Friday, April 17, 2015

Route 69 S109: Indianapolis IN

Route 69: Indianapolis IN

"Jeff Case? JEFF!"

Who's callin me? Aw fuck, no. I see two guys. A young long-haired dude, but I don't know him. He's not the problem. No, the problem is the other guy. Lou. I wish I fuckin didn't know him, but I do. What the fuck is Lou even doin here? Is he actually comin over? For serious? I can't believe it. Last time I saw him, he was droolin on a concrete floor. Id just knocked him out cold with one punch.

Shit, of all times to run into a guy I fuckin hate. I'm behind the curtain, waitin for my cue, tryin to psych myself for the biggest match I've ever had and I gotta deal with this piece of shit? Fuck no.

Before Lou can get any closer, I turn to my buddy Ben, who's workin backstage at this Ring of Wrestling event. He's tryin to learn the behind the scenes shit and I'm tryin to break in the front. This is my fourth ROW match in the last month, but the first one that might get on TV. I gotta be great. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Focus, man. Focus.

I look at Ben then shoot my eyes at the guys comin my way. We've been friends forever, so that's all it takes. Ben reads my face and knows trouble. He doesn't even ask me one question before he's marchin past me, kickin the asshole out of the stagin area, tellin him some bullshit about how it's not a good time to disturb the wrestlers.

Okay, I'm cool. I run through my moves and get back in a good space. Just in fuckin time, cause a minute later, Ben's back and sendin me out to the ring.


The match goes great. I fuckin nailed it. My big chance and I fuckin nailed it! As soon as I get backstage, Ben's on me, tellin me I fuckin nailed it. Nine years of trainin and it finally paid off. Fuck yes! I need to take a piss.

In the locker room, I'm drainin my python when I hear, "Great match."

It's young long-haired dude. From before. The one who was with Lou. I don't like him. Just cause he was with Lou. But that's not fair, so after a second, I go, "Thanks, dude."

"I'm Kyle. It's so awesome being here, but it must be unbelievable being out there."

I'm squeezin out my last drops, "Yeah, it's cool."

I'm washin my hands when Kyle goes, "That's what I want. I hope Lou can do for me what he's done for you."

I'm like, "What the fuck did you just say?"

Kyle's done. He moves beside me at the sink, checkin himself out. He goes, "Well, Lou trained you, right? He got you here, right?"

I'm like frozen. Angry frozen. Like a fuckin statue. I wanna punch someone. This punk. I'll beat the shit outta this Kyle character. No. Don't hurt him. The kid doesn't know. He's just been conned by a lyin sack of shit. I was the same way. This is what Lou does. Fuckin asshole.

Okay, here's the deal. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pro wrestler. Since I was like 16, all I did was work every fuckin day to be a pro wrestler. I did everything I could (except roids - Ben talked me outta that). Then two years ago, when it was 23, I quit. After two years outta the business, I ran into two wrestlers on this road trip I'm on with Ben. Total fluke. They got me back in the ring. Me bein here is on them, Ben and me. It's sure as hell no thanks to fuckin Lou.

So why'd I ever quit? See, Lou's a wrestling promoter, based in Jersey. Sleaziest piece of shit I ever worked for. Only boss I ever decked. The guy drove me outta the business. I thought it was all politics and bullshit. He liked to find us young guys with a dream then scam us out of cash. I paid him a shit load of money, everything I could make. Hed promise the world, but never deliver. Made me think I was no good and the business was no good.

Anyway, back to this shit goin on now. I'm about to tell Kyle my opinion of Lou when the asshole walks in. It's like instinct when I see him. I'm back two years ago. My whole body goes tight. My hands make fists. My blood's flowin and veins are poppin. I gotta a mean look on my face. I'm breathin heavy through my nose.

Lou's all smiles, but he takes one look at me and stops short. Smart man. Lou's been knocked out by my right hook once. Dude's figured out to stay outta my range now. Doesn't hurt that I'm pumped and still in my gear. I look pretty scary.

Lou goes, "So you ain't changed at all, kid? Still got that crazy temper?"

I just stare at him. Asshole's tryin to be friendly. I got no idea why. And I don't give a shit. I stare at him hard. He doesn't say shit to me, so I ask, "What do you want, Lou?"

