Monday, May 18, 2015

The Cave 12: The Bat Meets Superboy

"Shit, I knew I recognized you." I hear this directed at me, so I turn to look.

It's Sunday and I'm in the shower stall after my morning workout. The guy who says he "recognizes" me is in the opposite stall, staring me down. It might be creepy, except that I'm in the private staff locker room at the gym where I work as a personal trainer. The guy is a new trainer, named Jae. We're all comfortable with ourselves, so even though my 6'/205-lbs body is naked and pumped, I don't think anything of it.

Jae is leaning on the shower curtain rod, also naked. This is the first time I've spoken with him, as he's brand new at the gym. Actually, he's brand new at everything. The kid is young, right out of college. Not that I'm old. I'm 28, but he's probably 20 or 21. I heard he played football and was a pretty good safety. He's a solid 5'11"/215-lbs of muscle, which is great, but way too small for the pros.

I am the top trainer here, with the largest client base and a great reputation for results. Not bragging, just fact. It's natural he might be a little excited to meet me. I casually respond, "Hey, dude."

Jae nods, "Yeah, I thought so, but now that I get a good look, it's definitely you."

"Yeah, I'm me all right. Name's Cody, by the way." I turn off the water, grab a towel then extend my hand across the aisle. He shakes it with crushing power. I try to respond, but he catches me off guard and it's too late. My hand folds in on itself as he squeezes and holds tight.

The young muscleman smirks, "I'm Jae." He finally lets my hand go.

"Okay. Well, nice to meet you, Jae." I open and close my hand out of sight under my towel, trying to bring the feeling back without acknowledging the pain. I turn back to dry off, when I hear his voice again.

I hear a whispered, "Bat."

Ah, I see. Jae recognizes me from my side gig as star of The Cave, a superhero-themed gay wrestling video company I co-own and operate with my best friend Ryan. I turn back to him as my interest in Jae changes immediately. At the gym, I keep it professional at all times, not thinking about the guys here as anything other than customers, co-workers and potential clients. But if Jae's a fan ... I toss my towel aside, standing naked, subtly flexing.

"So, you're a fan of The Cave?"

"Fuck yeah. Heroes, villains, wrestling, sex. Hottest shit ever."

I look the young stud up and down with a new eye. Big, tight muscles. Handsome face. Smooth skin. Hung like a horse. Confident. He's the total physical package. Only question left is whether he can wrestle or not.

I move towards him and push him into his shower stall. I grab his arms and squeeze. Jae doesn't hesitate to flex for me, showing me what he's got. We're a tight fit, but neither of us are complaining. I punch his pecs lightly as he tenses them. He looks down, admiring his own body as I feel him out. Cocky. I like it.

I ask, "You wrestle?"

"Hell yeah!"

"You want to try out? I own The Cave, you know." My hands work around his whole body.

Jae says with an uncomfortable laugh, "Thanks, man, but, like, no way. I'm not gonna do porn. Not that there's anything wrong with that. You're great at it."

I frown, "Too bad you only watch. I'd love to twist you in a few knots."

Jae laughs, "Like you could." I raise an eyebrow. He says with a devilish grin, "No offense. It's just that I'm not gonna lie down for you like the guys you hire for your videos. I guess you owning it explains how The Bat got such an amazing win-loss record."

I smirk, "Them's fighting words, kid. Wanna test that theory?"

The young buck muscles me back against the tile wall. I don't resist, letting him bring his face right up to mine, so I can feel him breathing on me. I enjoy the feeling of our pecs pressed together and I feel our cocks starting to battle. I flex my arms, letting him feel them as I did his.

Jae says, "Any time. Any place. Just not in front of cameras."

I offer, "How about this afternoon? Say 2. My place. I've got a nice mat area."

Jae asks, "Stakes?

"Loser gets fucked?"

The young muscleman shrugs, "Yeah, that goes without saying. But why not make it a little more fun."

I raise an eyebrow, "Like how?"

"You lose, you drop some of your knowledge on me and maybe a couple of clients. You know, help me build a roster like you got."

I think with my dick instead of my head, immediately agreeing, "Sure, I can help you out."


I think for a moment then ask, "But, what's in it for me?"

Jae backs up and turns, grabbing his perfect ass. He presses it up to my semi-hard cock. "The chance at this ass ain't enough? What more you want?"

I grab his fine butt and play with it. I tell him, "Kid, that is impressive, but I want a little more. Clients are worth thousands of dollars. Those are huge stakes. If you lose, you make me some cash. You wrestle for The Cave." Jae hesitates. I smirk, "We'll give you a mask and temporary tattoos and shit. It's still a risk, I'm not gonna lie to you, but I guess it all depends how confident you are. Or, let's just wrestle and fuck. Keep it simple. It's your call."

