Monday, May 11, 2015

The Cave 11: Bane Comes Back


I'm in the middle of stretching out, so I ask Ryan to repeat what he said.

"Catch-weight. That's what we need, Cody. We haven't had a good mismatch in a while. I see guys asking about it."

I smirk, "Yeah? You know what I see guys asking for?"


"The return of Bane."

Ryan laughs then shakes his head, "No thanks."

"C'mon, dude. You won your mask back from Pete. It's time to use it again."

"Yeah, in private matches. The fans only know me from our one match."

"You mean our best-selling, most iconic match ever? Ry, you're 6'4"/250-lbs. Who is more perfect for catch-weight than you?"

"I cant believe that you, of all people, want to re-visit the Bane character.

Dude, I would love you to pull on the mask in front of the camera against anyone other than me.

Ryan thinks for a moment. I can tell hes tempted. After working so hard to build his perfect body, he wants to show it off. I know he does. Ryan asks, Who would I wrestle? You know I only really get into bigger guys."

"Okay, your opponent doesn't have to be a midget or anything. Hm. I know ... don't tell me you couldn't get it up for Mac. Wrestling him is awesome. Trust me."

Ryan agrees, "Yeah, he is something. But that's not really much size difference. He's 6'2". Only 2" difference."

"But he only weighs 180. You've got 70-lbs of muscle on him."

Ryan thinks for a minute. I can tell he's weakening. Finally, he says, "Okay, I'll wrestle Mac. On camera. Sex stakes. The whole deal. But you have to get him to agree."

Woo hoo! Bane is back!

Meet Mac

I invite Mac over for some casual wrestling, planning to bounce the idea off him during a break. Macs a simple guy with simple interests fighting, fucking, drinking and hockey, so I think I have a good shot at getting him to agree. As Guardian, hes already wrestled several times for us with three victories against only one loss. While hes developed a nice little following, a match with Bane will blow him up.

After 20 minutes of some pretty intense wrestling in my apartment, I'm chugging water and Mac is sitting on the couch, chilling. I bring up Ryan. As soon as I finish asking about the match, Mac says, "Fuck right, I'll wrestle that big beast any time.

Mac's big dick is growing as he sits there, thinking about Ryan. He asks, Ryan's so fucking hot now, eh? Whats he want? Competitive? Fuck stakes?"

"Yeah, I was hoping for best two of three with stakes, if you're cool with that. I mean, we can do a staged match, if you want. No pressure."

Mac jumps off the sofa and tackles me back to the mat. He schoolboy pins me. "Fuck no! I wanna see if I can take the big guy down, eh! See if he's as easy you."

Mac smiles as he pumps his hips on my stomach, rubbing his hard cock against my abs. I don't stand for that, so I throw him off. Contrary to what Mac just said, he's never taken me down easily and I plan to remind him of that fact. We get back to wrestling, but the match with Ryan keeps coming up. The lanky stud seems surprisingly confident. I know from personal experience that Mac's rough, tough and difficult to submit, but Ryan's big and skilled.

At 6'2"/180-lbs, Mac's one of our tallest guys, but compared to Ryan, he's a beanpole. Mac wrestles for us as Guardian. Playing off his Canadian background, he wears a red mask and red/white trunks with a maple leaf on them. Mac has a huge tattoo of a lion that covers his whole left pec. I post in his bio on our website that it gives him super-strength. Yes, I know that there are no lions in Canada, but no fan has ever called us out on the inaccuracy.

In the lead up to the match, Ryan has gotten pretty excited about being back in front of the camera. His one previous outing was to destroy me, in my alter ego of The Bat. While Ryan says that this time will be more fun, but I know Mac. Although the Canadian looks like a hero, it doesn't mean he won't fight dirty if his back's against the wall. If that happens, Ryan's not going to like it. Mac will regret it if he unleashes the beast.

I handle introductions. Guardian first. He charges out of the back and slides under the ropes. In the ring, he flexes his lean muscles and issues the challenge. Pete gets the footage then signals me. I introduce Bane. Ryan walks out slowly and majestically. The big man saunters to the ring, calmly approaching the squared circle.

The villain climbs up to the ring apron, points at Guardian then turns his hands into a thumbs down. The hero smirks, but personally, I think he should run for the hills.

