Thursday, June 18, 2015

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice 2


I storm into the backstage of the American Wrestling League facility, having just finished taping the main event for next Saturday's television show. I'm fucking pissed and ready for a real fight. My target, Chainsaw Chuck Rollins, is already halfway down the hall, having finished his post-victory interview as I was being rolled out of the ring and helped to the back. Chuck just looks me up and down then turns away. He walks past the locker rooms and into one of the private mat rooms at the far end of the hall. Chuck looks back at me, daring me to follow him.

Chuck and I are pro wrestlers with the AWL, one of the country’s biggest promotions. I’m Jake Justice, a new ‘face’ (good guy). I’m only 22-years old and have been in the AWL only a few months, but I'm already mid-card and rising fast. I'm 6'3" tall, but only 225-lbs, so I need to bulk up to be a true heavyweight star. Still, everyone knows I've got the skills and dedication to go far. I’ve also got the advice and support of my dad, wrestling legend Jack Justice, which helps.

Chainsaw Chuck Rollins, on the other hand, is an already established main event heel (bad guy). He's probably the top black wrestler in the business right now thanks to his powerful football physique (6'3"/270-lbs), strong in-ring talent and amazing mic skills. He basically wins everything except for the big title matches. Yeah, I know it's 1983 and everyone's supposed to be equal in America, but there's still a glass ceiling for black wrestlers in the national promotions. I think it sucks, but it's true. If I was in charge, he'd have a belt, but I'm not.

So why am I yelling at him, if I'm such a fan? I was Chuck's television victim this week. I don't know how they'll edit it, but I got to put up a good fight and get a couple of two-counts on the big man. It'll be a good showing for me, even as a loss. That’s all fine. I get that I haven't earned the right to win against a star like Chuck. The problem is, dude went all out, wrestling me ‘stiff’, meaning he didn't pull his moves. As the young face, I'm taking most of the bumps. I seriously think the guy could've fucking killed me a couple of times.

Chuck's a big, tough man who's fought hard to get where he is and faced a lot more shit than me. I know that, but I'm not going to let this go or it’ll keep happening. I don't why he did it, but it's not the first time a veteran has tried this shit with me. The only way to deal with it is to fight back.

Of course, I don’t want to fight Chuck. I admire him and he's definitely intimidating. I'll probably get my ass kicked, but I still boldly follow him right into the mat room. When word gets around that I fought him, it’ll send a message that I’m not afraid of anyone. Guys crowd the hall, watching me enter. They’ll hang around to see which one of us comes out. They'd probably be listening at the door, but Chuck looks in the hall and gives the onlookers a glare, letting them know not to be too close if he comes out. They back off, trying to look cool.

As soon as the door closes, Chuck grabs me. He locks his big hands around my wrists and slams my hands over my head on the wall, holding them tightly. His beefy pecs rest against mine, his weight pinning me against the paneling. Chuck leans in close, his face right in mine, his hot breath on my lips. I'm so confused. Am I dreaming right now? I've actually had dreams about Chuck that started like this.

"Kid, check your attitude. You should be fucking thanking me. That was a damn good wrestling match, one that'll help your career. You wanna be a dancer, go back to Boystown. You wanna be wrestler, you're gonna take some bumps. Besides, we both know you like a good 'stiff' one, kid."

Chuck rubs the front of his bulging yellow trunks over my package. He pumps his hips, moving his pouch up and down, practically dry humping me. Chuck leans in harder and kisses my neck. I moan softly as he sucks on my flesh and flicks his tongue. My horniness overpowers my anger and common sense. Oh fuck, this is so hot. I melt in his grasp and start kissing his neck in return. He moves his mouth over mine, sliding his tongue in deep. I rub my crotch against his, meeting his challenge. As I start to lose myself, I realize what’s happening.

I manage to push Chuck off me, meekly saying, “No. Please.”