I walk out of the shower and move back into the stall opposite. I leave the curtain open as I start running the water. Even though I just showered, I squeeze some soap into my hands. Jae watches me lather up. I make sure I do it slowly and sensually. I rub soap on my pecs and abs then wash my balls and ass, turning to give him the best view.

When I'm rinsing off, Jae finally says, "Okay, deal. The whole thing. Sex plus clients or Cave."

Cody's Place

As I try to relax in my place, I feel like 2pm will never come. I’m super-eager for the stud to get it on with the guy. I run through the match, but it’s hard. I know less about Jae than my usual opponent, which isn’t smart, but is exciting.

The real estate downturn sucks, but it did make it possible for me to move into my own place last month. I've got a nice two-story box, commercial on the main floor, living upstairs. My plan is to run my personal training here. I've already got some equipment, frosted windows for client privacy and a rubber floor and big mats I can leave down permanently, making it perfect for wrestling on the side.

Jae shows up fifteen minutes late, which is standard with young cocky punks. I don't let it bother me. As long as he's ready for some fun, who cares? He locks the door behind him and drops his bag, admiring my setup. Jae looks as hot clothed as he did naked.

I've brought out my Bat and Pink Punk gear, along with some more basic attire. The musclestud starts stripping off his shirt.

I tell him, "So I've got a ton of gear. How you wanna do this?"

Jae smiles, "The Bat?"

I smirk, "Sure. Boots?" Jae nods. I ask, "What about you?"

"I don't have anything fancy. I brought a pair of briefs or bike shorts."

Jae doesn't seem to be thrilled with his lack of gear, so I tell him, "We can do better than that. You at least have to wear boots if I am. I've got tons of things you could try."

Jae smiles and comes over. He starts rummaging through my gear, settling on a pair quickly. When he moves back, I can't help but smile as he's selected my top choice for him - blue trunks with a nice big red and yellow 'S' on the front and red boots. I get to watch the stud strip and pull on the trunks. 'Super' is definitely a word I would use to describe the young muscleman. He makes a perfect Superboy, with his fresh face, cocky attitude and muscular body.

When he's ready, Jae asks, "How we doin' this? One fall? Two outta three?"

I shake my head, "Too fast on the mats. You up for something longer?"

Superboy smirks and strikes a cocky pose, pointing his fingers up and down his ripped torso. "What do you think?"

"Let's just wrestle until one of us can't go any more. Most falls at that point. If it's one, that's cool, but it'll probably be more."

"Awesome, but what's to stop a guy from ending it when he gets a lead?"

I move in close and put his hand on the front of my trunks, covering the red bat. I move my hand on the front of his trunks, covering the 'S' symbol. I look Jae in the eye and say, "Hero's honor. Good enough?" Jae nods and squeezes my bulge. I squeeze his back as he licks his lips. Before we get too hot and horny, I back off and announce, "Okay, 'Superboy', time to wrestle."

"Shit, I can't believe I get to take down the Bat. This is gonna be so much fun."

Cody and Jae Lock Up

Jae and I bend over, reaching out our hands and feeling each other out. After a few aborted attempts, we finally lock up, collar-and-elbow style. We start pressing against one another, pushing back and forth. I quickly realize this young buck is strong. I mean, really strong.

The musclestud is able to power me around and lock on a standing headlock. He flips me over and we tumble to the mat with him on top of me. I swing a leg up and wrap it around his head. I pull down and he's forced between my legs. Before I can close them, though, he springs out and dives on top of me. I roll up and grab behind his head, wrapping my left arm tight and planting my right hand under his armpit. I pull back, using his momentum to drive the top of his head down onto the mat. THUD! The big guy lets out a grunt as I bridge up and roll us over so I'm on top.

I keep Jae's head locked against my side, wrenching up on his neck. Our legs battle as he tries to use his to flip us over. I slide my right hand from his armpit up his left arm, pushing it behind his head. He resists, but I wrench up on his head to distract him. It works and I push his arm under his head. I let go of the headlock and grab his wrist with my left hand, pulling on his arm hard while pushing with my right hand on his elbow.

Jae's entire left side is stretched out as I apply the pressure to his shoulder. He tries to push me off with his right hand, but I brace. Meanwhile, down below, I've got his left leg pinned with my right knee digging into the hard flesh of his inner thigh. The hot muscleman is really grunting now. He keeps trying to push me off, but that's never going to work.

POW! POW! POW! With no other option, Jae starts in with some hard body punches into my side. I grit my teeth - the young buck's got power behind those fists. I quickly move my right arm, bringing it across his face, forcing it to the side and pressing down on his cheekbone. The punches stop as I dig my arm against his handsome mug. Nothing distracts a guy like when his face is crushed. I switch my grip to hold his left arm with my right hand then use my free hand to force his right down beside his body.

Jae squirms under me, finally getting some movement. Instead of fighting and risking getting in a bad spot, I release and roll off. I sit on my knees as Jae moves to his. We're both breathing hard, already winded from the fast, hard action.

