Thursday, May 7, 2015

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice 1

"Holy shit, what a fuckin' dump."

It just comes outta my mouth when I walk into the office of the Nights Inn. I pull off my black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, thinking that'll make a difference. It doesn't. Yeah, maybe I shoulda kept my opinion to myself, but damn. This place looks like the Bates Motel, only shittier.

The guy behind the desk obviously thinks I shoulda shut up, because hes giving me a death stare. Not that I give a crap what he thinks. Yeah, I'm a little full of myself, but why not? I'm Jake Justice, rising pro wrestler in the American Wrestling League. People there know Im one helluva talented young stud 22, 6'3", 225-lbs coming off my biggest TV win ever, beating veteran heel Wild Tex Buckner, and about to join my dad in a big feud with a big Russian heel he's been training.

Meanwhile, desk clerk dude's stuck working in this fleabag motel, probably making next to nothing and has to wear a plastic name tag (it says Tim on it). Tim looks like a townie who peaked in his teens. Dude's decent looking, don't get me wrong. He's a big, thick guy, 5'11" around 230-lbs, which means he probably starred on the local high school football team back in the 1970's, got all the chicks (but no ring, so not married now), and that was it for poor old Tim. Now, it's 1983, he's here, getting older, fatter and softer.

If it ain't obvious, I dont really wanna be in this "Podunk" Pennsylvania town, although it could probably use the boost. That's one of the reasons I'm here - to bring a little joy into the lives of these poor, lost souls.

Nah, I'm totally lying. Yeah, I like the rush of performing for the audience, but I can already do that for all of America on a weekly basis. Tonight, it'll only be a few hundred folks watching me in a makeshift ring, set up on the high school football field. It'll be fun to wrestle outside, but that's about it.

So why am I here? Two reasons. First, because the old man, pro wrestler Jack Justice, is making me do it, and second, because it's hard to turn down easy money for twenty minutes work. My dad had to work his way up from nothing, so he's worried I'm spoiled. He's always telling me I need to work harder than everyone else, appreciate what I got and give back to the business. He also says things can go bad any time, so make it while you can. Net-net is that I was in Philly for an AWL show, which means I'm here on a little detour while everyone else heads home.

I get it, I grew up in the wrestling world. I know you gotta pay your dues. And I do almost always agree to these types of side matches my dad schedules for me. The works simple and always the same. I get paid to show up, draw a crowd, wrestle a local dude and lose, putting him over. It's not a big thing to job here, because no one outside of the local fans will ever know I've done it. So its fine, but every so often, the promoter puts you at a place like the Nights Inn. Ugh.

Checking In

The desk clerk, still looking pissed, asks, "So can I help you? You want directions to a different motel?"

Snarky son of a bitch. I respond in kind, "Yeah, but I got a pre-paid reservation here."

I can tell that Tim wants to tell me to fuck off real bad, but instead, he asks, "Name?"

Really? Instead of answering, I point at the sign in his window for the show tonight. There's a big picture of me with my name on it.

Tim shrugs, "Right. I didn't really pay attention to that sign. Here it is. Yeah, Eric paid for everything. Still need some ID ... Mr. Just-ass." Yeah, I hear the way he says 'justice', but I also hear how he says Eric. Erics the promoter. Since this guy sounds real familiar with Eric and Eric knows Jack, I know I gotta smooth things over.

As I hand him my license, I say, "I can probably swing you tickets if you wanna check the show out. Bring a friend. You might like it." See, I'm a nice guy.

Tim's response is, "No thanks, I only like real wrestling." Okay, so he doesn't wanna be cool.

I look down at Tim across the desk with my own scowl. I respond in a firm tone, "What I do is plenty real, buddy." I wanna show him how real, but instead I try to be nice again. "Look, you're pissed about what I said when I walked in, I get it, but don't take it personally. Yeah, the place is a shithole, but it's not like you own it."

Tim looks up at me. He says, "Actually, I do own it." Shit. No wonder he's got attitude.

I look around again then say, "Man. Seriously? Um, congrats on owning something, I guess."

Tim ignores me. He says, "Youll be in room 11, it's the second room from the end."

"Actually, I want room 12. It looked bigger and I'd like to be on the end. One less neighbor."

"No, that's a ... storage room. But, are you planning on being loud?"

I shrug and say nothing. I'd love to be loud tonight. I'd love to get some action after the match, but I don't wanna tell Tim. I'm gay, but not out. I don't know if there's even my kind of place around here, but I know I need to be discreet who I ask.

I stretch and circle as I wait for Tim to finish writing down my info. My tight t-shirt rides up and I catch him looking at my exposed stomach and big denim-covered bulge. I know that look. I know it really well.

Now, I think twice about old Tim. He's actually good looking and I can see a nice chest and big biceps under his baggy light blue dress shirt. When he realizes I'm looking at him, he darts his eyes back to the paper and finishes up. I act like I didn't see anything, but my smirk tells him I did. When he hands me back my license, our hands touch and I don't pull back. He looks at me with narrow eyes.

I say, "You be 'round when I get back? Maybe we can wrestle. I can show you some moves. Maybe you'll like it."

