Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Cave Undercard 1: Mako vs. Spartan

“Ugh. I hated that guy. He's only 19, but thinks he knows everything. He was a total fucking punkass, wannabe heel. I can’t even stand how he spells his name. Zach should not be spelled X-A-Q! The less said about ‘Xaq’, the better. Fuck, he sucked. On a brighter note, I’ve got a guy I really liked –”

Ryan interrupts me. He says, “Wait, wait, wait. Cody, I want to go back to Xaq.”

“Really, Ry? Please, no. Let me tell you about –”

Ryan jumps in again, “No, no, no. Recruiting talent isn’t just about hiring guys you like. It’s about objectively evaluating their look, talent and audience potential. I look at this pic of Xaq and I see a young guy with a hot body and a high audience potential. Tell me more. Did he look like his pic? How were his ring skills?”

“Well, he was actually more ripped than his pic. And the guy can wrestle. He’s strong, solid, has had fight training and he moves well in the ring, but –“

“Cody, we're running a ...” Blah, blah, blah.

While Ryan gives me another friendly lecture on how our business works, I’ll catch you up. Ryan and I are friends and business partners. We’re both 28, been friends since we were 10 and together, we co-own and operate an adult wrestling video company called The Cave, targeted to gay wrestling fans like us. I recently offered to take on more responsibility around here. Basically, up to now, I was the talent and he had to do everything else. I realize that I didn’t respect Ryan nearly enough, so I’m going to start pulling my weight.

So, we needed to find something I can do. I know nothing about technology, except for what looks good. I know nothing about web hosting or servers. I know nothing about videography. I know nothing about e-commerce. I know nothing about accounting. Hell, I don’t even do a budget for myself. Well, you get the idea. However, I do know wrestlers. And I know wrestling. Not just as a fan. In fact, Ryan and I are both trained wrestlers with experience helping train guys at a local indie fed whose ring we use for taping.

So, Ryan is starting me out by getting me involved with recruiting and screening new talent. One of the guys I just screened was Xaq, a 19-year old shredded muscle stud who sees himself as an unstoppable heel in the ring with the unfortunate attitude to match out of the ring.

As I said, I hated him. He was a total cocky punk who couldn’t turn it off. He’s looking for me to hire him, but he acts like he’s got the power. Fuck that. Ryan is right that he’ll sell, but I don’t want to do business with him. Ryan overrules me, saying I need to check my emotions if I want to run a business. I get it, but I still make him deal with Xaq.

I’m really not trying to push my responsibilities over to Ryan and I will work with other guys. Just not this one.

Intros: Meet the Spartan (and Mako)

The Cave was named for my favorite superhero's lair. We feature a lot of masks and superhero alter egos. It’s kind of our niche. So the first guy introduced is named Mako, which is also a type of shark, in case you didn’t know.

Mako’s real name is Paolo, but with his lean muscled swimmer’s body, the vicious shark-inspired name definitely fits. He’s wearing black squarecuts with see-through side panels, black boots and a black mask. At 6'2/190-lbs, he’s a good size match for Spartan on paper, but he's nowhere near as muscular.

Mako is a ring veteran, having wrestled for us before many times, including a loss to my original hero identity, The Bat, and a victory against my second identity, the Pink Punk. Ryan and Pete get a lot of footage of Mako from all angles as he strides to the ring.

Once Mako’s done, it’s time for Xaq. He already has an alter ego – Spartan. He has a whole ‘300’ get up, complete with helmet, cape and leather briefs and adornments. Xaq gets a spectacular entrance, befitting a heroic warrior. Before he even comes in, music blares. Yes, entrance music, like he's in one of the big national pro wrestling feds, like fucking WWL or AWL. What an ass.

Spartan’s got the helmet on and his muscles are pumped. From the minute the teen gladiator is visible, he’s flexing. I can imagine the reaction when fans see that body. Ryan zooms in on the bounce of Spartan’s heaving pecs and then down to the 6-pack abs, which are the picture of the concept of “washboard”.

Not surprisingly, Xaq slowly saunters down to the ring, taking his time, staring down his opponent. The shredded muscle stud uses the steps to slowly climb to the ring apron. He removes his long red cape then drapes it carefully over the ringpost. He flexes his back and ass, giving Pete a great angle with the camera from the floor.