Lou tells me he's in town for a meeting with the ROW guys. He's friends with the bosses. Tryin to get Kyle a tryout. I laugh. Still full of shit. Like he came halfway across the country for this. Turns out he's based in Chicago now.

"They ran you outta Jersey? Good for them. Kid, stay away from this guy. And don't give him any more cash."

That gets Lou pissed. Now he's not so afraid. He threatens to sue me for decimation of character. No wait, that's not it. Whatever. He says he'll sue me for talkin shit about him. When I don't give a shit and I keep doin it, he gets personal. About me bein an ungrateful, stupid thug and how he's gonna make sure I never work in ROW again.

Okay, that's it. I charge at Lou. I come in swingin, but he's ready this time. Lou's an asshole, but he's not small. I'm 6'2" and 225-lbs, but dude's 6' and thick, like 240-lbs. He blocks my right then comes in with a knee up into my balls! Fuck! Dirty fuckin bastard. I drop to a knee. He grabs my hair and slaps my face. SMACK! Lou brags to Kyle that he knows how to deal with punks like me.

Lou thinks I'm done? No fuckin way. I charge. I grab him around the waist then slam him into the wall. WHAM! I throw a couple of body punches into him. THUD! THUD! He's a pretty solid dude. Then Kyle steps in, tryin to break us up. I make a mistake, lookin at the kid. That's when Lou hits with me a right to my chin. WHACK! Everything goes black.

Old Scores

One of the other wrestlers finds me and wakes me up. I stand up, shakin out my head. Im still in my purple gear. Fuck, what's goin on? Oh yeah, Lou. The fucker knocked me out. I ask dude to find Ben. He runs off, lookin for my buddy. I get to my feet, shakin out the cobwebs.

When I'm up, I notice something. Trunks feel funny. I look down then reach in. I find a fuckin business card stuffed in the front of my trunks, wrapped around my dick. It's for a local gym. On the back is a note from Lou. That fucker put his hand in my trunks. He touched my cock and wrapped this around it. I'm gonna kill him. Note says, "In the ring. Tonight. 11pm. Let's settle this." Fuck yeah. I'm in.

Finally, Ben and his buddy Dylan come in, demandin to know what happened. I never lie to Ben, so I tell him everything. Ben reads the card then passes it to Dylan.

When they wanna make a federal case out of it, I tell em no. Lou and me is personal. Nothin to do with fuckin ROW. They don't like it, but Ben knows me and respects me. He's my best friend.

Ben wants to come along, but I tell him to stay outta it. It's my business. He brings up Kyle, sayin Lou will have backup and dude already got me knocked out once, but I tell him that's not how it went down. It wasn't on purpose. It'll just be me against that scum-suckin asshole. Ben argues. Dylan takes his side ('cause he's hot for Ben). I don't care. I'll do it alone.

I win the argument. I shower. Ben, Dylan and me grab dinner. Then it's time for action.

Jeff vs. Lou

Ben lets me borrow his car, decidin to hang with Dylan for the night. Cool, they can fuck or whatever while I kick some ass. The door to the gym is unlocked. I go in. It's dark, only lights on are over the big black pro ring. I see Lou's already in gear, waitin by the ring. He looks solid, wearin basic black. He turns to look at me. Dude has his game face on, lookin mean.

I don't say anything. I just find the locker room to get changed. I'm wearin some black and tan color trunks, with three tan stars on the waistband. They got a little shine to em, but I'm wearin em cause I don't care what happens to em. They were a bad buy, so I use em for stupid side matches like this.

When I come out, I see Lou and his boy Kyle workin out in the ring. I get my first good look at Lou. Dude's definitely lookin tough in his gear. A little soft. But big and strong enough. I can't wait to kick his ass.

I check out Kyle, Ben's voice in my head. The punk's in gear, too, runnin moves with Lou. Black and red pro gear, so he's definitely a wrestler. Makes me wonder what's goin on. Lou says Kyle's just there to help him warmup, how it's been a long time since he was in a real match and shit. I tell Lou to shut up. I point at Kyle and he swears he won't get involved no matter what. It's not his fight. Good answer.

I tell em, "All right, let's get this done." Kyle gets out of the ring, I get in and we're ready to go.

Jeff vs. Lou

I wanna beat the shit outta Lou pretty bad, but I know I gotta be careful. Dudes strong and smart. I know he used to wrestle, but got no idea how good he was. We circle around. A couple of times, we go to lock up, but one of us pulls back.