Tim says, "The only thing I'd like you to show me is some respect, Mr. Just-ass."

I step back and spread my arms, giving him a good look at my body in my tight jeans and t-shirt. I flex my guns and hold it. I smile and shake my hair. If this asshole thinks he'll ever do better than me, he's nuts.

I tell him, "Then bring it on. Earn my respect. We wrestle for top. Dude, c'mon. One night, one chance. You wanna pass it up because you're afraid or I hurt your widdle feelings, that's cool, but don't act like you don't want it or I'm not the best thing that's ever walked through that door."

Tim shakes his head. He pauses then says, "Room 12. When you get back tonight, door will be unlocked."

I walk up and reach over the desk. I put my hand on Tim's shoulder and tell him, "Now you're talking. Trust me, your ass'll thank me." I playfully slap his face twice, give him a wink and a smile.

After the Show

The show goes great - packed house thanks to me, everyone cheering for me like crazy. I don't miss a spot, but end up losing to a big local heel in an exciting 20-minute match. I'm respectful of the local talent and fans, spending a lot of time taking pics and signing autographs. Kids hang from my flexed biceps and put me in headlocks for the camera. As usual, I get groped and felt up a lot by the older fans as men and women put their arms around my bare back and waist, squeezing in tight for a picture. I've gotten very good at not reacting as their hands slip to my butt or caress my naked torso. The promoter will definitely report back good things to my dad. All-in-all, a really good trip. And after I fuck the hell out of Tim, it'll be a great trip.

When I return, I head to my room and drop my gear. I relax on the bed for a minute. I gotta admit, the room is nice. Tim has obviously spent some money recently updating the room, just not the office yet. Clean, big king-sized bed, big TV, good mattress, I really got no complaints, which is surprising, but I'm not admitting it to Tim. Yeah, dude's probably waiting next door, but who cares? He can sit there until I'm ready. Nice plan, making him stew, but I only lie down for about two minutes before I'm up. I'm too damn excited about beating and fucking Tim. It's a humid summer night, so I decide to kill some time and clean up again.

About 10-minutes later, I get out of the shower. It took all my strength not to pound one out, but I managed to resist. I towel down and pull on my favorite pair of red trunks, a pair that I dont wear in shows any more They're too tight for family entertainment, since I've been packing on the beef, getting stronger so I can be taken seriously as a main eventer. But theyre perfect for private matches.

I pull on a pair of jeans, leaving the top button undone. I don't bother with a shirt. I check my hair and breath, grab the ice bucket and walk out my door, getting hit by the thick air. I look around casually, just a guy getting ice, checking to see if anyone's around. No one is, so I walk over to room 12.

The door's unlocked, so I slip in. It's not really a storage room, at least it's not one now. It's a fucking mat room. The mat area looks like it's 16'x16', with the mats stretching from wall to wall. The walls are cheap paneling that looks yellow and dirty, the ceiling is dingy and the only light comes from a couple of floor lamps, sitting in the corners. The window air conditioner has seen better days. It's chugging away on low, so it's warm and a little humid. Dark, dingy, steamy fuck, its perfect.

I toss the ice bucket and my room key to the side and walk around. Suddenly, light streams out of the bathroom. I turn to see Tim emerge and stand against the end wall.

Damn, he's smoking hot, way better than I expected. He's wearing small packed white trunks. Tim's beefy muscular, huge chest, nice stomach, strong arms and shoulders, but more importantly for me, he has a hard, round ass. I definitely like what I see.

I ask, with a big smirk, "Ready for some fun, big guy?"

"Fun? Glad to hear you like being fucked so much, Just-ass." He waves his hand for me to strip. I peel off my jeans and Tim's obviously excited. I stretch my arms up and bend back, letting him see the outline of the cock that's gonna tear him up.

We come together in the center of the mats. We dont bother talking rules or anything before we lock up. We strain immediately, each trying to take control. Tim really knows how to leverage his weight, but Im better. I push down then force Tim back into the wall. I slam him hard, shaking the paneling, but since it's my room next door, it's no big deal.

I let go and back up. I spread my arms and ask, "Sure you wanna do this, buddy? I can just fuck you now, save you the pain and embarrassment."

Tim says, "Sport, I hope that mouth is better at sucking than it is at talking."

With that, we lock up again. Tim has learned and actually forces me back this time. As we approach the wall, I turn and use his force to reverse our positions. He stumbles from the sudden shift and I slam him harder against the outside wall. Instead of releasing, I pull forward and flip Tim over. He lands hard on his back, sitting up immediately, holding the small of his back.

I move in behind him, dropping to my knees. I grab the arm that he put behind his back and wrench it up. I wrap my other arm around his neck. I force his arm up and hold him steady. He grunts in pain. When he rolls to get out of the hold, I roll with him, using my weight to drive him face down onto the mat. Tim grunts in frustration as I lie on top of him, still controlling his arm and neck.

"Told you this was real. Feel that? That's your shoulder giving, man. Give it up, man."

"UNH. Fuck you, this ... UNH ... is nothing, sport!"