Superboy's got a big smile on his face. He says, "Nice moves, but I wasn't even close to submitting."

"That's cool. I wasn't even close to trying to get you to submit."

Jae smirks and nods. We rise to our feet, bend over and move in again. This time, the musclestud dives low, going for my leg. I'm ready, but he still manages to bull through me like the football star he was. Superboy grabs me around the waist, lifts and topples me onto my back, driving down hard. I'm actually winded for a second. Jae's strong as an ox. He pins my arms down while he forces his legs around mine. Before I know it, I'm in a grapevine. ARGH!

I push up on my arms while twisting, pulling free of the pin. Jae's quick. He locks my right arm up, bending it up and back beside my head. He pushes hard. I cry out as he muscles my arm into a painful arm lock while still stretching out my groin in the grapevine. I slug his side, but it's solid. I aim for his armpit, but he explodes up with a sudden fury. My legs are split and my arm collapsed causing me to immediately submit.

My punch becomes a tap out, as I say, "GIVE."

Jae releases my arm and closes his legs, but he stays on top of me. He grinds his pouch over mine, the Superboy 'S' symbolically crushing the Bat. The smirk on his face would be adorable if we weren't in the middle of a match after I just lost the first fall. The young stud leans in and kisses me passionately. I can't help but respond, my cock powering up as I lie under him submissively.

Jae lifts his head, "God, I love a hot jobber."

"Don't get too cocky, dude. It's one fall."

"I don't know, you seem pretty int -"

"One fall."

Jae nods and rolls off me, letting me work out my right arm. Our trunks are bulging as we stare each other down. Maybe losing to this musclebeast wouldn't be so bad. Damn, I need to stop thinking like that.

Second Fall

Superboy stretches out as I climb to my feet. We move back in, quickly locking up. We start to develop a sweat as we struggle and strain against each other. I push up then dive down, landing on my knees. I grab Jae's leg and flip him over my shoulders onto his back. THUD! The young buck instinctively sits up, giving me the chance to come in behind with a full nelson. ARGH!

I push his arms up and his chin down into his heaving chest. His thick shoulders flex against me, but I've locked my fingers tightly. Jae pushes back on his boots, driving me onto my back with him landing on top of me hard. The impact stuns me enough for him to power free, but I wrap my legs around his waist, cinching on a scissors hold. The musclestud struggles, but I grab his left arm, keeping him trapped.

UNH! Superboy fights me, trying to get free, but his right arm can't budge my legs. He bridges, but it doesn't help. I stretch out, amping up the pressure. Jae manages to twist me into a side body scissors, but I keep up the pressure. He pounds his fist into my leg, but with them flexed, the blows just bounce off. I sit forward, keeping his left arm pinned under me. I pound on his left pec. POW! Another couple and the musclehunk is wincing with pain.

Jae manages to free his left arm, sliding it out from under me with a quick jerk. He pushes up and twists, managing to spread my legs enough to turn so he's facing me. Superboy drives down with a hard forearm across my pecs. WHOMP! OOF! He breaks out of my scissors and dives on top of me.

For the next few minutes, our muscles strain as we roll around, fighting for control. Armbars, headlocks, scissors, leg holds ... you name it, we're trying it. Nothing sticks. As we get sweatier and sweatier, it makes it harder to keep a tight grip. Finally I kick him off me and roll to the edge of the mat. I sit up, breathing hard, my body red and wet.

Superboy springs up and I meet him in the middle. We move in for a lock, but Jae ducks under my arms. He comes in behind me and grabs me around the waist. The hot musclehunk locks his arms and pulls me back against his body. I grunt as he applies a hard reverse bearhug. I feel his hard cock digging against my ass and, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm distracted by it.

Jae powers me up, off my feet then drives down forward to the mat. I land hard on my hands and knees, but his weight smashes my chest and stomach flat on the mat. I struggle under him, but he manages to muscle me down on my stomach while mounting me.

Before I can react, he's grabbing me around the throat and rolling us back. My body slides between his legs and he locks on a tight body scissors. I can withstand it, but he has also maneuvered me into a rear naked choke. I feel his thick arms tightening around my head.

"Give it up!" Jae extends his legs, crushing them into my sides as he closes the choke. My eyes roll back in my head before he lets up.

Damn, I'm helpless as I lie on top of him. He gives me one more warning and I know he's serious. He could definitely put me out right now.

I tap his thick forearm, "Okay, okay! You got me!"

The musclestud pushes me off him with authority. I roll over a couple of times, settling on my back. Damn, he's strong and I'm not using my experience advantage. I have to think about about this, but the young musclebuck has other ideas.

Superboy hops up and steps over me. Jae looks down and orders forcefully, "Get up!"