Lou goes, Whats the matter? Is the pretty boy punk scared? He smacks his left pec with his right fist. THUD! THUD!

I dont say nothin. I know hes tryin to distract me. Lou goes, You should congratulate Kyle there. Hell be wrestling in ROW.

That gets my attention. Seriously? That punk is part of ROW? When my eyes go to a smilin Kyle, Lou charges in. Asshole levels me with a clothesline. WHAM! The big man ries to stomp me, but I roll outta the way. I get up, makin sure Im ready in case Lou tries something.

Lous all proud of himself. He tells me, Yeah, its nice to promote a guy with real talent for once. Not like you. Yeah, no one wanted you. At least not for wrestling.

Dude wants to me to charge in, but I hold back. I crouch down and reach out. Lous got no choice but to meet me. We lean in close, hands fightin. He tries to pull back, but I grab his wrist and pull him to me. I extend me arm and slam into his chest with my own clothesline. THUD! Lou drops to the mat. I stomp his chest with two boots before he can get away.

Lou gets up. Not so cocky now. We circle. We actually lock up for real this time. Shit, were pretty even in strength. Lou moves me back, but I shift him into a side headlock. Lou gives me a kidney punch, but I hip toss him over. Dude rolls outta my hold. I get up first and kick Lou on the side of the head. He moves, so my boot only grazes him, but it still topples him down.

I grab his head and chin, draggin him up. Lous ready. He drives forward, usin his weight, pushin me into the corner. CLANG! I lift my knee into his gut and clock him with a forearm to the side of his head. OOF! WHACK! Lou backs up. I charge into him with a shoulder block. The big bull keeps his feet. He looks pissed.

Dude smacks his chest again, dares me to come at him again. I move in, slammin into him hard. Lou meets me, leanin into me. CRASH! We both keep our feet. I try to surprise him, leapin at him right away, before he can set his feet, but the big mn is ready. He opens his arms and scoops me up. Lou charges, splashin us into the corner. CLANG! My back takes the hit, but Lous 240-lbs of beef is crushin on top of me.

Lou puts his paw on my chin then pushes back. Im starin at the ceiling while Lou uses his free arm to pound the shit outta my chest. He hammers his thick forearm across my pecs. I flex my pecs, but I still feel every shot. Dude steps back, but he starts in with full chops across my chest. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Lou reaches down and grabs my junk. He goes, Yeah, only interest anyone ever had in you was as a cheap fuck. He squeezes hard, makin me feel it.

Before I can strike back, the big bull slides his hand between my legs. He lifts me across his chest. Dude turns and powers me to the mat with a tough bodyslam! WHOMP! Lou gets up then stomps down on my pecs hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Fuck, the punches, chops and boots are doin a real number on me.

Lou backs off into the ropes. He runs at me, jumpin into the air for a leg drop. I roll outta the way, so Lou lands hard on his ass. SPLAT! ARGH! I get up and come in behind the big man. I drag him up from behind. I grab around his waist and lift him up high. I bring Lou down fast, slammin his ass into my thigh. He grunts, pain shootin up his spine.

I keep my grip around his waist. I atomic drop him again then lift him up and back, droppin him with a great suplex. I get to my feet as Lou lies there, moanin and holdin his neck. I circle him and grab one ankle. I pin the other leg down with my boot. Lou tries to kick free, but I got him good. I twist his ankle and split his legs. FUCK! Lous gruntin and twistin on the mat. I just keep twistin harder and harder.

I turn and drop an elbow into the inside of the big bulls leg. I get up and grab his wrist. I yank him up. He limps, but when I look down, the beefy dude slams his elbow into my head. I drop his wrist and fall into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but hes slowed down with the limp. I duck and grab him from behind.

I put his back-to-back and drag his head onto my shoulder. Lous arms are swingin, but I drop down for a neckbreaker before he can do shit. CRACK! ARGGH! Lou falls to the mat, groanin. I stomp the bulls big body and he just takes it. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Dude cant even roll away, hes so out of it.

I grab him and drag him to his feet. Hes almost dead weight, but I get him up. I push him into the corner. I stomp his gut and then go at his chest and gut with hard body shots. Lou just grunts. I make sure his arms are outside the ropes, his armpits holdin him up.

