Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Cave Undercard 4: Camo vs. Spartan

“What?” I set down the dumbbells then rise and put my hands on my hips. I stare at my best friend Ryan, with an incredulous look.

Ryan smiles back at me, “I think you heard me, Cody.”

“No, Ry, I don’t think I did. It sounded like you said, ‘Zack is back.’ But I know that can't be right."

Jae, the guy I'm currently seeing, asks, "Who's Zack?"

I turn to Jae, "Well, the only Zack who’s wrestled for The Cave is an obnoxious 19-year old wannabe muscle heel. One who spells his name X-A-Q. Wrestled as Spartan." I turn back to Ryan, "After the ass kicking and humiliation Mako dished out, I know that douchebag is not coming back to the Cave.”

“Au contraire, mon ami. Xaq IS coming back and he’s promising that this time he’s going to be the one to kick some serious ass. He swears it was a fluke, but he’s learned his lesson. Guarantees a victory.”

I laugh. “And you said yes.”

“No, Cody. The fans said yes. Comments are through the roof. And you saw the sales, right? It’s already the second biggest match ever that didn’t feature you.”

I reply with a smirk, “Look, we all know that my videos are all best sellers. Guys fucking love watching me. But we're talking about Xaq.”

Ryan sighs, “I think you missed the point.”

Jae chimes in, "Gotta tell you, as a fan of The Cave, Spartan's first match was fucking hot. I'd love to see another match with that muscle heel."

Ryan squeezes Jae's shoulder, "Dude, I was just telling Cody what a good guy you are."

I look at Jae, "You don't have to suck up to my friends. They already like you." I then look back to a smirking Ryan, “Fine. Xaq's your boy. Do what you want, buddy.”

With that, Xaq is scheduled for a second match in The Cave, the gay wrestling site Ryan and I co-own. Our site continues to blow up, reaching a level we never expected when it was just Ryan filming me wrestling guys on mats in my tiny apartment. Back in those days, I had to use all my considerable charm to get guys to participate. Now, we operate out of a professional ring with two cameras and have a solid supply of studs filling out our roster.

I just hope that with all the choices, Ryan picks a good opponent for Xaq, one who can really kick his ass.


On the day of filming, Jae is joining me in the back. We'll be watching out of sight of the cameras as Ryan and his friend Pete handle the filming. It's Jae's first time watching a taping. I know that he's really curious as he continues to debate whether to give this whole Cave thing a try.

I'm happy, because Ryan has put Xaq up against a great opponent – Brett, aka Camo. I have to agree with Ryan that this will be huge. Brett is one of the first guys I ever wrestled on camera. Due to the limited compensation, he wasn’t really interested in wrestling for us again, but we’ve been sharing our newfound success and guys are coming back. My submission match with Camo, shot in low def in my poorly lit living room, with no sex or nudity, has amazingly become one of the more downloaded of our old videos.

Since it’s not quality footage or hot sex that's driving sales, it must be talent-driven. Brett was solid ex-military muscle. He was a lean, clean cut super-stud, with blond hair, perfect body and great looks. The fact that we were both sporting big bulges in skimpy gear as he gave me a serious run for my money didn’t hurt, either.

It’s been several years since I've seen Brett, but I'm confident that even now, at 32, he’ll still be disciplined and in shape. And he is. When he shows up, all I can think is, “Holy shit, the man is an even bigger stud than ever.” Brett has beefed up in all the right places while keeping his abs ripped. He’s up to 180-lbs on his 5’11” frame. Suddenly, I’m bitter that I’m not the one wrestling him.

As Camo, Brett is wearing a set of dog tags, camouflage briefs and camouflage paint on his face. He comes out of the back looking incredible.

Jae, hanging out with me in the background, says, "Wow, that's one hot dude."

Ryan and Pete film his body from every angle as he marches determinedly down the aisle to the ring. I like his no-nonsense approach, but Ryan signals for him to flex for the camera. The military hunk complies, showing off all his hard work.

When Camo is done, the cameras turn back to the ring entrance. Xaq comes out to his over-the-top intro. Helmet, cape and tiny leather briefs transform him into Spartan. Music blares and he poses and flexes the entire way. Xaq hits some new and different spots. As much as I dislike him, I have to acknowledge that the young man is built like no one I’ve ever seen before. Chest, abs, arms, legs and pouch all get in-depth coverage from the two cameras. The cape gets unhooked, enabling the teen bodybuilder to show off his broad back.