Chuck smirks. He backs off, hands raised. I collapse against the wall, trying to gather my wits. Fuck. While I’m gay, I’m sure as hell not out to anyone around here. How does he know? What's he pulling here? My shocked, worried face and tenting trunks betray me before I can say a word to deny anything. It hasn't even hit me that Chuck's cock is hard, too.

Chuck’s demeanor changes from tough to calm. He says, "Relax, kid. I'm not telling old Daddy Jack that you're gay. It's our little secret, but you gotta learn to be smarter. You’re on TV now."

“How did –“

Chuck interrupts me, moving in close again. He says, "Here's some free advice. You gotta be more discreet. I used to troll places like the Hawk, too, but no one-nighter with a biker bear is worth the grief."

I'm stunned silent. I was at the Hawk and I did pick up a guy like that. I'm scared, but I'm still shocked that Chuck's gay, too, and admitting it to me. I’ve heard nothing about it. He's managed to hide forever and I'm already caught. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Chuck can read my face. He says, "Kid, stop freaking out. I told you, I’m not telling anyone. You know, you got lucky I found out first. I’ve been at this a long time, looking out for guys like us along the way. You're not the first guy I've had to school. Don't worry, nobody else even suspects you."

"Shit." My mind is racing a mile a minute.

Chuck laughs. He says, "Tell you what, I got plans tonight with a guy I think you'd like. Hairy muscle bear type, around your age. We'll be doing some wrestling and fucking out at my clubhouse. You come over, join in. After, I can teach you all about the down low."

I agree, still a little overwhelmed. I see a smile cross Chuck's face then the next thing I know, his fist comes across my face. I drop like a sack of potatoes. I feel my cheek and stare up at him, shocked and upset. He drives a boot into my side then another. I scramble away, but he doesn't follow up.

Chuck says, "Have to make it look good for the guys." The black stud helps me to my feet. He opens the door and pretends to limp a bit while working out his shoulder. He turns back and, in front of the onlookers, shakes my hand and says, “Sorry, kid, we'll work it out better before the match next time.”

When I walk out, everyone notices the welt on my face and side. My dad is down the hall watching with a proud smile. He nods at me and gives me a little thumbs up. I follow Chuck's lead and act a little sore. Guys pat me on the back for taking on Chuck and obviously holding my own. Nobody's ever gotten the big man to apologize for anything before. There's a noticeable air of respect among the other wrestlers.

Okay, I get what Chuck was doing and it is a big favor, but I'm a little pissed that he gets to fake his injuries while I'm sporting a shiner. The guy's smart, though, because no one suspects anything. I realize there is a lot I can learn from him.

As I have time to reflect, my confidence returns. I feel like I can trust Chuck. Plus, it sounds like he’s giving me a bear to fuck tonight, so what's a couple of bruises between friends?

The Meeting

I drive for 30 minutes to reach the outskirts of town, but I arrive right on time. Chuck's clubhouse is actually an old farm property, really secluded, really private. He answers the door wearing a tight pair of baby blue trunks and holding a beer. I follow him, making small talk and admiring the set up. It's hot outside, even for late July, and inside, the heat is horribly oppressive. I'm sweating immediately. I strip off my shirt and wipe my face.

We walk through the house, out back, over the deck and onto the lawn. I'm glad to be outside as a breeze caresses my skin. We keep going until we reach a huge wood deck, set in a cluster of trees. Chuck has big mats spread out on the 20'x20' wood platform, which is about a foot off the ground. I look around and see nothing but land and trees. I listen and can hear nothing but nature. It’s sweltering, but the sun's heading down and there's a breeze. He's got a couple of lawn chairs and a cooler full of beer beside the mats.

I'm so horny I want an ass to fuck now. He tells me the other guy's not here yet, but I should strip the rest of the way down. I start peeling off my pants as Chuck watches me from one of the chairs. He's rubbing his big pouch in the thin trunks as he stares at me. I'm down to my tight red trunks when I start to wonder if there is another guy. I'm about to ask, but then I hear footsteps crunching.