Xaq easily leaps over the top rope. He bounces twice then dramatically stops right on beat with the music. He hits another series of poses just as his music finishes and dies down. What a ham. I wonder how long he rehearsed this to get the timing so perfect.

Spartan strips off his helmet, going unmasked in the ring, and places it on the ring apron in the corner. I can see Ryan across the ring, leaning under the bottom ring rope and zooming in on Xaq’s leather-covered ass as he bends over. The young gladiator stays facing the corner, hitting back poses, demonstrating his ridiculous muscle again as Mako waits, pacing in the corner.

Ugh, I’ve had enough. I walk over and ring the fucking bell. Ryan turns his head. With the full-facemask he wears while filming, I can’t see his expression, but I can imagine the look he’s giving me. I wave and smile as though I have no idea that anything is wrong. I’m sure Ryan wanted another five-minute posedown for the eventual final edit, but I always fast forward through the posing crap when I watch videos. I’d rather see some wrestling.

Round One: Xaq Attack

Mako moves in as soon as the bell rings. By the time Spartan deigns to turn around, the older ring veteran is on top of him. He pushes Xaq into the corner then chops him across his thick pecs. SMACK! The sound is amazing as the mics in the ringposts catch the slapping sound. SMACK! SMACK! Mako delivers another two chops. WHOMP! Moving fast between moves, he lifts a knee into Spartan’s ripped stomach.

As Mako works to soften him up, Spartan stands in the corner and just laughs. He plants his hands on Mako’s chest and pushes him. Mako stumbles back, but there’s so much force he actually trips over his feet and falls on his ass. He looks up at Xaq in surprise and shock, as the muscular teen flexes again, unfazed by the initial assault. Spartan beats his own chest, like a gorilla in a Tarzan movie. The young muscle man bounces his undamaged pecs, taunting Mako as he rises to his feet.

“Fuck dude, I can hit myself harder than you can and still not feel it!”

Mako starts to circle the teen powerhouse. Spartan doesn't move an inch in response, supremely confident in his body. Even when Mako moves behind him, the young muscle man doesn't react, preferring to watch his bouncing pecs, rather than his opponent. The more experienced Mako charges in, taking two steps and slamming a forearm across Xaq's broad shoulders. THUD!

Spartan staggers forward one step then turns fast and swings a forearm out, aiming right for Mako's head. The savvy ring veteran ducks, grabbing Xaq around his narrow waist. Mako stands and lifts the young hunk off his feet, flipping him over in a back body drop. Spartan flies over Mako's shoulder, landing hard on his back. The older stud spins and drops down, driving a fist into Xaq's forehead then another for effect. For the first time, the younger wrestler grunts in pain.

Mako forces Spartan to a seated position, wrapping on a rear chinlock, applying a ton of force. I can see the effort as the leaner man's muscles flex around Xaq's head. The teen wrestler's face shows some discomfort, as Mako squeezes with all his might. The kid might have built up his body, but the fists to the head and chinlock are good counters for that. Still, Spartan isn't even close to being done.

The teen muscleman powers his way up to his feet, with Mako holding on the whole way. No matter how much Mako wrenches and squeezes, he can't control Spartan. The younger wrestler pushes back, running them both back towards the corner. Once again, experience shows, as Mako releases and ducks away at the last moment, leaving Xaq to slam his own back against the turnbuckles. WHAM!

Mako scrambles up as Spartan charges out of the ring, clearly pissed that he was tricked. As he runs forward, the ring veteran gets ready. He ducks down at the last moment, catching the charging Xaq by surprise. Mako reaches between the teen powerhouse's legs, lifts then turns, using Spartan’s own momentum to execute a beautiful powerslam. CRASH! Both men spring to their feet, but Mako's faster. Again he grabs, lifts and flips, delivering a quick bodyslam on his cocky young opponent.

Spartan quickly rolls to the ring apron, under the bottom rope and away from Mako. The younger muscle stud is regrouping, but Mako isn't going to let that happen. He moves in and, from behind, grabs a handful of brown hair in his left hand, pulling Xaq to his feet with his back against the ropes. Mako moves his hand to Spartan's chin, bends him back over the top rope, his chest pointing up.