Third Fall

Jae stands over me, looking amazing from this angle. Hell, he looks amazing from any angle, this is just one of them. I pan up his thick legs, big bulge, smooth abs and heaving pecs to see an intense look on his face. I don't respond to his command as sweat drips down onto me from his forehead.

"C'mon! Let's go again!" Jae is obviously feeling pretty dominant, having won the first two falls. I decide to play along.

I ask, "No break?"

"No break."

"You want to go now."

Jae gets frustrated with me, "Yeah, c'mon. Quit stalling!"

I am stalling, but for a good reason. While Jae has been towering over me, I've been shifting. Only small and subtle moves, but enough for my purposes. My arms are wrapped around his ankles, his boots wedged in my armpits. I've lifted my knees behind him. Jae sees, but doesn't know what I'm up to and therefore doesn't react.

I finally say, "Okay, next fall starts now."

"About time. Get up and - WHOA!"

With his boots trapped, I reach up and grab his wrists, immediately pulling him back down. He falls back, unable to stop himself. He topples backwards, slamming onto my raised knees with his back. WHACK! With the muscleman stunned, I pull on his arms, stretching them up towards his boots. Jae's head and chest hang down over the front of my boots, his boots trapped under my arms and his bulge thrust in the air. The big guy moans as his back is stretched out painfully. He tries to force his way out, but it's impossible.

Jae struggles and suffers, unwilling to accept his defeat. I let him hang there, easing up on his arms. I could get the submission, but I want to wear the kid down. There's an old story about how if you put a frog in some hot water, he'll jump out, but if you put him in cold water and slowly raise the heat, he'll just sit there and cook. Same principle here. Jae's back is aching, but if I let up a little, he'll keep hanging there, holding out against the pain.

I feel the fight going out as I keep him securely positioned. The pain keeps building and his moans get shorter and higher pitched. He has stopped squirming, so I up the pressure again, dialing up the pain to submission levels. As I lie under Jae, I order him to give.

"Give it up, kid! You're trapped!"

"N-no!" I let him suffer for another few seconds then yank on his arms. I ask again. This time, he sees the light, "Okay, I give!"

I let go and toss him off me. Jae lies face down, moaning. The move has a lingering effect, so he's not going anywhere, just trying to recover. I crawl up next to him.

Jae mutters, "Fuck. I can't believe it. You won that fall in, like, a minute."

I massage his back, "I actually won it in the first three seconds. The rest of the time was you being stubborn. Want a break this time?"

Jae says, "Uh huh ..."

I pat his butt, "Cool. Let me know when you're ready, kid."

Fourth Fall

Superboy's a little less cocky this time as he stretches out his back. "You're tricky, but that won't work again." We climb to our feet and Jae closes in. We bump chests, pressing our pecs against one another. He smiles, "You know, that wasn't real heroic."

I smirk, pressing into him harder, "Haven't you read the comics? Batman's only recourse is to outsmart Superman ... or in your case, Superboy."

"Yeah? We'll see who's the real boy when I'm fucking your ass, Bat."

Before I can respond, Jae whips his arms around my waist, hauling me up into a killer bearhug. He squeezes me tightly, crushing my midsection. Fuck, he's still so strong, even after losing the last fall. He digs his hands into my back, really upping the pressure. I moan, but I don't even think about giving. Our bulges expand into each other, smashing tightly in our suddenly too small trunks.

My back aches and it's hard to breathe as I push his body, trying to break free. So far, things have been fun and flirty, so I resist the urge to get free in a more violent manner. However, if this keeps up, I may need to change that strategy. Suddenly, I get an idea. I lean forward and kiss him. Deeply. With tongue. He responds and I feel the bearhug loosen.

I break the kiss to push out, but Jae pulls me back in tightly. "Nice try, Batboy, but I'm not falling for it." Superboy squeezes even tighter as I moan helplessly. He adds, "You're a good kisser, though."

Jae has incredible endurance, keeping the pressure high for a long time, but we all have   limits. I won't give to the bearhug, so the younger musclestud hoists me up to drop me. My feet leave the mat, but I'm ready. I throw my arm around his head and pull down on his head. I drag Jae down, using my weight and strength to flip him over my hip. He somersaults onto his back with me on top, still clutching the headlock. The musclestud's dazed from the flip, giving me a couple of seconds to really tighten the hold.

I lock his right arm between my legs, leaving him only two options. He squirms under me, trying to roll us and he punches my back, trying to force me off him. I withstand both and crank the headlock. His forehead is a deep red as he grunts. I feel his face pressed into my side, his arm struggling between my legs. Fuck, I love wrestling.

I know this isn't going to get me a submission, but I'm hoping it keeps him off balance and slows him down a bit. Having your head crushed in a vice for a few minutes can do that. Before Superboy can power out, I let go, rolling to my left. Jae falls back to the mat, regrouping, but I'm not allowing that. Instead, I rise up then come down with my forearms on his abs. OOF!