With his thick, beefy muscles, I'm not surprised that Tim doesn't give, so I release his neck and sit up, still holding his arm. I admire his broad, muscular back then pound a series of fists into his shoulder. I start light, listening to grunts for clues about how much he can take. When he doesnt react, I punch his muscle with full force. Tim now groans with every blow, but still doesn't submit when I ask. Nice, I like a man who can take some abuse.

"C'mon, Timmy, just give up and we get right to the good stuff."

In response, Tim drops his head, growls and suddenly, I'm heading up in the air. Tim gets to hand and knees, toppling me off him. I lose my grip on his arm, but I turn and slide my leg under him. On the other side, my ankles lock and Tim is trapped in a body scissors. I pull his arm out, fast and hard. He tries to resist, but I hold his wrist with both hands. This time I lock his arm in a tight armlock and squeeze his midsection hard!

Tim falls back to the mat, my right leg under and left leg over, squeezing his thick waist. He slaps the mat and I can tell he's pissed at being controlled. I twist his arm, as he tastes mat. We're already building up sweat, just from the few minutes of wrestling. I tighten my scissors, wedge his wrist under my armpit and punch his tricep hard. I pound the thick muscle multiple times, weakening it. Like his shoulder, it's solid beef, but I'm relentless.

"Hey Timmy, can you fill out your books with your left hand? If not, you should give."

"Do you ... UNH ... ever shut up?"

I just laugh. The big man is holding out, which is hot. I don't mind putting him in holds for awhile, seeing how much he can take. I release his arm and sit up, applying even more pressure into the scissors. I reach forward and slap his hard ass. It feels nice. I give it a squeeze, testing it like a melon at the market. Tim tries to roll away, but he's stuck.

I fondle Tim's ass a few times, as he moans helplessly in the scissors. He's not giving. His midsection is probably too thick and strong, so I release the scissors and kick him off my right leg. He rolls away and struggles to rise up. He's moving slowly, so I jump up and kick his side, toppling him onto his back.

I raise my arms, flex and mock Tim by placing my foot on his big old pouch. He looks pissed, but I can feel that his cock is hard under my foot. I massage it up and down and the match stops for a minute. Tim definitely likes this, my tall, young body in full flex, cock being rubbed ... it's getting us both super-hot. My tight red briefs are bulging as my cock is semi-hard from the total domination.

I back off and let Tim rise. He reaches into his big white trunks and adjusts himself, pointing his cock up to the right, giving it more room to grow. I like the view, but it's time to get back to me kicking his ass. We circle the mat again. Tim is shaking out his right arm from the shoulder and tricep work. He doesn't even realize he's giving me a huge tell. As we lock up, I move right back to the arm. I grab his wrist, move under his arm and twist on a standing arm lock. He moves to his toes and I keep wrenching.

"Man, Tim, I know this hold - the pain is shooting right through that shoulder, aint it?"

"Pain ... UNH ... I don't feel any ... ARGH!" Before he can finish his thought, I twist and lift. I'm loving every minute of this, have to admit.

As I hold his arm up, I move in a little too close. Tim spins and pounds his left fist into my abs, right above the waistband of my trunks. Simultaneously, he pulls his arm down. He didn't get much behind the first punch, but he manages to free his arm. Before I can react, he delivers a second punch, driving full force into my stomach. I stagger back and he tackles me down by the waist. I twist to get up, but he holds me down.

We roll around on the mats, struggling for top, back and forth. Tim's thick muscle is an advantage on the mats. I can't manage to shake him. He's stronger than I thought and he knows how to grapple. I grab his head, but he pulls it out. He grabs my leg, but I twist free. This goes on for a long time, scrambling and struggling. The sweat is building and were slipping on the mats. Neither of us can get a good grip. We're both breathing hard and slowing down.

Finally, Tim manages to mount me, holding me down in a schoolboy pin. He's straddling my stomach, hands holding my wrists flat on the mat. Sweat drips from his chin and chest onto my face. Even though we're only five pounds apart, his weight is concentrated in a shorter frame. He's definitely tough to move, but I'm not worried. We need the break and no one's ever submitted to a schoolboy pin. If he starts to count then Ill worry.

After a minute of rest for both of us, I look up and ask, "So now what, Timmy?"

The struggle and body contact has us both hard as rocks. Tim genuinely smiles for the first time since we met. He slides back and rubs his hips on mine, pressing our cocks together. I get lost in the foreplay, my eyes rolling back in my head. Tim notices. He lets my arms go, sits back straddling my legs and slams two fast fists into my abs. I thought his left hand packed a wallop, but these two rights ... wow ... they sink deep. I can't lift my legs, so I spring up, fist swinging. Tim blocks and slams me back with a right forearm to my chest. I fall back and he drives his fists into my abs again. I lose track of the abuse. He's perfectly positioned on my legs to take them away and every time I try to rise up, he swats me back down. I grunt and groan in pain with every shot. I try to twist, but the ab attack distracts me. My belly is bright red and really sore.

"That's nice, Just-ass. Your tummy's as red as your trunks."