Lou looks pathetic in the corner. His big muscle body looks weak and fat all of a sudden.  I move in with a stiff elbow to his head. WHACK! The big guy is out on his feet. I force one leg over the middle rope. Lou can't stop me when I start kickin at the inside of his sore leg and knee. Dude can barely stand it, cryin out. That leg sure as fuck isn't gonna support any weight for awhile.

I move back. I got him right where I need him. I'm about to finish the job when I get slammed in the back. WHAM! It's like from behind, two boots fly in between my shoulder blades. What the? Kyle musta snuck in and hit me with a dropkick to the back! It's hard, fast and I didn't know it was comin so I fly forward. Too bad for me, that's right into Lou. He saw it comin, so he's turnin and liftin his elbow.

WHACK! I hit into Lou, my chin connectin with his forearm. UNGH! I keep my feet. Don't know how, but I do. Kyle's still behind me. I stumble right into his forearm. Punk slams it across the back of my neck. I go forward, right into Lou, who's ready with his fists. Fuck, I don't go down as these two bastards pound the shit outta me from back and front.

I feel like a fuckin pinball, gettin shots that push me into more shots that send me back. I spin around, almost out on my feet. I finally just drop, curl in a ball and the two of em stomp the shit outta me. I try to get up, but I'm gettin double teamed and there ain't shit I can do about it.

Ben was Right

So yeah, Ben was right. I need fuckin backup. I'm lyin on the mat starin up at the lights. Kyle and Lou are fuckin makin out over me. They're rubbin each other and it's pretty obvious they've done it before. Shit. Kyle's not some kid bein conned. He's in on all this shit with Lou. Both of em got big bulges as they go to town on each other.

At least I'm gettin time to recover. They think I'm done, so I don't move. Let em fool around. Every second they waste screwin around is good for me. Dudes break and grab hold of my hair. They're mouthin off, laughin at me. Let's see if they think this is funny - I bring my arms up between their legs. Fast and hard, I hammer their nuts. WHAM!

Dudes double over right in front of me, groanin. I grab their heads and slam em together. BONK! I get to my feet and grab em in double front facelocks. They fight and I don't got much left, so I just fall back. CRACK! Both their heads hit the mat. Lou and his little bitch are lyin on either side of me. They're face down, holdin their heads. It's time for me to get the fuck outta here.

I crawl away. When I reach the ropes, Kyle grabs my ankle. Fucker's tougher than I thought. I kick to get free. Lou shoots out and grabs my other boot. Fuck. They hold tight, keepin my legs stretched back. They get up and yank my legs apart. ARGH! I grab my fuckin groin. I tell myself to try to suck it up, but dudes ain't gonna let me do that.

Kyle grabs ahold of my hair. He drags me up to my feet. Lou joins in, standin on the other side. When they got my head and their paws pullin on my trunks, the two of em flip me over in a double suplex. BOOM! Oh shit, my back aches. The two of em get up and put their boots on my whole body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Lou drags me up next. He lifts me up across his chest and slams me. WHAM! He rolls off me then Kyle crashes down on top of me with a splash from the top corner. I try to curl up, but they drag me up again. They lift me up then drop me on their extended legs in a double gutbuster. OOF! I feel like pukin as they pound the shot outta my back. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

I can't do shit when they force me up again. They stand on either side of me and wrench me back with a double Russian leg sweep. WHAM! I'm lyin there, completely wasted. It gives em time to climb on top of me and start makin out again. I can only see Kyle's ass on my face, but I can hear their lips smackin and their moans.

The overhead lights blind me when Kyle slides back. I feel Lou grab my legs. I kick em, but he stomps my gut and I go limp. Next thin I feel is insane pain. Lou's got me in a figure-four leglock. I go nuts, but Kyle locks in a figure-four headlock! I'm done. I'm flippin and floppin, but they got me tight.

I never been in this much pain before. Kyle could put me out, but that's not what they want. They wanna hear me suffer.

I got no choice. I scream out a submission, "I GIVE! I GIVE!"

They don't give a shit, just laughin. They finally let me go and I can't move. The two of em drag me up and force me to the corner. Only thing holdin me up is Kyle. The punk's got me from behind. Lou starts feelin me up, grabbin my bulge and shit. Dude's rubbin me, gettin off on dominatin me, but there ain't shit I can do about it.