I turn to see who it is and I'm shocked. Oh fuck, this was a setup. Chuck starts laughing at my shocked face.

My opponent for the night? It's Big Colt Hill. Fuck.

Colt is another wrestler in the AWL. He’s also 22, about 9 months older than me, but you'd never guess it by looking. I'm young looking, but he's all-man. Dark and hairy, he's hot as fucking hell, but he's also huge. He's 6'6" and 295-lbs of solid muscle. He's only wearing a pair of his signature white trunks and sneakers. Colt walks over and hugs Chuck. They kiss, long and hard, feeling each other. Wow, my cock swells at the sight of these big men in an embrace.

There are all sorts of rumors about Colt being Andy Arlington's bitch, but I didn't know if they're true. I'm definitely shocked to see him here, with Chuck. Colt grabs a beer from the cooler, cracks it open and downs half of it. He looks at me, checking me out. He circles me and I feel like a prized steer at an auction. I try to look confident and calm, but my cock betrays me.

Colt says in his deep voice, "Hey kid. Welcome to the clubhouse."

I tell him, “Dude, I'm totally stoked, but I’m not a kid. You’re not even a year older than me.”

As if judging my comment, Colt walks up and starts feeling my smooth chest. He rubs it with his monster hand, kneading my pecs then running all the way down to my red briefs. My cock is swelling as Colt checks me out. I reach up and feel his hairy chest. Fuck, I could just about cum right now and my briefs show it.

It's the first time I've ever been this close to this man. I've definitely fantasized about Big Colt Hill. I've even discreetly checked him out in the locker room, but since we're both faces in the AWL, we don't ever wrestle each other. I thought about practice, but I worried I wouldn't be able to control myself. I know he's really big and really strong, but not much else. Still, if Arlington really did beat him, maybe I can, too. How did the old guy do it?

The huge hairy stud moves behind me and wraps his arms around my shoulders. He puts the wet, ice cold beer bottle on my nipple and I twitch, but he holds me in place. I feel him grind his hips into my ass. I hate to say it, but I like it. I actually sink into him a little.

Colt backs off, slaps my back and says, "Kid, you're hot as fuck. Let's do this."

The Initiation

The big man kicks off his sneakers and polishes off his beer, tossing the empty aside. We circle one another. We both wrestled this afternoon for the television taping, but that doesn’t make us even. Colt’s a face, too, but he’s a 300-lbs bruiser and part of a brand new tag team with Kirk Manning. His match today was a 5-minute jobber squash of Taylor and Chase. Colt was in the ring for 2 minutes, took no punishment, followed by an interview and promo. After my rough encounters with Chuck, it's not ideal, but what am I going to do? I’m sure as hell not walking away from an opportunity to wrestle and fuck Colt Hill.

Chuck is sitting on one of the folding deck chairs, legs spread, big smile on his face, as he eggs us on. His hand is on his bulge, working it slowly as he watches us perform for him. Colt is jawing back, looking very confident. It feels like they’re equals and friends. That’s what I want. Both these studs are smoking hot and if wrestling Colt gets me in with them, I’ll do it.

Colt moves in for a lock up. I duck under and come around behind. I grab him around the waist to throw him down. The big man uses his weight to block me. To my surprise, Colt thrusts his hips back against my pouch and rubs his ass over my tenting trunks. I enjoy the moment, which is a mistake. Colt uses the distraction to break free from me and move behind me. He rubs his hands up and down my torso before grabbing me around the waist. He pulls my ass against his pouch and thrusts a couple of times.

I lose focus as I feel his hard cock against my ass. The erotic nature of the action has me distracted and Colt takes advantage. The muscle bear squeezes tightly around my waist, lifting me into the air into a reverse bearhug. I moan as I feel myself being crushed by his thick arms. Erotic becomes dominant as he squeezes me tightly.

