Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Cave Undercard 3: Night and Day vs. Ice Storm

"NO! Fuck no! What the fuck is that?"

The hairy muscleman rolls into the ring and roughly pushes the smooth, younger musclestud off me. He grabs my arm and locks on a stiff armbar. He says, "THIS is how you do it!"

I feel the pressure rise on my shoulder and elbow. I warn, "Okay, Night. I'm sure Day gets it. Let up now." The hairy muscleman eases up on the armbar, but keeps hold of my arm.

Night says, "See the difference?"

Night – 5’10”/200-lbs
The smooth musclestud rolls his eyes. Day says, "I know how to apply a fuckin' armbar. But this is just practice, man. I'm not gonna try to wreck Ryan's arm in fuckin' practice. This is why no one else wants to spar with us any more."

Day – 6’2”/210-lbs
Night lets my arm go and rises up. He points at Day, his longtime tag team partner, "Ryan's a big guy. He can take it." He's right, I am a big guy, 6'4" and 250-lbs. "If you can't do it here, how the hell are you gonna do it in a match when shit's movin' fast? You don't gotta put full force behind it, but you gotta do it right."

Ryan (me) – 6’4”/250-lbs
Day looks at me, "Ryan, what do you think? You spar with us more than anyone. Do I know how to apply a fuckin' armbar?"

I roll to my feet, move between them and grab their shoulders. I finally reply, "I always love sparring with the two of you. You're both great. I'm going to grab some water."

Day says, "You didn't answer the question."

I smile, "I know." I quickly make my exit, leaving them to their debate. I do love those guys, but getting in the middle of one of their training sessions isn't fun these days. Night's always been a dominant taskmaster, which was fine when Day was an inexperienced, skinny kid. But now, the smooth musclestud has transformed into a strong-willed wrestler in his own right.

Night and Day is the only full-time tag team in The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company that I co-own with my kind of best friend Cody. I mean, he was my best friend, we had a falling out, but he's quickly working his way back to best friend status. Anyway, Night and Day are great guys to have had along for the ride; loyal, committed and I know both of them have refused lots of other offers from other sites that pay a lot more money. The Cave has grown a lot in the past six years and they've grown right along with us.

I still remember how shocked we were when Night reached out to us six years ago. We were still just starting out. And I do mean just starting out. Cody and I were just 22 and just experimenting. Up to then, almost all our videos starred Cody in his alter ego as The Bat. He'd find the guys then charm them into going on camera. We'd just released our first ring match, moving up from apartment wrestling, when we got an email from Night.

We had no idea what to do with a tag team, but they were too hot to refuse. Night was a 29-year-old burgeoning musclebear and Day was a lean, lanky, fresh-faced 19-year old. I remember we sold a whopping 12 DVDs of their first match for $20 each. It took us years to break even on their early stuff, but Cody and I figured we could eventually use them in singles. Night would make a great Wolverine analog. And at the time, Day would've been a great sidekick, like a Robin. Now, of course, he's no sidekick. Day is a full-on muscleman.

I tried everything to get them to go solo, even part of the time, but Night's a stubborn guy. He likes tag team and Day goes along with whatever Night says. The economics of tag still never really works out great for us, since we pay four wrestlers and don't sell twice as many. But they've been loyal, so we're loyal right back.

Night is still a handsome, hairy musclehunk. At 35, he's matured beautifully, hotter now than he was then. He's the rough, tough anchor of the team. You do not want to brawl with him. The guy is 5'10" and 200-lbs of pure power. Hard as nails and a really skilled grappler. He wears basic black gear with their sun/moon logo on the front of his trunks and a temporary moon tattoo on his shoulder.

Like I said, Day, on the other hand, is nothing like he was when he came here. He's 25 now and he's evolved from a cute, skinny novice to a chiseled musclestud in his own right. He's 6'2" and up to 210-lbs of gym-built muscle. The stud's smooth, tanned olive skin is flawless, just like his physique, and looks amazing in his white gear. Like Night, it's basic, with simple logos and a temporary sun tattoo on his chest.

Night and Day in their Cave gear
Even though they're undefeated, it's not like Night and Day dominate every second of every match. Night is the team's leader, but Day is the fan favorite. He's the guy who always seems to get isolated and abused. When he was smaller, opponents would love to target him and that seems to have stuck. He can take a lot and is really tough to submit or pin. Now that I think about it, I think Night might've actually lost more falls than Day over the years.

Oh well, what matters is that they never lose two falls in the same match. It's an impressive record.