Watching from the back, I think it all takes far too long, but maybe it's just me. Beside me, Jae seems into it, getting his first taste of what we do. Xaq’s finally in the ring and Ryan is satisfied. After a nod from my partner, I ring the bell.

Round One

Spartan keeps flexing, “You ready to be destroyed, old man? These muscles are going to tear you apart!”

Camo scowls. He points and says, “I broke boys a lot tougher than you in the Army every single day. You’re all show. You couldn’t handle five minutes of my basic training.”

"This is wrestling, old man! You won't survive five minutes in this ring!" Spartan flexes his muscles, showing off his ridiculous muscular definition. Camo's hot and in great shape, but even he can't compete with the teen bodybuilder's ripped physique.

Camo moves in for a lock up, but Spartan is ready with a boot that slams into the military muscleman's ripped abs. A quick forearm to the head sends Brett down to one knee. Xaq grabs hold of the Army man's hair and forces him up, lifting him across his chest. The younger heel wastes no time, immediately bodyslamming Camo down to the canvas with so much force, the military stud bounces two feet off the mat! BOOM!

Xaq starts in with hard stomps, pulverizing the military musclehunk's pecs and abs with the soles of his boots. Camo tries to roll away, but it's no use. Every time he makes a move, Xaq kicks him back onto his back and keeps stomping. The younger stud finally lets up, but only so he can back into the ropes and come off with a big leg drop across the hero's handsome face. WHAM!

Spartan grabs the dazed Camo's arm and forces him up again, this time powerlifting Brett over his head! The younger heel struts his stuff, holding his opponent aloft by his chest and thigh. When the young gun's done with his display of power, Spartan pushes Camo into the air, letting the army muscleman fall down from over eight feet, slamming down onto his front. CRASH!

The military muscleman slams down hard, but he shows his conditioning by trying to rise right away. Xaq wastes no time, following up with stomps to Camo's back, driving him back down to the mat every time he tries to rise. I wonder if Brett was away for too long, as the kid's in complete control already. So far, it's a dominant squash job by the ripped young heel.

Spartan grabs Camo by the wrist and drags him up. He whips the handsome hunk into the corner, following in with a cross body block. WHAM! Camo sags as Xaq bounces off then quickly moves in again. The cocky punk pauses to flex before he grabs Brett's wrist for more punishment. The younger stud whips his victim across the ring into the opposite corner. WHAM! Brett bounces off and is whipped across the ring again. CLANG! The mighty military man drops onto his ass in the corner as he tries to regroup from the fast-paced punishment.

Across the ring, Spartan measures his opponent up and charges forward. He leaps and spreads his legs, driving his ass into Camo's sculpted chest. Xaq grabs the rope then bounces up and down on Brett's pecs in a broncobuster. BAM! OOF! BAM! OOF! BAM! UNH! The hard round leather-clad butt cheeks rise and fall, crushing the hero under their power. Camo can do nothing as he's ridden down to the mat.

The young heel flaunts his dominant position by grabbing Brett behind the head and pulling the older stud's face into his bulging leather package. He flexes one arm as he grinds his pouch into the handsome features. Spartan slowly rises, looking down with contempt at the fallen military muscleman. Camo's face paint is smeared into a mess, much of it now covering the front of Xaq's leather briefs.

Spartan towers over the handsome hero as he taunts, "You're gonna pay to clean these, jobber bitch! Or maybe I'll just make you use your tongue!"

The young heel plants one boot on the man's chest and begins to count. "ONE! Shit, I thought they'd at least try to get me some real competition!" Xaq flexes arrogantly. Xaq points at the camera, "Listen, next time, don't waste my time with old men. TWO!" Suddenly, Camo thrusts his arm up into the air, breaking the cocky pin. Xaq smirks, unimpressed by the move. He backs up and grabs his victim by the boots, dragging him to the center of the ring.

Spartan flips and steps over Camo, forcing him into a Boston Crab. ARGH! The teen powerhouse sits back, cranking on the pressure. Brett begins to moan as he's bent in half, but he won't submit. He lasts a minute then almost two before the impatient young punk gives up on the hold. Xaq stomps Camo's back, punishing him more. The teen heel's arrogance rises as he pauses to flex, yet again. He has dominated the match from the opening bell, so why not?