The ring veteran drives three elbows into Spartan's heaving pecs before letting him go. Once again, the teen gladiator is unaffected, rising to a standing position instead of sagging on the ropes. The young muscle stud suddenly bends down and actually does a back flip over the top rope. Mako is shocked as the teen muscle man lands beside him. Without missing a beat, Spartan drives sidewise, slamming his shoulder and elbow into the unprepared Mako's torso. The ring veteran stumbles back into the corner as Spartan flexes as though nothing happened.

“Is that the best you can do, loser? You can’t do anything to these muscles!”

Mako looks to take the advantage back. In one smooth move, he leaps onto the middle rope then springs forward at Spartan for a cross body block. The teen muscle man is ready, though, catching Mako in midair. Xaq holds his opponent across his chest like his 190-lbs is nothing in his granite-cut arms. He circles, takes two steps then delivers a deadly power slam, leaping off his feet and slamming Mako down.

Spartan sits back, with a huge smile on his face. He mocks the ring veteran, "And that's how you do a slam, jobber bitch." Mako's moans are his only answer, lifting his hips to ease the pressure off his back.

As he rises, the younger stud grabs Mako's wrist then pulls him to his feet. Spartan whips Mako into the corner hard, punishing his back even more. The older wrestler fights through the pain, though. He charges out of the corner, ready to drop Spartan. The teen gladiator reacts quickly, though, extending his arm and leveling Mako with a killer clothesline.

Mako goes down hard and stays down, crashing onto the mat and moaning in pain. After the clothesline, Spartan moves back to his fallen foe. Mako is still down as Xaq steps over his trim hips. The teen powerhouse bends over, grabs Mako by the mask and points at him in the face with disdain.

“You’re nothing! Got it, loser?”

Spartan lets go of Mako’s mask then stands up. He stomps Mako's lean six-pack abs twice then runs back into the ropes, bounces off and leaps in the air. POW! Xaq delivers a hard elbow across Mako's stomach muscles. He bounces up only to immediately come down again with a knee. The ring veteran moans as he's mercilessly punished with a second knee drop. The arrogant young wrestler rises up again, plants his foot on Mako's abs and steps across his opponent, like he's a mere speed bump on his way to the top. Spartan steps over the ailing Mako’s hips then drops down to his knees, straddling his lean hips, positioning his leather-covered ass on Mako's big spandex bulge.

"You call these abs? I had a more definition at 13. Fucking wimp!"

Xaq starts a series of serious abdominal punishment. He pounds fists into the older wrestler's stomach muscles, savagely breaking them down. With one hand, the cocky teen clamps on a rough and tight ab claw on the right side of Mako's trim stomach. As he's tearing apart Mako's smooth, muscled abs, he adds in punches beside his claw, doubling up on the damage. I can hear the desperate yelps of pain coming from Mako with each blow.

Mako reaches up, trying to deflect the blows and pull the hand off his aching abs, but it's no use. He can't move the younger muscle stud's grip at all. The older stud is simply outmuscled. No matter how much Mako tries, he can't move the mighty Spartan off his hips or his stomach. The entire time he's trying, his stomach is getting methodically broken down.

Spartan releases the claw and rises to his feet. Before Mako can move, Xaq hops up and crashes down, his leather-encased butt coming down hard on the ring veteran's battered midsection. Mako's whole body convulses and he coughs loudly, as Spartan shifts, digging his round ass into the older wrestlers now-soft ab muscles. The younger muscle man reaches forward and grabs Mako by the chin.

"You're weak and pathetic. I could make you submit to my ass right now, couldn't I?"

As Spartan digs his butt into Mako's abs, the older wrestler moans helplessly, unable to deny the fact that he's close to giving. The teen powerhouse stands up, smoothly rolling to his feet. He lifts a boot and stomps Mako's stomach two more times, laughing as he does it. Between Xaq's legs, Mako rolls onto his side, curling into the fetal position.

As Mako lies there, the teen gladiator stretches out his arms, looks at the ceiling and flexes, letting out a primal yell. The younger muscle stud grabs the moaning Mako around the throat with his left hand. He forces him to his feet with the chokehold, pushing him into the corner. As Mako claws at the tight choke, Spartan cocks his right arm then drives forward with a fist to the older wrestler's abs.

The teen powerhouse commands, "GIVE!"

Mako shakes his head, unable to respond in the choke. Spartan drives forward with another hard fist then another and then a fourth. Mako is struggling for breath, still trying to pry Spartan's hand from his throat. Xaq again orders, "GIVE!" Mako manages to shake his head again. The young muscle stud brings his right hand forward, this time slapping on a claw instead of delivering a fist.