Tim opens his hands and thrusts them forward, plunging them into my now soft belly. I feel his hands moving and searching, one hand just above my navel, the other below. He finds muscle, digs his fingers in and tears at my midsection with a killer claw. It's my turn to groan. All I can do is slap the mat in frustration and pain. My legs are still pinned. I can't lift up any more, because I can't contract my abs. I lift my shoulders and grab Tim's wrist, but there's no way I'm moving him. My face shows the pain as my head lifts up and down.

Tim says, "Give it up, sport. You can't do anything."

My blond hair is wet with sweat and coming across my face as I shake my head, refusing to give. I breathe deeply and steel my will. I try twisting, seeing if I can move him in some way. At first, it's a total failure, but then I get my momentum up and manage to shift to my side. Tim loses the claw and some of his stability. He falls to the side, putting one hand down to keep from falling over. I'm able to slide my legs out.

I can taste freedom, but Tim has other ideas. As I push up and away, Tim drives his foot into my side. I topple over and the next thing I see is Tim bringing down two forearms across my stomach. The double axe handle makes me almost wanna puke. Again, my pain gives him the opportunity to maneuver me. He rolls me onto my stomach and straddles me. Sitting on my ass, he leans forward and plants a forearm across the back of my head and slides his other arm under my arm.

"How do my mats taste, kid?"

"Fuck you!" Not creative, but I'm being crushed right now, so gimme a break.

"Language! I'm gonna have to wash your mouth out with my dick for that."

Tim locks on the half nelson, cranking my shoulder up. With my face squished on the mat, Tim grinds his cock on my ass. I can feel his steel rod settling into my crack. He dry humps me from his dominant position, taking advantage of his position. The feel of his thick cock grinding on my ass, with only two thin layers of spandex between us, gives me an extra boost of energy to push up with my free hand and legs. I topple Tim over, but he doesn't let go. We roll over, so he's on his back. I'm on top of him, but he moves his arm and before I realize it, he's got me in a full nelson. He wraps his thick legs around my waist and squeezes hard. Damn, I'm trapped; Im actually trapped by this motel desk clerk.

Tim taunts, "Thanks, kid, this is a way better position. Gonna submit?"

"Never!" Again, I know its not the best comeback, but I blame the heat. And remember, I wrestled a 20-minute match earlier tonight, so please cut me some slack.

Tim rewards my determination by cranking and squeezing harder at the same time. I gotta say, this guy is unbelievably strong. He's the equal of any of the guys I've wrestled in the AWL. I try every counter my dad taught me, but no dice. Tim blocks me at every turn. No way is he a beginner. Of course he has a whole room dedicated to mats in his motel, so I probably should have thought about that earlier instead of thinking with my dick. Fuck.

As if sensing my thoughts, Tim says, "I told you I like real wrestling, kid. You're all mine now!"

The pain is intense, but I'm determined to hold out. Tim's legs are powerful, but it's the pressure on my neck that's doing the damage. Tim repositions his legs, sliding them up just a bit, but it makes all the difference. His thick legs squeeze and extend, digging into my sides above the waist, just below my ribs. It's a soft spot and the pain rockets up.

I'm moaning in a high-pitched little voice, "uh ... uh ... uh ..." as he breaks me down. He can tell I'm close to giving, so the pressure goes up another level. My only hope is that he'll tire before I can't take it any more.

"GIVE UP, MR. JUST-ASS! I can go A LOT harder than this!" to prove it, Tim presses down on my neck and extends his legs even more. Okay, that's it, I'm done.

"I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE!" I have no choice but to submit. He has me locked up and I'm stymied. Suffering any longer will only cause me permanent damage. I realize what my submission means, but there's nothing I can do. As we relax, I feel Tim's thick, hard cock in my back. Uh oh.

Fuck, I need to figure something out, fast.

Jake Wants Another Chance

Tim loosens up on the holds, but keeps me on top of him. I lie there, recovering, head back, falling beside his ear. He brushes my blond hair out of his face. Tim whispers in my ear, "Now, let's see what I won." He reaches around and rubs my smooth pecs. I feel his hot breath in my ear then hear him whisper, "Mmmmm, smooth." He tweaks my right nipple. I flinch, but otherwise just lay there thinking as he fondles my chest.

Tim rolls me off him and gets up. I look up and he looks huge. He flexes a huge bicep for me, showing off.

I've gathered my wits. I roll over and rise up, stretching out my body. Tim comes towards me, "Time to pay up, sport."

I extend my arm and say, "Wait, wait. Best two out of three."

Tim says, "You really want more? What's in it for me? Way I see it, your ass is mine already."

I need to have another chance, but Tim's right. We never agreed to any format. Before I can say anything, Tim actually says, "Okay, I don't mind kicking your ass some more. But first, you gotta suck my dick right now."

I think for a second, looking at his packed trunks. I nod in agreement. Tim's a hot guy, I don't mind sucking his thick cock. But then he adds, "If I win another fall, you also have to clean the rooms tomorrow morning."

I say, "What? No way, man. What's wrong with your maid?"