Round One

As soon as the bell rings, Guardian charges at Bane. The villain isnt surprised. He bends into the charge, lowering his hands. The hero runs right into the musclebeast's grasp, Bane's hands grabbing thigh and pec. He lifts the lanky stud up, using his own momentum against him. Before Guardian can do anything, he's powered up into a military press. WHOA! The stud rises 8 feet in the air, helpless as he looks down at the canvas.

Bane holds the handsome Canadian aloft, arms extended as he circles and shows off his unmatched (in The Cave, at least) power. The villain casually flips the hero over, slamming him down onto his back hard! WHOMP! Guardian groans as pain shoots through his back. The big man grabs Guardian by the hair and trunks, forcing him up. He spins and hurls the leaner wrestler over the top rope, sending him flying to the concrete floor below.

Guardian gets up slowly, making sure he's okay. Bane calmly stares him down from the ring, arms spread wide. The confidence of the big villain is palpable. The hero climbs the ropes and leaps over the top, landing in the ring. Bane doesn't even bother to try anything. He just waits and watches through the red film that hides his eyes.

The men circle. This time, Bane moves first. He charges to lock Guardian up, but the lanky stud ducks the charge. The big man stumbles then turns. He only gets halfway around before he feels boots slamming into his left shoulder. WHAM! Guardian's dropkick is perfectly executed, sending the villain falling into the corner, right shoulder first.

Guardian grabs Bane's muscular arm and twists it into an armbar. He pulls the big muscleman out of the corner, cranking on the hold. The leaner wrestler twists and swings under Bane's arm, bending it up the villain's broad back. Guardian pushes up, trying to weaken the powerful arm and shoulder. He is careful to avoid getting caught by the musclestud's other elbow as it swings back.

The hero grabs the back of Bane's trunks. The tight grip exposes one of the villain's ass cheeks as Guardian uses the arm hold and trunks to shove the big man into the corner, shoulder first. BANG! Bane collides in, sagging for a moment. The Canadian stud moves in, only to run into Bane's rising knee. OOF! The hero bends over, winded by the impact.

The musclebeast grabs the lean stud's wrist and pulls the hero into a hard shoulder block that sends him down to the mat. WHOMP! Bane stomps Guardian's abs hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The Canadian hero rolls away, but Bane manages to grab his right boot. The big muscleman drags Guardian back to the middle of the ring and flips him onto his back. Before the hero can do anything, Bane stomps his abs again.

Bane drops Guardian's leg and leaps up. He comes down with an elbow drop to the handsome Canadian's smooth stomach. OOF! The villain scrambles up and leaps again, this time executing a leg drop across the lean midsection of his opponent. BOOM! The hero can only moan as Bane pivots to a kneeling position on his bare ass cheek.

The villain unleashes hard body shots to the flat stomach, which is quickly turning red. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Guardian tries to curl up and roll away, but the powerful musclebeast keeps him in position. Bane rises then plants his boot on the battered abs. Guardian holds up his hands, but the big man ignores the plea. He steps across the hero, planting his 250-lbs directly on top of the hero's abs.

Guardian lies on the canvas, coughing and clutching his abs. Bane circles cautiously. He gives the cameras a flex, showing off his powerful and dominant muscles. The villain reaches down and grabs a handful of hair. He pulls the hero up to his knees. As he rises, Guardian fires out a fist that is clearly aimed for the big man's bulge. Bane manages to twist and it deflects harmlessly off his hard thigh. THUD!

Bane switches his grip to a chokehold. He pulls Guardian close to him, staring into the hero with his red eyes. "That was very stupid, little man. Don't try it again."

Guardian can't respond in the choke, but Bane doesn't care. He fires in a forehead punch that sends the leaner wrestler down hard. The villain delivers another series of stomps to the tenderized stomach of his victim. Bane grabs the Canadian hunk's wrist and drags him to his feet. Guardian struggles, but can't pull his arm free.

Bane leans back, dragging Guardian forward. The handsome hero is propelled forward, slamming into the corner front first. CLANG! Bane splashes on top of the hero's back, sandwiching him between the irresistible force of 250-lbs of muscle and the immovable turnbuckles. Guardian sags into Bane, giving the villain easy access to lock on a tight full nelson.

The villain drags Guardian back, controlling him in the full nelson. The hero goes limp, trying to slip free, but Bane gives him no time. The big man charges forward into the corner. With his arms trapped, the handsome Canadian can't stop himself from plowing into the corner, his abs and pecs taking full brunt of the impact. When the musclebeast lets go of the nelson, Guardian can only drop to his knees facing the corner and wheezing desperately for air.

