Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Cast: Who's Who (April)

Here are this month's models ...

AWL: The Trials of Colt Hill

3: Colt Hill - Scott Hall (pro wrestler)
3: Kirk Manning - Curt Hennig (pro wrestler)
3: Shane - Shaun Michaels (pro wrestler)
3: Marky - Marty Jannetty (pro wrestler)

AWL: The Rise and Fall of Nikolai Khruschev

1: Nikolai - Nikita Koloff (pro wrestler)
1: Vladimir - Alex Koslov (pro wrestler)
1: Jack Justice - Magnum TA (pro wrestler)

1: Jake Justice - Barry Windham (pro wrestler)

The Cave

Cody - Leighton Stultz (model)

Ryan - Mike Bennett (pro wrestler)

10: Josh/Mr. Riddle - Ty Davin (model)

10: Bart - Jake Jenkins (BGEast, Rock Hard Wrestling)
10: Jon - Kid Karisma (BGEast)
10: Jaguar - Deric Mickens (model)

The Cave Undercard

1: Mako - James Guardino (model)
1: Xaq/Spartan - Jeff Seid (model)

2: Skull - Ben Cohen (rugby player)

2: Thunder - Joel Redman (pro wrestler)

Encounters: Flag v. Flag

Narrator - Roderick Strong (pro wrestler)
Joe - Dex Sutton (BGEast)

Route 69

Ben - Adam Ayash (model)
Jeff - Steve Kuchinsky (model)

D: Abdi - Milad Akkbar (pro wrestler)
D: Yusuf - Arya Daivari (pro wrestler)
E: Beau - Steven Webb (bodybuilder)
E: Toby - Jon Micklow (model)
F: John - Scott Cullens (model)

F: Brooks - Adam Coussins (model)
G/I: Dylan - Evan Wadle (model)
G: Duke - Phil Schatter (pro wrestler)

H: Blake - Colby Jansen (porn actor -
I: Lou - Rampage Brown (pro wrestler)

I: Kyle - Tyler Black (pro wrestler)

So, what'd you think of this month's models?



  1. Sensory overload! Obviously love some of them (Phil Shatter, Jeff Seid), but Mr. Riddle just looks...impossible! :)

    Oh, and I absolutely LOVE that you use AWA-era Scott Hall. One of my favorites. Possibly his hottest, most over-looked era.

    1. Thanks! Impossible is a great word to describe Ty Davin. And I had to use early AWA Scott Hall. He stirred up a lot of feelings in me when I was a kid watching pro wrestling. Those feelings are what inspired me to write the AWL series.

  2. Alex R:

    Scott Cullens! Jeff Seid! Steven Webb! James Guarino! Phil Schatter! Tyler Black! This list is on fire!

    1. Thanks! You deserve a lot of the credit. Appreciate the guys you've sent.