"Dude, this is an eleven-room motel and I'm a small business owner. From 11am to 3pm, the office is locked and I'm the maid. Except for tomorrow, that is. It'll be nice to have a break." When I hesitate, he says, "Never mind, take off those trunks. I won, you're getting fucked."

I immediately give in. "No, no, no. You're on. Okay. Deal."

Tim nods and peels down his trunks. His cock is rock hard. It's not that long, but it's definitely the thickest I've had to suck. I kneel down and wrap my lips around him. I can smell the musk of his sweaty pubes as I bury my nose in them. Tim rests a hand on my thick blond hair, but he doesn't need to guide me. I work his cock like a pro and I can feel his body shudder. I've been told I'm excellent at giving head. I'm hoping to draw his load out before he realizes it, with the hope that if he does win, maybe he won't be able to fuck me so soon after cumming.

Tim pumps my mouth, drawn in by my technique. After only a couple of minutes, his entire body shudders and he shoots his load into my mouth. It's huge, but I swallow every drop and keep sucking for more until he's limp and drained. When my tongue keeps working his soft, but tender head, he convulses and goes weak in the knees, before pushing me off him.

Tim backs up a step and shakes out his head. He's drained, in more ways than one. I reach out and pull his trunks all the way off. He doesn't resist, stepping out of them. I like a man willing to go commando on the mats. I toss his white trunks to the side, stand up and come in close. I kiss him then kiss his neck. I whisper in his ear, "So you like?"

Tim nods. "Sport, you know how to suck. Man, the guys around here need to learn from you."

I laugh then back up, looking at Tim seductively. I ask, "Round two, big boy?"

Tim barely gets the word, "Sure," out before my foot rises up into his unflexed, unprepared midsection.

Jake Gets Another Chance

My foot sinks deep into Tim's stomach. The now naked slab of beef topples forward and I grab him around his head in a front face lock. I drag him forward and down, driving his head down in a DDT. I've felt this move before, too. It knocks you for a loop.

Tim just moans quietly. He's not knocked out (I know what I'm doing), but he's definitely stunned. The big man brings a hand to his forehead and his feet go up and down. I roll up and push him onto his back. Tim holds his head as I straddle his right arm and plant my shin across his barrel chest. I flex over him, looking at his glassy eyes. I'm sure I'm nothing but a blur right now, but Tim does have the focus to swing his left fist into my abs. It's slow, without anything behind it. I could have blocked it, but instead I just laugh it off.

With Tim out of it, flat on his back, I ask. "You know about pins, right, Tim? I count to three, you don't lift your shoulder, I win this fall." Tim lifts a hand to push my knee off him, but there's no force behind it. I lean forward, burying my pouch over his face and holding his left wrist to the mat.

"ONE." I reach down and slap the mat right beside his ear. I take a second and give Tim a couple of light slaps to the cheeks. He looks at me and I give him a flex. I see his lips curl, so I know he's seeing me.

"TWO." I slap the mat again. I slide my leg down his sweaty torso, positioning my knee on his cock, pressing my body against his. I keep a hand on his left shoulder, just in case and hold his right arm down with my armpit.

Lying beside him, I bring my face to his ear and whisper, "three." Tim actually tries to lift his shoulder, but it's way too late. I roll all the way on top of him, straddling his stomach. I slap him harder, flex and wait. I want him to see me in victory. His head is clearing. He looks at me with hard eyes as he realizes we're tied.

"Fuck. You dirty little piece of shit. You sandbagged me."

I smirk and lean forward, pinning his arms down over his head. I remind him of his earlier comment, "Cmon, it was just a fake wrestlin move. Cant have hurt that bad, right, big guy?"

Tim doesn't respond, but I can tell he's fucking pissed. I roll off him and stand up. "Get up. Time to finish this and get to me fuckin that sweet ass of yours."

Tim rolls to his side and gets up slowly. I admire the view of this sweaty nude beefcake struggling and rising. I tell Tim, "Hurry up, dude. My cock is gonna tear up my favorite trunks if you don't get the fuck up."

Tim finally rises and turns to face me. Unfortunately for Tim, I'm already moving in. Before he knows it, I've got him wrapped up for a side suplex. Down we go, Tim's back taking the full brunt of the impact. I'm on top, smiling down at him.

"Round Three has begun, big guy."

Wrestling for Top

I don't waste any time. I understand what Tim's capable of now. He stupidly gave me another chance for a blowjob and the potential of some maid service. Well, he got an amazing blowjob, but he's not getting my ass and I'm not cleaning rooms. As soon as we land, I grab his arm and go back to work on his shoulder. Tim rolls away from me, trying to relieve his back but I hold him on his side.

I mock Tim, "Thought I forgot about this ol' arm, didn't ya?"

I lock on an armbar and plant my knee on his side. I bend his arm, wrenching the shoulder. Tim may know something about wrestling, but he doesn't know how to counter my moves. He tries to shift and turn, but I force him face down, my knee sliding to his back. From here, I can really work the shoulder. I fire a few fists into the back of the shoulder. Tim grunts and I feel the muscle softening.