In one fluid move, Spartan pulls Mako out of the corner and presses him up, over his head using the choke and ab claw. He circles the ring, holding Mako's lean 190-lbs aloft like it was nothing. As the ring veteran's legs dangle down, the choke and ab claw break him down. Mako's frantically punching and struggling, trying to break free. His blows mean nothing to Xaq, who confidently struts with his prize held overhead.

Finally, Mako goes limp in Xaq's arms. Spartan tosses Mako up and back, letting him crash to the canvas in a heap. The ring veteran is coughing and convulsing, trying to regain his breath while he lies at his teen dominator's feet. The young muscle stud stands over Mako flexing, emphasizing his incredible power.

Spartan reaches down for a handful of mask. He pulls Mako's head off the mat then asks, "Are you going to submit, loser?"

Mako shakes his head in the negative, unable to respond verbally.

Xaq smiles, “Good, because I’m not even close to done with you. Now worship my muscles, jobber boy.”

Spartan pulls Mako’s face up to his bicep, shoving the older ring veteran’s lips onto the massive muscle. Mako is forced to kiss the arm as Spartan uses his tight grip on the mask to control his victim. From here, it doesn’t seem like Mako minds that much. It’s better than getting manhandled, although more humiliating. Spartan repeats the move with his other bicep.

“You can worship the rest of me – and you will – after I finish destroying your scrawny ass, jobber boy. Here, let’s show the fans how pathetic you are.”

Spartan reaches down and grabs the waistband of Mako’s black squarecuts. He pulls them down, exposing the packed blue thong the older stud was wearing underneath.

Stripped even before the first fall. Ouch. The arrogant younger stud walks the stripped gear to his own corner, placing them beside his helmet.

The teen muscle stud taunts, “Souvenir. From my first ass kicking in The Cave.”

Spartan moves back, circling the ring, walking and flexing around the destroyed Mako. He climbs the ropes, striking a double bicep pose while balancing on the top turnbuckle. In the middle of the ring, Mako is still lying there, moaning. He's back on his back, rubbing his abs and throat. I'm not sure if he's even aware of where his younger dominator has gone.

As Mako lies there, Spartan leaps off the top turnbuckle. He flies through the air, stretching out his magnificent body. When this is released, this is a moment to pause the video. Spartan's young muscles look pumped and incredible as he soars up, arms and legs spread then falls, gaining speed as he gets closer and closer to the ring veteran's suffering body.


At the very last moment, Mako summons the strength to raise his legs, bringing his knees up over his stomach. Spartan lands on the raised knees and shins, his rippled abs crashing down on the hard. The young muscle stud bounces off, rolling across the ring, clutching his abs. Mako's ring savvy pays off as he gets his second wind. He rolls to his side and gets to his feet as the cocky teen lies there, clutching his previously unbreakable abs.

Now it's Mako's turn to deliver some ab punishment. The time Spartan wasted on bicep worship, stripping and trashtalk gave the savvy ring veteran time to recover and now he’s using it. He starts in with stomps. Spartan can only lie there and take the hard boots, as they rain down on him fast and furiously. He grunts with each stomp, proving he's not entirely indestructible. The ring veteran keeps up the punishment, ignoring his own pain. He's learned just how tough this cocky young punk can be. Mako drops a couple of elbows into the younger stud's open midsection, before moving on.

Mako grabs Spartan's boots, lifting them into the air. He stomps down on the abs then crosses the young muscular legs over his own. In one smooth move, the ring veteran steps and flips, locking Xaq in a sharpshooter, a particularly tough variation of the Boston crab. As Mako sits down and back, Spartan grunts under him. The teen muscle man is groaning in pain as his body is punished.

Mako is really cranking on the pressure, I can see the strain in his muscles and neck. He wants this submission, especially after all of the cocky punk's trash talk. "C'mon, boy! Give!"

Spartan doesn't respond, even his grunting has stopped. I can see his face and he has a determined look on his face. He's breathing slowly and deeply. Mako ups the pressure, really bending the young muscle man with all his might, but still, Xaq is silent. Amazingly, Spartan pushes up with his ripped arms, lifting his torso off the mat. The sudden force, combined with Spartan thrusting his legs forward, destabilizes Mako, causing him to lose his balance. With another push and thrust, the ring veteran is toppled, falling forward and losing his hold.