When he's done showing off for the cameras, Spartan straddles Camo's back. He sits down and reaches for a camel clutch. The veteran wrestler surprises everyone by summoning his reserves. He pulls his knees under his body and topples Xaq off him to the side. The older stud keeps hold of one leg and stretches it out, slapping on a tight leglock. Xaq writhes on the mat, as his ripped leg is torn apart in the hold. He moans and struggles, but Camo is strong, determined and perfectly positioned out of reach of the heel's fists.

Spartan kicks and flails for freedom, but he won't submit. Camo expertly rolls over and up without losing his grip on the aching limb. He stomps the back of the young musclebeast's leg then steps over. Before Xaq can react, Camo grabs his other leg and bends it in front of Spartan's extended knee. The military musclestud falls back and locks on a figure four!

"OH GOD!" Xaq cries out loudly, his screams filling the ring area. "N-n-n-ooo! Oh god! Please!"

The muscle teen writhes back and forth, almost crying as he arches his back and moans in pain. He tries for the ropes, but they're too far away. He tries to flip the hold, but Camo counters every attempt. The teen powerhouse is helpless, his moans getting higher and higher pitched as he suffers. Xaq's entire body is drenched in sweat as he bounces, trying desperately to hold on.

"C'mon kid! You're done! GIVE!" Camo orders the young heel to submit.

Amazingly, the tables have completely turned. Like a great chess master, the veteran has the mighty muscleboy in desperate trouble with just two moves. Sweat builds on the young heel's ripped body, his muscles useless against the perfect figure four. Finally, Xaq slaps the mat three times, signaling his submission. Camo releases the hold, letting the teen powerhouse curl into a ball, clutching his knee. At Ryan's signal, a pumped up Brett flexes for the cameras then moves to his corner, calmly waiting for the next fall.

Spartan finally rises, kicking out his leg. Surprising everyone, he charges Camo in the corner. The veteran isn't ready as Xaq punches him in the gut then delivers a fast snap suplex. WHAM! Xaq goes for a stomp, but Camo rolls out of the way.

"Whoa, you punk ass little bitch! Second fall bell hasn't gone yet."

Xaq says, "Second fall? We aren't finished the first fall!"

"What the fuck are you talking about? You gave, I released!"

"What? Fuck that! I didn't give! You gave up the hold! I never gave! You never heard me give! I never said I give!"

"You tapped!"

"No I didn't! I hit the mat, but that wasn't a tap!"

"Oh fuck this. You tapped! Three times! That was a tap, you whiny little bitch. Don't deny it!"

"You fucking cheater! I never tapped in my life! I want a restart! I demand a restart! Now!"

"Screw you, kid. It's done. You get another shot in round two. Whiny little bitch." With that, Camo turns to head back to his corner to await round two.

WHACK! He doesn't make it two steps before Spartan leaps in the air, delivering a hard dropkick between the handsome hero's shoulder blades. Camo flies forward, falling into the corner face first.

Spartan walks in behind, back to his usual arrogant self. He grabs Camo's hair and pulls up his head and back. With his lips on Brett's ear, Xaq says, "I didn't give. I want a restart and I'm going to get one!"

Round One Restart

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Spartan slams Brett's handsome face into the top turnbuckle, stunning the veteran stud even more. Next, Xaq locks on a full nelson, lifting Camo out of the corner. He cranks the hold, but doesn't wait for a reaction. Instead, the teen powerhouse lifts and slams Camo down on the back of his shoulders. WHAM! The young punk leaps up, driving an elbow into the military muscleman, smashing his chest. He smoothly rolls over, straddling Camo in a reverse schoolboy pin, his tight leather-clad ass smothering the older beefcake. Big fists rain down onto Brett's rock hard abs, tearing the muscle apart. POW! POW! POW!

"Oh yeah, old man! Feel MY power!"

When Camo's stomach is red, Xaq rolls up to his feet then moves to the side of his prey. He drops a series of knees into the veteran's aching abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Camo can't resist, unable to do anything but take the vicious pounding. Beside me, Jae's rubbing his cock, trying to get it comfortable in his shorts. I turn from the action to help him out, freeing his big dick and working it in my hand. We kiss as we hear slams in the ring. When I turn back, nothing has changed. Spartan is still in complete control.

