forward and grab under his chin. I pull up and Blake's moans get louder.

I really work the hold, but with his thick arms free, Blake manages to press up and topple us to the left. I dive in to take control, but my burly opponent uses my momentum and his strength to roll us over. We wrestle for position, each using our legs and arms to block, shift and battle. I manage to get on top, but Blake gets his foot in between our bodies. He kicks out, sending me flying back.

I land on my stomach. Before I can move, Blake's on my back with a knee digging down between my shoulder blades. He forces my arms up, holding them straight towards the ceiling as he pushes them forward. My shoulders ache as he uses his power to torture me. My feet kick up and down as I lie on the mat with this beast on top of me.

225-lbs of manly muscle bears down on my back. I can't get my knees under me to topple him. My shoulders are in pain, but I won't give. Blake's back to his cocky, heel self. He taunts me, demanding I give and telling me how hot fucking my face is going to be. I still won't give, holding out, even though I can't seem to counter the hold.

Suddenly, Blake's weight is off me as he stands up. I feel relief as his knee is no longer tearing into my flesh. Blake still has my arms, but the pressure eases. Only for a moment, though. The handsome heel puts his foot in my back and pulls up and back on my arms. My head and chest are lifted off the mat by my shoulders.

I see the pool of sweat where my face was, perspiration running down my hair and forehead, dripping under me. Fuck, my arms are killing me, but I still hold out. Blake doesn't seem to care. The beefy heel enjoys taunting and torturing me. He's feeling pretty confident and I can't argue. I don't seem to be able to counter.

Blake finally lets go of my wrists, letting me fall to the mat. I collapse, unable to rise or attack. I just need a moment. Too bad Blake's not feeling generous. The big stud reaches down and grabs my hair, dragging me off the mat from behind. I swing my elbow back, connecting with his thigh, but the blow bounces harmlessly off the thick muscle.

The powerful muscledude pulls me into him, my back colliding with his thick torso. Blake forces his arms under mine, lifts and applies on a full nelson. I struggle, but he manages to lock his hands behind me. Fuck! My shoulders were already aching and now they're killing me as he crushes them in his grip. My chin is pressed tightly to my chest.

I struggle, but all I can see is the sweat running down my body and dripping onto my rock hard cock. I feel Blake's cock against my ass. He could fuck me so easily right now.  I try to push back with my feet. I try to spread my arms. I try to twist or flip Blake. Nothing works. He's planted firmly behind me and in total control.

Blake is laughing in my ear as he grinds his hard cock against my ass. I try to hold on as I did against his earlier abuse. Unfortunately, this is the hardest full nelson I've ever been in. I'm crushed and powerless to break free. My legs (but not my cock!) are going limp as I hang there, desperately trying to form a plan. When Blake shakes me back and forth, I know I'm done.

I blurt out, "Give! Give! Give!"

I fall to the mat, exhausted and sore as the cocky Blake picks up his water bottle then confidently circles me. Fuck.

Stakes 3: Ben Sucks

I rise up to my knees, head hanging down as I rub my neck. I see Blake's big feet under my face, so I look up only to be slapped in the face by his thick 7" hard-on. He won fair and square, so I don't wait, opening my mouth to accept him inside.

The beefy muscleman just stands there, drinking his water, as I start to work his cock slowly, focusing on the head as I fulfill our deal. It's not like it's the worst thing in the world - I'd suck him any time. It's not humiliating to give a guy a blowjob, it's fun. It's just in wrestling defeat, there's an added element that changes the dynamic.

Blake moans about how good I'm at this. I use my tongue, hand and mouth to pleasure him, his reward for the win. I feel drops on my neck as the musclestud drains the last of his water then tosses the bottle aside. He grabs my head and holds tight, turning the situation into a stiff face fucking that has me gagging as his dick hits the back of my throat. He orders me to spit on his dick, which I do then pounds my throat some more.

"Oh yeah, fuck, you're awesome!" Blake finally pulls out, slapping my face with his moist cock then stepping back. He checks out my hard cock as I get up, stretching out my legs. I don't say anything as he reminds me, "One more and that ass is mine, boy."

Round Four

Okay, I need to focus. He's up two-to-one, so I can't lose again. I'm trying to figure out my best moves as I crouch down, wiping down the mat like a naked maid. I dry the mat of our pools of sweat as Blake circles me, checking me out from behind. The beefy stud makes comments about how hot I look on hands and knees and how my cheeks spread just right. It's like he's already moved in.