Both men rise slowly, but Mako's up first. He comes in and grabs a handful of the kneeling Spartan's hair, lashing out with a hard punch into Spartan’s forehead then another. The teen gladiator’s muscles unflex for a moment as he kneels there, the impact knocking him for a loop. Mako follows up by lifting a knee up under Xaq’s chin.

Spartan is limp as Mako forces him to his feet. The savvy ring veteran grabs hold of Spartan’s big right arm, spins behind the teen powerhouse and secures a chicken wing. I doubt the armlock will do anything, but that’s not the plan. Using the hold for control, Mako charges forward, driving the surprised Spartan forward. They crash into the corner, Spartan’s chest smacking into the top turnbuckle, with Mako’s weight crashing in on top of him.

Mako releases the armlock and grabs two handfuls of hair. With sudden fury and power, Spartan’s face is flying down towards the turnbuckle. BAM! BAM! BAM! Three face shots in, Mako starts counting. BAM! “FOUR!” BAM! “FIVE!” BAM! “SIX!” BAM! “SEVEN!” BAM! “EIGHT!” BAM! “NINE!” BAM! “TEN!”

When the older wrestler releases his hair, Spartan sags on the top turnbuckle, clearly dazed by the abuse. Mako slaps on a full nelson. He lifts Spartan up and pulls him from the corner. The wobbly younger wrestler is moaning, but his muscles are holding. Again, Mako shows that he knows what to do. With sudden swiftness, he does a 180 and dives forward!

As the two men fall, Spartan’s arms are trapped in the full nelson, making him helpless to brace himself. WHOMP! The teen powerhouse lands face and knees first on the canvas with Mako on top of him. The older stud rolls the nearly unconscious younger muscle man onto his back.

Mako hooks a leg and holds Spartan’s broad shoulders down. He counts the easy pin, “ONE! TWO! THREE!” as Xaq lies there, unfocused, unaware and undone.

With a smile on his face, the dominant ring veteran rises. He plants a boot on Spartan’s thick chest and flexes his lean, cut muscles. Under him, Spartan finally stirs, holding his head. Mako grabs the younger muscle stud’s boot and drags his carcass across the ring and into his corner where his helmet and cape rest.

Spartan manages to pull himself up, clearly still out of it. He sags in the corner, his body still spectacular, although unpumped and unflexed. He shakes his head out, trying to gather some reserve of strength while his older punisher flexes and poses in victory for the all-seeing cameras.

Round Two: Can Xaq Come Back?

When Mako decides it's time for round two, Spartan is still sagging in the corner. Mako confidently marches up. The teen gladiator kicks out, but his ripped opponent just swats away the boot like it's nothing. The ring veteran stud drives in, lifting his knee into the young muscle stud's midsection while slamming his forearm into his aching head.

Mako grabs Spartan’s wrist then pulls him out of the corner. It's quick and sudden as Mako accelerates while spinning his opponent around to put his back facing the opposite corner. They're moving at such speed, Mako using so much force, that he actually stumbles to a knee when he lets the younger gladiator go at the midway point. The teen muscle stud is thrown back first towards the corner, unable to do anything to stop his momentum.

WHAM! Spartan slams into the corner at full speed, his back taking the brunt. Mako is up fast, waiting as Spartan stumbles out of the corner, bouncing off from the sheer force of the impact. Paolo scoops up his opponent, hoisting him across his chest like he weighed nothing. The leaner wrestler shows off power of his own as he does a 360, looking for exactly the right position in the ring. When he's set, he actually does five short bicep curls with Xaq as his resistance. From the side, I can see his muscles tensing and pumping as he counts out the reps. For his part, the younger wrestler can do nothing to counter the humiliating, dehumanizing situation.

On the fifth rep, Mako lifts Spartan higher then steps forward, bringing the teen muscle man down across his knee. KRAKT! The ring veteran drives Spartan down across his thigh, slamming the small of his back across his leg in a powerful over-the-knee backbreaker. Spartan screams out as pain shoots out through his gym-built body. Mako doesn't let Spartan fall, instead holding him in position over his leg. The suffering stud actually cries out, but his legs, head and arms hang limply to the floor as he's bent in half the wrong way.