The punk's got my arms and head tight. Fuck. I know I'm stronger than him, but now I probably couldn't beat his grandma. Worst part is that these fuckers know it. They're takin their time, makin fun of me, talkin all this shit. Lou bitchslaps me a few times. Grabs my hair to look me in the eye then spits in my face. PFFSH! That gets me goin, fightin hard again.

Lou doesn't give a shit. I don't even get close to free before dude takes it to my body hard. He pounds the shit outta my abs then slams a fist into my balls again! Motherfucker! Dirty fuckin piece of shit! He pulls down my trunks to my knees. Then he slaps my face, makin fun of me for bein weak and stupid. Kyle's laughin behind me.

I wanna say something, but I can't. Fuck, I can't believe this piece of shit got me like this. Him and his boy got me good.

Lou lifts my chin, tellin me he's gonna knock me out then fuck me like the bitch I am. I never stop fightin back, but I ain't gettin free. Not after the beatin they gave me. Lou slowly backs across the ring. Oh man, he's gonna come outta that corner fast. I close my eyes, bracin for the punch.

Instead, I hear feet runnin. I open my eyes. Lou's not even lookin at me. I look where he's lookin. Wait, am I dreamin? Ben's chargin. Lou sees him, but the guy's too confused to move. In the coolest ninja move ever, Ben jumps from floor to ring apron then like grabs the top rope and shoots over it with a kick that sends Lou flyin back onto his ass. THUD! When the hairy muscledude stands up, Ben flattens him with a killer spear! WHOMP!

Behind me, Kyle's all like, "Get off me!" I got no idea what's he's talkin about, but I jerk forward and I get my arms free. I turn and slam my fist into Kyle's face. WHACK! Turns out, the punk didn't even see me, cause he's lookin down. Dylan's got his legs wrapped up tight.

It's a good shot. A real good shot that sends the punk flyin off the ring apron. Dude's out cold, but Dylan catches him. I spin around to see Ben on top of Lou. The big dude is face down and Ben's got him locked up tight with his knee on the back of Lou's neck and his arm trapped in an armbar.

I look back at Dylan and Kyle. Long-haired dude's lookin rough, but Dylan says the punk is fine, just out. I wanna ask why Ben and Dylan are here and how they got in and shit, but I remember Lou. I turn around and tell Ben to let him up. My buddy looks at me like I'm nuts, but he does what I ask.

I haul Lou to his feet and push him into the corner. Dude sees his long-haired bitch sprawled out across the ring and Dylan waitin there in case he wakes up. The hairy fucker doesn't know what the fuck to do. He's the biggest dude here, but it's three-on-fuckin-one. Sucks for him is that he's the one.

Ben signals at me. I look down and realize my trunks are still down. I yank my trunks back up then send Ben outta the ring. I tell Lou that we got some unfinished business. The big man turns and tries to get out of the ring, but I grab the back of his trunks and drag his cowardly ass inside. I grab him around the waist then lift him up in a suplex. WHAM!

Lou lands hard on his shoulders and neck. He rolls to his knees. I get to my feet. He starts beggin. Big hairy dude. On his knees, hands up, beggin for mercy. It's pathetic.

"Get the fuck up! I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Jeff vs. Lou Again

Lou gets up. He looks real pissed. He should. He had a plan and he fucked up. But I can tell his brain's workin a mile a minute. I mean, I'm lettin him off easy, right? Dude's in better shape than me right now. He's taken way less punishment and I'm fightin him one-on-one.

Lou figures all that out. He gets a real cocky smirk on his face then goes, "Fuck you're stupid. Just a fuckin moron, Case. Always have been. Always will be. You wanna fight? Bring it on!"

Lou charges at me, fast. I could lock up with him, but instead I kick him in the gut as soon as he gets close enough. Dude bends over, so I grab his head and trunks. I flip the big guy over fast and hard with a perfect snap suplex. WHAM! I get up real fast, drivin my boot into his hairy pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Lou manages to roll away.

I chase after Lou, but he's not as hurt as I thought. From his knees, dude pounds my bulge with a fist! Fuck! Then he hits me in the gut. POW! Then when I bend over, he gets me with an upper cut under my chin. CRACK! I go back, shakin out my head. Damn. Lou dives at me, slammin his shoulder into my gut. WHOMP! He tackles me to the canvas.