Night and Day join me for a break, having settled their debate. They ask me about their next opponents and I smile, "I think you two will enjoy this next challenge."

The Opponents

A week later, we're back in the arena, but this time it's not for practice, but a real match. Night and Day are already in the ring, after their usual introduction. We captured a lot of flexing from Day and scowling from Night. Now it's time for their opponents, Ice Storm.

I'm running the logistics, as well as one of the cameras. My business partner Cody is operating the other one. Usually my friend Pete is on camera duty, but today, he's going to be in action in the ring as Ice. Pete is what makes this interesting. He's unique in The Cave, which is mostly smaller muscle guys playing hero and villain. Pete/Ice is not our typical guy.

Ice comes through the curtain first. Pete is 29 years old, 6'2" and over 300-lbs. He's huge and solid from head to toe, a true beast. Cody derisively calls him Iceberg, because he's massive, white and slow. He's not slow; Cody just doesn't like Pete. Pete knows how to wrestle and how to use his bulk to the best advantage. As Ice, he's wearing blue trunks and a matching full-face mask. Both have a white snowflake on the front, looking cute and belying the savagery of the many earring them. He wears white pads and boots, looking hero-ish, but he's pure heel/villain.

Ice – 6’2”/300-lbs+
Storm is aptly named. He's more our typical guy, ripped and smaller, but no less dangerous. He moves fast and attacks relentlessly when he has you down. Like a storm, thus the name. At 21 years old, 5'8" and 165-lbs he's the youngest and smallest guy in the ring. Still, he's got a great smooth muscled body. Storm is really showing off in tiny blue briefs with white trim and a white mask, pro boots and kneepads.

Storm – 5’8”/165-lbs
Ice Storm has wrestled twice before as tag, winning handily both times. It's not nearly as impressive a record as Night and Day, but I like what I've seen from them so far.

Round One

The two younger studs start out, Day and Storm. They look great as they cautiously circle. Day moves in for a lock up, but the smaller wrestler ducks. On the way by, he fires a fist into Day's ripped gut. THUD! The bigger chiseled stud doesn't even react. He turns and tries for another lockup. Storm ducks again, this time bringing his knee up into Day's abs. THUD! UNH! This time, he gets a satisfying grunt.

Day turn fast, but Storm is already jumping up. He's got a great vertical leap, actually bringing his knee under Day's chin. CRACK! It staggers the bigger muscleman, sending him back two steps. Storm leaps up with a drop kick that propels Day back into the wrong corner. CLANG! Ice brings his big arm forward, clubbing Day from behind. WHACK!

The bigger muscleman stumbles forward, right into a boot to his abs. OOF! Storm locks on a front facelock then goes for a suplex. He lifts, but the 210-lbs musclestud blocks the move. Day drives Storm back into the neutral corner hard. CLANG! OOF! The bigger muscleman slams his shoulder into Storm's chiseled abs then he rises up. Day locks on a side headlock, dragging the smaller hunk out of the corner.

Day easily flips the 165-lb cutie over with a hip toss, landing on his chest and maintaining the headlock. OOF! Storm squirms under the bigger muscleman, managing to slip free. Both men rise fast. The smaller hunk tries to catch Day off-balance with a clothesline, but the 210-lbs musclestud is too fast. He grabs Storm's arm and flips him with an arm drag takedown. WHAM!

Storm rolls to a seated position, giving Day the chance to apply a rear chinlock. The bigger muscleman is slowing things down, trying to weaken the speedy hunk. Day grabs Storm's arms, puts his knee in his back and pulls back. The smaller hunk is moaning in the shoulder stretch, but I think he's faking because he's pretty flexible. I'm right. Storm thrusts his hips up and twists, spinning free.

Both studs rise. They lockup, with Day powering Storm into an armbar. It's perfectly applied as he twists on the hold. The bigger stud kicks his white boot up into the shorter hunk's armpit. UNH! Storm is lifted off the mat by the force. Day twists the arm again then bends it and moves behind the shorter hunk. Day locks on a chicken wing, yanking higher. ARGH!

Storm climbs onto his toes to try to relieve the pressure. Day spins the shorter hunk around, keeping hold of the wrist. He scoops the 165-lbs musclehunk across his chest then bodyslams him down onto his arm. WHAM! ARGH! That gets a real cry of pain from Storm. He rolls to the side, shaking out his arm and holding his shoulder. Day drives his boot into the sore shoulder, toppling Storm back to the mat. STOMP!