"Damn, Timmy, you're gonna be a sweet ride. I'm gonna fuck you all night long, buddy. You'll be walkin' funny for a week." I take advantage of the position and reach down. I fondle his bare ass, feeling that hard bubble butt. He just grunts, still a little slow from the blowjob and head slam.

Despite the pressure on his shoulder, I figure Tim won't submit to this, so I shift tactics. I keep holding his arm, but I move back and up, pulling him to his feet. I whip him across the room, into the wall back first. He crashes hard into the outer wall. I see that his cock is hard again as he rebounds off the wall. He's staggering, obviously winded, but clearly enjoying our battle.

I know how he feels. I'm rock hard in my tiny red trunks at the sight of this muscular beast dazed and helpless. I charge at him, arm extended, leveling him down with a killer lariat. WHAM! Down Tim goes, landing hard on his broad back and neck.

"That's my finisher, Timmy. What do you think?"

Tim is writhing on the mat, his erection fading as he rolls at my feet, devastated. I know how to do the lariat nicely, but I've learned how to do it mean. Guys sometimes like to mess with me, thinking I'm soft and a daddy's boy. If they wrestle me too stiff or pull something, I let them have what I just gave Tim.

I bend over and wrap one of my big hands around Tim's cheeks. I squeeze and ask, "Wanna submit?"

Tim is still moaning, but manages to spit out, "Fuck you."

I smile and stand up. I put a foot on his chest and count. "ONE." Pause. "TWO." Pause. Tim surprises me and actually lifts his shoulder. I realize too late that he's not just lifting his shoulder, but bringing his arm up and around my ankle. I try to pull my foot back, but it's no use. Tim trips me and I crash down on my ass.

Fortunately for me, Tim can't follow up. He struggles to his feet. I beat him to a standing position. When he rises, my foot is waiting. I drive it into his abs again and he bends over, just like I expected. Wasting no time, I thrust my arms under his, locking them across his back. I tighten the double chicken wing, bend my legs and lift Tim up and over. It's not easy, but I flip the big guy over, releasing his arms as he goes over. He lands hard on his back, grunting in pain as he sits up.

"Fucker," is all he can scream as I drive a knee into his back between his shoulder blades. I grab his wrists and bend them back and up, keeping my knee buried in the small of his back. Tim can't do shit but moan as I apply more and more pressure. I love wrestling a tough man and Tim is tough. He doesn't give or stop fighting my hold.

I'm keeping the pressure high, but Tim manages to plant his feet and push up. I slide and slip on the sweaty mat, falling back, losing my grip. Tim lands hard, driving his back down, slamming me back onto the mats. I lose the air in my lungs for a moment. Worse, Tim manages to spin and get on top of me. He rears back and comes down with his full weight behind a forearm to my chest. OOF! Next comes a fist into my side just under my armpit. AH! Next, he rises up and just crashes down, torso on torso, squashing me.

Tim slowly backs off, rolling off me. He's still rocked from my punishment, but recovering surprisingly fast. We both climb to our feet, but this time, Tim's ready for me. As I charge at him for another lariat, he grabs my arm and flips me over his shoulder. I land hard on my tailbone. Tim steps over my shoulders, forcing my head down with his crotch. His cock and balls dangle beside my ear as he squats on top of me. As I reach up to push him off, he reaches down, grabbing my leg. Suddenly, he's lifting my leg and I'm folded in half, locked in a stump puller, what other guys call an Al Capone Cradle.

My neck immediately aches, as Tim's earlier full nelson pays dividends again. I'm stretched and powerless, as Tim pulls my knee closer and closer to my face. Shit, my hamstring starts to cramp and my breath becomes short. I try to push up with my free leg, but Tim is squatting over me and stable. The big man's really got me locked up tight. As I keep trying to topple Tim off me, he must realize what I'm doing, because he beats me to the punch. Tim actually falls back. Unfortunately for me, he doesn't let go! He rolls onto his back, keeping my head in his legs and my knee in my face.

ARGH! Damn, now I'm really screwed. I punch against his legs, but they're as solid as rock. I kick the air with my other leg, but all that does is increase the pressure. Tim, meanwhile, is ramping up the pressure, since he doesnt have to worry about balancing. I'm letting out little squeals as Tim uses gravity and his increased leverage to really fold me in two. I'm not sure I can take much more of this and Tim knows it.

"Give it up, sport! Don't be a hero."

In desperation, I flail to get out. As I swing my arm back, I catch Tim's balls resting beside my head.  He immediately lets go, rolling over, clutching his groin. I slide away, rubbing my neck. I get to hands and knees. Tim is getting up, but he's moving funny. I guess I really got him good.

"Ah ah ... you fucking son of a bitch. I'm tired of your dirty shit."

I say, "Relax. It was an accident, dude, I swear."

I get to my feet, still massaging my neck. I take a step, but I limp, as my hamstring is tight from the hold. Tim must not believe me, because when I turn back, he's charging, full speed, shoulder down. I can't do anything before he plows into me and I'm against the wall. WHAM! I actually hear the paneling crack from the impact.