The teen powerhouse towers over Camo again before bending down and grabbing Brett behind the head. As the handsome hero is dragged up, Camo fires a fist. The blow deflects harmlessly off the heel's thigh. Xaq laughs at another futile counter, mocking the older muscleman. Spartan forces Camo to his feet, immediately locking his arm over the back of the veteran's neck in a front facelock. Spartan moves fast, grabbing hold of Camo's trunks and whipping him over with a snap suplex! WHAM! The teen powerhouse shows real skills as he rolls over and does it again, flipping Brett's muscled body over like it weighed nothing.

Spartan grabs the ailing military muscle stud to his feet then forces him to the corner. Xaq unleashes a series of hard fists into Camo's torso until the handsome hero is sagging in the ropes. The cocky young heel smirks as he slaps Camo's head, daring the hero to rise up against him. SMACK!

"Where's your big talk now, old man?" SMACK!

Back in the shadows, that's all it takes for Jae to give into my pumping. My young boyfriend clutches my shoulder as he shoots a fast load at the teen heel's dominance and taunts over the helpless hero. I grab a rag and clean my hand and his dick as Jae sheepishly smiles, a little embarrassed at his lack of control.

Back in the ring, Camo tries a kick, but Xaq's muscles easily handle the blow. WHACK! A fist to Camo's forehead ends the threat of more opposition as the hero is left hanging in the corner, seeing stars. Spartan flexes, always cognizant of showing off his magnificent muscles for the cameras. The cocky muscleboy just gets bigger and bigger as he dominates.

Jae whispers to me as he massages his drained shaft, "Fuck, he's so hot." I want to disagree, but I can't. The muscles are amazing and now it's my dick that is straining for freedom.

With the posing show over, Spartan gets back to business. He easily hoists Camo up, forcing him to sit on the top rope. The young heel climbs to the middle ropes, straddling the corner. He forces the military musclestud into position for a suplex off the top rope. Oh shit. I hope he knows what he's doing. I move to stop things, but with my hard on, I'm too slow and I'm too far away.

The arrogant punk screams, "Anybody want a piece of meat? 'Cause this loser is done!"

Xaq bounces twice then starts to power Camo over, but the veteran blocks the move! Oh thank god. Before the heel can adjust, he's pushed flying back, landing across the ring on his back. BAM! Xaq scrambles to rise only to be met with a tough shoulder block that carries him back into the corner. The stunned young buck can't move before the scrappy hero charges in with a series of shoulder blocks to his chiseled abs. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP!

Camo unleashes with a series of fists to Spartan's head, followed by a hip toss out of the corner then a drop kick between the shoulder blades. The older muscleman has his second wind. He grabs the seated Spartan under the chin and forces him up, positioning them back-to-back. He brings the heel back down with a fast neckbreaker that has Xaq kicking the mat, clutching his neck and moaning.

Brett stomps the young punk's back then drags him up to his feet. Camo whips the teen powerhouse from corner to corner, slamming his ripped back into the turnbuckles with force. CLANG! WHAM! CLANG! Back and forth, Spartan is thrown around, his back taking the brunt of every impact. WHAM! CLANG! WHAM! After the sixth time, Camo grabs the ricocheting heel across the chest then he lifts him up for a sidewalk slam! WHAM! Xaq is driven down into the mat, flattened like a spectacularly muscled pancake.

Xaq moans and cries as he reaches for his back. The re-energized military man rises then pulls Spartan up. He powers the not-so-cocky punk up across his chest then slams him down across his knee with a huge backbreaker! CRACK! The veteran ring stud pushes and pushes, bending the teen powerhouse in half. The young man's are weakened and his cries are getting louder.

Soon, Spartan's ripped torso is stretched beyond its limits, every striation of his muscles, every cut and bulge is visible as he hangs helplessly over the military musclestud's knees. Camo cranks on the hold, pushing down on the cocky punk's chin and pulling on his legs.

"Okay, okay, okay!"

Camo spits out, "What the fuck does 'okay' mean?"

Xaq begs, "C'mon, man! Oh fuck..." The punk's whimpering is getting me too hard for my shorts to contain, which Jae notices. He comes up to me and starts rubbing my shorts as we watch.

Camo demands, "No, no, no! Not until you say you submit. Make it real clear for me and the cameras. No doubt this time, you piece of crap!"

"P-p-please. Oh god. I give, I give, I give. P-p-please ..."

"That's what I thought, punk."

Camo finally lets go, kicking Spartan off his knees to the mat with contempt. I don't know Brett well, but I know enough - Xaq is exactly the kind of spoiled, entitled brat he hates. I'm glad we're going another round. Really, really glad, as Jae kneels in front of me and opens my shorts. Oh fuck ...