Day drags Storm to his feet and pushes him into his where Night is waiting, enjoying his partner's dominance. These two are clearly isolating the lighter, younger hunk and it's a smart move. Storm fights to exit the corner, but Night grabs the back of his trunks. Day lifts his boot and kicks the smaller hunk in the abs. OOF! That ends the resistance long enough for Day to tag Night in.

TAG! Storm vs. Night

Day backs up then charges in as Night enters the ring. He almost takes Storm's head off with a deadly clothesline. Night follows in with a clothesline of his own. The smaller stud collapses in the ring as Night and Day high five.

Night, the oldest wrestler in the match drags Storm, the youngest wrestler, up by his wrist. The hairy hunk scoops Storm up then slams him down hard. WHAM! He stomps his opponent's smooth body with his black boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Night drags Storm up again. He bodyslams him then goes for a pin.



Storm kicks out at two, showing his youthful resilience. Night seems nonchalant about the kick out. He scoops the younger stud up then brings him down across his leg. CRACK! Storm hangs in the over-the-knee backbreaker, his feet almost touching his head as the hairy musclehunk increases the pressure of the deadly hold.

Night asks, but Storm won't give. Like I said, he's flexible. He's also light, so the mighty Night is easily able to power the 165-lbs wrestler up across his hairy chest. He brings Storm down onto his leg again. CRACK! Night strains, doing his worst in the over-the-knee backbreaker, but the younger stud won't give. The hairy musclehunk roughly pushes the smooth, tight body off his leg.

After a couple of stomps and another failed pin, Night is ready to try again. He drags Storm up and powers him up across his shoulders. The smaller stud moans as he's stretched out in the over-the-shoulder backbreaker. Night walks the ring, swinging the limp carcass to get a submission. None comes. On one pass, Storm manages to swing his hand up and hit the outstretched arm of Ice, who at 6'2" has a long reach.

TAG! Night vs. Ice

Ice moves into the ring. It's clear that Night doesn't realize the tag was made. Day tries to warn him, but it's too late. The 300-lbs behemoth moves in behind the unsuspecting hairy musclehunk. He kicks Night in the back then catches Storm as he falls. WHACK! The big beast drops his partner onto his feet then brings his big forearm down onto Night's back. WHAM! Night drops to a knee.

Night reaches out for a tag, but Ice locks on a full nelson, hoisting the 5'10" hairy hunk off his feet. Storm lifts his boot into Night's stretched out abs. STOMP! He grabs the front of Night's trunks, stretches them out then fires his fist into the lower abdominal reach. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Day has seen enough of the double-teaming, which has gone on well past a five-count. He charges in behind Storm, but the smaller stud catches him with a donkey kick that hits him low in the balls. ARGH! Storm spins with a forearm to the head that send Day down and rolling out of the ring. The youngest wrestler turns back to the still-trapped Night. He gives him one more kick then heads out to engage a rising Day.

Alone in the ring, Ice keeps the full nelson locked on tightly. He runs towards the corner, ramming Night into the turnbuckle, abs first. OOF! The hairy musclehunk is crushed between the immovable ring and 300-lbs of beef behind him. He goes limp in the nelson, but doesn't submit. Ice finally releases the full nelson, letting Night collapse over the top turnbuckle.

Ice spins Night around then splashes on top of him, crushing him again. Before the hairy musclehunk can collapse, Ice wraps him up in a bearhug. He lifts then spins, dropping Night down with a belly-to-belly suplex. KABOOM! Ice springs to his feet, moving fast for a big man. He runs back, ricocheting off the ring ropes. He leaps and splashes down on top of Night. SPLAT! OOF!

The big man goes for a pin, even hooking Night's leg. He slaps the mat.

ONE! Night doesn't move, but Day is coming in for the save.

TWO! Storm grabs hold of Day's white trunks. They slide down off his ass, but it slows him down.

THREE! Day is too late. This fall is over.

Ice rolls to his feet. He taunts Day as he comes over to check on Night, "Damn, that's a sweet ass. I can't wait to get some of that."

An angry Day stays quiet, but he reaches back and pulls up his trunks. He helps his mentor to his feet. Night looks pissed as he hangs on his younger partner all the way back to their corner. I can see them whispering. I'm sure they're trying to figure out a way to beat Storm, because if Ice gets his hands on either of them again, this match could be over fast.

Round Two

It's time for round two. Day moves between the ropes to start, but Ice wags his finger. The beast says, "No, no, no. The last two guys in the ring start the next round. That's me and him."

Night climbs back in as an anxious Day wishes him luck. Ice smugly warns, "And no tagging until we engage in an offensive move. Those are the rules. And I'm sure The Cave's undefeated tag team superstars wouldn't want to cheat."