When 240-lbs of beef lands on my gut, I feel it. I can't stop Lou from gettin on top of me. He starts firin fists into my pecs. Everything time I try to stop him, he just bats my hands away. I'm really startin to feel it. When he switches to the claw, I'm kickin the mat in pain. Fuck!

Lou's crushin my pecs hard, but he doesn't know I train with Derek fuckin Kaine, master of the claw. I suck it up and lift my hips. He falls off me and I roll away from him. I start to get up. Lou's on top of me fast, but I manage to push him away. I fall into the corner and dude's comin right back after me. Shit, the double teamin took more outta me than I thought.

I kick at Lou's gut when he's close, but the big guy dodges. Dude moves in fast. He slams all his weight on top of me, drivin his elbow into the side of my head. I'm stunned for a second, long enough for Lou to grab my left wrist. He forces my arm up and holds my wrist behind my head. Oh shit. Fucker hammers into my left pec some more then moves back, measures me up and slams in with a heart punch! WHAM! He gets all his weight into it and I feel the shot through my whole body.

Lou steps back. I drop to my knees. I'm grabbin at my chest, gaspin for breath. Fuck that hurt. Asshole laughs at me, callin me stupid and useless. I wanna say something, but I can't really talk. I hear Ben eggin me on, but I'm just tryin not to pass out.

The big man stands back. He goes, "Hey Jeff!" I look up at him. Maybe I am stupid, 'cause when I lift my head, his boot comes in, slammin into my face. I fall outta the ring, collapsin on the concrete. I try to move, but Lou's outta the ring fast. He grabs my hair and lifts me up. Dude slams my back into the metal ringpost. WHACK! Man, he's like a fuckin bull.

When Lou turns, I can see Ben and Dylan movin in. Oh fuck, Kyle's got some spunk back. He grabs em and three of em get into it so they can't help me. Dude pushes me under the bottom rope. I'm crawlin away when he comes up behind me and grabs my hair again. I got no choice but to get to my feet.

Lou yanks my head, bendin me back. He locks my face in his sweaty armpit. Bein bent back like this hurts, but it doesn't last long. Lou brings his big forearm down onto my chest, hammerin it again. ARGH! After all the shit I've already taken, I really feel it. I can here the asshole laughin, thinkin he's really got me.

Before I can do much, Lou drops down to one knee. He slams my back on his other knee. He pulls back on my head, crankin on the dragon sleeper. I'm gettin lightheaded and he's not givin me any chance to get free. Dude's got me trapped and he's pullin back hard.

Lou tells me, "After I knock you out, your two scrawny bitches are next. Kyle and me are gonna fuck all three of you punks!"

I gotta admit, dude's not wrong. If Lou drops me and Kyle's back, the two of em could take Ben and Dylan. But Lou's the idiot now. All he's doin is gettin me fired up.

I swing my fist back, punchin him in the pec. It's not hard, but it's enough, cause what I'm really doin is twistin the other way. I fall off Lou's knee and turn onto my knees. He tightens his arms on my head, but that's what I want. I lift up, flippin him over. Lou's all disoriented, givin me the chance to climb on top of him,

I sit on the big guy's face. My turn. I hammer his chest and abs with fists, poundin the shit outta him. When he's good and soft, I grab his wrists. I sit back and pull him up until his head is on my bulge and his arms are straight back beside me. I lock my boots and squeeze, crushin his head in a hard scissors!

ARGH! Lou's moanin now. He's kickin the mat and cursin. I keep his arms pinned tight. Dude's forehead is bright red. He's kickin and twistin, but he can't do shit. I got him trapped. He ain't submittin, but he's feelin it. I need the break anyway. Phew, I feel kinda better.

Lou's really goin nuts, so I switch. I move my legs. Lou relaxes. Bad move, cause I'm just switchin to a figure-four. I got his head trapped and he's gaspin. I hear him beggin, "no, no, no." Too bad, fucker. I go tight and he goes all weak. I let up and he moans. I go tight and he goes weak again. I put Lou out and break the hold.

I spread my legs. Lookin for Ben. Him and Dylan got Kyle under control. Ben's got him in a full nelson and Dylan's poundin the shit outta his body. I hear Kyle beggin. Good boys.