With the mighty Spartan folded, Mako cranks harder, pushing until the teen powerhouse’s head and feet are almost touching. It's the toughest over-the-knee backbreaker I've ever seen. Mako is really applying the pressure, pushing down hard on Spartan’s head and legs. The trapped teen stud is moaning loudly, in short, high-pitched bursts as he's bent in half against his spine. Even his muscles can’t withstand this kind of torture, can they?

Mako’s shoulders, neck and chest all look incredibly pumped, bigger than when he started. The young muscle man is crying out, moaning in his new role as his helpless victim. Xaq’s pained outbursts only seem to inspire Mako to push down harder and harder. Spartan lets out groans that sound like they're headed to be submissions, but he can't quite get it out thanks to the ring veteran, who adds pressure every time he hears the start of a word.

There are several areas hard muscled men are usually still vulnerable – knee and head among them. Mako got his advantage focusing on one of those and now moves to a third vulnerability. He lifts his hand from Spartan’s chin and plants it on the black leather briefs. The once-arrogant Spartan is reduced to begging, “No, please!” as he realizes his manhood is now in play.

Mako ignores the pleas and tightens his hand over the perfectly encased bulge. The crotch claw crushes down hard. There are no exercises for this and the teen powerhouse’s body convulses in agony as it hangs limply over Mako’s leg. The combination of the backbreaker and crotch claw is all it takes to end this.

Spartan shouts, "GIVE! I GIVE" Mako looks a little pissed on the quick second fall victory. He clearly got off on punishing the younger wannabe heel. He pushes Spartan off his knee with force, sending the defeated muscle body rolling all the way to the ring apron.

As Mako kneels in the middle of the ring, flexing his biceps in victory, Spartan lies at the edge of the ring, moaning. His body wracked with pain, the teen gladiator rolls under the bottom rope and plants his feet on the floor below. He tries to walk off the back pain, but he's really hobbling. Spartan bends over and I wonder if he's about to puke, but he holds it together. When he finally rises, he turns back to face the ring.

"What the -" is all Spartan can get out as he sees the charging body of Mako flying over the top rope right at him.

A second submission usually means it's over, but it doesn't have to in this match. As Spartan was gathering himself on the floor, Mako was living up to his namesake. Like a shark, he was stalking him from the ring. The savvy ring veteran watched carefully, waiting for an opening. When it came, he ran and launched himself up and over for a shoulder block.

By the time he sees Mako, Spartan can't do anything. Mako connects hard, slamming into his unprepared opponent. The teen muscle stud simply gets crushed, flying back five feet from the impact. Xaq’s legs crumble from the weight and he lands hard on his already devastated back. Mako lands skillfully on hands and feet, springing up immediately, while Spartan rolls around on the floor as helpless as a fish out of water.

Mako saunters over, confident and casual. He's already earned a pin and a submission, with Spartan providing little challenge any more. Even I'm impressed as I watch him. Mako grabs hair and tiny leather briefs as he forces the formerly arrogant young muscle stud up to his feet. With contempt, he hurls Spartan into the ring apron, back first. The younger muscle man drops to his knees from the impact.

Mako grabs Spartan’s hair. The young stud fires out a fist into the ring veteran’s abs, which sends him backwards. The surprised Mako lashes out with a boot to Xaq’s handsome face! The teen muscle stud collapses down on the padded concrete floor. As Mako lays into him with vicious stomps.

The clearly pissed Mako yells, “You want more? Two falls not enough, punk? You want it, you got it!”

Mako roughly forces Spartan up and throws him through the middle and top ropes, into the ring. The older wrestler’s confidence is high and his adrenaline is racing. He leaps into the ring, vaulting over the top rope and coming down with a splash on Spartan! WHOOMP! Spartan grunts from the impact as Mako springs up. He circles the helpless teen powerhouse, watching him with contempt as he struggles to rise.

Spartan makes it to the ropes, using them to climb up to his feet. When Mako gets close, Xaq desperately lashes out, lifting his boot into Mako’s stomach. The boot bounces off, as the pumped Mako actually laughs it off. He charges forward and clotheslines the teen stud to the canvas with authority, nearly decapitating the weakened stud. Spartan lies there, nearly unconscious.