Bane grabs the hero around his waist and drags him to his feet. He squeezes tight on the reverse bearhug, shaking Guardian to increase the pressure. His big hands are locked tight as they dig into the battered midsection. The moans of the Canadian stud fill the arena area as he suffers. No amount of struggling, kicking and elbows seems to be helping him escape the python-like grip.

Guardian is crying out in pain, but not submitting. It takes a lot to break him, so I'm not surprised he's holding out. Bane lets go of the bearhug, allowing the hero to drop to his knees as he holds his stomach. The villain towers over him and flexes, confident in his power. The massive muscleman reaches down and forces Guardian to his feet by his hair and arm.

Bane powers the hero into the corner, lifting his knee into his stomach. OOF! Guardian grunts, but the tight grip on his hair keeps him upright. The musclebeast effortlessly whips the lean wrestler across the ring. CLANG! The Canadian stud slams in hard on his back. As soon as he connects, Bane is following in with a hard shoulder block that almost cuts the man in two! OH GOD!

The villain drives three more shoulders into the ravaged abs of the lanky wrestler. Guardian still won't give, but he's taken so much abuse to his core. Bane backs off then starts in with boots to the abs that drive the hero to the canvas in the corner. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Bane reaches down to drag the hero to his feet. Guardian lashes out with a fist to the big man's abs, but it bounces off harmlessly.

Bane mocks the punch, "Hey, no tickling."

With the hero up, Bane locks on a front facelock. He grabs holds of the side of the hero's trunks and muscles him up to vertical. Guardian hangs there, suspended upside down for a suplex, but the villain has other ideas. Instead of going back, he goes forward, slamming the hero over the top rope on his abs! BAM! OOOOOFF! Guardian hangs limp, the cable cutting into his wrecked abs.

I move in tight so the viewers will be able to hear Guardian coughing and wheezing as Bane presses down on his back, bouncing him on his abs. The big man turns and straddles the lean wrestler, adding his weight and sinking the top rope until it's stretched to its limit. Shit, I worry that the force might cut Guardian in half.

Bane slides off, letting the top rope spring up, toppling Guardian to the mat. There's a pronounced red line across his red abs. The hero is in survival mode, using his reserves to scurry across the ring, hoping to buy some time. The villain, is unrelenting. He grabs the back of the red and white trunks by the waistband, dragging his opponent to his feet then back towards his massive muscled body.

The musclebeast steps over Guardian's hip, forcing the squirming, struggling hero into an abdominal stretch. Bane folds Guardian to the side, stretching him out. The move tears at the ab muscles as the heel's power pushes the lanky stud to his limits. More importantly, Bane has exposed the Canadian hunk's stomach. The muscleman slams his forearm into the battered and bruised stomach. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

Guardian still won't give, even now. He resists the pain and pressure until Bane has no choice but to give up on the hold. The frustrated villain pushes Guardian away with contempt. Despite his incredible resilience, the hero can't mount any offense. He circles away, zigging then zagging, trying to buy time. It works for a moment, but then Bane anticipates him. Guardian turns right into the waiting villain's hands.

Bane grabs Guardian and powers him up with a military press for the second time. This time, he drops him from over 8 feet onto his extended knee and thigh for a mega-gutbuster. ARGH! The hero's momentum carries him off the leg and onto the mat. Guardian writhes on the canvas, his feet kicking the mat in pain as he tries to keep focus and block out the intense pain.

The villain runs his thumb across his throat, signaling that the hero is done. Towering over the helpless hero, Bane raises his hands high in the air. The musclebeast drops to his knees, bringing his hands straight down and driving them into the ravaged abs of the Canadian hunk in a double ab claw. YEEARGH! The mighty fingers tear into Guardian's flesh, ruthlessly breaking down the stomach muscles.

Bane kneels over Guardian, his fingers closing in around the tortured flesh of the ruined stomach. The villain uses his grip to lift Guardian's midsection up, bringing his hips off the mat then pushing back down. The lanky stud has no fat on his stomach, but Bane's fingers are so deep, they can't even be seen now.

On the fifth lift, the Canadian stud has no choice but to yell, "Oh god, give, give! GIVE!"

Bane releases the claw, letting his opponent collapse to the mat. He rises majestically as Guardian rolls over, clutching his abs. The villain plants his foot squarely on the lean hunk's back. Guardian doesn't move as Bane flexes over him, marking his victory in the first fall.