Colt is the strongest man I've ever faced. I can't break free at all. I feel his coarse body hair against my smooth back as he shakes me up and down. I'm like a rag doll in his clutches. In my fantasies, I've dreamed about fucking Colt Hill, but here in the real world, he'll be the one on top if I don't get it together.

We're already sweating from the late July summer air. I slip down, my ass resting on his big hard cock. I'm still being crushed, moaning as he squeezes me tighter and tighter. Colt lowers my feet to the mat, but keeps up the pressure. He humps my ass then let's go of the reverse bearhug. I feel the pressure let up then Colt's massive paws rub my chest and stomach. The big man drops one hand to my cock, which is already threatening to break free from its cloth prison. Colt jerks it and I go limp against him.

I manage to use both my hands on his forearm to push his arm off my dick. Colt doesn't let up. He massages my torso again, keeping me in front of him, my back tight against his mighty muscled torso. God, it feels great. The huge hairy beefcake slides his arms up and locks me into a tight full nelson! I moan as he cranks on the pressure. I start to struggle, but he’s a total beast. He cranks on it harder and moves me towards the edge of the mat.

Chuck leans forward in the deck chair as we come closer and closer. He puts down his beer and cops a feel of my manhood. Colt holds me in place, applying a lot of pressure as Chuck takes full advantage. He pumps my cock a few times then actually pulls down the front of my trunks.

I’m torn between pain and pleasure as Colt forces my head down, making me watch Chuck move forward and engulf my rock hard cock in his mouth. I can't focus on fighting back as the black muscle stud slowly sucks my dick. Damn, he's good. He drives me even crazier as he fondles my balls with one hand and with the other, he runs his fingers lightly down the inside of my thigh to the back of my knee.

"Oh fuck." That's all I can say as the two tag team me into erotic overload. I'm seriously close to cumming, but Chuck slides his mouth off and leans back. He reaches forward and slaps my steel shaft, bouncing it back and forth. Chuck forces my dick back into its spandex prison.

With my cock covered again, Chuck reaches up and rubs my abs then punches them. Luckily for me, these aren’t hard hits, but I grunt with every blow. They send my hips back against Colt's monster dick, which seems to just get harder and bigger every time. Finally, Colt pulls me away and drags me to the center of the mat.

Colt releases the full nelson, but I'm not free. He uses his knee on the back of mine to collapse my spaghetti legs, sending me down to my knees. A push on my back and I'm flat on my stomach on the mat. Colt mounts me, positioning his forearm across the back of my already sore neck. He presses my face down and dry humps my ass. My cock is rock hard as it’s sandwiched between Colt and the mat. Every pump crushes my cock, rubbing it back and forth over the sweat-slicked mat.

Colt finally moves off me. He rises then uses his foot to flip me onto my back. He flexes his huge guns and Chuck applauds him. The tanned white muscle bear flexes over me with his foot on my stomach. From the side, Chuck is calling me a pussy and mocking me. Colt and he laugh at the fact that I’m rock hard and leaking as Colt fondles it with his big foot.

“Kid, seriously, you’re easier than guys a fraction of your size. If you don’t wanna wrestle, just say so. I’ll fuck that sweet ass right now.”

I push Colt's foot off me then scramble to my feet. I don’t like these two laughing at me, but based on my performance so far, I guess I don’t really deserve much respect. I tell them, “You caught me by surprise is all.”

Colt challenges me, “Then show me you’re a fucking man.”

Man vs. Man

I take Colt’s words to heart. He’s right. I’m too caught up in the moment. Here I am, outside, almost naked, wrestling for stakes with two men I've fantasized about and I’m not taking advantage of it. We circle the mat again. When I pass by Chuck, he leans forward and slaps my ass, but this time, I ignore it.