Mako grabs Spartan’s boots. He lifts his feet up and drags him until they're in the middle of the ring. Mako holds the teen gladiator’s feet up. I wonder if he's going to apply another sharpshooter, but he surprises me. The ring veteran starts spinning, dragging Spartan along with him. The younger muscle stud’s shoulders leave the canvas as Mako accelerates in the old school airplane spin. They make too many revolutions for me to count until finally Mako releases his opponent's boots, letting him fly across the ring, crashing down hard before rolling into the corner.

The dominant Mako poses, unaffected by the spinning. He methodically approaches the pathetic heap in the corner once known as Spartan. Mako grabs his hair, pulling the teen muscle stud to his feet. He drags Spartan up then lets go of his hair. The younger wrestler stumbles and wobbles on his thick legs as Mako laughs at him. I almost feel sorry for Xaq as he looks pathetic, totally humiliated by a more experienced wrestler.

Mako puts out one finger, positioning it on Spartan’s forehead. It actually steadies him for a moment, as the men stand for a moment in this strange position. Suddenly, Mako pushes his finger forward and that is all it takes to topple the dazed teen jobber to his back. WHAM! He lands hard in a heap, as Xaq doesn't move, he just moans. Mako drops down and pins Spartan with one finger on the younger muscle man's forehead.

"One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten."

A ten-count and it's done. Mako secures the easiest, most embarrassing pin imaginable in a competitive match, having knocked Spartan down and pinned him with only one finger.

Mako climbs to his feet. He starts a round of posing, showcasing his lean, powerful muscles. The cameras roll, capturing every part of his body for posterity. It’s an amazing contrast as the victorious veteran savors his dominant win over the incredible muscle that lies unconscious on the mat.

When he's done, Mako turns back to the moaning teen muscle jobber. He looks at the destroyed carcass and smiles at his handiwork for a moment. He uses nature’s smelling salts: a series of hard slaps across the face until the younger stud wakes. Spartan slowly rises and rolls onto his side. He is lying there, propped up on his elbow. He's blinking hard and fast, trying to get his senses back. He sits up, only to see the smiling older muscle stud towering over him.

Mako commands, “Worship me, you piece of shit punk!”

After the Match: Paying Tribute

When the tired and aching Spartan doesn't move fast enough, the victorious ring veteran says in a more forceful tone, "NOW, PUNK!"

The defeated Spartan immediately follows the order, not wanting to incur the wrath of the clear ring master. The loser's leather trunks even reveal a little enthusiasm for the task. He kneels before Mako’s lean muscle body and rubs the man’s tight right leg, starting just below the waistband of the tiny blue thong. The teen gladiator leans in and carefully traces the lines of the muscles as he caresses the superior stud’s thighs. Mako tightens his leg, showing off his muscles as the more muscular stud pays tribute to the superior muscle man.

When Xaq has caressed every inch of the huge right leg muscles down to the boots, Spartan leans down all the way and kisses his master's right boot, showing his respect for the dominant muscle male. He carefully polishes the shiny leather boot with his tongue. Mako flexes through the entire experience, his tiny spandex thong bulging as the younger wrestler pays tribute. Spartan moves to the left boot, giving it equal treatment then heading up the left leg, worshipping every mighty muscle.

Spartan moves up and rubs Mako’s abs. He grabs the muscle man’s spectacular bare ass and squeezes it as he pays tribute to the leaner muscles that destroyed him. The kneeling stud savors his dominator’s ripped torso, tracing every deep crevice between the bulging ab muscles. All the attention Spartan has paid to developing his own body has obviously taught him how a real man should be appreciated.

Mako obliges the cameras by putting his hands behind his head and tightening his abs, bringing out the mounds of muscle on his smooth stomach. The light bounces off the glistening muscles as they're caressed by the teen gladiator. Spartan brings his tongue into the mix, licking off the thin layer of sweat off. He traces each ab with his tongue, rewarding Mako for his ultimate dominance.

Mako turns and puts his smooth, naked ass into his subservient slave's face. You can actually see him tensing the mounds as Xaq moves in, tracing the butt cleavage. He kisses the dominant man’s muscular ass, planting his lips on the amazingly smooth round mounds of muscle. Mako lets him do this then widens his stance and bends over, spreading his bubble butt. Spartan buries his face on top of the spandex strap that runs down between Mako’s flexed ass cheeks, continuing his servitude.