Jae cries out as I start in with some rough gut bashing. The forearms were the start, but I really lay in with some fists and slaps. Jae grunts, blurting out, "OH SHIT!" and "FUCK!" multiple times. The young buck tries to roll away, so I grab his right wrist and left ankle. I sit back and stretch him out in a bow and arrow. My boots are wedged into his side and I'm really working him. Superboy is really grunting now, trying to pull free. That's the wrong strategy, but I'm not telling him that.

I keep the hold going as the musclestud's resistance weakens. My hands are strong and my grip is tight. Suddenly, Jae pushes back into me with his free leg and arm. He rolls over my boots and yanks his wrist and ankle free. Superboy gets on top of me, lying across me, but he's slow. I rise up and grab behind his head. I pull down and roll, flipping him over.

As Jae rolls over me, I grab his leg with mine, rolling him into a ball, shoulders pinned. It's easy to power him into a pin and spladle move that has pressure on his neck and groin. I wedge his free leg behind my neck and he's doomed. Superboy cries out, but refuses to submit. Once again, he's tough and stubborn as I keep him tied up. I admire his bulge as it hangs over his face. Jae tries to kick free, but I hold him tight. He tries to roll, squirm and power out of the spladle, but it's no use.

"Okay, I give. You got me!"

I release the hold and roll off his face. He lies on his back for a moment then rolls to a sitting position. He rubs his neck and groin simultaneously. "Damn, you got me again."

"Yeah. Now we're tied. You okay to keep going?"

"Fuck yeah. Of course."

"Cool. Let me know whenever you're ready."

Fifth Fall

Jae tells me he's ready, so I move towards him on the mat. He has a devilish smile on his face, so I know he's planning something. Suddenly, he charges me. My eyes go wide, but before I can move or dodge, he wraps me up. Time slows down as I realize what's happening. Oh yeah, he was a star football player. Defense. Tackled running backs and quarterbacks and tight ends all day everyday. I guess I should've expected something like this.

My mighty Superboy tackles me to the mat. Hard. BOOM! AHH! I slam down hard on my back, wishing I had just another layer of padding under me. The musclestud crashes down on top of me, crushing me. I'm unable to move, just moan as I lie there, helplessly. My arms are stretched out over my head, my legs limp. Damn.

Jae straddles my waist, looking down with pride on his face as I lie under him. I feel him lean forward. The young punk pins my right arm down with one hand as he stretches out. His bulge presses into my face as I hear some clanging. I breathe in his man scent as I start to recover. We're at the edge of the mat, near my dumbbell rack. What's he up to?

I feel the cold rough metal of a dumbbell grip on my right wrist. Oh crap. Jae holds my left arm and I feel cold rough metal again. The musclestud has pinned my arms, using the 100-lbs dumbbells I bought for bodybuilder clients. Before I can react, he adds the 95-lbs dumbbells onto the crease in my elbow then piles on the 90-pounders onto my forearms. I can't really see which ones he's chosen, but I'm sure I've guessed right. I'm sure I have close to 300-lbs spread up and down each arm.

Superboy slowly slides back down my body. He lightly slaps my masked face. "Wanna give me this fall?" In response, I struggle to slide my arms out from under the dumbbells, but my forearms are too thick and the weight is too much in the position. Jae smiles wickedly, "Wrong choice."

"You know, I'm not sure this is wrestling ..."

Mocking my earlier comment, Superboy says, "Haven't you read the comics? Batman always gets stretched out into traps. I'm sure you'll figure a way out."

Even though I know I'm in for some rough abuse, I can't help but smile. I go back to struggling as Jae slides down and sits on my thighs, pinning my legs down. He caresses my abs then my bulge. I can see his bulge growing even bigger as he enjoys the view of my helpless, stretched out torso. He idly rubs the red on his own abs from my earlier abuse then starts with the payback. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Fists rain down on my abs. I try to tighten them, but dude's strong.

I keep refusing to give, which is probably not smart. Still, it's hot, what can I say? He digs in with a two-handed claw and I thrash wildly under him. My cock is stretching out my trunks as my abs get torn apart. Superboy pulls one hand from my midsection then slaps my cock lightly, unable to ignore the fact that I'm getting off on this. It distracts him from the main punishment, giving me a breather.

Jae pulls down the front of my trunks, wedges them under my balls then pumps my cock slowly, with a hard grip. I moan and writhe as he works me. Fuck, I don't wanna cum. Well, I do, but I don't. I need to save up for later ... oh god. He spits on my dick then starts twisting his hand. Oh fuck. When he leans down and engulfs the head in his mouth, I almost lose it.

On the positive side, all my moving and struggling has shifted the dumbbells enough to free my arms. Superboy is fascinated by my huge dick - I'm not being immodest when I say it is impressive, especially when hard - so he's completely surprised when I rear up and push down on his head. I force my cock down his throat as deep as I can. He gags as my cock chokes him. I let go, so he sits up, coughing.