When I'm done, we start to circle again. I crouch for a lock up, but Blake flexes, showing off his thick arms. I quickly admire the view, especially as his cock is rock hard, pointing right at me and still moist from my mouth. However, I also take advantage of his confidence. I surprise Blake by charging in fast.

I grab the big man above the waist and pull him in close to me. Blake grunts as I cinch in a bearhug. I squeeze hard, but the handsome heel doesn't stop flexing his double bicep pose. No matter how hard I try or shift, the muscleman laughs it off. Okay, bearhugs don't work. I don't let it get to me. If Blake's so confident he'll just stand there, I'm okay with that.

I squeeze then suddenly lift and spin. I plant Blake hard on his broad back with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! He moans for real this time, trying to arch under me. I lie on top of him, my forearm across his cheek, driving into his face. I grab him in a tight armlock.

Blake grunts, so I taunt him, "Yeah, I guess you felt that, eh, big man?"

Blake kicks up, throwing me off. He looks at me with a smirk, but no cocky reply. As Blake rises, I dive for his leg. He kicks me back as I trip him. SPLAT! We both land hard on our bare asses. We exchange a stare then both rise, cautiously.

Blake and I maneuver into a lock up. The big man pushes against me. I don't fight, instead dropping down and dragging an unprepared Blake down onto the mat with his own momentum. THUD! He lands hard on his front. I quickly roll onto his back, mounting his waist, planting my bare ass firmly on his mountainous cheeks.

I grab his arm tightly then lock on an armbar. Blake struggles against me, but he won't give to this. Even as I pound fists into his upper back and shoulder, he resists. The beefy muscleman is strong and tough, but I'm not done. I move forward, raising my knees as I slide my ass onto his lower back. I reach for Blake's other arm, aiming for a camel clutch.

As I pull Blake up and back, Blake powers his arms free. He rises and throws me off. I land on my side with Blake climbing on top of me right away. We struggle again. I manage to get my leg between us and throw him back. Now it's my turn to get on top. The big stud fights me hard and we're locked in a tough struggle. Every subtle shift matters as we each try to maneuver the other into position.

Blake's stronger than me and shows it. After minutes of battling, he finally powers me down to the mat. I twist to escape, but the musclestud locks me up from behind. He wraps his left arm around my throat and locks my right arm up with his right arm. Blake's thick legs lock my right leg down and I'm trapped. Fuck! The beefy heel stretches and bends me.

I moan as I struggle to free myself. Blake is verbal, feeling like I'm done. He's not wrong, but I try to focus. He threatens to put me out, but I know he can't in this position. I try to roll us over, but he stops me every time. The musclestud gets a little too much into his heel role, releasing my right arm and flexing his bicep in front of my face.

Blake orders, "Kiss it, jobber! Kiss my muscles!"

I feel Blake's hard cock pressing into my back as he tortures and taunts me. I willingly kiss his arm, not only because it's hot, but because it's just the distraction I need. With both arms free, I grab his flexing arm and roll us over. Blake loses his grip on my neck and leg. I force the surprised heel onto his stomach and get on him fast. This time, I club his broad back then immediately drag him up into a camel clutch! ARGH!

The heel tries to power out, but I lock his chin tightly. Blake curses up a storm as I force him up and back. His words turn to moans then to higher pitched grunts. I lean back and I know he's feeling it.

"GIVE!" I demand.


Blake's tough, so I take it to the next level. I shift my grip from his chin to a rear naked choke.


Blake grunts for a few seconds then blurts out, "Okay, okay! You got me! Give."

I release Blake, letting him fall to the mat. He lies there for a moment as I sit on his back. I plant my hands on his back then push up, rising above him. I grab some water, never taking my eyes off his sexy ass and back. I circle him then take a seat across the mat as he stretches his back out.

I wait patiently, needing the rest as much as Blake. As the big man kneels on the mat, he looks at me with a smirk and a nod. I just sit there, legs spread, gulping my water. He raises an eyebrow, so I just look down at my junk.

"C'mon Mr. Big Bad Heel, get over here. This dick won't suck itself."

Blake's only response is a soft, "Grrr."

Stakes 4: Blake Sucks

I lie back, forcing Blake to come to me. He crouches over my dick then gets to work. Blake's mouth feels great on my cock, but he's not the best at sucking. I wonder if it's not the best position. Before I can say anything, the beefy muscleman pulls off and ushers me to his basement bar. He spreads out a towel over the granite surface before he grabs my waist and lifts me up onto the counter.