Colt must have expected me to turn, because he picks that moment to charge in. I dodge him, tripping him right on top of Chuck. The two topple back, almost 600-lbs of man crushing Chuck’s chair and sending his beer flying. They roll off the platform onto the soft grass. Colt quickly moves back to his feet.  When he turns, I’m running right at him. I launch off the deck, slamming into him with shoulder block that sends him back down on top of a rising Chuck.

I roll to my feet and hop back on the mat, waiting for Colt to get up. Both muscle men rise up, but they immediately get into a shoving match, forgetting about me. Chuck’s pissed that Colt broke one of his chairs and spilled his beer. I think Colt’s just a little embarrassed. I clear my throat loudly. When they turn, I spring forward with a double clothesline, putting them both on their backs in the grass. I lightly slap their faces, taunting them then saunter to the mat as they watch me, shocked.

Chuck gets up, brushing the grass off his arms, although his broad, sweaty back is still covered. He grabs one of the towels and starts cleaning off. Colt is also up and walking back to the platform covered in grass. His face is red and I realize I might be in for some painful retribution.

As the big white muscle dude steps onto the platform, Chuck comes up behind Colt and slams a forearm between his legs. Colt doubles over in shock and pain as Chuck says, “You owe me a new fucking chair, bitch!” He plants his hand on Colt's ass and pushes him towards me.

I waste no time. I dive forward, wrap my arms around Colt’s waist then tackle the big white stud down. He lands hard on his back. I straddle his hips and lay into his torso with hard punches. Chuck cheers me on as he climbs into the other chair, grabbing a fresh beer from the cooler. He keeps telling me to punch harder and harder, so I do.

Colt’s lying under me, just taking the punches, but grunting louder with each one. I’m giving him abuse like I’ve never given anyone before and, from the size of his cock, he's loving it. What a fucking slab of indestructible beef this man is. I actually have to move back, because our throbbing cocks are stretched out over Colt’s abs, getting in the way of my punches.

I see his hairy abs turning red, but I don’t stop. I get in another couple of punches, but Colt bucks his hips, toppling me forward into a rising forearm that slams into my chest. I fall to the side. The big stud rolls over to mount me, but I struggle out from under him. I turn around, standing and facing the kneeling muscle man. He’s got a big smile on his face, so I guess he’s not too angry. I take this as a great sign.

As Colt moves to stand, I grab his right leg and topple him back onto his back. I drop an elbow on the inside of his left thigh then roll up. This time, I plant my knee on his left leg and stretch his groin by forcing his right leg up towards his body. My left shoulder is planted on his calf, my weight pressing his knee towards his face.

I hear Colt moan, which is a great sound. While stretching out his big leg, I pummel his abs again, moving my punches lower and lower until I hit that soft spot just above his dick. The big man squirms, trying to escape. For the first time, I’m actually doing some damage, so I keep it up. I lean harder into the stretch, knowing that a man this size isn’t going to be too flexible. Colt lifts his shoulders and takes a swing at me, but I manage to take it on my shoulder. The blow bounces off me then I respond by firing another series of hard fists into his abs.

Chuck says, “Punish those balls, kid! Make him pay!”

Colt reacts immediately, saying "Whoa!" as he holds his hands up with a 'stop' gesture.

I ignore Colt and oblige Chuck, slamming my fist into Colt’s massive spandex-encased bull balls. They’re a big target and the punch makes Colt squeal in pain. I open my hand and wrap it around him balls. They’re definitely a handful, but I squeeze them hard, crushing them in my powerful grip. The big man is really moaning now. Any trace of a mocking smile is gone.

I taunt Colt, “Who’s laughing now, big man? I’m gonna like fucking that ass of yours!”

Colt is going wild as I torture his massive balls. He refuses to submit to me, so I pull my hand from his pouch. I re-position my hand, putting two fingers between his legs. I force the spandex trunks against his hole, pushing them until I feel my fingers sliding into his hole. Colt throws his head back and lets out a guttural sound as I finger fuck him through his trunks.

Chuck says, “Ooh, yeah, give him a taste of what's coming, kid! Colt, you woke this boy up.”

