Friday, May 29, 2015

The Cast: Who's Who (May)

This month's models ...

AWL: The Adventures of Danny Chase

2: Danny Chase - Steven Walters (pro wrestler)

2: Snake - Jamie Noble (pro wrestler)

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice

1: Jake Justice - Barry Windham (pro wrestler)
1: Tim - Bulldog Barzini (BGEast)

The Cave

Cody - Leighton Stultz (model)

Ryan - Mike Bennett (pro wrestler)

11: Mac/Guardian - Matt Loewen (model)

12: Jae - Mike Carr (model)

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar

Jae - Mike Carr (model)

1: Xaq/Spartan - Jeff Seid (model)
2: Bizarre - Phil Fusco (model)

The Cave Undercard

3: Day - Raul Lledo (model)
3: Night - Duny de la Cruz (model)
3: Ice - Dave Mastiff (pro wrestler)
3: Storm - Daniel Rumfelt (model)

4: Xaq/Spartan - Jeff Seid (model)
4: Brett/Camo - Chris Ryan (model)

So, how'd like this selection of models?



  1. Alex R:

    Seriously. This list you made it and its incredible. 100% of choices are just perfect. The Cave Undercard, dang. TAOSS...Boom, AWL, simply great!. Combine that with the artwork and writing and its awesome. Great work!

    1. Thanks! You helped me with Chris Ryan, Night, Day, Xaq/Spartan ... and maybe more on this list, so take a bow. You deserve it!

    2. Alex R:

      Aww thanks! Its my priviledge to put my two cents in. The artwork helps alot to sell the story. I look at some of the manipulations that Mindsweeper does and its great. Then its combined with the story and its perfect. BTW...Im a total fan now of you bringing back milad akbar! WOW. and yeah he wins too much, hes been the champ at PPW like for over a year...ridicolous lol. But at least he does get to be abused. Only thing i dont like in PPW its that Iranian stereotype. The guy is simply hot and has a face...of a babyface. I dont care how much Iranian blood he has he is a babyface lol! Maybe you can fix that in your stories and they read them. I know he was a heel but maybe he is yerning for a change lol hahaha.