Mako stands up and moves from Xaq. He holds his arms up in victory. The defeated younger muscle stud crawls to him then rises. He moves in behind Mako and caresses his arms, Xaq’s face showing clear admiration for the trim but bulging biceps. He kisses each bicep, just as he made Mako do to his. We're not talking a peck here, but a full-on, mouth open tongue bath.

Mako pulls his arms down as Spartan feels the winner's shoulders. Spartan’s leather trunks are really tenting as Mako turns to face the teen jobber. Mako smiles then lashes out, whipping his arms around Spartan’s head, locking on a front facelock. Mako locks on a front face sleeper, pulling Xaq in tightly. Spartan struggles, squirming and shoving against the muscle that holds him. His efforts are as ineffectual as they were during the match.

Mako says, "Punk, you talk tough, but we all know that you’re just a fucking jobber."

Within seconds, Spartan is out. Mako tosses him down to the canvas. The victorious ring veteran grabs Spartan’s cape. He uses it as a towel to wipe off the sweat and saliva that coat his body. I watch him take particular time rubbing down his bulge and ass. When he’s done, he drapes it over the unconscious Xaq’s face, leaving his magnificent body uncovered.

Mako savors victory, flexing over the defeated teen with his boot planted on the teen powerhouse’s pecs then his abs then his leather pouch before slipping out of the ring. I notice Mako grabs his squarecuts, taking back the gear that Spartan stripped off him. He also grabs Spartan’s helmet. I guess he remembers Spartan’s presumptuous declaration about his trunks. Mako hoists his trophy up high.

Mako smiles into Ryan’s camera and says, “Souvenir. From another ass-kicking of a cocky jobber punk.” Mako then heads down the aisle and through the curtain, out of sight.

In the ring, Pete is filming the unconscious, completely destroyed Spartan as he lies there, face under the cape. When Pete signals that he has enough footage of the teen powerhouse’s final destruction, Ryan yells, "Cut!"

Spartan is woken up and helped up, checked to make sure he's okay. Ryan helps him to one of the locker rooms, the one Mako’s not in. Ryan stays with Xaq to make sure he's fine. I’m sure he’s watching him shower and get dressed, checking him out under the guise of concern. Why not? The guy does have a killer body.

When Ryan knows Spartan’s fine, he pays him and escorts him out of the arena. I’ve already settled up with the victorious and proud Paolo, confirming he wants more action as soon as we want him.

When I see Ryan, I ask, “So, will Xaq be back?”

Ryan shrugs, “Maybe. He’s thinking it over. What matters right now is that we got a great match. This will sell. Fuck, the tension was awesome.” I nod with respect for Ryan’s attitude. He’s all about the end product. I probably need to learn to be more detached like that.

Anyway, it’s time to get ready for our next match. After all, The Cave must go on.

The End


  1. Yea, I love the Undercard! So exciting to be re-introduced to Xaq/Spartan, my favorite young over-confident heel jobber. And even though Mako didn't end up as the Ryan model, I think he found his true role here, putting an arrogant young punk in his place. (Fortunately for us, Spartan is thick-headed, and it takes a lot for him to really learn his lessons!)

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment!

      I'm glad Xaq was popular. He's one of the characters that really did turn out exactly as I hoped he would.

  2. Alex R:

    This and every XAQ are always favorite of mine. Both the images and storyline have a perfect rhythm together. You captured XAQ's personality perfectly. I still look forward to more stories featuring him!

    1. Thanks! Xaq has two more older stories, plus there is a new Xaq story coming. It probably won't be posted until the fall, but it's plotted and mostly written.

  3. After reading through the recent Mimik stories in the Cave Undercard, I returned to the original (and probably still my favorite) arrogant muscle teen, Xaq. While it's fun to see Mimik's arrogance backed up with an impressive win streak, I had always secretly hoped to see Xaq be the one taken under Ryan's wing and presumably into his bed. Of course, even with Ryan's grooming, Xaq would probably still find a way to lose, much to Ryan's disgust and Cody's delight.

    But I think the big question is: If Mimik copied Xaq's jobber shtick, would he be a jobber too? Who would come out victorious in that folie à deux... other than us of course?

    1. SPOILER ALERT ... 10.1.15 ... END SPOILER


    2. Squeee!

      I love my Xaq, and totally want him to lose. Hard. (Isn't loving jobbers conflicting?)