I slam my forearm across his amazing pecs. WHAM! He topples backwards off my legs, rolling onto his side. My shaft is hard as steel, so I don't even waste time trying to fix my trunks. They're spandex, but they're not that stretchy. I dive forward, in front of Superboy's face. I immediately wrap my legs around his head in a tight scissors. Just as he gets his breath back, I extend and crush.

Jae moans in my tight scissors. He claws at my legs, trying to slide free. When that doesn't work, he tries punches. I resist those, so he tries rolling into a better position, but I've got him locked down tightly. I see the top of his head turning bright red. The young musclestud starts moaning louder, mixing in some colorful curses.

"Gonna give?" I ask him, hoping he surrenders.

"NO!" Jae remains defiant. And desperate. Desperation has him reach over my legs. I see his hand heading for my dick, but I can't stop him in time.

ARGH! I cry out as he clutches my cock, pulling and squeezing it. I lose the scissors enough for him to slide out. He rises to his knees, but doesn't let go of my hard-on as he kneels between my legs. My right leg is pointing up, resting against his torso, his arm under it, holding it tight.

Superboy keeps working and crushing my dick. The musclestud laughs, telling me to give, but I refuse. Damn, the cock torture is almost too much. As I get closer to either submission or emission, I bring my left leg up fast then give him a few sudden, short kicks. Thanks to the kicks, spit and pre-cum, his hand is loose on my cock, so I push back hard.

Jae tumbles onto his back. We're both sweaty and breathing hard as I dive on top of him. We end up in another series of moves until I manage to slide onto his back. I wrap his right arm in my legs then grab under his chin. Locked in the crossface, the muscular young buck fights. I amp the pressure on the crossface, yanking back on his neck and he starts tapping the mat.


I let go and roll back. I finally get a chance to tuck my cock and balls into my trunks and collapse on the mat. Neither of us move, both tired. I'm up by one fall now, so I ask Jae if he wants to quit.

"No way."


The break goes for awhile this time as we both need the time.

Jae breaks the silence. He admits, "I shoulda gone for the submission after I tackled you."

I confirm for him, "Yeah, you should have."

"Fuck." After another minute, Jae says, "All right, let's go."

Sixth Fall

We hop to our feet, both red and tired. I feel like if I win this, it'll be over, but I know Jae will be desperate. He doesn't disappoint, going for another fast tackle. Superboy dives low, wrapping his arms around my waist. I'm ready, though. I grab him around the shoulders and fall back with the tackle. As we fall, I turn us and we land on Jae's back, my weight crushing him this time. OOF!

I fire in a couple of hard body shots to keep him off-balance. Jae grunts and instinctively moves to protect his body. I slide back and split his legs wide in a grapevine as I wrestle his right arm into a tight armlock. I force my forearm across his face as I bend his arm and spread his legs. Superboy is grunting under me as I go for the fast submission. I should know better. This musclepunk is stubborn.

Jae slugs my side, but I don't let it faze me. Instead, I release the grapevine and jump my legs forward. I use my armlock to drag Superboy forward as I roll onto my back. I cross my legs around his head and arm, locking him in tight. Jae can only stare down at my bulge as I cinch the hold, crushing him. He moans helplessly as he struggles to muscle free.

I amp up the pressure hard and fast, giving him no choice but to submit. "GIVE!"

I release him and let him roll to the side. He grabs his arm and shoulder, swearing.

"You done? I'm up two."

"Don't care. Let's keep going."

Seventh Fall

A frustrated Jae doesn't even wait for me to get ready. He charges forward, diving on top of me. He wraps his arms around my head and squeezes hard. I slide my arm up against his face, pushing his head to the side. I thrust my other hand under his armpit. I grab the side of his pec and squeeze hard. Jae moans and his headlock gets weaker long enough for me to slip out and push him off me.

Superboy falls on his stomach. I dive on top and mount him. I grab under his arms and pull up, lifting his arms over my knees. I grab under his chin and lean back, pulling him up in a tight camel clutch. The pressure is on his back, shoulders and neck as I crank back. He grunts loud as I punish him. I keep leaning farther and farther back, stretching out his magnificent muscles until he's staring at the ceiling.

"Oh ... fuck ..." Jae mutters as I hold him. He won't submit, even though he must be in tremendous pain. I don't let up. He's tough and young, but I know I've got him. I enjoy punishing him for another few seconds then I lean back another inch. That's all it takes and Jae's done again. He can't tap, so he has to admit defeat verbally. "GIVE!"

I release him.

"Had enough?"

"... no ..."