Round Two

As I get a blowjob in the dark recesses of the arena, Xaq is struggling to recover from losing the first round for the second time. He crawls to the corner. His helplessness has me shooting a load down Jae's throat in before the break is even done. My hot young boyfriend cleans my cock then rises and gives me a deep throat kiss. I taste my cum on his breath as we make out until Ryan appears asking why I haven't rung the bell.

I sheepishly apologize and, as soon as Ryan is back in place with his camera, I signal the start of round two. DING! DING! Xaq looks angry, while Brett looks calm and focused. Despite having submitted twice, the teen powerhouse looks to be in better shape. He dished out a lot of punishment, he was just unable to put it together into a fall.

It's a slow start as they circle cautiously. Suddenly, Spartan makes a dive at Camo's legs, getting in fast. He wraps his arms around the older musclestud's legs and topples him down. The two studs wrestle for top on the mat. It's surprisingly back-and-forth as Xaq's superior strength is countered by Camo's skill. They roll and struggle for some kind of control, neither able to do much for minutes on end.

Finally, Camo cinches in a leglock, but Xaq kicks him in the chest with his free boot. WHACK! The younger muscleboy powers Brett into a rough armlock, straddling his waist. The veteran grunts, but manages to slip free. Before Camo can follow up, Spartan wraps on a tight headlock. The teen powerhouse flexes his bicep into the side of Brett's head. The last of Camo's face paint smears onto the heel's bulging pec and arm as he grunts. "GIVE!"

Brett snorts with laughter at the thought of giving into a headlock then pounds Xaq in the back, slipping free. He moves fast, tightening his legs around the punk's trim midsection. Now it's Xaq's turn to laugh. His torso is 100% muscle. There's no way Camo can get enough into the scissors to break him. The heel shows skills of his own, clawing at Brett's calves, trying to give him a charley horse. ARGH!

The military muscleman has no choice but to break. Xaq spins and flattens Brett onto his back with a forearm to the chest. The young buck mounts his opponent and applies a grapevine. Pete gets in position with the camera, filming right between the spread legs, capturing the mashing of leather and spandex pouches as Xaq grinds down onto the veteran wrestler. UGH! Camo moans as Spartan pins his wrists down while tearing his legs apart.

Camo won't give, so Xaq moves on, smoothly untying his legs then pushing up, coming down with a hard knee into Camo's abs! OOF! The cocky heel grinds his knee into the hard abs as he leans up to flex in this dominant position. Xaq rises, dragging Brett up with him by the arm. The teen powerhouse pulls Camo towards him, lifting his knee into the veteran's abs. OOF! A quick lift and Xaq brings the older muscleman across him chest then slams him down to the mat hard! KABOOM! The sound echoes through the arena.

Xaq attempts to stomp Camo, but the more experienced stud anticipates him, rolling to the corner. He crawls up, sagging in the corner. The heel charges, lowering his shoulder. Brett kicks his legs up and Xaq slides underneath and between the turnbuckles, his shoulder hitting the post. URGH! Camo drops his feet back to the mat. He grabs his opponent by his leather briefs, dragging Spartan out. The young punk shows some ring savvy by kicking back, bringing his boot up, between Camo's legs into his balls. ARGH!

Camo staggers back, clutching his balls. Xaq turns, working out his shoulder. He moves in, hammering the military musclestud across the head, driving him back into the corner. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The heel takes advantage, leaping for a dropkick that slams right into the hero's chiseled pecs. THUD! OOF! The teen muscleboy rises and backs up, pausing to flex, yet again.

When he's done, Xaq charges in, running right into Camo's rising boot. CRACK! The devastating superkick nearly knocks the teen muscle boy's head off as he staggers back into the opposite corner. Brett wastes no time, following in with a shoulder block then whipping Xaq across the ring. CLANG!

In desperation, the teen muscleboy bounces off and comes out swinging, throwing a wild clothesline. The veteran wrestler easily ducks then comes in behind the off-balance heel. He grabs him by the head and executes a fast and devastating neckbreaker! CRACK! Ouch! I know that one had to stun Xaq. Camo sits on the mat and I see a rare smile of satisfaction cross his face. Behind him, Spartan is dazed and barely moving.