Round Two

Minutes later, Guardian is circling outside the ring, still rubbing his stomach. I can see his brain working as he tries to figure out what to do about Bane. Been there, done that. It's a hell of a challenge, trying to overcome the big man.

Bane waits patiently, but as time winds down, the villain climbs the corner, looking down at his smaller opponent. I film him from the floor and it's an awesome shot. He looks at his mighty best with his prominent bulge and heaving pecs.

As the second round starts, Guardian wastes no time. He charges into the ring. Bane casually hops down to the mat. The hero hopes to catch him before he's ready by diving for Bane's knee. The big man is fast, barely dodging the move. As the hero flies by, he lands on his stomach. OOF! The musclebeast starts stomping on his back before he can move. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Guardian rolls to safety outside the ring. Bane spreads his arms, inviting the hero back in. If I could see his face, I'm sure Ryan is smiling right now.

Guardian rolls into the ring, springing to his feet. The two men circle halfway around the ring then lock up. Bane overpowers the hero, but the Canadian stud uses leverage to flip them around. The villain slams back first into the corner. CLANG! The lean muscleman brings his knee up into Bane's abs. THUD! Unfazed, the musclebeast pushes Guardian back to the middle of the ring.

As the villain emerges from the corner, the hero launches up into a standing dropkick. THUD! His boots connect with Bane's broad chest, but he knocks the big man back only one step. Guardian lands on hands and knees, springing back up. By the time he reaches his feet, Bane is on top of him. The villain clubs his arm across the leaner stud's shoulder, knocking him to one knee.

Bane keeps pummeling his victim, slamming blows down on Guardian until he's on his knees. It looks like it might be a fast fall until one of the Canadian stud's fists flies out, smashing into the muscleman's big bulge. OOF! Guardian repeats the move, firing another fist into his opponent's package. The villain bends over, groaning and clutching his balls.

The big muscleman warns, "Don't make me angry, little man. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

The kneeling Guardian reaches up and grabs Bane's masked cheeks. He pulls the masked face in close, looking the villain in the red eyes. The hero smirks, "Ooh, I'm scared. Don't worry, I'll like you just fine ... as my bitch."

The hero fires a fast fist up between the villain's knees, punching his balls again. POW! URGH! Bane grunts as he's low-blowed for the third time in a row. Guardian pulls Bane by the mask over his shoulders and flips him onto his back with a fireman's carry. WHOMP! The lanky stud rises up and comes down with a fist to Bane's forehead. WHACK!

Guardian laughs, "I'm gonna enjoy this!"

Guardian straddles Bane's thick chest. He grabs hold of the musclebeast's mask, lifting his head. The hero slams the back of Bane's head into the mat three times. WHAM! WHAM' WHAM! The big man groans and his legs go limp as he's obviously stunned. Guardian rolls in a backwards somersault over the muscleman's body, landing between his legs.

The hero grabs Bane's legs and stands up, lifting the boots high in the air. Guardian lifts his boot and brings it down, stomping the villain's abs hard. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He plants his boot on the tight black trunks and presses down, crushing Bane's huge manhood under his boot.

Guardian laughs, "The great Bane isn't so unstoppable, eh!"

The Canadian stud lifts his boot then delivers a knee drop to the musclebeast's package. Bane tries to curl into a ball, but Guardian holds his legs and jumps forward, folding the villain in half. The lanky wrestler starts counting the pin. ONE! He doesn't even get to two before Bane powers out, kicking Guardian back and off.

"That's okay, I wasn't done with you anyway!"

Bane rolls to his knees, his massive chest heaving as he breathes deeply, trying hard to focus. The villain stands up, but Guardian is behind him. The Canadian rams his arm up between Bane's thick legs. URK! The big musclehunk topples over, letting the lean hero go for another pin. Guardian hooks a leg as he slaps the mat. ONE! Pause. TWO! Bane kicks out with authority, throwing his opponent off him.

"Oh, a wise guy, eh? Sleepy time, big man!"

Bane sits up, shaking out his head and kneading his pouch. Guardian comes in from behind, locking on a chinlock. Bane grunts as the hero converts it to a rear naked choke. He goes for the knockout, but the musclebeast has the wherewithal to push back, driving his weight on top of the thin Canadian. OOF! The villain rolls off Guardian, struggling to hands and knees. His head is down as he tries again to get it together.

Guardian moves in behind, reaching for a ball claw from behind. Bane lets out a high-pitched groan as his nuts are punished again. The hero rises, lifting on the claw. Bane has no choice it to follow as the Canadian stands behind him with his hand locked on his black spandex bulge, out of reach of the villain's grasp.