Blake goes back to work as I lean back. I rub his broad shoulders and caress his back as he goes down on my shaft. Fuck, that's the stuff. Oh man, he's going hard on my cock and it's excellent. I want to cum and shoot a load down his throat. It'd be easy, but not smart. I slow him down the finally break him off.

"Okay, okay. Whew. Wow, you're good. But we're not done. Let's finish this."

Blake smiles, "Oh yeah, about time for the main event."

Round Five

We're both breathing hard and sweating, but I feel pretty good. Blake's a big rugby player with good endurance, so I don't take anything for granted. He crawls over to me and lies beside me. He leans in then kisses me. It's slow, soft and has me melting. I rest my hand behind his head as we make out.

When we finally break lips, I look at him, "You giving?"

"You wish." Blake smirks as we exchange a long lingering stare. Suddenly, he gets up, grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet. "C'mon, let's do this."

I barely have time to nod before he's pulling me into a tight bearhug. It feels good to have our bodies pressed together, but when he tightens his grip, I realize I better fight back or it might be too late. Blake's arms constrict around my body, restricting my breathing as my sides are crushed. UNH! He squeezes and my head falls back. I stare at the ceiling, trying to gather my wits.

Blake shakes me in the hold, weakening me even more. He's having a lot more success with this hold than I did. Fuck! The big musclestud has me under control. From the feeling of his hard cock pressing up into my balls, he's enjoying it, too. I swing my arms up around his head. I use my feet and push, using my weight to drive Blake's back into the wall. OOMPH! His grip loosens as I apply a tight front sleeper.

I squeeze the hold, crushing his head and forcing him to break the bearhug. He puts his hands on my lats then bends down as he pushes me off him. His head slips out from my grip as I stumble back off him. He leans against the wall, wiping the sweat off his forehead. I stretch my arms out, but then I see his eyes closed, so I charge in fast. No point in letting the big man recover.

I come in, lifting my knee into Blake's gut. It's unflexed and he's unprepared, so the blow bends him in half. I grab him in a front facelock and pull him from the wall. I tighten the hold then flip us to the mat. WHAM! Blake lands on his back with me across his chest. I twist around, making sure to drive my knee into his gut as I pivot. He grunts as I slide across his beefy body getting into position.

It only takes seconds to execute my plan. I have his head locked up again, my left arm behind his neck and his face buried in my sweaty armpit. I lie on top of him, pinning his body with mine and holding his left wrist down with my right hand. I force my legs around his and pull out fast and hard into a stiff grapevine. Before the musclehunk can even react, he's wrapped up tight.

The big man groans as his neck and groin are stretched simultaneously. I force his legs out wide, amping up the pressure on one of my favorite holds. Blake grunts, "Fuck!" into my armpit. I take that as a good sign and it gives me the motivation to push harder on my submission hold.

With almost his entire body under my control, Blake's only option is to pound my side with his right hand.THUD! POW! THUD! I feel the blows and know I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but I withstand the assault. I know if this was the first fall, he'd be giving, but when it's your ass on the line, you don't give so easily. Blake refuses to give up, in spite of the obvious pain.

I decide to break, closing my legs. I draw one leg up, making sure my knee digs into his abs as I do. He tries to push me off, but I roll over his chest and face to sit above him. Before he knows what's even happening, I have his wrists and am pulling him into me. His head is pinned between my legs in a head scissors as I stretch his arms up and back.

Blake fights the whole time, but his red forehead is feeling me what I need to know. The head scissors is working. He won't give, but this will definitely slow him down. I've already got my finisher (I hope) planned, so I keep the pressure up. Blake surprises me, using his legs to roll us. He deftly pulls his head and wrists free then grabs me from behind around the waist.

I throw myself to the left and manage to roll us over again. My ass lands on Blake's chest, my weight holding him down. I see his right leg up in the air and reach for it. I grab hold behind the knee and pull it to me. Blake is struggling under me as I slide back onto his face then onto the mat behind his head.

My legs pin his shoulders and I pull his leg back in a stump puller type move that has the big man folded and trapped. I test his flexibility as I bring his knee to his chest. Hes moaning loudly, unable to do anything else. I tell him, "Give it up, big man! I've got you trapped!"