Colt seems to enjoy this part of my domination, but he doesn’t stop fighting. With the pressure off his balls, he’s able to focus, while I’m distracted trying to balance holding his legs and pressing on his hole. The huge hairy stud pulls his left leg free from under my knee then pulls his right leg to the side and off my shoulder.

With his legs free, Colt swings up and grabs hold of my hair. He pulls my face down into his bulge. Before I know it, his legs close around my head and I'm locked in a hard head scissors. My face is buried against the big man's huge package, my nose filled with his musk. If not for the pressure of his tree trunks collapsing my skull, I'd be in heaven.

I try punching Colt's legs, but my blows have no effect on his thick muscle. I'm sprawled flat on the mat, the big man's heels pushing down on my back. All I can do is suffer in the killer hold and feel the power of the big white bear. I push up, trying to get to my knees, but Colt holds me down. I realize just how powerful he really is and I have to admit, I can't match it. That's when I decide to go back to what works.

I reach for the sides of his white trunks, grabbing as far down his ass as I can. I yank up on them, hard and fast, forcing them up and over his big, round butt cheeks. I stretch the white spandex as far as I can. Colt yelps in surprise and pain as his tender balls are crushed in the wedgie. The pressure from his legs lets up and I slide my head out, using our sweat as a lubricant.

Colt rolls to his side, reaching to adjust his trunks, but I climb on top of him fast. I straddle his side then lock on an arm bar on his right arm. I pin his left arm down with my foot, putting all my weight on his wrist. I throw a couple of fists into the massive shoulder muscle, but they bounce off.

Chuck says, "Kid, that ain't gonna work. Dude is built like a brick shithouse. Go back to the balls!"

Under me, Colt says, "Shut the fuck up, Chuck."

I can't reach Colt's balls anyway, but I feel like I've got him under control. I crank harder on the arm bar, but under me, Colt pulls his left arm free. He easily pushes up, moving my 225-lbs like it's nothing to him. The hairy muscleman forces us to our feet. I twist his arm more, lifting it high and staying out of reach. The big man’s bent over at the waist, groaning in pain. I can see he’s thinking about a counter. I take one hand off his wrist and bring a couple of forearms down on his upper arm. The shockwaves distract him, giving me an opening to bring my foot up into the side of his head.

The kick staggers Colt and he drops to a knee. I bend his arm behind his back, pinning it with my body as I wrap my arms around his head in a sleeper. I fall back, pulling Colt with me. We fall onto my back and I roll to my right, pinning his elbow against the mat. Colt’s thick arm stays pinned between our bodies. I tighten the choke hold as he struggles to get free.

“Give it up, big man. I wanna fuck you while you’re awake.” I increase the pressure on the sleeper, but Colt doesn’t submit or go out. He’s managing to keep his free hand in place, preventing me from getting full force. Still, I'm sure it’s only a matter of time before I knock him out.

Letting out a roar, Colt rolls to his stomach. He frees his right arm from between us. I squeeze harder to put him out, but instead of him going down, we’re going up! Colt stands there for a moment, me hanging from his back then he falls back, slamming me into the mat hard. I lose the sleeper as he falls on top of me, coughing as Colt crawls to hands and knees. I lie there, gathering my breath. I see him crawling away shaking out the cobwebs and realize I need to stop him.

I jump up and slam an elbow across his back. Colt goes down. I climb on his back, trying for another sleeper, but he blocks me with his forearm. Colt rolls over to face me. We hand fight, each trying to grab the other. I’m fast, but he’s strong. The big man forces me over onto my back. I grab his head in a front face lock, but he slides free. He goes for an arm lock, but I twist free.

I manage to get back on top. I put my forearm over his face and fire a fist into his side. He grunts, but throws me off. As Colt gets on top of me, I manage to move my leg between us. I use it to push him back. He leaps at me again. We keep struggling, but eventually, his weight overpowers my speed. The muscular super-stud pushes me onto my back. He gets hold of my wrists, pinning my wrists beside my head. I wrap my legs around his beefy waist, but he uses his grip on my wrists to drive my fists into either side of my head.