"You had your chance to go down, now I'm gonna really have to hurt you!"

Bane is forced to the corner, front first. Guardian yanks the claw back, pulling hard on the musclebeast's pouch. FUCK! The Canadian stud lets go then steps back and drives his boot into Bane's broad back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hero grinds his boot into the flesh, leaving a large red footprint. He grabs the ropes on either side of Bane and slams in with shoulder blocks. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! The big man sags as he's sandwiched between corner and Guardian's shoulder.

The hero rises up and slaps his tattooed pec and shoulder, "You can't handle this."

Guardian grabs the back of Bane's trunks. He lifts fast and hard, lifting them halfway up the musclebeast's back, wedging the trunks up his crack. ARGH! The lanky stud smacks Bane's bare white ass hard. SPANK! He grabs hold of the villain by the mask and forces him to spin around. Bane moves to push Guardian back, but the Canadian hero gives him a crippling shot to the head. CRACK!

The hero follows up with a series of fast, hard forearm smashes to the big muscleman's shoulders, neck and head. WHAM! POW! THUD! The flurry of blows come in fast and hard, smashing Bane. Guardian keeps up the pressure, adding in some knees to Bane's thick muscles as he works to soften up the weakened villain.

"Not so big now, eh?"

Bane sags in the corner, the lean muscleman suddenly towering over him. Guardian reaches down and grabs the front of the villain's wedged trunks. He stretches them out as he lifts the musclebeast's hips up and out of the corner. The dominant hero pounds his fist into Bane's lower abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! The big man grunts as he's pummeled by the Canadian wrestler.

Guardian slaps Bane. SLAP! He grabs the villain by the mask and lifts his head, "How you doing, big guy? You angry, yet?"

Bane lets out a low growl, but otherwise stays silent. "Ooh, so tough!" The cocky stud laughs as he grabs the top of Bane's mask. He pulls the muscleman out of the corner and throws him down. Bane lands face first on the mat, immediately struggling to rise.

The Canadian hero grabs Bane by the back of the trunks again. He pulls up on them again, using them to lift Bane's hips off the mat. Guardian stomps on Bane's back, driving him back down. He keeps lifting by the trunks and stomping him down, treating the big muscleman like a yo-yo. RIP! The villain's black trunks tear, unable to support the weight any more.

Guardian grab hold with both hands and whips Bane around the mat by his trunks until they are nothing but a torn mess of fabric. The waistband is the only part that won't break, leaving the villain wearing shredded black trunks. The hero drags Bane up by his wrist and mask, pushing him into the ropes. I zoom in on the musclebeast's exposed crotch, his impressive cock and battered balls hanging free.

The Canadian stud lifts his knees into Bane's nuts then whips him across the ring. Guardian meets him with a flying shoulder block. WHAM! The villain manages to stay standing, surprising everyone. The hero charges in again, but he runs into an extended arm. WHAM! Bane levels Guardian with a clothesline, almost taking his head off. The lean muscleman moans on the mat as Bane stands over him, breathing hard and looking down.

Bane's muscles are tensing as he lets out a primal scream. Every vein in the big muscleman's neck and arms is popping. He steps over Guardian's trim waist and bends over. The hero lashes out with a fist, but the villain knocks it away. Bane grabs Guardian  around the neck, squeezing the Canadian stud's neck in his huge hands. The hero grabs Bane's wrists in desperation as breathing suddenly becomes hard.

In one amazing power move, Bane drags Guardian off the canvas and extends his arms in the air. The hero is lifted high off the mat, held up by his throat. In desperation, he swings his legs around the musclebeast's big body, trying to take pressure off his neck. The villain amazes with his power, unrelentingly holding the handsome Canadian stud for a shockingly long time.

Guardian's eyes roll back in his head as he finally taps Bane's thick forearm, submitting. The big man casually throws the hero down to the canvas. THUD! The lanky stud coughs and writhes on the mat. He just lost the second fall, meaning his ass is Bane's, but breathing is a higher priority right now.

Bane flexes over the loser, his muscles pumped to maximum size. The villain bends over and grabs Guardian by the hair. He says, "I warned you."

"Wha - URK!"