The two wrestlers circle, Ice clearly feeling confident. He says, "You're looking a little ... flatter there, Night. After I'm done with you, they'll be able to slide you under a door."

Night answers with a simple, "We gonna talk or we gonna wrestle?"

The two men lockup. Ice immediately powers the hairy hunk into the neutral corner. CLANG! On the break, Ice slaps Night across the face hard. SLAP! An angry Night lunges out, shoving Ice. The big behemoth sees it coming and braces. He doesn't move. The 300-lbs monster laughs, so the hairy musclehunk has a chance to take advantage.

Night drives his fists out, pounding Ice's thick gut. POW! POW! POW! The behemoth just takes the first couple, assuming his belly is tougher than his opponent's fists. Ice likes to demoralize an opponent by withstanding their worst. In this case, the hairy musclehunk is tougher than most. Night quickly gets the big man to grunt with every shot and back up.

Realizing his mistake, Ice charges forward, enveloping the smaller hunk and squashing him into the turnbuckle. CLANG! The big beast scoops Night up across his chest then body slams him down. WHAM! He drops down for a pin, looking to end this fight.


Night gets his shoulder up almost immediately. Ice drags the hairy musclehunk to his feet then drags him to Storm, waiting in the corner. The smaller stud lifts his boot onto the top rope. The massive monster smashes Night's face into the raised boot, stunning him. Ice reaches out and tags in Storm.

TAG! Night vs. Storm

Storm comes into the ring quickly. Ice holds Night in place, letting his partner grab the hairy musclehunk around his waist. The big beast hammers Night in the forehead, keeping him dazed. Next thing he knows, Storm is lifting him up and over, bringing the older hunk down on his shoulders and neck with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! Night groans as he's forced onto his back. Storm hooks a leg and goes for the quick pin.


Night kicks out, throwing the 165-lbs muscleman off him with authority. He rolls onto his side, but is quickly dragged to his feet. Storm stands beside him, locks him up and pulls back fast, executing a beautiful Russian leg sweep. WHAM! The smooth stud rolls over, straddling Night's waist. He grabs a handful of hair, pulling the hairy musclehunk up for a hard fist to the forehead. CRACK! Night falls back, limp.

Storm springs to his feet. He leaps up, doing a flip then coming down with a splash on top of the older, bigger hunk. SPLAT! Night kicks out of the attempted pin before Storm even counts one. It was a nice move, but the lightweight should leave the splashes to his 300-lbs partner. The younger stud drags Night up.

The smooth musclestud pulls him towards the corner so he can tag Ice, but Night fires off a hard shot to Storm's abs. OOF! He manages to slip free, diving for a tag. He connects with Day, finally bringing in the fresher wrestler.

TAG! Storm vs. Day

The eager Day races into the ring, grabbing the back of Storm's trunks as the younger stud tries to tag Ice to avoid facing him. Day stops Storm in time, yanking him backwards into a hard forearm. THUD! He spins the smaller stud around then starts in with forearms to the forehead that stagger Storm all the way into the ropes. POW! POW! POW!

Day whips Storm off the ropes, catching him with a stiff clothesline on the ricochet. WHAM! Storm is flattened by the move, dropping to the mat. The bigger stud starts stomping away, pounding Storm with boots that take the fight out of the cute little muscleman. He concentrates on the right shoulder and arm, the boots slamming into the muscles and joint. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Storm tries to roll away, but Day drag him up, locking on a chicken wing. He slams Storm into the corner, shoulder first then flips him with a perfect arm drag takedown. Day locks hold on the wrist for a perfectly executed armbar, putting his knee on Storm's side to hold him down. The bigger stud really cranks on the hold, working the right arm and shoulder hard. ARGH! Storm groans as he's tortured, unable to get loose, but unwilling to submit.

Day drags him up by his arm. He quickly glances over to see if Night wants to come in, but the older muscleman is still winded. The bigger musclestud looks back, but you should never take your eyes off an opponent. Storm has turned in the armbar. He puts his hand on Day's masked face then rakes his eyes. YEEARGH! Day cries out, loses the armbar and steps back, blinking his eyes.

Storm immediately dives for his corner, making the tag.

TAG! Day vs. Ice

Ice charges in, hoping to reach Day before his vision clears. The smooth musclestud drops down, tripping the charging rhino to the mat. Ice plummets down, toppling down onto his front. BOOM! Day hops on his back, locking on an armbar. He drives his fist into the big beast's shoulder. THUD! THUD! THUD! Ice grunts as he rises up with Day on his back.