The hero forces the heel up, dragging him to his feet. With Xaq's muscled body as limp as cooked spaghetti, Camo takes his time to get into position. When the two studs are back-to-back. Camo reaches back then grabs under the teen heel's chin. A second later, Spartan is up on Camo in a killer hangman, his feet off the ground, his muscles stretched and strained in the hold. We can hear Xaq's moaning all the way in the back of the arena.

The cocky heel groans and struggles, his legs kicking and arms flailing, but it's no use. Camo has him trapped! Spartan is kicking. He tries to use the ropes to brace him, but they're just out of reach. With no other option, he submits, this time making it very clear right from the start.

"I give! I give!"

The military musclestud drops Xaq to the mat like a bag of garbage. Camo confidently raises his arms as Xaq uses the corner to climb to his feet. He's rubbing his neck, moaning.

When he's up, the teen heel turned heel-jobber kicks the ropes in anger. Brett crouches, ready for another sneak attack. Spartan turns, moving in close, his fists balled up. He pauses when he sees Camo is ready for him. They're only a couple of feet apart as Xaq stops and points at the older stud, his face red with fury. The military muscleman just smirks and moves his fingers, waving Spartan to try something.

Xaq screams, "Son of a bitch! You fucking asshole! You got lucky you piece of shit! I want a re-match! No way was that right! My boots were touching the ropes! That should've been an automatic break! I want a -" CRACK!

Camo fires a fist right into Xaq's jaw, dropping the punk to the mat. The military musclestud moves in behind then grabs Spartan's hair and drags the limp teen powerhouse back to his feet. He wraps his arms around Xaq's head and squeezes. I see the mighty young heel go limp, but not out. The former soldier knows exactly what he's doing as he slowly sucks the life out of the whiny brat in his arms.

"Okay, punk! I'll give you another fucking restart. Go!" Camo squeezes tighter and Xaq's eyes roll up in his head. Before the younger stud can even react, he's out cold, squeezed into oblivion by his dominator.

Brett drops the ripped musclehunk to the canvas. THUD! He plants his boot on the heaving chest and starts to count. Camo reaches ten with no resistance.

This time, there's no whining, no complaining as the victorious muscle hero poses atop the young heel jobber.

Basic Training

The military musclestud paces around his conquest, who remains sprawled out and unconscious. Camo kneels beside Spartan. He feels the defeated teen’s muscle, kneading and testing it with soft and hard punches. Xaq starts to stir, but he's too slow for the disciplined victor. Camo smacks the younger beefcake, roughly waking him up with his hand.

"Wake up, boy!"

Xaq rolls back and forth, propping himself up on his elbow. He struggles to focus as Brett circles him impatiently.

"Get on your feet, boy!"

When Spartan doesn't move, Camo stomps on him. The older hunk roughly grabs Xaq by the hair and armpit. He forces the teen powerhouse to his feet then throws him into the corner. Xaq slams in, bounces off, stumbles then falls back down.


Xaq reluctantly obeys, straining to rise. He moves as quickly as he can, not wanting another beating from the military muscleman. Spartan stands slouched, still recovering from the abuse he’s taken, but Camo is a stern taskmaster. He demands Xaq stand up straight at attention. When the younger wrestler is too slow, Brett moves in behind. He measures Xaq up and slaps on a full nelson. Camo stretches Xaq up, forcing him up.

“That’s how tall you stand, boy! DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?”

“Yes … sir,” comes the meek reply. Beside me, Jae notes how quickly and easily the word ‘sir’ rolls off the heel’s tongue.

Camo releases the nelson. Xaq slumps only for a second before rolling his shoulders back, lifting his chin and standing tall. His discomfort is obvious, but he ignores it. The drill sergeant seems satisfied as he circles. He feels Xaq’s exquisite muscles, rubbing his abs and chest. Spartan closes his eyes for a moment, perhaps savoring the military man’s touch. When Camo clamps Xaq’s nipple, the teen muscleboy flinches and breathes in quickly.

“Jumping jacks, boy. GO!”

Xaq starts on a series of jumping jacks, powering through the pain to obey the winner’s command. After nearly fifty jacks, Brett releases the firm squeeze on the tortured nipple. When the muscle teen stumbles, Camo steps in. POW! A fist to Xaq’s ripped gut causes him to bend over. “DID I TELL YOU TO STOP, BOY?"

"N-no, sir."

"Then keep going, boy!” The teen musclehunk regroups and starts jumping again. POW! Another fist. This time, Xaq missteps for only a moment then starts jumping again. POW! A third fist to the younger powerhouse's eight-pack gets nothing more than a grunt and grimace. Xaq doesn’t even lose stride.