Bane locks on a one-handed chokehold, cutting off the hero's question. He powers the lean hunk to his feet. Guardian has no choice but to follow. The villain grabs the waistband of the hero's red and white trunks, using them and the chokehold to lift the handsome Canadian off his feet. Bane immediately chokeslams the defeated stud back to the mat, driving him down on his back. WHAM!

The villain rises the circles the destroyed stud, showing no signs that the match is over. Bane grabs hold of the hero's long legs and flips Guardian over. The big man stands looking at the hero's head. He folds the hero's boots up then locks them under his armpits. It's a Boston crab-type move, except Bane's facing the other way. The villain bends over and grabs the Canadian stud's waistband. The musclebeast yanks on the trunks, giving Guardian a taste of his own wedgie medicine.

Bane forces the trunks up Guardian's ass, but he doesn't stop there. With the hero folded the wrong way in the Boston crab variation, the villain stretches the trunks more and more. Guardian moans as his trunks are pulled to impossible lengths. They slide down in front, exposing his trimmed pubes, tugging against his manhood and up his crack. Bane keeps muscling the waistband higher and higher up the hero's back. Using his incredible power, Bane actually locks the trunks over the hero's forehead. Its a fucking atomic wedgie! Wow.

"Unh! No! Please!" The Canadian stud is crying out, begging for freedom.

With the humiliating atomic wedgie in place, Bane cranks on the Boston crab. Within seconds, Guardian is screaming out another submission. "GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Bane releases the hero's legs, letting them spring back to the mat. The trunks slip off his forehead. Guardian lies on his stomach, moaning, but unmoving. Bane strips the red and white trunks off his opponent. WHAP! He uses them to whip the Canadian stud's smooth white ass, getting the hero to yelp every time. The villain moves back, staring at the hero's quivering carcass.

Bane moves in again. He reaches around Guardian's waist and drags him up to his feet. The lean stud hangs limp in the muscleman's tight embrace. Bane's swelling cock pushes through the shredded black spandex of his former trunks as it presses against the hero's ass. He grinds his hips into the tight Canadian ass, dominating his victim, who can only groan in response.

Okay, it's time for stakes.

Or not.

Bane turns Guardian around then powers him into a bearhug. The big man's arms flex as he squeezes his destroyed opponent's body in close. The hero cries out in pain as he's tortured yet again. The lean torso is no match for Bane's massive arms.

"Beg for mercy!"

The Canadian stud moans as he's crushed, "Please! I'm sorry! Oh God!"

The massive musclebeast just laughs. He shakes Guardian like a ragdoll. "Submit!"

"Please! I give! Please! Oh God, uncle!"

"Who the fuck are you calling 'uncle'? Scream my name!"


The villain lets go of the bearhug. He watches calmly as his opponent drops into a heap on the canvas. Guardian is practically crying in pain as he rolls on the mat, trying to summon some strength. After being forced to give too many times, the hero has nothing left.

Unfortunately for the defeated wrestler, Bane still isn't done. With contempt, Bane kicks Guardian over onto his back. The musclebeast bends over. He slaps then grabs the 180-lbs lean stud. The villain powers the hero up across his chest. The big man looks at me as I zoom the camera in from the ring apron.

In his raspy voice, Bane says to camera, "Let this be a warning to every man in The Cave. Don't fuck with Bane."

With that said, Bane executes his deadly backbreaker! KRAKT! The big man drives Guardian down, slamming him across his leg. He bends the lanky body in half, savoring his dominance. Guardian begs again, muttering his submission over and over as he lies broken across the villain's leg. "give ... give ... please ... Bane ... no more ..."

After a minute, the big musclebeast pushes the hero off his leg. Guardian lands with a sickening thud, his body battered and bruised. Bane rises and plants his boot on the Canadian's aching back. He slowly counts to ten, but he could count to a thousand. The hero is going nowhere.

When he reaches ten, Bane flexes as he proclaims, "It's Bane time now!"

Bane Time

The villain stretches out while Guardian writhes on the mat, wearing only his red mask and white boots. The hero moves slowly, trying to ignore the pain of the last five minutes. The rapid fire submissions were tough, especially the backbreaker. When he finally is moving, Bane closes in. The villain puts his black leather boot under the hero's face.

"Kiss it."

Guardian hesitates for only a moment, but he quickly realizes that Bane is neither patient nor forgiving. The lanky stud lowers his head. He opens his mouth and polishes the boot, giving it a thorough tongue bath. When that's done, the villain commands the Canadian wrestler to his knees. Through the pain, the hero rises and kneels before his master.

Bane orders him, "Suck my dick."