Day jumps and brings his butt down on Ice's back. The big man goes down onto his stomach again. He angrily slaps the mat as Day keeps working his arm. At a ripped and muscular 210-lbs, Day is a powerful guy, even for Ice. By keeping the behemoth on the mat, he's smartly limiting Ice's offense.

Ice grunts and pushes up, twisting to throw Day off his back. The big man climbs to his feet, only to be taken down again when the smooth musclestud clips his leg out. As the massive monster falls on his back, Day grabs the leg he just clipped and lifts it. After a failed attempt at flipping the 300-lbs beast over, Day twists the leg hard, hoping to work the knee.

It works for a moment, but Ice is able to lift his leg. He kicks Day off him and scrambles to his feet. The smooth musclestud is there, locking him in another armbar. Ice powers them back to the ropes then whips Day across the ring. The muscleman loses his grip on Ice's arm. When he ricochets off the ropes, Ice is waiting for a back body drop. The nimble Day dives over, evading the hold.

Day rolls behind the big man. He grabs the thick legs and tries to pull Ice down. Yeah, that works against guys Day's size and smaller, but Ice has the power to keep his feet. He quickly jumps up, bringing his butt down onto Day's heaving pecs. SPLAT! For a moment, the smooth musclestud goes completely limp as 300-lbs crushes his chest.

Ice flexes mocking the ripped stud then rolls off. Little surprised he didn't go for a pin, but the big man is feeling cocky. Day rolls onto his side, clutching his chest and coughing. The big beast drags his victim up, scooping him across his chest. He locks Day in a tree of woe in his corner. Storm casually rests on Day's boot, keeping him locked up as Night protests.

The behemoth stomps Day's aching chest then moves to his abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He uses his weight and power to break down the chiseled muscleman, who hangs limply, taking the abuse. Ice stops and let's Day collapse down. He hoists the smooth musclestud up, propping him up in the corner. Storm keeps Day's arms locked behind him over the top turnbuckle.

Night complains, but Ice surprises him by charging back at him instead of at Day. The impact drives hairy musclehunk off the apron onto the floor below. The big beast turns and runs at his own corner. Day struggles, but can't get free in time. Ice splashes into him, crushing the smooth musclestud with his 300-lbs of power. KABOOM!

Ice backs up and Storm lets go. Day collapses forward, but he starts crawling to his corner. Night is climbing back onto the apron as his muscular partner inches closer and closer. Ice reaches down and grabs Day's white boot. He holds the weakened musclestud in place as he slaps Storm's hand. Storm hops over the top rope as his partner holds the still trying to crawl Day in place.

TAG! Day vs. Storm

With Ice still holding the struggling Day's boot, Storm races in. He comes down with a leg drop on the back of Day's head that takes the fight out of the muscular stud. Storm rises back to his feet with a satisfied smile on his face. Ice lets go of the boot, high-fives his partner then exits the ring.

Storm stomps Day's back hard. He runs into the ropes comes off and comes down with a knee to the spine. CRACK! The 165-lbs hard body drags Day to his knees then dropkick a the back of his head. CRACK! The bigger stud flies forward, face planting on the mat. Storm drags him to the middle of the ring, a safe distance from the straining Night.

A woozy Day gets dragged up then scooped up by the lighter stud. Storm bodyslams the bigger stud down, showing he's got a lot of strength, too. The fast moving high-flyer races to the corner, leaps to the top turnbuckle and flies off. He does a flip, splashing down on Day's back. SPLAT! Storm bounces to his feet. He drags Day up to his feet by the top of his mask and his left arm.

Storm holds Day's masked head as he points at Night, taunting him. He says, "Got you first round, now getting this douchebag second round. Your ass is about to be mine, man."

Ice chimes in from his corner, "Yeah! Put him down like a dog, Storm! Undefeated? What a fucking joke."

Suddenly, Day shoots his arm out. He grabs Storm's right wrist, pulling it off his mask. At the same time, he clubs the smaller stud down from behind, driving them forward. They fall down, landing on Storm's face and chest with Day's 210-lbs of muscle on top. The bigger smooth stud locks Storm's arm between his legs then grabs under his chin. He pulls up and the smaller stud is crying out in the cross face hold.

A shocked Ice doesn't move for a second. He finally realizes that he needs to break this up, but just as the big beast slides his leg over the top rope, his partner screams out, "I GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!"