As my ears are boxed, I lose the scissors. Colt wraps his big paw around both my wrists and slides beside me. He pins my legs flat with one leg. I'm expecting gut punches, but  before I know it, Colt has grabbed my cock in my trunks and he's jerking it. His tight grip feels good on my hard dick, the spandex of my trunks sliding up and down my shaft. I can't even focus on escape as he works me close to cumming.

From the side, Chuck says, "Don't cum, kid! Hold it in!" I struggle to obey, but it's not easy. I pull my arms free and roll away from Colt. The big stud rolls with me, climbing on top of my back. I tuck my elbows tight to my side as Colt tries to grab them. We struggle for a minute, as Colt tries to control me, but my defense works. At least it works until he sits up, straddling my ass. I feel hard kidney punches in the small of my back. I try to rise up, but 295-lbs of muscle holds me down. As I lie there, Colt drives down, slamming into the middle of my back with both his thick forearms. Instinctively, my arms go out the side, exactly his plan. Next thing I know, he's lifting me up and back, repositioning us into a camel clutch.

My arms slide over his knees and his big hands go under my chin. It only takes seconds, but I'm stuck. My back is flexible, but Colt's strong. He's barely applying any pressure and I'm already feeling it. As he slowly leans back, pulling my head back further and further, I'm desperately trying to hold out.

I'm suffering loudly now, but I refuse to submit. I know I can hold on. Chuck's encouraging me to hang on. Colt's amazing strength has me locked up tight. No way I can overpower him. My back is spasming, but I'm in luck. The heat and the action has us wet with sweat. I make one last effort to break free, managing to thrust my arms forward, sliding them off his knees.

Colt lets my chin go. I fall face first to the mat, unable to move. I feel the big man slide off me, between my legs. Colt slides a hand under me. With a firm grip on my cock, he lifts my hips up. He starts jerking me again as I stretch out. I'm moaning with pleasure now, it feels so good. I really want to cum, but Chuck keeps telling me not to submit. Fuck, they must count shooting as a submission.

I push back, driving my ass into Colt, toppling the big man back. He releases my dick. We both climb to our feet, facing each other. My cock head is breaking out the top of my red trunks. I don't bother adjusting it. We circle. I'm tired and confused. Colt looks like a god, glistening in the light of the fading sun and lanterns Chuck has set up around the ring.

I charge Colt, but he's totally ready. The giant stud just stands there until I'm almost on top of him then grabs me in a bearhug. He pulls me close and squeezes. I can't believe he's still this strong. Or maybe I'm just this weak at this point. I wilt in his unbreakable grip, unable to mount any defense at all. Colt is just that powerful.

I'm being shaken like a rag doll. I make futile attempts to break free, but it's no use. He has me. Once again, our cocks are sandwiched together, his huge cock dominating mine as he steals my breath. I feel my back giving. Chuck is ordering me to fight back, to stay in this, but I can't. I'm done.

"I give!"

With my meek submission, Colt lets me fall to the mat in a heap. He drops down, leans over me and kisses my lips. It's a passionate kiss that feels incredible.

Colt says, "Let's try round two."

I'm about to beg him not to as he mounts me, positioning his ankles over my thighs, pinning my legs. The 300-lbs Hercules keeps me pinned as we lock eyes. His smile disarms me, so instead of begging him to give me a break, I struggle and squirm. Like a schoolyard bully, he uses his weight and muscles to hold me down.

Colt starts sliding his hips back and forth, sliding his spandex trunks up and down my package. My dick is rock hard, but is it up to challenge his monster cock? Colt slides back, moving his ankles to my knees, to get a better position.