Tim goes crazy, slamming fist after fist into my stomach, pounding me like I'm a heavy bag at the local gym. I can't resist him, his adrenaline helps him ignore my attempts to strike back. The body blows ravage me. Soon, I'm slumping over, only to be pushed back. Tim holds me up with a tight grip around my throat. He keeps slamming his fist in until I'm seeing stars. Tim backs off and I fall to the mat, collapsing in a heap. My face and knees are on the mat, my ass in the air.

Tim grabs the waistband of my trunks and pulls me up. He grabs me between my legs and around my shoulder. With ease, Tim hoists my 225-lbs up and drops my broken, aching stomach across his knee.

Tim shouts at me, GET UP, PUNK, YOU WANTED THIS! as he pushes me off his knee. I roll onto my back, not yet able to obey and get up. Tim is unrelenting. He grabs my ankles and lifts my feet not the air. He brings his foot over my pouch.

I mutter, "It was an accident ..."

Tim responds, "So's this."

The big man presses down, crushing my manhood with his foot. I beg him to stop, but he doesn't. Tears stream from my face as he twists and presses. I keep begging, he keeps ignoring me. Finally he's done torturing me. He lifts his foot, lets my ankles go and they drop to the mat. I try to curl up into a ball, but he grabs my hair and pulls me up again. Tim bends to the side as he wraps his arms around me. In a flash, I'm being turned and lifted into an upside down bearhug!

Tim shows his power as he holds me aloft, bouncing and shaking me. Even though he hasn't really gone after my back, the pain is intense. My resistance is low from the Al Capone Cradle and the crotch torture. The blood rushes to my head and I dangle there, my back hurting more and more.

"I GIVE! I GIVE!" I submit for the second time tonight. Tim lets me go, throwing me down hard. I lie there in a heap, unmoving. I'm glad the pain is over, but Tim has other ideas. He grabs my arm and forces it up my back. Using his grip, he brings me to my feet. I'm back to whimpering, trying to fight the pain.

Tim says, "So you think my place is a dump?" He roughly pushes my face into the paneling.

"No, it's great ... sorry, I said that."

He says, "SAY YOU LOVE IT!"

My body is racked with pain as he holds me against the wall. "OKAY, OKAY! I LOVE IT! I'm sorry ... c'mon man, you won ..." Tim pulls harder on my arm. I start begging again, "OH GOD, PLEASE, NO MORE! Please let me go!"

Tim leans in, crushing me with his entire body. I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he whispers, "No."

"UNH please, man ... it's the best fucking motel I've ever seen ... c'mon ... please stop."

Tim laughs. He orders, "Kiss it." I pucker up and air kiss the wall. "You can do better than that. Make fucking love to it, boy." For emphasis, he grabs my hair and controls my head. I stick my tongue out, licking the paneling. I grind my crotch into the wall. I degrade myself and he seems satisfied.

Tim asks, "You done?"

"... yeah ..."

Tim lets me off the wall and throws me down to the mat. He plants his ass on my chest. The beefy stud says, "What was that shit about a pin?" I can't move, as Tim slaps the mat and counts, not to three, not to five, but to ten. He gets off me and puts a foot on my chest. I look up and him flexing, doing to him exactly what I did, only he's doing it in victory, not midway through the match like the idiot I am.

"All right, Just-ass, no more stalling. It's fun time."

Paying the Bill

Tim lets me lie there, recuperating, for less than a minute before he's kneeling down, grabbing my long blond hair and pulling my head off the mat. He bends my head back and plants his lips on mine. The kiss is long, hard and deep. The kiss is forceful and about control. Tim reinforces to me that I'm his property for the night. Even though I've always been the dominant one before this, I have to admit, the kiss is amazing.

When Tim's done, he releases my head and I collapse back to the mat. The big man slides across my waist, planting his ass on my cock. Damn, I wish my trunks were off. He starts rubbing my chest, punching it lightly. I watch him with awe. His big muscles shine in the dim lighting, his pecs and shoulders are even more impressive than before. Tim lifts his arms and flexes his biceps. I lick my lips and he leans forward, putting one right in front of my mouth. I surprise myself by kissing it, licking and sucking it clean of sweat. Damn, it's hard and huge.

Tim sits back, flexing again. I study him some more. I see his thick cock and bull balls resting on my stomach. He looks so hot in victory, completely confident and powerful. My trunks are bursting at the seams as I feel this man playing with my pecs and nipples. I hate losing, but I'm loving this.

After sending me into a frenzy while working my nipples, Tim leans forward, pinning my arms down over my head. I don't resist. He's earned my submission and at this point, I'm surprisingly happy to give it to him. I'm whimpering and squirming as he expertly kisses my mouth, neck and ear. There's no doubt about it, I'm all his. Tim finally pulls back and I'm disappointed. He sees my look and smirks. Damn, this man looks so fucking hot with a little arrogance.

"Don't worry, sport, we're just getting started."

I smile up at him and get rewarded with more neck work. Shit, please don't leave a hickey. Oh. What the fuck, leave whatever you want. Tim grinds on me as we kiss again. I'm really squirming now, my hips twisting and bucking as my trunks are now painfully tight. They're tiny, but my hard cock isn't.