“That’s enough, boy. Looks like you can be trained.”

Xaq gladly stops, immediately standing at attention. The bulge in his leather pouch shows his cock is also standing a little straighter. Spartan’s breathing hard, but focused. Camo looks him up and down, inspecting his troop carefully. He starts rubbing the teen’s body again, caressing the sweaty, pumped muscles.

“Drop and give me twenty, boy! Slow and steady.”

Xaq drops down and starts on the push-ups. Spartan's form is perfect. I'm sure he normally does 500 of these, so this should be no problem for him, even after wrestling, but Camo isn’t letting him get off that easy. After Xaq's almost done, the military muscleman positions his foot under the teen’s face. “Kiss it, boy!” With his last few push-ups, Spartan touches his lips to the boot.

“No, no, no. We start again, boy. Let me hear you smack them pretty lips on my boot!” I have to laugh. This is how twenty becomes forty.

SMACK. “That’s one!” SMACK! “That’s two!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! After twenty, Camo moves his foot away, replacing it with his other boot. Without another word, Xaq powers through another twenty, loudly kissing the boot before him. The drill sergeant nods, satisfied by his new recruit's efforts. He circles then plants his big boot across Spartan’s broad, flexed back, positioning it from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

I can see the muscles tighten in Brett’s leg as he adds pressure. The teen muscleman is crushed to the mat as he's ordered to do another twenty push-ups. The pressure slows the push-ups down, but doesn’t stop them. As he hits the halfway point of his fourth set of twenty, Brett steps up, planting his feet on the teen powerhouse’s ass and back. Xaq’s arms quiver as 180-lbs of muscle are added to his last ten push-ups.

“Wanna quit again, boy?”

“… no … sir …”

Spartan sucks it up and slowly presses out full push-ups with Camo standing on him. As soon as he hits twenty again, Xaq collapses, with Camo still riding his back and ass. Brett stands there for a minute, emphasizing his control.

"Plank time." Camo sits on Xaq's waist. The young stud lifts up, resting on his toes and forearms in a plank. He maintains perfect position as Brett rides him. The military musclestud slides along Spartan, lying on top of him and putting his bulge on the teen study's muscular ass. He puts his lips at his ear and taunts the new recruit, telling him to quit.

"... no ... sir …"

Camo finally rolls off, ordering Xaq over onto his back. Camo straddles his chest, legs spread wide, lowering his camouflage bulge only a couple of feet away from Xaq's face.

“Crunch time. I want you to kiss my package every time up.”

Xaq puts his hands beside his temples and starts lifting. The sweat glistens off his body as he engages in the awkward sit-ups. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The teen bodybuilder dutifully kisses the military muscleman’s dangling bulge every time. At about twenty, Xaq looks like he’s slowing down, the abuse from the match making it hard to do something even this simple.

“C’mon, I wanna feel those lips, boy.”

Spartan gets a second wind and comes up with renewed vigor, pausing at the top to ensure he gets his lips securely on the tip of the bulge. SMACK! SMACK! He keeps going for another ten before Camo stops him. The drill sergeant turns and yanks his trunks down, revealing a black jock underneath.

The military musclehunk rests his hands on Xaq’s knees then spreads his legs, getting his bare ass cheeks in position. Xaq doesn’t even need instruction. He starts up again, kissing his dominator’s bubble butt. The teen powerhouse even alternates cheeks, twisting from right to left.

After the jumping jacks, I’m impressed with the teen’s stamina. After the push-ups, I’m impressed with his strength. After the sit-ups, I’m impressed with his obedience. I find myself wondering if the teen muscle monster even wants to win a match. The leather cup is seriously straining in the front, the tip of his cock seriously threatening to burst out the side. I smirk as I realize how much Xaq is getting off on the domination, just like he did with Mako. Interesting.

Camo lets the teen powerhouse stop doing sit-ups. He spins and sits across Xaq’s narrow waist. Spartan can’t help himself. He reaches up and starts rubbing Camo’s thigh muscles. The military muscleman smirks as he’s worshipped. Of everything that’s happened, this is the biggest submission of all.

“The rest of your training is happening in the back, boy.”

“Yes, sir!”

Camo rolls up and grabs Xaq by the hair. He flings the younger stud out of the ring then climbs out. Brett forces Spartan onto hands and knees. He climbs onto the teen bodybuilder’s back. With a smack to Xaq’s ass, Camo rides the subservient muscle teen all the way out of the ring area.