"C'mon, I bet that hamstring is about to snap! You know it ... I can keep this up all day!" I push harder on his leg to emphasize my point. Blake cries out in pain.

Seconds later, Blake shouts out, "Oh fuck! Give! Give! Give!"

I release his leg and lie back, exhausted. Holy fuck. I just beat him. Blake lies there, cursing. A minute later, he rises and leans over his basement bar. His ass looks spectacular as he kicks out his leg, trying to recover from the ankle lock. When he looks back at me, I see he's aware of what comes next and he doesn't look too upset about it.

Cool. Let's get going!

Final Stakes: To the Victor ...

Blake is big, strong and talented. I'm pretty pleased about beating him. While he doesn't seem that pissed, he's obviously too competitive to be happy about it. I'm sure he's beaten bigger and stronger guys, but I really just out-wrestled him at the end. And got a little lucky, but that's the way it goes.

The big stud walks over to me, limping only slightly. He congratulates me with a handshake, pulling me to my feet. We hug and kiss. Then he adds, "Take it easy, okay? I'm not used to this, you know."

I smirk at the request, hearing it as a promise of a tight hole. Knowing he almost always wins just makes this hotter for me. I spin him around and start feeling his ass. I play with his giant mounds. I kneel down and spread his cheeks, getting a good look at his hole. I lick my finger then slide it in, testing the stud. I hear him let out a soft gasp as I finger fuck him.

"Nice. You're so fucking tight."

Blake just moans in response. I stand up, keeping my finger in him. I maneuver him back to the bar, using my free hand to push his shoulder. He leans down, resting his forearms on a barstool as I slide my finger out. I kneel behind him and spread his big bubble butt open. I slide in and extend my tongue, flicking it over his tender hole.

The big stud groans and adjusts his feet as he feels me preparing him. I moisten his ass, getting him good and wet. I hear him muttering, "Oh god, oh yeah, oh wow," as I go to work. I reach one hand up between his legs and start playing with his balls. Blake goes crazy, his cries getting louder. By the time I stand up, he's completely loose, his entire beefy body relaxed.

I grab a condom off the bar and slide it on. I reposition Blake more upright, leaning against the bar. I finger fuck some lube into Blake's hole then grab his hips and force my way into his ass. When I get inside the losing heel, I ride his ass slowly. When I've got a good rhythm going, I reach out and grab his head, pulling it back as I fuck him. Blake takes my cock, moaning for more.

I spank the side of the big man's giant ass, which only gets him more worked up. Blake moans. His hard cock is sliding across the bar stool with every thrust. I tell him to jerk his cock, which he does eagerly. Blake may not be a bottom very often, but he's a damn good one.

I fuck Blake for a long time, stretching it out. I move us around the room, finally putting the beefy musclestud on his back on the mat. With his legs up, I ride him fast and hard. I let him keep working his dick. Blake's face contorts and he cries out that he's going to cum. White hot fluid shoots up his torso, coating his lightly hairy beef.

Oh fuck! That's all I need to see. I pull out, rip off the condom and work my dick. It doesn't take long before I'm adding to the puddles covering his body. I spray ropes of cum up his cock, stomach, even hitting his chest.

When I'm done, I lean forward over him. We make out as the pools of our seed are crushed between our muscled bodies. I roll off Blake and lie beside him. I can hear his breathing as we just stare at the ceiling. His hand makes its way to mine. When I roll towards him, the beefy hunk looks at and smiles. We kiss then Blake leads me to the shower.

Showered and dressed, Blake and I go through some awkward goodbyes, considering how much fun we just had and that we may never do it again. Weird to think that, but it took years for this match to happen, so who knows? Anyway, I head back to the motel in Gettysburg, completely satisfied and looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

The End


  1. You hit another one out of the park. This nails the anticipation of those matches where you've chatted forever with a long-desired opponent and then finally get your chance. And I'm glad you acknowledged the bittersweet goodbye. Sometimes that's the hardest part of this underground wrestling world - not knowing if you'll get to meet and wrestle a great opponent again.

    And talk about a bucket list opponent. I'd love to wrestle "Blake." ;-)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you appreciated that part. It is tough. There are so many great guys wrestling, but even the ones close to me I saw maybe once, twice a year for a while and that was it. There are awesome ones I met traveling or who were visiting my city that I just never saw again.

  2. A good, hard fought match can be a real bonding experience. At least there's email, text, the message boards.