Day releases the deadly hold, rolling out of the ring where he's met by a jubilant Night. The smooth musclestud bends over, breathing deep. He rises up, stretching his back out and a smile crosses his face. Day's quick submission move just saved their undefeated record, at least for a fall. Meanwhile, in the ring, a confused and angry Ice Storm tries to figure out what the hell just happened.

Round Three

With the score tied, Day is looking cocky and confident, in spite of the beating he just endured.  He seems to have recovered, but that splash has to be lingering. As I said, he typically gets the focus of abuse, so he can definitely take a beating and come back for more.

Across the ring, Ice is just as cocky and confident. He says, "Hey, cute butt! You got lucky, but not this time. This time, I'm gonna finish you off myself. And then I'm gonna ride that hot ass so hard you'll be walking funny for a month."

Day says, "You tried. You failed. You don't watch it and maybe I'll knock you out this fall."

Ice nods, "Bring it on, little man."

The bell rings, so Day and Storm move into the center of the ring. They quickly move for a lockup, but Storm ducks the bigger stud's outstretched arms. Day turns and Storm ducks behind him again. Storm bounces on his feet like a boxer. When Day closes in, he uses his speed to dodge the lockup for a third time. The bigger musclestud turns a little slower, clearly frustrated by the game of cat-and-mouse.

Storm lashes out with a fist, but Day anticipates the move. He blocks it and shoulder blocks the smaller stud to the mat. The bigger muscleman looks at Ice and taps his temple, as he outsmarted the fast-moving Storm. Ice just smiles, because behind Day, the smaller stud bridges to his feet in one smooth move.

Storm leaps up, wrapping his arm, around the surprised muscleman's head. He drags Day down with a bulldog, slamming his head into the mat. CRACK! Thanks to Day facing Ice, the move brings the bigger stud down in the wrong corner. Storm makes the easy tag then just sits on Day to keep him down.

TAG! Day vs. Ice

Ice helps Storm up then puts his boot on Day's back to keep him down. He says, "Well, look at this. The cocky little muscleboy isn't so cocky, is he?"

Storm laughs, "Hot and dumb, just like you like 'em."

Ice mercilessly stomps Day to take the fight out of him. He drags the smooth musclestud up then bodyslams him down so hard that the ring shakes. BOOM! The big beast lifts his leg then drops, driving it across the handsome hunk's chest. WHAM! He slowly spins around, lies on Day and hooks a leg, showing respect for the younger hunk after the shock of last fall. Ice slaps the mat.

ONE! Day squirms under the 300-lbs of dead weight on him, but he can't move his shoulders.

TWO! Night charges in and stomps Ice's head, breaking the count.

Ice sits back and seethes as he stares down the editing Night. The hairy musclehunk challenges, "Tag me in if you wanna do something 'bout it, big man."

"We aren't stupid. You'll get yours. But not until AFTER we pin Mr. Model down here."

Grabbing the smooth musclestud's white boot, Ice drags a recovering Day over to his corner where Storm is waiting. He slaps his partner's hand. SLAP!

TAG! Day vs. Storm

Ice leaps up and splashes down on Day. CRUSH! As soon as he rolls off, Storm is already airborne, doing a somersault off the top turnbuckle and crashing down on the ailing mega stud. SPLASH! The smaller stud goes for a pin, sticking his tongue out at an anxious Night. With Day in the opposite corner and Ice looking ready to intercept him, the hairy musclehunk can only watch as Storm starts his count.




Storm sits up and claps his hands, "Yes! Bring that ass over here, bitch!"

The youngest wrestler realizes that his partner is cursing, while is Night yelling and pointing, "His foot was on the ropes! His foot was on the ropes!"

Storm looks to his left and sees that it's true. Day manages to drape his leg on the bottom rope. With Ice focused on Night, he wasn't able to kick it off. Storm slaps Day's torso in frustration, because the match must continue. He rolls Day onto his stomach. The bigger muscleman starts to crawl to his corner, but he's too weak to move fast enough.

The smaller stud grabs Day's legs then lifts, applying a Boston crab. The bigger muscleman moans, but won't give. He keeps trying to reach Night, but he can't move an inch as Storm keeps him locked up. Storm strains to apply more pressure, but Day is stubborn. He still won't submit.

Ice reaches over the top rope. He slaps his partner's shoulder, tagging himself in.

TAG! Day vs. Ice

Ice enters then does a leg drop on the back of Day's head while he's in the Boston crab. WHACK! An irritated Storm drops the legs then gives Day a kick to his perfect butt. He turns to exit, but Ice calls him back. The big beast sits on Day's head with his shins on his shoulders. He yanks Day's white trunks up, wedging them into the deep crack.