I roll to my feet, towerin over Lou. He's a big old slab of beef. I notice his trunks are wet. Yeah, some of it's sweat, but a couple of spots look like cum. I remember how Lou said he was gonna fuck me. Maybe that shit was for real.

I reach down and rip dude's trunks down his legs. I work em over his boots. Lou's cock is a semi. Yeah, he gets off on this. Too bad for him, so do I. I love fightin then fuckin. If that's Lou's deal, we're gonna have us some fun.

I smack Lou in the face with his wet trunks. He starts rollin back and forth then looks up at me. I step back and put my boot on his dick. I press down then work it a little. I push down on his head with the toe and he grunts in pain. Dude's lookin at me like he's afraid, but when I lift my boot, his cock's hard.

Lou's all pathetic again. "Please, c'mon, you won!"

I get all cocky. I step over him and sit down on his stomach. He doesn't even try to fight back. I bitchslap his face. That gets some fire in his eyes and his hands makin fists. He takes a swing, but I block it.

I lean in and slap on the Kaine Klaw on his face. A great wrestler taught me this. Lou's goin nuts under me. He's cryin and moanin. Dude's tryin to get my hands off his face. He can't do shit but suffer.

Lou starts submittin and beggin. I stand up, but I don't let go of the claw. I drag him up, walkin him around the ring. Bitch's cock is rock hard now, but his body is weak. I push him into the corner then make him beg again.

Lou screams, "I GIVE! OH GOD! PLEASE! PLEASE!" His legs are collapsin but I got him pinned over the top turnbuckle, lettin the corner hold him up.

I let go of the claw. Lou tries to fall down, but I grab him by the throat. I look dude in the eye, "I win, Lou-ser. But I ain't done with you yet. You gotta pay. You gotta pay."

Tables Turned

I hold Lou up by his throat in the corner. He wants to drop, but I don't let him. He wants to run his mouth, but I squeeze and cut him off every time. I finally look him in the eye, "What'd you say you were gonna do? When I was tied up by your boy there?"

I let dude talk. "C'mon man, you won! Just lemme go!" I guess Lou's havin trouble thinkin. I ask again and he goes, "What? Nothing. I wasn't gonna do nothing."

"Lyin sack of shit." POW! I slug him in the gut. He drops to his knees in front of me. I push his head back. I look down at him and go, "What the fuck were you gonna do?"

"Nothing. That was just talk. I swear!"

"Yeah, right. You said you were gonna fuck me. Sounds like stakes to me."

Lou looks scared. Good. He starts talkin fast, "Please! No, please. I wasn't really gonna do that. C'mon man, please."

SMACK! I slap dude across the face. "Shut the fuck up. Yeah, you woulda fucked me, right?" Lou's face gives it up. Yeah, he was gonna fuck me. "I knew it." I notice his dick is real hard for a dude on his knees about to get fucked. I tell him, "Looks like you want me to fuck you." Lou's face says it all. "Beg me."


"Beg me to fuck that sorry ass of yours." Lou's quiet, but he licks his lips and can't take his eyes off my cock. "BEG FOR IT! Let me hear you!"

Lou's all confused. He's like, "Seriously? You'd fuck me?" I don't say nothin, but he can tell I'm serious. Dude goes, "Okay, okay. Yeah, you won. You're the man and I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard." When I still don't do nothin, Lou whispers, "Please. Please fuck me."

I shove the beefy dude's face into my crotch and he starts workin my cock in my trunks right away. He's slobberin to get at my meat, so I make him peel my trunks down. As soon as they're wedged under my balls and ass, the beefy dude takes my dick in his mouth.

I tell Lou, "Get me hard!" Dude starts suckin my big dick. I don't need to do nothin. He just goes to town. The big hairy macho man likes cock. Nothin wrong with that, especially when it's my cock and I just kicked his ass.

"Yeah, that's right. Suck my dick. Suck it!" Lou's definitely sucked some dick before. He's got the tongue workin and he's bobbin like a champ. I keep mouthin off, makin sure he remembers this. I grab his head, slowin him down. When he's got me good and hard, I kick him onto his back.