Eighth Fall

Superboy doesn't bother with any tackle or quick move to catch me off guard this time. I think the boy's learned. We lock up in a traditional collar-and-elbow. I power Jae back. He really is exhausted. As I move him back, I trip him back, toppling him to the mat with me on top. WHAM! He practically collapses on the mat.

I immediately force the musclestud onto his stomach, mounting his back again. He moves to throw me off, but he's too tired. I reach back and grab his right ankle. I pull it up, immobilizing him as I wedge it under my armpit. Jae can't use his legs, so he's stuck. As he's frozen, trying to figure out a plan, I grab his right wrist. I yank Jae's right arm up until his wrist touches his left shoulder blade.

UNH! Jae squirms under me, trying to coordinate his left arm and leg to push us over, but it's no use. I lean into the chicken wing, which elevates his leg and pulls on his hamstring.

"C'mon, super-stud! Give it up!"

"No ..."

Jae won't give, so I release his leg. I lie on top of him, using my weight to hold his arm tightly between our bodies. Superboy moans and pushes off. That's perfect for me. We roll onto my back, his arm still trapped. I lock on a rear naked choke, just as he did with me. I tighten the hold then loosen it slightly.

"Give or it's lights out!"

"No ... please!"

I squeeze a little firmer and Jae has to admit defeat. He taps my forearm three times and I roll him off me onto the mat. He lies in a pile of sweat, clutching his right shoulder. I let him have a minute, waiting him out.

I grab a couple of Gatorades, stretching out and toweling down. I'm up four falls, having won six in a row. I've won. The only question is how young and stubborn is he?

The Thrill of Victory

For the next five minutes, I watch silently as the young bull works out his shoulder. I can tell Jae is pissed at himself. He's trying to will himself up. The guy is a musclestud, but he's not going to come back from four falls down and he knows it.

Jae admits, "Okay. Okay. You win."

"Yeah, I do. So, why aren't you over here sucking my cock?"

Jae manages a smile. I roll him a Gatorade and he chugs it down. When he's done, the young buck slowly crawls to me. He strips out of his trunks then reaches for mine. Superboy slides my trunks down slowly, getting another good look at the cock that probably cost him the match. If he hadn't decided to suck me off, he might have won the fifth fall. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

I spread my legs, giving him easy access to my meat. I'll say this for him - even though he lost pretty convincingly, he's being a good sport about it now that it's all said and done. His dick is hard as he goes down on mine.

The musclehunk spits on my dick then opens wide. He starts sliding his mouth up and down my cock, getting deeper each time. I hear him gag as he gets past halfway, feeling his throat closing on my head. Oh fuck, he's good. The man has sucked a few cocks in his time. I'm propped up on my elbows, watching Jae's head bob up and down, twist and turn as he brings his hand to my shaft and works the base that he can't reach with his mouth. My head falls back and I collapse off my elbows, losing myself in the blowjob.

I let Jae work awhile before I order him off. I make him bring his dick to me. I take the opportunity to engulf it, savoring the taste of his thick sweaty cock. I let him relax as I go to work, pleasuring my opponent. I don't have to do this, but he's hot, I love cock and who knows if he'll want to do this again after the beating I just gave him.

When I've gotten a good taste of his dick, I move forward and kiss him. I make sure he's cool, "Ass time. Okay?"

"Yeah, a deal's a deal," Jae gulps, so I confirm again and he asks me to fuck him.

I fold Jae's legs up, pushing his knees apart and down until they're almost touching the floor on either side of his head. It's a great pin, but that's obviously not my goal. I lean down and lick his hole. The young bull groans as my tongue rims his ass, moistening his flesh as I work him with my mouth. Jae moans, begging me not to stop.

After a minute, the tough stud can't help but fall into domination mode, though. He forgets who won and says, "Oh yeah, eat me out! Yeah, lick my hole. Lick it, bitch!"

I stop and rise up, looking down at Jae. I ask, "Bitch?"

"Oh shit ... I ..."

I taunt him, "We'll see who the bitch is!"

I release his legs then slide up his body. I slap his face with my dick. He extends his tongue, eagerly accepting the playful abuse. I order him to get me hard, which takes all of two seconds once he engulfs my head again and puts his hand back on my shaft. I said he was awesome, didn't I? The stud works me right, getting me primed for the main event. I reach for a condom, sheathing my steel rod and sliding back to get into position.

"You been fucked much, kid?"

Jae gulps again then says with youthful bravado, "Yeah,  of course." One raised eyebrow from me and he admits, "Not too often ... and never by anything close to the size your cock."

"I'll take it easy. You tell me if it's too much, okay?"

Jae nods, but licks his lips in anticipation. I work his hole with my fingers. It's still wet from my tongue bath, but I coat it with a ton of lube. I see him bite his lip as I force my head in, but he holds it together. OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD! He moans as I split his ass. I tell him to relax and slowly work my way in. Easier said than done as he struggles.