Jae and I are speechless as we step out of the shadows. Ryan and Pete pull off their masks. We all exchange looks then immediately make a break to follow, cameras in tow. We may not be able to sell what comes next, but we sure as hell want to see it!

I tell Ryan, "Buddy, I gotta admit, you were right. Xaq is welcome back any time he wants."

Ryan smirks and nods as we enter the locker room, eager to see the rest of Xaq's training.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Another classic Spartan jobber story!
    First thing that I have to say is in regards to the first Brett aka Camo artwork you have. I love the wrestling posters behind him! One of the cool details that bring your stories to life. As always Mindsweeper's work is excellent.

    Second...couldnt XAQ be any better? He is just so good at being a jobber heel. He has that role nailed to perfection. Calling Camo "Sir" voluntarily...priceless.
    Still the fact that he does know how to wrestle and that he can take quite a beating and stiil come back is perhaps the thing I like the most. Yes his arrogance gets in his way, but thats what makes him such a superstar. He could be perfect, but he isnt. He could be the heel that everyone likes!
    Yeah you could tell Im in the characters corner.
    Thats what makes good writing.
    AS for Camo...well I hope he somehow makes a comeback appearance. If not in a match perhaps as a character in a story. It would be fun to see that Bossy attitude in display once more. To be honest, it was quite surprising seeing him in such a dominating form. But perhaps thats the effect that XAQ has on people. Its funny that Ryan is the one that likes him the most. HMMM...maybe Ryan and XAQ in the future can...join forces?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Xaq/Spartan overshadowed Camo, but I would like to re-visit him. I just need a team of writers working for me, churning out stories about these secondary characters. LOL.

  2. Alex R:

    Hmmm...maybe something can be done about that ;)

  3. I second Anonymous 1's follow up comment! Love Spartan and especially Camo! Such a dominating heel in this match!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have more Spartan coming, but will see if Camo can make a return, too.

  4. Hooray for more Spartan! I love the Xaq character, and I surprisingly love seeing him humbled. I normally prefer to see arrogance rewarded because I love jerks, especially young muscle jerks. But the fact that Spartan comes up just a wee bit short each time makes me root even harder for the gym bunny jobber. Thank you for these stories.

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for reading the stories and especially for taking time to comment!

  5. LOL, "re-start!" Xaq is priceless. Cody's own arrogance peeking through was hilarious too. ("I think you missed the point...") I love Camo too (yea, a grown-up!). But Spartan getting humbled, I'm sorry but that can NEVER get old.

    1. Thanks. I so appreciate how you call out the little things, like the quotes and such. I try to use Cody's arrogant, self-absorbed side as a way to keep him from coming across as too perfect, but I've diminished it a little since Ryan humbled him to show he's evolving.

    2. Alex R:
      Ill say this much about Cody's arrogance...I love it. It makes him real and relatable. I think Rayn loves it too, specially now that Cody is a new and improved version of the old Cody. Maybe its time to set him loose and let him be more arrogant. He is just a fun chracter to read. You know? Im just waiting for the inevitable clash between Cody and XAQ. That story would like Yankees vs Red Sox, you know too huge egos and no way out. You cant deny that Cody would die for the chance lol.

  6. Another story of yours I can't believe I never reviewed.

    First, I just want to say Cody's narcissism is always, always good for a laugh.

    I reply with a smirk, “Look, we all know that my videos are all best sellers. Guys fucking love watching me. But we're talking about Xaq.”

    Ryan sighs, “I think you missed the point.”

    Second, the match against Mako was good, but this is where my love for Xaq/Spartan/Bird Boy started. It has everything I love about him:

    -The undeserved arrogance (in terms of wrestling skills, not how hot he is)
    -Mocking "old men" who aren't really that old, before they demolish him and make him eat those words
    -Taking some control with his size and strength before screwing up
    -The whining and/or cheating when things don't go his way
    -How obvious it is to everyone he loves being dominated, no matter how much he would deny it.

    The entire "training' session is smoking hot.

    Jae and I are speechless as we step out of the shadows. Ryan and Pete pull off their masks. We all exchange looks then immediately make a break to follow, cameras in tow.


    1. Thanks Mike! I'll take your comments whenever they come. I'm really happy with how you guys reacted to this story and it obviously helped propel Xaq to his current heights.