Guardian crawls forward and grabs hold of the monster cock, which sticks out through the shredded black trunks. He goes down on it as Bane grabs his head, forcing him to deep throat the thick shaft. I hear the stud gagging as he's impaled by the musclebeast's manhood. "Yeah, take that cock, bitch. Choke on my dick." Bane lets up as the hero adjusts and begins to work, guided and controlled by his dominator.

Bane is verbal, telling the hero to suck his cock, to choke on it, spit on it, go faster, slower ... it's an endless berating as he keeps forcing his cock down the hero's throat. Finally, he allows Guardian to shift to his balls. Even though they took abuse during the match, the villain forces the kneeling stud to suck on his nuts. The hero keeps jerking Bane's big cock while he worships the bull balls hanging in front of him.

"Get up."

Guardian struggles to his feet, but he rises. The lean muscleman's broken body is still red and bruised, although his clock is as hard as a rock. Bane moves in, slamming his fist into the hero's gut. WHOMP! The handsome Canadian doubles over, only keeping his feet thanks to Bane grabbing his hair. The villain uses his grip on his victim's hair and smooth white ass to fling him into the corner. BANG! Guardian flies over the middle turnbuckle, his tattooed shoulder slamming into the ringpost.

Bane moves in behind as the hero slumps over the middle turnbuckle. He's slipped on a condom, ready for the next step in the stakes. The villain grabs tight hold of Guardian's hips and pulls him up and back, impaling him onto the hard villain cock. The hero groans as his tight hole is split by the big cock.

The villain aggressively pounds hero ass, as Guardian holds onto the ringpost and turnbuckle for support. His ass is ravaged by the musclebeast's mighty member, but the hero's hard dick shows he likes it rough. Bane fucks the lanky stud hard and long, riding him mercilessly. He remains verbal, ordering the Canadian stud to ride his cock, mocking his weakness and cursing at him.

When he gets close, Bane pulls out and throws Guardian to the canvas. He lands on his back, a destroyed heap of bare wrestler flesh. The villain towers over him, tears off the condom and pumps his cock. Cum sprays out, coating the hero's battered body, especially his tattooed pec. Streams of hot white seed cover Guardian's ink until the villain is drained.

The villain bends over and drags Guardian's limp, coated carcass up. The musclebeast locks on a front facelock, which becomes a sleeper. Seconds later, the hero hangs limp and unconscious in the killer grip, only his dick remains hard. Bane throws Guardian down like garbage, staring down at the unconscious hero.

Finished, Bane leaps out of the ring. From outside, he reaches back in and grabs Guardian by the boot. He drags the broken body to him, lifting the cum-stained carcass onto his shoulder. With the hero secure, ass up and dangling limply on Bane's broad shoulder, the villain begins his march down the aisle to the back.

Extra-Curricular Activities

With Guardian hanging naked and helpless over Bane's shoulder, I give the signal we're about to wrap once he exits the ring with his victim. This is always a great final shot - the villain carrying the defeated hero out for whatever else is to come. Each viewer can imagine their own outcome - the hero fucked, enslaved, released, escaped, etc.

I move in close, getting some final body shots before we shut everything down. Pete films the wide angle. As I move in, getting a great butt shot of Guardian's sweet ass sticking straight up in the air, Bane thrusts his arm out. URGH!

Ryan actually grabs me by the throat. I'm shocked. He doesn't squeeze hard, but I definitely notice it. The camera is aimed up his bulging arm, over this thick traps and at his masked face. Guardian's bare ass is clearly visible in the background. From the side, Pete zooms in as I film the first-person perspective of being choked by the monster of The Cave.

Bane commands in his deep, raspy voice, "Keep filming."

I nod and lift my hand, circling it as a signal that we keep rolling. Bane releases my neck and walks through the curtain, Pete and I following close behind. I run to get in front of him, surprised that we're going to the right and not the left, where the showers are. All that's to the right is the weight room. What is Ryan playing at?

Mac moans softly as he's carried like a sack of potatoes into the workout area. The big muscleman drops him down onto one of the weight benches. The lean musclestud brings his hand to his face, trying to recover from being put out, but he doesn't have any time. Bane is back and grabbing him.

SLAP! Bane smacks the smooth little hunk, waking him up. Guardian wakes with a start as Bane manhandles him to the squat rack, basically a large metal frame. I notice a roll of duct tape around the musclebeast's wrist and suddenly, I get a little worried. With Mac standing on his feet, Bane forces his arms up. He starts wrapping duct tape around Guardian's wrists, binding them to the metal frame. Once secured, the hero is hanging from the steel bar.