Storm smirks. He stomps the bare ass with his boot, leaving red boot prints one the smooth, flawless flesh. Ice picks up by spanking the exposed bubble butt, marking it with red handprints. Day can only squirm and kick as 300-lbs of man mountain crushes his face into the canvas. With the taunting done, Ice rises up. He pulls Day up by the back of his mask and wedged trunks.

Ice spins and hurls the helpless hunk into the corner, front first. Day runs right into Storm's raised boot, which connects with his abs. THUD! OOF! The smooth muscleman staggers back only to be picked up in a reverse bearhug by the big beast. Ice squeezes hard, lifting the 210-lbs of muscle up and crushing his tight midsection. ARGH!

Day moans as he's crushed. Suddenly, Ice charges forward, crushing Day in the corner with his weight. Storm slaps the dazed Day's face then his partner's hand, tagging in. SLAP! SLAP!

TAG! Day vs. Storm

Storm leaps over the top rope. Ice moves back, allowing his younger partner to grab Day's ankles. The smaller stud pulls Day's feet out from under him. WHOA! The helpless muscleman falls down, his chin connecting with the top turnbuckle before he lands chest first on the mat. CRACK! WHAM!

The smaller stud drags him back a foot then sits on Day's bare ass. He grabs the unmoving muscleman's arms and pulls them up onto his thighs. He grabs under Day's chin and locks on the camel clutch. Night steps halfway into the ring, but when Ice matches his move and wags his finger, he holds his position.

Day is stuck in the camel clutch. He groans as he's bent back. When he opens his eyes, all he can see is the giant mass of Ice standing in front of him. He fights to get free, but he can't. The 165-lbs stud has him locked up perfectly. Still, Day is stubborn. He's not giving. Storm releases the hold, shoving Day forward hard. CRACK!

The smaller stud drags Day up, grabs him from behind then flips him with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! Day rolls onto his stomach and starts crawling to Night. Storm shakes his head. He grabs Day's boots, once again sliding him away from his corner and keeping him in enemy territory.

Storm reaches one hand out and tags his behemoth of a partner. SLAP!

TAG! Day vs. Ice

Admiring the crawling stud, Ice says, "Damn, look at that sweet ass. Daddy want, so play time is over, boy." He points at Storm, "Your only job is to watch the old guy over there and make sure he doesn't stop me from breaking his boy in two."

Storm nods, "Yeah, I'm over it, too. I really just wanna fuck the hairy one." As he backs out of the ring pointing at Night, the cute hard body sings, "I'm getting some musclebear ass. I'm getting some musclebear ass."

Ice muses about the hotness of Day's ass as the smooth musclestud crawls to make a desperate tag. Before he can reach Night's outstretched hand, Ice charges forward, leaps and splashes down on his back. SPLAT! Day is crushed under the weight. The arrogant Ice lifts Day's limp arm and waves it at Night, mocking the undefeated team's predicament.

Ice drags Day up by his trunks and wrist, keeping control of him to prevent any wayward tags. The big beast stretches Day's arm out towards Night then pulls it back. He laughs as he does it again. The smooth musclestud groans and starts to fight, trying to force his hand forward. With Day driving forward, Night calls for him to power through. Ice lets go of Day's arm then spins, bringing Day down to the mat with a clothesline. WHACK!

Day writhes on the mat under the 300-lbs wrestler. Ice locks on a chokehold to drag him up again. The big beast wrenches the white trunks up Day's ass crack, pulling him back to the middle of the ring. Ice uses the chokehold to pull Day in for a kiss. The helpless stud moans as the spandex-covered mouth of his dominator smothers his mouth.

The beast slides his hand and rubs the front of Day's trunks. Ice molests his helpless prey, causing Night to lose it and come into the ring. Storm anticipates it, moving faster and tackling the charging Night to the mat. They roll out of the ring, leaving Day to face Ice's wrath. Night tries to get back in, but Storm is able to hold his own, preventing the hairy musclehunk from saving his partner.

Ice locks Day in a bearhug. The smooth musclestud hangs in the crushing hold, moaning. When the beefy monster starts shaking, it's all Day can do to hold on. Ice leans back and lifts Day's feet off the mat, increasing the pressure. I'll give the chiseled muscleman credit. He won't give. He brings his arms up to box the big man's ears, but a rough shake and hard squeeze halts that.

Day's arms rest on the broad shoulders. He moves them around Ice's head and suddenly, he has a front facing sleeper on the monster. Ice ignores the feeble hold, shaking his victim some more. Day holds on for dear life, but he's getting the hold locked on better and better. Suddenly, Ice seems to be weakening. He tries to force the smooth musclestud to give, but he won't.