I look over at Ben, hopin hes got a condom. It takes a second before he tosses one to me, cause my bro's got his hands full. He's pumpin behind Dylan who's pumpin behind Kyle, who's bent forward on the ring apron. All three of em are watchin the action here, but they're gettin crazy action of their own. Kyle's got his hands on the bottom ropes. I can see all of em got their shorts down.

Fuckin Ben always knows how to find 'em. Good for him, but I got something more important to do. I kick Lou's legs apart, get down and lift 'em up. The fucker's lookin at me like a hungry dog. Shit, I figured Kyle was Lou's bitch. I probably had it all wrong. I slide the condom on my dick and get in position.

I force my dick in. I ain't got any interest in bein gentle with this asshole. ARGH! Lou moans real loud, but I can tell he's lovin it. I ride him hard. I love that slappin sound my hips make against his hairy ass. THWAP! THWAP! His dick's standin up. He reaches for it, but I push his hands away. That gets him moanin, beggin me to let him at his cock.

I tell him if his dick gets worked, I'll be the one to do it. I start smackin it around as I'm fuckin him. WHACK! SMACK! FLICK! I play with it, but nothin would get him off. He goes crazy when I grab it and crush it in my hand, squeezin as hard as I can. Lou fuckin loves it, gruntin for more. It goes soft, so I let go, tellin him his cock's as weak and pathetic as the rest of him.

As soon as I let go of his meat, it's hard again. Dude can't get enough abuse. I start talkin more, tellin him he's a piece of shit, a liar, a scumbag and anything else I can think of. All it does is get him even harder. He starts beggin for me to let him cum, even callin me master. When I see the guys still fuckin, I get an idea.

I pull outta Lou. Dude looks like he's gonna cry. I don't give a crap. I flip Lou onto his stomach and turn him. I grab his hair and order him to watch his boy Kyle gettin fucked by Dylan who's gettin fucked by Ben. Let's see how he likes his stud gettin bitched out, too.

Of course he fuckin loves it. When I force my cock back in him, Lou cries out and his whole body shakes. Ben and Dylan are out and Kyle's kneelin. They shoot their loads on his fuckin beard and in his long hair. The punk's lovin it as much as his boss. It doesn't take long before I'm ready to shoot, too.

I pull my cock out and rip off the condom. I spray my seed all over Lou's back, markin him as my total bitch. I decide to make him clean my dick. When I roll Lou over, there's a huge glob of cum under him. Fucker shot a big load while I fucked him. I shove my rod in his mouth and he polishes my knob like a champ.

"At least you're good for something, Lou. Course this wasnt even fuckin punishment for you, was it?" Lous suckin tells me Im right.

Ben and Dylan throw Kyle into the ring. They drag him over by his boss. His cock's still hard, so I guess he hasn't cum yet. Ben commands him to shoot on Lou's face. Dude does it, soakin his man with a huge load. When he's done, Ben pulls him to his feet.

I slug Kyle in the gut then grab Lou. We throw the two of em out of the warehouse, naked in their boots. I dare em to come in before were ready to leave. They dont. I take my time gettin ready. We head out and theyre hidin in the bushes, waitin like good little boys.

As we drive off, Lou and Kyle finally head in.

Adding Insult to Injury

ONE! TWO! THREE! The ref lifts my arm up high as I stand over the loser.

I got a big smile on my face. I kick the longhaired jobber dude onto his back and plant my boot on his chest. He doesn't move, doin a good job sellin my swingin neckbreaker finisher.

"And the winner of the match, at 6:42, Jeff "The Natural" Case!"

I knew the score comin into the ring. I knew it'd be a squash, but it still feels good to have a real win. It's my first one in the ROW. I look down at Kyle, all decked out in white and silver, lyin under my boot. I keep a sneer on my face for the crowd. Gotta admit, the punk did pretty good. I wrestled him real stiff, but he took it all. I lift my boot and he starts rollin around like he's comin to. I give him one more stomp (nice and hard) before leavin the ring.

It was all Dylans idea to make Kyle do the job and put me over. You shoulda seen his face. Findin out he was startin out in ROW jobbin for another rookie jobber. Im not even givin him much chance to look good. Hes gettin squashed like some anonymous 80s dime-store local jobber.

Anyway, enough about that punk. What matters is that its good for me. I've got a win. Dylan says that means I'm officially a low carder, one level higher than jobber status. Im movin up, baby!

The End of Season One

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