The lean muscle hero wakes up a little more and starts pulling, but the frame is built strong enough to support hundreds of pounds of weight. 300-lbs wrestlers do pull-ups on it. It's not going anywhere. The villain has wrapped the tape around his wrist and hand so much, there's no breaking it. While Guardian struggles to free his hands, Bane is spreading his opponent's feet, securing his ankles to the frame. The muscleman uses the entire roll wrapping around the Canadian's white leather boots.

With Guardian immobilized, trapped spreadeagle in the rack, Bane rises and circles. SMACK! The villain lashes out with a hard slap to the lanky stud's ass. Guardian struggles mightily, but it's no use. He's not going anywhere. Even though I can't see Bane's face, I can sense a smirk. Pete and I pan up and down Guardian's stretched out body as Bane admires his work.

A suddenly alert Mac begs, "C'mon man, let me go - URGH!" He strains mightily against the bonds, but the big man has used an entire roll and wound it around him too well.

Bane walks in close, grabbing the hero's hair and forcing his head back. I can still see some red around the Canadian stud's neck from the match. With his other hand, the villain starts slapping Guardian's meat then fondling his balls. The lanky hunk starts begging Bane to let him go, whimpering his requests as he start to fear the depth of this retribution.

The big man steps back then pounds a fist into Guardian's gut. The trapped wrestler coughs as his torso is punished. The villain pounds the gut until Guardian is merely hanging by his wrists. Satisfied, Bane circles behind then grabs another condom from his boot. With his cock sheathed, he fucks the hero from behind, pounding his meat into the lean stud's tight hole again.

Bane wraps his hands around Guardian's neck, choking him as he roughly fucks the bound wrestler. The Canadian's long cock extends as he's fucked mercilessly, the added element of the choking sending him over the edge. The hero's moans fill the gym, his rock hard cock bouncing with every thrust.

Suddenly, Guardian's moans turn to cries as he spontaneously shoots a load, streams of white cum shooting from his untouched cock. Pete was fixated on the long bouncing shaft, so he gets the entire eruption as it happens. Cum actually hits the camera, luckily missing the lens. Fuck, I wish this was 3D. After he's drained, Guardian goes limp again, but he's held tight by the tape and chokehold.

Bane keeps pounding, riding the ass. Finally, he withdraws and strips the condom, coating the helpless hero's back and ass with his seed. With his victim thoroughly defeated and marked, the villain does a final circle. He lashes out with a few slaps and fists, getting no response from the Canadian hunk.

The villain reaches up and grabs the corner of Guardian's red mask. Bane tears it off, leaving just the outline of the glue that held it on. He crushes the rubber mask in his hand then tosses it aside. The musclebeast forces the hero's face up, showing off Mac's handsome features.

Bane leaves Guardian's limp carcass hanging as he arrogantly flexes then walks off, exiting through the door. After Ryan leaves the weight room, Pete and I shut off the cameras. We pull of our masks and stare at each other in awe before moving in to help Mac.

I mutter, "Wow."

Pete nods, "Yeah."

One thing is for sure, Bane is back in The Cave. Back with a vengeance.

The End


  1. Another home run! hitting it out of the park! Loved the return of Bane, the Guardian and Cody! Loved the artwork you have there! I hope I am not alone in wanting to see more of the Guardian! You've got a full gallery of diverse characters worth revisiting!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I wish I could get back to all these guys, but I can't. I'll definitely add Guardian to the list of guys to bring back at some point.

  2. The Guardian's 3-2 record may be in serious jeopardy here. I like him, a lot, seeing him destroyed by Ryan/Bane just sensational! I wouldn't mind to see him square off against Mr. Riddle, Thunder, Camo, Jaguar...

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad Guardian has struck a nerve with you. I've added him to the upcoming rotation, although he'll be facing a new wrestler. Maybe he can return against some of those guys in the future.

  3. Late to the party as usual in commenting, but I just reread this and can only say holy f---. Don't mess with Bane, indeed. Did Guardian ever make a reappearance?

    And I love your use of the word carcass in your writing. ;-)

    1. It's never too late to comment! Guardian reappears against Mimik in The Cave Undercard 7.1 and SPOILER ALERT tomorrow at the side of his buddy.

      I'll make a note ... more carcass. ;)