Ice charges them towards the corner, but Day manages to thrust a boot back. When it hits the turnbuckle, he actually slows their momentum. The beast's arms drop from Day's waist. The big man stumbles back to the middle of the ring with the smooth musclestud hanging off him. He drops to his knees. Day towers over him, squeezing the sleeper hard.

Outside the ring, the scene has switched. Instead of Night fighting to get in, it's Storm now desperately trying to climb inside the ring. Night holds his ground, stopping any outside interference.

Day releases the sleeper and the big beast topples back, slamming down like a giant redwood. The smooth musclestud kicks the big man onto his back. Day sits on Ice's chest and breathes. He lifts the big man's arm. It drops.

ONE! He lifts again. It drops again.

TWO! One more time, Day hoists the big arm for a third time. And for a third time, it drops. Ice doesn't move to break the pin.

THREE! The arm plummets down. SMACK! No shoulder raise. That's it, match over.

Day just sits on Ice's chest, breathing hard. He raises his arm in a fist, the only sign of his victory. Night rolls in and comes to his partner. He pulls the smooth musclestud to his feet, shakes his hand and pats him on the back. The hairy musclehunk lifts Day's arm and raises his own in a victory salute. Day just stands there, regrouping. He's clearly exhausted, but that's understandable.

Storm moves into the ring. He drops beside his partner. When he goes to check on him, Night kicks his hand away.

Night says, "Leave him be. He stays unconscious." Storm gulps. Night smiles, "So you really wanted to fuck me, didya?" Storm says nothing, but clearly remembers his words just moments earlier. He must be wondering how it went so wrong, so fast. Night says, "Yeah, sucks to be you."

Tag Teaming the Loser

Night orders, "Take 'em off."

Storm reluctantly slides out of his blue trunks. The hairy musclehunk roughly spins then pushes him down on top of his partner, so that he's lying face down across the unconscious beast's stomach. Day has recovered. He moves around to admire Storm's ass. When he moves towards the ass, Night grabs his arm.

Night says, "Whoa, stud. You know the deal. You get the front."

The hairy musclehunk strips off his black trunks then drops behind Storm's ass. He slips on a condom then grabs the smaller stud's hips. Day takes off his own trunks then kneels in front of Storm. The losing cutie can only wait on his hands and knees as the two tag superstars flank him. Meanwhile, Ice remains out of it, unaware of his partner's fate on top of him.

Night and Day plunge in simultaneously, penetrating mouth and ass in one smooth move. Storm takes both men. He especially struggles with Day's massive rod in his mouth, but he manages. When they start thrusting in unison, he braces. His muscles tense and he starts to sweat as he holds his position. The younger wrestler closes his eyes and moans as he gets expertly double-teamed. Day holds his hair and head, face fucking him mercilessly, while Night slowly rides his ass.

Day throws his head back, obviously getting close. When Night gives the signal, they both pull out and rise. They pump their dicks, quickly erupting almost in unison. Ropes of white seed spray out and down across Storm's back and Ice's chest and face. When they're drained, the tag superstars move off, flex for the cameras then exit with their gear. They don't seem too enthusiastic, but I get that Day is tired and sore. Still, a win is a win.

In the ring, Storm finally wakes Ice up. The big beast is stunned at the loss, but furious at being used as a mattress during the sex round. He starts demanding a re-match, kicking the ropes and stomping around the ring. When his tantrum ends, Ice Storm leave together. Ice is still fuming, but I notice the younger stud grabs the behemoth's butt. The 165-lbs tight body whispers, "You lost the final fall. You know what that means."

Ice smiles, his anger subsiding as he realizes he's going to get fucked by a hottie after all. I'm a little jealous, as Pete is one of my regular fuck buddies.

With the cameras off, Cody is beaming. Seeing Pete knocked out and humiliated has made his week. I have to admit, it was hot to watch. Cody notes that I must have liked it and points at my bulging pants. He sighs, "Give me your camera. I'll download the footage and clean up the ring. Go."

As I head to the locker room, I smile at Cody's thoughtfulness. He really has come a long way from the completely self-centered guy he was. Pete and Storm are naked and on their way to the shower. I raise an eyebrow and the two of them invite me to join. Yeah, it's a good day.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Well its still a rather New story, but nonetheless is still a great one. Introducing one of my top character in Day! Looking forward to more of him. I notice that people like Storm alot too! So it has become a hit!