I buck my hips under him, the two of us locked in some kind of cock battle. My manhood swells up beyond full mast, half of it now bursting free from the thin cotton trunks as Colt slides up and down. I feel wet, as my cock starts to leak from the intensity of his heat. I stare into his eyes and we’re locked in the moment. Colt goes faster and faster, trying to drive the cum from my pole. I moan as his cock dominates mine, bringing me closer and closer to eruption.

“Oh god! Please …”

I moan, trying  to shift away. I don’t want to lose whatever this is. Chuck tells me that I don’t want to shoot my load first, but damn, I can't resist. I can’t break free of the pin as my body starts convulsing. The big man brings his head down and forces his lips on mine. The heat of his breath and the power of his tongue overwhelm me. Colt Hill is one of the hottest men on the planet and he’s making me his bitch. Fuck no, but fuck yes.

Suddenly I feel my cock erupt, soaking our torsos as we kiss. I shoot again and again, releasing my cum inside our muscle sandwich. I moan as he keeps going, keeping the pressure up until I’m totally soft. I have to beg him to stop as his rock hard cock crushes my drained cock, squishing it against my stomach.

Colt releases my wrists and sits back between my legs. His body hair is coated with my load, as is my smooth stomach and chest. My soft dick has retreated inside my trunks. Colt pulls down the front of his trunks, releasing his steel rod. It’s massive. I’m too weak to do anything as he lifts my legs and pulls my trunks up my thighs to my knees. Chuck has come off the couch. He has some lube and lovingly spreads it over Colt’s big dick. It's so fucking hot to watch the muscular black stud coat Colt’s massive rod.

When he done, Chuck leans down and kisses me. We tenderly make out, as the observer has entered the fray and takes control of me. As I'm lost in the kiss, Colt brings his cock to my hole. I’m helpless under Chuck’s lips as Colt forces the head inside. I cry out in pain, but Chuck smothers my moans. The black stud starts playing with my nipple as he kisses my neck. My eyes roll back in my head as Colt forces his monster cock in deeper and deeper. I’m split in two by the size and force, but it feels great.

Colt pumps his dick in my ass. I can’t stop him and don’t really want to. Chuck pulls off his baby blue trunks and slides across my shoulders. He brings his cock to my lips. I accept the od willingly. I can’t believe the size of it as I struggle to take even a third of it in my mouth. These are the two biggest cocks I’ve ever seen and they’re both inside me.

Chuck and Colt keep up the fucking until the black muscle man shoots down my throat. He's been working his cock throughout our match and the load is more than I can handle. As cum pours out of my mouth, Chuck pulls out. He leans back and slides off me. Chuck leans down and goes to work sucking and fondling my nipples. My cock swells up again as the two muscular wrestlers have their way with me. My hands are working overtime on Chuck’s back and hair, as I caress him. I’m moaning, while Colt is grunting loudly.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Colt screams out as he shoots inside me, filling my hole with his white hot manjuice. Colt keeps shooting as Chuck keeps playing with me, kissing my neck and fondling my steel rod. I can’t believe how long Colt goes as he keeps fucking me. I feel a second load swelling up, but as I moan, Chuck stops playing with me, stopping my load before I can reach climax.

Finally Colt finishes. He pulls out and I’m amazed he’s still hard! He lets my legs drop and leans over me. The two muscle men kiss my neck and fondle my body, playing with me like I’m their new toy. Actually, I guess I am their new toy. They finally break off, all three of us having released our loads. We lie there in silence, looking up at the new night sky.

I finally ask, “What the fuck just happened? Did I win or lose?”

Colt laughs. He says, “First cockfight, sport? First to cum loses. But really, we all win.”

I say, “Fuck yeah. I tried to hold my load, like Chuck said, but it wasn't happening. Shit, I can’t believe I didn’t last any longer.”

Chuck says, “No one does their first time, especially against a stud like Colt. You’ll get better.”

I ask, slight excitement in my voice, “With practice?”

Chuck says, “Oh yeah. Lots and lots of practice."

The End

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