Tim senses my discomfort and breaks away. He spins around, planting his perfect ass on my chest. His back is so broad, I love it. I reach up and caress it as he grabs the waistband of my trunks. He starts peeling them down, so I lift my hips then my legs, helping him strip me. My cock springs up to full mast, finally free of its tight prison.

Tim throws my trunks aside and starts fondling my manhood. I moan as he grabs my cock and jerks it softly and slowly. I feel a load building, but his touch is too gentle. I can't stop myself, saying, "Harder!" In response, Tim's touch becomes feather light, up and down my shaft. It drives me wilder. I buck my hips, trying to get more pressure, but it doesn't work. Tim completely lets go of my cock, reaching down and grabbing my balls, playing with them. I'm so hot, but also so helpless.

Tim slides up my body, his legs pinning my shoulders and his ass reaching my face. He leans forward and engulfs my cock in his mouth. I'm shocked and thrilled. I close my eyes and grip his thighs tightly to keep from going mad. I'm his plaything and we both know it. He sucks me slowly, making sure I stay throbbing and hard, but not giving me any kind of release.

I lose all track of time. Tim plays with me for way too long as far as I'm concerned. I'm whimpering by the time he finally stops and turns back to kiss me again. I kind of thought this would be a quick revenge fuck, but it's turning into something way more. We roll around on the mat, fondling and kissing each other. I suck his nipples, cock and balls. Eventually, Tim maneuvers me onto my stomach. He brushes my hair aside, kisses the back of my neck then slides off. He disappears into the bathroom, returning with lube. He kneels back down and I feel him preparing my hole. It's not long before he's splitting my ass and I realize the time has finally come.

Tim takes his ultimate prize, sliding into my lubed ass and pounding his cock into me. We've spent so long with foreplay that he has no trouble staying hard. If anything, my earlier blowjob has only increased his stamina. As Tim fucks me, his thick cock stretches me wide. Luckily for me, Tim takes his time, giving me time to adjust. He's experienced enough to realize that he's way thicker than most men.

As Tim fucks me, the pumping and weight has tightly sandwiched my cock between me and the slick mats. It's not long before I have to say, "I'm cummin ... I'm cummin ..." in shortened breath. My whole body shudders as I shoot my load on the mats beneath me.  Tim keeps fucking, as the smell of my cum fills the air. Soon, Tim is shooting inside me, filling my ass with his hot, white man juice. He keeps pumping until he's soft and drained.

Tim pulls out and sits back on his ass. He's exhausted, propped up on his arms. I roll over, tired, covered in cum but thrilled. What a fucking night. I look up at him, sitting there naked, legs sprawled apart, still looking amazing. I close my eyes and the next thing I know, the room is dark and Tim's gone.

Checking Out

I am still just lying in the dark room, illuminated only by the motel's neon sign through the blinds. I see the 'no' go out beside 'vacancy'. A minute later, Tim walks back in, showered, dressed in white shorts and a yellow tank top. He's got all my stuff. I don't say anything as he drops it down in the corner. He tosses a key that says 12 on it on my bare, cum-covered stomach. I'm thinking, "What the fuck?"

Tim says, "You sleep here tonight. A trucker radioed ahead, looking for a room. Can't turn down the business. There's mat cleaner in the bathroom. Clean the place up and get some shuteye. Check out's at 11, so housekeeping starts right then."

I see Tim grab the ice bucket and key for room 11 off the floor. He also grabs my favorite tiny red trunks in his hand and heads to the door.

I'm stunned and confused. All I can think to say is, Whoa, those arent yours! Yeah, dude's just kicked my ass, fucked me, evicted me and this is where Im trying to draw the line?

Tim says, Im taking them. Wanna do something about it?

The beefy motel owner takes a step back towards me. I just look at him from the mat, not responding or moving. He looks huge and imposing in the dim light. Im too exhausted and sore to take up his challenge and he knows it. I look away, rescinding the challenge.

Tim chuckles at my latest submission. Yeah, I didnt think so.

Fuck. Im pissed, but not much I can do about it. Call the cops over some trunks and out both of us? I can see it now, 'Wrestler gets ass kicked by motel clerk as gay lovers quarrel over underwear'. What's a pair of trunks in the scheme of things? I just thought Tim and I had moved past revenge.

Tim adds, as he walks out the door, You want them back, you gotta win em back. You know where to find me, Jake. Then he buries his face in my sweaty trunks, closes his eyes and breathes in deeply. When he pulls them away from his face, he actually smiles and winks at me. Now I'm really confused as Tim reaches into his pocket and tosses me another key.

"If it gets uncomfortable, this opens the door to my apartment above the office. I've got a king bed, so you can bunk with me."

My anger and confusion fade at the invitation. Fucking asshole was playing with me. I smile back at Tim as he closes the door. Im cleaning when I start thinking about what lie to tell my dad. After all, I need to give him some good reason as to why I'll be spending an extra night at the Nights Inn

The End


  1. very hot! loved the cocky jobber getting beaten down and taken!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it!