Superboy's moaning and grunting loudly, so I pull out. He begs me not to stop, but I assure him, his ass is mine. I grab my trunks and shove my sweaty spandex in his mouth. The musclehunk bites down on them as I penetrate his ass again. The black briefs do their job, giving him something to focus on and muffling his moans. His hole is so warm and tight, it's perfect. I'm impressed as he manages to take my cock like a champ.

I start pumping slowly and Jae starts to moan with pleasure through the spandex gag. He's loud, crying out in pain and pleasure as I fuck him. I'm glad I don't have neighbors. It's not long before I've got a good rhythm and he seems to be enjoying every second of it. He lets the black trunks fall from his mouth, crying out "OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" I keep pounding, splitting him in two. His cock is rock hard and leaking as I ride him.

After a few minutes, I tell him to switch positions. He gets to hands and knees and I come in behind him. I slap his beautiful ass, admiring those amazing cheeks. My cock slides in easily this time, letting me get right back to work. I grab his hips tightly, using them to pull him back as I thrust forward.

My cock pounds into Jae from behind. With a stud this hard-bodied and accepting, I realize I don't need to be too gentle any more. He's handling it really well. I'm thrusting like a jackhammer, fast, hard and relentless. Jae keeps moaning and begging for more. He reaches up him and starts jerking his cock, telling me how great my cock feels inside him.

It doesn't take Superboy long before his body starts shaking and he's shooting all over my mat. When Jae finishes, he drops his head, waiting for me to finish. I pull out and grab his ankles. I notice the long streams of cum under him as I flip him over, planting his back on the sticky white puddle.

I tear off the condom and with just a few jerks, unload my own streaks of hot white seed up and down his amazing torso. I manage to reach his face as I explode, lining his neck, pecs and abs with my cum. When I finish shooting, the young musclestud scoops my seed off his body and licks it off his hand. I crawl forward and kiss Jae, tasting my juice on his tongue.

We embrace, enjoying the feeling of our muscles together, finally at rest.

The Agony of Defeat

I'm toweling down after the fuck, basking in the after glow of hot sex. Jae is sitting, knees up, arms draped across them. His head hangs on his forearms. The handsome young stud looks like the picture of defeat. I get worried so I move in behind him. Maybe I fucked him too hard. I sit down, sliding in close, my legs spread on either side of him. I reach up and massage his shoulders.

Jae moans as I rub him down. I grab him around the waist and pull him close to me. I kiss his neck then whisper, "You okay?"

The young stud simply says, "Yeah, fine. I pay my debts. Always. I agreed to the stakes. I just gotta pay up." I hear the words, but I also hear the fear and despair in his voice.

I tense up, "Sorry, what? I didn't make you do something you didn't want to, did I? I thought you were -"

"Not those stakes. Those were great. You're the hottest guy I've ever been with. And your cock ... fuck, it's even bigger and better in person. I loved you being inside me."

"Then what?"

"The Cave. I'm scared ... sorry. I'm just imagining my mom seeing her son having sex on camera. Don't worry, I don't welch on bets. I'll get over it. It's just that it hit me all of a sudden."

"Oh that? You don't have to wrestle for The Cave."

"I don't?"

"Dude, of course not. I'm not going to make you do anything you don't feel good doing. Ever. Guys who wrestle for us do it because they want to. Wrestle, no wrestle. Sex, no sex, it's always their call and their choice. This is just fun for me. Forget about it, stud."

I go back to kissing him, showing him there's no hard feelings. He sinks into me, suddenly very relaxed. Jae says, "You do have matches with no sex, don't you?"


"Maybe ..." I cut him off by leaning him back and smothering his mouth with a deep hard kiss.

After the long, passionate kiss, I finally pull off his mouth and look him in the eye, "Jae, seriously. Forget about it. Let's just focus on tonight."

"I'm so sorry ... I'll make it up to y-mmm mrph ..." I smother his mouth again, frenching him really deep.

I lie him on the mat and stretch out on top of him. Jae smiles as we kiss. He rolls me over, suddenly filled with a second wind. We start wrestling again, enjoying it even more without the pressure of the stakes. I fuck him and let him fuck me. We keep going past midnight. When we finally shower, change and head out into the night, I tell him, "By the way, be at the gym at 8, in uniform."

"Why? I've got no appointments."

"Yeah, you do. You're gonna work with me. I'm going to show you how to get and keep clients."


"Seriously." We kiss deeply then I walk Jae to his car. He grabs a bag and shows me his gym trainer uniform inside, clean and neatly folded.

"I keep a spare handy, just in case. Maybe I could stay here? You know, to make sure I'm on time."

I smile and drag him back inside, thrilled to have him for another few hours, even if it's just sleeping beside his hot muscle body.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    This was a great introduction to Jae and of course to his and Cody's long term relationship. That first picture of Cody sets up this story perfectly! Dang hotness!

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